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13th Feb is my day.
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    Wednesday, February 28, 2007
    charisma =D

    OH YEAH! CHARISMA TODAY ROCKED! ok, maybe it didnt, but charisma rocks lah! cos of miss mong =D ok, shall continue charisma stuff later. shall go in order

    science SPA test! woah, quite hard lorh. left the table blank, cos dont know what to fill it. could not think of anything. then supposed to have 2 teachers, but when we went, only saw mrs low. the other teacher dont know where. then me and the rest of the class thought it would be that cranky teacher who also supervised us for the test a few weeks ago. then MISS MONG RUSHED IN LAH! so she was the other teacher supervising us! and she was late, LOL. then me and kangning were like super happy lah! we were smiling away, and i so happy until wanted to laugh! then kangning asked me secretly whether need to wash the beaker anot, then i nodded my head. then it turned out to be that she wash the one the next group of pupils were gonna use one! LOL. i thought she meant the one she used mah.. LOL. then when finish, she go tell mrs low, and she didnt get scolded! mrs low laughed and also told miss mong. then miss mong also laugh. sad lah, miss mong not supervising my side one. she supervising the one beside mine. hai...

    recess was ok. right now, im in love with the noodle stall, the one selling wanton noodles. the chilli is damn nice lah! without chilli, the food sucks, but with chilli, it's totally fab!

    charisma! it rocked, seriously. miss mong was a bit late, so charisma seemed really fast. the first thing she asked us was, how was the science SPA test? LOL. did the ws on responsibility. then its about a girl who wanted to buy a wallet, but not enough money, so she asked us what the girl should do. then people said stuff like pay in instalments, borrow from loan shark, borrow from friends, steal the wallet, steal money to buy wallet, sell cans to earn money(LOL) and some other lame stuff. until someone said save money to buy, then miss mong said good! LOL. she wanted logical answers.. then she say explained to us what was responsibility, then the girls were saying that she was late.. then she said that she was caught up, then we said, dont give excuses. LOL. then she said, ok ok. im late. sorry! then i think somewhere during charisma, she give this shocked face lah, then she open her mouth, then um, it's very cute jiu dui le lah. I NOT LES HOR! but really lah, miss mong rocks (: then she kept saying some chinese phrases lah. so cheem lorh, we didnt understand XD

    during maths, miss anisa wanted to check our attire. she say that if our hands up and cannot see the waist line of the skirt/short, we tuck out too much. then she saw serene's rolled skirt, so serene had to unroll it. then chester purposely went to pull up his pants REALLY HIGH, and tuck in, like nerd like that. then miss anisa told him, i want you to look smart, not look nerd. LOL. then the whole class laughed like siao lah. then did ws and all that maths stuff.

    ate lunch, and was looking for FLYW(: cos today got bowling, and she's gonna stay back for it. but couldnt find her ): then in the canteen, zann threw her wallet at my eye, and my eye began to tear(not cry lah!).. then a while later, she kinda 'slapped' me on both of my cheeks, then i was very very angry and said to her: 'oi! stop it lah! im very pissed off, you know?!?' then i stomped off. then kangning told me that i looked like i was joking.. i was really really angry with zann at that time. and now too. in class she kept disturbing me with her correction tape stuff. cos her correction tape finished, so she pulled out the tape and surrounded me with it! that was already enough, lah! so angry with her. bleahhs
    oh ya, i smiled to a sec three senior called jun yin today! dont ask me why, cos i dont know XD cos its like she walk past me, then i was looking at her. then she gave this small smile, which i could tell, cos her dimples were showing, then i smiled back. i think she's netball one.. or maybe volleyball. saw her in the trials but cant remember which one. then i told kangning: OMG! i just smiled to a stranger!

    Monday, February 26, 2007
    woohoo senior

    hello people. TODAY IS A MONDAY! just to remind you lah.. the starting of class and everything was quite boring. didnt go up to 4th floor. during reccess was funny lah. cos after eating, we went up to class and saw yueying. then she said that she just pa tuo hui lai! LOL, this time she pa tuo with the RP one.. oh yeah, she got 3 girlfriends.. so hua xin right? then i was like: 'later i tell soravee!' then when i told soravee, she didnt seem to mind, and HUGGED yueying lah.. then i told soravee :'huh? she go pa tuo with someone else leh!' then soravee still didnt mind and hugged yueying and said WO AI NI! LOL we laughed like siao lah.. then that idiotic henry jong kept on spreading rumors lah.. say what eugene and huasee. then kangning said that huasee didnt have such bad taste, which was true! ok, not that eugene's not nice, but he's... ugly XD sorry arh, no offence! then eugene was super angry, and was chasing henry. then he tried to throw paper aeroplanes at serene again -.- then eugene caught 2 of the aeroplanes and threw them away. then got once, cos amanda's chair's leg was sticking out, then henry tripped over it! then i laugh like siao lah! then teacher came in and spoiled the fun XD

    then during lunch, i saw FLYW(: twice! once is at bookshop, cos kangning said she saw her walking up the stairs, and disappeared, so i guessed that she was in the bookshop, so i went in. and the first person i saw was her! then jaf ie went to pinch my cheeks >:( dont know what skills she used man, so painful lah! then FLYW(: went out and i went to eat. then while queueing up, we saw joanna's 'twin'! cos during lunch, i told joanna that lunch is combined with upper sec, so can see her 'twin', and she should go find her 'twin'. then she say dont need to go find her twin cos they got telepathy -.- then just nice, i turned around, and saw her! then cos me, amanda and joanna were queueing at the stall beside hers, and I was looking at her, so she saw us. then i think she remember us lah. then we waved and said hello. then when she walked back, she was talking to her friends, and she did that WOOHOO! thing again. LOL. then she said bye and went off. then cos kangning went to concourse cos calligraphy tee taking the size, then me and serene went to find her, then i saw FLYW(: doing duty there! so happy. XD then i kept walking pass her, but didnt dare to say that im huixian, cos i think she forgot the convo le mah, then kangning and serene kept calling me 'huixian' in front of her and that she wont forget the convo one...then serene said : SI(die) HUI XIAN! in front of her loudly, but still, she mei fan ying.. good lah, i have decided to intro myself when i chat with her more on msn!


    Sunday, February 25, 2007
    flyw is online!

    a friend ;
    will walk many miles ;
    to share your tears ;
    to give you smiles ;
    and even though paths may drift apart ;
    a true friend never leaves the heart.

    ahh, so nice. obviously not composed by me! oh yeah, FLYW(: is online! ahh, im chatting with her right now.

    hmmph, im so jealous of joyce, she PREORDERED HARRY POTTER! so envy, so jealous.. but, no worries! i shall rent from the bookshop opposite PP when the craze is down.. like i did with HP&the half blood prince. rented it for only $11, and still can get money back! but not all lah, fei hua, or else is not rent le mah.

    oh yeah, yesterday when i was chatting with FLYW(:, i was on another convo with kangning, trying to get her to help me for replies. XD must leave good impression what.. then kangning gave replies that were so ... i shall not say, but i used a few of the replies.. then kangning told me to not to irritate her so much cos she was talking to yh. LOL. then she left lah.. then i didnt know what to say to FLYW(:..

    WOOH!~ tomorrow is MONDAY! I LOVE MONDAYS! ok, i do get the monday blues, but hey! we get to have lunch with the upper secs lah. =D so happy! oh yeah, i told FLYW(: that if i saw her, i would intro myself to her XD ok, so this wish is gonna be off my wishlist! so cool lah, cos next year is last year, so must quickly make FLYW(: know me..

    I LOVE MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS TOO! cos wednesday got bowling, which means FLYW(: will stay back. and wednesdays also have CHARISMA! miss mong! woots!

    Saturday, February 24, 2007
    guides+thinking day

    hey people (: i think this is gonna be a long post, so get prepared!

    yesterday was quite ok lah. on the way to home ec, saw miss mong, so me and kangning greeted her. then i asked her if she liked the eeyore, and she said that she liked it, and thank you. =D

    yesterday, during guides was ok lah. did outdoor cooking... my group did fried rice with egg, sausage and black pepper sauce borrowed from the group which was doing beef. the fried rice tasted ok lah, but a bit bland, but after adding the sauce, it was not bad. then also did drilling... when we were at the guides room to take our bags, it was locked, so cherlyn went to get the key... yeah, then opened up the room, and got our bags and went home

    today woke up at 10:30 am. then ate, changed and went to school. when reached, not much people lah.. then cherlyn called ester and said that she got lost. LOL. so funny lah.. then later she said that she saw the 2 seniors that were bringing us to the indoor stadium, so she followed them.. and she brought ALOT of tidbits lah, like she go for picnic like that. XD

    saw clarissa on the bus! what a coincidence lah, didnt expect to see her on the bus! clarissa says that me and ester looked super shocked. LOL. hui meh? i doubt so lah. then chatted and got down the bus. immediately, it started to rain ): heng ester got umbrella, so she shared the umbrella with me, amanda, herself and a sec two girl.

    reached there, went in. watched performances, listened to long speeches. a senior two rows in front of me fell asleep lah. LOL. then another senior was like poking her. LOL. cchms won the banner competition.. wooh~ then uh, the seniors also got perform! then me and es were saying that cchms got mentioned quite alot of times, and dhs only got mentioned once, forgot for what.. then got this march+dance which was quite cool!

    then cos ester brought hello panda and Nerds(willy wonka candy!), me and joanna were eating. then ester got pour out some candy on her skirt(we were sitting down), then joanna went to take the candy from ester's skirt. then me and es were like 'RAPIST! JOANNA RAPE ESTER! MOLESTER!' LOL. then joanna still went ahead to took more candy.

    then when going out of the stadium, got this senior come and talk to us. she's super funny lah! then she was like saying that she's a les and went to put her arms around joanna. then we told her that joanna was a rapist, then she was like 'ee!' then her actions and all are like super funny lah. then we ask her whats her name, then she said that she's joanna. then joanna said that the senior's her twin, then someone said that the senior so chio, not like joanna. LOL. then we ask her she sec what, then she ask us to guess. then i guessed sec three then was right. then someone said that she looked very young. LOL. then a while later, she suddenly said 'woohoo!' LOL. so funny lah. then i ask her why she always say that, then she said that she's crazy. she's just super funny, ok? then i found out that she's from 3HM, then ester said that too bad its not EP. LOL. that senior is just SUPER DUPER FUNNY!

    then called my dad, and he said that he could not fetch me, so i went to take bus. then i saw that funny senior again. LOL. then 16 came, and she asked me if i was gonna take that bus, then i said yes. then i think she's gonna take 11, cos thats the other bus available. then before the bus moved, she was like waving lah. not sure if its to me anot, she i like pretend never see, then she gave this 'angry' expression.

    then on the bus, got 2 more seniors. never fa xian that they were RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME until one of them tapped my shoulder. i was kinda shocked, and 'jumped up'. then both of them asked for my name, then i said im huixian (: then the one that tapped my shouldver said that she sms-ed me, but i told her that she sms-ed until my dad, so she asked for my number and i gave her.. then not long, they went down the bus.. then the next few stops i went down..

    arghh, now having a flu and sore throat. i said that its kangning pass to me one, cos on friday, she had flu lah.. then today, ester also had sore throat and flu! so we didnt shout, just did actions...

    Thursday, February 22, 2007

    yay, passed the eeyore to miss mong today. during maths, kangning said that she could hear miss mong's voice from LY. then after miss anisa left, kanging, serene and zann ran to pass to her the eeyore. then she aske dus which class we were from, then we said MD. then i said that MD people are very nice XD

    hmm, today was joycelyn's birthday, cos clara said so. then i went to tell kangning and found out that she had forgotten. then she ran to the bookshop and bought this super cute piglet keychain stufftoy for her. so cute lah! and clara passed to me my brithday present.

    during science, saw jiawei gay-ing with chengxiu. damn gross lah XD. his and chengxiu's index finger were pointing and touching at the tip, then jiawei was like touching the fingers? then when we were walking to classroom, he was touching gregory's cheek! gross lah, then i called him gay. LOL

    had PE today. did shortput and ran around the lake twice. this time i wore my running shoes, and found out that cherlyn(JT), soravee and iylia had the same shoes as me! we were comparing the sizes when it was not our turn.. soravee's one was 6, mine was 7 1/2, and iylia's one was 8. shortput was quite ok, the ball was not as heavy as i had thought.

    reccess was also quite ok lah. didnt manage to see flyw.. kangning was in class to do her homework.. then me, serene, amanda, tzeyeng and sueanna ate together.. then went upstairs. went to find kangning and decided to go up to the 4th floor. then n the way there, saw qingru. i didnt even notice that it was her lah, cos she pinned up her fringe, and it's like bu xiang ta lorh.. then when notice that it was her, she saw me and kangning too. then she ask us if who's holding the tiny muvee for total defence, cos she heard from her friends that it was nice, and she didnt manage to watch it. then we told her that it was probably with eugene, so she went to ask eugene for it. then eugene's voice was super loud lah, i think he forgot that LY and RP were having lessons.. then qingru went up, then me and kangning were debating whether to go up or not. then when we went up, could not find flyw, but only saw her bag. LOL. then was 'disappointed' lah, cos also could not find her in the canteen earlier...

    during lunch, henry once again tried to throw paper aeroplanes at serene -.- one hit me on the back lah! it was super painful, ok? then he threw another paper aeroplane, and it almost hit a girl's eye, who was behind him. LOL. we laughed like siao lah.

    it landed on the girl's eye like this. ok, i know it's horrid, cos i hurriedly drew it with MS Paint.
    and when we were walking to the bus-stop, he once again tried to throw the aeroplane at serene again! heng serene was nimble, and she quickly bent backwards.

    serene said that she felt as if she was acting in the Matrix, where the person bent backwards. ok, the aeroplane looks like its gonna hit serene's neck, but no, it did not. it flew past serene's neck, and most probably landed in the filthy drain. once again. the pciture is ugly! yay! what's with henry, he keeps on throwing paper aeroplanes at serene >:( and on the way, serene kept plucking those funny funny fruits/seeds from some trees, and kept throwing them at me >:( so evil and mean lah, she. then once, she threw it at henry, and he was trying to sweep it off frustratedly. it was so darn funny lah, me and serene were laughing like mad. LOL.

    Wednesday, February 21, 2007
    still in the CNY mood!

    this is the classboard at the back of the class. the tree consists of all our names, including weishan's cos we couldnt bear to tear off her name off the tree. tzeyeng tore off henry's name, though. XD good job done lah! he aint our classmate at all. at least i dont treat him like one XD

    this is the cans at the front door! nice right? we drank like crazy for the past few days. and cos once was after PE, during upper sec reccess, all the other seniors were like staring at us lah. wondering why so many of us bought chrysanthemum and drink a few cans. i only drank 2 cans altogether, not like the others, drink 3 or more!

    tralala! im stilll not in the stuyding mood yet! still in the CNY mood! did calligraphy today. wrote super ugly, cos i wasnt in the mood to study. must change my mood to study mood from CNY mood! the calligraphy was sucky lah. what kai shu thing XD. wrote until super ugly. zann one nice lorh.. very hard to write lah >:( somemore my maobi's mao is gonna come off SOON. then thing by the side to hold the mao together is broken! sooner or later, it's gonna drop off, followed by the mao. LOL. ok, it's described until so funny lah!

    didnt see FLYW(: today. ): i miss you! XD. nevermind! tomorrow got PE, which means upper sec reccess! yay. saw rachel(balls!) today after school. accompanied her to wait for her mom at the grand audi. then wait for quite long liao, then went home. cos i was the only one waiting for weishan, so decided not to wait any longer. sorry weishan, for pangsehing you!

    tomorrow's PE most probably gonna do shortput. easy peasy for me lah. did in MBS during sports day. but was super lousy at it. XD cos never train with 5kg ball before mah.. we kept on using the 3kg ball. then once i held the 5kg ball, my amr almost dropped to the ground lah.. i wonder what's the weight of the ball sia. 5kg i surely cannot de... ):

    i cant wait for tomorrow lah. PE, and reccess with upper sec! wooh~ so shuang XD

    Note:pictures courtesy of sueanna, the great treasurer and rapist!

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007
    CNY day 3!

    wooh~ woke up late again today! woke up at 12! XD tomorrow school's gonna start. cant sleep late any longer ): BUT, tomorrow half-day! wooh~ weishan may be coming, so will be staying a little while before home. tralala. tomorrow school liao. finally, can see FLYW! ok, i think kangning and ester are irritated by all this FLYW crap, so i think i should really stop. sorry arh, kangning and ester. didnt mean to irritate you two, but you two know more stuff. and although you two didnt tell me that you're irritated, i can kinda tell. sorry for troubling you two great, rocking girls! ok, i shall stop my craps about FLYW, and only talk about her when i see her. then i will start my craps, but stop it after like 5 min later? ok, ok. i shall stop.

    woah, added her on friendster and on msn. her friendster inside got damn lot of pics lah. no zilian hor -.- well, showed them to both ester and kangning, but they said that she looks better in school, when her hair is tied up. for me, both is ok lah. both very chio =D

    ahh! i finally know why miss mong is so chio le! cos i think that she kinda looks one of the girls from the group 'Twins'. not the gillian girl, the other one. was watching that vampire-ish show starring both of them, and found out that miss mong really looks like one of them lah. especially the eyes. she's got charming eyes lah. WAIT, dont xiang wai, like kangning did. called me lesbian >:( hmmph, she also say that miss mong pretty, so she also lesbian lah, is it?!?! >:(

    arghh, now go online getting more sian and more sian. nothing to do online lorh. nowadays seldom see kangning and ester online. habbo is sian for me too! neopets-no new avvys. everyone's stuck with the bonju avvy, and TNT wont give any clues whatsoever! club penguin is like zzz. you can only walk around lah..

    oh no, now jafie also knows that i dont like qian li zhi wai, cos shirlyn told her! oh no, what if she starts singing it in front of me? serene, zann, kangning and shirlyn singing it is already enough XD. please, jaf ie, have mercy on my ears. I DONT LIKE THAT SONG!

    Monday, February 19, 2007
    CNY day 1&2


    First day: woke up at 12! XD my uncle visited when i was having my brunch. cos its like lunchtime, but i was having my breakfast. ate CNY goodies for breakfast. drank a cup of milo. after they left, we went to my grandmother's house. that was the best part. cos we were the latest, our hands were full of angbaos cos they all hurried gave me and wished me the best. then we played blackjack, dai dee and roulette. learnt how to play roulette! it was quite fun lah, and the chances of winning is 50%. during blackjack, my mom sponsored me, my sis and herself. we lost a total of $20! cos the banker had 4 banlucks, 3 times in a row! how lucky could he be?! roulette was quiet fun. learnt from my uncle cos he goes to casinos frequently. then i saw this distant relative of mine. is my mom's cousin but is like 20+ years old. she's quite pretty =D

    Second day: once again, woke up late. this time at around 12.30. we went to my babysitter's house and had steamboat there. ate jellyfish too! sorry lena, for eating you! ): not on purpose one.. then went to my mom's friend's house. spent alot of hours there. my dad and my mom's friend's husband could communicate well, cos they both like coms. me and my sis were watching tv. then my sis fell asleep. LOL. their kids, older than my sis by one year old, twins, were like so studious lah! every year we go, they would be studying lorh.. so hardworking. now wonder from HCI de lorh

    ahh, found out that only kangning and ester understands me lah. its like without them i'll really die lorh. die of boredom, die of sian-ness. now i feel im closer to ester lah.. as in compared with last year.. oh ya, and they're the only ones who know me really well. and of course, about flyw too! now if they're not online, i'll be like super sian lah >.<

    Friday, February 16, 2007

    hmm, today was quite fun lah. total defence thingy was quite cool lah! they suddenly turned off the lights, and shut the doors one by one. then got those sirens and bomb sounds. then got a video of the japanese occupation. so nice lah... so sad.. then joanna was giving those stupid remarks. then me and serene was quite pissed off with her, so i told her to keep her comments to herself. gosh, i sound like sum lah! the video was very nice, and it's like quite touching lah. then they showed 1MD's tiny muvee. LOL, i guess we won the competition. then it's like so embarrasing lah! zhihan's calligraphy was quite nice, except that he wrote the word 财 wrongly. i think he forgot a pyehh.

    had break. ate a burger, serene didnt eat anything. saw ester and her classmates. hmm, went to 4th floor to loiter. saw FLYW! but after i go toilet then come back, she's not there liao. haiyah...

    then was CNY cleebrations. so sian lah, keep on playing those CNY songs. then kangning left for calligraphy competition. then band, CO, CDC, PRC people, GZ performed. then serene's ah ma and uncle came lah! LOL. so funny lorh. celebration was the normal. nothing special. well, the GZ's female gown was nice lah. made them look super tall. but the males one wasnt that nice. it was... ugly XD
    went back to mbs, saw lotsa people lah! reached there quite late. but we were the earliest CCHMS people lah. yl, konnie and hoho came later. went to 5Joy to find Gladys, hugged her. LOL. then got chased away by sum -.- mean mushroom! saw joyce and alicia, then hugged them and CRIED. LOL. i missed them too much! then saw lai lao shi, miss soon, mrs goh. miss soon now is like super chio lah! her hair is also much longer =D

    went to TM with joyce, alicia, weiling and clara. saw a lot of cchms people there lah! met dawn, jh, jy, sj, lj and yunning! what a coincidence lah! they never tell me that they also going tm ): saw serene there too! LOL. she got tickets for epic movie lah! sixth row. we didnt cos only left 4th row, which is so near. our necks are gonna suffer. then shopped till we dropped. as in really dropped. me and alicia's feet were so so tired lah! went home at 6+ cos it looked pretty dark and dark clouds were looming.

    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    wooh~ saw fly-w aka yawei(: aka six letter f word 6 times today! ahh! so happy =D shall talk about this later. today had food rationing -.- the sweet potato porridge was... not that nice. bland, watery, gruel. not like mbs one, peanut porridge=NICE! in the morning, saw FLYW(: aww... so happy =DD

    had PE. did long jump. was super fun lah! then the shoe inside got alot of sand. tay sissy told us that if we want to empty our shoes, must empty back into the pit, cos the sand is very expensive, and its from hawaii. o.o didnt really believe him.

    had the upper sec reccess cos during lower sec reccess, had PE. so therefore we took the upper sec reccess.i was like super high lah! super happy cos can see my FLYW(: then its like the canteen was half-full lorh.. cos the sec threes and fours didnt want to eat that yucky thing. after eating, went to 4th floor with kangning to find FLYW(: and yinghui. walked into 3MD, then saw yinghui. then um, she say that at 7, she came into our class but didnt see kanging or me. where got? i come so early lorh. then she brought out the chip and dale keychain which kanging bought for her. kangning did the punk hair with it. LOL. then after we left, i told kangning that ytd, yinghui told me not to tell kangning that she's coming to our class. then kangning was like blaming me ): then went to 3EP twice =D of course, i saw FLYW(: wooh~ happy day for me.

    had boring lessons. shall not talk about it. supposed to do spring cleaning, but kinda skipped it, cos we helped tzeyeng take the e lit files to miss low's locker cos tzeyeng was feeling unwell, and had a headache. she slept during eng, which was the last period.

    had lunch. finally some good food. was quite hungry cos the porridge wasnt filling. it was eww-ish yucky. then, saw FLYW! ahh, was totally crazy lah. was shaking serene so hard, then she was laughing like mad. then um, kangning saw her too! then cos i sit kinda opposite her, then she looked at me! AHH! i went crazy lor.. then after a while, she went 'missing'. so went upstairs with serene to find her. then while going up the stairs, saw her! then we walked down the stairs, back to the canteen. then somehow, i predicted that she was going to the main gate, so i went home. then i saw her lah! wooh~ so happy. was walking behind her =D then its like i turn the bus-stop, she and her friend continue walking dunno go where...

    hmm, last week went over super fast. this week's monday was s..l..o..w. then after monday, it became super fast! tomorrow is CNY celebration le! going to mbs =D hmm, means cannot see FLYW(: for like days XD

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007
    valentine's day!

    WOOTS. happy valentine's day, people =D i had the BEST VALENTINE'S DAY ever! ahh! im so happy XD! all because of one person-my fave ccl! woots. i saw her 3 times today =D first is when going for flag-raising, she was outside my class. then next is during upper sec reccess, she walk past my class. third, is during lunch! woots! took like many many photos of her =D this time my skills better liao (: LOL, i cant contain my happiness! ahh, im so so so happy! serene said that im like some kind of pervertic stalker, cos i take pics of her, and 'follow' her. where got? ok, maybe i did, but im not pervetic and im not a stalker. i just.. um, think she rocks. LOL! during lunch, sat somewhere near her to take pics. LOL. MY BEST VALENTINE'S DAY=14/2/2007(note to self:every wed got bowling, so must stay till late late then go home!) tzeyeng and my fave ccl both in bowling, then serene say that bowling is to wash bowls. LOL!

    then serene bought a balloon from EDS for like only $3 lah! eugene say cos classmates, so give discount. he'll pay the remaining $2. LOL. so nice of him hor? but serene's one cannot float de, will drop one.

    during chi, which was during upper sec reccess, saw qingru. but i think cos wang lao shi having lessons, so she cannot gimme present. then when bell ring, wang lao shi went off, she come and gave me my bday-cum-valentine's present. then she gave serene and shirlyn valentine's present. then she say that she'll continue giving the presents tomorrow. then shirlyn kept on persuading me to open the present immediately, but i didnt want to. so i opened during lunch. so nice lorh =D TY arh, qingru.

    hmm, today miss mong never come le ): sad sia. we bought something for her liao, then she on course. ): but, she tomorrow coming back, so must think of ways to give her the present.. why she never come?!?! then miss poon took over, greeted her poon(sp?) lao shi zao an for many many times, but she dont accept. LOL. miss mong, must come tomorrow, and must let us see you! LOL.

    Tuesday, February 13, 2007
    my birthday =DD

    yay, today is my birthday =D received quite a few sms-es from my classmates. got sixkayohsix ones, and of course, JOYCE (: aww.. and also got receive presents lah! serene gave me a cupcake yesterday, ester gave me something in a box, karwai gave me a hp pouch, twins gave me something that i dont know, brenda gave me a feb bear. and had 9 sms-es from my friends =D you know who you are! (:

    today, when going down for flag-raising, saw my fave ccl! =o i was totally shocked and happy at the same time. LOL. then kangning said that that was my birthday wish come true. LOL! i was so so so happy lah! she said that in morning can see her already XD my birthday wishhhhhhh

    walked to bus stop with serene, sueanna, shirlyn, qingru and qingru's classmate. saw qingru and her friend at canteen, so walked to bus-stop with her. on the way, serene shirlyn and I got kinda crazy. LOL. serene and shirlyn saw this green apple on the floor and started kicking it. LOL! then shirlyn threw it on the floor, and it smashed. LOL~ so funny lah! we were all laughing.. then went to buy bubble-tea. i bouught grape which was awful ): it tasted like medicine. gross lah! then qingru's bubble tea when let her friend drink, the straw got stuch with alot of pearl, so she wanted to change straw. then she ask who want to drink. then some of the tea drip out on shirlyn's file, cos qingru help her hold, and qingru was sitting down. LOL. then she say she like baby like that, cos her lap got alot of things, and she cannot stand up. then serene got steal qingru's water-bottle. LOL. it was leaking. first time walk to bus-stop with qingru, countless times with serene, and maybe 4 times with shirlyn. then qingru say her first impression of our class is very um, keep on thinking of boys, cos she saw a group of people talking about boys. LOL. no lah, i think is tzeyeng only lorh. she went to ask qingru what type of boys she like, then ask zhanrui what type of girls he like. then zhanrui said 'shi nu de jiu ke yi liao' LOL! so funny lah! ruhua see he want anot. LOL.

    saw miss mong when kangning was going home, then we went to ask her if she got bf anot. then she say no, then kangning ask her if I(huixian!) be her valentine, would she accept anot, then she said maybe. LOL! hello, im a girl. then i was scolding kangning sicko. LOL! me, kangning and serene have decided to buy something for miss mong, since she's spending a lonely valentine's day. yay, we're so nice hor? (:

    Monday, February 12, 2007
    pictures of 'ahem'

    WOAH. today was the best day in my life =D and also, now loitering at the 4th floor has became more meaningful too =D hmm, reccess was rather normal... then lunch was GREAT! hmm, i think only ester, kangning and serene know why, cos they were with me (: during lunch, tried to get a glimpse of LIN. then, kangning saw her! i was super duper happy lah. tried to get a photo of her, but unfortunately, i only took the lower part of her face -.- her face got cut off XD after that, we sorta 'followed' LIN to the 4th floor where she was doing duty i think. then, again, we tried using serene's phone to take picture of her, but was unsuccessful. then ester came to help, and she did it! yay! and somemore they were looking at the cam lorh. wonder how ester did it. yay! thanks ester, kangning and serene! love you girls lots!

    guzheng was selling bubble tea during lunch. supported qingru and weiling's friend. the very mean one XD. i bought the F&N grape one, then they never gimme ice -.- so the cup was like half-full lah! then i was asking from the girl for ice. LOL. then that sec three girl was a bit blur lorh. serene paid her the money, then she count until like super confused like that. LOL!

    serene gave me my birthday present liao (: its a cupcake bought from band. zann was supposed to give me choco lollipop, but out of stock ): went to the sch bookshop with kanging and saw this dale soft toy thing. so cute lah! then dale got hair mah, then NING went to make it punk hair. LOL. she say maybe she buying that for yinghui as valentine gift =D so cool~

    today so many people changed lah. zann and ester cut their fringe, so now their fringe is like almost the same, except zann has got this fringe which is ginda gothic. touches her eyebrows, and its super straight. and serene changed glasses! so cool lorh! have never seen cooler glasses than hers XD

    walked to the bus-stop with serene, and before we left, serene went to 1EP and put a cupcake under someone's desk. then that person's desk below was super messy lah! so many stuff below, so serene had to squash the cupcake under the person's desk. i think i know who the person is (:

    Sunday, February 11, 2007
    kangning rocks (:

    wooh~ this post is dedicated to kangning, my dear spongebob(aka PONGBOB)! ahh, she's so nice lorh. helped me ask qingru my fave ccl's class. LOL. yay, kangning, i love you! im not les lah, ok? is the friend friend type of loveeeeeee! ahh, she's so nice, i wonder how im gonna survive without her =D ahh, next time 'loiter' must walk past my fave ccl's class le (: and of course, 3MD!

    wooh, finally finished my homework. prepared that chinese report thingy already. i think im presenting on tue, but do earlier better!(: ping shi bu shao xiang, ling shi bao fo jiao is not good, you know? must be hardworking like me those hardworking people!

    woah, spent like 2 hrs working on summary of clay marble chapt 7-12 ytd night...

    ahh, bday in like 2 more days! cant contain the excitement! the naughty me went to take a peek at what my mom got for me for my birthday. she gave it to me yesterday. got 2 things, and they were what i really wanted! wooh~ shall be using after my bday (:

    watched this old jackie chan movie yesterday on TV. saw this super chio girl, who also acted in other movies. she's 吴辰君. can go google and search on her. she's quite chio lorh :D watched PCK:The Grand Finale just now. aww, simply loved it! i grew up watching PCK, and now he's hanging up his boots ): now no more le.. countless seasons, 12 years! thats like almost my whole life?! many guest appearances, and they all wore yellow! in memory of his yellow boots XD may and choy were quite pretty.. and that day i watched singapore dreaming, the girl who acted as the spoilt brat's gf was also quite pretty.. now more and more TV actresses are pretty liao. no more ruhuas XD LOL!

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    10. Time is an eternity when you're without them
    9. Time stops when you're with them
    8. The thought of them makes you shiver
    7. The sound of them makes you smile
    6. When seeing them, you can't see anything else
    5. You start to listen to sappy love songs
    4. You actually enjoy sappy love songs
    3. The smell of them makes you see fireworks
    2. You find yourself smiling constantly
    1. You'd do anything, even die, for them

    Friday, February 09, 2007
    GG=damn toughhh!

    woah, today's GG was tough lorh. had to do drilling and cheers. almost had to do PT lorh.. heng sia.. first we go, then tried some of the uniforms. then um, learnt some drillings. then seniors(JC2 people) ask us if we wanna do drilling, cheering or PT. obviously is cheering lah! drilling must march, then PT, is run round the school twice, starjumps and jumping jacks. woah, will die one lorh. then when they ask us what we wanna do, then our response wasnt very good, so they a bit angry, and made us do 10 starjumps. so shuang lorh XD. do already hor, then they leg feel so jelly-like. then had to run to 32 classroom block for cheers. if we run slower than seniors, have to sing twinkle twinkle little star. so the seniors ran SUPER fast lorh, so everyone had to sing the song. then seniors say that when teacher ask for volunteers, all hands must be up, even though you dont want to do. then when the seniors testing us, they said 'run 4 rounds around the school, volunteers?' then my hand shot up, then i was first. then the senior said 'ok, you must go and run hor' then i was totally shocked diao lah. then they say joking de -.- hmm, the sec two GG girl from MBS like forget me and es liao, well maybe not lah. cos sec ones never interact with the others. ahh, she so nice lorh.. maybe she remember us cos when we went up to the GG room and take bag go home, she was looking at me and ester.. lala, she's quite chio too! she's tan de.

    hmm, while walking to LT2 after hmec, me, kangning and brenda were talking about miss mong. she's super nice lah, so sad she never teach us science lorh. she teachers LY and FG if im not wrong. then cos first charisma lesson, someone asked if she go boyfriend anot, then she said no. i was telling kangning and brenda that i dotn believe, cos she's so chio lorh. so pretty. then dont have bf, totally unbelievable. then we kept on saying that she very chio blah blah, then i suddenly said 'i think we sound like lesbians, you know?' LOL. then kangning and brenda say is only I les, they not. then me and kangning appointed brenda as president of lesbians. LOL. i think she's happy with her title. not. but nevermind, she'll get used to it, cos me and kangning now call her president.

    hmm, during upper sec reccess didnt see my fave ccl. then during lunch saw her! i was so so happy lah. was telling serene and pointing.. too bad kangning never stay back lorh. or else, she'll be happy for me de. hmm, saw her like 3 times lorh. wow, record! then when me and es go to toilet, saw her again! wooh~ so happy!

    Thursday, February 08, 2007
    70th post, lunch with qingru

    woots, 70th post! ok lah, not alot, but this blog is like my 2nd one lah.. the older one already 100 posts and more, but deleted..

    hmm, now thw twins not scared of me liao =D cos i treat them very nice, not like serene. LOL. the day before yesterday the twins bite me, today still the mark still reddish lorh. conclusion:twins are evil. and when we did the experient today, then got this salt watre mixed with sand, then we do the filtration, and boling for evaporation. then cos its salt water, so when all the water evaporated, left alot of salt. then i think julia went to eat a teeny weeny bit(as she claims) of the salt. me and julia were disgusted, cos its like mixed with sand before leh.. so dirty lah!

    hmm, had PE just now during lesson time. played volleyball. kangning didnt play, cos she let hueyying play. im like so freaking pissed off with huey ying lah, can? she cant even play lah.. when the it was the other team's turn to serve, we threw the ball to her and told her to give to tzeyeng. then cos we throw, the ball was bouncing, and she tried to do a underhand pass! wah biang eh, was so pissed off at that time lorh... (sorry for the vulgarities(: )

    hmm, had lunch with qingru, cos couldnt find serene and zann they all. i put my bag down, then went to buy noodles liao. then qingru was in front of me mah.. then i think her friend told qingru about she go to dont know where first, then qingru say she loner, so i told to eat with me, serene and zann. then its like i could not find them, including my bag lah.. LOL. so blur lah, me.. so in the end i sit with her and ate, cos she loner what, so i accompany her. see, i so nice. wahaha. then she saw shirlyn queueing up for the cai fan stall, which was near our table. then qingru like afraid of shirlyn like that lorh. LOL. can understand lah. shirlyn see her then will ask us if she(qingru) pretty anot. LOL. so, she called her friend to like sit in front of her to cover her face. XD. LOL, then suddenly, there were 3 boys sitting in front of us, all her friends. then i told her that she's not a loner mah, then she say that its a mei li de jing xi(美丽的惊喜). LOL. then she ask me if i jue de she always talk to boys anot, then i said yes. then she say that its because i always peng qiao see her talk to boys. haha. then i say that the boys are attracted to her, cos got 3 boys sitting in front of us. then she was like 'ee'-ing away. LOL. then after she eat finish, she wait for me to eat finish, then she chiong to lessons liao..

    then i finally found serene and zann lorh. its like so weird lah, couldnt find them at first, including our bags.. then walked to the bus stop with sueanna(rapist) and serene, cos lena and zann had to go for choir.

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Monday, February 05, 2007
    the new kid in class XD

    got this new boy in our class called derrick or something. from victoria i think. ex-mbsian. now my class got 4 people from mbs le =D yay, so happy. uh, he's sitting with lena(nancy) cos weishan left, so derrick's taking over her seat.

    whee~ did more of the cny decorations for the class today. well, some people were helping.. added alot of stuff! at first after 9.45, they wen tto put their tie above the front door, so like curtain like that, but miss poon say disrespectful to the school, so we removed it.. hmm, xinying brought alot of cny decorations from her house. there's so much, you can drown in it. LOL, im exagerating(sp?)... hmm, then after we took off the tie, we hanged those painting things on the window above the door, so very nice =DD eugene were asking those people who were helping including me if we were happy and satisfied with it, and we were like 'YEAH!' it's realy so nice lah. but most of us think we concentrate too much outside le, inside quite empty. ahh, so many people helped, so happy.(: people who helped:xinying, kangning, me, eugene, jiawei, soravee, serene, and that tall tall guy(what's his name? >.<). the feeling of satisfaction is good lorh. so proud of it =D

    today went to archive, so its time to go and play with the twins. LOL. they really very cute lah, so fun to play with. then me and serene always like bully them. LOL! their jian bao book is so nice lah! especially julia's one i think. so nice lorh! and its like julia is older than juliet by 1 second? thats like... so rare lah! one second.. mostly is l min or so de lorh..

    ate lunch with serene, kangning, ester, tzeyeng and zann. we were all snatching french fries from one another. LOL. then um, went to see the cupcakes that the band were selling for valentines day. must buy the test-tube chocolate or badge from GG, ok? the choco very cute one. LOL, i sorta xuan bu to the world that my bday is one day before valentine's day, so can buy the cupcakes and chocs for me XD. tried to persuade qingru to buy cupcake for me, then i buy the chocolate for her. then umm, i think she was saying something about the choc and cupcake, then i was like telling her 'no, cupcake is cupcake. chocolate is chocolate. is different one!' LOL. so funny lah! ahh, hope she gimme bday prezzie (: and others too. well, maybe not my class people, cos its like know them for only 1 month and 13 days on my bday. wanted to ask the band people if can try the cupcake anot XD LOL. ok, im crappy, i know! wanted to sit at the seat facing the parade square cos that time my fave ccl was like doing duty there. then today she's doing duty at the shelter to block b. -.- so my back was facing her lah! so sad.. then kangning said she saw my fave ccl, then i was like super excited and said 'where? where? i want go find her' LOL. suddenly im so obsessed with her when she's the ccl i hate lorh. now not so hate liao, cos they keep on saying she's my fave ccl so fave then cannot hate de mah..

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Sunday, February 04, 2007
    LIONS and PSS2

    whee!~ LIONS WON! 3-2! we win le (: cos when i bathing, i heard people cheering. then when i come out, i saw my sis watching TV. then like 5 min after i watch the mathc, LIONS win liao (: yay! im like so happy! =DD <--big smile

    and now im half between sad and happy. cos daren win the pss2! aww, i support diya! her vocals are good (: thats one sad thing, but some of the sixkayohsixians know one of my nicknames is daren XD so, i partially won. but diya, who i support, lost. ): so should i be happy or sad? im... in the centre! no feeling? LOL. dont know. now diya crying. dont cry, diya! be strong! daren is like so weird looking lah XD no offence to daren and his supporters! my sis says that he look like JJ Lin.

    yesterday was like super uncomfortable and sick ): dont know why. wake up in morning then okay already.. its like at night, got headache, felt like vomitting and stomache weird weird feeling. was super bu shu fu lorh. now im ok liao, healthy like normal!

    now got that preview channel again, can watch one cable channel for free. i dont have cable tv mah, so wait for preview lorh. but normal channel 8 and channel u is enough for me already, the shows are already nice enough.

    today is ester's bday (: happy birthday! sheng ri kuai le! 生日快乐! lol, like so formal like that XD. called her eszhu on friday, i think she was quite shocked as now, no one calls her that. not like last year, her name was practically eszhu (: ESZHUUU, SHENG RI KUAI LE!

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Friday, February 02, 2007
    GG first time (:

    whoosh! today went for GG. first time of course is fun de lah! um, got this game thing lah, then got many many station. then cannot like group with people you know, then gang hao the person chose me and ester! me and ester were like hi-5ing each other, then she wanted us to change groups but we like plead with her so she never change.. then we ran around the school like siao lorh. run run run, run until im like having muscle aches ): hmm, got this one needa blind-fold de lorh. then choose me.. LOL. ok lah, but its like really cannot see lorh. total darkness~ then um got this one, must find a comb, a 2-pin plug and 2 cotton bud thing. then got this sec two girl, she found a bra in one of the lockers lorh. LOL. then all of us were laughing like mad. this time de GG can say as quite fun bah... heng got one of the sec twos is mbs de lah. then me and ester were like supper happy or something. kept on chatting with her. then she said that the first time falg raising at cchms she bow. LOL. i also lah, xos xi guan alreayd. 6 years leh. 1st day i was like waititng for them to say 'pay your respects to lord buddha', but dont have, then i was quite shcoked lah, like did someone forget to say? then i remember i in cchms, not mbs.. then um.. uhh, at concourse there saw qingru twice.

    hmm, during lunch break did classroom deco with some of the boys and girls. ester also help lorh. so nice, JT de come help MD. (: ester is a nice girl XD so lame lah, me. um, quite alot of people stayed back to help lorh. so touched. LOL. so united~ then soravee cut her finger on her scissors. aww, big big cut. then cos dont have CM, then the RP people wanted to like use a pillar that was between RP and MD lah, then its like we were negotiating. she wanted to pay us rent lorh. she sayw ant to rent for a week, then we say its $10 per week. LOL. $2 per day (: then they also wanted to borrow the brooms, then we say must clean 1/3 of the class cos we got 3 brooms. LOL. today deco until very fun lah. then they pasted some stuff on the windows, then i was telling them to dont paste on my window, cos later i cannot see outside, and no sunlight come in, very dark de. and cannot see FER*** . LOL, only kangning, serene and zann know.

    today serene was super pissed and angry with henry lorh. i never see her so angry before. i got a huge shock =X cos henry wrote 'serene' on his calculator and showed everyone in the class, then serene was like chao ji sheng qi. and he said that eugene is *'s father, serene is *'s mother. * is a boy in my class but i forgot his name XD. then serene also very angry lorh. how can henry say those stuff? actually arh, he very mean lai! XD sixkayohsixians, remind you of someone right? hmm, i think i not going back to mbs on cny le. no time. they say that mbs finish at 9.20, whereas we finish at 12 i think. arghh...

    qingru is a nice senior =D

    Thursday, February 01, 2007
    serene's crazy!

    LOL. today walk to bus stop damn fun lah. me, iylia, tzeyeng and serene. serene kept um...being siao siao lorh.. she kept on stepping on the mimosa. when i want to step, she quickly chiong and step, in the end step on my feet >:( hmmph! LOL. XD nay, i not angry lah. but she really very crazy can? then i bend down and tie my shoelace, she like.. jump on my back? aiyah, very hard to describe lah... then tzeyeng and serene kept tickling each other, then serene went to take a HUGE branch from dont know where and like brush it against tzeyeng? then that time got this angmoh woman walk past. i was like 'sandy.. sandy..' but she not sandy, so never reply. LOL. then when she sweep, tzeyeng scream super loudly and super high-pitched. LOL. then somehow, serene began to like disturb me, so i disturb her.. then she took another HUGE branch and wanted to like brush against me, but heng, she walk beside me and began to sweep the floor. LOL. so funny lah! then got this man walk past then she quickly act guai and put the branch on the floor and continue walking. then tzeyeng say serene very 'GG' then me, iylia and serene dont know what it means, so serene says 'GG' means 'good good'. then when she say me and serene very 'GG', serene will say we two very 'good good' LOL. ok, we're so crappy (:

    hmm, tomorrow will be giving ester her birthday present le. but i scared its not ji li cos its a .... ... of something EVIL. i hope she dont mind bah ):

    ughh, tmr got ting zie, mon got 2 tests, wed got 1 test. and science test is somewhere next week i think.. arghh! im dying.. im buried under all this tests and hw! so much lorh =X pri sch life was much much better, especially after PSLE! everday slack de lorh.. and go raina house play bball (: indoor court~

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