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13th Feb is my day.
I luv peanut butter cups, Dairy Queen, people watching, purple Skittles, B&J's, warmhugs, smiles, laughter, sweet letters/cards, photographs, fun.
I'm not short, I'm FUN sized! :D

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    Monday, April 30, 2007
    pocky (: and postcards

    tralala, today morning... nothing much. floor wet, no flag-raising. waikhee came to find me (: seriously lah, waikhee's like uber nice, first thing she did when she arrived was to find me can. im so touched~ LOL. then ester also came, so we talked about what ester had told waikhee at the bus-stop. bleah~ then walked waikhee up to her class. im nice okay! LOL. then she put her arm around my shoulder. LOLOLOL. omg, im seriously mad this few days. then came down, uhm, oh yeah. kangning told me that she found out why the ccls dont gather at the 3rd flr bench le, cos now they outside science lab... then when going to the toilet, saw cherie&yijie. i think they came back frm the gathering xD then me&zann went up to 4th flr to wash hands, then met waikhee, chinyu, queenie, tselin in the toilet. didnt see waikhee until she tapped my shoulder. got a shock xD then queenie asked zann who else in choir is in her class, then she said 'lena' then queenie said '谁是 lena?' then chinyu said '我的 sop 的lah. 小小只的' LOL. me&zann were laughing at the xiao xiao zhi part.

    sci was okay, just marked the quizes lah. i have not completed them yet :P whatever luh. if i wasnt so ladida about homework ): watched Children of Heaven(continued) during chinese. it's like almost same as Homerun lah! then the guy didnt get 3rd but got 1st. so sad, cos 3rd prize is SHOES. similar right? reccess was okay. 3rd flr toilet still no water, so went up to 4th flr with brenda just to wash our hands. how dumb. then i saw cherie sitting outside her class, her table&stuff all outside. then kangning says that its cos cherie naughty. LOL.

    reccess, maths, geog, IT was all such a bore. zann wants me to help her change blogskinnnnn. yeah, chosen one, but there' probs with the codings. kinda irritating, the codings i mean. i've never met any codings like that before lah. all those i've used were perfectly fine, until this came -.- then it was lunchhhh! didnt see waikhee ): saw ferlin. LOL. then uh, saw cherie in the queue so helped kangning to buy fries. cut queue mah. and then ester was being... siao. what she did i wont say lah, cos it's damn crappy lorh. went up to class, stole took pocky from soravee. then ester wanted some too, so i told ester 'you must say that soravee is nice then you can eat' and then we had 1hr of assembly while upper sec had like 30 min, so they could have time to study. -.- we also need to study mah, where can like that one?

    joycelyn gave me postcard. (: yeah, thanks girl. wanted to get a few postcards to write, but then left all the ugly ones so i didnt want them. LOL. but seriously it's damn ugly luh, left that design got alot, then the rest all empty de.

    clar asked me wanna go out tmr anot. but i rejected her :O yeah, how could i? but gotta study for tests mah. i very guai one what, you dont know meh? xD omg, so bhb. okay, anyway, im awaiting for 31st May! the day when i can finally see those who i've missed so so much. and i realised that 29th May is close to 31st May. mygosh, im being so crazy&random this few days =/

    mixed feelings

    gosh, i've been like so cranky this few days. i shouted at my mom for like dont know how many times ._. i feel so bad. im lucky to have a mom who can tolerate me till... i'll try to change, i'll try to. but i keep lying to myself&those around me. i know of the deadlines and upcoming tests, but i always put the info at the back of my mind, and even when i remember, i'll pretend that i didnt know about it, and tell myself that i had truly forgotten about it, and that i stilll have alot of time left. im pissed off with myself. im tired of all this crap, how i've been behaving and all. im tired of the world. im just... tired.

    the class gathering is on! yay yay yay! tomorrow going arnd the sch with ester to inform the sixkayohsix-ians about it. (: im waiting for this day to come... the coundown! ;D

    to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

    it's kind of weird how i can get so pissed off with myself, and then at the next paragraph get so high&happy. mixed feelings all around me.

    Sunday, April 29, 2007
    if i could escape

    If I could escape I would, but first of all let me say
    I must apologize for acting, stinking, treating you this way
    Cause I've been acting like sour milk fell on the floor
    It's your fault you didn't shut the refridgerator
    Maybe that's the reason I've been acting so cold

    If I could escape
    And re-create a place as my own world
    And I could be your favorite girl
    Forever, perfectly together
    Tell me boy, now wouldn't that be sweet?

    If I could be sweet
    I know I've been a real bad girl
    I didn't mean for you to get hurt
    Forever, we can make it better
    Tell me boy, Now wouldn't that be sweet?

    the lyrics are rather nice. but i only like the 'if i could escape' part. LOL. fine, im weird. im random. yay (: (what am i talking about? nvm, proceed, read on! :D)

    YAY YAY YAY. THE BELOVED PEIQI HAS BOOKED THE CHALET FOR THE CLASS GATHERING! PLEASE GO TO THE CLASS BLOG FOR MORE INFO. address, dates, facilities are all there. go check okay? and about the dates, sms pq cos i've got no say over it. yep, that's it.

    oh my... MYE is like the day after tomorrow's tomorrow! LOL. it sounds so weird, yeah, i dont know how to phrase it. 4days from now seems much nicer :D but no, its not nice cos it's MYE =/

    neopets has changed so much, makeover! yes, i still play neopets. -gasp- childish? no, cos neopets is the L.O.V.E! and i've just realised something, i keep saying stuff are the L.O.V.E. mainly because cloner&girlfriends&seniors(:&friends are the L.O.V.E(&A.D.O.R.E for cloner)!

    maybe i'll go on hiatus, get all the books in my head, get myself buried under a pile of books. i'm trying to study, i really am! okay, maybe im not. but still... oh yes, i do want to go to the moon with joyce&kangning, but i have seem to lost my way. AND THEY WONT BRING ME ALONG! >:( cos they said i've been trying to dream of some people. yeah, in fact i didnt dream of that person. i dreamt of another person, i think :)

    (pictures taken from photobucket, Elly_hermione's album) my my, the Harry Potter craze! yeah, Emma might not be doing the movie for the new few sequels. and i'm afraid that i've forgotten the Order of The Phoenix's story! someone lend me the book!

    Thursday, Channel U, 8 pm, got Evan Cai Min You! YAY, wo ke yi~

    Friday, April 27, 2007

    sorry kangning, but, quoting people is fun okay! especially you, so i shall start with you (:

    'stop looking out of the window!'
    - KangNing
    kangning forbids me to look out of the window during upper sec reccess T.T and when i open the windows, she stops me. BUT WE NEED AIR FOR RESPIRATION LEH!

    'at bus stop saw waikhee
    and as i promised her earlier,
    i told her who huixian like
    she was not shocked at all!
    like very normal like that!
    so huixian, fang xin la (:'

    - Ester
    ester told waikhee who i supposedly like. and i think im gonna die of embarrasment. this time it's worser than what shirlyn did, cos cherie didnt hear what shirlyn said. and shirlyn says that if she sees cherie another time, she's gonna make sure cherie hears it =/ but waikhee heard ester loud&clear. scully biao mian she very normal, but in her heart she must be like 'omg, must tell cherie!' that kind of mentality how? :O

    'how could you?!' 'rock on!' 'rou gan!'
    - Serene
    yeah, serene frequently says 'how could you?!' when some stuff happens. 'rock on'&'rou gan' sounds similar :D and so, when she says rock on, i would say rou gan. when i say rock on, she would say rou gan. she's weird gila.

    yes, quoting people is fun. you should try too!

    looking out of windows.

    i have finally long ago(since this year) realised that i like to look out of the class window to see who is walking past on the corridor. and the good thing is that im sitting beside the window :D and the window ledge is nice to put stuff onto, lotsa space there. table is neat, while window ledge is messy. kangning keeps telling me to stop looking out of the window xD but i still look out anyway, to see if anybody i know passes by. and that means you

    today was a okay day. waikhee came again to visit me :DD went out of the class, kangning&serene&tzeyeng were with me lah. then i kept smiling at waikhee and she kept smiling at me too. then kangning asked why we didnt talk. LOL. no topic xD then chat a while, then she left. then i went to chase her to ask her what time she end lessons. then like 3 min later, bell rang. and i reminded some of the girls to bring their science stuff cos 1st period is science lab lesson. went down, and other classes people were almost all there, and our class were empty :D

    science lesson was okay. went to science lab, reaised that i forgot to take my specs, and went back to class. met cherie at the bridge connecting new block&old block. mrs low gave me the wrong marks for the test. 43.5 became 38.5 o.O 5 marks diff leh! then alot of people's marks also had problems. did corrections, so on so forth. she was telling us about her 1979 stuff again. the first batch of SAP students or something. i cant remember cos im not interested in it. history was okay, got back the test. got 16/20. rather average le, compared with those around me.

    watched Children Of Heaven during chinese. quite nice :) similar to Homerun. storyboard is like almost the same, but Children Of Heaven came out first. and it's also about the shoes xD and oh, when upper sec reccess ended&i didnt see waikhee, i thought the she wasnt going to pass by le, but then after the bell rang, she came :D and she waved, so i waved back. and when she turned, she hit someone walking xD

    watch Hoodwinked during english. loads of movie experience man! woots, LOVE movies! damn funny lah, I LOVE THE GOAT WHICH YODELS! ;D the goat can sing so well, im jealous ;_; cos i cant sing xD oh yeah, cherie passed by. she was carrying her bag&the school jacket, and she was walking with a group of people. i think they're going somewhere~ then i waved to her, and i think she saw me, so she waved back. the movie was nice, but we didnt finish it. and the granny damn cool luh, ski one wor!

    went for character first. FUN FUN FUN! threw water bombs at RP, RP threw them back. and i got a bit wet, but not as wet as xinying. i would say she's SOAKED. then went to volleyball court, and lifted up a pail filled with water with our legs! then had to wear our shoes and take off our shoes. and the pail didnt fall! yay! then brenda's group one fell, and the water came to us. our skirts became wet&dirty. but we were successful overall ^^v(man, this emo looks a bit...retarded? xD) didnt wear back our skirts, cos it was dirty. so went back to class with our shorts. we were afraid that the teacher would scold or something. had science(extra lesson), and finished the topic on respiration. SO FAST CAN! i couldnt catch what she said cos i was copying, and she was talking ): i guess that i'll have to rely on my notes then.

    met xinren at the bus-stop.apparently he came to collect his winnings from clara to cos he&clara betted on who would win. Man Utd VS AC Milan. Man Utd won so clara lost her $$$. ester told me on MSN just now that SHE TOLD WAIKHEE AT THE BUS-STOP THAT I LIKE CHERIE. OMGOMGOMG. and waikhee told ester that cherie was pretty and winked at her. OMG. die liao. zzz

    just thought of sixkayohsix. remembered everyone, the things we did. remembered the happy times when we shouted "PE!"&"RECCESS!", the 'curse the teacher' times when we got scolded, and sad times when it was the last day ): i miss everyone. LOADS. yeah, hope will have gathering. but people are not giving suggestions, only saying 'i want gathering!'. like hello, if you dont give suggestions, say you want gathering&so on so forth also no use what. i miss my god siblings loads lah! T.T and i think im gonna cry soon. i guess that i'll have to end this entry fast, or else i'll start to cry. gosh, now i think i believe im emo .__. but i dont inflict hurt on myself, thankyouverymuch. and part of the reason is cos you went offline. my heart's aching so much, cos i miss you people so so much. and that means you too.

    Thursday, April 26, 2007
    happy day (:

    today was another happy day. a really really really happy day! morning waikhee came to find me, just when i was about to find her. i think she just reached school cos she brought her bag along. then she left cos she wanted to do her hw, i think. then uh, copied my life science from the paper cos ytd i didnt bring, but i wrote the answers down. so copied&copied. then serene kep ton going to the toilet(that includes me cos i was accompanying her) to adjust her hair, make it nice nice. and the freaking 3rd floor toliet got no water okay?!?! stupid lah, cannot wash hand! so need to go to 2nd floor just to wash hands. on our 2365432 time to the toilet, waikhee came again with her friend to ka jiao me. LOL. then she said that i tuck out(accidental), then kangning heard it as some other stuff. then waikhee followed us to the toilet, and pretended to leave, but she was hiding at the door xD she damn lame lah can! then she said that today she had a craving for me o.O

    Maths was alright. algebra is damn hard lah! >:( so angry with myself! but overall it was okay. xinying cried cos she's too stressed out and couldnt do one of the sums. i told juliet that xinying could always ask zann, the maths pro, but juliet told me that xinying doesnt want to ask people, and she keeps doing and doing the sum till she gets it right. well, perserverance is good, but too much, like xinying, is not very good. you'll end up super stressed out like her. then was science! rachel came to our class to tell us that mrs low didnt come, and the whole class was cheering ^^ damn shuang lah! did our own stuff, self-study, blahblahblah. no PE cos it was raining T.T self-study AGAIN! and zhenglaoshi talked to us about some CCA stuff. then cos nothing else to do, he let us out for reccess early! we went for reccess at around 10.15 can! woots, 1 hr reccess! i ate damn slowly lah, then kangning got a bit angry. and she bought her wedges but could finish, so i threw it away for her. then when walking back, saw waikhee at the stairs. then me&kangning decided to go down again cos we had nothing to do. then found zann, brought her up, and went down with shirlyn to find her ruru. then ruru was at the stairs doing duty. she a bit angry cos got alot of people smuggle drinks, then her friend go chase them but lost the person. i think its 3DL de cos her friend was saying that she went to the class and asked for the person's name but no one wanted to say. went back up to class, had lessons. NOT. cos wanglaoshi also never come! so self-study AGAINAGAIN. so altogether we had 3hrs of free period lah! woohoo~

    went for home ec, made chicken wings. grilled them, reminds me of how i burnt my hand >:( thankfully its healed now! we did chicken wings while the group opposite ours did fruit salad which i didnt like... the chicken wing was alright lah. ta-baoed one go back to eat(preferably during ACC). then in class, did some science ws. then waikhee come again. xD then me&joanna&amanda went out to talk to her. then joanna went to tell her that im obsessed with her o.O then she airkissed me twice... then she went up for her lessons. went to concourse for ACC. played some lame game. then it was henry's turn for quite awhile cos everyone could answer. then he kept stomping so we were like 'the floor got hole!' then he went to kick serene. idiot. when it was derek's turn, he said his name as xing gan&xiao gan. LOLOLOL. im xiaoxian, small salt. ACC finished, went back to class with zann&soravee cos they wanted to get their bags. mini-fight in class, involving henry. he seriously needs to go for counselling sessions. then waikhee came again to find me :) then i went down with her to have lunch. then she&her friend is like so lame lah xD then we bought our food and ate with a few other seniors, yijie&cherie&meizhen. and shirlyn saw me, so she shouted 'huixian, hen shuang hor!' which she probably meant about *. i was practically begging her not to shout about me being obsessed with cherie -.- damn embarrassing lah! and cos meizhen&yijie&cherie ate from the same stall, they got meizhen to return the plate cos she ate the slowest. then me&waikhee&herfriend ate from the same stall, and i ate the slowest but heng, they didnt get me to return the plates. then a ccl came over(waikhee's friend) and asked me if im sec one. then waikhee told her that im sec 3, and i just transfered here. LOL. then they left le, then me&cherie were like having this 'byebye' competition. we kept saying byebye to each other very fast, then she said 'good lorh, you win liao' then she walked, then she suddenly turned around and said byebye fast. and i prolly lost cos i didnt reply fast enough xD seriously, my seniors are nice and they're all love <3

    zihow says:
    dis zii..
    kArWai says:
    kArWai says:
    whos zii
    huixian says:
    kArWai says:
    eugene says:
    Zhi How
    kArWai says:
    kArWai says:
    xiao how
    eugene says:
    I'm e.k.
    zihow says:
    mr handsome


    It's just an obsession.
    -Joyce Tay
    see, it's just an obsession. why get so worked up? xD

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    :D hi. today's not very interesting, so if you're bored, dont read so you wont feel more bored. okay, so norm stuff today, blah blah blah. morning gave the carnival coupons for the guides thing back. then went back to class with nicole&cherlyn&waikhee. we kept on teasing waikhee luh. LOL. i called her Mrs ***. (: then i told her to walk by my class during reccess. and she did, and around 4 times somemore wor! yay, i love waikhee! LOL. &i heard that soravee got caught by ferlin? FELRIN TODY!

    reccess was damn funny lah! cos henry brought down his styrofoam box(it looked like a fridge) and walked around with it. me&serene&karwai felt it was funny, so we told serene to take a pic of it. while she was taking, henry found out and chased serene. the whole scene was damn funny lah! kept on laughing. after the chase stopped(henry ran away), we ate. i ate burger :D zann&serene&kangning ate noodles, brenda ate pasta. then they bought choco milk but i didnt cos i scared no time to finish my food.

    geog was alright. did corrections and stuff... was upper sec reccess so i saw waikhee twice. first time is the beginning of their reccess, and second time was when the bell rang. she walked past with her friends and i waved to her... ^^ then maths was alright. did algrebra and all those stuff. wasnt such a bore, cos serene was entertaining me. kept on singing the ruhua song -.- but funny lah! and talked about ruhua with a stocking on her head. LOLOLOL. then somewhere in between, waikhee came again xD then during e lit, got back our assignment 2. i got 18/25, AND I JUMPED ON MY CHAIR. LOL. cos it's quite high, compared with those around me. :D poor zann only got 3 cos she wrote very little for her answers. i got same marks as Soravee, cos i kinda asked her how she did it. i didnt copy, okay? im nice :) nono, im mean :D then around going to 2.15 le, then waikhee came again. but miss low still teaching mah, so she passed message to serene, who was standing outside, to me. the message was(according to serene) : She going home. She says 'ByeBye'. LOL. then serene told me that waikhee did an action which was super funny lah! i didnt see, but serene imitated waikhee and showed me. i kept laughing. then when ended, i chiong-ed downstairs. and i found waikhee :D she was like '那个死miss low bell ring 了还教.' LOL. then chatted with her for a while, and she left with her Mr ***. good lah, she can go home ):

    ate lunch. nono, gobbled up lunch cos we left a lil bit of time. then zann saw jomel. then cos they 2 were quite far apart, zann did the action of poking jomel. then jomel thought that zann was pointing to somewhere. LOL. then jomel came&pulled zann's hair. xD

    so went for life science le. the bacteria is like uber smelly lah! but heng mine dont have the yellowish stuff(skin-something, i think) nor blackish stuff(mould). joshua's one had these 2, and an unknown orange substance. LOL. then did some blood stuff. derek is like damn lame lah, and im sitting beside him can. finished at 4.15, which was 30min lesser than the estimated time we're supposed to end. and i smartlydumbly forgot to bring the life science workbook. yay. then walked to bus-stop with yueying. and got this ccl with her bf in front of us. i see her before luh. then me&yueying were like stalking them? LOL. then the ccl littered, okay? WHAT A GOOD ROLE MODEL SIA. MUST LEARN FROM HER TO LITTER. and no, im not gonna say who she is.

    ince im bored, i shall do this quiz, taken from ester's blog which was taken from joey's blog.
    The Teenager Test
    [x] Held hands with someone (yeah. waikhee i think. LOL.)
    [ ] Lost someone
    [x] Never got a chance to tell someone something important
    [ ] Cried your heart out
    [ ] Danced

    [ ] Rejected someone (i not interested in BGR stuff, thankyouverymuch)
    [x] Heard a rumor about yourself (duh, thanks to that tszhin&ester)
    [ ] Hurt someone emotionally (i forgot...)
    [x] Hurt someone physically (im sure have, but i forgot who. zann i think xD)
    Total: 2

    [x] Got involved in a sport(captainball :D)
    [ ] Got called a dork
    [ ] Fell in love
    [x] Went to a funeral
    [ ] Know someone who has tried to commit suicide

    [ ] Wrote a love note
    [ ] Went through a phase
    [ ] Got ditched
    [x] Know someone really stupid and/or annoying(henry jong, benghwee!)
    [ ] Got in a fist fight with family member

    [x] Drank
    [x] Made a mistake(who doesnt?)
    [ ] Thought you found the one
    [ ] Found out a bf/gf cheated on you
    [ ] Lied to your parents
    Total: 2

    [x] Been lied to(duh.)
    [x] Felt like the happiest person in the world(yeah, ^^. when i see *)
    [ ] Felt like dying.(im not emo)
    [x] Had a crush (yep)

    [ ] Prayed
    [ ] Texted in class
    [ ] Smoked a cigarette
    [x] Had more than one crush at a time.(now also, but i not huaxin, okay?)
    [x] Disliked someone(yep, someonesssss)

    Total in all: 14
    Multiply By Three: 42%
    im 42% a teenager . :O i still kid, im still young. YAY!

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007

    :D hello. went to school, studied a bit from shirlyn's compo book which was for P5-6. LOL. but wanted to get an idea of what to write mah... so flipped through the book. the class was exceptionally quiet again, but noisy compared to the sec threes. went up to find waikhee :D saw her dictionary on the table, then remembered that i forgot to bring mine =x heng serene brought 2, so lent me one. thanks. :) then waikhee was talking to her friend about what 公函and私函i think. then bell rang and walked down. met ester&zann. and they sabo-ed me lah. saw want to tell waikhee who is ****** :o they gave her lots of clues like, ****** is a girl, takes bus 31 and has 6 letters in her name. rawr, ester&zann will be dead if they tell luh. DONT TELL PLEASE :( then i tickled waikhee, and she laughs. see, she cannot ren3 one lorh. LOL. im not any better xD then waikhee wished me&zann&ester good luck. and zann is happy cos of a particular reason. ^^

    chinese compo was okay, i guess. mrs low was being boliao, seriously. she moved the dustbin from the front to the back. and she didnt want to use her hands so she kicked it. and it created a lot of noise. couldnt concentrate xD then during the second paper, another man came in and scolded us, cos the board at the back was bare. but it's exam, so we have to remove the paper, you know?! and now you say its bare -.- couldnt finish the paper two :o left a few words leh! and there's like so many words i cant read lah. i think im gonna fail...

    ate in school and walked to bus-stop with zann. i think i supposedly chased ****** when i saw her at the gate. the poor girl didnt bring her umbrella ): so walked to bus-stop and chatted with zann. she's damn crappy, i tell you. keep on making up stuff that wont come true. LOL. then saw ferlin crossing the road. then a bus went pass from the opposite direction, so i told zann that scully ferlin on the bus. and she really was! LOL, i think i can predict the future :D

    visited the MBS school website with ester now. got loads of new teachers and support staff luh. now also got counsellor le. heng benghwee graduate, or else i think that he'll be called to visit the counsellor. loads of new teachers luh. all young young one xD and ester showed me this teacher who looks like the yang lao shi in cchms! LOLOLOL. okay, kangning told ester that im easily amused. now everyone knows ): and i see the news about mdm koh retiring AND I CRIED. seriously, i miss her loads. and im crying... 'Mdm Koh Siew Mooi and Mrs Teo Kim Hua have retired from their teaching careers. Maha Bodhi would like to show our gratitude to Mdm Koh Siew Mooi and Mrs Teo Kim Hua for their dedicated services to the school over the years. We wish them all the best and good health.'

    mdm koh, i miss you loads. and sorry for being defiant and all. i miss you :'(

    Monday, April 23, 2007

    heylo (: yes, tomorrow's MYE for chinese, and here i am blogging. yes, im a bad girl.

    went to school, the school was EXCEPTIONALLY quiet. so went up to 4th floor to look for qingru with shirlyn at 7, but qingru wasnt there. i guess it was too early as most of the classes at 4th floor only had like 4-7 people. pathetic, not like us, got around 10 people le. then at 7.10, we went up, AGAIN to find her ruru. and AGAIN, she wasnt in class. then i wanted to drag her to some other class at level 4, but she ran to the middle stairs, and ran down. then i chased her(this is not morning exercise, as it is reserved for serene&shirlyn ONLY.) and at the stairs, we saw cherie&yijie walking towards us. shirlyn&i froze in our tracks, and she was like 'oh my god...' then cherie waved to me, and i waved back, then i quickly left. lets hope that history doesnt repeat itself, cos if shirlyn embarrass me again, she'll be so dead. then went back to class, talked for a while, then i went up to the 4th floor to look for waikhee. see, im so nice xD yeah, then i saw her walking to the toilet, so i went up to her. and she was well, uh, shocked or something, cos i went up specially to find her. so i told her that on thur, she left her bottle at the canteen for me to throw -.- and she still laugh luh. xD then i went back to class. and zann was excited cos i told her that maybe today's section 4. so she ran down immediately after the bell rang. LOL. and so, i followed her. then saw waikhee at canteen, and went to tickle(or rather, poke) her. then she screamed. see, this shows that im not a lousy tickler, okay?! then walked to flag raising with her, and talked on the way. then she pointed to her friends and said :these 2 are crazy people. crazy people like me have crazy friends.' then i was like 'yeah.. you're crazy. then, am i crazy too?' LOL. cos im her friend what, so does that mean im crazy too? T.T then we gave each other good lucks, then she went to join her friends, and i went to find zann.

    the exam was rather... neither hard nor easy. and while brenda&the invigilator collected the papers, yanlun kept whistling. then the teacher got irritated and got him to stop. then walked to bus stop with cherlyn, huixuan and another girl. i forgot her name, oops. huixuan's damn sick lah. keep on... i dont want to dirty my blog with what huixuan did. all i knew is that i was laughing the whole way lah. damn funny lorh.

    Sunday, April 22, 2007
    kangning&joyce bully me ;_;

    yoyoyo! <--i feel so weird saying this -.- yep, so anyway, joyce&kangning bullied me on msn on friday night. they 2 gang up against me xD but not alot lah. both of them are lame lah! it's a good thing that im not as lame as them :D they were saying that what joyce went up to the moon to find chang e, and eat mooncakes with her. LOL. then i had to intro joyce to kangning. then i said some crappy stuff like "she's taller than me."&"xr ^^" LOL. she's gonna kill me for this. but anyway, joyce told kangning that she's seen me crying before. where got?! i seriously cannot remember that i've cried in front of joyce. the only time i remember myself cry is when blue house won sports day at MBS, and i was crying like siao in front of qingru, shirlyn, ester and a few others. chao gao xing :D that's like quite recent? the rest i dont remember le. see, this proves that i dont always cry hor! and kangning, im not an emo -.-

    and... im in a dilemma ): zen me ban? oh my gosh, im speaking to myself :o okay, i seriously am cos no one knows what im talking about. and oh, i sat beside * on fri :) andand *smiled to me. :))

    okay, MYE is like TOMORROW?!?! and english, how am i supposed to study for it? compre&those vocab stuff. and oral is next next week. I HATE ORAL. like who likes them? o.O i get all nervous speaking in front of the teacher. scully i get miss low how?! my gosh, she looks uber serious, and i probably cant speak in front of her. i need a teacher who looks friendly!!! (i dont think any teacher looks friendly) and that time while practising oral with soravee, i was laughing cos i couldnt say anything. see, even i cannot speak in front of a friendly person like soravee! someone give me tips for oral please... but heng dont have chi oral, or else i'll be like so dead. seriously, i dont think oral's gonna help us in anything. it doesnt build up my self-confidence, it lowers it instead.

    Friday, April 20, 2007
    xianxian =X


    today's maths test wasnt hard at all, seriously. it's like so much easier than those quizes and class tests can! nowadays, science lessons are like super fast lah, notes only can fill one board then bell ring le. gosh, i've got to complete like 4 sets of sci ws, okay?! loads of hw coming through~ saw ann in the canteen during reccess, and the first thing she said was 'where's your friend?' LOL.

    today's guides was like okay bah. didnt even hand in the Collector's Badge thingy lah. and i did till around 12 ytd night ): sacrificed a lil of my sleep for it, in the end dont need to hand in. then im like so tired in school, keep on yawning ):

    when we changed into PE shirt+guides skirt, we looked like damn fat can? the colour didnt match, so the combination wasnt nice. in the end, most of us looked fat -.-

    got that stations thingy. dont know what's it called lah. and i was in same group as Joanna -.- then got this station, is ask questions. Then it was Joanna's turn, then the ma'am asked us what's her favourite phrase. Cherlyn said "I want to rape you" then the ma'am said the 2 words is same one. so obviously it's XIANXIAN right? then when i said, the rest of the people in my group were laughing ): but it's correct, then my group people asked me why. then i had to tell that it's my name. -.- then the rest of the stations is find your group's colour paper. then mine was blue, but we found LOADS of paper of other colours, but cannot find our own -.- so we told the seniors that they very pretty, very chio blah blah so they will give us hints. and they did! woots~ then waikhee heard me and copied me, but too bad it didnt work for her lah. xD so after everything, we went back to concourse to gather. then me&ester went to talk to waikhee. then waikhee said that my class got a boy is ahem's brother. i think i know who le :D then ester went to tell her that i liked a girl. then waikhee said: :o 'Joanna arh?' then ester said:'no lah, is older than us one' then waikhee said:'me arh?' then i was like 'yeah, is you!' so we held hands and airkiss-ed. LOL. reminds me of eraser dust =/ then went back early&fetched ester to bus-stop :D

    Thursday, April 19, 2007
    dying of embarrasment ):

    thanks to shirlyn, im so gonna die of embarrasment. great. okay, lets go in order! PE was much love, basketball match, half-court. me, tzeyeng, and serene were kinda trashed xD although huey ying was in our group, she didnt do anything much except stand there and stare. but it was damn shuang, after not touching a bball for like dont know how long ago! yeah, bball's love. ^^ after bball, COULDNT FIND MY SKIRT! cos our skirts were kinda all messed up, but i found mine in the end. it got dirty ):

    reccess was okay. bought milo. it's a staple for every thursday. so while eating, saw cherie and waved to her. and shirlyn&zann made me die of embarrasment! when cherie went to queue up for her food, zann shouted 'cherie!', and shirlyn continued 'huixian is very obsessed with you!' cherie heard and she kinda smiled at me =l SEE! THEY'RE MEAN, OKAY? HAI SI REN ): i was like bugging shirlyn, asking her why she say that. then... saw waikhee, yep. she told me that she banned from com, then the pw to the com changed by her mom. so cant reply. helped shirlyn look for her qing ren, qingru. and she was like going 'where's my ruru? im so sad, i cant find my ruru' so i decided to help her, and walked around the canteen a few times. then we went up to qingru's class and found her there. then shirlyn dragged her to our class and didnt allow qr to go down to eat. then we showed her the movie clip of mervyn stripping, taken ytd by derek. and shirlyn even told qingru im obsessed with cherie! rawr. shirlyn said:'you know cherie? the 3EP one. huixian very obsessd with cherie leh! when we eating lunch halfway, she see cherie then she go and run and chase her!' NONSENSE! shirlyn, dont try to po huai my ming yu, okay?! bell rang, we went for science.

    mrs low was scolding us, cos the boys in our class grades are not so good, compared to the last few years ones. so did corrections for ws and bell rang. today's sci lesson was kinda fast. walked out of the lab, and saw waikhee. she was kinda limping and she told me that her butt hurt. LOL. went for home ec. mdm tham was exceptionally nice to us, not cranky at all! filled in the ws for home ec, then she came to talk to me, brenda, kangning&lena. she wanted us to do a mobil food pyramid, 30cmX50cm. deadline is 17/5. gah, i've got so many things on my mind, i've got trouble remembering them. totally stressed out. there were some eraser dust on the table, and brenda sitting opposite me, started blowing them to me. i blowed them back too! then Joanna asked me why were brenda&i blowing kisses -.- end of lesson, went back. THE SWALLOW IS STILL THERE! WOOTS, AND IT TRIED TO ATTACK EUGENE&HUEYYING! seriously, the swallow is scary. after it tried to attack hueyying, we ran down the stairs. xD

    went for lunch. saw waikhee AGAIN. :D bought chicken burger, and waikhee was in front of me. the auntie touched her, and I laughed. LOL. the whole thing was damn funny. she bought and left. then kangning go cut queue, she was behind me. then she go shout her order ): then waikhee suddenly came and tapped my shoulder and walked away. then i said 'childish...' and she heard, then she came back to tickle me. then i tickled her back, but she's not afraid of tickles. not fair one ): went to sit at a table with some of the other girls. waikhee came by our table several times. and we showed her the video of mervyn stripping :D but, dont xiangwai, it's only upper body. and waikhee watched until like damn happy like that. LOL. then got this conversation between waikhee&Joanna, damn funny.
    Waikhee:I like a girl called Joanna, but not this school one. -points to Joanna- and she's 200 times prettier than her! -pretends to vomit- you know what is this anot?(refering to vomit)
    Joanna:you got stomache problems.
    Waikhee:yeah, i pregnant.
    Joanna:Shui de?
    waikhee:ni de lorh! tao yan.
    LOL. uber funny sia. then she went back, and not long, she came running back. then she said that her friends bully her xD then she demo-ed on me how her friends tried to unhook her bra -.- upper secs are so bo liao xD let's hope that we'll not be like them. shhh!

    science test was crap. left a blank! cos i couldnt think of anymore advantages for using Gold to make tables&chairs. and some of my answers were crap too. i've got this feeling im not going to do well for it. during chi felt a lil bit emo. things got better after that.

    walked to bus-stop with soravee&Joanna. almost reaching the bus-stop, i realised i forgot to bring back my maths file. test is tomorrow. so i SMARTLY walked back, with my legs killing me. met serene&shirlyn&yueying on the way back, and serene&shirlyn were saying that im very li hai. thanks :D met qingru at connector there. yanlun was still in class.

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007
    retro sneezing zebra ^^

    hi peeps (: today was kind of alright, lessons were boring as usual. didnt crap alot today, just a little. some incy wincy spiders and such :D received the school newsletter which the other classes got a few weeks ago -.- our class is like uber slowwwwww. anyway, i see myself inside. i looked super weird. and got 2 pictures of me can?! anyway, ester's picture also inside, and also got 2, and same picture as me! one is the orientation campfire one, the other one is guides de. and i see qingru, wingyee, yanyi, ann, deon -.-, yinghui, and my guides seniors.

    im bored ): went to com lab for chinese. saw cherie there, i think she was walking back to class. the tests were difficult lah! the first one i got 3/10 =X but the subsitute ones were alright. the first test which is included in CA1, me, yueying & kangning clicked the button at the same time, and we got the same marks! :)what a coincidence! then the last one i got 9. then they were asking me how come i got so high, but the real reason is cos i tikam-tikam those that i dont know how to do :D first time i tikam-tikam until so zhun!

    reccess was okay, kangning didnt eat cos she wanted to complete the oral thingy which ms annisa wanted us to hand in by today, or if we give tmr she'll return late. saw ann, and i didnt see her for a long time. this time she didnt ask me where was kangning xD maths and ACC were alright. yanglaoshi came late, which was good! me, zann, shirlyn&brenda were doing sudoku! we're sudoku fanatics, yay. ^^ zann did the hard one and completed it! omg, genius sia. i was telling shirlyn that it was impossible, and zann completed it. fine, im eating my own words.

    charisma was okay. talked about BGR. miss mong told us about her experiences... that was the time serene kept on disturbing shirlyn xD serene goes hyper easily. and she's a retro meowing cow, and im the retro sneezing zebra. cos her specs got spots, so i called her cow. now my specs got one stripe, and she calls me a zebra. fine, fair enough. and retro cos i told her that the retro period is coming back again, cos you can see polka-dots and stripes everywhere. except i dont like polka-dots. i find them disgusting =/ practised my 'it's like DUH!'

    lunch was nice. i like food, cos im hungry. bought carrot cake with shirlyn. met simone there. she's like uber cute xD while eating, shirlyn asked me if __ likes me, whats my reaction. i was like NO WAY MAN! like why would he like me? he should like you or something right?! talked somemore, and then joined brenda, danling, kangning with our half-finished plates.

    choir jiayou! tmr syf le, zann&lena, sing well! and zann, better get gold cos you know what's in store for ya!

    Monday, April 16, 2007
    ahem's stead =/ and bus ride!

    eww, im so freaked out by ahem's choice. like hello? he's like super ugly, can? so big sized+fat(hehe)+tall. and when ahem stands beside him, she'll look short. and that guy is like so uglyyyy. i guess im disgusted by her choice. ugly guy xD seriously, he's ugly. gah, im so bad to say that, but sadly, the truth always hurts. yeah, so that's the truth. :) and at first, when i saw them standing together, i was like telling myself it couldnt be. then when i went closer and got to see his nametag, i was shocked :o unbelievable, man!

    im sad, cos didnt see * on monday. but oh well, i saw other people lah :) loads of other people...

    music-heard brenda's group, derek's group and hueyying sing. hueyying sang quite well, seriously. solo, cos she didnt ask anyone if she was able to be in their group. she's kinda the class's outcast =/ derek's group sang jiang nan, and cos JJ's voice is quite high, the guy's voices were low, so it sounded kinda awful. sorry =X

    reccess and everything else were normal. im angry & jealous of ester, cos she took same bus as * yesterday! ): and she got a photo of her xD tou pai one, tsktsk, ester is a bad girl!

    went to LT1 for hist cos miss soh never come, then when going down the stairs, 3EP went down. then 2 of zann's seniors called her. then i was like 'wow, zann so famous sia!'. then i saw * :D happy~~~ [ilumtics]<--ester teach one :D wanglaoshi didnt come today! so did some of my own stuff, packed my stuff. and the girls are studying for the sci test on thurs, inspired by Soravee. she's like uber yong gong can? so now she's our ban yang, and we're learning from her :) we are good students! on the way to cs&d, i was on the bridge. and i just looked up above where our class was, and i saw waikhee :D chi speech&drama was okay... teacher said that ours only improved a lil. okay, cos we didnt edit the script like Joanna. anyway, Joanna's one was looong lah. my gawd, Joanna will be happy to see her name here -.- dont think sick, thank you very much. Juliet&Julia kept on saying that i was the baby inthat 100.3 radio advertisement which i cut out from the newspaper. it's freaky! and i said that they were the goblin ;D and they seem to like the picture alot, I've promised them to cut out another one if it's on the newspaper again :) lunch was okay. Serene&Shirlyn were bad ): they went to add Ice Lemon Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea in my hor fun ): cos while eating halfway, i saw * and went to chase her. LOL. but i lost her cos i went the other way so she wont suspect. anyway, she was walking with a GUY )': reminds me of Chrysanthemum Tea gang, too bad it aint CNY now xD no chance to drink Chrysanthemum Tea till we get 'drunk', and no seniors staring at us as if we're Chrysanthemum Tea mad :)

    took bus home. GUESS WHO I SAW! LIAW ZHONG WEI! LOLOLOL. talked to him abit. at first i called his name twice before he reacted. still as blur as before. and his cca is still scouts ._. and he's in victoria!

    CO people are sad, cos they missed Gold with Honours by 1 mark. In the end, they got Gold. ): Band got High Silver, and they were sad. ):

    Sunday, April 15, 2007
    jiayi's shoes

    wow, seems like now everything on my tagboard is about jiayi&her bling shoes, eh? ^^

    JiaYi rocks! and so does her bling shoes!~

    dedicated to my beloved 'da yi' jiayi. and of course, her bling shoes. so cool!~ clarissa, you really told me that, okay?! i never yuan wang you, and i never will cos you're my nu er, you know? where got own mother malignown daughter one? anyway, got my white specs today. we'll see how zann scolds me and hits me tomorrow =/

    cchms owned sports day :)

    anyway, that idiot is dead. kangning will know what i mean. that idiot is still dead, cos he was like so darn close to *!

    class board ):

    today gonna get my white specs. i think i need protective gear as zann will definitely be hitting me cos of my white specs...

    sometimes i really wonder why i am so freaking lazy. i just cant get myself to do anything that's like urgent or the deadline is near. at least i've done some stuff today. geog ws, sci ws and maths P1. so all i have left is chi compo and maths P2. for chi compo i think we have to write 400 words or something. and i smartly LOST my diary/journal/notebook. sheesh, i've written so much stuff inside, all the tests dates and when i saw * and all those stuff, and IT'S GONE. i hope that it'll be under my table or in my locker, happily waiting for me to bring it home or to draw some cherries and stuff.

    tomorrow's monday, and im not happy about that. wait, i think she said that she'll be away or something, is that tomorrow? i hope it is :D okay, anyway, if she comes, she'll probably nag at us. look, we spent so much time (and money cos time=money, and we spent more than $15 or so, excluding the time) and some of us even skipped our CCAs and tuitions, just to get the board done. and now you're complaining that it's bare. like what do you expect us to put up? some pictures of our idols? (serene will be happy to put up Jay Chou!) like you know, we shouldnt even be doing this in the first place. we're not those people in charge of the board, y'know? me&kangning are like in welfare?! and those people in charge of the board are over there, happily slacking and watching us do the work that they are supposed to do. when you told us to spend more time on the board and fill it up, zann gave you the -.- look and you said that in future, we neednt do anymore of this kind of stuff. and you'd better keep your promise. do you know that we even took out money from our own pockets to pay for the stuff just because the class fund is running low? apparently not. and im not gonna care about what birthday thingy. this board is done for the class, not for us only, i dont see any reason why Joanna wouldnt return us any money. it's not like we dont have receipts and we're trying to cheat the class funds. and the birthday thingy, not all of us whose birthdays have passed like cake. i dont like cake, and my birthday is over, so i dont see any reason why i should pay for the cake. and zann and i dont like those cream on cakes.the money can be well-spent on the board which benefits the whole class. the board is gonna be up there FOR THE WHOLE YEAR and everyone would be looking at it, while the cake would be eaten up within minutes and come out as some brown smelly stuff. and the stuff we use for the board would definitely be cheaper than the cake.

    my gosh, my ramblings are filling up this post. and it's 2am and im not asleep yet. great. i miss *, and im happy that i'll hopefully be seeing * tomorrow :D but * doesnt ever walk past my window during *'s reccess ): so all i have is lunch and after assembly to see *. i wish i could take 31...

    Friday, April 13, 2007
    sports day -.-

    today sports day leh, but since no school, it's okay (: anyway, took bus from school to jurong stadium with kangning, iylia, xinying and hueyying. then reach le, go down bus. blah blah blah. then when walking into stadium, said hi to cherie. im friendly :D then walked in. then soravee, serene and many others came. they came from lakeside mrt. then watch the thingy lorh. seriously, nothing much. cheered like siao when we won, and when our school people overtake others :D and oh, my view of * was PERFECT. cos she's always at the front :) but got this guy kept on talking to her, then kangning said that i was jealous. LOL. okay, maybe i was, but never mind. i cant control her what, right? so kangning, dont need to remind me of that. well, i was staring looking at her during the whole thing. but not keep on lah, later people thought i siao -.-

    the played chess will watching sports day with serene. LOL. so pro right? haha, cos we yue hao, but i didnt expect her to bring her chess set to sports day. but anyway, her chess set was uber cool. then me and yueying REFUSED to play with serene anymore, cos she takes a looooong time to think. so tao yan one, xD.

    then got 30 min interval, went to find dhs people :D then when walking to the stairs, saw waikhee. then took ruffles from her, and took for cherlyn too. then when walking down the stairs, said hi to cherie. im friendly :D then the 1st person i saw was BENGHWEE. LOL, i was laughing like mad. then saw clar&jengteng. then also saw jiahui, she's so cuteeeeeeeeee like before :D then talk for less than 10 min then gotta go back. and the interval wasnt like 30 min at all, it was only 10 min. bluff people one T.T then when going back up, then saw waikhee. then she came down and ask me if got reply testi anot. then ester call her come my blog, and ester's blog. shoot, die liao. ester hai ren! then i refused to tell waikhee my blog's url, but she say that she can find de. okay, if you're reading this, hello (:

    watched somemore of people running. then saw jy running :D so happy to see her, after a long long time. then after she ran finish, i waved to her like a million times before she saw me. but anyway she see me i happy le :) but her 400m relay, she got 2nd or 3rd. that one our school won if im not wrong... anyway, jy did well already. and 6K will be definitely proud of her. anyway her shoes damn bling lah, SHINY RED, okay?! so 突出! and the teacher race thingy, miss mong ran. so cute lah, but then very slow -.- kangning was like a lil bit bu shuang. haha.

    left when the prize not all given out yet. and everyone from ngee ann left already. heard from jy that cchms won? not sure lah, is clar say that jy told her one. then uh, when walking to stairs, said bye to cherie. im so friendly :D then when downstairs and looked up, saw waikhee, and she saw me too. waved to her, and she kept on smiling at me xD oh yeah, i forgot to see the banner! ):

    went to bugis with zann&serene. then tzeyeng joined us and me&zann left. okay, so i saw simone there 3 times. first time is at mrt station. 2nd time was when she just bought ice cream then i walk past. then 3rd time is at bookshop. both of us were laughing lah, cos it's like so weird to see each other 3 times. then saw amelia 2 times. and ferlin 2 times at bugis o.O took same mrt as her -.-

    gah, i've not touched my hw yet! die le lah, but seems like those people who i've asked also havent touch yet. and i thought i was lagging behind ;D

    Thursday, April 12, 2007
    burnt my hand ;_;

    burnt my hand during home ec today. cos of the freaking griller. and mdm tham kept on looking at me&lena and i couldnt do my work. ): i cant work when someone's STARING at me. anyway, i burnt my hand. it hurt like siao uber painful T.T and kangning said 'get ch**** to kiss it' LOL, sicko lesbian. XD

    PE today rocked ;D played bball! did passing. then also did power lay-up and free throw! free throw is is Love ♥! my layups were like shit. only a few got in. im not good at layups, reminding me of raina. she tried to teach me, but im like uber lousy at it. so yeah, i ♥ free throw :D

    went for reccess! saw the people we wanted to see, i think. yep, we did. saw cherie, nutty, qingru, yijie(she didnt see me), and a few others, i think. and ch**** was sitting at the table opposite ours. and kangning purposely sit in front of me, to block my view. i tried to shoo kangning away, but was unsuccessful. T.T then eat half-way, qingru came to join us. and she said 'i want to eat, but dont want to eat' i was like 'huh? so you want to eat or dont want to eat?' then she say that she wants to eat, but dont know eat what. then me&kangning found out that zann suddenly disappeared from our table. LOL. then waikhee came by too! told her that zann&kanging said that she was pretty :D she really is. then uh, she said that when online, must talk to her. then zann came back, and i told her' eh, you still can sit at your sit, the view is still very good.' then she sat at the place where she sat just now and saw nutty. then qingru turned around and tried to guess who i was talking about, and asked 'is it natalie?' i quickly said no. LOL. then kangning told her that me&zann are lesbians, she is the only normal one. XD then zann said 'cherie go already?' OMG, i think she got me into trouble. scully qr thought i like cherie -.- then i think i scared qr off :D

    went back to class, and gave serene her bday present. she kept wanting to open it, but i refused. i couldnt possibly let her open and take the rick, could i? okay, you wont probably understand that.

    ah ma didnt come for acc today! woots, we played, and ate the sandwiches we made during home ec. tempted the d&t people like serene, zann and soravee with it. but since im so nice, i gave them a few bites. gosh, like what brenda had said, it was the best sandwich i have ever eaten. it's heavenly~ then the girls went to the counselling room to meet the counsellor o.O then she said some stuff, and i was smiling and grinning at julia and juliet. LOL. and she asked us if our class got any boys with problem, and we all happily said henry. and said the bad stuff about him which were true. and he cried today, during acc when the teacher wasnt in. he said that he hates his life, he hates this world blah blah blah. wasnt really listening, and loads of people laughed at him.

    i keep on biting my inner lip lah! and it's bleeding. and i keep on biting it like a million times, and it keeps on bleeding like mad. at first, the wound is like a small hole, and it gets wider and bigger. and now it's like a slit. scary~ tomorrow sports day! 3EP&3RP beside my class! i seriously doubt i'll see her, so nevermind. and qingru's not going for sports day tomorrow.

    jiawei, my wuliao twin, is mean. he borrow my pen 2 weeks ago, and returned it today. cos of one reason-the pen no ink le. so bad luh! but he's going to compensate me a G2 refill i think. yay (:

    Wednesday, April 11, 2007
    smiling like ding dong bells!

    LOL. i wrote that on serene's maths worksheet. haha, i've got no i dea why i wrote that, cos kangning said that ding ding bells dont smile. =.= okay, she's got a point there, but never mind.

    today was another normal day, except that i didnt see cherry until end of school. and i thought that i wasnt gonna see her. LOL. morning announcements and stuff, nat spoke for her class selling some stuff. as usual, zann looked :o and went high~
    charisma! haha, i <3 charisma! watched the fab boys again. or fat boys or flabby boys. LOL. one of the guys is very fat. anyway, it's a stupid video lah, call the guy to steal, so the guy can join their gang JUST TO GET A STUPID COMB WITH THE WORDS' THE FAB BOYS'. like who would be so dumb lah(apart from that guy). AND I FOUND SHIRLYN'S E LIT WS WHICH I LOST. it was sandwiched in between my charisma file.

    geog test was okay... a bit hard lah, im afraid that i might phrase wrongly, cos uh... it's hard to explain. zann got mixed up between rural&urban settlement. the last question asked for rural settlement and she wrote the answers for urban settlement cos she's confused. ke lian lah, 4 marks gone like that.

    got back my progress report. super lousy results lah. T.T and i failed my e lit for test 1, but overall pass. yay (: got 2 A1s and 2 A2s. the rest is B or C. i got a C6 for some unknown subject. xD wahaha, im so pro. miss soh kept nagging on me, serene, kangning, zann, shirlyn to do the board. and she even asked jiawei&sweemin&brenda to help. -.- be glad that we're doing it, okay? the guys dont even bother about it.

    on the way to lunch, jiawei also nagged on us to do the board. and he kept nagging like some old woman(it's true!). LOL. then me&shirlyn were like scolding him and stuff like that. say he very luo suo. haha. then saw yijie, swan ser, cherie and some other people at canteen. then also went to buy pins to pin up the stuff at the board. while going in, cherie was going in too, so i said hi to her. then when serene passed me her froggie purse, i threw it up, and said froggie! then cherie was right in front of me. LOL. i just said: 'um, hello!' lol, super embarrassing.

    saw i weekly where felicia's chin is the cover girl. cos got some mag blocking in front, and i could only see her head, i said 'eh, felicia chin leh! i like!' then puyin, joanna&amanda were there. i pulled out the mag, and felicia chin was wearing a bikini -.- so they called me sick. so i wanted to say that the content was nice so i said 'no lah, i like the inside.' and they think sick again. eww. gross lah. then i said ' no, i like her face!' then joanna said ' i like her bikini' GROSS. like how sick is she? derek also said that he liked felicia's body -.- stupid sicko sexy derek.

    did the board at the back. pinned up everything with the pins we bought, and it's so much easier now! so completed it, and sprayed paint too. kangning sprayed it, cos she's the pro~

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007
    easily amused :D

    told zann that i was going to change to white specs, and she hit me T.T but nutty has changed specs to black already, so her spec's colour is closer to nuts one mah, still hit me ;_; yeah, found out that im easily amused. as in very easily. in class, serene&kangning&zann tried to make me laugh, and i really kept laughing. serene kept on lauhging the tigger style, and it's really funny(to me luh). then when it's not funny, zann will take turn to laugh, and zann's laughter is really funny so i'll also laugh. therefore they say that im easily amused. okay, is that a good thing or bad? well, the amusement kinda weared off during lunch. i kept pestering kangning&serene to amuse me, but they couldnt. then they say i emo. ;_; like that also emo meh?

    then we could fill up a small bench with 10 people! so cool right? haha. then uh, saw miss mong trying to get us to buy chocolate fondue from her class. promote until very ke lian. seems like 现在老师不好当! and she kinda put her arm around my neck, gave me a shock. haha, that deon'll be so jealous. xD bought coke too! woots, finally they sold coke! is some other class lah, 80 cents per can. and when they came with 4 cans of coke, we bought all. later, tzeyeng&serene tried to bang into ferlin. LOL. laughed like siao, but they failed. ):

    assembly was amusing. really. most important part is assembly! got cheering lah, so we cheered loudly cos we wanted to go home early :D then uh, halfway, cherie came to our right hand side, and zann got excited for no particular reason. and she kept on staring at that side and refused to turn her head! then cos qingru also there, when we went there, serene&shirlyn IMMEDIATELY hugged her like siao. yijie&wingyee looked kinda shocked. haha! then qingru asked zann why she kept on looking at her. LOL. went back to class to do deco. had no ideas, so me&serene went to look for qingru, but couldnt really find her. then when walking back, saw cherie. and she actually said hello to me first. wow. LOL. okay, im so crazy. then uh, at canteen, kinda chased cherie and asked her if she knew where qingru was, but she didnt. then do a while, then go home le.

    nothing huge happened. life science rocked, big time! serene kept me highly amused. :) therefore, i am happy! did experiments, me&serene kept laughing. and when she was supposed to put the bacteria on the agar-dish, i made her laugh, and waved the stick with bacteria around. then the teacher told julia to sterilise the table properly, cos of serene. i <3 glo-germ! i like the neon orange. i <3 neon colours! and it made the germs on my hand look so pretty and nice. then cos when i wore the gloves, the gloves had a reaction with my sweat, so the glove turned dark yellow. and serene said it's cos of the glo-germ. LOL.

    then had recess, and then history test. history test KILLED me, and im sure i wont score well for it. haha, pessimistic? no, is realistic! then eng, got back my 1st timed practice. wow, borderline sia. 15/30, so pro right? hahas. then cs&d. derek's name is xing gan, which means sexy! haha, sexy derek.

    stayed back to do the board at the back. as we ran out of staplers, we picked those lil stuff from the floor, and used our hands to push them in! we so ke lian right? me&kangning&serene&brenda's fingers were aching so badly. then spray-paint time! kangning can use the spray-paint so well. envy ^^ ! spent lots of time on putting the staplers into the green stuff. spray-paint was fun! although it smelled so badly, and i think it got rid of henry&zhihan for us! hurray, i <3 spray-paint! haha.

    Sunday, April 08, 2007
    note to self:dont sit near zann during reccess

    oh ya, note to self(and for other people):dont sit near zann during reccess. LOL. cos of thursday lah, during reccess, me&kangning were sitting opposite zann. then zann took out 2 icecubes from her ice milo, and tried to blow them across the table to kangning. then kangning also tried to blow to zann. then i watched, and decided to flick one of the ice cubes to zann. and the ice cube dropped on zann's skirt. LOL. zann shrieked and i was laughing. then zann took the other ice cube, and tried to flick it at me&kangning, but it flew across the table(from one end to the other, she's so pro!) and landed on a girl's skirt. we were all laughing and laughing, and zann very diu lian and buried her face in her hands. LOL. then i was persuading zann to quickly say sorry so we could quickly leave the canteen cos people around us were looking at us. so diu lian lah. LOL. then me&kangning decided to leave first. i told kangning:'eh, 快点走啦. so diu lian.' sheesh, i think someone i knew heard zann shriek and turned to look at us =/

    went to make new specs today. as expected, the degrees went up by around 50+ each eye. so each eye is around 100+ lah. and the frame is white. and i kinda told myself not to get white cos it reminds me of zann's nutty. but i chose white over orange, cos i didnt like that orange spec's arms. as in the thing that goes between your ears. and i liked the lime green one! but the arms were a darker shade of green, and i felt that it didnt go well together. so in the end chose white. simple design lah... then after i went to my grandmother's house, she told me that cchms cannot wear those bright coloured specs, including white! :O but the thing is that i still see ccls wearing white specs -.-

    Thursday, April 05, 2007
    laugh&laugh&laugh. :D

    today, was another happy day, i think. i love calligraphy! LOL. cos i love slack periods, haha. today was a slack day, with only 2 main lessons, chi&sci. the rest were useless subjects like home ec/d&t, calligraphy and PE.

    did table-tennis during PE. i played 1 hr non-stop, okay? power sia. i partnered zann, and we versus puyin&serene/kangning cos they took turns. and we played until super professional. not. professional in the immature way. lmao. we kept hitting those that didnt hit the table, and we continued for like 3-4 times before the ball finally dropped on the floor. LOL. and serene kept starting the ball frm like 3 metres away. LOL. told you she power liao. and i accidentally hit the ball, which hit until my eye. LOL. so blur lah.

    went for recess :D first person we saw that we knew, was nutty. -.- and zann went high. serene who was sitting far away, told us, and when zann saw nutty, zann gave this :o expression. and her expression lasted for a minute or so. then we saw a few other people, wanted to show zan adeline, but kangning showed her when i was walking around the canteen, looking for people. then saw cherry. then while eating, saw waikhee. then when going up, saw yijie&cherie. then took stuff for science and went off.

    science was okay lah. bromine gas stank up the whole science lab. jiawei and i said that it smelled like that you use to mop floors, the smelly kind. not those with flower fragrance or whatever you've got there.

    home ec was damn cool cos of the bird. swallow or something, i think. when we wen tup, there was this bird which kept flying in circles, and in kept flying onto the corridor. i had to duck down like matrix or something. rofl. then mdm tham says that that was an immigration bird, only here during march and april i think. then couldnt walk that corridor when going back, cos mdm tham doesnt allow us to interact with the bird ):

    lunch was great. when eating, fooled around with serene&kangning. me&serene kept laughing for around 1-2 min, non-stop. we so li hai :D cos we were talking about loads of funny stuff, and we kept laughing and laughing like siao lah. it's so nice to laugh out reallyyyyy loud once in a while, too much is not good cos later people think you siao one. LOL. then we went to disturb miss mong, and serene attempted to hijack miss mong's noodles. we asked her what was diffusion, cos we werent really sure about what mrs low was talking about earlier on. then i asked her how was eeyore doing :D it's doing fine, sitting on her table. then i forgot what miss mong did, then we said that miss mong was trying to act cute. XD then miss mong said that she's a lousy actor, and it came out naturally. so she's trying to imply that she's cute, right? and oh, i sat on the same table with flyw. :D cos i saw flyw sitting at the table, then i jokingly told zann to go sit on the same table afters he bought her food. and she really did. LOL. i told kangning and serene:'huh? omg. zann really go sit same table as flwy leh!'

    wanted to go hear brenda's group's melodious voices(rofl) singing 只对你有感觉 but couldnt cos miss yew on MC. pfft, i wanna hear them sing!

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007
    long post.

    hello, didnt post for a long time. if the stuff are not in oreder, dont blame me. thank you. and thank you guys for keeping my tagboard alive :D

    um, cant remember much. please note that i have a bad memory :) so uh, i only remember lunch, cos im always hungry like serene :D so um, lunch saw alot of people. or rather, the people who we wanted to see. xD we saw nutty, cherry -.-, simone, yijie, qingru, feline(LOL), waikhee etc. saw alot lah. then ann was waving to me, but i didnt see her. then kangning waved to her. LOL. then i was like:kangning! why you wave to her?! then kangning said that cos i never wave to her, so she wave ot her in behalf of me. XD now ann know kangning le. and zann got high~ then assembly was about road safety i think. i only remember one thing:curb drill XD

    uh, i also dont remember lah. i only remember that during lunch,a few of the girls kept pushing each toher at the japanese food stall... half-way eating, madel was at the other side of the table, then she call me go see a girl's name tag and ask her from what class. cos that girl say madel cut queue, soshe a bit bu shuang like that. but i didnt lah, cos it's like very guai4 to g up to some stranger and ask for the name right? then uh, afternoon had the guide enrolment test. left plenty of blanks. im so li hai, right? and a few of the questions dont know how to do, but agar-agar try to recall lah. then i know i sure fail liao. when we discuss the answers, its like mine is the most ��������� answers. LOL.

    today was okay... saw ann during recess. then she asked me where my friend(kangning) is. LOL. then kangning bought her food and came back, then i told her that ann looking for her. rofl. charisma was pretty good, i guess? talked about peer influence. then we gave many reasons for choosing the options. then got one part, the person very emo. then i said:dont be an emo. rofl. then zann was doodling on her fullscap paper. then she drew lots of stuff, then its all riddles to people's name. she's very creative, you know? damn cool lah, when you see her, get her to show her fullscap cardboard to you. very cool one :D and i spent a little bit of time guessing the name, when kangning&serene(two brains vs one brain) took like 5 times as much time as i did. this shows that one brain is better than two brains. LOL. what kind of dao li is this?

    sixkayohsix/6K'06<3 candid shot! tralala, let's hope you cant see me, cos i look totally different! :D sum destroyed this pic lah ): credits to clar for scanning out the pics! i<3clar! and go to clar's blog for more pictures of us! <--advertisement? LOL.


    Hiatus till after MYEs
    Mug Hard!
    Everyone jiayou for their MYEs, alright? :D believe in yourself, have self-confidence, and remember to take a break, alright? good luck :D

    To help everyone destress for a while, here are some pics. Okay, I think some of you may have seen it before cos it's quite old&'famous'.">!+%3D%5D%5D.jpg">

    Till then,

    Sunday, April 01, 2007
    geog is evil. really.

    im here to announce that geography is evil! i dropped my book and it landed on the floor, after 'rubbing' then skin of my thigh! and the skin came off and it bled a bit. now it's fine le, got scab ): geog is evil. it hurt my thigh ):

    tralala. i still love PT&muscle aches after that. LOL. i told yijie that and she asked if i needed counselling. LOL. PT rocks wooh~ that wooh seems uneccessary, but its neccessary for 6Kians :D i love the 6K language, the one that only 6K'06ians know. hahas.

    next week is busy. especially tuesday. will die sia. maybe i'll go on hiatus or something...

    i miss joyce&alicia so badly D: and i love cwxy. LOL. zann, please dont change mu biao lah. must be loyal. XD

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