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13th Feb is my day.
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    Sunday, December 31, 2006
    happy new year 2007

    some nice pictures, tooken from a petpage in neo. i did not make them.

    in like 40+ mins, it'll be 2007 already! yay! anyway, happy new year in advance! actually, i can actually meet those people going to dhs cos the sports day is co-hosted. the sports day will have cchms, dhs, tms, nass participating. yay, can see those people going to dhs...

    wondering if es and jt's appeal got successful anot... i hope it is bah, or else they wont go apply... so fast one year finish liao, next year is sec sch, definitely more stressful. i hope i can cope bah. and of course, to all my dear friends, gl in sec sch life! limxi will have zhongwei as an entertainer is class. haha! at least that's better than yanlun. -.- why must same class?! im so angry xl

    whee~ i shall officially announce that joyce is a nice girl! yeah, she really is. i've never had someone tag about my post so early! im like so happy, cos she reads my blog. yay! i love her, as a friend. as a friend, i repeat. dont 想歪hor! i feel happy with those 6J people, cos they're really nice! like alicia and joyce (: they rock! woots. can remember that time at joyce chalet, so fun!

    the people who went were so nice, and we clicked together very quickly. alicia and joyce, i love you! LOL! hope i'll find someone nice in sec sch. haha.

    i hope that i can see the firworks this year, hope the condos wont block the nice view of the fireworks! or maybe i shall go to the 11th floor and walk across the corridor, to get a nice view!

    Saturday, December 30, 2006
    slow internet

    eww, the internet has been slow this few days, cos of the earthquake at taiwan, but it has been improving already. yay! anyway, went to ecape again with my sister's friends... quite fun, i guess. and i finally ate the free ice cream and snack cos that time go with jy and hr, never use the coupons... and also, got the free game, then i win something. yay! the first one i try never win, cos it was very hard. that was the tossing thing... then later i play the spin the wheel thing, and got 2nd prize. that was a stuff toy thingy. called hot stuff. its like a devil. so cute! the person before me won 1st prize, and that was a teddy bear. then also got consolation, and it was powerpuff girls toy. like those mcdonalds that kind. so funny!

    there was a boy who won consolation, and he got this powerpuff toy. LOL! a powerpuff toy for a boy! and we played some stuff, like the one i also liked, but wasnt open when i went with hr and jy. dont know how to describe lah, but i think got like 360 degrees. i was totally screaming my head off, but it was fun, ok? flipper was also not bad too. and i went to the haunted house, and survived by walking out! someone congratulate me! yay. i didnt cry or whatsoever, but i put my fingers into my ears cos the sound effects were scary...

    went to PP a few days ago, and wanted to buy some HP books, cos the prices have already deflated. harry potter and the half blood prince is only $19.90! so cheap! not likeand rented Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Im going to finish the order of the phoenix one already. in the books, Harry seems to be hot tempered and rather impatient. like very different in to the movies. and in the book, he shouted at dumbledore. hmm, the movie coming out next year, so can see got any difference in the book anot. and sirius is gonna die.. ): and harry is so so upset so thats the reason he screamed at dumbledore. and then its very sad, and its kind of harry's fault cos harry always like to act hero, and he got this connection with voldemort... and when i read that sirius died, i cried. XD. as in i really cried. i think im awaiting for the movie to begin screening next year =D

    Tuesday, December 26, 2006
    merry christmas!

    what's with the neoboards today, TNT? maximium numer of posts is 500, and there's a board with like 2000+ posts?

    merry christmas, everyone. went to my granma's hse ytd. didnt do much of a celebration. went to queensway shopping centre to do some window-shopping. and take my sis's new specs. cos i complained that her old specs made her look like a dork so she persuaded my father to buy her new ones. wahaha. btw, for people who like sport shoes and branded stuff like billabong, can go there and buy. i think its cheaper than normal, but its real one. also got those sport shops, can buy sports shoes.

    then went to my granma hse. after reachign for like 5min. my aunt brought chocolate a fondue set. mm. nice. she melted teh chocolates and she also brought some marshmellows and fruits for us to dip. yay. and she also made konyaku jelly. yum. then after a while, another aunt came and brought those popiah fillings. made my own popiah. muahaha. im the popiah queen. woots. LOL. jkjk. i siao already. then i ate some rice and dishes...

    whee~ gg out with sam on thur with limxi and jz. to watch death note 2. gawd, i didnt even watch death note 1, but sam and limxi will fill me in... i also want to watch night at the museum. looks so funny. hehe.

    neopets is rather laggy this few days. i think its cos of the advent calendar... and it loads until very slowly. aiyah, dont know what to play online. played sims just now. made a 'Pau' family. LOL. there's Char Siew Pau, Da Pau and Xiao Pau. i shall get Da Pau and Xiao Pau to have babies named Dou Sha Pau and Nian Rong Pau. haha! so funny! the names are so so funny. and cute! XD.

    Sunday, December 24, 2006
    PSLE posting results

    whee~ got back my PSLE posting results a few days ago.. didnt tie my hair there XD. yeah, so take and asked around, see who go to which school, congrats to those who got into their dream school like clar. yay, she went to DHS. yup, then i'm going to cchms. ok lah, cos i put that as first choice so should be will enter one.

    yup, so next day go report lorh. fetched clara cos she stay same block as me, and she is also going to cchms. yay. neighbour and schoolmates (: yeah, so went there and saw a few mbs ppl like es, kang sing, iris, yan lun, calista, and some other people that i dont know.. yeah, so go there, give report book blah blah blah. im damn suey can? im gonna be in same class as yan lun -faints- this is not for the faint or light hearted . siao one lorh! same class as him from P1 until now leh!!! 6 years liao, then 2 more years to go. OMG. will die one!

    hai, is very sad. XD. dont wanna be in same class as him. ;_; anyway, the first 3 days of school dont need to study, is orientation. some of kind of camp, cos the last day got campfire. i saw the whole schedule and got one part is skit. OMG! i cant act XD.

    yeah, last few days didnt come online cos was reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. the book is nice. the movie is also nice... arghh, i wanna buy Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I know quite old liao lah. anyway, the new book is coming out! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. and the movie for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is also coming out. yay! *is happy*

    christmas is tomorrow! yay. so, today night santa shall come! but wait. stop. pause. even if he come, we cant receive the presents, cos most people house dont have chimneys! how? santa cannot come into the house and put the present under the christmas tree le ;_;

    anyway, went to a hawker centre in the afternoon for brunch... and then bought 2 adiddas shirts. pink de, haha. but is different designs and different shades of pink.

    Tuesday, December 19, 2006
    KFC lunch (:

    yay, i had a lonely KFC lunch today. XD. and jiayi is jealous cos she cant have KFC for lunch. but she'll have it for dinner. ;_; cannot make her jealous liao. ): yay, i like the banditto pockett. so niceyyy! not too spicy. just right! and the cheese fries=LOVE. haha. so i ate the student banditto meal for $3.95. then i trade up the side for cheese fries, which is $1.20. so total is $5.15. is that expensive? =X

    arghh, this few days keep on raining so heavily. spoil my mood. XD. no lah, im still cheerful. yay. i hope tomorrow wont rain bah. but i'll be indoors most of the time. XD. yay. maybe they should bring the rain to victoria, australia cos there having bushfire and droughts. so the rain can 扑灭 the fire. yay. no more haze and heat in victoria!

    now i like eng songs more than chi songs le. dont know why. chi songs is like when pri 3-5, then think very nice. now think eng songs nicer le (: i like saving jane-girl next door and delta goodrem-lost without you. heard girl next door in a youtube video. very nice video and song. then the lost without you was heard in australia. i think i was having burgers near my hotel at melbourne.

    i miss australia. i miss the fun i had. i miss my group people. i envy millennia cos she keeps in touch with her group people. i wanna keep in touch with mine too! T.T i miss australia... i wanna go back ASAP. i miss that graaavy girl(she's mentioned in my australia holiday post). i miss that girl in neesies grill(she's also mentioned in that post). i miss australia.

    i shall continue board lurking in neopets. see you people around (:

    Monday, December 18, 2006
    spotting singaporeans in aus

    lala. good that you people liked the anagram, me too! its kinda amazing that the brain actually works by reading it as a word and not letter by letter.

    anyway, while i was in melbourne, it was flooded with alot of chinese. most is from china. but those people from china are like very high-class ones, not like those in singapore, so rowdy, and like to cut queues. eww. then you can easily spot a singaporean in australia too! cos its like most of us would be wearing slippers and shorts(i didnt, my tour group didnt, other people did). then the australians will be wearing those dresses and all, 打扮到很好看! no offence =X

    and those cashiers, waitresses and all were all very friendly, like greeting you and stuff... but singapore like bu shuang like that de. XD. no offence! its like the people there are all very friendly, then when like you buy stuff, they'll greet and smile de. then singapore de just grab your items, scan then call you to pay liao. -.-

    jen and millennia have been complaining, cos i didnt post pics of my holiday. sorry lah, i'll try to... i got many nice view of the sea and such de, very very nice (: and the breeze made my fringe 'fly' yep, and thats before i did my rebonding...

    yay, im so happy.. wed going to alicia's house. cos my sister wants to see her dogs. XD. anyway, we'll be having lunch together(without her dogs, that's it). yay. im so happy. dunno how long never see her dogs liao. her super duper uber cute dogs. haha.

    Saturday, December 16, 2006
    rebonded my hair

    lalala, i rebonded my hair again.
    yay, its straight! (:
    but its not good for the hair sia. very dry. ;_;
    so got advantages and disadvantages...
    anyway, my friend change her normal blogger acc into the new blogger beta, and she wants to change it back into the old blogger acc, can she do that? and how can she do that?

    anyway, a little entertainment for everyone:

    i cdnuolt blveiee taht Icluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. Thephaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnigto a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno'tmtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, theolny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteerbe in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl msesand you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs isbcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed erveylteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmighuh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling wasipmorantt!

    now i know that spelling is not important! but its hard typing like above... maybe typing properly is still better XP

    Thursday, December 14, 2006
    back from aussie=long post

    yay people, im back from aussie! i love it there, although its quite dry, but i dont sweat there. not like in singapore, sweat like siao. anyway, cos the weather is dry, my lips cracked and my hands are like those old people. a bit wrinkly xD i got a feeling this gonna be a long post... there got ALOT of houseflies, and the houseflies will like stick onto you. very gross, and we were swattin the flies all the time. best is jh dont go, later she get freaked out by the amount of houseflies! and the weather is very extreme! one day can be like 35 degrees C, and the enxt can be 25 degrees C! so the weather is very unpredictable. and they will have a hot christmas, instead of those you see in movies. snowing, cuddly, nice. theirs is warm,cos its SUMMER! yay! but got alot of bushfires in victoria, and it was very warm! and i just found out that mebourne is in victoria, and sydney is in new south wales. can cheat in those $7 nsw tests!

    ok, so i went there, and went into the plane. apparently, the engine no. 4 had some problems, so while we were on the runway, the plane went back and those people fixed it. then they said it was done so we went to the runway again. then they said the engine no. 4 had problems AGAIN. this time they repaired it for like 3hrs? siao one lah, heng havent take off yet, or else hou guo bu kan she xiang! so in the end, i was in the plane for 11hrs instead of the 8hrs needed to go to melbourne. and beside me was this super cute cacausian(is this how you spell it?) baby! he was so cute lah! so chubby, can be baby model!

    then we reached and it was in the morning. had breakfast in the plane. then went for sightseeing, ate lunch and dinner, and went back to the hotel.

    then morning, eat breakfast then went to Warrook Cattle Farm, ate a combination of beef and chicken there. the sauce on the food wasnt enough, so my mom asked one of the waitresses there:"can i have some sauce?" then she replied:"oh, you mean the gravy?" then its like when she said gravy, she say til its like graaavy? extended 'a'. then sit on the truck with some hay at the back. hay ride, they call it. then saw a man shear the sheep, and the poor sheep was like struggling? yeah, sad. then we saw people milk a cow using the machine, cos the one that was supposed to be hand-milked was ill, so this cow to 'dai ti ta'. then saw a dog go gather the sheeps, and saw a pro woman crack whips. she's very very pro at it! can do double! then i fed the lambs and the calves milk. then we ate dinner, and drove to phillip island. on the way there, we spotted some wild wallabies. the miniature version of kangaroos. and we took some photos on the way. the view was very nice! can see the sea, the waves and all. very very nice!and went to phillip island, see the penguin parade. its like when the penguins finish feeding at sea, then go back on the shore to rest and sleep. so cute lah, the penguins are very small, not like those you see in Happy Feet. and its during the night, very cold!

    the next day, we went for a scenic ride towards the mornington peninsula. then go to the strawberry farm and pick strawberries. the strawberries were huge and sweet, and i hand-picked them myself! yay! then we went to a place called amaze'n things, and inside got this room which is sorta anti-gravity. very hard to walk up. everyone were like gonna fall, and we were holding the walls for support. then got this pool table where the table is slant to the left, meaning the left is lower than the right. so obviously the ball will roll towards the left hor? but the ball rolled towards the right, which was higher than the left side, weird! then got many more stuff, and they had this slide, something like the slide-up thingy in escape. then i went to try, so scary lah! i kept my eyes closed throughout the whole thingy... kia si lang! then we went to a place, then inside got alot of mazes, and flowers and plants. then we saw a rose maze, a hedge maze and a lavender maze.

    the next day, we took a flight to sydney, around 1hr. then we went sight seeing again.. lots of things to see. then saw the opera house and harbour bridge. very very nice view! then went to sydney aquarium and sydney wildlife world. right beside each other! and they were infront of the darling harbour...

    the next day, we went to the fish market. LOTS AND LOTS OF FRESH SEAFOOD! got those huge fishes, prawns, crabs, lobsters and stuff. very very fresh! then, we went to the blue montains. very very nice view too. saw the 3 sisters. i almost laughed when i saw jen's blog post about she and her sisters. the 3 sisters. LOL. my version of 3 sisters is the famous one in sydney. xD. the 3 sisters got story behind de. but the story is very... unrealistic? xD. something about magic.

    the next two days, it was free-and-easy, so we went shopping in sydney. i bought 2 shirts, and 1 jacket. the jacket im gonna share with my sister... and 1 shirt and the jacket is from SUPRE, a shop in australia. it has many branches around. and i love the bag they gave. its like those kind of recycle bags, but its pink and very very nice! i love it! and the shirts i bought, all very nice! i think supre is a very nice shop.

    anyway, i saw some billabong stuff we dont see in singapore. billabong watches and billabog ice cream. maybe got billabong watch in singapore, but i never see before. but im sure that singapore dont have billabong ice cream. i didnt buy it though, but took pictures of it xD. something never see before in singapore, so take picture of it. LOL. anyway, people there were wearing huge sunglasses. very very huge ones. wanted to buy but my dad say look like housefly xD. it really looks like. very big de. oversized? maybe its the new fashion or something. i think they need the sunglasses cos its SUMMER!

    and the beef there is very nice! very juicy and tender. not like singapore one, hard. and the beef burger i ate there is damn nice! its in sydney, liverpool lane. near chinatown. the shop is called neessies grill, and a woman and man work there. cos when we eat finish, i was taking photos of teh shop, and the woman was grilling the meat. then i took of a photo of her and she posed for the cam. LOL. so funny. she's quite nice. and pretty too.

    hmm, cos i go on package tour, so my group got 7 families. all of them are nice. all the families have people between 3-4. altogether got 26+1. over there, the people telling us about the scenery all this kind of things is the driver. first time for me, cos last time i go one, is the driver just drive, never talk one. all the drivers were quite nice, likes to joke around. the guide was also quite nice lah. very chim chai person. his name is martin, but my dad keeps on calling him matthew. xD

    and i kept watching TV every night. cos the channels are so nice! especially Fox8. got simpsons! simpsons is a very nice show xD. charmed also nice. watched it on Fox8 too. sad now channel 5 dont have simpsons and charmed liao. zzz. and once when we went back to the hotel, the door wouldnt open, cos the hotel reset liao, so cannot enter. then the family staying beside me also door cannot open. alot of ppl from my tour the hotel room cannot open their doors.

    and on the flight, my sister vomited twice, and my nose bled. xD. apparently, i took out the stopper, and blood just flowed out. and the woman sitting near my dad knew my nose bled. its almost impossible cos she's sitting so far away! she's sitting 4 seats away and she can see! :O

    Wednesday, December 06, 2006
    australia (:

    yay, im going to australia in like 5 hrs? and im going to leave my house for the airport in 15 mins time... my sister is so worried cos she has motion sickness... then the flight is 8hrs... so she is very worried, scared she vomit and dont feel well...

    and now im like having a headache... dont know why. haha. lala. im in the christmas mood. LOL. jkjk. i dont celebrate christmas. lala. i wanna sing some christmas carols-mr brown style..haha
    did anyone go and listen? so funny lah! and go listen the rudolph the red nose mousedeer and stand in line to buy some 4D, all the christmas carols, but they turn it into some kind of funny funny style...

    quote from the song 'standin line to buy some 4D':
    stand in line to buy some 4D, falalalalalalalala!
    push aside the uncle auntie, falalalalalalalala!

    LOL. so funny lah! the song is so funny and cute. xD so funny. im hooked on it...keep on singing. well, not really keep on singing but sing it occasionally bah. haha.

    now neopets' advent calendar is up again, so we'll have freebies for the whole month of december! yay! but i'll miss some of them cos im going to aussie. hope it wont be some kind of expensive stuff, and hope the amount of neopoints they give wont be alot! haha! wai until i come back then give expensive stuff, and many many neopoints! LOL.

    Tuesday, December 05, 2006
    new skin!

    yay, im going to australia tomorrow (: im so happy, lalala. LOL. im siao le. the luggage is not fully packed yet, but i think we still have time... im going to sydney and mebourne. first time to australia (: yay! my flight is at 8pm, so i'll be at the airport around um, 5+? to eat dinner at swensen's (: yay... i wanna eat the apple crumble! haha....

    hmm, this skin so white and orange, and joyce likes it! haha. she likes white, i guess... should have let her used this hor!

    suddenly, the whole 6K gets a friendster account! dunno who start de! haiyo, then must add one by one, so tiring! now i got 22 friends le... heng no stangers, or else i'll be like so freaked out? LOL. i just found out that chatting with PQ on MSN is so fun. LOL. she's so crappy lah! and go to her blog for more of the stuff we wrote on the sand at aloha loyang, i wrote quite alot, but didnt upload to com.. sorry, my dear friends!

    Monday, December 04, 2006
    new skin

    yay, new skin (:
    changed it cos the new IE 7.0 cannot 'read' the skin...
    so how's this? nice?
    ok, i admit that the colour of the songs thingy dont matc cos its from the old blog, and im too lazy to change it..hehe
    this skin is so orangee... quite nice mah...

    Saturday, December 02, 2006

    lala... arghh, my memory's failing me. cant remember what i did at es's chalet =X

    ok, so i went there with sj and jh, and some stuff happened and we went to the beach, threw some rocks, sat on the huge stone thingy with clar, pq and jy, climbed down the rocks, went to the other side of the beach, drew a lot of stuff on the sand, took some pictures of it with my hp, went back to es chalet, listened to music on my mp3, slacked around one of the rooms, watched jy sleep for 10 min, went back to the beach, did more drawings on the sand, burried a dead crab and wrote 'R.I.P', went back to es chalet, bbqed for awhile, ppl left, played with sparklers, more ppl left, and finally i was the last to leave...

    went to escape with han rou and jiayi. apparently took the same mrt as jy but didnt know...
    then i ate mcdonalds for lunch and jy had some ice milo, while hr didnt eat.
    then we entered and played some stuff, like that pirate ship thingy. raised our hands up high and said hoooo~ when it was our turn to go down(as in the ship move left right left right...)
    then played wet and wild and some more stuff.
    note to those ppl playing wet and wild:
    make sure when after you finished the 15 metre slide, look up at the place where ppl queue up for pirate ship. make sure no pai kias are up there.
    why? you may ask. lemme tell you why. cos whn we were queueing up for pirate ship, a ah lian and some malay boys were beside us, and when one 'log' past below the bridge, they will spit at you, and cos you're wet, you wont know. so if you see any. make sure when you pass the bridge, look out, and if they do that, scold them or something. LOL. really must xiao xin!
    WTH, flipper ad inverter was closed. ;_; i wanted to play flipper and inverter was like always closed. always when i go, its closed. hr said so too. hmm, they built it but didnt use it. what a waste!
    ok, so we played some more stuff, met raina and her tuition friend, and her tuition's friend's cousin. and she told us she saw dloy. so off we went, on our mission to find dloy.
    it was super easy to spot him cos he was wearing yellow. a very bright colour, and he was queueing for the begginer's daytona go kart. diaos. so anyway, we asked him if he could accompany us to haunted house, cos no one dared to go first. so we queued up and entered. wth, i was freaked out of my life. i was like crying the whole way? LOL. and one of the female ride operater held my hand through the haunted house and told me not to cry. LOL. that was so nice of her, so to one of the female ride operater at escape theme park and held a crying girl's hand through haunted house, a big thank you! ilu. LOL. jkjk.
    yep, damn scary lah, can? got this body broken into half, and jy went to touch it, she said she wanted to find out if it was hard or soft.
    obviously is hard lah, if soft then hor, omg. cant imagine it.
    then we went to play daytona advanced go kart... the adult one, not like dloy, play the children one... LOL.
    yep, then played pirate ship and went home liao. damn fun lah, especially the go kart. sorry jy for over taking you but you were seriously slow. -.-
    and she drove number 18 wor... she specially choose de, haha. no one wanted to snatch from her anyway. i drove number 12. was super duper fast sia. kia si lang
    and saw quite a few mbs ppl other than dloy and his sis and raina. also saw that leona from 6B(?) and 2 more other P6 guys.

    thenn went to PP to eat sakae sushi. spent like $50+?. yeah, got a free pink notebook from PP. then went to OP cos got 20% discount(i think its storewide) and bought a OP bag for next year...
    but my sis says not to use it until we get lockers or else my bag will give way. LOL.

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