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13th Feb is my day.
I luv peanut butter cups, Dairy Queen, people watching, purple Skittles, B&J's, warmhugs, smiles, laughter, sweet letters/cards, photographs, fun.
I'm not short, I'm FUN sized! :D

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    Wednesday, May 30, 2007
    class chalet :)

    ZOMG! Heh, in like 1 hour's time, I'll be whizzed off to the class chalet, meeting people I love. :D I'm super excited! But only 4 girls staying overnite, for goodness sake! ._. No Ester=No Fun! T.T Anyway, Zhiyang's autograph is with Ester, so if she doesnt come, Clar wont be able to get the autograph! heehee ;D

    L is for the way you look at me
    O is for the only one I see
    V is very very extraordinary
    E is even more than anyone that you would adore
    LOVE it’s all that I can give to you

    LOVE is more than just a game for two
    Two in love can make it, take my heart, but please don’t break it
    LOVE was made for me and you…

    Was counting yesterday with Ester&Jiayi, and we found out that I was a 6timer. LMAO! But of course, Jiayi's my number one! Haha, see, im so devoted to you can! *ahem* that was because I said I liked Felicia Chin more, and she threatened to not love me D:

    Tuesday, May 29, 2007
    felicia's tag!


    in case you people missed it, here it is. exact message in the cbox!

    29 May 07, 01:34
    felicia chin=)): nitenite huixian=) love u loads...hugs feliciachin=)



    {EDIT: she saw what i blogged, and this is in response. HAHAHAHA!

    29 May 07, 01:50
    felicia chin=)): pls dun die from a heart attack haha..u r still so young=)anyway, do enjoy yr chalet on e 3oth=) hugs felip

    LOL. that's like so funny lah, she saw what i blogged xD

    i miss 6k'06 truckloads D: haha, SAFRA CHALET GOT BOWLING! &YEAH, GO THERE WASH BOWLS! (inside joke!) plus, i wrote clar a postcard, but not the others cos the nicer postcards were gone from the grand audi. im not bias hor...

    something irrelevant : today is cherie's bday. LOL. yeah, so cherie, happy 15th bday :D

    this is the 150th post. so significant! LOL.

    Sunday, May 27, 2007
    missing school >.<

    like ZOMG, im already starting to miss school. and i havent started on my holiday homework yet. great. seriously, there's like lesser homework during normal days, and holidays got much more homework seh! >.<

    Would You Be There
    If I were blue, would you be there for me,
    And whisper in my ears that's ok.
    Would you stand by me, let me hold you tight,
    And say you love me one more time.

    If I feel good, would you slow dance with me,
    And touch my lips with tender loving care,
    Would you die for me, would you run with me,
    And never look back..

    Would you be there to love, to be with me?
    Would you swear that your love is always true?
    Would you say that you'll always be the one,
    to take my breath away?

    Would you be there to love, to be with me?
    Would you swear that your love is always true?
    Would you say that you'll always be the one,
    to take my breath away?

    Would you be there..

    spammers are just losers who need to get a life :D

    4 more days! -faints due to too much excitement-

    Saturday, May 26, 2007
    adventure camp

    today went for a adventure camp at the NCC place. it was super fun lah :D went with my cousin :) everyone got divided into 5 groups, and i was in the same group as my cousin. group 5! :D

    firstly, we did rockclimbing. i have NEVER liked rockclimbing. AT ALL. my cousin went first, and he reached the top! then we all went, and i didnt reach the top. haha! i dont like rockclimbing lah...

    secondly, we did paintball shooting. ZOMG, THIS WAS UBER COOL! y'know, the paintballs are in the gun, then you aim&shoot! but cannot shoot at one another as we didnt wear long-sleeveds so we shot at targets instead. the whole thing was timed, and it was boys VS girls, 4 VS 3. the boys team, which consisted of 4 members LOST to the girls which consisted of 3 members can! HOHOHO :) see, girls are also capable hor! somemore paintball shooting is more of a boys thing, but the girls finished it faster!

    thirdly, we did flying fox! it was only for those 13&above. which meant that i could do it, but my cousin did not. anyway, i was kinda prepared and wore all the harness&stuff. BUT WHEN I REACHED THE TOP, my whole heart was like gonna jump out. cos it's like super duper high, and i was super afraid lah! so i chickened out(LOL), and went down lorh. haha, super high+scary lah. but the instructors all said that it was fun =/

    then, we did archery! I LOVE ARCHERY! there was 2 rounds, first was trial while second had scores. the instructor in charge of me was a female and there was only ONE female intructor -.- then the trial one was super lousy lah. all of mine didnt hit the target. HAHAHA! all on the grass xD then another intructor came, and jokingly told me that cannot blame myself, must blame my instructor. xD then i kept laughing. then at the scoring round, i kept laughing and i dont know why xD then she asked me why i was laughing. the scoring round i was much better! scored 17 points :D

    finally, we did repelling! OMG. KIA SI LANG! it's like 4 floors up&we have to like abseil down? plus body must be like a 'L' shape, and when we start, we stand at the edge of the wall leh. super scary lorh. i went up, looked down, and got afraid. so i didnt do it!

    so, i have concluded something. my new phobia=heights! my new love=archery!

    5 more days till class chalet! :D so excited! 6K'06 is what you call LOVE~

    Friday, May 25, 2007
    the lil red book

    today was such a baaaaaaaad day. start from morning. KARWAI IS SO SMART LAH! she brought her charger to school to charge her phone! so smart right, can save on electricity bills. haha! but i still think it's smart of her to think of that. then went for FRC. then saw wk at our class row, speaking to joanna. yeah, wk was late cos she was carrying her bag. then i said byebye to her cos wont be seeing her during holi, then she said can go out. then we were like kinda debating on who should ask who out&who's more dua pai to be asked out. haha xD then um, norm stuff lorh. then when going into grand audi saw her again. then kn was like giving her 'descriptions' about some online games cos i told wk that audition was gay.

    then the talk was like boring. the standard for lots of subjects for sec 1 2007 dropped alot, compared to the sec 1 2006 batch.

    then went back to do cleaning. saw qingru while going for cleaning. -.- then had to clean music room, which was rather filthy. the water in the pails became so dirty&gross. then we found lots of waterbottles, including Billabong ones! woah, so rich 'til treat the water bottles like those disposable cups.

    finished, went back to class. apparently, a set of the pails&mops were missing. then ms soh asked the girls where it was. but we had really brought ours back already. then the boys also said that they had brought theirs back. dont know what happened in the end lah. then ms soh wanted zann to hand in her target setting, which zann had already handed in. then zann insisted that she had handed in, and zann went smthg like 'wahlao, i handed in already!' then ms soh heard her, and told her to stand in front of the class. then zann gave some kind of look which ms soh didnt like, so zann got scolded 'a spoilt girl'. then when zann was standing at the front, zann tried to like tell me something. then when i got back my report book, ms soh said that i was communicating with zann! i didnt, alright? its zann who was trying to tell me smthg(i didnt know what she was trying to say), not me who tries to talk to zann!

    then me&shirlyn went to soravee' house. me&shirlyn borrowed a few DVDs from her so we wouldnt be bored during the holis :P i borrowed just my luck&step up, while shirlyn borrowed 2 detective conan and another one. then we played with her guardian's daughter's toys. THE DAUGHTER HAS A PLASMA TV IN HER OWN ROOM CAN! INCLUSIVE OF CABLE TV SOMEMORE! omg, im so jealous! xD then we went to PS for some ice-cream and some window-shopping. the ice-cream was gooooooood! hehe, FREE CHOCOLATE FUDGE&CARAMEL TOPPINGS! like how cool is that? then something happened. wont say much! then we went to some shops and looked at stuff. then soravee bought Maroon 5's album, and we went back!

    nothing much happened. fetched shirlyn to her grandmother's house that road. she's really happy cos her other grandma is gna stay at her house tonight :B!

    Thursday, May 24, 2007
    beach cleaning&class picnic

    HAHAHA. today was much fun!

    went to ECP for beach cleaning. we cleaned the beach thoroughly and found so many styrofoam stuff! then um, we also played in the water, but not alot lah. mervyn&derek were soaked from head to toe, and so they got scolded by ms soh&mr mcdonagh. we were splashing one another for a while, then um, went to soak our feet till the knees that part. many of them got their shoes wet, but soravee&i&zann&kn brought slippers! wooh~ haha, we are smart. LOL. then beach cleaning also included camwhoring! the delta of the canal flowing into the sea was rather cooling, but the water was quite dirty =/. played at the delta, soaked our feets and all. so shuang~

    the class picnic was alright. we didnt play any games at all lah. most people rented bikes and then we rode from RP-LY. it was such a far distance lah! then cos jiawei's bike was like sloooooooow, me&karwai escorted him throughout the way. then me&shirlyn&brenda&karwai went to the jetty, and saw like a millions fishes! it was like damn cool lah. i've never seen so many fishes at one go lorh. uber cool :D then amanda&joanna learnt how to ride bikes there. then um, me&jiawei went on the 2-seater bike borrowed from zann&soravee. then gregory kept on wanting to bang us, and i was screaming all the way :x

    then went to jiawei's house cos some of us wanted to bathe. us refers to me, shirlyn, serene, karwa, soravee, zi how, kevin&obviously jiawei. while going to his house, we all talked and i found out quite alot about our classmates. shant say more. anyway, his house is like super cool lah! the furnishing is super nice. then i used the com while the rest used the laptop for audition&maple. AUDITION IS LIKE SO GAY! no offence to those who play audition like waikhee etc. but it's seriously gay, the moves&everything.

    then went to bugis! had mcdonalds for lunch. we were all trying to speak chinese, and those who spoke english had to pay fines! shirlyn was trying to describe the potato wedges, so she went 'na ge fan shu'. and fan shu meant potato so we all laughed like mad! then karwai accidentally used her arm to knock down the tray off the table, and the coke&fries were on the floor D: the cleaner must have had a hard time cleaning it! then went on to the neoprint shop, and took 2 neos cos the first one only had like 8 neos. then cos not enough, so took another one. anyway, karwai treated me for the first one, so i only paid for one! anyway, i didnt have enough money, so most of us owed soravee money.

    here's a video starring mervyn. and his moves are like super cool!

    Wednesday, May 23, 2007
    physics trail <3

    today had the physics trail. it was super fun lah. especially the lava lamp part, so fun! lets start from the morning. wk came and told me that she&mz's gna be in charge of my class for the physics thing. yeah, then i was happy luh. :D then FRC, blah blah.

    then went into LT, then got introduction about physics. then got the coke light&coke experiment. then see which one will sink and which one will float. then the coke sank while the coke light floated. then mz&wk were like searching through my pencil case. then for almost every stationery, mz would have a comment. for the glue, she said 'eh, primary school one!'. for the pink pen, she said 'eh, so nice!' then for the penknife(lena's one but i forgot to return to her :x) she said 'eh, you got so many scissors&penknives. you want to cut yourself arh?' then wk said 'yeah, she cut herself. you see her hands got so many cuts'. haha! then we were sudden talking about guides? then joanna said that guides dont have chio bu. then i said that with joanna around, how to have chio bu? the chio bu average being brought down by her. then waikhee said that my chio-ness was 90%, then hers was 90%, but joanna's one was 10% so the average was like being brought down. haha xD then um, we also scribbled on wk&mz's paper!

    then we did the internal refraction experiment. use the torchlight then shine into the cup of water with a hole. then the other one was the prism one, then must find the rainbow. then that one we did quite fast! :D

    then we had the paper aeroplane one! fold aeroplanes then throw, see how far etc. then ours was quite far :D 15.27 metres! anyway, i was the 'target' for serene&shirlyn to throw their paper aeroplanes. but it didnt hit me at all. this proves that their aiming is lousy. LOL. jkjk. henry was being so damn irritating. and his aeroplane didnt fly far, even though he's like quite pro at folding aeroplans. reason? cos he always folds aeroplanes and throws it from one end of the canteen to another. target? serene.

    then did lava lamp which was quite cool (: ours was rather successful! put the oil, then the vinegar, followed by sugar&salt&bicarbonate! the bicarbonate caused the suspension to bubble! super cool lah! plus it's quite nice, with the glitter&blue dye! but i feel that we should have used red dye =/ then our group concluded some stuff, like oil is corrosive. vinegar is corrosive. anyway, gregory was being super lame. he said that at first he joined guides, but quitted. then he joined netball, but also quited. then he joined st john. then he said that he misses guides. HAHAHAHAHA.

    the last station was about electricity. we used only like one-tenth of the apple to conduct electricity! haha, we're like so li hai. and we were the first few to finish leh! :D :D :D zzz. im bragging. anyway, i got kinda pissed off again? haha. and same person somemore. zzz. shall not explain further cos i dont want to remember it. anyway, i complained to kn&zann&ester. LOL.

    then the end was prize presentation. MD DIDNT WIN ANYTHING! and im like so proud of it? haha! then um, me&wk&grace were talking during the presentation. mostly is like craps lah. LOL. then wk was saying that why MD never win anything one. hahaha! i loveeeee my seniors <3

    tomorrow is beach cleaning! and im like anticipating it? HAHAHAH. i also dont know why. maybe is because im IC for games xD

    Tuesday, May 22, 2007
    badminton tournament

    today was fine. more of a slack day :D morning, as usual, waikhee came lah. then um, walked up with her&kn. then once walk until 4th flr then bell rang. so went to get our stuff. then waited for zann and went down. then saw wk at the stairs. lol. then frc, nothing much lah. dont know why the sec ones dont have spotcheck, all the other levels have already.

    then got the badminton tournament, and we lost D:! singles girls kn won humin :D. but for doubles&singles boys, we lost ): cos the aggregate is like 2 losts, so cannot advance. so sad lah! then when they played, i went to join brenda they all cos they more enthu mah. then we cheered like siao lorh, cos enthu+high mah. anyway, had to leave so went down lorh... then saw wk at the canteen. then went up to class. saw cherie at the stairs there!

    then was much of a slack day. did loads of origami, paper proudly sponsored by soravee! then did lots of hearts (we were trying to start a paper heart craze)! then did alot, then jw came to ka jiao. LOL. then also discussed about class picnic. i need to bring frisbee leh D:! then the ball will most probably be borrowed from the school, hopefully can lah.

    last period, was cs&d. we went to the room and waited for a long long time before we knew that the teacher wasnt coming. waste time lah D:! then miss low walked past our class, saw no teacher, then released us early! woots, i like miss low. LOL. then we went down to toilet and i was looking at the student council board. spotted a few people.

    anyway, that guy&girl are like super... im just speechless lah. the things they do are like... want to hug in public, then shouldnt scared people see what. people see nia then go threaten people le. dont want people see, then dont in public lah.

    Monday, May 21, 2007
    zhiyang&clar bday prezzie

    HAHAHA. zhiyang came to our school today! &me being the nice person went to tell JT. the girls screamed like mad. then me&ester decided to buy the Get High concert tix for clar, cos can get autograph from zhiyang. and clar doesnt wanna go cos she'll be alone D:

    here it is! click to enlarge! ARE YOU JEALOUS OF CLAR? I KNOW YOU ARE! we're gonna give it to clar on the class gathering! 31st May! HAHAHA! lol, im a bit mad today.
    this is for clar (: credits to jaf ie!

    anyway, today was normal.. morning waikhee came, and despite me having difficulties walking, i still walked her up to her class. then norm stuff. then watched a bit of I Not Stupid Too. then fastforward to lunch! that's when we saw zhiyang. then while i was queueing up to get his autograph, waikhee said that i see until shuai ge then very happy. LOL, im doing this for clar! then while i was eating half-way, she came to my table and blew wind into my ear. i kinda screamed. LOL! then um, zann smuggled drinks up while jiawei smuggled LOADS of popcorn. got ccl doing duty, then he call the girls to help him smuggle. we going up half-way the ccl stop us. i think is stop zann cos hers very ming xian, jiawei's one not. then in the end they both run away, then the ccl chase. then zann ran into class, and it's kinda a dead end. the ccl asked me if i knew zann, then me&brenda lied and said no. then the ccl gave this dont-believe-us look. then the ccl ran into our class, and zann tio caught, but the ccl gave her a chance. lawl?
    anyway, congrats to soravee for getting top in level! and xinying for getting 3rd in level! you 2 have made MD proud! :D plus jiawei's like 8th in level? rawr, so unfair!

    Sunday, May 20, 2007
    my knee ):

    i can hardly bend my knee when it is straight for a looong time, or straighten my knee when it is bent for a looong time. so yeah, if i sit, i will walk with difficulties. if i walk, i will sit with difficulties. and it hurts loads! D: that's like so confusing. whateverrr. plus i think the wound is warm, so when i apply the antiseptic lotion, it melts, and becomes all watery and well, GROSS! anyway, i hope it heals soon, cos im afraid that i might have problems going up to the 3rd floor D: plusplus, i dont want to be seen limping around the school, cos im currently like limping at home. yep, my dear leg, heal soon, alright? (eww, i think i can see the FLESH of my knee! GROSS!)

    anyway, i got really angry on both thur&fri cos of the same person! on thursday, i really couldnt take it anymore, and i complained to zann super loudly. well, that girl probably heard it as people beside her could hear it. i was angry cos she hit my head for no apparent reason, and messed up my hair! well, that's not the point. but y'know, yes you can fool around with me, but dont go overboard what. plus i've 忍 for a very long time already for all those things you've said etc. you probably didnt know how i felt when you said all those stuff, did you? NO YOU DIDNT. YOU CONTINUED TO YAK ON. did you know i was so darn pissed off&hurt with the things you said that i wanted to cry? NO YOU DIDNT. YOU CONTINUED TO YAK ON. you dont know how much your yakking is hurting those people around you.
    and on friday, oh my, you didnt have the sense of urgency! we had only 5 min left and you insisted on making another new artefact. in the end, you didnt even know how to draw it and had to copy another girl's one. hahaha, i wanted to burst out laughing, but i was laughing like mad in my heart. in the end, nothing productive came out of you as we had already told you that there wasnt enough time but you wouldnt listen. then, you took the artefact home. and you should make a nicer one, if you say that the current one is ugly. i'll be waiting for it on monday, my dear girl.
    after describing so much, you should know who you are. cos there's no other people like you.

    Friday, May 18, 2007
    grazed knees ):

    today was... slack day! so many free periods lorh. the eng skit thing, im the lead actress can? plus my lines are like so much. as most of you people know, my memory is bad so im afraid that i might forget the lines. so gregory, soravee, zann, jiawei, kangning cannot blame me okay? i forget the lines is none of my business xD while editing the script and reading it loud, we kept on laughing cos gregory was so funny lah! and his new name is 'Babe'! rofl.

    guides was like kinda slack? apart from the first part when we did pumpings. cos my body was sliding down, so i dragged my knees to the front. then when we finished, i found out that my knees were bleeding! D: it was uber painful! then i tried to ignore it lah. then took our stuff and went to the AHA room. then nicole&ester found out about my knees, and they went to tell mrs toh(sp?). then me&nicole went to the toilet to wash my wound. then we came back and presented about the total defence thingy. i was like reading from my paper can. =.= then um, mrs toh did the salad for us. then when we discussed about the total defence thing with your group, she went to call the ma'ams to bring the first aid kit up for me! then the senior helped me with my wound. apparently, they didnt know what to do. LOL. they kept on asking each other what to do. the group thing for total defence was so crappy lah. LOL. then got the east division day thing. im supposed to design a t-shirt with 2 sec twos. kelly&genevieve. however her name is spelled lah. i dont even know how to pronounce her name can. why did i even put my name for that?! =/ anyway, amanda's in the dance competition, and cherie's the IC. amanda is so happy, and i have no idea why. LOL.

    today, im gonna tell a story about a hypocrite. you know, hypocrites are all around us, it's just that we havent realised that they're there. okay, so presenting to you, a hypocrite called A. in the beginning of the year, A was telling B about how ugly, sucky, etc C was. so, common sense would tell us that A would still continue to hate C, right? butbutbut, here's comes the contradicting part. A&C are steading now! i mean like that's just totally SUPER CONTRADICTING, plus it's totally unbelievable that A can change her mind so fast! i mean that, within like 2 months, they've become steads. of course, C doesnt know that at first, A has been talking behind C's back, so he's kept in the dark. is this just totally contradicting, or are all these lies?

    okay, enough of those stuff. IM UBER UBER HAPPY! cos i recently got in contact with my kindergarten bestie, Charlotte. hah, i miss her loads! that time i saw her on the bus(we alighted at the same stop!) but i didnt dare to talk to her in case wrong person, then very embarrassing xD. then i added her on friendster&msn. and now we're talking about who we can remember and all that stuff :D reminiscing! to be truthful, that day i took out the K2 photo and i could only remember around 8 people! =/ haha, and charlotte's one of them cos we were very close back then, so definitely can remember her. yups, i miss her. D:

    Thursday, May 17, 2007
    taps are fun!

    :D :D :D today was damn damn fun lah, especially in the afternoon! okay, so morning, norm stuff luh. waikhee came. then me&lena&brenda&kangning tried to do the food pyramid but failed, cos not enough time. and the bell havent ring yet then jw calls us go down le. zzz. waste time lorh. then um, wanglaoshi never come leh! woots, so we continued on the dumb pyramid. then calligraphy was okay lah, though we didnt use the shit-smelling ink, our class still smelled of shit. yes, SHIT. waikhee came and gave me a shock. she say i write the words very ugly. LOL. then the maobi lao shi asked me why this time never count marks one write until so nice, then last time one write until so ugly. LOL. then derek's sis and some other ccls came in, and asked a few people to go out, cos they selected for interview. and i cant believe derek selected can. LOL. he so sick one. plus our class only 2 girls selected for interview-brenda&soravee. for boys is zihow, derek, eugene, jiawei i THINK. not sure =/

    then went for PE. i didnt run cos i went for dental. and when i came back, they all finished running. haha, im so lucky lah :)! then played bball. this time we did ABC. :D we refers to me&zann&soravee&shirlyn&kangning. yeah, but didnt manage to finish the whole ABC game, cos apparently, 1hr wasnt enough. =/ LOL, whatever lah. then the first few times, the ball didnt go in for me xD. my skills really very jia lat liao. then reccess, ate then went up to continue the pyramid.

    then cos our class STILL smelt of shit, we couldnt take the smell so we brought the pyramid out to the bench. and i was damn embarrased lah. dont ask why xD! then bell rang so we went for science. then me&lena were doing the food and everything. damn fun lorh. LOL. then went back, had to go for home ec. heng mdm tham gave us more time, and we could hand in the next morning. then watched the video which was like when we were born that year make one. LOL, 13 years ago de video. so 'cool' sia.

    then stayed back did the pyramid. that's when i had lots&lots of fun. in the toilet, soravee accidentally bumped into tiffany, and her saucer with the ink spilled onto her skirt&shirt. then zann&soravee ran back to class and told me about it. then they were laughing like mad lorh. then jiawei(1JT) came to help tiffany bao chou. then when he saw soravee, he became gentleman and told soravee 'ni hen mei'. LOL! we all laughed like siao lah. then later, cos the 3rd floor toilet had 2 taps wrapped with plastic bag, me&brenda went ahead to turn on the tap, and the plastic bag filled up. then the plastic bag burst and water was sprayed onto the floor! LOL, me&brenda kept on laughing non-stop! then our skirts both got wet from the water spraying outta the plastic bag. we kept on laughing while we squeezed the water out from the plastic bag into a container. lmao! then we painted the pyramid with abstract stuff. yeah, future artists! im quite satisfied with the pyramid cos it's damn cute-looking. LOL. yeah, zikua, whatever lah.

    +brenda, promise me not to inflict hurt on yourself. it's not worth it, alright.
    ++the test thingy is weird O_o. i've got no idea how it became like that. the HTML's seems alright. just click on the weird thing and do it. it's perfectly fine there.

    Wednesday, May 16, 2007
    food pyramid -.-

    hello people :D stuff about tuesday will be short, cos my memory is bad D: well, the morning started with waikhee coming to find me, and she happily showed me her cross stitch winnie the pooh. something like those huilin used to do last year :D. then music, watched The King&I. the show is like damn dumb lah, but it's nice. LOL. im contradicting myself. whateverrr. the day was kinda boring =/ nothing much to say. lessons&geog debrief&stuff like that.

    today was okay lah. zann sent me Girlfriend! :D :D :D! then finished I Not Stupid Too during chinese. another boring day =/ yang lao shi came like 30 min late, which was good cos her lessons are dreadful, and brought us to library to watch shen diao xia lu. not like the TV screen's damn big or what, it's damn small&pathetic. not like Plasma TV or what, can alot of people watch. soravee&joanna were sleeping on yueying's lap. sick lah! then charisma, watched hoodwinked! :D :D :D. i still love the goat&squirrel. before that, miss mong was letting us guess song titles which she ahd on her com. but the songs were all very common so easy lah. &i guessed keep holding on&way back into love first! yay :D then those that we didnt know, we would go 'orh, that song lorh. that one lah. you know that one?' lmao, pretending that we knew xD

    then stayed back to do food pyramid. got lena to tah bao food for me, but i was still hungry, so went down to buy more food. at least we had some stuff going :D butbutbut, we only made the pyramid. then food not yet =/ tomorrow really need to chiong le lorh. home ec last period, need to hand in. hah, we were saying that our greediness got the better of us, cos we volunteered to do the pyramid cos of extra points for home ec. but we didnt care about it, and now we're like rushing it and the deadline's like tomorrow?! LOL. plus jiawei's damn irritating. he kept on stealing our food to eat lah! and its not like he no money, his wallet had like around $10 lorh. then he kept talking&stuff, super irritating. LOL. then i was pissed off then i went to scold him. then the remaining people in class all suddenly damn quiet. LOL.

    history debrief was.... boring. i got A1 for history! 31/40 :D si es zhu, she got 37/40 can! rawr. i dont like smart people like ester. lmao, jkjk. i love ester loads.

    go do my quiz, okay? must be like ester, A GOOD ROLE MODEL! :D

    Monday, May 14, 2007

    today was a school day :o waikhee came in the morning. she didnt liked her fringe. then um, wenhui was unwell D: she vomitted. poor girl D: hope she gets well soon. ester tells me that wenhui has fever, stomache and has vomitted a few times. wenhui, get well soon! got back our science results. i got A1 for science :D but highest was xinying with 93. PRO SIA. then watched i not stupid too during chinese. then maths, did simple inequalities. then had geog. watched some clips on how waterfalls&caves&rivers are formed. then also about quicksand. damn scary lorh =/ then IT, didnt really do alot of stuff. we're like so dead. D: then i suddenly remembered that we had only 3 more days till 17th, and me&brenda&kn had to do this homec food pyramid which we all completely forgtten about it. then lunch was okay... kn told me to turn around, and i did. then i saw the one holding the ball. gave me a scare :( then went to library with zann. zann borrowed some books and chopped the date like she very bu shuang cos she had to pay her fines. LOL. laughed, then the woman said that 'must let the computer see the money then can borrow books'. then i was like 'wow' in a sarcastic manner. LOL. then me&zann were laughing like mad.

    [You're supposed to get below 30 points in total to be considered a GOOD kid; anything OVER & your BAD.

    [ ] smoked
    [x] drink alcohol (wine i think...)
    [ ] slept with someone of the opposite sex
    [x] Slept with someone of the same sex (many times, when we had sleepovers :D)
    [ ] gotten into any fights
    [ ] kissed someone of the opposite sex
    [ ] kissed someone of the same sex
    [ ] had someone in your room of the opposite sex
    [ ] scold vulgarities
    [ ] bought porn
    TOTAL: 2

    [ ] taken drugs
    [ ] hate going to the doctors
    [x] lied to your parents
    [x] lied to a friend
    [ ] sneak out of the house
    [ ] done something illegal
    [ ] cut yourself
    [x] hurt someone (i think i've hit zann or something xD)
    [ ] wished someone to die
    [ ] seen someone die
    TOTAL: 3

    [ ] missed curfew
    [ ] stayed out all night
    [ ] eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself
    [ ] been to a therapist
    [ ] been to rehab
    [ ] dyed your hair
    [ ] received a ticket
    [ ] been in a wreck
    [ ] been to a club
    [ ] been to a bar
    TOTAL: 0

    [ ] been to a wild party
    [ ] seen the Mardi Gras
    [ ] had a fight
    [ ] had a spring break in Florida
    [ ] sniffed anything
    [ ] wore black nail polish before
    [x] worn wrist bands
    [ ] wore t-shirts with band names
    [ ] wore black eyeliner
    [ ] own a 50 cent CD
    TOTAL: 1

    [ ] hugged someone of the opposite sex
    [x] hugged someone of the same sex
    [x] gone out with someone of the opposite sex
    [x] gone out with someone of the same sex
    [ ] stole something
    [ ] been too drunk to remember anything
    [ ] blacked out(is being sick consider bad?)
    [ ] fainted
    [ ] had a crush on your neighbour
    [ ] had someone else snuck into your room
    TOTAL: 3

    [ ] snuck into someone else's room
    [ ] had a crush on someone of the same sex
    [x] had gone and watched movies with friends
    [ ] dry humped someone
    [ ] been called a sl*t
    [ ] called someone a sl*t
    [ ] installed speakers in your car
    [ ] broke a mirror
    [ ] showered at someone of the opposites sex's house
    [x] brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush (yeah, alicia's toothbrush cos i forgot to bring mine to her house xD)
    TOTAL: 2

    [ ] consider Mac,Dr Dre, e40 or Mistah Fab your favorite rapper
    [ ] seen an R rated movie
    [x] going out with friends to the mall (shopping also means im a bad kid?!)
    [ ] skipped school
    [ ] had an eating disorder
    [ ] had hurt yourself
    [ ] gone to court
    [ ] walked out of a restaurant without paying
    [x] caught something on fire (the grass i think)
    [x] lied about your age
    TOTAL: 3

    [ ] owned an apartment
    [ ] cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend
    [ ] cheated with someone
    [ ] got in trouble with the police
    [x] talked to a stranger (asked for directions -.-)
    [ ] hugged a stranger
    [ ] kissed a stranger
    [ ] rode in the car with a stranger
    [ ] been sexually harassed
    [ ] been verbally harassed
    TOTAL: 1

    [ ] met face to face with someone you met online
    [ ] stayed online for 12 hours straight
    [ ] talked on the phone for more than 6 hours( IT’S 16HRS)
    [ ] watched TV for 12 hours straight
    [ ] been to a fair
    [ ] been called a bad influence
    [ ] been cursed
    [x] prank called someone
    [x] laid in the bed with someone of the opposite sex (somehow.. i was beside joyce, and joyce was beside xinren. but i wasnt directly beside him)
    [x] cheated on a test
    TOTAL: 3

    [x] cheated on homework
    [x] held hands with someone of the same sex
    [ ] wants to be dead
    [ ] cuts yourself
    [ ] hate yourself
    [ ] had a crush on someone 10 years older than you
    [ ] had a crush on someone younger than you
    [ ] worn eyeliner
    [ ] worn contact lens
    [ ] laughed at someone who was seriously hurt
    TOTAL: 2

    hey, im a good kid alright?

    Sunday, May 13, 2007
    ppl we saw at suntec

    hello everyone! now im gonna post pictures of 3 people me&es saw at suntec ytd!

    we saw koala, 'mdm koh' at the toilet! :D

    at mini toons, we saw mushroom, 'mrs sum'! but it's too cute to be her. :x

    also, we saw penguin, jiahui, at mini toons too!

    what a fruitful trip! we met 3 of our old teachers&classmate! isnt that nice? yeah, i know it is. ^^V oh yeah, credits to ester for the pictures!

    Saturday, May 12, 2007

    went to suntec today with ester&kangning&wenhui. me&kangning reached first, so we walked around suntec. we went to carrefour and played with the Sonic X game. so fun can :D when i pass the level then i was uber happy, like a small kid. LOL. then went back to mini toons and met ester. cos wenhui was coming late, we went around suntec.

    went to toys 'r' us to play :D but they never play de, not fun one =/ then we went to arcade to play. didnt spend alot lah, cos we good kids, save money :D. played the bball one and ester owned. i became super lousy. from the last time i played score of 84 till like 12 or something -.- im a noob already. D: then we played table soccer twice. then me&ester went to play DDR. damn fun sia. my first time playing. i chose the one with the speed of 200 and we passed the level. wo men hao li hai wor xD but seriously it was damn fast lah. i owned this game. DDR is uber fun. :D

    then went to meet wenhui and went to BK to have lunch. wenhui was damn cute lah, when we were at BK, she asked, 'Why dont have Zinger?' LOL. then we laughed and told her the Zinger was sold at KFC and not BK. heng the person never hear or else... yeah, you get me. then got this little girl damn cute. her backview was facing us and she was dancing. then she turned around and continued to dance. ester waved to her and she got frightened and went to her mom. haha. laughed like mad at ester. ester's scary! :O

    went to watch movie le. spiderman3 rocked! with the black suit, peter was such a jerk. he was so bad lah, go bei pan Mary-Jane. SO BAD. IDIOT. but it's because of the suit lah. then at the ending part, the friend, harry, came to help him. then harry kena killed by venom. damn sad lah, i kept on crying and crying. wenhui cried too. kangning&ester like no emotion one, never cry de. ITS SO SAD, IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO CRY. and im serious. i give it a rating of 5 stars :) oh yeah, James Franco is cute ^^ he's Harry in the show.

    then walked around cos kn&wh wanted to buy mother's day gift. such nice children :D then we went to wallet shop. we were talking about a particular wallet, and wh said it was ugly LOUDLY. then the shopkeeper heard and we were damn embarrassed lah. then kn bought the thingy. i dont know what it's called! D:

    then i think we went home le. kn didnt know how to get to the MRT station so we ester asked for directions. then i was also going that direction so walked with kn lorh. then wh joined her family, and ester went the other direction.

    yeah, now presenting a bad news for me. ): ester wont be able to go on the 17th cos of her bro! :x then it'll be like only me&clar cos for jh not sure. ): how? zhen me ban? lets hope that ester can go, or not very lonely de.

    Friday, May 11, 2007
    TM :)

    went to TM today with zann&soravee. apparently i was late :x so i went to arcade to meet them cos they were they already... then went to change some tokens then go play. met my guides senior, wanting, in the arcade. then me&soravee&zann played the air hockey. me&soravee vs zann cos zann wanted to be on her own. BUT STILL, WE OWNED ZANN. wahaha :D

    after arcade, went for lunch at Kopitiam. :D ate korean food with soravee. quite nice seh. the number 16 thingy. then zann went over to LJS to buy fries. xD she said she wasnt hungry o.O oh well.. then we had a debate on whether to take neos at TM or CS. i wanted CS cos there are more machines, and the quality is better. but zann wanted TM cos it's nearer, and she had to go soon. in the end, we decided on CS, and went there. brenda gave us a call, and she came to meet us at Print Club. then we took neos and the timer was pretty fast, so we were all unprepared. but it was kinda fun. xD then we decorated the neos and stuff. soravee's so pro in decorating lah! she did the crop out thingy which was so nice. :)

    then zann left at 3 for her tuition. she sold brenda her remaining tokens for the TM arcade, so me&brenda&soravee went back to TM arcade cos we all had some coins left. then we played Daytona and I won! :D :D :D haha, brenda almost won, but at the very last second, i overtook her at the finishing line, so she lost. :P soravee was last for all the races :x i think she not experienced or something xD then brenda spotted lirong, who acted in Fireflies and told me. wow, brenda's eyesight is so good luh. xD

    then brenda&soravee wanted to watch spiderman3, but i was going to watch tmr, so i went home first. brenda said that i could always watch twice but i didnt want to waste money mah xD and their tickets were like the 1st row lah! omg, so near. their necks will most probably ache after they finish the movie. LOL, im so mean. but it's true okay! then on my way to the mrt(still in TM), i met YueYing&her friend from RP. yeah, Joanna's gonna be real jealous xD

    tomorrow watching spidey3 with ester&kangning&wenhui at suntec :). then thursday meeting clar&jh at TM with ester :D. 240507 got beach cleaning(and some dumb class picnic -.-) >:( i dont like beach cleaning!

    Don't you feel excited? :D COMING IN JULY! I can't contain the excitement! Oh yes, anyone got Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix? I need to read it again, cos I've forgotten the story :x

    Thursday, May 10, 2007
    debrief =/

    i dont like debriefs. especially those at the audi *shivers* its so hard to write on our laps! uneven surface mah...

    morning on the way to school, my sister spotted a DEAD RAT on the pavement. luckily i wasnt walking :P a few girls were talking while walking, and one of them almost stepped on it! uber gross lah! clara was also grossed out. LOL. reached class, then discussed about saturday with them. we're watching spiderman 3! wooh~ excited :DD but i supposedly dont like mary-jane. hahas. waikhee didnt come to visit me today ): sigh... maybe is cos i dont wanna tell her what 020507 is bah. actually, im not really sure about what it is anyway :P hope she comes on monday bah.

    got back our maths paper 1 results. shant say much about it. lena&kangning were joining dots. lena drew dots an the paper and told kangning to join them. and they formed words. haha. kangning went to write 'HX is a les xD' and wanted me to join them up. LOL. oh yes, Joanna has lent me the old issue of i weekly with felicia chin on it's cover! -grins- yay! oh yes, yueying's gonna lend me her issue of U weekly with felicia chin on the cover too! -screams- teens has got a poster of avril and stephanie sun in this month's issue, so you people can go get the poster! haha, i love Joanna&YueYing, only when they're not harrassing me. xD

    then also got back our EL compre. i failed D: i've failed so much stuff, and somemore it's MYEs can! ): i've really gotta study and stop slacking. but first, i've gotta get my bum off the chair, and go pick up some stuff to revise, WHICH I CANT DO. cos im lazy :P i dont feel good 'bout failing my tests. and yet i dont know whats wrong with me, the sums seem right when i do them. maybe i dont understand the question or something... i want to cry )':

    walked to bus-stop with zann&soravee. stopped by at 7-11 to get some snacks :D they each bought a slurpee and some candy. i think it's called PET or something. the reason they bought the candy was cos the thing used to dispense the candy was really really cute :D yeah, and our childhood memories came flowing back. it's those candy that we used to eat when we were young, you could refill the thingy. and there alot of cartoon characters for you to choose de. gah, so nice! but i didnt buy. i bought buffalo chicken thingy which was spicy, and zann didnt tell me >:( but it tasted good though. wahaha. then there was this sec 4 senior inside, and when she left, i think she smiled at me or something.

    let's hope that i dont fail anymore tests. :'( im feeling so down, not emo YET. unless you say so =/

    im so looking forward to 170507 & 310507 ! WOOTS! ^^ and of course when the 2 HP movies come out during July this year&November next year! YAY!

    Wednesday, May 09, 2007

    summary of the MYE period :O

    -mugged like siao with lena, kanging&joanna for history in the morning
    -i got kinda irritated by joanna xD
    -waikhee came. i was shocked sia. she came to shake hands then she go le.
    -history was such a killer. damn hard can! last question dont know how to do =X
    -jiawei brought around 7-10 people to his house to party.
    -they said that they were going to dao luan, and jiawei was so worried.
    -went home, mugged.
    -then went for dental. found out that the tooth im doing root canaling has cracked which is not a good sign. that also means that my teeth is weak. and because the crack is rather huge, my tooth may drop out. if i want to prevent that from happening, i would have to go for gum surgery&crowning which costs around $750 in total. if not, i'd have to wait till it falls out on its own, which takes quite a long time, and do a tooth implant which costs around $3000. :( zhen me ban? my dad decided not to do the crowning.
    -evening, i was quite lucky :D firstly, i went to turn on the TV, and switched the channel to channel 5.
    -GWEN STEFANI WAS SINGING THE SWEET ESCAPE! woots, chao happy. then after that, she sang Wind It Up, which was not bad.
    -then all of the audience got her album&ticket to her concert FOR FREE! OMGOMGOMG, SO COOL RIGHT?
    -then at night, i switched the channel to channel U. AND EVAN CAI MIN YOU WAS SINGING WO KE YI LEH!
    -then my mom told me that she threw away the blue shimmering streamer which i got from my 2nd Hi-5 concert. then i cried and got angry with her ._. cos it's like memories of the concert mah, then she went to throw away. then i was super angry lorh...

    -waikhee came in the morning :D shook hands with her, and so did those people around me like serene, zann, lena etc.
    -then she told me that she didnt memorise for her history =/
    -maths paper was zzz. i think im not gonna score well lah, cos i got a few careless mistakes.
    -when i was going to change my answer, then times up le T.T
    -bought tako&sushi and brought it up to class to eat.
    -julia, juliet, kanging, iylie etc. were like asking questions and throwing an eraser. the eraser had yes&no written on each side.
    -then zann&i were asking questions about waikhee and me out of boredom. and the answers were like LOL. damn funny lah, all the answers all show that me&waikhee very pei. kinda dumb lah xD all crap. didnt believe in them cos it was only an eraser.
    -while studying for e lit, joanna kept on singing "its so old, its so solid. i feel like a cicada molting under a big rain tree" and i actually sang along! :O :O :O

    -waikhee came again :DD she had physics i think. physics is like damn hard lah. almost hated by everyone.
    -science was okay.
    -the essay questions was like pfft. did 2, 3, 4, 5 cos i didnt know how to do qns 1 =x

    -serene pushed me in the morning T.T
    -i fell into RP's back door. my knees were grazed, but they didnt bleed. .
    -then saw cherie at the bench on lvl 3.
    -then waikhee came! :D :D :D
    -walked her up to her class.
    -then on the way, we saw her friend's bf, and she told me that she thinks he is ugly. LOL.
    -then i told her that she's mean. xD
    -geog was kinda easy to me. =x
    -then oral was such a killer!
    -i was stuttering in my conversation can! then i chose the mushroom head teacher :) the rest looked so fierce, they were gonna eat me.
    -then chester said that he was gonna choose miss low cos miss low 'favours' him. LOL. derek couldnt choose his favourite teacher, the one that made him say f**k 100 times, cos she wasnt giving oral. heh.
    -then henry was mental, he was singing some weird songs can!
    -then finished oral, walked to canteen. saw qingru, and the first thing she said was 'funky specs'. haha! xD

    -waikhee came. she didnt bring her chopper as she promised. she said she wanted to kill me cos i wouldnt tell her something in the msn convo ytd. all she brought was some notes
    -maths paper 2 was easier then paper 1. and i thought it would be harder o.O
    -finished maths, then went to eat. had beehoon with amanda :D
    -hoho said that FG also had a chalet on the same day&venue as 6K. me&ester forced him to go for the 6K one. haha ;D
    -went for chi debrief
    -chi results werent very li xiang... haha, shant say much about it. gek xim sia.
    -life science, did the micropipette thingy. ejecting the dye into the agar was uber fun lah!
    -me&xinying tried to make a rainbow, but not enough colours =/
    -made chocolate :DDDD but it tasted rather bitter, and the amount of oil we used was shocking!
    -walked to bus-stop with yueying, serene, xinying, eugene, junxiang. serene did the upside down umbrella that she used to do. this time she used xinying's umbrella.

    Wednesday, May 02, 2007
    crappish day. LOL.

    ohmyyyy. today was such a crappish day. and i mean it in a good way (: shall start from the beginning. waikhee came after the bell rang, thought she wouldnt come but she came in the end. happy (: the poor girl slept at 3am yesterday! D: she told me that she couldnt sleep, and woke up at 11pm and did hw till 3am. and she still could wake up at 6am okay! omg, so pro! and i told her that i love her xD LOL. then uh, 'sent' her up to her class. see, im so nice. xD then kangning&serene followed us, then waikhee said that im her lover and seren&kangning are her bodyguards. LOL. then she went into her class to put her bag, and serene closed the window to prevent waikhee from respiration. LOL. then serene took her own jacket, and threw it at waikhee. it covered waikhee, and waikhee's hair got messy and her specs almost dropped. then uh, told her that she need not come to find me for the next few days and went back to class.

    tralala, boring lessons =X then after reccess, during ACC, zann wrote a story. no, 2 stories. the first one was kinda okay, her imagination was... 'great'. then when she wrote the 2nd story, her imagination TOTALLY RAN WILD. omg, this is so scary! then uh, she let me, soravee, kangning&serene read, and made us rate. i gave 3 stars, kangning gave 4 and 3quarters, soravee gave uhm, 4 and a half or something, serene gave 5! omg, the story was so crappy and serene gave such a high rating can! not happy, cos it makes me seem so heroic. LOL. i dont like that! >.< cos of the storyboard lorh...

    charisma was kind okay. played games at the concourse. the most fun was the last one luh. like duh, can ran around mah. then um, kinda did the demo -.- i was the tree with miss mong. and i wasnt the squirrel for most of the times, which is good cos they bully the squirrels one can! poor soravee D:

    who wants to go and watch spongebob live?

    aha, someone go with me ley. spongebob rocks you know? and * is going on 31st, but i cant make it! cos got class gathering. but for 6K, im willing to sacrifice (:

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