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13th Feb is my day.
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    Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    Rawr. Today wasnt a good day for me ): First of all, Umbridge went to lab but couldnt find us cos we havent reach yet. Then she went to our old classroom which was on 3rd floor. She got 2 students to tell us to go back to our classroom cos she's there. So, we went to our 1st floor classroom. After waiting till left 15 min, Joanna went upstairs to find her. When Umbridge came to our 1st floor classroom, she started scolding us and say that we dont have initiative to go to our 3rd floor classroom to look for her. Wlao eh, we change classroom she know. It's not like she dont know, then cannot blame her. But now it's like she know, then she still say we dont have initiative to go upstairs to find her to come down. Then she said that she's not scolding us etc. Everyone was so damn bu shuang lorh >:(

    Ate a light lunch cos I was gonna have my 2.4km run in another hour's time. Eating together with the bunch of girls was really fun sia ^^ There was Shirlyn, Serene, Kangning, Joanna, Lena, Julia, Juliet, Iylia and me. Cant remember anymore :X Anyway, Serene&I were qiao jiao-ing then Joanna said that got a nice view. -.- DOTS MANNN.

    Anyway, 2.4km run was a disappointment. Met Amanda ex-maam on the way to the starting point. She was like "Can anot? Got stamina anot?" Lol, damn funny sia. Well, I got 14.33, an improvement from the very first time I got, which was 15.40. And the best thing was I didnt train, or wear running shoes etc. :D But I'm really really really disappointed with myself lorh. I left 2 more secdonds then I can get A already you know?!?! When I heard that I got 14.33, I began to cry sia ._. I felt that it's like very lang fei, 2 more seconds then can get A already, you know? A LEH! Then I was like keep on crying lorh :'( Then Binglin come comfort me, telling me that I can always get A for sec 2, 3, 4. But I was very shi wang lo... I mean, whats the diff with people who get 15.29? It's still B right? But there's this diff of 1 min, and it's still a B. ): Me, Serene and Kangning were super depressed over this damn 2.4 lorh ): WO MEN HAO SHI WANG!

    Began to drown my sorrows. HAHAHHA. Drank a hell lot of water. Bought Milo Dinosaur from i-Cafe. Everyone wait until damn long lorh for their order sia ~!#$% After that, went to water cooler. Then went to bubbletea shop and bought bubbletea. Haha, now this what you call drowning your sorrows. Damn cool lorh ^^ But I'm still disappointed lah, more disappointed than when we lost the vball match to 1HM. You can see how disappointed I am bah ): Wo hao shi hen shi wang. Thought that letting it out on my blog could make me feel better, but I'm only better a teeny weeny bit.

    If I get silver for PFT, it's gonna be a miracle.
    Disappointment, you're driving me into despair.

    Monday, July 30, 2007
    present :D

    HAHAHAH. Im so high now. I also dont know why. Anyway, updated playlist. First song to play is HARRY POTTER THEME SONG :D! Hahaha, I'm so high because of this. Managed to find the full version instead of the 30sec one! ^^ IM SO HAPPY NOW. HAHAHA. Okay lah, I know that I get happy very easily. Plus I think I'm rather crazy. I've read the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows 3 times liao leh O_o I think I really siao le ^^ WO SHI HIGH DAO~

    Today was one of the better days. The class was being lame, and they turned off all the lights and hid in the class, attempting to scare people, including me -.- But super fun sia ^^

    During Chinese, I began to cough and choke and my water -.- Then Brenda started to cough too! Then suddenly, the whole class noise is like only me&brenda's coughings. &it's like we cough until very yan zhong like that. Haha, so funny! Then wang lao shi was saying something about me but I cant hear cos his voice is soft compared to my coughs.

    ACC was damn horrid. Yang meh tried to change our seats. Everyone damn unhappy sia. Zann was taken away from me D: Jiawei was beside me -.- But Henry was diagonally behind me ): After ACC, everyone just dont care and change back lorh. Dont care about her >:( ANGRY~

    Changed into my guides half-u and ate like super fast. But then no appetitie O_o I was offering my sushi to everyone xD Then fall-in at concourse. Got our patrol emblems. Then Swan Ser handed me Simone's present for me :D I'm so touched~ Hahaha. Zann&Kangning damn pro lah, they shake the package then they know what's inside le! Inside was Corntos(what zann&kangning guessed!), 5 marshmallows(zann attempted to persuade me to give her one), 2 mini chocs and a blue wugui :D Seriously, I was so touched sia ^^ My heart melted~ HAHAH. So exaggerating xD Oh, and Waikhee was wearing the earrings I gave her :D Happy~ She was like "Jin tian wo emo, bu yao re wo arh..." super funny lah ^^

    Bought munchy doughnuts. No one tell me that the silly-mon was cinnamon lorh ): I dont like cinnamon leh. I bought cos the name very cute. HAHAHA. Then when I told my sister, she said that it's called silly-mon cos sounds like cinnamon. Then it really turned out to be cinnamon ): But it turned out not bad lah, quite nice. Nicer than the latte one, the cream inside the latte one SUPER GROSS. Wlao eh, almost vomit lorh. Tastes super er xin.

    Oh, recess was super funny. Serene was going 'wakakaka', I was going 'muahahaha' and Zann was going 'Eie hie hie hie'. I swear that she sounded like that lorh xD Then some idiotic sec 2 went to cut my queue lorh. Me&Serene were scolding that bastard lorh, then he still act blur. Somemore he cut queue, its not his friends in the queue leh. Its like Zann in front of me, then he suddenly cut in between Zann and me. Pissed me off lorh >:( Angry~

    Sunday, July 29, 2007
    preview 07

    I'm back from NDP Preview 07! :D I'm really lucky to have the tickets, plus this year is the first time it's held at Marina Bay. So um, went there at 4+. Could choose what colour bag you wanted, so I chose Orange :D Got around 6-7 colours of the rainbow! So altogether, my family had 2 orange, 1 purple and 1 yellow. Can link up all to form a hugeeeee bag, damn cool lah! Plus this year bag never print the words NDP 07 or stuff like that, so it's simple and nice!

    This year's show was really special. Since it's a floating platform, they used alot of water features such as fountains to accompany the music, 3 huge fountain curtains to use as screen for projecting lights&pictures etc. Super nice sia ^^ This year's funpack stuff also nice. Got this handheld fan which produces words, and it's super cool sia. Then the animal cap got lights one, and then got the star clappers :D Bling~ Crowd wasnt very enthu at beginning, but got enthu-er and enthu-er! xD

    The peformance segments were quite cool, especially the starfishes! They were super cute, and they reminded me of Patrick star! SUPERRRR CUTE! And they were kiddies wearing the costumes, and when they walked, it's super funny cos I think when they wear the costume it's very hard to move. Then also had boats attached to huge balloons covered with this cloth so it looked like jellyfishes! It looked like this huge group of jellyfishes in the sky sia ^^

    Contigent was nice, especially when they intro the NS part. The divers part damn cool, abseil into the water sia. Then got the helicopters which are super agile and can make sharp turns! Then also got the parachutes at NIGHT! It's super challenging to do it at night cos black black one, cannot see anything.

    Fireworks were exceptionally beautiful! I was gaping at them sia, my mouth open until very big :D There were some on the Sheares bridge like a curtain, with slow-motion sparks flying down into the water. Plus there were some shot from the 3 tallest buildings around. The best, were of course in the sky! Super nice sia ^^ It all seemed like a magical fairytale, taking all my troubles away. But this time dont have heart-shaped ones leh D: But got butterfly ones wor! &This time dont have condos blocking, full view! xD

    Friday, July 27, 2007
    7th book of HP!

    YAY! I FINALLY FINISHED THE HARRY POTTER&THE DEATHLY HALLOWS BOOK! Okay, shant be a spoiler and tell the whole story. I think that this book is quite well written, the part during the fight was super exciting. My whole heart like gonna drop like that xD But managed to drag myself to take a bath. My mom said that she would hide the book. I shrieked. But she didnt do that ;D

    Okay, there were alot of funny parts in the book. Shall post some here.

    "Running at Ron, she flung them around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth. Ron threw away the fangs and broomstick he was holding and responded with such great enthusiasm that he lifted Hermione off her feet. 'Is this the moment?' Harry asked weakly, and when nothing happened except that Ron and Hermione gripped each other still more firmly and swayed on the spot, he raised his voice. 'OI! There's a war going on here!' "
    Lol, damn funny right? That's when Ron wanted Hermione to evacuate the house-elves from the kitchen.

    Omg, Mrs Weasley so cool right? Scold Bellatrix Lestrange until like that ^^

    " 'If you're not in Gryffindor, we'll disinherit you,' said Ron, 'but no pressure.'
    'So that's little Scorpius,' said Ron under his breath. 'Make sure you beat him in every test, Rosie. Thank God you inheritted your mother's brains.'
    A great number of faces, both on and off, seemed to be turned towards Harry. 'Why are they all staring?' demanded Albus, as he and Rose craned round to look at the other students. 'Dont let it worry you,' said Ron. 'It's me, I'm extremely famous.' "
    Yes, one of the reasons I love Ron, his great sense of humour! :D Yeah, his red hair is a plus

    Anyway, I cried twice during the book. I'm so emotional lah, cant help it ): I cried when Dobby died, and when Lupin and Tonks died. All of them sorta sacrificed for Harry lorh. Expected Harry to die. Plus now Lupin&Tonks' son is gonna be so ke lian, no parents. But the baby damn cute lah, the hair can change colour one okay! I want hair like his, pleaseeeeeeeee.

    2.4km run postponed! (:

    Today was Ms Yew's last day with us T.T She's going to work at the National Museum! :D Cool right? She says that we can visit her! When we asked if got discount when we enter the museum, she said "Is this what I get after teaching all of you?" Haha. I'll miss the class being a spoiler and telling her the 7th HP book contents D:! Miss Huang took over the lessons and sometimes she speaks too fast and squeaky till we cant hear her o_O

    After recess had the tea making thingy at Innosphere. Apparently, we're the only school which teaches us how to make tea. The cups are super tiny. And since we wanted to make our money worthwhile, we decided to drink 4 rounds of tea! Haha, even when washing up time we still drinking, then the teacher scold us O_o Many people only drank 3 rounds, but we hurried and got to drink 4 rounds! Haha, we're damn cheapo lah. After all, we paid $3 for drinking tea with cups no bigger than your pinky. As we walked out of the Innosphere, Jiawei said that want to take class photo, but it was drizzling so we went back to class. Shaked some trees, and Kenneth broke a tree branch xD!

    PFT 2.4km run was cancelled due to rain! :D Damn shuang lor! Now it's postponed to Tue I think. RP people are damn kiasu lah, almost 3/4 of the class wore sport shoes can O_o MD only like less than 10 people lah. Cos we use ability, not use material help :D

    Anyway, you know how new books got this paper smell? Cos I've got the 7th HP book at home, and onced I entered the door, my house had this "Harry Potter" smell. It's like the smell is from the book cos it's new so got the paper smell. So I was like "Eh? Harry Potter come my house arh?" xD Omg, so lame hor :D

    Oh, and lastly, Happy Birthday Waikhee :D
    15 already, dont be so childish already okay! But I guess that's what makes you fun right? I'm glad to have you as a senior; always keep your ^^ face on okay! :D
    With much love,

    Thursday, July 26, 2007
    my umbrella is my wand

    Today's PE did the 5 items. Haha, I'm aiming for silver or bronze, cos most of my stuff get D. LOLLLLL. Okay, only can depend on my sit-ups for A. 2 more situps then can get A le, jy jy! I only excel in 2.4km & situps lah, lmao. While timing for the situps, I was lying down on the bench. HAHAHA. So shuang lah, then got breeze somemore ^^

    Then recess, planned to eat until bell rang, but they wanted to leave first so go back lorh. When we went back, I was feeling superrrr thirsty so dragged Serene out to canteen to buy drinks! Wanted to smuggle it up by putting it into our pockets but the councilor saw us =/ So we walked the longer way by going into the new block, then walk across the service road! Our pockets were super heavy and cold! Ran into class and started to drink it all up! :D

    Went for EL at concourse. Met our new teacher Miss Honey Huang. Miss Yew's quitting so Miss Huang's taking over ): Well, my group concluded that Ms Huang is probably a Indonesian because she speaks softly with this accent. Jiawei kept on laughing during the play, and I couldnt show enough feelings. HAHAHAH. I just cant do it lah! >:(

    After school, went to eat! Then we walked back to class, and saw them putting their handprints on a big black piece of paper! Cool sia ^^ Then Jiawei was showing off by standing on the chair and doing some sleek body moves o_O (Weirdo!) Then he fell and hurt himself. AHHAHA. Gregory tried too, and he fell too! HAHAHAH. Then me, serene&kangning went to the canteen. Serene started to whakc me with her umbrella so I took my umbrella out too! Then we started to "fight". Serene then took out MY waterbottle and began to whack it far far away. Everything was super funny and I couldnt stop laughing lah.

    Walked to bus-stop together. She pigged out at 7-11, then went to bubbletea shop. Met the boys there. Then I bought bubbletea and left with Serene :D

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007
    wed drilling+fun walk to busstop

    Okay, went to school today. Once I went in our class, Shirlyn etc. were like "Are you okay?" Haha, cos they say that normally I very noisy one, then today come into class then so quiet. Haha ^^ But I'm recovering well from the fact that we lost to HM lah, so dont worry about me. Plus thanks to everyone for their concern, I love you all! HAHAHAH.

    Today was just another normal day bah. Jiawei wanted me to unlock the back door, so he told me the code. He couldnt open the lock but I could! Yay, I feel so "smart"! Then me, Nicole and Kangning went to walk around the lake. We started shaking the trees cos it had just rained earlier on, so the rainwater collected on the leaves would splash on us! Kangning was the wettest lah! Had lotsa fun doing that! Had drilling after school today. Super duper funny. While marching, Joanna kept on timing wrongly, which caused me&Nicole to laugh like mad. Then Cherlyn was like marching with hands&legs from the same side, which is wrong lah. You'll end up looking like a robot :D So once again, me&Nicole kept laughing. Joanna kept on timing wrongly until we were laughing out really loudly. Then when stopped, Joanna asked for permission to adjust her bra strap! She sounded wrong! This time everyone laughed damn loud lah, even the sec threes! Joanna said that she didnt know how to ask without sounding so weird...

    Then dismissed, me&Nicole went to her class to take her bag. There was a basketball in her class so we played with that! Then we walked to find waikhee at the ending point of the 2.4km run cos Nicole wanted to hand in her Collector's badge. Waikhee practically flew lorh, she ran super fast! Handed it in, then we were walking to the back gate when we started to debate on what was taught earlier during drilling. That bahgrad(I know the spelling is wrong -.-) thingy, then we started to debate. Oh, and me&Nicole started shaking the trees again! But most of the water had already evaporated, so we didnt get really wet ): Oh well, we'll wait for the rain again! :D So we walked to the new block staircase landing and wanted to ask the sec threes about the bahgrad thingy, but they had left quite long already. Only some of the sec twos were there. So we went to waikhee's class to ask her about it. So we walked&talked, and finally concluded about it lah. I was wrong lah, lmao. So we walked to the concourse together, she was meeting ferlin&another girl there. So me&Nicole walked out first, and the 3 girls were behind us. Went to the bubbletea shop to sit down, and the 3 girls were super funny lah ;D! Then the 3 girls+nicole left for the bus-stop further up, leaving me alone T.T

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007
    vball match against HM

    Yesterday was alright bah... Cos yueying's leg was dislocated, so our class moved to 1st floor, class nearest to soccer court. I hate the new classroom lah, the toilet so damn smelly plus there are grills at the side of the class, like we're in prison like that. And because of that, the paraphet has got no space for me to put my junk cos the grills take up all the space. I WANT THE OLD CLASSROOM BACK! The trained during lunch, dragged Waikhee along :D She kept saying that she's noob in volleyball so didnt want to play. But she was super funny lah. Since our class outside had open space, played there.

    Today was super idiotic. Kept on training for the match against HM. We knew that they were super string opponents. Winning or losing mattered alot cos it would decide on whether would we enter the finals or not. Got trashed in first set =/ Partially was my fault, my serves just wouldnt behave themselves. It didnt go past the net lorh T.T Was feeling super shi wang. Played the 2nd set too! Once again, my set didnt behave itself. Though it passed the net, it was out of the court T.T Whats happening to me?! The 2nd set was damn jing zhang lorh, kept on having a draw till 13-13. Then someone shi shou and became 14-13. And finally, they won. I was feeling super disappointed and sad, and then I cried. Yeah, I know it's alright, but I feel that I'm to blame. If only I worked on my serves, this wouldnt have happened. If only that's that.
    East Division Day! 3trophies ^^

    Saturday, July 21, 2007
    east division day+css2 roadshow

    Okay, today was the east divison day thing. Competition lah. Waited for Nicole for around 20min. She's ALWAYS late. Hmmph, angry! So went there first. While walking to the school, met the sec 3s, they were in front of me. Then they say that I stalk them O_o!

    Then um, went to the hall, then listen some stuff then went to a room for the t-shirt design competition. Genevieve&Kelly are super duper funny, their quarreling is like damn funny! Everytime they quarrel, I'll laugh like siao. Our t-shirt design is more of anime-like, then it's not really nice lah :P The sec 4s one was quite nice, simple but nice. I like the ribbons at the sides :D After the competition, went down to our booth. As always, we were selling badges. Then Nicole&co. began sticking 'Special Offer! $1!' notes on people's backs! So fun&funny xD! Joanna wanted to buy a badge that said 'Waikhee loves Joanna', and Waikhee really went to write that. Lol, laughed like mad. Then uh... took pictures and she showed me some stuff. Then went up to the hall for prize presentation. Sat with waikhee, and some of the sec 3s were in front of us. We began to play with a balloon, hitting it around. Then waikhee, aloysia and xianwei were singing wu yue tian; I joined them in kong qiu qian :D. CCHMS Guides won 3 prizes, 3rd for Dance&Dessert Making, 2nd for Song Writing. Yay! ^^V Though we expected to win like 1st for Dance lah, haha.

    Went to East Point with Nicole, Zhonghao and Sandy. Ate KFC, and Sandy was being superrrrrr sick. 1EP people are sick -.- Then saw that CSS2 was gonna have a roadshow at East Point at 3, so we stayed to watch a bit. Went to toilet with nicole, then there was this lil boy in the toilet with his mom. Okay, that sounds random, but I'll explain more later. Then went to queue up for free Mentos&PeelFresh drinks :D So cool hor, got free stuff sia! Then some of the sec 3s came, and cos we took extra Mentos, wanted to give them but they dont want. Then we were suaning one another, then aloysia said that I very mei da mei xiao o_O Huiyan's the man! :D Then WanTing stayed to watch the show with us, the rest left. Then Cherie&Xianwei came too! So we sat down on the floor. Madel&Amelia came later. Told them that I support HuiXian cos my name is huixian too! :D HUIXIAN JIAYOU!~ Waited for like super long while lorh. Began to talk about Harry Potter, and when Nicole's friend sms-ed her that Ron died, we were pretty sad. All of us thought that Ron was quite cute, haha. His red hair! Began to take spastic pictures of me, nicole, wanting. We were giving this huge grin that I always do. But this time, it's so huge that our eyes are closed! Lol, super spastic+funny. Oh yeah, I kept on pinching WanTing. Her cheeks super nice to pinch. She's the macho hamster! :D

    The beginning is like total waste of time, it was this cheerleading thing. Then they were cheering for huixian, and me&nicole were laughing cos its as if they were cheering for me! Found out that the lil boy we met in the toilet earlier was benjamin's lil brother! Cool right?! Took some pictures. Although we're quite in front, but they were quite far so the pictures small small one. Then they had this program where Pornsak, the host(dont say you dont know him -.-), would ask questiones. There seemed to be a scandal between Huixian&Benjamin ^^! Heehee, so funny lorh. Pornsak's quite a good host. He's really funny! Shawn was like quite cute lah. He had alot of supporters who came! Left before they started to sing cos quite sian D:

    Friday, July 20, 2007
    vball match against FG

    YAHmm, lets backtrack for a lil while. Yesterday was rather bad, during PE, went to vball court to train but had lightning so got stopped. Couldnt train, so we went to find Mr Tay, who allowed us to go for recess early. BUT, Ms Soh was in class and wanted us to sign some stuff. RAWR! So while going back to class, I practised spinning the ball on my finger. At the linkage there, I almost banged into Yijie. Hahaha, I kept apologising&laughing lah. Super embarrassing. Then after school had CIP at deaf association. Was pretty alright.

    Today's match was coooooool! :D Had Guides first, then went with Nicole to change into PE and went to the vball court. Went to find MD people, and found Shirlyn. She said that she&soravee couldnt play cos Miss Low wouldnt allow them to play. So in the end, 2 girls&4boys. Heng the refree allowed. During practice, we served to the wall. I kept hitting the ball wrongly, and it wouldnt go above the pipe. Until they told me to treat it like Doreen's head, I hit it, and it flew to the 2nd level! COOL RIGHT? AHHAHAH.

    Then the match started. Everytime someone served, we would tell him/her to treat it like Doreen's head! I was the 2nd one to serve during the first set, and 2 went past, 1 hit the net! T.T 2nd set, I served once but it didnt go pass T.T But luckily, we won both sets! Which means we won FG! Yay! I cried lorh, lmao. Okay lah, I cried cos 1)we won; 2)disappointed with myself

    MD jiayou for Tue's match against HM!

    MD'S gonna rock your socks, people!

    Quickly changed and went back. Did drilling. Hmm, cos I was disappointed with myself cos only 50% of my serves went past the net, I was feeling rather down. Hmm, and I wasnt really paying attention, and my eyes kept looking up, like I was rolling my eyes. Then waikhee came to ask me if today I was buaysong or something, cos I kept rolling my eyes. Then I told her that I wasnt buay song, then she walked back to the front of the squad. Then I was like rolling my eyes again, then she saw. Then she was like looking at me, so I stopped letting my eyes wander. Then when water break 1 min, she came over to ask me what happen. Then she asked if we lost or won, and I said won. Then she was like won why so sad. At that moment, I wasnt sure of the answer&how I felt, so I just said that I didnt know why I was so sad... Somehow, there was this sense of disappointment within me ): KN say I emo ): Emo worxzxzxzx! (Eww)

    Hmm, hope that I'll be able to play on Tue! But since got 2 sets, I guess that I just play in 1 set enough already... Okay, tue's match is important cos since both HM&MD has won 2 matches, it's gonna be either one of us going to the finals. At least I think so lah. &My goal for MD is to be in the finals. So, personally I feel that everyone has been training every reccess/lunch, sacrificing their recess/lunch, nice people helping us tah-bao sushi, staying back just to train our serves&gangs&settings. Oh, that's gang1. As in chinese, 1st tone. Not gang as in gangster -.- All the applying of Tiger Balm(our favourite!) sponsored by TszHin, subsituted with pain relief creams by Shirlyn&Yanlun. Hope that we'll make it into finals luh :D

    Your Emoticon is Sad
    You're feeling a tad depressed right now. It will likely pass soon, but for now, you need some major cheering up!

    Who's gonna cheer me up? I dont feel alright ):

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007
    vball match against CR

    Today morning, found out that I didnt bring PE T-shirt for volleyball match. Planned to go to karwai's house to take :D But karwai only had 2, and she needed 1 for basketball, and Shirlyn took the other one so I didnt have one T.T Then when waikhee came, wanted to borrow from her but she also dont have. &so, decided to wear school uniform to play.

    During recess, trained awhile at vball court. 3GR were having PE so saw Grace&Xianwei. Managed to borrow PE T-shirt from xianwei :DD So played vball until bellring and went back to class to get our scripts&pencil case for IB. When recording, had to go to a quiet place so went to concourse. Did it then went to look at fishes, LOL. I was talking to the fishes, and kangning&bingxin&kenneth were laughing at me xD Okay lah, I'm weird!

    Then boring lessons etc. During Science, did the workbook. Seriously, she reminded me of Dolores Umbridge. I remember the scence where Fred&George went to set fireworks in Umbridge's class. I felt like standing up and clapping hands and shouting encore.

    After school, ran to dance studio to get shirt from xianwei, then makan-ed changed clothes and went vball court. It was our turn soon but zann&shirlyn&soravee werent here. Called them and they said they were reaching soon. Our match was against CR, and we won both sets! Me&Serene didnt play, and cheered instead :D The scores for 2nd set was 15-8! Cool right? ^^V All the scores were like serve, then the other team never hit xD So wasnt really counted as playing lorh. So, we concluded that we must really buck up on our serves! Own FG on Friday, yo! FG&HM are really strong teams, so winning them is rather tough.

    MD jiayou, win FG on Friday! :D

    Okay, some pictures which are like super outdated.

    Doesn't GUIDES just rock your socks? :DDDDD

    Fingers of me, soravee, kangning, karwai, zann!

    Coy 02 CLs&ACLs, past&present! :D

    +Found out that I changed Patrols already, now in Sparrow&not Dove T.T

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007
    busy week :/

    Feeling really tired, and I'm just trying to get some sleep everytime I can. Slept on the MRT when coming home from the hospital, then reached home and slept till dinnertime. I really need a break, I guess. A day off to get enough sleep :/ Gah, impossible. There's something called SCHOOL. Plus I dont wanna pon school, I'm a guai kia, yo!

    Busy week for me ahead.
    Wed:T-shirt design discussion&buying of materials/Vball competition at 4
    Thur:CIP at Deaf Association after school
    Fri:Guides/Vball Competition at 4

    Monday, July 16, 2007
    1row in the cinema, yo!

    After school, went to bugis with 13 people-11 guys, 2 girls. Me&soravee were the only girls T.T So we accompanied each other. HAHAH. At first is soravee alone with the guys, but she offered to pay for my ticket so I went too! ZiHow&Jiawei had ccl meeting, after waiting for them for a loooooong time, decided to pangseh them and went to bugis first. Saw waikhee at the canteen, she was gonna have her listening compre I think. Told her that only 2 girls going, so she told us to bao hu each other. Lol. Okay, then went side gate. CLOSED. Wth, no one told us it was closed lorh, so went to front gate. Derek&Mervyn were playing with the ball, then it rolled out to the main road leh! So dangerous lorh, then got cars horning at the ball.

    Went to get tickets first, wanted to pay by Nets, but they dont accept. 13tickets=$104. So had to pay in cash! $104 in cash leh, so much lorh T.T But Soravee treated me to the movie anyway ;D Then went to get Macs and went into the cinema. The show is really disappointing lorh, not very nice. Loads of the parts from the book was cut off. But since I read the book, could understand what was happening in each scence. One of the guys bought Jumbo popcorn, and the cup was reallyyyyyyy huge! Can fit 2 heads inside leh! Anyway, we took the whole row of the cinema! So cool right ^^V Cos we had 13 people mah, so took 1 whole row sia... But the seats were really low, Gregory probably couldnt see anything. I needed to look in between seats to read the chinese subtitles. They were speaking too fast, so read subtitles lorh O_o &I actually cried during the show can. Twice somemore sia. Once was when Hagrid got the kiddys to take care of his half-brother, the other was when Sirius died. It was sad when Sirius died. Bellatrix went to Avada Kedavra him, and it's an unblockable curse, only Harry Potter and Tom Riddle have survived it.

    After movie, went shop shop. Broke into 2 groups, first group is eat first then shop, my group is shop first then eat. Had more people in my group. Went to the wallet shop, and saw this super nice black colour bag, and had limegreen&white words on it! Plus it's only $29 cos got offer! ESTER, MUST GO BUY OKAY! Jiawei promised to treat us to some restaurant, but when we reached there, he didnt -.- Planned to eat Sakae Sushi at first, but since most of us were pretty full, didnt. Then we went to buy takoyaki. It was super hot lorh, but they could still eat so fast. Blah, fine, I eat slowwwwww.

    Friday, July 13, 2007

    Okay, lets do some backtracking again! Yesterday, ran 2.4 trial run. Goodness, I was so damn super dumb. I thought the passing mark was 14 min so when I reached at 15min 40 s, I thought I failed. SO DUMB RIGHT? Blah, I feel I ran so darn slow luh, 4th girl without the bballers. Blah, gotta improve so can run with Karwai dear :D Then had dance practice. Finished at around 3 then went to take tszhin's small red ball to play vball with Nicole love! I stole cos I didnt ask for permission ): HAHAHAH. SO LAME. While we passed the canteen, met waikhee&wanting. Invited them to play with us but they gotta decorate the venue for POP. So they continued to eat while me&nicole played. Then waikhee came to join us :D All of us were like just anyhow play one, lmao. Then we went up to do deco. The sec threes were shocked to see me&nicole cos we werent supposed to be there. But we just did lah. We cut out 2007, hang up balloons, and slacked loads! So fun lorh, then watched sec threes practise their dance, so nice! The sec 3s were really nice&funny lah! Then Yijie told us to go home cos overall stuff done, and they needed some privacy. Lol, nevermind. Then when me&nic were at the door, yijie said "Ni men fang xue yao hui jia du shu hor, bu yao qu zhao nan peng you. sec three yao jing 3RP, 9 subject class okay? Zou lu yao xiao xin, deng yi xia die jing hu li." HAHAHHA.

    Today, total rush man! Spent like 30 min wearing the guides uniform, plus the polish which I dont know how to use. Haha (: Then went to makan then fall in at innosphere. Saw zihow, soravee, yanlun&tszhin training for vball. Waikhee saw the lil cute red ball and got a little high, cos we used it yesterday. Then um, raised the flag I think. Aloysia was pretty dao mei cos the flag dropped =/ Not very lucky seh, Friday the 13th. But overall also not very unlucky, haha. Then continued with the programs, ignored the flag. The sec 1 dance item was the first to present, so yeah :D While I was doing the part "move it all around", I did what I always did, the damn enthu kind, then I think I heard one of the sec 4s saying "so cute". Haha. Then went down to get food for the sec fours, served them :D Then the rest of the programs and stuff lah. Sec 3s dance super nice okay! Encore somemore wor ^^ AI NI~

    Then they announced the ranks for the sec 3s. Cherie&Yijie were CLS, WanTing&XianWei ACL. SwanSer's my PL, then Jacquelyn's my PS. Binglin aint in my patrol anymore, she's in Kingfisher now. Dang, I'm gonna miss her D: Yijie cried when she&Cherie had to say something to us. Aww, Cherie gave her a hug. xD Went down to lower the flag. Simone told me that I must attend the POP bbq so I can receive something from her. Haha, she so cute lorh. xD Came back up, my patrol went to gave Simone a present, it's a big wugui :D Then SwanSer gave me a lil note&a lollipop, then Amanda&Adeline ma'am gave Company 02 people tidbits :DD So nice right? Oh yeah, Amanda&Adeline ma'am were crying real hard during the whole thing. &Cherlyn too, she made me almost cry. Heng the tears never flow out, but stuck at my eyelid there. AHHAHA. So lame.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007
    darigan won!

    OMGOMGOMG! DARIGAN WON ALTADOR CUP! :D :D :D I'm damn happy okay! Glad to know that my hours and hours spent on the Cup aint wasted! Haha, we owned RI in all the games can! Whee~ I'm so happy, I'm practically screaming out loud! Wooh~ Just shared my joy with Clarissa, cos she's in DC too!

    Hurrah, let's backtrack. Yesterday stayed back for full dress rehearsal. My shirt is hugeeeeee, like dress like that lorh. So overall was like, quite okay, I guess. 3 people had History fieldtrip, Abigail sprained her ankle. Hope she recovers in time to be able to dance on Friday! We danced twice cos the first time wasnt really that good, plus we need to be more spread out so those people behind can be seen. After we finished, Nic&I stayed back for a while to talk to Madel&Adeline(sec 2) for advice about those people who wouldnt cooperate. Got shooed out of the dance studio by the sec 3s, they wouldnt show us their dance! Hmmph! As Madel, Nic&I were involved in the interclass volleyball competition, we went to borrow a ball and started to throw it around! Practised vball for a while :D Super fun sia, lmao. Then walked to bus-stop with them and Venessa. She lives like quite near me, but I've not seen her on the buses I take, hahha.

    Today was alright. Stayed back till 2.15 for vball training for the coming up competition. Kevin, Yanlun&Tszhin were teaching us lah, cos Kevin&Tszhin's CCA is vball. Played outside the innosphere, cos all the courts all taken. Then the courts were vacant, so we went there to train. Goodness, the net's so HIGH, it's like impossible to get the ball over the net can! Plus must serve OUTSIDE the court leh. Rawr. Gah, I sound so fussy over everything. Rawr. But a few of my serves went over the net :D What an accomplishment for ME!

    Went up to 4th floor of innosphere, then began to decorate the venue. The sec 3s were like super ji dong&busy cos stuff were rather confusing. They almost yelled at each other lorh ._. Then the sec 2s and some of the sec 3s went for wednesday-drilling, leaving some of the sec 1s and 3s. We did quite alot of stuff lah, some went to make the streamers while the other blowed balloons. The balloons began to POP ON THEIR OWN! So scary right?! Suddenly on the floor, then POP! &it's not only once, it's like 5 times. Then after the streamers, we went to find tape cos the bookshop wasnt open. Blah. Finally found tape, and headed back to innosphere. Me&Nic began to play with our shadows on the projector. YJ was like "Eh, liang ge mei nu guo lai". HAHHAHA. Every guide is mei nu lah. So funny lorh. Began to tape the streamers on the wall. Cos the streamers were sorta entangling around my leg, I kicked it away. Yijie was behind me, then I almost kick her lorh. Then she was saying that heng she's not a guy or something, LOL. Some of the sec1s wanted to leave but dont dare to ask YJ cos "she zhen dui ta men". Please lah, is you all always slack, then you all still wanna complain. Go and do reflections lah(Ahh, I sound like Mdm Koh. Pfft)! Finished pasting the streamers woooh~ So fun lorh. So Me, Nic&Zhiqi went to paste the balloons. 3 balloons on Nicole's arms popped one by one, without any reason. We didnt squeeze it or poke it lah. Then SSR(Sir Stamford raffles cos she stands like one was like "Oei, stop bursting the balloons lah." Wlao eh, the balloons ownself pop then blame us. You think you fold arms until so high very nice har? You also go reflect! HAHHAH. Oh dear, too much similarities is no good!

    After SSR left, it was much more fun lorh! We began to tie the balloons into groups of 3. Then YJ's wallet&hp was missing. Then I was laughing at her STM, so she thought that I took it, lol. Then emptied my pockets to show that I really didnt take it, then she was using this 'huai yi wo de yan shen' to look at me. LMAO. Then I found her wallet&hp at a table at a corner. See I so nice right? She malign me, I still help her find. LOLLLL. Aloysia was saying that I look very different with my specs. Hahah. Then went to tape the balloons on the wall with YJ. She was telling me that she's afraid of balloons, so this time is her first time being so close to a balloon. Hahhaha. When finished the stuff we needed to do, only left me, Nic, ZQ, YJ&Aloysia. Then it was going to be 5, so Aloy&YJ were like chasing us out cos quite late already. Then we left, walk halfway then realise that we forgot to take back the tape. Then we went in again. YJ&Aloy was like "Eh, why you all come back again? If you all come back again, wo hui dui ni bu ke qi." Hahah. So funny lorh, lmao.

    Saturday, July 07, 2007
    campfireeeeee. (longest post ever)

    Today was quite fun :D Went to school at around 5 to dance awhile. Me&Nicole were doing that elvis presley thingy, so fun lorh! Then went to fall in. At first thought dont have dinner, but in the end have. It was probably all leftovers from speechday held earlier on. Me&Nicole sorta made our very own cheer to cheer up Cherlyn :) It goes something like this: "Who thinks NCC sucks raise your hand! Who thinks NCC sucks to the core raise your two hands! Who thinks NCC scuks to the core core core raise your two hands and feet!" Nice right? :D Saw jiawei cos he had duty as an usher or something. He was wearing longpants lorh, lmao. Then went to school hall for some briefing.

    On the way there, Joanna was harrassing me, Nicole, Ester, Wendy etc. But sadly, I've got Nicole by my side. Yay, I love Nicole, woots! Then I sat on the grass with Nicole, Aslyn and Madeline on my right, WaiKhee on my front, and the rest of the sec threes beside me. We were quite at the front, and so we had to be enthu! Being enthu is super fun lorh :D! Anping, I think, went to ask me if I was huixian. I was like ya, how you know? Then she explained that yesterday, waikhee was getting them to say byebye to me. Haha, so somehow some of the sec 2s know me cos of waikhee. Then Cherie&Xianwei were super funny lorh, when the schools cheering that part. Me being the nice person shared the water in my waterbottle with waikhee&xianwei. They were like making jokes and everything. Waikhee was busy folding paper cranes for her friend's birthday. Then did cheering and everything.

    Then we were talking about how pretty Huiyan was, her eyes damn nice, can fang dian that kind. Then somehow, me, Waikhee and Huiyan began to pluck the grass and throw at each other. HAHAHHHA! So fun can! Then got some cheers, then we ran to the stage and got super high. Hahaha. But for some, me, waikhee and aloysia didnt cos we were lazyyyyy. So we just remained on the grass. Then some of our school's guides&scouts danced! It was super hot seh, didnt know that my sec 3 seniors so hot one. xD WanTing was real good lorh. Sadly, didnt take pictures D: And so, we refused to budge, we stayed rooted at the stage there and shouted ENCORE like a million times before they allowed encore, but only at the end. Nvm, got can already :D Happy with what we got, we went back to our seats. The sec three people who danced came back too.

    Nicole was touching my ponytail, and told waikhee that my hair looks frizzy, but feels very smooth to touch. Then Waikhee started to touch my hair too, and said that I use silkygirl -.- HAHHAHA, so lame lorh. Then I pointed out that silkygirl is a brand cos cosmetics, not hair products. I started to touch OUR hair, and found out that Waikhee's hair is the nicest to touch, followed by mine then nicole's. LOL, we're so... weird&random? xD They were looking for xianwei for the cannibal king dance, but she was at the toilet so they wanted waikhee to take over her ^^ Waikhee was like totally shocked dao~ But xianwei came back in the end, so we ran to the stage there again to support her ^^ When we went back to our seats, she was telling us that the guy was shuai, haha. Then when ending, got prize for attending given to all the schools. Then waikhee went to take the prize, and we found out that it was hand-made of STYROFOAM!

    Then was the encore of our sec three dance with the scouts. Everyone ran to the stage there again, then cheer like siao. Some idiotic fking scouts from some schools(Nicole said that it was Ahmad Ibrahim) was teasing Cherie while she danced lorh, wlao eh. Cos Cherie's shirt is like got this green chest, as in treasure chest kind of chest. Then those scouts were shouting 'Eh, community chest!' 'Community chest, I want your number!' 'We love our community chest!' Wlao eh, Me&Nicole were so pissed with those idiots lah. Could tell that Cherie wasnt feeling good either, she looked unhappy and was trying to ignore those idiots. They treat Cherie like bargirl like that lorh, damn. SHAME ON THEM! Me&nicole wanted to sort of console her, but couldnt find her, so we went home.

    Friday, July 06, 2007

    You see, I drew Laura until so cute right? The facial features superrrrrrrr sweet! Stickmans are cute, alright.

    Then you see how she draw me >:( The eyes uneven one leh! Then my arms so small, so teeny weeny. How to move my hands, you tell me. Then my hair like got MOULD like that.

    pekchek day

    Okay, there's so much to say(I think). The days started off pretty normal. Had to pay $2 for the POP buffet or something. Then paid Nicole $9. Which left me broke, only left 15cents ): NO MONEY! Borrowed money from Juliet during lunch, KN gave me money for recess. Yay, I love them. Haha.

    CF was damn fun lah, played with eggs! :D Had to use straws, paper scotchtape to prevent the egg from cracking when thrown down from 3rd level. Ours before start already break le, then when I clearing the mess, I accidentally poked a hole thru the egg and the yolk spilled out. Our egg broke when thrown down. Haha. Tzshin's group one got stuck on 2nd level, LOL! Everyone was laughing like superrrrr loudly lorh! Managed to get a picture of the stuck egg+paper! Only one group succeeded, from RP. They did double parachute.

    Then during lunch, met some of the guides, then accompanied Nicole to concourse. Then I went to hit WaiKhee, cos she said something about me. But I hit her quite a number of times till her arm went red. Oops, sorry xD!

    Then went back to class, and went to play with some of the guys, Soravee, Shirlyn&Zann. Threw a ball around, like monkey lah. Then went to concourse to do homework with some of the girls. Was watching guides lorh, I wanted to attend guides instead of the calligraphy exhibition de leh ): Then ZiHow played on the piano until damn cool lah, the fingers move SUPER FAST lorh. Then the tune is like a lil bit scary, haunty one. DAMN NICE LEH! Waited till like 3+ for Ms Soh -.- We were supposed to meet at 2.50 lorh. She late leh! Then we our class sat at the porch steps there, then Waikhee&Yijie were like teaching some of the sec 1&2s drilling. Then wk asked them to GOSSIP ABOUT HUIXIAN. Rawr. But they didnt lah ;D Then we went to board the bus, but found out that the bus was for RP. Wasted trip to the bus lorh. Then we came to sit at the steps again. Then another bus came, attempted to board it. Wk told the sec1&2s to say byebye to me :D So nice lorh! Then the bus was FULL already. Another wasted trip, everyone was damn pekchek. Then we walked back to the porch steps again. Then wk was like 'woah, ni zhe me xiang wo arh, yi zhi hui lai' Heehee. Then she came to talk to me, then she was like 'Hi lover!' Then she was like trying to kiss me or something O_o Scary man! Then we were like eww-ing away.

    The bus ride was rather cool lah. I sat alone, quite at the back cos we were like Uniform group people sit behind! Cos we were talking about the commands and everything, so nice! Then i wen to put jiawei's blazer on the chair beside mine. Then suddenly we found that it was MISSING! Then we keep on finding, but couldnt find lorh! Then I was like super zhao ji, cos I'll get blamed if it gets lost ._. Then heng jw found it under lena's seat. The plastic bag dropped on the floor and slid to lena's seat. Scare me man.

    The exhibition was like, okay lah. They said that CCHMS pupils no food lorh! >:( We were all super hungry, but the food not for us leh! Pekchek man! Then we got drinks lah. The greentea, everyone took like around 3+ cups like that. Daha. Then later did they serve us the food -.- Probably the leftovers or something. But got food can already. Then Qingru came to our class here to say hello to us. LOL. Then saw Ann too! Cos they performing, cos they're in guzheng ma. Then went to cityhall MRT. Ms Soh was leading the way, BUT SHE WENT THE WRONG WAY. We pointed it out to her, and we were leading lorh. Wlao eh, dont know how to lead then dont lead. Scully we follow her then go wrong way -.-

    Thursday, July 05, 2007
    i can give you gatsby

    "I... can give you gatsby, gatsby, gatsby!" Okay, most of our class was singing this THE WHOLE DAY. Even during lessons lah, how cool can that be ^^ C'mon everyone loves the Gatsby Moving Rubber song, right? Dont deny, we know you do! ^^

    Well, today's history fieldtrip was quite an eyeopener, cos I dont think I'll ever have the chance to step into a Hindu/Sikh ever again, and be blessed too! The Hindu temple was damn cool lah, the structures and statues and everything are super nice, plus some are made of gold! So cool right? :D The Sikh temple also very nice, and it's quite near our school lorh. We can actually walk to the main gate bus stop, so there wasnt really a need for the bus to fetch us back to school. We could have ran back and shun bian train for our 2.4 :D Received some blessings in the form of food. If we couldnt finish it, we cant throw it away as it's a blessing so we must give it to our friends. It was superrrrr sweet, and I couldnt take the sweetness, so I gave mine to Iylia, Julia, Juliet who were queueing up. Plus the uncle gave me 2 instead of 1 :D

    Went back to school, couldnt find Mr Tay, so we had 1 hour of PE :D! Spent around 30 min on basketball(brenda's) with brenda, karwai, zihow, jiawei, chester, serene. Didnt want to play after a while, so went to buy drinks for all of them. See, I'm so nice lorh, walk from bball court to canteen, then walk back to bball court with 5 bottled drinks. SO HEAVY LEH! But since I'm nice, I did it. Okay lah, actually is cos if I buy for them, I get one bottle from Jiawei. Heehee ^^ All the 5 bottles is all his money lorh, lmao. Once I went back, couldnt play already cos had lightning. Rawr. Dao mei can! So they went back to class while I went to have my recess. Then I ate with waikhee&her group of friends cos I was alone and she invited me to. They were talking about this particular girl which they dont like, and this girl's pose is like super funny in the neoprint they passed around lorh. HAHAHHA. Everyone see already then started to laugh; and partially is cos waikhee was imitating the girl's post. Then waikhee pei wo go up to my class :D Yay, thank you! She was telling me that she onced learned dancing, and showed me a video of her doing a split in the air. So cool lorh :D

    Geog was really fun lah. Mrs Yang's lessons are more interesting than Miss Poon's one. Plus got this activity time which was super fun :D Zann was busy doing origami hearts, and bouquet of flowers. Me, Brenda and Zann sang Gatsby for like 3/4 of the lesson :D Science was a TOTAL bore. Once again, she thought that we took the measuring tape. Wlao eh, she ALWAYS malign us one lorh >:( Spoil my happy day! RAWR. Mrs Low came in, and...
    Everyone: Mrs Low!!!
    Mrs Low: Why, you all miss me arh? -smiles-
    Everyone: YES!
    Mrs Low: Miss me or miss my scoldings?
    Everyone: MISS YOUUUUUUUU!
    Lol, I miss Mrs Low lorh. Though she's a bit... nostalgic xD.

    Oh ya, jiawei's phone is super HIGHTECH! Makes me feel dumb cos I dont know how to use lorh! His phone is the samsung double-side phone. One side is music player, the other one is normal phone. Then the music player side SO HARD TO USE LAH. Like to go menu is swipe the top part of the 'keypad'. Then scroll up&down is press the right side of the 'keypad'. So confusing lorh! I hate high tech stuff man, make me feel so dumb >:(

    Wednesday, July 04, 2007
    oei, why you cut your hair? very hard to recognise you from the back leh!

    Haha, that was what Zann said when she tried to find me in the canteen. Today was damn sian lah. Heng IB wasnt as scary as the first one. But too bad it gave me a bad impression already ): Goodness, Gregory was SUPER FUNNY lah! About the hand signals used during recording, then he do until very funny. People around him kept laughing non-stop lorh. Then my group name is BingXin饼心, inspired by bingxin. Then Kenneth said that our bing xin means 吃饼干在嘴里, 甜在心里. HAHAHHA. So cliche lah. Then Jiawei, Serene and I were being lame lah. Kept on 'boo'-ing each other. Heehee :D

    ok. now i was TOLD to post about huixian.
    she is one of the funniest and NICEST( as what she wanted me to say)
    girl in the class. the other one is the serene.
    huixian said "HEY YO HI" and i laughed.
    then she and serene played hide and seek by moving their face left and right
    from the com.

    -Jiawei. Heehee, I'm one of the NICEST&FUNNIEST girl in class ^^V

    After school, stayed back to practice our POP dance, and showed xianwei&wanting. Our dance is so fun lah, rofl. Wanting was being weird. Oops, haha. She was speaking in some weird accent. Heehee. Then xianwei said to me "Eh, you like cherie arh? You keep asking for her number... It's alright to idolize your seniors. I know her figure very good, she very pretty, got an adequate height blahblah" Then I was super shocked that she knew, and I was denying all the way lah. Then she went to check my phone(lmao), but she couldnt find anything scandalous, I guess. Haha. Then she asked me why I dont like her, so I said I liked her. When she asked me why I never ask for her number, I said that I already had cos she gave it to me. LOL.

    Okay, here's something that jiawei wants me to say. AHHAHAH.
    Jiawei is a nice boy. HAHAHA. People think that he is cute(sadly I dont xD) He also very lame one, still say I very lame. tsktsktsk. Advertisment: visit jiawei's blog at to read more about his daily life. &also to see the part about me, which I forced him to type. HAHAH.

    +I dont like cherie hor.
    ++I think my guides seniors are all so friendly&funny. :DD

    Tuesday, July 03, 2007
    you pfft, she sheesh, i geezumz

    Today was rather average lah ):. NOT GOOD LORH. I need interesting things in my life man. But luckily, Serene managed to make my day really special :D

    Morning went to Nic's class to collect the shirts&hairbands. HAHAHHA. I love my limegreen hairband. Though it looks rather weird. Whatever lah. I sound so contradicting, HAHAHHAHA.

    During lit was rather funny. The poem KN had to read out had the word 'nay', which I use frequently. &while KN was reading the word, I was laughing non-stop! Then it also had the word 'nostalgic'. HAHAHA. Why the poem got the words I like har? Nostalgic mannnnn. Okay, no link. But I like! Nostalgic mannnnn.

    Science was super boring. Miss N. always accuse us one lorh. Rawr. Wlao eh, then missing one MARBLE nia then say until so much stuff. Then got separated with Brenda D: I feel so bad lah. I think I should have been the one who went to find a pair. ):

    Then after lunch, went to concourse with Serene&Tzeyeng. I was gonna walk to busstop with Serene,but we waited for TzeYeng to go up her bowling training bus. Then at the other side of the concourse, there was elections for councilor board. Saw Cherie, Yijie&QingRu. Hahah, I dragged Serene with me to listen to QR's speech. Heehee ^^ Wanted to hear what she said, but she spoke until so soft. Okay lah, maybe I have hearing problems.

    Serene was being such a NUT while walking home. She took this long branch from a tree, and started to whack/tickle me with it. SIAO RIGHT? But damn funny lah. Then there were 2 men who were staring at Serene, probably thinking 'OMG. What on Earth is this girl doing?!' Seriously, she was being so crazy lah. I managed to get a few pictures of her with her beloved branch. &the branch is HUGE, not some small stick. She was poking me with it, then tickle me, then she tried to lift up my skirt with it. OMG, she's being rather SICK. Heng, I wear shorts inside one okay! Can foresee what Serene's gonna do to me. LOL.

    Quote of the day: You pfft, she sheesh, I geezumz

    Monday, July 02, 2007
    hearts are for beautiful memories

    :D Okay lah, I dont know what to blog about ley ._. Okay lah, so after buying the POP stuff, I came home. Then at night, it was the closing ceremony of the Stadium, you see. So from the view of my living room window, could see the fireworks. It was really nice luh, all the different shapes&colours. Got heart-shaped ones somemore wor. Damn nice lah, hearts are for beautiful memories♥ :D Haha, they used to put star-shaped ones, if I remember correctly. No more National Stadium T.T! Nostalgic mannnnnnn,. But seriously, I'll miss the stadium terribly. Cos almost all the NDP/Preview I've been to were held at the stadium, apart from the P5 one which was at Padang. I'm going to the NDP preview this year! :D :D :D At the waterfront there, but my seats are at the extreme corner ._.

    WOAH~ NOW BU PA BU PA PLAYING ON 933! &CLAR JUST WENT OFFLINE A MIN AGO. >:[ So timely lorh! Zzz. Geezumz, I'm actually singing along. HAHAH. Heng I'm not doing the actions man. Or else, my dad will think I'm crazy. Heehee. I miss my bu pa bu pa gang luh D: I miss peiqi&clar ):

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