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    Wednesday, January 31, 2007
    someome swam in the chung cheng lake (:

    LOL, today during charisma, we went down to the concourse, then we had to like discuss about how can we show respect to your family members, then after me, serene kangning and amanda finish discussing, we began singing songs like do re mi and the dove advertisment song. i think that that is the BEST advertisment song ever! its so nice, and the lyrics are like so nice! so..encouraging? anyway, after watching the skit performed by zann, eugene, brenda, jiawei, karwai and mervyn, we saw 2 man. 1 of the men was like washing his hands in the lake? and the other took a car tyre and began swimming in the lake! we were all so so shocked lah. didnt know that we could swim in the lake XD then miss mong also a bit shocked. LOL. anyway, its like super shocking. first time! then the guy did a lap and went back. took around 5-10 min for him XD then after the man went back on shore, we aw a guy and a girl doing squats at 2/3 floor. cant remembr. we were like 'wow! someone doing squats leh!' then miss mong asked as if we wanna do anot, and ask why we like so excited like that. then we said that its first time see people doing, and 'live' somemore lorh! ok, i sound so so bad. but its really the first time watching people do squats and looking at someone swim in the lake. so cool =D

    saw my 'fave' ccl today. LOL. cos me and serene went to the toilet.(too bad kangning wasnt there) then cos 3rd floor toilet got lotsa people washing the mao bi, then we go to 4th floor toilet, then havent step in already see her like tying her hair or something. LOL. we were like super shocked, and cos there also got alot of people, we went to the 2nd floor toilet.

    hmm, today during chinese had to act out a wen xin jia ting xi ju. damn hard, ok? i was mummy, kangning was son, zann was reporter and narrator, and serene was terrorist... SO FUNNY LAH! it started with serene giving this evil laugh and she threw a bomb made of paper. the bomb is super cute lah, and serene was wearing this paper beard XD. then is zann report about the bomb, and next is me, as mummy super worried cos my son is studyign at the place where the bombings happened. then i call my son, no one answers. then later, doorbell rings and son is back! ok, finish liao. the only funny part was serene lah! she looked super funny!

    and henry is being.. sick again -.- he used his calculator and managed to spell out henry+serene tan. WTH lah! how sick can he be? and somemore he looks like and behaves like Mr Bean lorh. LOL. really lah. hmmph, stupid henry, serene or shirlyn wont like you de!!!

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Monday, January 29, 2007
    the bling bling talk

    kangning is an angmoh. she's a brunette, yeah? well, almost everyone are brunettes. ok, so i shall cut the crap XD kangning can speak great english with a very cool angmoh accent. LOL. and she can speak hip hop too! during class she told serene 'i aint your momma' cos serene was like lying on her shoulder, treating kangning like mummy. then zann heard as ' i ate your momma' XD LOL. then zann was like super shocked lah. then we were laughing like crazy...

    ok, so the my 'favourite' ccl thing is still stuck on me. and she walked past my class during her reccess, then me, serene and kangning were like 'eh, she over there leh!', sounding super excited XD guess we're all really 'obssessed' with her.. lol, nay. we're lame :)

    hmm, during lunch i think, kangning wanted to go find her friend in 3MD, so i accompanied her. then she walk past the class right, and saw her. then she call me go and ask her friend come out leh -.- then i was saying ' but why? she's your friend, you know? not mine!' and after walking up and down, from one corner of the corridor to another, she finally sms-ed her friend and she came out. then her friend bring us see her class, then she said 'our class deco very nice arh, dont try to copy hor, it's copy-righted.' then cos at the back got this pic of a dragon,then kangning said 'its the year of the pig leh, not dragon. and teacher say we must try. cannot dont try' LOL. this time i laugh like mad lah. then her friend said 'arghh. i give up' then kangning said 'teacher say cannot give up. must continue' LOL. i laugh like mad again lah. kangning is just so humorous..

    today during interaction period went to archives. LOL, me and serene went to ambush juliet and julia until they two very very angry. LOL. so funny lah. cos its like got 2 stairs, opposite each other. so when the twin go down the left staircase, serene will follow her, and i'll go down the right one. then the twin see serene behind her then she'll rush to the right one, where i am. LOL. then we ambush them like that. then julia, the older one was like shouting for help. she was calling out to her sis, like 'mei..mei..mei..' LOL then juliet pat me on the shoulder and said 'give you guilt' LOL. then she gave serene one million guilts. LOL. then i beg them to remove my guilt, then they transfer my guilt to serene, so serene has got lotsa guilt. then me, kangning and serene went to grand audi and take one fullscap paper which we've got our info on, then when we go back, serene scare me, then i shriek lah. like super loudly and high-pitched.

    then during assembly was kinda boring. no, not kinda, is partially. the 2BN debate thing was like super boring lah.. so sian. zzz. the 2CR quite nice. ahh, got 只对你有感觉! ROFL. um, then got the IPP thingeh. i chose seal window one cos later can make toilet! making toilet is so fun lah! did toilet last year, woots.

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Sunday, January 28, 2007
    maiiie xiia0--xiiannx arr.

    ok, me and jiahui were acting twits, so fun right? and guess what she called me:maiiie xiia0--xiiannx arr. ok, i was like truly shocked and grossed out. seems like jh's not bad in acting twit! can get award from ME for acting twittish when she isnt one. yay, jh so pro.. (:

    me and ester is currently captioning funny pictures taken from the mbs school website. LOL. damn funny lah. but we're captioning those funny funny ones. like ester dancing the retro dance thing. so cute! need link? go to ester's tagboard. i got put there. must go see, ok?

    arghh, today got a huge thumping headache. chao tong lorh. hai, tmr kai xue liao ;_; somemore is monday, must wear tie. i hate wearing ties lah. suffocate me :( arghhhhhhhh my head is gonna explode already!

    serene is scary. LOL. cos that time, she made me so angry that i said that im gonna call my 'favourite' ccl come and scold her XD. ok, the favourite ccl aint my fave at all. i just hate her to the core, but since serene and kangning calls her my 'fave' ccl, so why not play along too? ok, so she said that she gonna call her bro. and she said that her bro in NS and got black belt. i was like ":O OMG. black belt?' then she said that she's like blue-brown belt or something. some kind of mix belt thing lah. aiyoh, never heard of it anyway. then i was like totally shocked. later she beat me how? XD no wonder she likes to do her miracle thing. she'll swing her arms out and say:its a miracle! then when someone walks past, she'll do it, then it'll hit the person XD

    qingru is a nice senior

    Friday, January 26, 2007
    name tag!


    whee~ got our name tags le. woots. LOL. im so siao. getting like so happy over name tags -.- anyway, i helped weishan take hers. see, im a nice girl =D (ok,ok. i know im zi kua-ing)

    hmm, today like nothing much to post about leh. oh ya, ytd my sci teacher zou guang! cos charisma, we went to the concourse. then when finish, my science teacher she walk down the stairs. then the wind very strong that day, then the wind blow and her skirt like FLEW UP. LOL. the class like roared with laughter lah. but some people didnt see it. ok, im not a pervert whatsoever. we only saw her da tui, ok? as in her thigh.

    and henry is a sickish pervert. he tried to tou pai serene de photo today during reccess. then i saw you know, i think i was the first one to see. then i was like scraming my head off, saying :SERENE! XIAO XIN! HENRY YAO TOU PAI NI! SERENE! wah lao eh. he's like damn sick can? and today, he used his calculator and like measured every part of serene's body. wah lao eh, so pervertic lah. he is like pian tai like that. then i told serene not to be afraid or to be tramautised. LOL. then during CF, he was like in a bad mood, and kept talking to him. damn kia lang, ok? then he was like saying 'whats wrong with drawing people? i cant draw people who are moving! i hate girls!' WTH lah. hate girls still dare to take pic of serene and want to draw her portrait! heng i tell serene lorh! then the social guy went to like move his phone camera so turn out blur. heng sia. stupid pian tai. serene was like saying that we treat him like serial killer or something. LOL. so funny lah. nono, not funny but SICK AND PERVERTIC.

    ytd weishan call me! i was like so happy lah! we chatted for around 45 min, causing me to miss maid to order, featuring felicia chin! she's my idol (: aww, that svcks. but nevermind, weishan called me! then i told her about me and serene crying, then she said that she was so touched. LOL. yeah, asked her about how's life in dhs. she say that her class people, when reccess, will CHIONG to canteen de. but we never lah. we just dilly dally walk to the canteen. and some people stay in class too. then she say she miss us alot. aww, so sweet! haha.

    yeah, today stayed back for GG when actually dont even have lah. -.- waste time. LOL. nah, not really. got alot of people stay, so chat with them lah. then soravee and shirlyn stay for band. then i pei ta men. then shirlyn kept screaming into my ear when i tried to read soravee's magazine -.- but got felicia chin! its worth it! LOL. then they left for band. then me and serene accompany iylia till her interact club start. then later brenda and karwai also got stay back for fun. so we send songs on the phone. and qingru and huasee also got stay back.. then me and serene jump jump jump in front of qingru. LOL. we like siao like that. then qingru tried to advertie for that cny snack. that thing like in rolls like that. small small rolls. normally spicy. is not love letters hor! -.- but my hse already have liao. so didnt buy. anyway, i think its $10 for um, 500g? dont know lah. not sure. and qingru's phone got delta goodrem's lost without you! AHH! i want! LOL. but that time my phone only left like 1.1 MB. lol. then i forgot to move those videos into my memory card. nvm, next time see her then call her to send me.

    somehow, i feel this is a very long post. at first nothing to blgo about, becoem such a loooooong post. ester started later then me, but finished earlier than me. and jiawei's looking for his JULIET (: me and kangning were saying that our class got juliet liao. LOL. ok, im crapping too much. shall go now. bye (:

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Thursday, January 25, 2007
    my 'favourite' councilor

    kangning and serene is crazy already. say the ccl i hate most is my favourite ccl -.- LOL. make me laugh like siao. and during reccess she had to tell qingru and huasee that i was 'looking for my favourite councilor' -.- AHEM. i dislike her lorh. say what my fave ccl. diaos. but nvm, after reccess (dont know what period), my 'fave' ccl walked past my class, just when we were talking about her! LOL. i was laughing like mad lah. then kangning also laugh. and that added more to my 'fave' ccl talk -.- she was like i know you an lian ni de fave ccl. i was like ahem,im not a les. is not, and never will. then she kept on saying what my fave ccl blah blah blah. :)

    today's PE was so fun lah! played volleyball. did serve and underhand pass. and and tzeying partner. we play on stage. LOL. cos stage only got like 3 groups lah, so got alot of space. can run here run there. LOL. no lah, vball cannot luan luan pao de. yeah.. the serve was damn painful lah. my hand was aching like siao. i was worried if my hand cannot write later. haha. yay, dont write is the best! XD and i found out that volleyball is definitely easier to spin on your finger, cos its lighter and on the outside, its kinda spongey.. which makes it much much easier, cos bball is like super hard and heavy =/

    then reccess le! ate iec kachang cos i was so sweaty and hot warm (: then the liyuan walked past... then i accidentally point at him, not meaning to, then he looked at me -.- LOL. then finish reccess le, wanted to go up, then saw huasee. then we tried to 'steal' serene's money, cos she's rich XD nah, she's very fillal(how do you spell it? =D) cos she takes care of her ahma very well. that time her ahma sick she pangseh us go home cook for her ahma lunch. so sweet (: then ytd, she bought chicken rice home cos she say her ahma very long never eat chicken rice le. aww. so sweet (: ok, then later, we saw qingru eating alone. then me, kangning, serene, tzeying and some others went up to her. then her friend came. so actually is not she eat alone lah. then she ask us why when after PE, like wait for one another, queue up. LOL. she say very primary school-like. no lah, we never queue up, is we nice, wait for one another =D then she ask us if we got like CNY go out together as a class or not, then serene say 'go da ma jiang' XD then qingru said if like got plan to go out anot, then serene said 'chu qu da ma jiang' LOL. i laugh like siao then qingru said that mahjong is like 40+ years old ppl play de. then i was like disagreeing, cos i play MJ too! MJ rocks lah, so addicting :) then qingru pei wo men go up to the class...

    then had lessons and stuff. i find the geog teacher quite nice, and charisma too except that last week she was so cranky =/ lol then quring geog, got this pic of humpty dumpty, then geog teacher went to draw on him, give his moustache and hair etc. lol. then me and serene started singing qian li zhi wai and ting ma ma de hua XD then when we say no, we'll go 'no no no no, dont phunk with my heart' LOL. then serene will cont. singing, while me and kangning hum the tune. whee~ i cant imagine what would happen if i never met kangning and serene. they simply rock too much!

    um, i think my kindergarten friend is in LY. dont laugh. he's a guy called alfred, and i kinda believe its him, cos their face is like exactly the same. and today, during reccess in class, i sent something to zann, and i think he also on his bluetooth, so the phone name 'Alfred' came out, so i really think its him! haha, so qiao, kindergarten friend in same school. maybe i'll ask him if he's in ***** kindergarten or something. if yes, i'll ask him if he remembers a girl called huixian =D

    ughh, i hate maths. so hard lah. i dont understand, and like today we were doing square root, and she just started teaching as if everyone knew what it was, although a few of us didnt understand. until me and zann asked her, then she tell the class what it was. hmmph >:( spoil my mood.

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    WEISHAN! WE MISS YOU! MUST COME BACK AND VISIT US, ALRIGHT? today's weishan's last day at cchms. she's going to dhs tomorrow. we were only told of it until the last period, when miss soh walked in. she said:'today, someone is gonna leave us at 1.50.' then we were like:'huh? somebody die arh?' LOL. then she said:'no lah! weishan is not coming here tomorrow. she's doing a transfer to another school.' then we were like:'what school?' then she said:'dunman high' then everyone clapped like siao then i screamed and clapped super loudly. so pro lah. transfer to dhs... then lena ask her like why so late then transfer, cos she already bought cchms's uniform and books and stuff. then she say she only received the letter yesterday! wah lao eh, where got like that one lorh. waste people money >.< so mean LAI! XD then after history at the auditorium there, she waved goodbye to me and walked out of the grand audi. then i told seren that she left, then me and serene CHIONG out of the audi and shouted'WEISHAN! BYEBYE!' then she go into he rmom's car and her mom drove off. then me and serene walked to the canteen and eat lunch, and on our way there, we both cried. im not really close to her, and though its only a few weeks, but i really really miss her alot. she's so nice lah :D then i cry until my eyes and nose super red XD cant help it lah, i miss her alot :(


    then at school, i accidentally deleted keebu doing those funny faces from my phone! i was like 'shyt! i accidentally delete that video!' lol. when see clar, MUST get video from her le.. wahaha. <--that sounds so evil :o

    and today clara left her phone in my dad's car -.- so careless XD and in the end she was super jing zhang and i sms-ed my dad and asked if her hp was in my dad's car. and he said yes. ok, then she's quite fang xin already. she just called me and asked when she can collect her phone. i told her to come at around 8 like that. she lives like 3 floors below me, and same block! yeah, so fetch her to school every morning. see, im so nice XD yeah, today after getting off the car, i walk walk walk and didnt see liyuan(the guy who acted situ bi in fireflies) in front of me. i almost bang into him until i saw his face. heng havent bang into him yet sia. phew.

    school was ok lah, today. huasee and qingru came to our class. come and visit us. haha. yeah, huasee's fringe is funny funny again XD she go cut her fringeeee. last time use the pin nicer and cuter =) yeah.. and took photos with qingru, cos at first she say dont want, but i said that i made her famous. XD haha. yeah, so take photo then they left already..

    then after reccess walk back to class, me, tzeying, zann and amanda were walking towards the stairs, thn the ccls were like shouting: pull up your socks! i think is to tzeying bah. our socks all can see the words except for tzeying. then they keep on shouting, then we zhuang long zuo ya and continue walking XD so funny lah. then on the way i kept imitating them XD then tzeying like so pissed off like that. wahaha. PULL UP YOUR SOCKS~

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Tuesday, January 23, 2007

    clar, jiayi, me and raina! ok, i know my hair very messy!

    we 4 people again.but this is a neo, so diff. very nice deco right? me and raina do de (:

    aww, know whats my CCA le. guess? LOL. not CO lah. sad huh? wanted to join CO so so much. but nevermind, im in GG le. girl guides. my class got 4 people in girl guides. and ester also! at least got friends lah.. hmm,hope i'll have fun lah. girl guides is more of outdoor activities de right?

    most probably not going to mbs during CNY le :( cos the timing crash. we finish at 11, mbs finish at 9:30. so cannot lorh. but nevermind, will have chance de. say after school on normal days or teachers day or what lah.. will not forget my darling mbs friends!

    hai... the homework are pouring in =/ e lit teacher's voice so sharp lah. so high pitched. cant imagine if she screamed :o she's ester's form teacher. miss low's a death note fan XD. her tablet de desktop picture is death note 2. so stylo for a teacher to have that desktop picture XD soravee says that her fave teacher is our sci teacher, mrs low cos she very blur, then very cute. EWW. gross. i agree that she's kinda bur at times, but she's definitely not cute! relax, hx! breathe in..out..

    anyway, today had CS&D. then play the game where the multiples of 7 and numbers containing the number 7 cannot be said. then i accidentally said 14 and had to do pole dance -.- LOL. damn funny lah. but i anyhow do. just stand up and squat, then walk around XD. after me, the next person who also made mistake had chance to do banana dance lorh. i'd rather do that. >:( banana dance is definitely better than pole dance!

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Monday, January 22, 2007
    important people tagging and 'maths'

    hi peeps (: remember last year when the word 'sum' was mentioned and everyone laughed? now my class also got this kind of words le. its 'maps'. LOL. cos during geog miss poon was like 'today we're gonna learn about maps.' then we were like 'maths?' then she said 'no. maps' then we kept on hearing at maths so when she mention the word maps then we'll laugh (:

    seems like most ppl(especially those dhs de) dont like their class hor? wel, mine class's kinda okay. very fun and nice to hang out with. especially, 'sandy', 'spongebob', 'nancy', 'ms puff' and the rest. they're all so nice de =)

    today's assembly was ok lah. the chinese book thing and interact gave a ppt slide on their trip to china. then its like the chinese book thing say until so much stuff about their china trip until the interact club dont have alot of time to talk so they skipped alot of parts. then the interact club showed this video then the song is from kim possible XD so funny lah! then cos the sec twos were late so they had to stay for a while, so when we could go, we were like 'wooh~' then the teacher dont let us go, and made us stand up and sit down for a few times. and he said 'that was uncalled for'.. arghh, whatever lah. can come home can already :)

    then walked to bus stop with iylia and zann.. but iylia had to cross the overhead bridge so she went off on her own. then me and zann go buy bubble tea. i bought chocloate ice blended then zann bought green apple ice blended. mm, nice! lol, i almost choked on the pearl. LOL. im can be so silly and blur at times.

    i saw eugene dancing during lunch at the corner of the class today! and it really freaked me out. oops. i should be supportive yeah? anyway, its kinda weird to like tapdance with the song 'lets get it started' by black eyed peas. nearly impossible. scaryyyyy

    did the audacity podcast thing today, after assembly. what flasher fever or something XD. im the interviewer, then zann is the flasher (XD lol), iylia and xinying are the students being interviewed. quite funny lah. should be nice =D

    list of people who tagged but havent return tags or bday wishes:
    1)clar(:: hey((: im here to tagggg . happy early birthday((: (21 Jan 07, 20:01)
    2)qingru: hi:) i somehow agree with the sentence. lol. keep MD spirit going.. (19 Jan 07, 21:28)
    3)er jie: i agree with gladys it is a nice blog.just 1thing.u say de banana dance is cute.i say its horrible .especially the 2nd 1. (15 Jan 07, 22:06)

    cant return tags to qingru and huasee(erjie) cos they dont have blogs. nevermind, when they make blogs i shall tag frequently. yay. and amanda wants me to promote this chinese thing... held in the school, if got more than 75 people interested then its free! or not we'll have to pay :/ ok, so she wants us to join. so must join hor! i think im joining. can improve the li jie wen da. good for me!

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Sunday, January 21, 2007
    convo with clar

    just had a convo with clar on msn. so funny lah.

    me: YAY
    clar: NOOOOOOO
    me: carrie out le =D
    clar: diya thr big mouth
    me: diya sings better
    me: thats why she get in
    clar: -.-
    clar: thn daren and diya. u like daren hor?
    me: daren?
    me: daren is me leh
    me: of course i like myself!
    clar: OEI

    LOL. for those who dont know that daren is one of nicknames, now you know. cos that time i was telling ester and jiayi 'da ren you da liang. bu ji xiao ren guo.' then cos i accidentally typed da ren together, so it ended up as daren. and cos i was refering to myself, so im now daren. =D ahh, memories of sixkayohsix, its flowing back! so sweet.

    just now me and jiayi were acting as twits cos i said that her nick is not twit at all. too fake le. so i gave her someone's blog link then she was utterly shocked. LOL. then cos this girl when she tag, she write her name as 'xiia0 ****' (the **** is censored to protect the girl's identity). then i said that jiayi's name would be 'xiia0 yii' then i was like no. its not xiao yi cos jiayi is my da yi =D. then i would become 'xiia0 xiiaN' eww. so gross lah. then we started to talk twit and poking fun at twits. LOL. so fun! then when i had to go, i typed this:'ii g0rt tuhh g0 lerhxx.. buAiix' so twit right? haha, i have accomplished my mission to type and act twit-like. woots. thiis ishh gettiing shh0 funn w0rrx. XD. typing twit is so fun lah. fun as in poke fun at to laugh at them. LOL.

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    bday coming soon =D

    woots. my bday coming soon liao. those people not in cchms must gimme my present when go back to mbs during CNY arh. then the prezzie will be late by 3 days, but nvm. i'll still accept it de =D LOL. advertising for my bday. its 13th Feb. im a feb baby, like ester. ester is 4th i think.. must remember we 2 bday hor. and must give present hor. XD

    hmm, now discussing on who to ask to sit taxi with us to mbs cos if me and es share very ex. yue duo ren yue pian yi... we're gonna ask yl, konnie and hoho. hmm, but one of them must go themselves cos taxi can only sit 4 ppl.

    arghh, feel that those people who is like other schools, become very um.. proud? everytime class convo, talk about their school thing. its like classs convo for sixkayohsix, not for other class in other school de. then its like invite me and talk about their school thing, then i felt super pissed and left without saying anything. was super angry lah.

    and my sis actually knows huasee! well, not know lah, but somehow.. know her name? XD cos my sis see her name on the choir list before, then she and her friends were trying to guess her chi name...

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Saturday, January 20, 2007
    going back to mbs

    yay, my father allowed me to go back to mbs on cny with ester. most probably taking taxi lah.. must rush.. ok, my post below this was a bit scary. cos i very angry bah. when our time no netball and volleyball, move already then have >:( hmmph! unfair! arghh, this few days miss mbs and sixkayohsix alot. remember sixkayohsix's 'motto' was to break every single rule. ahh, the good times we've had last year. i actually think that we enjoyed being scolded :D so cool. they said we were the best in academics but not for attitude, and i kinda agree! we're definitely not the best in atiitude, must be 6joy lah. they so guai one XD

    and mbs likes boys i think. last year got soccer interclass but dont have captainball interclass. hai wo men xin xin ku ku de practice le 2 years of PE. 2 years leh! could have done other stuff like basketball or something.

    im so excited to go back to mbs! im so happy can see the teachers le. maybe can see other sixkayohsix people. :o that makes me really really happy! but i think cny surely very messy de. all those lower pri people run here run there XD

    finish the 300 words chi compo le! yes! but its kinda weird lah. 1 and 1/2 page is 300 words o.O mbs de 300 words is like maybe 3-4 pages like that... arghh, neopets so lag. the loading of pages is like super slow. im at a rating page, waiting for people to rate my pwnful font. ok lah, must be modest. its not very pwnful but quite nice. same as my spare acc de. and my spare acc become guild council 5 in 88 members. woots. i contributed alot lah! i made an adoption agency for it somemore. anyway, who wanna adopt a striped tuskaninny or christmas pteri can contact me. i adopt then dont want liao.

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Friday, January 19, 2007
    qingru is a nice senior

    news update(something that made me angry): MBS HAS VOLLEYBALL AND NETBALL! NOT FAIR ONE! LAST TIME DONT HAVE. IF HAVE I CONFIRM JOIN ONE! GO BACK TO MBS CONFIRM CHAO SHENG QI ONE. NOW THEN HAVE VOLLEYBALL AND NETBALL. I JUST KNEW THEY WERE BIASED. SAY WE WERE THE WORST LOT OF P6s. HMMPH! DONT LIKE US SAY LAH. BEAT AROUND THE BUSH FOR WHAT?(this message is to the whole mbs, not zhen dui to anyone. and somemore miss soon in charge of volleyball leh. wth.) now im so angry that i wanna cry. my heart is gonna pop out very soon. i wanna go to school. i wanna complain to zann. im sure she'ld be angry too. i bet most of us are angry. WHY DONT HAVE LAST TIME? EEYER, BIASED FREAKS!

    i bet that when i go back to mbs, i will cry de. i simply miss them too too much. scully i hug miss soon and cry XD.

    LOL. finally found someone as lame and crazy as me-qingru! everytime she online, somehow we started with the normal 'hi's and get lamer and lamer. dont ask me why. being lame is my ben xing. who call me to be Lamer's Co. CEO(36%of shares).. aiyah, lamers co. i really miss you guys =X clarissa, jiayi, sijia and dawn.. so to the lame part, i think i said that if she wanna become singer or famous or what, come find me or serene, we help her write songs (: then she say if i thought she singer or what. then i was like nvm, maybe la. so i said i help make her famous, putting the phrase 'qingru is a nice senior =D' at the end of every post. but i guess she wont be very famous, with an average of about say, 2-4 readers. ok, cannot be famous de, i know. i've failed ;_; nvm, i will persevere! at least mbs taught me something. i remember the 6 values! the PRICEP thingeh. persevere. respect. integrity. care. (oops, i forgot what 'E' stands for). passion. ok, i dont really remember the 6 values...

    arghh, this makes me miss mbs more. =X during orientation wont miss cos very fun. then now the homework start pouring in liao, then its like super sian. miss mbs! and qingru said that she won talentime! :o so pro~ cos i said that she can join talentime if she wanna be famous, then she said she won. OMG. so cool.

    and ester said 'yanlun' in front of me during reccess, causing me to be very pissed off. this is a very sensitive subject to me, kk? i dont wanna have what fate or what to be in the same class with him from P1 until now, ok? this is called suey.

    and monday is coming! going to get suffocated in that tie already :/ always got this choking feeling. mbs tie better! is zip one. easier to put in and take off! gl to eugene for his tap dancing thingeh. look, im NICE.

    and why everyone thought i same school as tzeyeng? im not lah. she's from TK, im from MBS. but somehow we met on the first day and our chemistry worked and we 'clicked'. and the good thing is that she knows clarissa! clarissa is one of my good friends and godjie in mbs. currently in dhs. smarty pants XD

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    funny fringe

    lalala. today was a relaxed day, cos got not much homework. ok lah, got 300 words chi compo. title is '我'. i dont think i can write that much, cos i already have problems writing like 200+.. and somemore, i dont think there's much to write about me. im simple. simplicty's the name , simplicity's my game. and... all i can say is that no one actually treated me as a good friend in P6, so im kinda lonely last time. and heng now got friends le =D like spongebob-ish kanging, siao siao serene, zanny zann zann, tze yeng (the pro in relationships) and soravee the super nice girl. and still got huasee and qingru who are nice seniors =D and needa read for science, monday got dont know what SPA test. go and enjoy the spa :) LOL, crap lah. where got so good de?

    just now reccess, ate something(i forgot. LOL)... then left around 7 min or something, then went up to classroom. and saw huasee up there =D then we talk, then tzeyeng come. she take long cut, cos her socks low low, so dont wanna get caught by councilors. LOL. walk the long way no councilor catch de. yay. then we(me&soravee) were like asking huasee jie if our socks can anot. lol, can see the words CCHMS can liao. and jie's fringe today weird weird de. cos long mah, so she needa pin it up, but somehow it looks weird :X

    then during lunch, ate with serene, shirlyn and tzeyeng. shirlyn was like begging me to stay back cos she wanna play com at com lab. LOL. at first brenda and karwai supposed to join her or something, but they got bball practice. so left her alone. so me and tzeyeng cannot. then serene can, so shirlyn said she's not gonna call serene 'sicko' again. why not? but serene's one leh..

    and now, presenting 'The Mee Siam Mai Hum Song' composed by me and serene. i know in youtube and stuff got alot, but ours is special de. is we ownself composed de. try to sing along if possible(i havent tried singing it yet..but serene says that it works!):

    What she's gonna do with all that hum, all the hum on the mee siam.
    I dont want to eat them up, eat them up, eat them up.
    Mee siam mai hum, mai hum, mai hum, mai hum
    The hot mee siam mai hum, mai hum, mai hum, mai hum.
    Check it out.

    Nice anot? XD. now im listening to Girl Next Door, if you wanna listen , its at the last tab at my blog. very nice song. a bit emo kind, although i dont like emo & goth people. and im trying to master to rap ting ma ma de hua, i can rap a few parts le!and eugene's gonna take part in talentime :o he says that he's gonna dance. i hope he dances well, or else very lao kui one. he says he's gonna tap dance! scaryyyyy

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Thursday, January 18, 2007
    twins are EVIL!

    me and serene just gave the twins a new nickname (: zhuair and zhupork. cos their name is like got the 'ju' in front, so ju sounds like zhu. and pigs got that airpork thingeh, so yeah, zhu-air and zhu-pork. sounds so nice right? yeah, is serene give de. wahaha.

    and today during english, while we were doing group work, me and serene came up with the mee siam mai hum song. yeah, i know its quite famous but ours is different one, ok? serene brought the lyrics home to finen it cos the words cant match with the song, so she bring it home and listen to the song and edit it. COOL! yay. LOL. im siao de lah. and got new dp le. neoprint of me, raina, jiayi and clarissa. ahh, really miss them. remember once when we kept on going to raina's hse and play bball =D. so fun...

    and in the neoprint, raina and jiayi were wearing mbs uniform (: i sorta miss mbs sometimes... but now they move liao. the memories were all in the old school. and this year's P5&6 damn ke lian! needa graduate in the holding school, which is like so dirty lah. yuck. and sum's teaching the best P5 class leh.. how come she always get to teach the best? i dont find that she teaches well what. and our maths is like better than her lah. and.. that time get results she cut her hair. super ugly lah. and her daughter very ke lian, needa have same hair style as her :l poor girl. huasee also misses mbs!

    Wednesday, January 17, 2007
    homework = alot!

    aww, no homework more and more le... not going to mbs on friday. maybe going on CNY or something. shall take taxi there so can rush, or else they finish le, then cant see the teachers liao...

    today got that eng compo test. write one paragraph of about 200, and must write 3 cos got different things. in one hour leh! heng can rush finish lorh.. zann write until alot, and when i was like going to finish my 2nd one, then she start her second one. i wrote quite little, around one page per paragraph. while zann wrote around 1½ page. siao lorh, so much leh!

    then reccess, buy chicken rice. and also buy for ester. im so nice XD. well not really lah, can say is i owe her one, cos i always she her queue up, then cut queue. then this time, i buy she cut queue, so its correct one! and i cut her queue alot of times le. then she only cut mine once. so i would say i still owe her quite alot bah...

    then went back to class, and saw er jie talking to yanlun about dont-know-what. heard yanlun saying: 'you promise? promise arh...' so must be something about the msn bah, cos i asked from him during sci(his acc was famously hacked) then he say that even if he have, he also wont give me one. wahaha. he doesnt trust me X) lol, phobia of sixkay people i guess. maybe he scared i tell oon or jz bah. LOL!

    and cos im patrick, kangning's spongebob, zann's sandy, lena(aka nancy) and serene is jellyfish. so when go home that time, me, zann, lena and serene were walking to the bus stop. then i said'hey sandy!' to zann. but gang hao beside me got this caucasian woman riding a bike, and when i said that, she turned around! LOL! that means maybe her name is sandy bah. LOL.

    and serene lost her file. dont know how lah. cos when me, zann, and serene walk to bus stop, and it was drizzling, so zann borrow the file from serene. then later, she alledgelly gave the file back to serene, but cos me and serene take same bus, we found out that serene's file wasnt with serene, so we thought that maybe zann took serene's file home. but the next day, zann say that she returned the file to serene! so its like serene's file is missing lah.. so ke lian ;_;

    and, the twins in our class are violent. dont be fooled by their appearances! cos today, when me and serene walk to bus stop, we saw the twins and soravee. then one of them said : 'soravee learning er hu, so you must learn tizi with me!' LOL. then serene called them zhu, cos is juliet and julia mah. so the ju in front sounds like zhu. so they're zhuzhu XD then one of them got super angry and almost hit serene with the books on her hand. we were like 'woah!' then i said' wah, so young got bao li qing xiang already!' then serene said 'bao li shi jie jue bu liao wen ti de!' LOL. i was laughing like mad.

    p.s: who got ITTPD(preferably clawed shield) or know any lender lending for low collate, inform me! and i've got pure, so the person must have honey potion or something...

    Monday, January 15, 2007
    my choice of CCAs

    chose what CCA i want to join liao.. i chose *drumroll* C.O! cos its like i never pass any of the auditions(yes, i know, im kinda hopeless), so i looked at the list of CCAs which dont need auditions de, then my sister say which ones are like useless ones, then cross out, then only left C.O, c drama, girl guides and wushu... so i choose C.O as 1st choice, wushu as 2nd and GG as 3rd...

    today i was so nice XD i bought sushi for my sis, without knowing that she's coming back late -.- ok, then while i was buying burgers, qingru come in and call me help her buy the chicken burger with cheese. then dont have, so she says she want sandwich, so i buy for her. as in she got pay me lah...

    yeah, i know im nice XD. ok, im lame. sorry ;_; and this few days, everyday go to es class and play with her... lol, not really play with her lah! like go her class and talk.. then sometimes she also got come to mine, but more often i go to hers.. look, im so nice.

    Friday, January 12, 2007

    went for choir, netball and volleyball auditions on thurs and fri. choir and netball is thurs, volleyball is fri. so lets rewind back to thurs.

    so went for choir first, and sang like 'lalalalala' LOL. ok, i didnt make it, but amanda and lena did! lena is S1 and amanda is A2. so pro hor? =X ya lah, i know i cannot.. and when during we queue up to go audition, jiawei imitated qingru's voice and said' MD oi!' then it sounds exactly like her, so we were all laughing XD.

    then went for netball, was late cos i go for choir first, so they finish playing that husband and wife game. so got into groups of qround 6, and practice some stuff, like reflex, pivot and that leap thingy. LOL. reflex is like super fun. then had this small match, and we lost XD 0-2 0 is us! yay! LOL, im so siao, lose still so happy. must be optimistic!

    the next day(which is today -.-) went for volleyball. i think its more fun lah.. so we did standing broad jump and vertical jump first. my standing broad jump completely svcked! its like only 130cm LEH! im like so sad lah! vertical jump was kind of ok...then next was shuttle run, and it was quite good too! me and the first one is like sort of tie, cos we ran same same, but in the end, she chiong and i was 2nd...

    then each senior in charge of 2 sec ones, but not enough seniors so some of the seniors merge together, and we had a mass lecture! (: lol, then they teach us underpass already, then the coach want to test us already. i think i used too much strength and the ball flew over the coach's head XD then went back to the seniors, and learnt setting. that one dont know why, my ef hand always come out first, so its kinda my let hand which hits it more... then soon, got test again, so they test us, we do.. was kinda ok too! then the senior in charge of me, never teach me pike, so i go there and heng, got other senior teach me. so when i do, i got a 1! yay, the smaller the number, the better it is, so mine's good!

    but sadly, i didnt get into the volleyball team T.T cos i think my standing broad jump pull me down sia... or not maybe i got chance one you know?! stupid standing broad jump! and shirlyn almos got chosen, but i think mr tay and coach see her height, and decided not to choose her. where got like that one? 排斥矮人!pai chi ai ren!i seriously dont know what cca to join already. those left are wushu, lion dance, uniform groups and clubs&societies. i guess i'll join wushu or maybe GG...

    Tuesday, January 09, 2007
    first time lunch at school

    whee~ today raining, so no flag-raising! yay, XD! cos we changed places, so the people around me(serene,zann,kangning) are like so siao siao like zann one. LOL! during e lit serene kept on poking me for dont know what reasons. a bit siao siao like i said...

    then during reccess, me, es and some of the JT people sat together.. and me ans es were like talking lah. we were saying that those people who went to dhs dont look or sound very happy, cos its like their post is what miss mbs, miss sixkay that kind of thing, while me and es is like very very happy in cchms. and i dont really miss sixkayohsix. its like there's no time to miss sixkay cos you're like having not enough time to be happy, so what for go think about the past? its the future you're stepping in, not the past. memories can only be memories, think so much also no use. it's not like you can turn time back.

    then had lunch in school, and saw that some people also stay to eat. their 情况 is like me... then when going home(after lunch) saw qingru! yeah, and she actually waved to me first, so i waved back to her too (:

    Monday, January 08, 2007
    sch officially starts today

    um, started school 'officially' today (: yeah, started doing work and stuff, but not alot. and i left all my books in the locker XD. so now my bag is super duper light! yay. woots. stuff everything inside the locker. LOL! now im sitting with zann. a bit siao siao one. LOL. no offence to zann arh. sometimes being siao siao is a good thing, cos can cheer people up (: i used to be like that in P6... and cos zann ask me how tall am i, i said i dont know. then she said she wanted to use her ruler and measure me. LOL! so crazy but funny hor? XD. sit with her can really brighten up my life. =D

    poor clara and ester(1JT) has got lotsa lotsa homework. aww. got what journal and stuff... and ester had to borrow this english book called essential dont-know-what from zann, cos when she buy, it's out of stock. that's so...sad? LOL. nvm, i shall stop crapping =D

    this is gonna be a short post, cos got nothing to talk about, so yeah.. ciao!

    Saturday, January 06, 2007
    channel 8

    yeah, forgot to add something. kym ng and zhou chong qing came to my sch ytd! i and was like taking photos of them interviewing.. they ask about what if da pi gu will bian ben or chong ming. forgot already. then cos we were rushing for a talk, the councellors were like shouting for us to go to the grand audi to listen to the talk, but i managed to get a few photos before going to the grand audi. and eugene was like so enthu(he's always too enthu), he went and wanted to get inteviewed when the whole school was like running away, trying not to get interviewed XD

    yeah, and in the class during cheering, qingru was trying to teach us the ashes to ashes dust to dust cheer, then got this boy said asses to asses. then the whole class laugh laugh laugh, then when she teached us, she also said asses to asses. and we were laughing like mad, she couldnt stop laughing. must be infected by that guy already XD

    and after jt had dont their skit, which was super funny. their councellor went to borrow 'rosie' hairband and the 'balls' and go and wear. LOL. he's a guy leh. then the other councellor took a picture and show it to us XD es says she'll post the photos of 'rosie', must go see hor! (look, im so nice. i advertised for es's blog XD)

    omg, im starting to like cchms more than mbs liao XD. i think is cos of the orientation bah. it was super duper fun. and when in the canteen(finished, giving out goodies) we cheered as a whole sec 1, and everyone were like screaming and shouting as loudly as possible. i think im really gonna miss that, cos no more fun for the rest of my 4 years!

    Friday, January 05, 2007
    last day of orientation, campfire

    woots. orientation was super duper fun today! but it's like the last chance to have fun liao, cos after this it's study study study, which is like eww...

    first, we had some talks in the morning, then we had school building games and mass dance! haha, dance the friendship dance, banana dance and frog song i think. i dont like or remember the frog song XD the banana song is cute? whee, i like father abraham the most. wait, it's a song, ok? then also got broken telephone and lao ying zhua xiao ji, so fun! cos my group was very big, so in the end had 2 mother hens. haha. our group was so pro, we sorta cheated. cos its like they can only catch the last person, so we stood is a spiral with the last one in the middle, so the male councillors cannot catch her. so pro right? haha. saw clara and es's team everyone kena caught, cos the mother hen is like never protect the 'chicks', so the councillor touch one by one. LOL. like so easy like that.

    then later got a talk about the CCAs, and also got CCA recruitment, like all CCAs have a booth, then we'll go past one by one. those peope are like so scary, keep on like encourage and giving out pamphlets... then keep on want you to like write your name down...

    we went back to class, and rehearsed our class skit. i think it's pretty good. very hilarious. ester and clara de also not bad wor. they narrator leh! so pro -clapclap- and they're skit is like so funny lah. got this boy, then he put a hairband and put some round stuff as that thing, and be rosie from PCK. LOL! chao funny lah. everyone were laughing and clapping...

    we shouted some cheers, and bombed each other. then cos drizzling, the whole thing had to stop. and that was the end of our campfire, the end of our nan de 3 day fun(after is all study study), the last day to see our class councillors frequently, cos one of my councillor is sec 3 de, so she not same reccess as sec 1. so cannot see her... anyway, during broken telephone, met many councillors cos we sat at the side so we talked to the councillors. they were like telling us not to join uniform groups and E drama cos very sian one. haha.

    arghh, i miss the campfire, so fun! better than MBS one i think XD. got my councillor's msn and hp no le. woots.

    Thursday, January 04, 2007
    orientation day 2=FUN!

    whee~ today's orientation was FUN FUN FUN! first, we decorated our class room. our theme was modesty,frog and zhanrui. zhanrui is a student councillor. yeah, so we drew frogs and decorated the notice board at the back. was pretty boring.. and we got our monitor, deputy monitor and such... and our treasurer, as she admitted, is money faced, money minded and loves money XD! good choice for treasurer sia...

    then went for reccess, ate the japanese food. quite nice. then went back to class and decorate again, and thought of some stuff for our campfire skit. and our theme is modesty again! XD! cos my class is 1 MD(modesty), so the theme is always modesty. glad our concillors helped us a bit! and our dear councillors helped us make the class tree. our names are all up there... thanks to qingru and zhanrui and someof my class boys. i cant really differentiate my class boys man. all look the same one. XD and the name all so hard to remember de. then suddenly thought of sixkayohsix, and wanted to, we went for lunch

    after lunch, we had our telematch at the school field. first we played the shouthign games, like the 'oi' thingy and 'bomb'. oi is like for example, my class is MD.
    then the classes will try to compete see who is the loudest. haha. so fun, enthu sia.
    then the bomb thingy is like for example, MD wants to bomb JT(sorry to clara,ester and of course, jengteng), so MD will say:
    then the JT will continue. if MD wants to eat the bomb,
    yeah, thats it and of course the three cheers thingy. three cheers is quite common so no need to explain bah. so we played games like water ballon, pass the ping pong ball, and drink from the 1.5L bottle. water ballon is like i face in front, but i have to throw the water ballon behind, so its quite hard. and still got the huge huge atomic bomb, but that one is pass one. we had a tie, so we got tie breaker, but lost. at least win JT! haha! the ping pong ball is like hold a spoon in your mouth, and pass it. the dirnking one was the hardest. everyone gets a straw, and 4 people will drink from the two 1.5L bottles at a time. and cos the straw is linked 3 straws, so you'll end up drinking like alot of air?

    then finish and went home. got closer to soravee, the thai girl in my class. she's very fair, and she's super nice! very friendly..

    Wednesday, January 03, 2007
    1st day of school

    hey guys (: first day of sec sch life. was kinda fun, but i doubt it'll be like this for my four years, cos orientation is to play only...

    fetched clara to cchms. reached around 6.45.. so early lorh! the sky was still dark, not like in mbs, when i reach, it's like super bright, and everyone is like waiting for me. scary... yeah, so went early. then walked around the school, saw some of the mbs people, and talked to them. then flag raising and after that, was this pointless looong talk. very very long talk! then i think went to classroom and had to introduce myself. there was this ya ya papaya guy in my class, and he was like speak until very enthu and when the teacher ask what he disliked, he growled:'I HATE GOSSIP! I HATE GOSSIP!' siao one lorh. say until so loud for what.

    and my class has this pair of twins. girls. they are like super shy. they look cute. LOL. and my class also has someone from thailand and china. the thai is super cool. as in her eng is rather good, although she has this accent or something.

    played games and did cheers the whole day. was super tired. played games like line-up, dog & bone, using the rope to pour the water thingy, charades, and some more. i forgot some though. and it was super rush cos we were practically late for everything. tsktsktsk. blad planning. and the cheers were kinda weird, but im glad my class was rather enthu, cos i hate not enthu people. if got then not fun already. and i think my student leader is someone from mbs, cos her face was rather familiar...

    made some friends, and got to know one another better. yeah, thats good.

    read finish harry potter and the half-blood prince. i cried when dumbledore died. i just knew that snape wouldnt be nice, even dumbledore trusted him so much. he's a death eater after all...and i also cried when sirius died too. now im waiting so impatiently for the new book, but no date has been set yet. cos there's still 4 more horcruxes, and the one that dumbledore sorta died for, was a fake. can you believe that? he died for nothing! thats sad... and its kinda unbelievable that harry likes ginny XD!

    Monday, January 01, 2007
    happy 2007

    hey people, happy new year to you! i'd hope that 2007 would be a greater year, which would be obvious with no sum around. im sick of seing sum, so its great to leave mbs! apart from the leaving friends part, of course. anyway, best wishes and good luck to all you people out there in your future endeavours!

    hmm, new year, new teachers, new friends. i'd hope that 2007 would be a better year for all of us! im happy that there's quite a number of mbs people going of cchms, majority from 6J. but that'ld be nice, rather than strangers around you. people from mbs going to cchms: me, ester, yanlun, clara, zann, calista, weiling, peishan, taiquan, zehao, amanda, rachel chia, iris, and most probably wen yu. cos clara said she saw yanlun speaking to a boy from my class, and he's wearing round specs, is botak, kinda short, and carries a water-bottle. thats totally wenyu, right?

    anyway, i wanted to say that joyce rocks. XD. she really does, ok? she's a very nice girl. sweet and nice. haha. can remember joyce's chalet. was super duper fun. remember the i-take-your-thing-you-take-mine fight on the beach with taiquan, xinren, alicia, joyce, siangling and hanrou. it's mostly boys against girls, so its obvious they're outnumbered. still want to snatch... tsktsktsk, so 不自量力!haha!

    has been lurking in the boards, looking out for people lending ITTPD for low collate. anybody lending ITTPD for low collate must inform me hor! free also can. haha! people in newbie boards are weird. waaay weird. talk about those out of topic stuff. but has teh newbie boards ever been in topic? no. the good thing about neopets is you can be any celeb you want-miley cyrus, hilary duff, you name it! there's probably a million hilary duffs and miley cyruses in neopets. attention seekers, i guess. but newbie boards people are rather friendly... nice to chat to

    arghh, shall continue my board lurking!

    P/S: did you guys like the pictures? i found it rather nice. lindsay lohan was looking pretty, the penguin was rather cute, and the hermione and ron one was sweet!

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