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    Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    too bad singaporeans dont really celebrate it sad. we're gonna miss out the fun. except for some people who like really celebrate, then it'll be so fun!
    i wanna join them in their celebrations, please!
    go to and listen to the halloween version. very funny!
    celebrate halloween the SINGAPORE way!
    go listen lah, very funny...
    today at sch...nth much. got another bian tai talk. raina's gonna love it cos she's bian tai. LOL. jkjk. she's not bian tai, she's super bian tai... haha
    the boys are gonna have their soccer match and we're so gonna lose! woots~
    cos those guys dont play soccer de. most play bball...
    and im not sure if got captain ball match anot, cos um.. no one said anything about it... aiyoh, so they gals choose just in case have lorh.
    thn its like some people dont want this particular girl to play but she's chosen...
    i'd rather jiayi get chosen man! she plays so well! haha. so maybe we having petition to support jiayi, see how many people want jiayi to play, and majority wins! hopes she gets into the team man! i'll support her!
    and i know a few who would also want her to play in our team...jiayi, jia you!
    and cos of this thing got quite alot of unhappiness created among us.
    how i wish we can be united again. play as one. not seperate people.
    so 6K team=1 and not 6K=11
    and once from sixkayohsix, always from sixkayohsix. i wonder how i'll live when graduation day comes. im gonna cry like siao. me and clar are very emotional, you know? haha. you'll probably see me crying the loudest...
    and now, my godsiblings list...
    godbros: limxi, oon, gerg, dloy, ruien, xinren
    godsis: raina, clarissa, joyce, jiayi, jiahui, zoe, samantha

    Monday, October 30, 2006
    heart attack!

    LOL. dawn says that my blog is very entertaining. thank you!
    yeahh, all the usual stuff. play play and play.
    PE 1hr today. woots~
    played captain ball until nad's eye got hit by the ball thn everyone stopped playing, so i decided not to let this nan de 1hr PE go to waste so i go shoot hoops. so fun...LOL..thn suddenly all the girls come and shoot hoops. -.-
    not enough bball. everyone were like snatching...
    thn i very thirsty, thn borrowed $1 from keebu. and i dont need to return!
    he say dont need to return so dont return lorh! woots~
    thank you keebu!
    thn after recess played stress, thn i quite sian of stress so me, dawn, jh and sy played heart attack. the most fun game i've ever played.
    thn me and dawn keep on attacking each other, like pian pian want to hit her.
    thn we wkeep on letting sy hit the table. LOL. so damn funny lah
    thn sy hit the table got this loud "BANG!" sound, thn mrs sum call us to keep quiet. -.-
    crappy sum ah!
    lol...took back the edusave bks... siao one lah, cos no one wants to take back so mdm koh was like "FREE BOOKS! FREE BOOKS!"
    thn no one listen to her. LOL. thn i went to chge my bk cos mine was wizard of oz. -.- stupi book. some more all the pgs all YELLOW already! but anyway, all the books were yellow in the first place. LOL.

    Sunday, October 29, 2006

    ok, so right now i have so many nicks tt i lost count -.-
    1)daren (LOL)
    4)ice chocolate moo moo
    5)ice coffee moo moo
    6)huixianee moomoo
    9) i c moo moo
    i think that's all?
    yeah, went to muthu's curry ytd for indian cuisine not bad lah, quite nice...
    the lime juice was so sweet... =P but nice cos i like sweet stuff...
    im really afraid of 16 nov. whn it'll come. im so afraid.
    i dowan it to come so soon! 13 mre days of sch days.
    gone like a wind. its gonna be gone. forever.
    no one noes how to turn back time. we cant travel in time. thats all i know.
    why cant we stop time? make it stop. like we can do to clocks. take out the battery. make time stop. but it wont work, will it?
    i'll really miss the time i've spent in MBS in P1-P6.
    especially P6 cos they are ppl who went thru thick and thin with me for 2 yrs. im so gna miss them. someone make a time travelling machine pls.
    i'd pay anything for it. millions. billions. just to spend more time with 6K'06. ok, im like gna cry soon after typing all these.
    and not only ppl frm 6K also ppl who i knew, best friends, good friends, norm friends or enemies. im gna miss you guys. im rlly sorry for the things i've did. those things i did wrongly. i rlly regret doing those.
    i wish there was something which could turn time back. back into the beginnings of P6. i would really treasure those times. i wish i could.
    why, we cant do that, can we?
    we have to go face the other difficulties we may meet in the future. but, at least lemme see wht i did in the pass year.
    not experience it agn. but watch it like a movie. like in harry potter, he could like read that bk without experiencing it, only like know wht happened. someone make it possible please!
    i wna spend more time with 6K. even the 'girls'. the fake girls and fake guys. those in the center.
    someone allow us ot go back in time pls! not a mil yrs or wht. just a yr. pls.
    if someone invented it, it wld be pretty useful too. scientists could like go back and see what made the dinos dispappear.
    it would help everyone. some one turn back time for me. please. take it as im begging you. please. turn. back. time. to those who read it: im sorry if you feel sad(like jy and me), but its wht i really. want.

    Saturday, October 28, 2006

    LOL, was playing UNO and stress the whole day. so fun!
    watched 'eight below' in the sch hall but no one was watching. -.-
    everyone were like playing and chatting with their own friends. LOL.
    show this kind of boring boring de show. cls damn funny lah!
    first time i enjoyed myself so much.dawn, jy, sj and me made a song for jh, happy feet!
    ok, got link to the movie cos jh is the penguin!
    it goes like this: who is stepping on my feet? im stepping on ur feet. happy feet, happy feet, happy happy happy feet!
    maybe the director of happy feet shld use it. LOL.
    thn i played stress with dawn, jh, jy and sj. so fun.thn sj was super lame. cos um, like got the stress right, thn she put her 2nd last card, thn she lame lame go say "UNO!" but is stress so i say, so she lost. LOL.
    lame de bu shi shi hou.
    thn we also sang bob the builder dno why lah.
    thn jy became bob cos her shoe very dirty.
    like a construction worker's shoe. LOL.
    thn jy is also meanie kia-t jia yi. LOL, her english name is meanie. LOL. damn funny lah, the origins of her name.
    cos she was being mean to us, so we gave her that name...
    ok, i just found out tt my post got alot of 'LOL's.
    now, my godsiblings! must list them down, later i forget!godbro:dion,oon,ryan,xinren
    if i missed anyone out must tell me! im a bit senile you see....

    Thursday, October 26, 2006
    sum and her 'zhangziyi' look

    LOL, sometimes i really cant stand sum man!
    she and her growing years lessons. bleah!
    she was talking abt internet safety and such, so she said tt she was a stranger so we'll have to ask her questions. here's our convo:

    us:what do you look like?
    her:you know zhangziyi? my hair is like hers!
    us(vomiting):how old are you?
    us(still puking):are you married?
    her:im single(giving us a smile)
    us:do you have any children?
    her:i have 3 children
    us:WHAT?!?! you're 21, single and you have 3 children?
    her: oh no, sorry! erase the 3 children part...
    us: do you like mushrooms?
    her: oh yes! i LOVE mushrooms!

    ok, that was the best part! did nth much at sch today...
    1hr of PE~ woots! thn walked up and down the stairs 3 times today -.-
    thn walked to the bus stop with raina. i didnt know that raina was so dirty minded until today...
    cos she was asking me if i can go online, thn i say cant cos there got no internet... thn i say but got sims lah...
    thn she said: you know sims got teh codings and stuff right? got one very bian tai... thn i was like:oh, the move_objects on one? yeah, tts pretty bian tai...
    thn i ws talking abt the image's sharpness and stuff and she siang wai until.... *ahem* i shall not say more! shes complaining tt her tagboard is dead so i revived it byp posting around 15 tags. LOL. and she's trying to return them so my tag will now be flooded with little "raina (:"s all over the place. LOL. shall stop posting...

    Wednesday, October 25, 2006
    sci centre=stupid

    so i deleted my old blog and um... the escape post is gone so shld i post it agn cos im afraid i might forget it cos it's one of my pri sch shld i? say yes or no in my cbox, kk?
    god. this is the worst excursion i have ever gone sia.
    stupid sotong head lur mushroom didnt told us that we were gg to sic ce ntre today cos actually is tmr, thn she say cos the G cls teacher cant make it so switch with us...
    and mrs sum did not tell us! is like only today thn say, and today go!
    wth lah! nv zao shuo..bag so heavy -.-
    thn so we w8 for almost an hr at the parade sq dno for wht,
    is not w8 for bus cos the bus already came, so dno w8 for wht. waste time lah.
    thn we take bus thn me and sam wna vomit liao...motion sickness...
    so we took some candy frm nadiee and ate it. yum. it helped our motion sickness by alot i think...
    thn we reached there and had to sit agn for 10 min...
    and the sci centre didnt open so early, got like 30 min...around there lah
    thn me and sam go mc and eat...
    thn BH was so nice lah!
    can u believe it? he queue for us without buying anything for himself!
    is like queue just to help me and sam buy lah! tt was so nice of him!
    ok, do not xiang wai cos i noe some of u will.
    actually BH is nice except that he gets too 'high'...
    yup...thn eat le thn go line up agn -.-
    thn gang hao i thinks someone dropped a keychain, and it looked like an egg and it was behind stef so i was like" OMG! stef, you lay an egg, you chicken!"
    LOL...and we started laughing and throwing the egg around and stef didnt want her egg anymore, so we were like"stef! why you dowan your child! you evil mummy!"
    thn in the end the 'egg' ended up on the floor and some guys kicked it without noticing. LOL.
    thn we entered and go to the exhibitions...nth much some stuff no mre liao...
    thn got this part is like aquarium, thn its super dark thn me and sam went in..
    thn got one part got like 2 empty spaces beside the tank, thn we dno got ppl! thn me and sam go in and see and suddenly got 2 boys frm some sec sch scare us... me and sam totally screamed! thn we turned around and there were 2 gals behind us and we screamed agn! LOL. thn i rlly very freaked out liao thn i scared until i cry. LOL. too bad i didnt go to the waterworks looked so fun and i didnt know that we can enter until i saw some of our sch ppl inside...
    thn by thn already times up liao...nida go back
    bh was playing with his bubble solution in cls and on the bus...put at the aircon there, so he no nid to blow. LOL. thn the bus gt some bubbles and sum dno. dumbo. LOL.
    watching the wang lee hom concert dvd now..alicia lend me de. so nice. LOL. she and mys is rlly click along cos they both are crazy over lee hom..
    thn she yue me and my sis go watch lust, caution together cos got lee hom. LOL. so funny.

    Monday, October 23, 2006
    im shrinking!

    hello. LOL. im greeting myself.
    anyway, yeah, i burnt my toe whn i was playing with... fire.
    cos i take a paper clip thn i bend into a straight line...
    thn i dip into the wax and thn put at the fire there...
    thn the metal clip caught fire. LOL.
    thn i take away frm the newspaper(near my body) thn the stupid wax drip onto my toe. :(
    thn i see liao thn i quickly scratch diao, but very pain :(
    thn my dad say shldnt scratch cos its like already burnt, thn u scratch like 'nong zao the shang kou', so shld leave it there...
    yeah, just came back frm HP...
    went there for a...checkup or smthg for the scoliosis thingy...
    3 degrees =) yay, its pretty mild. so dunnid continue le. yes!
    after sch i go opposite sch and eat wanton mee. so nice. LOL.
    thn whn i gg back saw mrs goh. i think she was sms-ing or smthg.
    thn she smile thn i say hello.
    yeah..thn take bus 63 to eunos mrt thn take mrt to outram thn walk for around 5 min..
    thn go check up.. thn hou lai whn finish..its at 2nd flr. thn me and my mum compete. she take lift, i take stairs...
    thn half-way i saw a indian girl sitting on the stairs... i think is frm st. margaret cos i see the uniform...thn i tot only she there so i wanted to walk down... thn i go down one step thn i saw a indian man around the same age as the girl...
    he was standing.... thn the girl got this depressed look..
    thn i see them i quickly climb teh stairs back to 2nd flr, thn take lift down... scare me sia. mayb the girl got pregnant or smthg? dno lah.
    i think im shrinking...
    cos last time i measure my ht. is 150. now is 147.9
    i rlly shrunk, u noe? im so scared now... wht if i continue shrinking?
    watched high school musical in school. i tot tt it would be much nicer but i was so damn disappointed. thw show was stupid and lame. only the drama club teacher is funny. =)
    stupid one lah, play bball oso can sing de -.- thn also can dance.
    thn in canteen stand on table and dance. if real thn kena scolded liao lorh, still dance and sing so loud and for so long -.-
    bu fu he luo ji. not logistic.
    and to those ppl who havent seen it yet:
    the show is bad but the songs ROCK. the songs are really nice! and... the songs are really nice! LOL.

    Saturday, October 21, 2006
    cut hair =)

    lalala...i cut my hair today...
    never cut short lah, just jian bao and xiu the fringe cos my fringe very long, i dun like it that way. haha. now my fringe is erm, around the ear lobe there but longer...
    last time is at the neck, so is got cut hor!
    went to suntec city ytd to eat crystal jade..yummy!
    very nice to eat, haha.
    thn went to toys r us to play with the toys. lol. im so childish. but v ery fun lorh! cos halloween is coming, so they got sell alot of masks, stuff like boxes to put the candy and a cute candy dispenser! very cute!
    thn oso got 'hair'...the hair is like..made of spongey material de. not rlly hair lah...thn my dad go wear one like elvis presley hair thn go dance. LOL. thn also got witch hats and stuff..
    my sis scared me with a mask..she didnt really wear it, she only put at her face there. thn cos she behind me, thn she call my name..
    i turned around and saw that mask thn i scream sia..
    thn everyone were like looking at me, see wht happened. LOL.
    crappy sia. scare me :X
    thn i go home liao..thn whn i was watching TV, my nose bled. LOL.
    i very long nv liu bi xie liao... dno how many years le.. whn young always nose bleed, now not so common liao.
    today is the 100th day since my grandpa died... :(
    so my dad, sis and my relatives go and pay the respect to him...
    i never go cos i wna sleep more. LOL. and my mum stay with me...
    i hate *. * is so freaking bossy and she has AP, and is damn freaking vulgar. cos we got some talks from schs to like, persuade us to go to their sch, thn * was giving unwanted remarks. pls lah, if u dun like that sch, can just say it to urself. no one wants to listen to them. serious.
    heng arh, got quite a few ppl got the same feelings as me. LOL.
    i hate ** too. act as if *** is hers like that. say **** is her rival. pls lah, in the first place, having a rival is like *** like both ** and ****. but now is *** and **** like each other, thn ** come and butt in to their R.
    blahs, w/e , not my prob anyway.

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006
    TM :)

    NOTE: this post has been edited 3 times due to lack of details! xD)

    went to TM with jh, ck and kim
    me and kim go to eunos mrt to meet ck and jh
    thn jh and ck tot tt they took wrong bus but they nv cos 63 went to changi. thn we reach tehre and walked around the basement cos we dno wht to eat, kim wanted to eat teppanyaki but we tot tt its too 'adult-y' cos gt alot of adults eat but no children so i wanted to eat tori-Q and they ate wif me :)
    and they dint want the jap pickles and gave everything to me -.-
    thn kim and jh wanted to buy bubble tea and they go but kim say wna go see fish cos got this aquarium gallery at the basement, thn me and ck were left behind...
    thn we were looking at them thn kim gave this interested look whn looking at the fish thn me and ck laughed cos she looked like she wanted to buy the fish...LOL.
    thn we go buy the tix for rob-b-hood cos got no nice shows to watch...
    i wanted to watch world trade centre cos it has more yi yi..thn hou lia me and kim wanted to watch death note but havent start showing yet and jh was afraid....
    so in the end watch rob-b-hood....
    thn we buy the tix thn go shop shop for b'day prezzies for jy and sj frm jh
    sj's prezzie is rlly cute and jy's prezzie is also cute but got this meaning de. jh damn jiao hua..haha.. jy cant dun accept the present de mah, rite?
    ya thn go take neoprints... thn decorate for abt 10 min bahh...or mayb more... cos we deco thn erase, deco thn erase cos we're the perfectionists... everything must be perfect. muahaha. oh ya, whn we went into the machine to take neoprint, me and kim were eating ice cream so we left it on the seat, thn we totally forgot abt it until i was decorating thn i saw this ice cream thing thn i rmb...
    thn me and kim go back and see thn all melted liao. but the colour very nice cos we buy rainbow de...
    thn we were saying that l8r ants come thn bu xiao xin take neoprint... thn they got the army of ants neoprint...haha
    thn kim go toys r us to buy some kind of hello kitty thing, thn no mre..
    thn she v.sad...thn we walked in and i saw this 1m stuffed elmo!
    it was so cute u noe? i almost wanted to scream..haha
    thn go watch movie le...
    the movie was both funny and sad lah...
    me and jh were crying whn jackie and louis traded the baby for the money cos the baby keep on crying, very ke lian... thn kim kip on laughing at mean xD but she oso got cry lah... me and kim dun dare to cry cos like very 'diu lian' but we saw jh start to cry so we cry too...
    i cry until like erm.. very sad lah, but not 'wa wa da ku' tt kind of cry...
    thn another part is whn they 'died' me and jh cry...
    but its not real, it was just an exhibition nia... thn besides crying, jh and kim were chewing on the popcorn box!
    yes, the popcorn box, not the popcorn! cos we finished our popcorn after juz 1hr of the show...thn they chew chew chew....
    LOL. jh chew until like got teeth marks on the box, thn kim is like just bite and pull... i wonder where the paper shreds went to... i noe kim de she throw on the floor, thn jh de dno go where liao...
    thn the movie ended... thn jiu go home liao...
    dint do much things...
    cant find the right vines for the freaking idiotic rope that im supposed to do for the neopet's HW plot...
    but im willing to sacrifice cos of the trophy and the avvy...
    i think most probably got avvy bah cos altador has 2 avvys and shenkuu has 1, even though its a mini plot.

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006
    psle marking

    sian sia, psle marking liao
    so boring de
    only can slack, cos got no hw mah, got hw oso no nid to do.
    PSLE over liao so no nid to do...hah!
    bringing my lappie l8r to my baby sitter's hse, or not got nth to do...
    thn can use internet lah... mayb oso cannot..dno whether her hse got connection anot.
    tmr gg to TM...yay...very long nv go liao..
    since sep. nv go le.
    i gg wif jh, chukun and kim. dno whether kim gg anot cos she nv confirm wif us and she's in genting, cuming back today.....
    so cant contact her, dno if she got bring hp anot. thn can sms her.
    aiya, i noe the blog skin is same (xinren, dont complain!) cos i too lazy to chge mah, just copy and paste the template frm old to new thn can liao.
    ppl, must relink me hor! or else...muahaha! <---my signature laughter :) psle over, can play com till eyes pop out liao.
    whole day play com... but still nida bring SS to sch.
    koala want to teach....
    waste time, yeah, we noe..for the knowledge, not for the marks...yeah, wo noe, we noe...
    now no one to chat wif liao..jh go to sch to submit dsa form???
    clar and booboo( u noe hu u r ;)) got that dp for their cls...
    so nice :) clar's one is simple but nice, booboo's one is a bit more complicated but its also nice. and its pink. so pq shldnt see it, l8r she go crazy...LOL...
    shall be chging my blogskin littleGREENman's throw me away or smthg like that. cant rmb much.
    im gg senile :)
    yay, there's a new doodoo liao. its joycee doodoo :)
    and xinren, you'll be the next "oo-oo" liao cos u call me a cow.
    all bcos of rainee booboo's fault, call me huixianee moomoo
    thn moomoo like got this "name"
    xinren...u shall be my nxt victim..muahaha
    LOL. i sound so evil whn im not :)
    saw es's post. suddenly crazy over bball, eh? play bball during PE, ok?
    pei wo :) cos i dowan to be the only gal playing bball wif the guys, so smtimes i'll just join the gals wif their captain ball game.
    es's bball is so nice. LOL. i also have, but mine dno go where liao.
    i think i got 2, last time that one throw away cos got hole, pump oso no use, will lou feng. thn now that one dno go where liao. my dad says that its in a box but i dno which box cos my hse got many many boxes.
    i saw the nike bball at why pay more in suntec. i think around $10. so cheap lah! thn i ask my dad to buy for me, he say our hse have liao, cant buy.

    Monday, October 16, 2006
    new blog

    changed to this new blog cos my parents knew about the old one...
    yeah, so i will blog here...gtg xuan bu to ppl abt new URL..bye!

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