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13th Feb is my day.
I luv peanut butter cups, Dairy Queen, people watching, purple Skittles, B&J's, warmhugs, smiles, laughter, sweet letters/cards, photographs, fun.
I'm not short, I'm FUN sized! :D

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    Wednesday, November 29, 2006
    finished packing drawer (:

    yay, i finally finished packing my drawer! phew!
    all my junk are in there, since uh, childcare?
    LOL. i still have 3 more to go... ok, i'll pack each drawer once a day.
    found many craps inside. LOL. almost threw all of them away.
    got alot alot of crap. hehe.
    hmm, tonight gonna pack for es's chalet tomorrow. i think i'll bring a set of clothing in case i get wet or something like in joyce's chalet.
    ahh, bad water bomb memories ;_; LOL. jkjk lah. but the guys were seriously mean. heng alicia smart enough to arm herself with the mop. LOL. thats so crappy!
    lala. go es chalet, what shall i bring? i wanna call joyce lend me her iPod Mini. LOL. got damn lot of nice songs. aha.
    oh no. the games master challenge(neopets) is gonna end tomorrow at 4pm singapore time. must hurry and try to finish everything. i've got 131 points already! wooooh~
    shall be meeting jh and sj at eunos mrt cos apparently, jh doesnt dare to take the bus herself to eunos mrt so i think sj must pei ta...

    Monday, November 27, 2006
    gg to es chalet and escape

    going to es chalet and escape theme park...
    gonna meet sj at paya lebar mrt, then we take mrt to pasir ris, thn take shuttle bus to aloha loyang for es chalet...
    es say her chalet like very little people go..around 11+ 12+
    aiyah, people, must persuade your parents to let you go mah...
    anyway, im going to escape theme park on fri..
    so long never go escape liao..
    since that time go with clar, dt, nad, nad's cousins, miss soon and her two sisters...
    thats like 1yr and around 6mths..
    going with jy, hanrou and sammy...
    i must play that haunted house thingy..that time go never play so this time must play or else i'll regret..haha.
    this time got 4 ppl very good. thn can pair up for those rides...
    cos if odd number cannot..
    and i wanna play that thing like a cradle thn turn turn turn de.
    LOL. i think you must be like so confused.. i think its waltz or something..

    here is a very crazy convo between me and jeni lost part of it, but it was about her being cinderella and me the evil stepsisters....
    jengteng..... says:
    i make frens with the mice...
    - [h] u i [x] i a n ` that was the final farewell ;; TFFC=TOFU FACE FAN CLUB♥ says:
    jengteng..... says:
    clar n pq are the mice!!!
    - [h] u i [x] i a n ` that was the final farewell ;; TFFC=TOFU FACE FAN CLUB♥ says:
    i am the nice girl
    - [h] u i [x] i a n ` that was the final farewell ;; TFFC=TOFU FACE FAN CLUB♥ says:
    not the step sisetrs
    jengteng..... says:
    i blog le i will tell u
    - [h] u i [x] i a n ` that was the final farewell ;; TFFC=TOFU FACE FAN CLUB♥ says:
    you are the step sisters
    - [h] u i [x] i a n ` that was the final farewell ;; TFFC=TOFU FACE FAN CLUB♥ says:
    jengteng..... says:
    no...u are the evil sister
    - [h] u i [x] i a n ` that was the final farewell ;; TFFC=TOFU FACE FAN CLUB♥ says:
    - [h] u i [x] i a n ` that was the final farewell ;; TFFC=TOFU FACE FAN CLUB♥ says:
    jengteng..... says:
    then in UR entry, I am the evil sister
    - [h] u i [x] i a n ` that was the final farewell ;; TFFC=TOFU FACE FAN CLUB♥ says:
    jengteng..... says:
    in MY entry, U are the evil sister
    - [h] u i [x] i a n ` that was the final farewell ;; TFFC=TOFU FACE FAN CLUB♥ says:
    - [h] u i [x] i a n ` that was the final farewell ;; TFFC=TOFU FACE FAN CLUB♥ says:

    Sunday, November 26, 2006
    psle form :l

    i'll be submitting my sec school form on tue...
    very confused. dont know which school to choose.
    someone give me advice please?
    its either cedar or chung cheng main.
    my sis says that if i go to cedar, my eng will improve but chi will deprove(is there such a word?)
    BUT if i go to chung cheng, my chi will improve and eng will deprove.
    hmm. so hard to choose :l
    but i have like 2 days to decide...
    so how? arghh...
    hmm, sold all my books and worksheets to the gurung guni man. yeahh~
    me and my sis books and worksheets altogether is $11.. wooh~
    so now my house is clean of my textbooks and workbooks. didnt donate to sum's project care thingy cos thought that my cousins would need but cos diff sch so got quite alot dont need...
    so sell to gurung guni man. hehe. sorry to those needy pupils. duibuqi!
    aha.. now our TFFC got a new member-clarissa!
    so now we have 4 members, and im the leader...
    ahaha. his face is very tofu-like. as in very squarish, not fair, ok?

    Friday, November 24, 2006

    And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
    Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
    I keep thinking times will never change
    Keep on thinking things will always be the same
    But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
    No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
    And if you got something that you need to say
    You better say it right now cause you don't have another day
    Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
    These memories are playing like a film without sound
    And I keep thinking of that night in June
    I didn't know much of love
    But it came too soon
    And there was me and you
    And then we got real cool
    Stay at home talking on the telephone with me
    We'd get so excited, we'd get so scared
    Laughing at our selves thinking life's not fair
    And this is how it feels
    As we go on
    We remember
    All the times we
    Had together
    And as our lives change
    Come whatever
    We will still beFriends Forever
    So if we get the big jobs
    And we make the big money
    When we look back now
    Will our jokes still be funny?
    Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
    Still be trying to break every single rule
    Will little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man?
    Can we ever find a job that won't interfere with a tan?
    I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
    Keep on thinking it's a time to fly
    And this is how it feels
    - Vitamin C's graduation song.

    the lyrics say it all. im gonna miss everyone i knew from MBS, including the teachers in my 6 years there.
    im gonna see them one last time on 21st of Dec, and it'll come very soon.
    and of course, those people who believed dion on my crush was SSY, it was a fake, although there's such a person with the initials SSY and is in MBS.
    maybe you'd already know(refering to jy, sj and jh) cos i told you, but those who dont know, continue guessing! its really simple anyway
    and, right now im the leader of TFFC= TOFU FACE FAN CLUB.
    haha. started by me, its for ppl who know tofu face and is addicted on gossiping about him, talking about him.. we have currently 3 members-me, alicia and jy
    sorry, but we cant accept new members cos most people dont know tofu face.
    tofu face is *'s bf. most of us know *...
    comments on tofu face by jy(refering to * and tofu face being together):
    yi duo xian hua cha zai niu fen shang
    comments on tofu face by alicia(refering to * and tofu face being together):
    lai ha ma xiang chi tian e rou
    LOL. the lai ha ma and niu fen is refering to tofu face.
    hmm, he's not very good looking, but he's also not bad looking.

    Thursday, November 23, 2006
    happy feet

    arghh, got back my freaking psle results.
    was totally disappointed sia. i really underperformed.
    i was too slackish and lazy.
    when i got the results i was like shock dao lah. then i started crying ;_;
    my sis and dad comforted me
    yeah, i think i saw ester crying, maybe i see wrongly bah. not sure.
    was super disappointed sia. anyway, was crying, then went downstairs,
    then i think miss soon saw me crying so she comfort me. yay. thanks arh (:
    then my dad go chat with the principal and stuff lah/.
    kk, we shall fastforward >>>>>>>
    ok, so me and my sis went to marina and watch happy feet.
    not nice de. =/ sorry arh jh, no offence
    but the show really sucked lah, was super duper boring.
    those newspaper rate until so high, then i thought nice but actually not nice de
    i wanna watch material girls! got hilary duff, hehe. jh say nice wor.
    so must watch. aha. but cannot believe jh, she say happy feet nice when not nice. LOL. happy feet only got a few funny parts...
    and i was on friendster and saw *'s bf. i almost laughed until my teeth dropped.
    ok, thats exaggerating but its so funny. cos her bf right, like got '2 face' de
    one face, when like taking pictures in dark place, look like mr peter goh,
    thn the other face, when taking in brightly lighted places, will look like the real him. not like mr peter goh.
    and the face is super squarish. this is alicia's remarks about him:
    the face like toufu made from those wooden moulds, so squarish the face
    which is like so true, me and jy agrees (:

    Wednesday, November 22, 2006
    joyce's chalet second time!

    haha, went to joyce's chalet for the 2nd time!
    cos it was raining so we played halo2 on her bro's xbox...
    so fun! except that joyce keeps killing me and alicia.. tsktsktsk, qi fu ruo xiao.
    we're like so new to the game lah!first time play and kena killed by joyce tay.
    joyce, you must be proud to see your name here!
    then me and alicia sorta trapped joyce cos we knew ehere she was coming from, so i was at the front, alicia was at the back, as backup..
    then she came and we killed her! muahaha.
    she win cos she got that cool knife, and we had lousy guns -.-
    then she go set until everyone had knifes so its rather fair, and alicia came in tops. aha. finally not joyce tay. me and alicia team up. hehe.
    then we go and play some kind of ball games beside the chalet, then i go kick the ball, and xinren was supposed to block. and he did block but the ball went into a drain.
    then cos i scared i fall into the drain so alicia went to take the ball, then she pick up and see below got this earthworm wriggling.
    me, joyce and alicia SHRIEKED like hell. so scary you know? like a surprise. except its a bad surprise. tsktsktsk.
    then we very scared and xinren tried to pick up but the ball roll onto some where wet, which was totally gross. but heng no earthworm. phew.
    so i went to pick up the ball... then we ate noodles that joyce's mum cooked and played mahjong... yay. mahjong rawks. but alicia dunno how to play so there were 3 people playing. 4 if you count my imaginary friend, Mary. haha..
    then soon again, it was dinner.. yay. ate dunno how many stingrays AGAIN. i think its 3 like the last few times. aha. but no BBQ cos they checking out next morning, so very tired, so we used the microwave to cook the stingray. put for 10 min.
    yeah, then played waterbomb with joyce's bro's friends. so kia lang. they so violent de.. haha.
    trying to play com so not so nervous about tomorrow. :l
    very scared sia, but nothing can be done cos we're not the ones marking...

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006
    joyce's chalet

    i'll be going to joyce's chalet tomorrow again
    it'll be the 3rd day i'll be there and the 2nd time i've went to her chalet.
    hmm, dunno who else is going other than me and alicia.
    haiyo, alicia's aunt forbids her to go to the beach cos she says its very dirty.
    dirty as in polluted or ghosts?
    polluted i must agree cos we saw 4 dead fish, 2 in water and 2 on the shore.
    all were rather sick and gross. bloated up and the eyes were popping out. very very gross.
    shall not talk about it anymore in case i puke. haha.
    my sister's kinda high, she wanted to go to alicia's house tmr...
    and we were going to joyce's chalet so i ask my sis but she didnt want to go.
    then alicia say anytime can go her house after release of results...haha
    i miss her dog. except when they peed on her bed and we had to clear it up >.<
    so...gross..haha. use hair dryer xD


    i finally revived my friendster acc after people requesting to be my friend..
    and just found out that 3 teachers have friendster...
    gl and jiayous to everyone on thurs! getting back your results!
    and anyone want to go out on thurs anot? pei wo lah...
    very sian, no one can go out, clar say later no mood to go out..
    haiyo. *IF*(touch wood) get bad results must comfort ownself, so go out...
    dont be so worried! you mei here will always support you, ok?
    and pq, so sad that your mum dont let.. nvm lah. its alright de.
    to all sixkayohsixians: i blogged at the class blog! go check it out, kkays?
    lol. must xuan bu. haha, so hounored. xD
    so um guys, if you get bad results, dont worry. the whole sixkayohsix will be here to support you in whatever you do!
    an d if you get good results, congrats! must rm us wor! dont go to sec sch and forget all of us XP.

    Monday, November 20, 2006

    woots~ i love sixkayohsix!
    was chatting with pq until i suddenly remembered that school's over and we're not going to see each other anymore and started crying. as in tears were rolling down my cheeks.
    i really will miss sixkayohsix,sixjayohsix and sixfaithohsix
    i'll miss many many people, or rather, those that i knew.
    i cant believe the fact that sixkayohsix is gonna be history, but i know that none of us is gonna forget one another. i hope so...
    anyone got HSM songs? i want... but seems like no one has...hai...
    on thurs will get back results, so before you fall under the chopper, must enjoy yourselves more...
    my sis currently at class chalet, dont know when she's gonna be back. she's gonna have her prom night soon so she borrowed an evening bag from my aunt. my sis bought her gown at this fashion. and her prom is gonna be at hilton hotel. how cool is that? but i think must pay around $70... but its worth it, ok?
    most ppl parents not going on thurs but my dad is coming.. dont want him to come. he come i not much freedom. cant talk to my friends. so crappy. arghhh

    Sunday, November 19, 2006
    pressies (:

    i shall post what i got for my grad day gifts!

    leongjen:2 sweets
    zoe:3 sweets
    zhihui:1 sweet
    raina:one pink dolphin
    jiayi:one pink dolphin
    clarissa:one pink tortoise

    yay, now i've got 2 pink dolphins, can be twins liao, haha. thanks to those people who gave to me gifts, and those who didnt give me gifts, thanks for being my friend...

    joyce's chalet

    went to joyce's chalet on 17...
    so fun! hanrou,siangling,alicia,xinren and taiquan went too!
    was super fun lah! ok, so when we went there, the mum da bao for me,alicia,joyce,siangling some food and when we eat half-way, xinren and taiquan came...
    then we went to the beach and played for a long long time. was super fun cos we took out our slippers and walk around, then the guys went to hide our shoes so we hid theirs back and held many of their stuff hostage.
    they also held or stuff hostage too! then snatch here, snatch there until xinren arm bleeding cos alcia bu xiao xin scratch dao...haha...
    then we went back for bbq and waterbomb.
    cant stand the waterbomb part.. the guys were super mean, and the fight cont. in the toilet. LOL. take water and splash, then alicia was super smart, go take the mop and put in their face.. xD
    then hanrou, siangling and alicia went back home, then it was time to sleep...
    then the idiotic xinren keep on snatching away our pillows and blanket.. so mean! LOL. joyce told me that after i sleep, he took away my blanket.. -cries-
    then morning, wake up and go eat, then come back to the chalet, then we played the PSP for quite a while, then taiquan and xinren left...
    then we went down to play xbox, then alicia came and we went to the beach until 6+
    we were skipping stones =) the first time i skipped so many stones.. all is skip once or twice.. so fun lah! cos got this uncle, skip stone is bai fa bai zhong, then heard him telling his children to use flat stones, then saw how he throw, then we follow and yay, the stone skipped! wooh!
    then we went back for BBQ, then joyce bro friends come liao, then its like so malu, so we stay in the chalet and sorta made joyce's bro make the stingray for us.. (: so nice lorh, the stingray.. we 3 shared 3 pieces of stingray, and the chilli was super the onion was super nice!
    then we go playground and play then alicia's aunt fetched me back... so nice of her!

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006
    raina's house

    went to raina's house yesterday and today...
    i've been 'hanging out' with raina, clar and jy this few days...
    got this special friendship feeling with them.. hehe.
    went to TM, century square and white sands today...
    i know what clar and jy buy for me as grad day gift cos is i choose one...
    haha! from clar i got a pink tortoise, from jy i got a pink dolphin..
    has been crazy over pink this few.. years? LOL. im not sure lah.
    but pink is seriously nice, ok? do not under-estimate the power of pink. LOL.
    went to buy a few tortoises at white sands. the auntie was super nice...
    cos raina had $1.40, then the tortoise was $1.50 so the auntie say nevermind!
    so nice of the auntie!
    and cos her tortoise, those bigger ones, have hair on them. yes, hair.
    then we said that the hair very ugly, then the auntie said:jian diao lorh!
    then raina said:bu ke yi! wo men bu shi hairdresser!
    LOL. how hilarious. how funny.
    tmr is grad day, which is the last day of school, i bet im gonna cry, with the emotional feeling in me. and im afraid im too emotional that i end up hugging everyone, except the boys. which is so ming xian.

    Sunday, November 12, 2006
    school carnival

    went to the sch carnival at around 10:30 and came back at 10:56
    LOL. went there for only 26 min. haha.
    was super hotwarm there. so many people but so little space. so hard to move about. LOL.
    went there to buy food only cos that was our brunch for 6 people. LOL.
    6people=$20. our budget. LOL. used finished all the coupons or whatever you call it.
    wanted to see sum sell stuff, but didnt see her.
    i wanted to see how was her 'business'.. clar says that the customers will probably bei xia pao! LOL.
    saw mao with songche(they saw me), dt and pq(they didnt see me), keebu(he didnt see me too), xinrui and ck(they saw me) and nadia(she didnt see me too!)
    so damn freaking crowded lah! and so warm. eww...
    then its like buy finish the food liao then walk back to the carpark, then saw mrs goh with some male teachers like mr rahmat and others..
    thn she was like: zhe yang kuai jiu hui jia liao?
    and she spoke chi. lol.
    sian sia. now im very enthu with my side's guild. as in neo. LOL.
    made an adoption agency for it. im not so enthu in guilds but i dont know why i did that. LOL.

    Friday, November 10, 2006
    raina hse

    woots~ went to raina's hse ytd..
    we took 21 there and its like 1hr passed and we were at serangoon..
    thn jy jue de hen guai, thn go ask raina, thn raina say tt smthg is not right, so clar and jy go ask the bus captain, thn he say that we took the rworng direction de!
    omg. so scary lah! like getting lost in serangoon which is like so far?
    kia si lang! thn we went down the bus and took taxi to raina's hse
    LOL. what an adventure!
    then we went up, thn um...we played bball for quite a long time, thn we went up and used the com and ate jap seaweed chicken that her maid cooked. so nice!
    thn we went down again....
    and uip agn to her hse/....
    thn um, it was dinner time! we were like kinda getting clar to eat the brocolli but she wouldnt! she doesnt eat veges... diaos
    so unhealthy...LOL
    thn went to play bball, just shooting nia...
    thn me, raina and jy's 3 poinetr went in except clar's,
    so we say is cos she nv eat brocolli.. tsk tsk tsk
    thn raina do her lay-up like tian e like that...
    LOL, so whn she do lay-ups me and clar will go:tian e wooooooh!!!
    haha.. so fun.. xD LOL.

    Wednesday, November 08, 2006
    es hse =)

    went to es hse today...took the bus there..
    thn i think my motion sickness worked up thn i was super bu shu fu
    got a headache and wanted to vomit...
    thn i lie on jy's back... thn i scared ppl think we 'duan bei shan'... xD
    thn its like my motion sickness eat sweet thn ok liao, thn were asking around for some candy, but no one got, thn suddenly got this nic auntie gave me a..ricola or something...
    she's like so nice lah! thank you auntie! you rock!
    thn went to es hse to eat, thn go downstairs to play bball dunno for how many hours... so fun!!! xD
    thn suddenly got this boy (sec 3 frm zhonghua) wanted to play with us,
    but we reject at first, thn he walked away, thn later he came back so he and keebu swopped.
    thn he plays bball so..weirdly? thn dloy was liek bullying him lah..
    tease him. LOL.
    its like cos loy shoot tt time fast very fierce,
    so i said: loy, relax lah! you look like you're gna eat soemone up..
    loy: if im gna eat some one up, its gna be that boy
    loy(patting the boy):joking lah... i know you're not tasty...
    LOL. so funny right? and greg is taller than him..

    Monday, November 06, 2006
    stayed ack again!

    LOL. stayed back again.
    so fun lah! with raina around some more. we went bonkers!
    played blackjack, chou wu gui and cho dai dee.
    learned cho dai di today. was actually quite easy lah!
    going to es hse on wed and raina's hse on thur. wna go to raina's hse so badly.
    haha. go can guan her hse xD
    ok so lets start frm whn we stayed back-
    wanted to play bball but bbc out of bounds cos they put the stuff for the carnival, so we went ot prefects den to play. and yes, raina went in too!
    haha. she's the new prefect! xD
    thn we played games and listened to songs...
    lol, this reminds me of smthg. cos um there was this mrs lung in cls, thn we were playing blackjack. thn she suddenly come to our table and see the cards, thn she said: oh, you;re playing uno!
    LOL. is like the cards got those spades, heart, club(broccolli for jy xD) and diamonds, and she thought it was UNO!
    LOL. stupid woman.
    thn after staying back, walked out, then saw miss soon behind us, thn walked out together with her =)
    thn she was like: why you stay back?
    us:we stay back to chat mah...
    her:aiyah! you could have came to help me pack up mah!
    thn we were like laughing, thn jy wa spointing to clar and exclaimed: aiyoyo!
    LOL. she's so funny! thn during lesson time wanted to meet raina to take some stuff frm her, thn sent her a few smses, but she nv came!
    i tot she nv on her phone until like after sch thn she say tt miss soon dont allow her to go out...
    i think this was their convo:
    raina:miss soon, can i go give huixian something?
    miss soon:go out for what? no.
    ok, im like gna be blacklisted, LOL. jkjk.
    the convo isnt really so accurate lah!
    trying to recall from memory...
    and yep, miss soon wrote in my auto bk!
    its rather simple but colourful. but only got a few words. i think around 10 words only. LOL.

    Sunday, November 05, 2006
    PE tomorrow!

    yay! tomorrow got PE! woots~
    LOL. im crazy lah. hahas. tomorrow also staying back with clar, jy...
    sj and es cant go...
    sj's mum dont let, thn clar say that es scared her leg dno what will happen...
    sorta just came back from PP. go there to shop...
    my mum shop then i stay in MPH and read books. Mr Midnight and stuff...
    i think i read a P3 book and sorta liked it. haha. im childish =D
    about a mouse and stuff, like the mouse works in a newspaper publishing place. so lame! LOL. but its nice. hehe
    tmr gg to play bball and gg to the listening heart &heart: and play!
    lala. so sian...dont know why i cant chat with raina, as in what i type then will appear an error message. so irritating! LOL.
    sian nothing to do de...
    shall go reading blogs and tagging. maybe will give raina's tagboard CPR if needed. haha

    Thursday, November 02, 2006
    soccer=total letdown

    rawr. we lost the soccer match against 6F ytd.
    =( but its like already expected cos the sissies play soccer, so not much people play soccer lah. so it was 4-0.. and one was an own goal! by ben lung. haiyo! we were like blaming jen. LOL. sorry lah.
    so um..yeah, and 6F got first. i think the finals is today.
    cos during PE we saw them playing...
    had PE 1 hr today.. had a friendly match with 6H
    and we won! 20-14
    woots~ revenge again is what you may say cos during P4 we lost to most of them mah... so now we win...not sure if there's a captain ball competition anot. i really wnt one!
    haha. cos most probably got trophy so i want the trophy!
    haha. got the plaque or plague thingy for prefect... i cant spell!
    now everyday at sch is play,play and play... now play until sian already...
    LOL. im so weird right? but its really nth to do lah. stayed back ytd to play..
    LOL. sian of playing thn still play. LOL.
    yay! i got to congratulate raina..

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