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13th Feb is my day.
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    Friday, August 31, 2007
    teachers' day :D

    "huixian, ai ni ♥
    IDC you hafta love me back. im your daughter D:"
    Goodness, look at this coconut demanding girl. Love also need to demand one. AIYOH. You know who you are :D Be honoured I posted about you, which shows how much I care for you. :D

    Hey yo hi ;D Hmm, morning chiong-ed Geog project (: Managed to finish it in time. Then the self reflection I forgot to staple the marking scheme leh D: How arh? Hmm, Waikhee came but I told her that I was busy cos I was doing the proj mah. Then Huiyan came to pass to me Jiawei's geog self reflection cos ytd night he no printer, then I helped him ask Huiyan if can help to print anot, then she said can (:

    After flag raising did Aces Day dance thingy! Like woah, DAMN FUN CAN! HAHAH! Me, Serene, Shirlyn, Karwai, Kangning were doing the weirder way of the dances, like we did some para-para etc. Damn fun sia (: Then for the bball one, we went "1, 2, 3, WOOH! 2, 2, 3 WOOH!" Lol, then 1RP&1LY were staring at us like we were some mad people. Hahah :D Love my friends man~ Then also could hear Waikhee shouting from behind, lmao. Wooo, so gonna anticipate Aces Day dance next year!

    Teachers' Day celebration was quite nice, Rachel was the emcee! :D Wooh, she did great! I liked the part where they threw confetti&paper aeroplanes from the 2nd flr of the Grand Audi! Damn cool sia ^^ When Mr Lo was talking, Greg&Kevin were playing, so Mr Chua brought them out to do squats and scolded them. They didnt came back to their seats for the whole celebration ._. The performance by the teachers was also quite nice (: Especially the Ray&Roy Yeo part, everyone were like cheering super loudly man :D Hmm, saw Javin from CSS2 at CCHMS :D I think he last time study here de bah.

    Tiffany's mom fetched me, Ester, Iris&Dame to MBS. On the car, Tiffany was getting so so so excited! Lol, damn funny lorh. Hmm, we were quite early wor :D Ate laksa, and the laksa bowl was so damn pathetic ._. It's damn small lah xD Hmm, then saw some of the CCHMS seniors like Ann, Madel, Yanyi, Huasee, Kangleng, and 2 boys from 3LY, 1 boy from 3MD and 1 boy from 3HM. Could recognise by their class tees :D Met the class people, went around looking for teachers, eating our old favourites etc. Me&Ester saw this girl who looked like Juliet, except that she was too tan. Then went to Siglap CC for some bball&chats with Clar, Peiqi, Jengteng, Keejin, Gregory, Dion, Jinzhi/ Played bball only before we left, cos we were talking, listening to music and all. I've got blisters one my right toe, and it really hurts when I walk! T.T

    Damn, there's so much HW to be completed. Argh, there's alot more HW than June holidays, when the holi was 1 mth, Now, it's only 1 week and they think we're some geniuses who take 7 days to finish 2 zuo wen, 2 jian bao, loads of e learning, maths test papers, sci ws, etc. Do we look like some kinda superwomen?

    遇见你, 是我最大的幸福;
    喜欢你, 是我修来的福气.

    Thursday, August 30, 2007
    geog proj!

    HEY YO HI :D Today was pretty much fun wor (: PE was blah, did some gymnastic stuff like backward roll, forward roll, trampoline etc. Didnt get the chance to do trampoline though ): But I'm a bit scared leh... x) Reccess was okay lah, ate nata. Damn cold+alot, so yeah... Almost couldnt finish (: Went back to class, found out that Derek fell, and his ankle&knees were bleeding. The blood is totally fresh red, damn scary leh! D: Hmm, then went toilet and saw Huiyan. That manly girl tried to step on my feet. Hahha.

    Maths was scary D: Well, not Maths, but the few minutes before Maths. Henry suddenly became agitated and suddenly went to hit Soravee for no reason. Twice somemore leh, wth. Then Serene, our superhero, went to quarrel with him, damn cool sia ^^ Serene rocks man~ Then Chester was like "Eh, take video, take video!" But everything happened too fast so our fan ying ABIT too slow to whip out handphone to take video. Hai, saded.

    After school, Shirlyn, Serene, Tzeyeng, Karwai came my house to do Geog proj (: Ate at KFC, then there was also a group of CCHMS pupils. We got kinda high at KFC, we were laughing at alot of things, being pretty quiet noisy. Heh >< But seriously everything was damn funny lah. Shirlyn&I&Karwai(3 ppl hug!) demo-ed on how so-and-so hugged each other. Then Serene wanted to gimme the cheeeeken to eat, then she put her mouth there, want me to also use my mouth to take. But I kept laughing non-stop lah, heh xD

    Geog proj was pretty alright. Everyone did things, so wont lang fei shi jian, cos we on-ed 3 coms. Haha (: Hmm, Serene was searching for pics, Karwai typing with Shirlyn summarizing what we found, Tzeyeng typing and me summarizing what we found :D Well, they were kind of crazy, I was damn scared they would create havoc. HAHAHA. Well, they kinda did, doodling on the whiteboard till when my sis saw it, she was like ":O OMG. Your friends..." LOL. Damn funny (: They were saying that my house the doors very small&short. HAHAH. Then Karwai say my house like fairyland or something, cos its kinda cosy and the doors are so short that she dont even need to stretch, just raise hands can touch the door frame le :P Heehee.

    Anyway, videos of Greg shaking his bootie, doing funny actions to Jiawei at 1MD's class blog, go see okay! :D Tmr going back MBS to see my lovely dears (: But,,, dont feel like going back, going back for the sake to see friends bah. Holding school sucks ):

    Gah, got back progress report. Damn shi wang can, all As&Bs, then suddenly got one E8 pop out. ~!#$% ANGRY LAH. Stupid Geog! All I have is A1s, B3s, and suddenly got this E8, so not nice liao ): At least C then can have A, B, C mah... Suddenly got E8, xin tong leh! Stupid Geog, really gotta jiayou for that. Oh ya, I had full marks for SPA wor! At least I think so, cos they said that Test 2 is SPA, so yeah (: During SPA, Doreen was asking me, "Are you satisfied? Are you sure you're satisfied?" so she made me kinda freaked out, heh. Oh ya, Karwai dreamt of Doreen going to jail! COOL!

    Wednesday, August 29, 2007
    greg pics+ngo scoldings

    YOYOYO. Today was not bad bah (: E Lit went quite well, Miss Low didnt give us the 4th assignment as planned due to lack of time. Yay :D Science test was ~!#$% Stupid. Lol, the state 2 non-contact forces other than magnetic force question, I only got 1 right. I wrote Gravitational&Electrical. The electrical I dont really know, so I went to sms Huiyan, then she said either elastic or electric. The correct answer is electrostatic xD Nvm, wrong then wrong lorh. Dont really care (: Most of us were communicating right in front of Miss Ngo, but she only caught Tzeyeng 3 times. &the last time is I hai ta cos I was smiling+laughing at her for no apparent reason, so she smiled back at me. Then Ngo catch already =.=

    Ytd Science was ~!#$% The whole class almost wanted to rebel when Miss Ngo said "Who wants to talk, go out and talk" Then a few of us stood up, but sat down again cos not whole class stand mah ): Then she thought that Shirlyn went to get Gregory to rebel, cos before we all stood up, Shir was talking to Greg. So Miss Ngo wanted to see them at 1CR after school. Apparently they got scolded bah ):

    Overall today was okay. Heng Mr Peck didnt collect the D&T stuff or not I'll die a terrible death. Didnt do+colour+give comments ): IB was quite fun, did the real recording le (: The AHA room was super stuffy+hot lorh, even standing under the hot sun was much cooler, you know. I was in there for pump. Lol, no lah. Went there for IB. (:

    After school, watched 3HMvs3EP, 3HMvs3FG with kangning. EP played till damn hiong, I was pretty freaked out by them, especially Jason. ABIT hiong (sarcasm, yo!). Then walked to busstop with Waikhee&Ziyang, and took same bus cos Waikhee accompanied me.

    Some pics of Gregory kope-d from Karwai. Gregory's videos will be up sometime!

    Seeing Gregory being hardworking is a very rare sight. Sadly I wasnt at Kallang Macs with them ):
    Um, this isnt very rare though. Happens everyday in class (:
    Gah, I wanna go studygroup with them! D:

    Monday, August 27, 2007

    Lol, today was damn nice lah ^^ Hid people in the hosereel place! Me&Lena went in, then Serene block the door, dont let us come out -.- The mini room was super stuffy and dusty lorh D: Felt like choking, cos the dust flew into my throat and like very hard to breathe like that. Then Huiyan came to borrow yearbook from me. She come school SUPER EARLY ONE LORH, my class everyone come liao then she come. Early right?! Like WOAH, Super early man.

    Jiawei was doing the announcements today. He a bit noob, people the flag line havent tie finish then he start pledge liao =.= Make until the person bu zhi suo cuo, blur blur xD

    ACC was total crap ): Gregory, Jiawei and Kevin kept on sabo-ing each other, super funny! ^^ Then in the front of the classroom, Greg was like mouthing vulgarities to JW; and the vulgarities are super vulgar, but damn funny.

    Recess supported JT; bought the marshmallows. They not bad wor, sold out everything during lower sec recess... Curry chicken from jap stall tasted abit weird today, so me&Tzeyeng didnt finish our food D:

    Skip to LUNCH<3 Omg, hungry mah ^^ Begged Miss Anisa to let us out cos bell ring already then she dont release us T.T Chionged to PSG cos last day mah. Then alot of us wanted to buy everything possible(lmao), but not enough $$ mah. Then went to iCafe there to eat. Then the bench we were sitting on, nearby had fleas. &I was the 1st to notice, so I kinda screamed and jumped from my seat and ran away. LOL. Then I came back to take my food, and said "Aiyah, I was ABIT scared lah" Lol, notice the sarcasm. Oh, and I was rather sarcastic today lorh, dont know why. Surely is infected from Shirlyn one, she's super sarcastic mannn.

    Received the exam timetable. So shyt lorh, ACC also included. Wth lah, yangmehmeh over there talk I also dont understand -.- All I remember is someone chu sai. Something like that lah xD Before singing School Song, Mr Soon said a girl from our class, wearing white specs. Then the whole class turn and looked at me can =.= So malu, but it wasnt me lah, it was Lena xP

    Anyway, went to Munchy Donut, spent my remaining $1.20 on the blueberry one. Lena, Serene&I wanted the Oreo but dont have. But IMMEDIATELY after we paid our money, the oreo one came out, fresh from the oven -.- So angry lorh. Then Huiyan passed me the love letter. She write until really alot lorh O_o Full page sia, so pro ^^ Then 43 came, and the 3 of us ran like siao. Then my bleuberry topping of my donut drop on the floor -.- kua kua kua~

    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    WTH, BENJAMIN OUT LEH T.T BENJ, I'LL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU! When the results were being announced, I cried lah T.T Mood all gone le ): (Shirlyn'll prolly say "saded")

    People, stop blaming MD for what happened to Ah Teck, though it's partially our fault. If it happened in your class; and people keep blaming you people for what happened, how would you people feel? Now MD is like so notorious lah ): I think we're gonna donate all the I&E profits and class funds to his medical bills. Total is around $200+ though it aint much.

    Okay, I Y Huiyan :D

    Feeling like a fool cause I let you down
    Now it's, too late, to turn it around

    guides+alsagoff D:

    {edit}Sorry Karwai&Shirlyn for not going out with you people today cos I was mugging like mad. Okay, actually I was doing jianbao(overdue hw!)+sms-ing huiyan. hahah (: Anyway, CSS2 in 10 min more. SUPPORT BENJAMIN! (hops around and explodes){/edit}

    ellOrhs. twiit worrhxx! Omg, damn gross. Shall type back to normal -.-

    Ytd during assembly, the VP talked to the school. One of the school workers, uncle Teck tripped over something in our class and his eye hit one of the chair's legs as the chair was overturned. As it happened in our class, everyone felt super guilty in class in the morning, so the class was exceptionally quiet today. There's this donation thingy to help collect funds for his medical costs. Now, alot of people are purposely walking by our class, cos it's the class where uncle Teck fell and hurt his eye. Like wth lah, now like tourist attraction. Old block, 3rd floor, 2 classroom nearest to girls toilet. Wth, you want come, you come. Dont need to pretend that you're walking past.

    While changing during Guides, Huiyan went into a cubicle. Then Wanting RUSHED in, and they closed the door. Then Huiyan started to say "Wanting rape wo... Wanting rape wo..." HAAHAA. Damn funny. So Nicole&I went to the cubicle beside it and climbed onto the toilet bowl to see! But sadly Wanting came out already, so no show ): Then Huiyan warned us, especially me, to not climb over again cos she really gonna change. Haha :D

    During Guides, Miss Alsagoff came. D: Everyone were like "Omg, she come already! Eh, eh, shhhh!" Everyone were super jing zhang and all D: Did flag-raising; from my angle of view, it didnt look much like a horse-shoe D: Okay, that's bad. Then played Kim's game. Our first station was in the canteen, and Waikhee&Cherie were the station mistresses. Had to blindfold ourselves and smell different stuff for our sandwiches. Then was Grace&Xianwei's station. Listened to songs, I think. Then had JJ's song, so me and Nicole were saying "That one is neither girl or boy". Lol, no offence to JJ's fans. Except that his pic on Friday Weekly looked a bit gay. Then also had this shapes station, had to memorise then arrange correctly. The most fun one was the tasting station, Aloysia&Samantha. Nicole&I were like "1, 2, 3 JUMP!" And we jumped! Aloysia&Samantha were going, "Eh, bu ya tiao le arh... Deng yi xia ni jiu hui zhi dao!" So for those yucky stuff like soy sauce, they gave us ALOT, and for the nice nice ones such as the soursop juice, they gave us very little D: The soursop juice tasted really nice, so Adeline&I kept asking for more! Drank another gulp, then Aloysia took it away. Then went to find Aloysia and drank another gulp, and she refused to give me anymore. Then 'cos the bottle cap was with me, I volunteered to cap the bottle up, and drank another gulp! HAHAHHA. Im so ying xian.

    Hmm, then was PT. Madel and Nicole were leading the warm-ups :D Then played captain's ball! I was in the team with Ester, Jezreel, RuiSi, Jennifer, Jacquelyn, LeQin, and the 2 YAs (: Haha, I think we won. The YAs were pretty tall so their defending was real good! Then sat by the lake and learnt some new songs... I was pulling Wanting's shoe laces cos during the tasting game; and as I was blindfolded, she held my hands and tried to kiss me. And she whacked my butt super hardly. Pain leh! Sadly, Aloysia didnt tie shoelaces so hers couldnt be pulled. Aww ):

    Went back to concourse to do singing and cheering. A. kept correcting us lah, then most people looked rather ~!#$% As Cherie was beside me, she was imitating A. lah, super funny! Had prize presentation for Kim's game earlier on, all groups had prizes lah. My group was the most cheerful group -inserts megawatt smile- Then, A. left and everyone was saying "Bye" to her ;D Well, everyone was just relieved that she finally left ^^" Then we were dismissed.

    I'm sorry for the tears I made you cry
    I guess this time it really is goodbye

    Thursday, August 23, 2007
    c div girls bball

    Hey yo hi!

    Huiyan's kinda lag. She only saw the love hate note today morning! Then she sms-ed me, and somehow, it ended up with she loving me and me loving her! &she also said that Nicole had a new love rival, haha. I love my handsome&shuai Huiyan :D Anyway, she sms-ed me "LOVES <33" so I replied that I love her too. &you know what? She said "dun so kai fang, i will shy one. LOL" Omg, she so funny hur ^^

    PE today was kinda slack... Shot hoops, that was all :D Then ate bah, then asked Wk if she could go today. Once she picked up the phone, she went "yes, simi taiji?" LOL. I kept laughing before I asked her. She had interclass today so couldnt. Then once put down the phone I saw her le -.- Shouldnt have called her, could have asked face to face, waste my money~ LOL. Jkjk ^^

    Had the NUS survey... Huiyan's class was there too! ^^ Called out her name, she saw me and laughed. Hoho! Some of the topics were kinda sick; dont wanna say it here. POLLUTION~ Anyway, Serene and Tzeyeng were talking to each other, and it was damn funny sia ^^ Then it also had questions how old were our parents, so Tzeyeng went to call her mom and asked. Hahaha, she damn funny!

    After school, went to the C Div Girls bball match. Took bus to Singpost to eat, saw Jolene aka Yuening! Then cabbed to Geylang Swimming Complex there. The bball court was beside it lah. Hmm, CCHMS vs NYGH. We were leading for all 4 quarters. Yiling fell and couldnt stand up, so Ms Chan kinda carried her out. So strong! Hmm, Mr Chua and the CL HOD were behind us; so when Serene and Shirlyn ran to vending machine, Mr Chua called out for them, but they continued running! Haha (: I think cos of their attire bah. Anyway, I think our C Div Girls is now 3rd in SG le :D Hmm, outside the court saw Khanliang, Sherwin and Jeremy. AHS had their match before ours, I think...

    Wednesday, August 22, 2007
    i hate huiyan :D

    Hmm, let's skip to before Guides, okay? Went to 1FG to complete my Artist badge with Nicole, which was like very very very late. We're supposed to hand in on 27 July. HAHHAHA. I like our work sia ^^ At the bottom, we both wrote "If it rains like predicted on Zao An Ni hao, you can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, EH-EH-EH!" Hhaha, cool right? ^^ Cos while doing our work, I was pretty obsessed with Rihanna's Umbrella, I think the chorus is damn cute!

    Went to canteen and found the Sec 3 Guides there, handed in our nice artwork(senses BHB here)! Waikhee was like "Woah, you all very on time hor? Late by how many days arh?" Hahha, but she didnt really scold lah :D Bought Sushi roll and went to concourse to fall in.

    Did roll call twice cos our marching during horseshoe formation wasnt very good. Then they needed 8 volunteers to clean up Guides room, so me, Nicole, Cherlyn, Sueann, Weiling, Abigail and Jezreel volunteered! Damn fun lah. I kept on saying "I hate huiyan"! Lol, swanser and huiyan were supervising us... Huiyan said that our batch is not going to be successful ): Whatever lah, dont care about her ^^ As me and Nicole were les-ing around(lmao), and sueann was trying to get my attention; huiyan said that I was like wanting, Nicole like huyan and swanser like sueann. Wanting and Huiyan and together, but huiyan wants to join them. HAHAHA. Anyway, Huiyan was boasting about her height of 160cm, so when I couldnt reach the higher parts, I got her to help me clean the windows! HAHHAHA. Then I had an allergy reaction so I didnt need to clean the windows! Went to mop the floor instead, but it was fun! Huiyan kept on tou pai-ing people, especially me. So I took pics of her too! Her phone camera is superrrrrr lag one. HAHHAHA. I've got a few pics of her, and she also has a few pics of me! We were supposed to finish at 4, but we kept on playing till 4.30! While going down the stairs at D&T block, huiyan went to splash alot of water at me ): Then she also went to take my hairtie! EVIL GIRL.

    Chased her to concourse, and she refused to return me my hairtie. Then when I kinda cornered her, she acted as if I was gonna molest her or something. HAHHAA. Lame. Then she went to quickly put my hairtie INTO wanting's shirt sia! She sick one lah, sick people like that de! Then wanting shook it out, and I took it. Then wanting said that I molested her, LOL. Then I went to my bag and took my waterbottle and splashed it at huiyan, revenge! Then huiyan went to take a Nike water bottle, uncapped it and poured it over me! Wlao, she damn mean right! So I went to splash her back, and Waikhee scolded us for playing. HAHAHAH. Nvm, she scolded Huiyan too, who was also a sec 3. HAHAH. See, senior bully junior! Then they were saying that Huiyan liked Hongwei or something ^^ Then Huiyan denied, saying that Hongwei liked Cherie. Hahaha. After they left to see the Guides teacher, I wrote a love hate note for Huiyan, and left it in her bag! I hope she sees it and lies it; cos it expresses my hatred for her! HAHAH. No lah, actually she quite handsome de. Oh ya, while cleaning she suddenly asked me"Ni shi bu shi an lian wo". HAHHA. She so cute handsome! Seriously, she's super shuai and handsome sia.

    Monday, August 20, 2007
    lovely cracks :D

    {/edit}Honour and Passion last episode now ^^ FELICIA CHIN! Lol. Okay, Greg, JW etc are gonna watch it too! Hahah, I think they like the show more than I like it O_o Anyway, new show from Felicia coming up I guess... That Golden things. HAHAHA.

    Hey yo hi! :D 200th post! ^^

    Im beginning to like my current seat more... It's like, get to interact with the others more cos last time was just Zann, Soravee, Kangning and me. Now that Kangning and Soravee have moved away, it's like we get to interac more with other people such as Karwai and Shirlyn, Gregory and Co. etc. I LIKE SITTING NEAR GREGORY MANNNNNN. He's such a lovely crack ;D His jokes are super funny, but mostly its just his actions and the way he speaks. SUPER FUNNY SIA! Today, during Interaction period, he was imitating Ngo. Ngo wanted to know all our names, so Greg told her that his name was Dufresne NeoPUTti. It sounded something like that, haha (: Then he began to imitate Ngo right in front of her! So she also laughed along with us. HAHHA! GREGORY ROCKS MANNNN! ALL HIS JOKES AND ALL. HAHAHA!

    Reached school, began to chiong for the scribe about POP. Supposed to be 100 words, but I only wrote 86. And all are crap, hahah :D Handed it in to Huiyan during end of lunch. She damn funny lorh, call me go her class give her then she not in class O_o Then I waited at the connector there for her to come, and she finally did! :D Then they collected the form about Wednesday. Then suddenly Xianwei spoke super loud then I was xia dao. Then Xianwei was like "Oh really? This is normal..." Haha, damn funny lorh ^^

    Um, new song on playlist... Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. Y'know, the advertisement...

    I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined
    I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned
    Staring at the blank page before you
    Open up the dirty window
    Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find
    Reaching for something in the distance
    So close you can almost taste it
    Release your inhibitions
    Feel the rain on your skin
    No one else can feel it for you
    Only you can let it in
    No one else, no one else
    Can speak the words on your lips
    Drench yourself in words unspoken
    Live your life with arms wide open
    Today is where your book begins
    The rest is still unwritten
    Oh, oh, oh
    I break tradition, sometimes my tries, are outside the lines
    We've been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can't live that way
    Staring at the blank page before you
    Open up the dirty window
    Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find
    Reaching for something in the distance
    So close you can almost taste it
    Release your inhibitions
    Feel the rain on your skin
    No one else can feel it for you
    Only you can let it in
    No one else, no one else
    Can speak the words on your lips
    Drench yourself in words unspoken
    Live your life with arms wide open
    Today is where your book begins
    Feel the rain on your skin
    No one else can feel it for you
    Only you can let it in
    No one else, no one else
    Can speak the words on your lips
    Drench yourself in words unspoken
    Live your life with arms wide open

    Serene's gonna pierce her 2nd hole on next Wed. Hopefully I can go pierce with her too, if daddy allows! ^^ But if not, I'll be there for moral support :D
    {Asked and permission was not granted, but I'll take it as a free show :D}

    Saturday, August 18, 2007

    Nameless, please use your own name. And if you dont know, I've got your IP Address (: So if you wanna say anything, say it to my face. Thankyou. And dont be such a coward, why not leave your name if you dont like me so much, eh? I'm shameless? What about you, then? Why dont you go reflect? You didnt leave your name, so that makes you a coward which is worser than my supposedly shameless behaviour. At least I LOVE my name so I put it down; unlike you.

    Anyway, on a completely different thing. Fireworks tonight at Marina Bay, 9pm. :D I'm watching it from my study room! Haha, watched it yesterday night too! Nice, 15 min y'know? ^^

    Friday, August 17, 2007

    Hey hey people (:

    Went to NEWater place today. Waste of time lah! Serene was singing Jay's songs on the bus :D Anyway, I saw a spider so I pointed it out to them, then Kangning and Serene were like shrieking -.- So I went:
    Me to Kangning:It's outside lah, you kuku.
    Kangning to Serene:It's outside lah, you kuku.
    Serene to spider:It's outside lah, you kuku.
    Lol, they damn funny sia ^^

    Today was quite boring :x All I know is that got lot of things deadline is on Monday, like Artist Badge and E Lit assignment 3 ): Okay, I shall write about Guides today bah!

    Today was like, damn pathetic. At the beginning only got my class people, me, Sueann and Amanda. 3 people nia can ._. So Cherie and Wanting taught us drilling :D Lol, 3 people also can drill, LMAO. So its like only 1 row, pathetic. Then Wanting the hamster joined us, so it became a square. Then Zhonghao came, so it became 4 people!

    Slowly people came, so we did PT! Omg, this what ya call love, alright! Today's PT was damn cute lah, got song somemore one lorh! That jungle song, with the tarzan... It's very weird, but got the beat so can use for PT. Cherie and Xianwei were leading and they were super funny. Cherie added some of the moves from EDD dance into the song; then also got this jumping thing. Lol, Cherie did this MrBean-looking move which made everyone laugh lah. Xianwei suggested a move to Cherie, which involved using the fists, then Cherie went to raist her fist at Xianwei. LOL. I've finally found someone who loves PT as much as I do-Jacquelyn! And the best thing is that she likes running too! ^^

    Flagraising was okay bah. Got some group of boys playing soccer then the ball kept rolling over. Huiyan didnt come so Genevieve roll-called my Patrol :D She was super funny man. During horseshoe formation, me and Aloysia kept on staring at each other. Haha, we just find each other bu shun yan, that's all ;D

    Waikhee came late cos she had netball interclass. She managed to signal to me that they won LY, the score was 11-0. Total walkover sia ^^ Congrats to Waikhee&her friends. Anyway, Aloysia from LY, she bu shun yan me the hou guo is lose the netball match. SEE! Cannot bu shun yan me one! Anyway, MD didnt play against EP today, the EP won by walkover. No one went man, lmao.

    Waikhee gave out the badges we earned today. Me and Nicole didnt complete the Artist badge but we received the badge anyway, so we thought that Waikhee forgot and kept on laughing, thinking that we were very xin fu. After giving out all, she called out our names with a few others. Then we were like "Shyt, she didnt forget!" Lol, anyway have to hand in by Tue.

    Anyway, I'm damn sad. I LOST MY BELOVED PAPERCLIP&SAFETYPIN EARRING LEH! T.T Before Guides, I placed it in my plastic bag and now I cant find it anywhere! My cuteeeeee earrings ley ): Oh, and I forgot to bring home my Guides half-u. HAHHAHAHA. I know I'm super blur lah. But yijie says that someone kept it for me :D

    Wednesday, August 15, 2007
    netball match!

    Hey hey (: MD has moved back to our 3rd floor classroom already! So do come and visit us at our old home, yeah? :D I love our 3rd floor classroom ^^ But some idiot from 1CR went to vandalise my table leh T.T Even if vandalise, also should be I vandalise one right? Hehe :x But my table leh T.T Now got what "1CR was here". ): My tableeeeee!

    Science was quite sian today, apart from the fact that Gregory was near me O_o He was super funny lah, lmao. Oh, and cos we always stand on the stools to make ourselves look tall, Umbridge wanted us to come down. Then everyone came down. Then she looked at Zihow and told him to come down. Lol, damn funny lah! Then Zihow carried up his chair to show her that he wasnt standing on the stool. HAHAH. Tall people like that one ):

    Today was our netball match against HM. Not bad wor, our players :D At the end of the game, it was a draw so Gaoxiang wanted another 5 min to decide who wins. Then the refree told him that draw means draw, if have the 5min will delay the rest of the matches. Then gaoxiang suddenly very worked up, then he slam the ball on the floor and ask the refree want to fight anot? Like wth man, refree leh. Serene also very bu shuang with gaoxiang so she go quarrel with gaoxiang, ask him want to fight anot :x She so cool lah. HAHAH. Then the refree told them to shut up and dont quarrel. LMAO MAN. Gaoxiang so AP lah, refree should not have let him play lorh. >:( In the end we lost, 5-6. But our score very good lerh ^^ And our played were like woah, especially zihow. He scored well cos he's tall. HAHAHA.

    I feel like some pig man. HAHAH. Before our match, me, Shirlyn and Serene went to iCafe. I bought a drink and the toast. Then after the match, 3 of us went to 7-11 to buy slurpees cos every wednesday buy 1 get 1 free. Then after that, we went to buy donuts! Poor Serene, she droped her $1.90 bar of Hershey chocolate! Then she was very xin tong. HAHAH.

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007
    DK CLUB <3

    Guess what? HUIXIAN OUT OF CSS2 lerh ): Wlao eh, my "twin" leh! Same name as me so I support her. HAHAHAH. So lame. Anyway, support BENJAMIN! Cos he sings not bad :D

    Today during science KN was emo cos I dont want to tell her my secret, and because I told my senior and didnt tell her. Haha, she so easy emo one. Ytd I emo until I cry D: HAHAHHA. Lol, like that I also can laugh. She was asking me what kind of secret it was, like health secret, love secret or what secret. So she wrote "huixian love secret", then I said "Yeah, huixian loves secrets!" Haha, get it? It's damn lame but funny lah.

    Anyway, joined D.K Club! Hahah, damn lame lah. Deh kor club! Serene passed me the paper about D.K's motto and vision etc. It went something like this:
    Written on paper: To be as bonded and close as a DK is as close to you.
    Me: What if the person dont wear underwear, then how?
    HAHAHAHA. I also didnt know why I said that. Cos apparently, quoted from Joanna's blog, got some guy in our class who doesnt wear it! But that guy today got wear cos during Science, Kevin and Gregory were getting me to see cos the picture can see from the white pants. It's damn sick okay!

    Anyway, enlightened by Juliet during Art. She was telling me "Your mood is yours, so it depends on you whether you want to be in a good mood or bad mood" Well, not that I was in a bad mood lah, but she was just telling me that. I think it's rather useful in life cos when something bad happens, we can always look on the brighter side so it'll make us happy; but if we want to stay gloomy and emo, we will naturally be in a bad mood. :D

    Anyway, managed to get 7 people to buy cookies from me le :D Was telling Amanda(senior) how hard it was to sell cos my class got 3 guides, then she told me to get the guys to buy cos they will eat like pigs. Heehee ^^ Then I told her my class people all very xiao zhi one, then she said make them fat fat by selling them the cookies. LOLOLOL. Anyway, thanks to Serene, Karwai, Shirlyn, Huishan, JafIe, TszHin and Jiawei for buying from me :D Love you people~ HAHAHAH. Damn high and hyper now ^^

    The world is so bleak; and all this stuff are pulling me down ):

    Monday, August 13, 2007

    HELLO! MD's I&E was not bad ^^ Managed to earn some profits, yeah? We sold coke float, hand-made chocolate, sweets and ice pops! Everything was sold out except for the swees! Eh, I'm damn happy luh! Cos sold out better than got leftovers right? Wooots~ Anyway, Jiawei was bragging that what alot of ccls will come cos of him. Please lah, both the upper sec and lower sec recess's customer is I drag one lorh. Lmao. First customer was RuiSi, my dear daughter :D Lower sec recess was damn messy cos we were inexperienced ): But not bad lah, Lena's and the twin's chocolate were sold out like super quickly! But it's nice mah, thats why! The choco is rich and sweet, I like! :D

    Upper sec recess was not so good lah. Like no customer one, but managed to earn money lah. First customers were Xianwei&Grace :D Haha, also I drag one. But both of them agreed until very shuang kuai, so dont really need to persuade ^^ There was this group of sec 3 boys who wanted to buy the whole bottle of coke from us. In the end, we bargain until like $2.50+ I think. But we kui ben lorh ): Then um, Cherie wanted the sweets so I bought for her, lmao. Cos recess gonna over le then if dont sell then very lang fei. So yup (:

    Lunch was alright... Well, DL stole our table. We moved the table and we used it during both recesses, and when lunch we go sell again, they were already there -.- Our table can! ): We move de ley~ Hmm, lunch was damn messy cos got alot alot alot of accidents. Alot of things spill lorh, kena until my skirt T.T Managed to sell to some of the Guides seniors like waikhee, aloysia, amanda etc :D Haha, I went to Aloysia&Swanser and begged them until I almost die then Aloysia finally agreed! I was like going "please buy. please please please please please" I said please like 20 times before she agreed. But agree can already! Then I was like "Thank you! I love you! Swanser, I love you too!" Hahahah. Damn funny lorh. Then went to Waikhee and her friends to promote. Her friends were damn funny lorh, talking about one of the guys is a female ghost. :D

    Okay, I'm here to say KangNing&JiaWwei are nice people :D KN rocks man~ She so nice, bought the guides cookies from me&amanda :D Then I managed to persuade JW to buy. And he finally agreed. Hahahah. Yep, I love both of them for their support. Dont xiang wai please. HAHAHAH. Oh, who wants to buy guides cookies, tell me okay? ^^

    There's no one I can trust anymore;; all I'm left with is broken promises. The world is so bleak ):

    Saturday, August 11, 2007

    Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you though they would be here forever? If so, then you know you can go your whole life collectings days, and none will outweigh the one you wish you had back. What if you got it back?

    A few days ago my sister dreamt of my late grandfather. He was holding her hand, and they were walking together. He was wearing his favourite shirt. When my sister woke up, she cried. She told us what she dreamt about. I cried too. His death was too sudden for me. When I went to my grandparents' house, I always dreaded it. I did not hve any common topic to talk about with them. But I loved them still the same. When he got hospitalised, I thought he would surely recover and come back home. But he didnt. He spent a month there, and his life ended there too. It was rather sudden for me. It came all unexpected.

    As I had my dinner tonight, I had a flashback of my memories of him. Him in the hospital, his funeral. I began to tear a little. His death was really too sudden, though it was kind of expected yet unexpected it would come so soon. In the hospital, he was too weak to even speak. But he learnt some simple english in the hospital. He refused to learn simple english when he was well; he was old and didnt need to learn, he said. But at the hospital, he learnt some phrases such as "hot water" etc. Somehow, he knew he was going to die. He told my father to bring his clothes back home. We reasoned that he would need them when he got discharged from the hospital, you know, wear them back home. But he told us to bring it home anyway. Maybe somehow he knew he was going to die. Yet he didnt tell us, he didnt want us to worry.

    It's been a year since he left us. Ah gong, I miss you )':

    +I&E on Monday, come support MD please :D
    ++Speakers Badge on Friday, &I didnt prepare any single shitxzxz for it. Yay.

    Friday, August 10, 2007

    Wed was cross country. Damn fun sia ^^ Brought my face paint, and painted on all the girls' left arms! Then Julia went to write MD on my face! Tried to put the crescent&5stars on Serene's face but it turned out quite weird. Okay, I'm so not going to be a makeup artist when I grow up -.-! Then they wanted the top 5 for each class to stand at the front, so somehow I got pushed tot he front, yeah? Then ran lorh. Omg, if I keep this speed for 2.4, I sure A one lorh -.- I ran quite far already then I start to walk okay! In the end my placing was 28 for the Sec 1 girls. ): Sad sia, I think I could have gotten 25 de lorh! Xinying was rather pro, 10th! When finished, hanged around. Then saw the sec 3 guides :D Wanting, cherie, meizhen, aloysia and xianwei I think. They got shocked I got 28. HAHAHA. They were damn funny lorh, asked me if I wanted water anot xD Then slowly the MD girls came back! Shirlyn, Serene&Soravee damn pro lorh. Go toilet sia! Then saw most of my seniors... Was quite proud of MD!


    Eh, damn fast lorh O_o LOLLLLLL. Anw didnt expect myself to run so fast.

    Went to Bugis with Ester to meet Jiayi, Jiahui and Sijia. Long time never see le! Watched The Simpsons Movie. It's super dumb+lame lorh, lmao. But not really worth it if you ask me ._. It's about pollution ;D Then the spiderpig xD; and Bart skateboarding NAKED! Lol, damn funny lorh! Then took neoprints too!

    Lol, I know I'm super extra here... No space mah!

    I look constipated. HAHAHA.
    Spastic me!

    This is the most normal yet I dont like one. xD
    I know I look weird lah!
    Went back, and plopped on my bed. Slept from 6pm to 10 am. Pro right? 16hrs of sleep. Goodness, I'm a LOG.

    Got woken up by KN's phone call. Okay, I should have been woken up already... Met KN&Soravee at cityhall mrt. Went to plaza sing to watch Rush Hour 3. LOLLLLLL. This show rocks okay! Damn damn damn funny sia ^^ Super worth it alright! The triad thingy... &It's filmed at Paris! Hahah. Then went back to KN's hotel room :D At Ritz Carlton! Planned to do HW but didnt do any. :P Her room's damn nice seh ^^ It's almost directly in front of the platform sia! Watched the NDP from the bathtub! Haha, we 3 people squeezed into the bathtub :D Then brought snacks in too! Oh, and also got room service, the food lah... Super nice seh! Took videos of the fireworks, take until the stupid memory card got no memory left, then the video stop. ~!#$% SPOIL MOOD LORH.

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    Okay, I found out that I'm a very very very messy person. Yesterday, while at the concourse supporting qingru's guzheng selling the marshmallow, I bought the chocolate one. While eating, the chocolate syrup spilled onto my skirt! -.- I know I'm super messy lah T.T Hmm, yesterday's lunch bought food from PSG. The nasi lemak is damn nice sia, ate with the usual gang. When I was queueing up, Simone was in front of me so I thanked her for the present :D Interaction was ~!#$%^ Wlao eh, we told her that we wanted to discuss about I&E then she said to do the History WS first. A few periods ago, she said to bring home the Hist WS to do. Then after completing the WS, she then want to discuss I&E -.- Rawr!

    Assembly was rather interesting, about mediation! Hmm, walked to the bus-stop with WanTing. Was threatening her about me going to mass distribute her photos. HAHAHA. The picture of her is damn funny one sia ^^ But I didnt lah, since I'm nice. Serene went crazy and began to use this hugeeeeee branch to hit people O_o Told her to target WanTing but she targeted me instead ): She hit my mouth sia, pain leh! Then while walking halfway to the bus-stop, WanTing's dad came to fetch her. I went to the donut store and met her there! Lol, her dad prolly fetched her a few metres then drop her down to buy donuts! -.- Oh, and I think I saw her bro bah.

    Today had history test D: Damn hard sia. Science was damn cool sia, with Karwai ^^ Umbridge was asking Karwai why she didnt turn up for the SPA.
    The conversation went something like this:
    Umbridge: Why werent you at the lab at 1.15?
    Karwai: I went, and I waited for you for 10min!
    Umbridge: I was there when the bell rang.
    Karwai: I was there when the bell rang too!
    Haha, Karwai so cool sia ^^ YAY, I ♥ KARWAI! :D

    Art was alright, I WAS DAMN MESSY AGAIN~!#$% Rawr! Now my shirt got orange paint, and it isnt very glam -.- Super messy sia T.T Someone teach me how to be careful please D:! Hmm, ate quickly for lunch, then went to get bag. Met Aloysia&Swanser on the way, Aloysia asked if I was free. Swanser was like "Aiyah, junior leh!' Lol, then they said nevermind and left. Haha, I think they wanted me to do something. History test was a KILLER. Gah, I wont score well for this lerh! ): Walked to bus-stop with JT people. Joey was saying that I walk until very unglam. HAHAH. Cant help it lah, xi guan already! Bought 6 donuts :D -is happy- Met Simone at the donut store too! ^^

    Tomorrow is X-Country! Excited sia, but I'm not gonna run! Haha, lazy mah. Lazy people is like that one lah! Oh, and I'll be whizzed off to Bugis to meet my dearests!

    Sunday, August 05, 2007

    Here's a llama
    There's a llama
    And another little llama
    Fuzzy llama
    Funny llama
    Llama llama

    Llama llama

    Llama llama
    Llama llama

    I was once a treehouse
    I lived in a cake
    But I never saw the way
    The orange slayed the rake
    I was only three years dead
    But it told a tale
    And now listen, little child
    To the safety rail

    Did you ever see a llama
    Kiss a llama
    On the llama
    Llama's llama
    Tastes of llama
    Llama llama

    Half a llama
    Twice the llama
    not a llama

    Llama in a car
    Alarm a llama

    Is THIS how it's told now?
    Is it all so old?
    Is it made of lemon juice?
    Now my song is getting thin
    I've run out of luck
    Time for me to retire now
    And become a duck

    (4x repeat all songs)

    Okay lah, I know that this song doesnt suit my blog's skin but this song is damn cute you know? ^^ I WANT LLAMA! Try to sing along, and you'll find that it's not easy. LLAMA LLAMA DUCK!

    Saturday, August 04, 2007
    trybe+this fashion madness

    Yo, queen of the jungle blogging now :D Lol, that trybe program today was quite nice, now I know myself better! :D

    Well, started with some stuff in the LT, super funny! MD's facilitators were Raffy, Ryan, Michelle&Angel. Started with something like scissors paper stone, expect its replaced with gorilla, jane and tarzan. I'm damn power, okay? I won the whole class sia ^^ Then was followed by this profiling thing which we had to rate some sentences from 1-4. Then, we would tally up, and see if we're D, I, S or C. I'm the 'I' one (: Most people were the Is, and that meant that we were very interactive and talkative! Is ROCK OKAY! ^^ The Cs were the perfectionist, and dont trust people easily. The Ds were the direct ones, which meant they were blunt. The Ss were the quiet and loyal ones. &The weird thing is Karwai was inside! I mean, is she quiet?!Well, this profiling thing was very true, and it helped us to understand ourselves more (: I feel so enlightened man ^^

    After the program, went out to Singpost for lunch with Soravee, Karwai, Serene, Shirlyn, Derek, Chester and Joshua. Me, Soravee, Serene and Karwai ate at Subway :D Fulling meal, man! Then the boys&Shirlyn ate at KFC. Hmm, after this, Me, Serene&Karwai went to shop shop at This Fashion cos Karwai wanted some tops, and Serene wanted a tie. We were being crazy there man... I've got evidence!

    Me&Serene playing with some weird stuff in This Fashion. I'm behind the white 'udon'!
    Then, Serene began to harrass Karwai by not letting Karwai try her top in peace!

    Serene rushing into the room, not letting Karwai close the door. :D

    Serene trying to drop her shoe on Karwai's head xD

    Serene putting her leg into the room!

    This is the pants which we found very Christmas-sy! Well, we got kinda attracted to it and kept on going to look at it!

    See, Serene likes the pants! xD

    We're happy kidos!

    This was such a fun trip man ^^V Never had so much fun at an apparel store before! Serene wa saying that when she went out with Tzeyeng and if she behaved so crazily, Tzeyeng would have just walked away. Haha, I guess that me&Karwai are crazy like her so we actually play with her!&We actually met Lena at Singpost! She didnt attend the Trybe program somemore...
    Tag replies:
    joycee`: Haha, thanks! (: Take care!
    Nicole: Nah, I'm not pro. My SBJ sucks man ): D leh...
    ester: Yep, the plump one! She's super funny man! &I want jiawen leh! She damn funny lorh ^^
    Wenhui: Who are you refering to har? :x
    kangning: Nah, not 4 years, but possibly 3 cos this year no gold ):
    Karwai: Eh, I'm not sure leh :x Sorry arh...

    Thursday, August 02, 2007
    PFT 5 items

    Yesterday was super funny, especially during History Lecture. Reason: Gregory, Kevin and Jiawei were sitting behind me, so they are the super funny ones so they made the whole lecture so funny. Especially the parts when we had to draw. They draw until damn funny sia. Then Gregory kept saying "Dont be a Charles", which meant dont be chao1 lan4. Which means super lousy. He say super lousy in chinese short form is Charles O_o And he kept saying "Just for laughs gags", "just joking" etc. He should be an entertainer next time...

    PE was more of free time, Tay let us do what we wanted. Oh, and he said that we could re-run if we're not satisfied with our 2.4km run :D This means that I'm so going to run again! 2seconds to an A, 2 seconds! This time I shall not walk so much! Hmm, played bball with the girls. Then me, zann, shirlyn and serene ran and jumped onto the poles of the bball net. Like monkey like that, lmao.

    Recess was >:( Shant talk about it.

    Waited in school for around 1hr+ because of *********. But got fang ge zi-ed. Dont know where that Bucktooth go. Then went to disturb Qingru, VP of CCHMSSC sia~ Honoured seh :D Anyway, Shirlyn was there with me too so Qingru+Shirlyn=Funny conversations! Lemme give you an example, when Qingru was rushing home!
    "Qingru:Bye people
    Shirlyn:I'm not people, I'm a girl
    Qingru:Bye girls
    Shirlyn:I'm not a girl, I'm a small girl
    Qingru:Bye small girls
    Shirlyn:I'm not a small girl, I'm a small cute girl"
    Lol, super funny man. After Shirlyn said that, QR was speechless :D

    Today was okay bah... Had SPA. The teacher never give worksheet then start liao O_o Then we all gong gong go anyhow put the pendulum bob. Then like 3 min later then the teacher give ws -.- It went pretty well bah, didnt have to measure cos some person before went to make markings with a pen. Oh, and I left my calculator on the table when I left ): But Eugene help me take cos he was using my table after I finished.

    Lunch was fun (: Serene was doing this fish face thingy. Then when she tried to close my eyes, she poked my right eye and it went red ): Then saw the sec 3 guides. Waikhee came to disturb us. She took the inflatable sword and hit us, especially me on the head. But not pain one, so nevermind. HAHAHA. Went to the sec 3s table cos Waikhee wanted to show me her broken spectacles. She damn pro lorh, the left lense broke into half, then the 'leg' of the left one also kena detached from the specs. Aloysia was saying that I dont need go Guides so I very free, come disturb them :P Guides were gonna have PT, and waikhee said that they going to playground or something xD Wlao eh, I love PT can ): Oh, while queueing for Japanese food, got this Chinese teacher who comes into our IB lesson was behind me. Serene, Shirlyn etc tried to get me to help them buy. Then the teacher was like "Ni men jiao ren jia bang ni mai bu hui can kui mah? Dont cut queue. Qu hou mian" Then when they went to the back of the queue, the teacher was like "Hahah. Ma wan wan er yi. L-O-L" Then she kept on saying L-O-L and that the few MD people at the queue laugh like mad. When we went back to the table, we continued laughing. xD

    PFT 5 items were like woah! Seriously, I didnt expect Silver lah. I expected a bronze or something, cos I expected Es. But surprisingly, I had A, 3Bs, C, D. Damn that D, or I would have gotten Gold!>:(! That D, was my SBJ. First 2 tries I failed sia, lmao. Then the 2nd time I did, I had 151. Hahaha, when I was doing my 2nd try, KN was saying some people's names. Then when I got a D, she said is cos of the names she said. HAHAHAH. Situps were easy. Did until A then lied down on the mat. Results for shuttle run was unexpected as I thought I was slow, but I got a B instead. Inclines were >:( cos while I was doing, someone told me that do until 16 can get A already, so I happily did until 16 and plopped my butt on the floor. Then I went to check and saw that >16 was A, which meant that I needed 17. But nevermind, I dont blame that person cos even if I had an A, I still cant get Gold cos I got a D ): Oh, and I'm deciding to not re-run my 2.4km cos I wont get Gold even if I get A for 2.4, so yeah.

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