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13th Feb is my day.
I luv peanut butter cups, Dairy Queen, people watching, purple Skittles, B&J's, warmhugs, smiles, laughter, sweet letters/cards, photographs, fun.
I'm not short, I'm FUN sized! :D

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    Wednesday, October 31, 2007

    Happy Halloween!

    Mmhmm, went to PP and saw 3 little kids all dressed up, each carrying a pumpkin basket! :D Cuteeeee! Bought 2 pairs of jeans and a belt :) Gotta shop for my holiday cos it's gonna be cccold, and I dont have enough jeans to last me through!

    Drama Night tomorrow! Kinda nervous =/ Everyone jiayou okay! :D I hope I remember my lines! Hope I do well orh! Hope that we're gonna end the night well cos mine's the last class to perform! &We're gonna end it off with a BANG! :)

    Not asleep yet ): Mapling since I-dont-know-what-time. Didnt do much training anyway, cos I was at FM playing with the dear BreadBox people :D Played ice and water, catching etc. Everyone had to strip cos if use weapons/shoes very cheat. Yeah, found out that maple characters without clothes really very ugly =.= Then also chatted :) Hmm, took turns as in sit on the chair in one line, then when it's your turn to speak you stand up and go to the front, like a speech. Questions were quite random, like what we think of Jiawei, who gave this question -.- Oh, and the people were Mervyn, Brenda, Jiawei, Junxiang, Derek, Joanna and me! :D Nan de so many people online at same time so met up. And I logged in late cos once I log in, they finish bullying people liao. Lol, something like that bah. Then went to China in Maple to kill chickens and ducks. LOL. Very cute! ^^ Basically it was actually just Merv and JW killing monsters, then me and Brenda just stand one side to pick up the mesos and eggs/feets.

    I want emo liao lah ): (No, not cos Jiayi kept bullying me in audi, lol) So many things happening at the same time! D: Anyway, my this week is burned cos everyday got events de. No time to do holi hw!!! D: I dont want to ling shi bao fo jiao, but I dont feel like doing it anytime soon! Pekcek sia ): Anyway, much thanks and loves to the BreadBox people(Joanna, JW mainly) who helped me figure who is somebody. However, I keep thinking the person really is me and Kangning's guess, and not SM. Howhowhow. Die le lah! Feeling more committed to BreadBox lerh <33 Haiz, damn confused and emo now sia ): Even though this passed quite long liao, but still... Dont know how to say, but somehow there's this weird feeling in my heart that something bad's gonna happen. Maybe some stuff can never be expressed in words, I guess.

    +Amanda, stay strong okay! :)

    Tuesday, October 30, 2007
    brownies day

    Yoyoyo. Today went to school for Brownies Day I think. Whatever it's called lah (: But went earlier cos got briefing mah. Met Nicole at 11 at Singpost Subway! Ate and did some weird stuff and went to take bus. Saw Yijun at LJS, and Ms Annisa walking into Singpost. Ya, then once we alighted, rained super heavily. So we took our umbrellas out and happily walked in. And Nic got abit high and jumped in puddles! :D We were the first few to reach, cos Yijie, Cherie and Xianwei already there. Then XW wanted to borrow an umbrella so we lent her Nic's and we told her that the umbrella is from Burberry. And she really believed! LOL. Yeah, then me, Nic and Amanda were left alone so we did catwalk by imitating how some people walk! Quite fun, if you really notice how they walk. Like the bouncy one and the dao one and the fold shirt one. LOL.

    Got allocated into the taste section with Ruisi :D &There were chilli sauce, maple syrup, sweet sauce, potato chips and apples! Yup, then Samantha kept on reminding us not to secretly finish off the potato chips xD Mmhmm, but we just dont care lah :) Eat abit only. Abit only! I'm telling the truth okay ^^ Ya, then quite slack cos the brownies havent come yet. Then sat at round table and talked about last year's Guides camp! Yep, then Yijie&Xianwei approached us and said they want to take pictures. But we refused even though Xianwei sa jiao-ed a few times xP

    Yeah, then they came. All the Park View ones all very very quiet or not enthu, then the Haig Girls one all super high and enthu sia! Yep, then we kept on preaching them to come CCHMS. LOL. Mmhmm, they were quite cute ^^Yeah, Wendy became a paedophile/rapist, cos she kept on preying on the brownies! Hahah, she can take over Joanna liao! Was quite slack cos they were doing indoor cooking so we had to wait for quite long ): Samantha joined us for around 5min, then me and RS went to concourse to leave Samantha alone to emo xD Then once reached concourse, first thing Huiyan said to me was "Chips ley?" Tsktsk, Samantha said cannot give HY cos she already ate half-packet before the whole thing started. Yar, then we went back canteen, and found that the remaining 2 groups already there lerh! So quickly chiong-ed through the whole thing. Basically all the groups damn pro lah, all correct, especially one group which still could tell me brand of the sauce leh! -claps-

    Washed up and went back to concourse :) Had briefing about Amazing Race on Friday and Open House on Sat :) So I think PT kit for amazing race, ezlink must have at least $5 and only $2 cash on hand! No fbts though ): Gonna start at 8.30, finishing at 12.30. Then for open house is half-u with white socks which is a must. Yeah, second shift! ^^ Which starts at 11.30. Okay you all dont have to know about this, typed it out to remind myself :)

    Sunday, October 28, 2007

    Rah, today diu lian-ed again. Cos I fell :P And it's the pair of shoes that I wore to jiawei's birthday! Yes, the one that made me fell at Marina Square! Argh, stupid slippers. But I still love them :) Anyway, didnt really hurt myself cos I was kinda mentally prepared XD Well, cos I saw that the stairs were like those at Marina Sq., so I quickly gripped the railings. And guess what, only after 5 steps, I fell! LOL. But heng sia, I fell in a damn glam way ^^ Only my family was there, and they were laughing at me! Never even help me up sia, so guo fen! Lol, nvm, da ren you da liang!

    Shirlyn is despo for me go out with them tomorrow. Nvm, I understand. Going out with a meinu is a proud thing to do! :D Ah, yes, tech rehearsal tmr! Wish me luck alright!

    I hate KS-ers and I love BreadBox more and more! ^^ Went to Japan in Maple today to meet Brenda, and we were happily killing monsters together with Jiawei and Joanna. Then one shitty loser came to KS me ): Then JW came and scold the KS-er, then the KS-er went to KS Brenda who was quite far from me. Lol. Then JW went to scold the KS-er until damn jialat and kinda KS-ed him back. LOL. Ya, then me, Joanna and JW went to follow the KS-er until he escaped =.= So guo fen can, see people noobnoob come KS. So tao yan! Heng got high level people training together sia. Mmhmm, and for those people who dont know, BreadBox is a Maple Guild that consists of majority CCHMS pupils, especially MD people who take up a huge part ^^

    Saturday, October 27, 2007

    Woots, I'm beginning to like my guild more ^^ Lol, ytd was much fun chatting with them :D You people know who you are. BreadBox, yay! Anyway ya, talked about alot of things, especially the life now. It's like drama serial lah, so many things happening at same time, so... drama. Yeah, with all the backstabbing, reputation, etc. involved. Though the things we quarrel are quite dumb, but it still happens =/ Everyone were voicing out their own opinions, giving advice and all. Kinda nice to see everyone bonded like that :) Yeah, and it involved pretty much story-telling, each person giving his/her own account of what had happened. All because of that thing. Hope it's gonna lay low for somewhile, and everyone forgets it. Or else MD's not gonna be that united and bonded. See, sounds so drama but yet so real. Mmhmm, and the whole story-telling session lasted for around 2-3 hours (: From 11pm to 1-2am. Yeah, midnight chats :D

    Say yay to BreadBox! ^^v

    Friday, October 26, 2007
    report book

    Hello world :) Got back the report book today :x Improved on class position, but deproved on level position =/ Class position is now 14 :D I think it's quite good for me liao, cos my expectations very low de ._. Then for level position it's just a dumb 98 D: Very lousy seh ): Want cry liao T.T Amanda damn pro luh, 3rd in class, 10th in level! Smart dao~ Anyway she's a councilor le wor ;D Congrats on passing the interview ^^

    Went to library to slack and wait for Karwai. I slept on the couch while Serene read a book (: Guai kias read! Ya, so when Serene wanted to wake me up, she played with my eyelashes. Hahahs! Then that really woke me up, so effective! ^^

    Went to lucky station with Ser and KW. Had fun there (: Hmm, ate, then watched TV, played uno, talked about red stuff, then had a pillow fight! Haha, the pillow fight damn fun luh ;D! Then we kept laughing non-stop until I no strength to stop Ser from hitting me. Lol, tried to grab hold of her arms, but it seemed that she, too, laughed until no strength! Hahah, damn fun sia! Uno was kinda alright, I won ^^v Then also practised our shuffling :) We want to be like Danling! The special big bird who shuffles cards till damn pro! :D

    Thursday, October 25, 2007
    guides, full dress rehearsal

    Just came back from Drama Full Dress rehearsal. Beattttt. Anyway, it was kinda last minute cos the last time we saw Mr Jow, he told us it was on 26th. So some of us didnt bring costumes/props. Then in class, Ms Low suddenly popped out and said that we had drama lessons today =.= Then in the LT2, we asked Mr Leow(sp?) and he said that he informed the ASM about changing of dates. But no one knew anyway =/

    Yesterday night watched the part of Live The Dream where The Click Five sang! :D Omg, lovelovelove! Didnt know that they were going to sing cos I thought it was Tuesday! LOL. Ya, heng Kangning reminded me on MSN so I went to turn on the tv :) Thanks kangning! Tried to get Huiyan to watch but she doesnt listen to angmoh songs. tsktsk, same as waikhee!

    Today, in class played stress, blackjack, daidi and got molested by Serene and Shirlyn. tsktsk(!) They were like whacking my ass etc. SICKOS! D: Lol. Ya, then they threw tissue paper into my shirt. Lol. Then played catching and stuff, and I ran out of the classroom. So to prevent me from running out, they tried to lock the doors, but I apparently I'm muscular(lol) and I pushed through the doors. Yay for me! Lol. Ya, then while running, went towards Cherlyn and went to toilet with her. Then Huiyan and her friends walked past, then Cherlyn was waving frantically and saying hello to HY. Then HY dao-ed her and said hello to me instead. LOL. Damn funny lah (: Ya, then while playing BJ, wanglaoshi came in unexpectedly, so we were all shock tio, and the cards got confiscated =/ Then he passed it to Ms Soh and Ms Soh returned it to us anyway... Then played with Uno cards, another teacher came in(the damn extra one who had her own solo concert at old folks home), and told us that Uno cards cannot play. Like wth? Ms Soh said can play, then suddenly one teacher pop out say cannot play?! Rubbish lorh.

    After school, went to canteen to eat (: Then Cherlyn's charisma file had this dead crushed lizard in it, and she was SO freaked out. So me&Nicole went to scare her with the file, and I touched the lizard and tried to touch her. Of course, she screamed and ran away. Woooo~ So fun sia (: Then we brought the file to concourse, shun bian go for Guides. Then we got the Sec 3 seniors to open the file, but they didnt want to, so I opened it for them. Then all the reactions were "Eww", and Cherlyn screamed. Huiyan went "Eh, huixian, shi ni leh!" Xianwei, who didnt went eww, said "Why you so gay?" LOL. Then Cherie went to remove the dead lizard WITH HER BARE FINGERS. Omg, so gross lah. But um, quite brave? LOL. Gross.

    Then found out that cos the response very poor, so the groupings only left outdoor cooking and kim's game. Then cos we needed evaluation, so need guides and "brownies", which meant that we act as brownie, be childish etc. Then cos very little people be Guide, Yijie chose me and Nicole ._. I wanted to be brownie de leh! Lol. Then at the concourse, all of us didnt wear half-u, so got punished by doing 20 pumpings, while the sec 3s did 40 cos some of them also never wear. Then at the side of the concourse, we, the ones who were acting as guides, were discussing about... some sick stuff. LOL. Sick stuff (: Then went to innosphere, where Yijie talked to us about Guides Camp. We're going to Sentosa! :D Then YJ asked Amanda&Sueann about the councilor interview. Ya, so we the guides hafta go make the fire etc, go pick twigs and maomao and whatever lah. Aiyoh. Then start fire etc. We were going to make spaghetti, but then the water which we were going to boil had alot of flies jumping into it. Damn gross lah, the water had quite a number of flies in it ._. But the seniors said that it was normal. D: Then me and Nicole were standing on our toes, like ballerinas(woots, so graceful, lol), then HY say I childish ):

    Then did a lil of outdoor cooking before me&Nicole had to leave for Drama. Then I changed, but I didnt bring skirt cos it was totally last min. So wore my Guides skirt instead :D Then rehearsed, and acted it out. For once, my falling down scene went alright! Yay for me ^^v Then Zhihan kept peeking out from behind the curtains, and Mr Jow and Leow was so so pissed that they actually ran on stage to catch ZH. As per normal, ZH ran away, but got caught anyway. He was asked to stand on the stage, because he likes the feel of the lights on him and the stage so much. Retarded luh. Everything went alright, I guess. I didnt speak too fast leh! Finally (: Tzeyeng did very well cos Mr Jow kept praising her, saying her "good girl!" Hahahs :D After everything finished, TY gave me a ride home. Yay, thank you!

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007
    watermelon, marina sq, jw birthday

    Hello! Today was a damn fun day sia (: In morning did the drama practice, then Ngo kaypoh come in to see us perform cos she's a self-acclaimed "drama expert". Damn diao luh, suddenly come in want us act for her. Please lah, my acting skills not for you de okay =.= So we got Mervyn&Derek to improvise, and they started to act out a fighting scene! Omg, Ngo actually believed us leh! LOL. Dumb luh ;D Then went to 1JT to slack! Their es&d is damn rock lah, I like the chicken leh, so nice! So cute and life-like lorh :) Also went for upper sec recess cos Shir wanted to find Qingru cos she wanted her to nominate her for councilor :D But I think QR said quite hard? Yar, then went to find Waikhee. She and her friend super funny lah, keep going to the noodle stall and get the free watermelon, pretending it's their first time taking the watermelon. Lol, laughed like siao lah. Then they finally decided that they took too much from the same stall, and went to other stalls to take the free fruits. Ya, quite fun also (:

    Went back to class to play that ghost thingy. Fun wor! Then also played with the ball. Zhihan damn kuku lah, throw the ball at Shir's stomache. Blind arse. Pekchek. Then KW went to my house with the cookies (: She help me carry ;D Then changed and went out! Reached Marina Sq then waited for the rest to come. Then everyone came, went to buy tickets for movie. Watched Mr Woodcock which I dont find nice. The storyline sucks, not even funny lah. Oh, and the people who went were me, Karwai, Soravee, Brenda, Mervyn, Chester, Derek, Zihow, Jiawei, Bingxin, Kevin, Gregory, Joshua and more I think. Cant rmb, stm D: When going out of the cinema, then cos Marina's one is lead to outside, I was going down the stairs. Then I fell on my butt okay! LOL. Damn pain sia ): Cos my slippers very slippery, then is almost fall once, then 2nd time really fall ._. Diu lian. My face all gone. LOL. Went arcade too. Parapara and Let's Go jungle! LOL. The latter quite fun (: Played with Soravee and our compatibility is only 33%. Lol. and quite scary, I kept screaming like siao. Hahas(:

    Best part was Seoul Garden. Spent alot of time pooling money cos we not enough money =/ Total is like $200+ for 11 ppl. Damn ex, cos it's dinner. Then we had the waitress waiting for us for a long time cos we counting money. Then she gave us 10% discount cos got more than 10 ppl I think. Ya, so we kept on complimenting her ;D Had fun cooking the food (: Began this soup competition with Jiawei's table. Trying to make the nicest soup :D Obviously I won can? Mine is the BEST lah (: With Serene's recipe of the beehoon egg chicken soup thingy! Damn nice seh ^^v All of us ate seriously ALOT of food lah! Took alot of beef, chicken, ice kachang etc. Not me lah, all of us =.= I dint take ice kachang, cos I think it's rubbishy. Lol. Then took a group picture ^^v Quite nice, except for Derek cos he was looking away =.=

    Took MRT back home with Derek, Kevin and Greg. Greg was super funny lah, trying hard not to fall. Then he kep pretending like siao lah, like gonna fall then he quickly put his hands behind his neck. LOL. Nice day out today (:

    Happy Birthday Jiawei!
    Stop calling me rebondy behu or behu or ba zi be hu hor! LOL. You're finally 13, so stop being so childish and calling me names! LOL.

    The group picture ^^ Taken with Derek's phone, and he wasnt looking at the cam ._.

    Monday, October 22, 2007
    royston tan, PP motion sensor ^^

    Today damn cool lah, Royston Tan came and gave us a talk about film producing :D At first he got the 881 Limited Edition poster, then say who scream the loudest will get it. Then cos at that time, me, Ser, Shir, KW, and TY were SUPER enthu, so we screamed like siao. As in really like siao cos people in front of us turn their heads. &They're like alot of rows in front (: But anyway he didnt hear us lah, so I didnt get the poster T.T I got them to shout cos I want the poster de... WTH LAH. IF THE SEC 1S WERENT SUPPOSED TO SIT ON THE CHAIRS I WOULD HAVE GOT IT! Really lah! If we continued sitting on the floor, I CONFIRM get one okay.. ): Yeah, then he showed us a video on the Careless Whisperer. I think it's quite nice and touching worxzxz. Then the guy who sang Yi Ren Yi Ban came too, and sang for us! :D Damn cool can.

    Went to PP after school. Bought JW's present then went to Macs to eat. Then went to McCafe to slack :D The environment quite nice can! Oh yeah, "we" refers to Ser, Shir, KW, Soravee, Zann and me! :D Chatted about alot of things, everything under the sun! :D Then shopped here shopped there. Also played that super fun thingy with the motion sensor (: That is my favourite okay! Maybe I should go to PP more ^^ Played like siao can! Damn fun lah (: The best is the football, boomerang, and the one with pucks one! (: Damn rock luh~ Anyway, yar, the fountain wasnt open ): Cant play! &We were wearing sch u so cant go to arcade. Then we lazy to go ECP too. Yar, so walk here walk there until Zann, Soravee&Shirlyn left. So left the 4 of us, went around once again (: Went to Diva to look at stuff, then played with the motion sensor thingy again :D Gawd, I think I'm addicted to it lerh >< Nvm, it's FUN!

    Went to the pasar malam nearby :D Looked at FOOD. Lol. Bought the deep fried ice-cream! Nice ley ;D Then saw ALOT ALOT ALOT of spongebob stuff! :D Yay~ Got poker cards, monopoly etc.! I wanted to buy the poker cards de, cos very cute and only $1 nia... But then in the end decided not to cos *ahem* I dont gamble *ahem* HAHAH. Then went to bus-stop. &Guess who I saw? HDB ;D I over there um-chio like siao. Then I was going to board 135 then saw that she also board so I chiong there. Then Serene pull me dont let me go ): Say I lust. LOL? So took 76 with her in the end (: Nice bus journey anyway (:

    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    Random post since I'm bored with earning NPs. Anyway, just wanted to say that my house here got car accident. Car knock into car, damn loud lah. First the screechings of the tyres trying to break, then BANG! Sounded something like "eeeeeee BONG!" Lol. Damn drama, but real. Seems like kinda serious, since the cars behind knew that no hope so pass though so u-turned into another lane. Dad just went downstairs to see what happened. Then now alot of neighbours downstairs see what happen. I guess everyone's equally kaypoh, uh. Just hope that no one is injured =/

    if you didnt know, i wanna tell you that i'm quite pissed off with you okay.
    and this isnt the first time.
    nor the second.
    countless times already, and i'm still trying to surpress my anger.
    keep making fun of me etc.
    a lil bit is funny, but once it gets out of hand, it isnt.
    and when i tell you ppl to stop, you ppl wont.
    of course, since you ppl dont know how i feel.
    since you arent the one being laughed at anyway.
    have you ppl actually thought how i would feel?
    no one spares a thought for my feelings.
    my presence there is just extra.
    even you said it before.
    and i know you ppl are talking behind my back.
    im not really that oblivious to my surroundings.
    i know what is happening around me.
    and wht you are saying abt me, is actually how you are behaving.

    Friday, October 19, 2007

    Today pratically went to school for nothing? Simply just slacked in class, nothing much (: Hmm, was SUPER FUN! Total love man! ;D Yep, so Serene brought her doggy along, and we were playing with it! Qingru and Kangning's senior came into our class (: Ya, then played with the bamboo poles, and got people to sit on it! &We took the string we took ytd from LT2, tied it around the dog's neck and dropped it down the paraphet! &We thought that the people downstairs wont see, but I went down to check anyway. &Guess what? The HM people were at the corridor, pointing at the dog, laughing at it etc.! LOL. Then I quickly chiong back up and told them pull the dog up :D Seriously laughed like siao lorh! ^^

    Then after that went to KN's house, with Shir, cos Karwai had bball, Soravee&Zann had CS&D, Ser had detention... So reached there, and went to play Pokemon Monopoly :D Damn funny lah, I kept pokgai-ing and kept mortaging my houses. Lol, and I kept going to jail, dont know why. Ya, then we watched TV I think. And very soon the girls came, while I was at the KFC website looking for their delivery hotline. Lol. Ya, so ordered, went to eat spaghetti ^^ Quite nice ley, but the sauce abit too sweet. Then the KFC came and everyone snatched the chicken like siao, "booking" the chicken by LICKING it(you know who you are ^^). Then ate and ate and ate, then went to KN room, then went to watch a show called Bring It On or something. Cheerleading de, quite nice can. Lol, then me&KN went to find Karwai... Then when come back, we went to 3rd floor I think. Damn fun lah! So many games&books etc. Then they were playing payday while me&KW were just doing random stuff.

    Went down to eat cake and we seriously had alot of fun (: Serene was so funny and I kept laughing lah. Especially the mousse part! :D Zann said that the cake was mousse cake, and Serene said "Huh? Inside got animal(moose) ah?" LOL. Damn funny can (: &Me the pro at lighters and matchsticks lighted the candles cos Zann dont know how to use lighter. LOL. I've got loads of experience cos I used to light stuff up every night (: No, I didnt attempt to burn my house down =.=

    Ya, then went to play catching downstairs (: Damn fun lorh! Lol. At first me, KN, KW, Soravee were having a heart-to-heart talk, then the rest came down liao then we stop le (: Cos got... bu neng shuo de mi mi! :D So played catching! Then also played the pillar game ;D Then I trip over the step lah. Zzz, then my leg got abit of blood (: Then while running, there was this plant which was kinda blocking my way, so I pushed it away and the thron pricked me on my finger ): I should have turned into sleeping beauty what ): Okay, nvm, crap :D Then when I rush to the pillar to save myself, my finger rubbed HARD against the rough surface of the pillar, then inside like got blood clots like that O_o But overall I think I'm alright lah. Soravee hurt her leg too! Hers is more worse than mine cos her blood is alot de, mine very little (: Like one speck there nia, lol.

    Then took 32 down to the busstop at side gate. Had a nice time talking to Serene cos we shared some secrets ^^V Another bu neng shuo de mi mi orh! Wanted to change bus to go home when we alighted at side gate, but met my dad instead :D He was tabao-ing the Punggol Nasi Lemak, so he fetched me home!

    Happy Birthday Kangning!
    13 liao hor, dont so childish and lame already okay! (: Must learn to grow up! LOL. Jkjk. Anyway, ya, you're a nice girl who is like, damn funny and lame lorh! :D Anyway it's great to have you as a friend ^^ Enjoy your special day okay!

    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    I just found out something. I improved on my Geog ley! :D From the progress report's E8 to B4 (: Yay! Anyway, sorry Peiqi darling, Alicia, Joyce etc. for not going on this Sunday. Sorry! >< Cos no mood mah... Yep, and to think that I actually told pq darling that I would go! D: Sorry! ): Went to Clar's blog and her post made me laugh like mad, especially the quizzes. Suddenly got one question saying that me, and a few others were at a diu sum restaurant. Like lol? DIM SUM! ^^V &Her post also reminded me of Jiayi dear's bday present from me :D Super creative sia~ I'm hungry ):

    EOYs are totally screwed ): My average is just a stupid B3. Like wth? This is so damn low cos it means that my average mark is from 65-69. Dont know the exact one cos I didnt see my mark, only see my grade. Yep, it's total crap lah. Can forget about getting top 15 in class liao ):

    Today was quite fun bah? Photography thingy was damn cool cos got MD people such as Kangning, Kenneth&Tszhin inside :D! Yay! Then was also playing tug-of-war with Kangning, Serene, Shirlyn, Karwai and Tzeyeng cos we took out the rubber strip from below the LT2 chairs and tied them together to form a long rope then pull! Heehee, then went go back to class, Shir, Ser and TY started fighting with the brooms! LOL. Super funny okay! Then the broom head drop out ;O I managed to video it down, but will only be uploading it when I have time and I feel like it, which is obviously not happening anytime soon (:

    Ya, then had extra chi lessons cos the MOE people came and wanted to see how we had our lessons or something then wanna video it down so trainee teachers can watch and learn. Then had lessons, learnt the words then had to act out lo. But quite fun lah, with KW's "tao yan" which originated from me, and KN's 'huat ah!" which she ownself wanted to say. LOL. Damn funny lorh ^^V Hmm, Derek&Co's one was damn funny lah! Especially Joshua&Derek act till damn funny&well! &Even the MOE people laugh at Derek can! Oh ya, at first wanglaoshi change the seatings, then become Soravee&Zihow sit together. Then they 2 over there tmm, then in the end zii had to change place with Henry. So bad lah, wls disturb they 2 tmm. tsktsk(!)

    Guides test was damn funny lah! Especially that healthy lifestyle thingy, I totally crapped lah! As in really crap, I said that what wont get obese and all those funny craps (: &I managed a score of 40/50 can! LOL. Damn funny lah, I love my craps :D Yep, then the 5 point thingy also nice (: Cos damn easy lah! Then can openly discuss the questions one leh! :D Woots, then me&Nicole keep um chio-ing and laughing (: Anw going to vivo on 14Dec, Friday to sell cookies! :D Woots, group 1 rocks can. Lol, doing shift 2 which is 1.30-6pm, so come support okay! x3

    Wednesday, October 17, 2007
    seoul garden!

    HELLO! :D Today's results werent that disappointing, except for Lit bah ._. Lit was like, so damn rubbishy lah, tmd. Only 44/75 ley ): So damn lousy lah, I can go bang wall liao can. Mhmm, the rest was alright, got A1 for Science&History :D Eh, for Science is really unexpected de lah... But could have gotten more if not for the damn 3 sig figs. Rah! Then for Maths also damn pekchek. 1more mark to A1 leh! 1more leh! Haiyo, because of the stupid units lah! D: Angry~

    After school went to Seoul Garden with Soravee and Shirlyn. FUN FUN FUN! :D Serene went home cos her ahma sick. Aww, so filial (: Mhmm, so reach liao, went in and took the food lorh. We had so much fun lah can! :D Not gonna write alot, only about funny parts. Yep, the marinated fish was damn nice lah! I like ley (: Then cos me&Shir always cook until chao tar cos the fish will stick to the pan, so I was like "Let the pro show you. See, let me, the chef, cook one for you. To perfection." Then in the end, the fish looked damn appeasing, not chao tar at all! BUT IT WAS RAW INSIDE. Hahahs! Pro what, me ^^ Then Shir wanted to take pic of Soravee, and the conver went like this:
    Shir: -points hp cam to soravee's face-
    Soravee: Why you keep taking picture of me?
    Shir: Aiyah, just say cheese lah!
    Soravee: Kimchi!
    LOLOLOL. Soravee too influenced by Korean culture liao, take pic say kimchi one wor! :D Ya, then Serene came in, without paying. Lol, cos she though we pay for her liao mah, but in the end never (: Ya, and her ahma was well, so she last minute decided to join us lorh. Cos Tampines near Punggol, bus ride only 30 min. Yep, then we ate. &Soravee went to take xiancai aka salted vege cos she thought it was sichuan vege. HAHAH. Then she eat liao then she say "Eh, so salty ley!" LOL. Damn funny lah she, so blur de xD

    Ya, then we cooked alot of food but couldnt finish cos we take for fun nia mah. Lol, then cos take already, but nobody want to eat so we put it into a plate. Then cos I scared the person charge for food wastage so Shir was damn smart and go take a bowl to cover all the waste. But when the person cleared the plates, she removed the bowl on top =/ I think she got a shock~

    Yep, then they had desert! Soravee was damn funny lah, she couldnt find the spoon ley! Then we kept saying "in front of you! the ice cream there!" to help her find the spoon, then she just anyhow walk around. HAHAH. Then 3 of us laugh till stomach ache lah! Then I decided to be nice and went to help her get the spoon. Then I took the spoon too fast and I flicked it and it dropped into the chilli right in front of the spoons! LOL. Then I continued to laugh like mad, then the few girls who were in frotn of me were also laughing. :D No, I dont feel diu lian cos I was damn high just now, totally oblivious of my surroundings can (:

    Then went to open plaza to play. Then cos we ate alot, and was very full(ate from 2+ to 5+, 3 hrs of nonstop eating!), then we played the spin spin thingy until I almost vomit lah. I pia to one corner then stay there for damn long. Oh ya, and Sor, Ser and I watched 2 little kiddys zao geng. Damn gross lah, 1 boy 1 girl. &Dont say we sick hor, is they keep hogging the spin thingy then we sit down there watch them play to make them feel guilty so they'll let us play (: But in the end I had to go approach them lah, they keep hogging like siao.
    KIMCHI! :D Poor lighting cos the sun was behind me ._.
    The perfect kimchi! :D See, so nice lorh, the pic, the smile (:

    Tuesday, October 16, 2007
    old folks home

    ): Damn sad today lah, all my results were totally CRAP. Especially Geog lah, I knew that I will minus alot of marks, but dont need to minus until so much right? ): No tong qing xin one lorh, the marker never think of how I will feel. Hai... Dont know how to tell my parents my marks le. Although I know that they wont scold me, but then I feel bad lah... I studied leh! But I forgot to study some parts so in the end like this lorh ): Haiyo... Feel like slapping my peanut brain lah!

    Nevermind, dont talk about all this rubbish le. Although tomorrow still have, but let's leave that for tmr bah (: Yep, so went to old folks home today... Overall still quite okay lah. Interaction time was kinda awkward cos some of them keep dao-ing us then dont want to like, draw or fold origami and stuff like that. Super hard to communicate cos not alot know dialects, then even though got people know, still need translate etc so very xin ku lorh. Especially Serene, the pro in Teochew, had to go around translating for people who didnt know teochew (: Mmhmm, so to sum it all, did origami, puzzle, drawing for the interaction time. Yeah, then the performance group sang ^^ Which is my group lah (: Sang quite a number of songs before that extra woman kinda snatched away the mike and sang as if it was her concert =.= Wlao eh, is we perform, not you lah! >:( Lol, yeah, then the woman in charge got the old folks to do this bamboo pole thingy for us! :D Eh, they were super enthu when the woman-in-charge took over can. Then when we talk to them etc they damn dao lorh ):

    Went to Macs after that. Goodness, boys are like so not streetsmart okay =.= They took like, 10 min to reach Macs when they girls did so with only 3. That's cos girls are smart&pro&streetsmart mah! (: Yup, then me, Shir, Ser and KW got married to Ronald McDonald! HAHAHA. He damn handsome okay! :D Omg, lol. How it started was damn funny but hard to describe so I shall skip it! Mmhmm, then went to library! We're guaikias that read okay! Uh, actually once we step in the library then the librarian scold us liao :B But anyway went up to 2nd level, discussed about some stuff, borrowed books and off we went! ;D

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    The super fun thing we played on our way to Mos Burger! Block the cars! (Karwai said we were idiots cos we played with that FUN thing D: She must have been jealous, no childhood!)

    :D Went to Karwai house today to practice the song for the old folks home. At my house busstop there met Charlotte, kindgartaen bestie! <3 She was going to Orchard. Boarded the bus, reached KHS busstop but Shirlyn wasnt there yet cos she was watching ELMO. T.T Wlao eh, make me wait for damn long until I decided to sms her and found her watching TV ): I miss elmo! Hahh, 6Kians should know right? ^^ I'm quite proud of me, Serene, KW, Shir cos everyone paid like 100% attention so we could get things quickly! ;D Watched the 9pm show which KW recorded! That seems that be what we always do when we go her house ;D But anyway Fri's epidsode was nice (: KW said she cried while watching it. LOL. But it was kinda sad lah, having his own gf arresting him ):

    Went to PP after that. &it was raining superrrrr heavily. Lol, we found out that EVERYTIME we are going to KW house or go out from KW house, confirm rain till damn heavy de O_o &My umbrella spoil leh! This is like, my 2nd umbrella liao, and this is the first time I'm using it! Hmmph! Angry! MY POOR UMBRELLA T.T Anyway ya, was singing Umbrella until Ser whacked me real hard =P Reached PP, went to arcade first I think. Ya, then played ddr with Shir, and Ser played with KW. Our groupings always like that, and never change before de can! Cos like that then got mo qi mah (:

    Ya, then play liao go Comics Connection where everyone got real high and liked this super special white long banana-like soft toy thingy. Hahah, I guess we were all thinking sick xP Then went on to the usuals-Ice Lemon Tee&77th street. Then went to Esprit, saw this pair of white shorts which I really liked, but the price is even more WOW. $80 ley! So damn ex lah ): Then went on to the shades section, where everyone got real high again. Shir looks like alien with shades xD I like the white framed one!!! :D Damn nice okay! Hahah, saw it alot of times at Australia last year ;D But papa didnt want to buy it for me ): Then went to Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, M)phosis etc. Went back to arcade for more ddr and daytona! Hahah, daytona rocks okay! But Shir damn guo fen lorh, while me&Ser were squeezing each other, trying to make each other's car fly, she cheng ji and overtook us leh! SO GUO FEN RIGHT?! LOL. But I was 2nd anyway (: DDR went well too! Except that I accidentally stepped on the small metal button-like-thingy on the floor, and my heel seriously hurts now, especially when I walk D: Wlao, I damn scared the bone like, crush tio or something leh! Cos now it's the bone pain, not the flesh ): Howhowhow.

    Went to Mini Toons cos Shir wanted to buy stuff for someone. WHICH IS ME LAH! (my foot) ^^ Sweet worxzxzxz. She bought the damn cute pooh which I wanted, and the voodoo doll. Then we were helping her choose the box, then the saleslady suggested one which is open from the top, then I said it looked like coffin. Then everyone laughed, damn funny okay! But bought that anyway xD Then we 4 bought the mini slipper so everyone has the same design ;D Yup, and everyone hanged it on the hp (: Then also bought Tzeyeng's bday present(finally), and we've decided what to give Kangning lerh (: Kangning, be happy, cos it's gonna be nice, and special worxzxz. Hahah, hope KW remembers it bah. &Also that we have the time to go buy again cos today everyone didnt bring enough money. See, KN, your present so ex! HAHAH. Make you feel guilty!

    In case anyone gets duped by Ong Jia Wei, here's a warning :D Please dont dont DONT believe him if he says that I'm looking for you =.= Poor Ester believed him for like, 2-3 times, when he was actually lying >< Zzz. Yeah, so dont believe him when he says that I'm looking for you, okay? &Also dont listen to him when he tells you to say "ba zi be hu" or "ba zi bu hu" to me. Cos he purposely wanna suan me de. So yeah, no matter what just dont believe him or say what he tells you to say to me x)

    I miss Daytona ALOT. Though I've been to the arcade these few days, but didnt get a chance to play Daytona T.T Hahah, who wanna bring me out for Daytona? Remember that time Soravee party, then we went arcade to play. Then I won the guys for like, 2-3 times, using Auto somemore can xD I mean like, Manual's better cos it's faster+can drift, but I didnt know how to change gear so I used Auto. &I won. LOL. Yesyes, so someone date me out for daytona please x

    Saturday, October 13, 2007

    {edit}OMG. I had this nightmare today morn that I failed my chi paper 1! Omg, damn freaky okay! D: Like so real like that T.T It's like, that format was somehow wrong, but for Paper 1 I got 9/20! How how how ): {/edit}

    Lalala. Random post cos I'm bored. Hmm, lets see what I can post about. Ytd on the bus, dont know if it was Clar who called Peiqi or PQ called Clar. But ya, while Clar was chatting with PQ on the phone, I told Clar to say that her(PQ's) darling said hi. &PEIQI KNEW IT WAS ME LEH! :D Omg, peiqi I love you darling! Hahah, jiayi dont jealous, I love you too dear!

    Oh ya, yesterday was audi+maple with Joanna. Audi cos I kept complaining that I very noob, then she play with me cos she couldnt pass her license. Anyway she damn pro lah, play with her I felt super zibei. As in really really zi bei. 60% of the time I'm just watching her play, cos I know I cmi de, keep jamming the keyboards also no use xP &She won the person who was 4levels higher than her okay! Omg, damn pro.

    Ya, then mapled with her&Jiawei, till 2am+ Jiawei so guo fen lorh, I go in nia then use the guild chat and keep scolding me =.= Keep saying "si huixian". zzz. &keep calling me "ah xian". Omg so er xin can =.= Then Joanna also started calling me ah xian. zzz. Ah xian very nice meh? O_o Yup, then most of the time was chatting, not killing the damn slimes that kept attacking me cos I was stationary then they keep hitting me =.= Then I think I chat too much till got the pop-up from Maple that said that too much chatting can influence the player's abilities or something like that. Kept laughing after I saw that lorh. Ya, then JW was suaning me, say I low level very easy to level up. Cos I told him that I only 3%, cant level up within a day. Then he suan me. zzz. Anw, JW, I dont want to accept your challenge okay :B Cos I know I cannot win Greg/Junxiang de.

    P/S: Anyone who needs FREE HUGS, go on down to Orchard! :D There'll be people who gives out free hugs, I think! Well, at least that's what Charlotte saw when she went ytd! So, free hugs @ Orchard, anyone? (:

    Friday, October 12, 2007
    pp with wk, clar, jy, raina

    :D Yoyo. Just came back from PP. My feet is tired after being squashed in the shoe which is seriously too small. Wahaha (: Poor feet. Sorry feet, but I'm not planning to buy new shoes yet, I dont like shopping for shoes xD

    Ahh, yes, so morning played com, MSN-ed with Jiayi&Clar and we decided to go PP (: Was sms-ing waikhee and she was going to PP too, so yeah. Reached the earliest, as always xD Cos my house nearer mah~ A few bus-stops nia, plus got 4 buses to take :D Then cos Clar and JY would be late, so went to find Waikhee (: Nono, should be waikhee come find me. LOL. Waited for her at the new Borders/old MPH, then went to arcade. See, I'm so nice to pei waikhee okay! :D Damn funny lah, we were walking around the whole place to look for the ddr machine, then finally found it a ulu corner. &The best thing was that the machine wasnt turned on so WK couldnt play! Hahah, then she tried to turn the machine on by flicking the switches but it wouldnt work. So funny can (: Yeah, so walked here walk there, then we were at floor below the arcade, looking up at the escalator looking for Clar.

    Spotted her crumpler bag and I knew it was her (: I shouted her name but she couldnt hear it so went up to find her at the arcade. Then half-way called JY to find out where she was, and she's still on the bus =.= Then WK was like saying "Dear" into my hp when I was talking to JY. Lol. Later JY think I got stead or something. Hahahs (: Ya, then went up, played the bball machine (: Zzz, alot never go in, tmd. LOL. Me&Clar shared the machines :D Then WK say I very lousy, so I let her throw the ball. &The ball went in >< Ya, then went to play the chicken game which is my all-time fave. Damn funny lah, in front of the machine was this angmoh boy, then I was like saying "Excuse me" for like 10 times, but he kept dao-ing me. Then Clar went to try to scan the card, then the boy go stand directly in front of the machine and shook his head, dont let Clar play. Hahah, super funny lah. Then finally the boy left and 3 of us started to play. So fun~ LOL.

    Then met JY and off we went to Pasta Mania! :D :D Omg, hungry ley! &JY went high at the thought of food so she chiong-ed in front. Wahah, damn funny. Then WK left to meet her friend cos they going ECP then a piano concert. I found out that every meal I have with my friends at Pasta Mania is fun! Gave JY her super cheapskate birthday present-my receipt! Lol! Cos I found out that their receipt got this surface, then you can scratch with your fingernails to form words! :D So fun can. LOL. Then JY gave me one that said "Happy birthday! TRACKERS" Then I went "Sorry, my name not TRACKERS. Your birthday present is rejected!" So she went to strike out trackers, &I went "Sorry, I just changed name to TRACKERS. This birthday present is rejected!" LOL. Super funny! :D

    Went to scoopz for ice cream! Then Raina came too! I think JY wanted to give me&Clar a surprise by asking Raina along! Wahah, then went to white sands after much much debation on where to go. Raina's super drama right now, drama queen! Every sentence that comes out of her mouth is super dramatic! ;D Then once again, me&Clar went to the arcade at white sands. It's kinda empty so for those people who wanna play ddr/parapara but scared diu lian can go white sands play cos it's super empty there. Played the bball machine again! ^^

    Bought milkshake from Macs. Super diu lian, my face all gone liao! Cos I was asking the guy the milkshake got what flavour de, then Clar pointed out that the huge board in front of me got write. So diu lian lah, then the 3girls+the cashier was laughing. Then when I paid, the guy asked me if I was member, then I went ", wait, YES YES YES!" It's like from calm become super ji dong. Cos I forgot I was member xD Then the girls+cashier laughed at me again. Zzz, my face!

    Thursday, October 11, 2007
    smth for clar, quiz

    :D Here to post cos aint going out anymore tomorrow. Aww D: Plan totally screwed alright ): Oh yes, who's going for the 6J/6K gathering hosted by Mrs Goh? I dont want go leh! Cos I want my sleepppp. Imma pig (:

    &Clarissa, here's something for you, my dearest coconut nuer! :D Your 'cher always pick on you arh? >< Dont worry lah, the year's gonna end soon and you shall pray hard that she doesnt teach you next year! You see, dont want come CCHMS lah! At least dont have Mrs Kumaran here ley ;D Lol, crap (: But anyway, ya, I really miss the days when we played bball till late at night at Raina's house, around 8-9! Boy, those were the good old days! (I'm hungry now). &Yesyes, we shall hit kbox together with the clique, and play mahjong together okay! (: I'm waiting to go your house and find the wugui! Wait, has it died? Lol. I dont know leh! (I'm VERY hungry now T.T)

    list out your top 5 birthday presents you wish for:
    1. food(im hungry now and this is the only thing i can think of currently) FLIP FLOPS!
    2. shades
    3. earrings
    4. shoulder bag
    5. anything, cos im not THAT demanding (:

    1. the person who tag you is?
    Soravee Kiranantawat! :D

    2. Your relationship with her/him is?
    Classmates, & she used to sit behind me

    3. Your 5 impressions of him (her)?
    Smart, nice, chio, pro in everything, SELF POSSESSED! :D

    4. the most memorable thing she has done for you?
    she has done too many things for me liao~

    5. the most memorable words she has said to you?
    "almost a lesbian or maybe a bi sexual"

    6. if she becomes your lover, you will?
    Sorry, I dont want to snatch from Zann&Zihow (:

    7. if she becomes your lover, things she has to improve on will be?
    Calm down more often (: dont so ji dong.

    8. if she becomes your enemy, you will?
    Scold her for doing so well during exams x)

    9. if she becomes ur enemy, the reason will be?
    Keep agreeing with Zann and say I'm les ):

    10. the most desired thing you want to do for her now is?
    Help her and Zihow to da hao guan xi!

    11. Your overall impression of her is?
    Super intelligent worxzxzxz

    12. how do you think people around u will feel about you?
    Zzz. keep thinking I'm les/bisexual or whatever Zann says about me T.T

    13. the character you love of yourself is?
    I dont know. I dont zi kua (LOL)

    14. on the contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
    Get pekchek easily, lol.

    15. the most ideal person you want to be is?
    I wanna be who I am (:

    16. for people that care and like you, say something to them.
    Wooooooooooooo~ Thanks for the love, care and concern (: &Dont always listen to what Zann says cos what she say isnt very true. Especially the HX Chronicles! =.=

    17. pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wish: (for me it's only regular bloggers)
    1. Kangning
    2. Zann
    8. Waikhee

    who is no.6 having relationship with?
    Just break nia ley ;D

    is no.9 a male or female?
    Male, but partially gay.

    if no.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
    OMG. THIS QUESTION ROCKS! They are already together, with Derek trying to snatch 7.

    how about no.8 and 5?
    They dont know each other, plus Wenhui is mine hor!

    when was the last time u had a chat with no.3?
    Ytd night when she called me at 9+

    what kind of music band does no.8 like?
    Chinese songs I guess. Cos her phone like no eng songs de. LOL.

    does no.1 has any siblings?
    2 bros

    will u woo no.3?
    She's already mine? LOL.

    how about no.7?
    Nah, I'll leave her for Derek&Tszhin.

    is no.4 single?

    what's the surname of no.5?
    Siau :D

    what's the name of no.10?
    Tszhin O_o

    what's the hobby of no.4?
    Mug like siao(lol),

    do no.5 and 9 get along well?
    Once again they dont know each other O_o

    Where is no.2 studying at?
    cchms 1MD! :D

    talk something casually about no.1?
    Zzz. Angmoh buddies with Brenda ;D

    have u tried developing feelings for no.8?
    Eh no, she dont like me T.T (lol)

    where does no.9 live at?
    Uhh, somewhere near pipit/circuit road, if I remember clearly

    are no. 5 and 1 best friends?
    Ahh, yes, I think so (:

    does no.7 like no.2?
    Eh, no. Cos Zann belongs to Soravee, and Puyin belongs to Derek&Tszhin

    how did u get to know no.2?
    Same pri sch, and now same class!

    does no.1 have any pets?
    I dont know, but I dont think so?

    is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?
    OMG. what a question. She is, to derek, but not for me (:

    mahjong at KY house

    YOYOYOYO. LAI, GEN ZHE JIE ZOU TIAO! Omg, I realise I'm getting lamer by the day =.= Anyway today was quite nice lah (: Whole day stayed in class. Received the CCA points thingy and I had 6 points! :D Heng x-country also counted, if not I'll only have 1 interclass thingy and no points for that ): &My CIP hours was like alot can =.= 23.50 hours. Am I just pro or what? I think Nicole's one will be more than mine bah! Cos mostly the stuff all she also got do de (: Especially the preschool campfire which is 6hours and we had lots of fun! Wooooo~

    Today, we were SUPPOSED to practice for Drama Nite but didnt ;D Then Ms Low came to check, and heng we were sitting in cliques so can say that we were discussing (: Yeah man, close shave! Then went GA for performances :D I like the first one most can, got Black Eyed Pigs&Hello Kitty! Wahaha, so much better than that costume thingy which I dont like ._.

    Went to KY house with the usual, Serene&Shirlyn. Kangning couldnt make it ): Went on a hunt for cats. LOL. Cos that day's cat food not used yet (: So went to feed cats, then found a playground and stayed there. Then got this little girl who was so small sized that I thought she was 4 years old when she was 8. =.= &I didnt believe her at first. LOL! &she quite cute lah, but not very. LOL. Cos she damn rude to us can! >< Scold Shirlyn to shut up, then scold me&Serene "lan bei bei". I cant believed we got bullied by a 8yr old kiddo! Rawr!

    Went to KY house to play mahjong, as usual ;D Richie came along too. Then ya, played lorh. Serene damn tyco, she had all the animals and 4 flowers, but too bad the flower colour diff de (: &I was on a small lucky streak, cos zi mo+banker=$1.20 from each player! :D Wooooo~ Rich liao. LOL. Jkjk. Uh, everyone was equally pro lah (: Cos everyone won! Watched them play Pokemon cards, KY VS R, KY VS Serene. I dont understand =.= Then played a final round of dai di before going home. &I won the game too! Remember that time go KY house, I also win all the rounds ;D Wooo, gao xing worxzxz (:

    Walked to bus-stop with the double "S"s, nono, triple including me cos I'm Salt! Haha, then we began talking sick, asking sick questions. &All the questions' format is "to be or not to be". Serene came up with "To fart or not to fart?" and all those rubbish questions :D Okay, not Serene alone, but all 3 of us! But I contributed the least so I'm not as sick as them. "No wonder we are friends!"

    Wednesday, October 10, 2007
    end of eoys, ecp

    WOOOOOOO~ Damn high now worxxxx. Cos... EOYs have officially ended! :D Lalala~ But now left debriefs which is even more heart-breaking. Aww ): Nvm, shant spoil the mood with debriefs. Today was very uh, eventful bah. Morning was ACC which was super easy if your studied! And of course, being a guai kia that I am(nods head), I studied yesterday night! This is what guai kias should do(continues nodding head), and for those that isnt a guai kia and dont study, you should learn from Huixian/Salt the Great!(nods head furiously like there's no tomorrow). Then was Good Teacher's checklist which was blah~ Yangmeh tried to bribe us and said that if we give all As, she'll treat us to KFC. Sorry uh, we aint 3-yr-old kids alright (: We have BRAINS.

    Then was ES&D, preparing for Drama Night! Super busy, almost forgot my lines, my acting was super sloppy, spoke too fast and stuff like that... Cant help it mah, I normally speak very fast derh, want me to slow down is very hard de =/ Then ya lah, Mr J lost his temper and yelled at everyone of us ;_; I chua tio lah, cos didnt expect him to lose his temper... But I think we're partially at fault luh. Okay, fast forward all this bu kai xin de shi...

    Went to ECP! :D :D :D Went to Macs with Serene, Shirlyn and Karwai first, and ate lunch (: Saw Yinghui there, yup. Then bought food and ate. Went to rent bikes, and Tzeyeng came along. I rented tandem bike with Karwai, Shirlyn with Serene, and Tzeyeng rented hers alone ^^" Ya, then cycled to Bedok Jetty, stayed there awhile to take pics. Scenery quite nice cos can see CBD, and the new Ferris Wheel!!! :D I didnt know can see the ferris wheel from Bedok Jetty leh! Ya, then cycled to near the rental shop(it was damn far away, at some ulu place), and played at the beach! Wahaha, Serene&Karwai went mad and played in the water, wetting their shorts. Then the 3 sane ones(me, Shir, TY) only went till our shorts were a little wet. Then we sat by the shore and dug a hole ;D Goodness, our shorts became wet again cos the moisture from the sand went into our pants, and so when we stood up, the sand we were sitting on was dry while our butts were wet =.= zzz.

    Then went to arcade to ddr and parapara. ddr-ed with TY first, then I noob play, play light de. Then TY play harder de, then cos we side by side, she see my face then she laugh and couldnt continue. This is what you call MEI LI WU FA DANG! Lol. I think it's cos I too chio, cute and innocent already. Aww (: Then also para para-ed a little lah. Then watch them dance, and some other group of strangers.

    Anyway, I think I've really put in my best effort for eoys lerh... I mean like, if I do badly, then that's probably my standard liao. I cant do any better already, it's all I've got. At least I think so (:

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007
    maths paper 2

    I'm sick lerh ): Down with flu&sore throat. Now I sound like gay cos of the flu, which chanes my voice =.= Morning in class was quite fun yeah :D The girlfriends were discussing about their holiday plans, yo. So many people going to far away places, which means that people in my class are all damn rich. zzz. I'm going to HK&Japan! :D &Soravee's also going to those 2 places, except that she's going to Japan first... Diff from me, but super cool lah, both places the same one worxzxz. &Kangning is going to US, leaving the poor me in SG T.T &Tzeyeng's going to China on this thursday, which means that she gets to pon the rubbish-y post-exam activities. Okay lah, cannot say rubbish-y cos I dont even know what we're going to do :B

    Today's Maths Paper 2 was alright ^^ Uhh, definitely easier than Paper 1! :D &Didnt get stumped by any questions at all! :D Woooo, means it's good okay. After checking my paper, slept for around 15-25 minutes. &I slept so soundly that I actually dreamt okay! I dreamt of Hi-5 xD Lol, really lah! Then suddenly got this loud booming voice "Put down your pens", which woke me up T.T Scared me lah, so I kinda jumped up. Lol. Okay, so left 1 more paper! :D 1MORE~

    Sorry girls for not being able to go out to Karwai's house&spiderweb today >< Cos of yesterday's rain then I sick mah, then I want to go home sleep :D Sleep is good, dont play too much okay (:

    Happy Birthday Felicia Chin ♥ ! :D
    &Hope you get into Top 10 Female Artistes for Star Awards okay! (:
    Uh, I know she wont see this, cos she doesnt tag me anymore x3
    but just wishing her happy birthday :D

    Monday, October 08, 2007
    science, mahjong

    YOYOYO. Im damn happy. Cos I played mahjong again!!! :D Yeah man, woooooo~ Today's science was alright lah (: Not very easy, but not very hard. Just abit hard nia... Hope can score well bah. I was like, damn dumb can. At least 5 questions I forgot to change the units, like from cm become m, then need to divide by 100, then I forgot to do alot ley =.= Then heng hou lai I check, then found out. zzz. Section C was alright bah... Did 1, 2, 3, 4. Didnt do 5 cos it's about energy, and I hate that chapter so never really go and study for it xP Therefore cannot do lah...

    After school, bought Munchy Donuts. Bought 12, then divide between me, Shirlyn, Danling, Karwai and Serene. :D Nice ley~ Ate it at Lucky Station ;D Then uhh, 2 of the donuts tasted like shit, so Serene threw them away. Lol. Then they discussed about the costume for Drama Nite. Tmd, I need wear tank can?! Like wth, I never wear before ley. Out of the 4 costumes, I only got shorts. LOL. &that's for basic xD So the rest need to borrow from alot of people. But Serene&Tzeyeng seems to have alot of them O_o Cos they fashionista mah, everything all have de can ._.

    Wanted to go feed cats(not my idea =.=), so went to KW house there (: Bought the cat food liao then rain like siao. Seriously damn damn heavy can ): Cats and dogs~ LOL. Cats! Lame =.= Okay, anyway, then my umbrella spoil can =.= The whole thing overturn liao then the metal thingy dont know what happen lah (: Spoil jiu shi. Then I chiong here chiong there. Then I thought the hugeeeeeee puddle of water was the pavement cos same colour, then when I was going to step into it, I found out it wasnt and tried to siam away. But if I siam away I would lose my balance and fall into the puddle, so I decided to step in it. Lol. Then my whole shoe wet like siao, then 4 of them keep laughing at me. So mean ): I look too innocent, cute and hao3 qi1 fu4 then they laugh and make fun of me... So guo4 fen4... Lol... Want attract my attention also no need like that mah... Aiyoh... xD (check and it said that cute means: "attractive especially by means of smallness or prettiness or quaintness". (: Not ugly but adorable, and also not ke lian mei ren ai okay =.=)

    Then went to play mahjong. As usual, won quite alot, $7.30 leh! :D Win like siao lorh, cos I zi mo, and I was banker at the same time! So each person $1.20. Then I won twice with zi mo and banker, so each person $2.40 (: Song bo~ But we play fake money =.= Tzeyeng die liao xD We sure own her one xD Make her pay like siao woooooo~. Pay until she pok gai!!! :D Oh, and Serene owes me $7.75, Shirlyn owes me $1.20, Nicole owes me $3+. PAY MONEY LEY, I WANNA POK GAI LIAO LEY ):

    Saturday, October 06, 2007

    I think I got dumber :O I know I'm dumb already lah, so I put dumber instead of dumb =.= Dont have to point that out to me ): Anyway, yes, because of free refill's playground. Lol. At least they allow us to play (: Cos the slide place was damn small, and somemore I was closing my eyes so I just anyhow feel around me. Suddenly my head knock against the metal pole above the slide can ): Damn pain ley. And the impact is damn hard. Danling got hit too, lol. But then my impact larger than hers ): &therefore that's why my brain wasnt functioning well yesterday. At macs, I tried to say "Shi ni men... 是你们..." Then I went to say as "Ni ni nen". Omg, lol. I couldnt pronounce my 's' and 'm', and everything came out as 'n'. Aiyoh. Tsktsktsk.

    Random: Love hina :D Flying turtle :D


    Random: Fruits Basket rock more than Love Hina :D Kyo, Yuki and Tohru! :D

    Friday, October 05, 2007
    elit, mahjong, playgrnd

    HELLO! I LOVE MAHJONG, DO YOU? HAHAHAH. Woooooo~ Mahjong rocks. I love mahjong. Yay! Mahjong! Lol. Sorry for being so... hyper? Anyway, today's ELit went pretty well, I would say. I think I'll score well in this? Guess so, cos the Speaker's Badge seriously helped me alot cos I went to memorise Timothy Winters for that, and it came out!!! :D Omg, shi shuang de lorh! Butbut, for that Jim guy, Serene did the EXACT thing before cos that time hers dunno go where, so Miss Low did retest with her. And Miss Low gave her those questions, which came out today!!! EXACTLY THE SAME! :O ~!#$% Not fair, I want refund. Lol. But for the personal response question in unseen prose, I went to write that I agreed when many others wrote do not agree... Howhowhow? Later get penalised ): But since it's personal response so should be wont right? Aiyah, dont know lah.

    After test went free refill. But it wasnt open yet so went to macs. Then we went to playground to play, but got chased out cos it was for children. Lol. So we waited for KFC to open for a really long time cos time passed so slow ): Then finally opened and we chionged in. We were the first to enter, but not first to order cos we went to play first. Lol, played blind mice with Serene, Shirlyn, Karwai, Claire and Danling (: Fun okay! Yeah, then after that, we got separated cos some went to KW's hse there de playground, then we stayed on and went to macs to discuss where to go next. So we decided to go to playground, then played catching on the spiderweb thingy with 2 KHS girls. &Their name was so hard to remember so we called them A&B. Lol, it's mean, I know, but or else we would have called them "the blue colour rubber band" one etc. Hahs (: Had fun too! But I fell. LOL. But at least I fell not so jialat like Serene who was lying on this damn awkward and unglam position. Lol. &cos she fell on me so I fell too =.=

    Then went to 711 to buy super big gulp, which we finished quite quickly cos we're pro what. Then went to KW's house play mahjong. WOOOOO~ Mahjong! Mahjong! Mahjong! I won quite alot okay (: Won $3.30, but too bad we were playing with chips instead of real money. But children shouldnt gamble you know? (: Yeah, then Shirlyn had beginner's luck, and Serene only won once. Before she won, I went "Aiyah, after Serene win then we go home" to suan her cos she very long liao still never win. Then finally she won so I went "Okay! Let's go home!" Lol. Then she so funny lah (: &after exams, and after Tzeyeng comes back from china, we shall trash TY in mahjong okay! Me&Serene&Kw&Shirlyn is gonna win her :D

    I Y mahjong!

    Thursday, October 04, 2007
    geog crap

    Hello! :D I'm trying to sound really happy now =.= Rubbish. Totally screwed my Geog EOYs. Stupid reservoir map >:( How was I to know that they would test on not-so well know reservoirs?! &The question about 3 ways PUB has adopted to conserve water. I didnt really get what the question meant so basically just crapped (: Nvm, I shall not talk about this anymore cos it's making me more gek xim. Aww.

    Cantonese is getting more popular among MD people, because of me, Shirlyn, Serene and Karwai. Tsktsktsk, always scolding one another in Canto, and it's always na ji ju cos those are the only ones we know. Unlike Karwai who's Canto, the rest of us are Hokkien/Teochew (: And the subject we scold one another is always about the... Nvm, too porno to be said here :D

    After school, went to 711, Munchy Donut and Lucky Station. Went LS to find Laura, Ginny&Co., and Laura was damn funny. She was acting, and counting seconds by saying "1 thousand, 2 thousand..." Then someone taught her that "1Mississipi, 2 Mississipi..." Then she went to say as "1 Simissipi..." Lol, damn funny! And her actions are super funny okay :B Omg, Laura rocks. Lol xD But dont worry, Serene you rock more. (:

    Tomorrow's ELit and I hope it's gonna be easy ): I really need more A1s at this state. If I get an A2 for Geog or Maths, I'm gonna hit the roof, yo. Then I'll shout and jump and cry and cant believe myself and pinch myself and get Zann to slap me and jump on my chair/seat like siao when I did when I got back the ELit test. Wow! Then it'll the whole cycle will start all over again until I finally calm myself down :D After tomorrow ELit will be having 3 more days left to freedom! I think I'll probably be going to kallang free refill/macs to "study" Science! :D

    Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    I like walking to the bus-stop after school, with Serene, Shirlyn and Karwai. Cos that's when we get up to all our crazy antics and spastic movements and all :D Let's take today for example. We got so darn high, and began saying stupid stuff from Just Follow Law, like the 5 Deng gong ming-deng deng deng deng deng! &The good, gooder, and goodest-ho, jin ho, sibei ho :D Yeah, then Serene began kicking me cos I acidentally knocked onto her arm and her biscuit fell onto the road. Lol. And Meizhen was behind me so it was diu lian can. But fun lah ;D Of course lah, since it wasnt me who ran across the road when a huge truck carrying cement drove past us. It was Serene who ran across anyway :D Nvm, we shall ignore her since she takes life to kai wan xiao. ^^

    {*shirlyn*} says:
    me listenin 2 my bro's song
    huixian. / even the wrong words seem to rhyme says:
    wht song?
    {*shirlyn*} says:
    cockney girl
    huixian. / even the wrong words seem to rhyme says:
    huixian. / even the wrong words seem to rhyme says:
    huixian. / even the wrong words seem to rhyme says:
    {*shirlyn*} says:
    {*shirlyn*} says:
    my bro
    huixian. / even the wrong words seem to rhyme says:
    {*shirlyn*} says:
    huixian. / even the wrong words seem to rhyme says:
    {*shirlyn*} says:
    u 4 get wang lee hom is my bro meh?
    {*shirlyn*} says:
    bad memory
    huixian. / even the wrong words seem to rhyme says:
    huixian. / even the wrong words seem to rhyme says:
    {*shirlyn*} says:
    salt brain so small

    Crazy people like Shirlyn has Leehom&JJ&Wu Ke Qun as her brother, Wilber Pan Wei Bo as her father, Angela Zhang Shao Han as her mom, Zhang Hui Mei as her sister and so on so forth. No wonder Shirlyn&Serene are friends (:

    P/S: Kangning, stop denying that you didnt kick my chair during Hist today okay =.= So irritating can, lol. &stop pushing your table to knock against my chair. Very bu shu fu one, you know? Hahs (: I dont want sit in front of you liao ): Hmmph!

    Tuesday, October 02, 2007
    sashimi, maths paper 1

    Yesterday's recess was LOVE, cos we had sashimi! Woooo, we refers to me, Tzeyeng, Shirlyn, Serene and Karwai! I think it's supposed to be birthday present for Shirlyn&Tzyeng, from Serene :D Goodness, Serene, you seriously rock my socks, girl~ Wooooooooo! The sashimi costed around $30, I think. &there was also sushi rice, cooked by Serene in the morning. Lol, she woke up damn early to cook the rice can (: &the sashimi was still fresh cos we asked one of the canteen stallholders to help us put in the fridge :D Yeah, so the food was pretty nice, with the raw salmon, tuna, octopus and all (: And of course Serene's sushi rice lah! Lol, had a super fun time eating cos we were laughing at practically everything, like the radish shreds under the sashimi. Shirlyn didnt like raw food, so she thought the radish shreds were noodles, so she went "Aiyoh, wo bu xi huan chi sashimi... Bu yong jin, wo chi na ge mian!" LOL. Super funny! Then also tempted Umbridge, cos she was sitting at the table beside ours and staring at our food! Wooo, nice one :D

    Today's Maths Paper 1 was CRAP. Firstly, I didnt bring my compass, so asked around and no one had so I went to buy. And damn suay, it was not needed cos no questions asking us to construct any effing weird stuff. Waste my money, tmd. Secondly, alot of people didnt finish lorh, wth ): For girls only Amanda finished, for boys it was Mervyn, Chester and some others. it's like quite hard and totally not enough time lorh. ): Let's hope that Paper 2 will be better bah >< Serene brought green tea, the form of packets and asked me if I want anot. LOL. Super cute can (: Then at canteen, Kangning got dao-ed by someone, so I went "She dao you wor!" Then she rebutted "At least I not like someone, get dao-ed then emo" That's so... zzz. Okay, I shall be innocent and not get what she's saying ^^

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