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13th Feb is my day.
I luv peanut butter cups, Dairy Queen, people watching, purple Skittles, B&J's, warmhugs, smiles, laughter, sweet letters/cards, photographs, fun.
I'm not short, I'm FUN sized! :D

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    Friday, November 30, 2007

    You broke your promise. You kept it in the end, even though you said it was expensive (: I'm wondering if tomorrow's gonna work out or not. =/

    &Zac Efron looks gay in his Bet On It video. I mean like, it looks damn weird in a golf course. &His actions all very gay lorh. I laughed through the whole video of it and I even thought it was a parody. However I searched and found that all was the same so I'm pretty sure that it isnt a parody. Hahaha, I laughed until my sister asked me what's wrong! Go watch it. Okay, I know this guy's fans are gonna bash me up or something(lol), but he really looks gay in the video especially at the beginning and 00:40.

    My cousin's at my house now using the lappies cos my Grandma house dont have connection. &The younger bro is damn funny, I swearxz. Cos they just hacked someone in Maple and was getting out the money and items and the older bro wanted the more expensive stuff so the younger bro went 'Qi fu ren de ni! Yi zi qi fu ren de!" Okay it doesnt sound funny here but it really was damn funny. Then dont know what happen and the younger bro was praising the older bro by saying "Pei fu pei fu! Pei fu ni!" OMG DAMN FUNNY LAH! Omg I think now they're trying to hack into mine liao ~!@#$%

    Thursday, November 29, 2007
    P3 picture, bball match

    Zomg, guess what I found in a damn old thumbdrive! My P3 pictures! HAHAH. I look damn toot lah can! &The pics are taken cos that year I got 3rd in class so go up the stage and get some voucher. Ya, but anyway cos P4 I was in a new class and had new classmates cos got reshuffling. &Those P4 classmates are in the picture cos they got Top 3 in their class too, and we took a group picture! Damn cool lah, I didnt know I had all this pictures leh! :D &Gregory Wong looks damn fat lah. Benghwee's expression is FUNNY! HAHHAHA. Okay I shall only post one cos this one has the most number of people captured in the photos! ;D However not all got into 4J/5K/6K, but it's more of a majority! Spot yourself!! ^^

    Eeee, okay I know after this picture will have alot of people come and scold me de T_T But I'm not going to remove it! xD HAHAHA.
    Anyway sorry Karwai for shouting into the phone just now cos I didnt know that Leisure Park was open again and the ice-skating rink has came back! :D Woots, maybe going there on Monday. KW asked if Sunday can, but I was like "NOO! SUNDAY IS FAMILY TIME!" LOL, so unlikely to come out of me, super cliche!! Oh, and KW's gonna be at my house downstairs basketball court at 5 later on cos they're having a match but she aint playing ): Oh well, I'm just going down to watch and pass KW her present :D
    +Back from the match :D Met Yanzhan(my new found friend who's high and crazy like me! Maybe worse ^^), Yueying and Karwai. Rachel came halfway. Yep, CCHMS won Naval Base :D Rachel, your shifu Yeenei did so well! 3 3pointers! Omg, so cool and pro lah! :D &They were saying that Cheryl looked cute or something. Hahah. Score was 15-49 ^^ Before our match was RI against Punggol or something. &You know in Police&Thief, there's the son called Xiaolong! &Yeah, "Xiaolong" is in the RI team, and we were discussing that he's totally different cos he's SUPER BIG-SIZED, I'd tell you! In the show he's like so small-sized and short, but in real life he's HUGE.

    Tuesday, November 27, 2007
    missed calls, tag replies, quizzes

    I wanna buy Teens Decemeber issue asap cos got Felicia Chin! LOL. :D

    Lol I found out that Nicole and I kept on miss-calling each other =.= I think got 5 times liao lah, super funny :D I called her, she never answer. Then she called back, I was bathing. I called again, she never pick up her mobile phone. Called her house twice, her mom said she wasnt in. She called back in the morning, I was asleep. Called her back and she didnt answer. And it went on until I finally picked up the phone. LOL. Never missed-called someone so many times before xD So cute!

    Ah okay, tag replies cos it's really piling up like siao and I dont want to spam up my whole tagboard ): I know this is going to be very mafan for you people to see my reply, but I'm sorry ;(

    jt: Oh sorry, you sounded so sarcastic. Heh! x) But I still doubt you now, even when I'm back.
    WENHUI: Aha no lah, not crying ;) I wont cry so easily de :D
    sili: Hahah, thank you! ^^
    clara.: Lol, see I'm so nice to congratulate you right! ^^ &I'll do the test!
    Ashlyn<33: Haha, I noob mah. Noobs dont chance you know :D
    kangning: Ya, I know you miss bullying me right! Eh, I come back 1 day liao never see you online :( When you going and coming back?
    CLAR!: Yo nuer I missed you too!
    joycee`: Hahah, it's alright, cos I dont think you knew my flight timing :D Anyway you meant Yakitori right? Yep, I saw a few shops selling it but I didnt buy it =x
    kangning: Salt is pronounced as shio in Japanese leh! Heh, so cool sia ^^ Call me shio next time. Lol, jkjk. Sounds like shiok, I dont like!
    sili: Ah okay will do it!
    jt: Ya I'm having fun WITHOUT YOU. Lol jkjk.
    WENHUI: It's actually the same. But in written form, it's in their hanyupinyin-like characters.
    ester: Eee, where got always go? This is only the 2nd time leh!
    NICOLE: NICOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Heh we're so gonna enjoy the subway session on 1st Dec man! :D
    kangning: I didnt take Japanese Salt O_o As in not on its own; maybe cooked in food? I'm not sure =/
    jt: Cannot, later they scan through got then got something moving then thought it's my pet then call me to put into a cage then will have special delivery de. LOL. You're my pet!
    kangning: Ya lorh, she ah, never think of that sia!
    jt: Omg, siao so light for what. Later you fly away lorh!~ Tsksk.
    ester: Ya lorh she so skinny lah. Like pole like that, going to be like Bingxin liao lah. Lol jk, I doubt jt knows who he is, so I can say. HAHAH.
    kangning: Lol my family's total luggae weight was 100kg I think. Damn heavy lah, but that one dunno is coming back or going there that time see de. LOL.
    jt: Ya, the bomb is you right? Then you bao4 in front of them and scream and go insane. Nono, it's inxian. Inxianity. SO COOL LAH, I JUST INVENTED A WORD. Say it out, sounds like insanity! ^^V
    CLAR!: Yup, the time you tagged, I was back already! ^^
    senorita: Lol, you are the 3rd to ask for my cousin's pictures after I said he is shuai. Hahahs! Nope Im not going to HK since I transitted there. LOL.

    And now for quiz time! First one from Clara :D

    1. Do the following WITHOUT complaint .
    2. Choose 5 people to do this after you completed yours .
    3. Leave a tag on the person`tagboard to say he/she have been tagged .
    4. Start your post with;I have been tagged !

    Favourite Colour : No favourites =/ Depends on the shade though.
    Favourite Food: Subway! :D
    Favourite Movie: Alot seh! x)
    Favourite Sport: Basketball :D
    Favourite Day: My birthday norh! ^^
    Favourite Season: Autumn (:
    Favourite Ice-cream: Macademia from Haagen Daz!

    Current Mood/ Okay-okay, not anything special O_o
    Current Clothes/ Tee with shorts .
    Current Desktop/ Some blue thing. LOL.
    Current Time/ 10.16 pm
    Current Surroundings/Living room!
    Current Annoyance/ The pile of homework I have yet to be completed =.=

    First Best Friend/ Ziyu, I think.
    First Lie/ Cant remember, TOO MANY! LOL.
    First Music/ Some lullaby-thingy-i-dont-know.

    Last drink/ Coke .
    Last Car Ride/ A few hours ago for dinner .
    Last Crush/ I've got no idea O_o
    Last Phone Call/Nicole, hours ago.
    Last CD played/ havent played a CD for a long time ):

    Have you ever dated one of your good friends/ Nope!
    Have you ever broken the law/ Nope, sorry I'm a guai kia :D
    Have you ever been arrested/ Nah, I'm a guai kia!
    Have you ever been on TV/ Yes, on a i-dont-know-what-show when I was in kindergarten. Lol.
    Have you ever kissed someone you don`t know/ Sorry I dont grab random strangers to kiss x)

    Random 5 things you are good at/
    Crapping, being super lame, blabbering nonsense(but not as pro as soravee xD), talking, and zikua-ing :D

    4 things you've done today/
    used the com, sms-ed, bought my school books, cleared out my sec 1 stuff!

    Things you can hear right now/
    TV, my dad keeping the plastic bags O_o

    5 People to tag/
    Brenda, Clarissa, Jengteng, Joanna, Soravee

    And now Sili's one! Omg I realised that this post is damn long cos of the quiz. Heh!

    "According to the rules, people who are tag must write 7 weird things about themselves and then choose 7 ppl to be tag. Dont forget to leave a comment that 'you are tagged' in their blog and tell them to read your blog..."

    1)I dont like to look into people's eyes. Only those close to me.
    2)I like blog hopping alot :D cos can laugh at twits
    3)I cry easily? As in real easily, but not as easy as Gregory Lau!
    4)People tend to stare at me in MRTs and I dont know why!
    5)I hate the feeling of being watched.
    6)I think I'm vulgar and violent. LOL.
    7)When I was like 3, I used to lick my toes and found them tasty O_o

    Okay finally done! Like woots man, this post is long due to the quizzes. :D Heh! Anyway alot of people asking for my cousin's picture cos I said he's shuai. Super funny man! But he booked by 3 people liao-Huiyan, Joanna and Soravee! Want to add your name to the waiting list? x)

    She hates time, make it stop.

    Monday, November 26, 2007
    im back!

    HELLO PEOPLE IM BACK, YO! Lollll, sound so high sia :D But I'm not actually ): Super tired after my 8hr flight ): And also walked alot, feet gonna break soon T.T Uhm, only going to blog certain highlights of my holiday, cos listing out the whole 12 days is going to be very boring D: Maybe not going to post pictures cos I'm very lazy to go find the cable =x So Clar, dont get your hopes too high orh! Oh ya, I picked up a few Japanese phrases there too! ^^

    Okay, first day was nothing much, seriously. I didnt know that I was transiting at HK sia. Lol. I only know that when coming back to SG will transit, but didnt know that go also will transit. Flight was alright, movies to keep me entertained. Watched Tarzan(Disney) and I cried. LOL! But really lah, quite sad leh ): I know that Kangning see this sure laugh like siao de, but nvm, dont care about her. Lol. Jkjk, I'm such a nice girl that I went to tag her blog at airport sia ^^ Her blog only leh, no one else! Be honoured! :D Then watched the ending of Harry Potter, from the part where they were finding the crystal ball thingy(i forgot what it's called ._.) Reached Japan then took a bus to my hotel and stayed for a night.

    Next morning, woke up and went back to airport to take a 2hr train to Ofuna to meet my god-grandparents! :D Wooo, happy sia ^^ 6 years never see them le (: Yup, then went to their house which is nice and serene, tucked in near the hills :D Super nice scenery, can see Mt. Fuji from their house :D Stayed at their house for most of my trip! They have a dog now, named Mary and she's my alarm clock every morning cos she licks me till I wake up. Super cute! ^^

    Then now for the highlights... Um, got one day went to this harvest festival at the hill behind their house. Kinda like the estate festival, then it's like got alot of stuff, then the kids play until very happy, so cute sia :D Then bought hot soup and sweet potato, which is made from the harvested crops ^^ After eating, went to another part of the prefecture for another festival thing. This one was bigger, and got this flea market like thingy which sold things at a super cheap price! Then also got food stalls and got this damn cool truck which was like fake earthquake, then I go try. Then the thing shake like mad, and my back kept hitting against the "wall", so painful ): Then also got the fake smoke tent, went in and it's filled with smoke till I cant see anything except the grey stuff.

    Next day went to meet my dad's friends. Went to a museum first, which was about Kanagawa prefecture's natural history. Inside got alot of stuff such as rocks from space, fossils, skeletons of animals and plants. After this went to the castle, which consisted of alot of parts and each part's admission fee is paid separately so we kept on paying. Then after this went to meet another friend of my dad's, so total got 3 friends. Went for dinner and then trained back to my god-grandparents' house.

    Another day went to Hilton Tokyo, which is 2hrs away. Met my mom's friend and ate lunch at the Japanese restaurant there. There was this tiny cup of alcoholic drink which was sweet and I really liked it :D After eating, went to Harajuku street! :DD I heard Soravee talking about this before, so went there. Lots of people, and all is dyed hair+piercings. But they dont look very beng/lian, just that their dressing is kinda different. Most hair colours were more of blonde, and this girl with green hair really caught my eye. Then walked through the whole of the street and dont know walked to where. That place got alot of people with camera on stands by the road, probably talent-scouting/looking for models. Then went to Meiji Shrine, where my sister&I each bought a charm for good grades(guai kia mah ^^). Then saw this cute little girl wearing a kimono, so I went to grab ask her parents if I could take picture with her. &Her parents agreed so I was really happy cos she very kawaii sia ^^ While taking pictures, I think we kinda attracted alot of attention, and it ended up having more than 4 people other than my dad taking pic of us. And after taking the picture, they shouted "Kawaii neh!" which means I'm seriously cute until can attract so many people to take pic of me and can even shout kawaii sia. ^^V LOL! Okay lah, I shant crap anymore cos it's actually the girl that was cute. Kids aged 3, 5 or 7 have to go to the shrine during November to pray. 3&7 is for girls and 5 is for boys. After that went to meet my dad's friends and went for dinner together :D

    Another day, my mom's friend came to my god-grandparents' house to fetch us to a mountain cos we wanted to see red maple leaves as it was autumn! Yep, the leaves were superrrrr red and took alot of pictures :D Then went to Andoshima which is an island I think.. Went there just to visit the place and took pictures of Mt. Fuji cos it could be seen. With the orangey sunset, it looked super pretty sia ;D

    Okay then dont know when went for shopping trip! :D But not in Tokyo lah =.= At Ofuna there. Bought alot of gifts for people(total for my family was more than S$100), and also bought stuff for myself :D Bought a melon flavoured kitkat which cant be found in SG! Looks nice, havent eaten it yet, lol. Then bought a hooded jacket, and had 10% off cos there was this stain on the collar ): But it's inside so cant be seen. So the jacket cost me only S$11.70! Heh ^^ Then bought a pair of white addidas shoes for school use cos need spare mah. This one was also cheaper than SG price, only S$65! I think in SG it's around 70+ right? Yeah, so good deal for me ^^

    Weather was cold there. When we talked, there would be mist coming out of our mouths :D And it suddenly got super cold when I was there, and on my last day it became warmer as per normal =.= Yeah man, great. Everyday I was wearing 3 layers of clothing sia, super cold luh. Normally it would be 2 tshirts+jacket. Colder days would be tshirt+turtleneck+jacket; and for colder it was tank+tshirt+jacket. And cos got this period of time I didnt went out for 2 days, so my shoes got kinda frozen and it became super stiff and uncomfortable ): Oh ya, I got well while I was there sia :D Good! But my sister and my dad fell ill, and the fees was $180 for the both of them!! Siao right, so damn ex lah! But the medicine was real good cos after taking it twice, my dad got alot better!

    Flight back to SG was surprising much quicker than going to Japan! Only took 7hrs to come back! Wooots~ Watched Hairspray and The Simpsons, cos I kept switching channels mah. Then after this 2 movies finished, watched HP again, from the same part ;D &My flight dont know why got alot of children sia, super noisy ): Then the lil girl behind me kept kicking the chair and crying, so fan lorh! ):

    Omg, such a long post without pictures hor? Lollll, good for you if you read every single word till here. Im actually lazy to reply tags ;) Will reply them SOON, I hope.

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    This blog's gonna be dead from today till 26th Nov, cos I'll be at Japan! Woooo~ Holiday, baby! :D Yep, so I'm not gonna use the com there, but do continue to tag, alright? ;D Ah, yes, dont miss me too much cos I know you will! ^^ Omg, so crappy. Lollll. Kthxbye :D

    Hmm, anywya had a fun time auditioning yesterday night :D First with Waikhee who kept chancing and making me feel zibei. Lolll. But seriouly, I cant chance sia ): I keep following red leh, lmao. Then hou lai was with Tzeyeng, her stead and Joanna! Had alot of fun sia ^^ Cos we spent more time chatting than playing! Hhaha. Then there was this lvl 4 noob that came into the room then kpkb cos we didnt start the game. Like wth? We chat until so high(me&TY were capsing all the way) then he come in spoil mood sia. So pissed off! Yep, after that was fun (: Played Club Dance too, then my partner dc-ed and Joanna was laughing at me and say I very ke lian cos I bo partner at the end. Lol, guo fen sia. Ya, a few days ago auditioned with TY, and we did couple dance. Then this noob came to couple with me until I was feeling so pekcek sia. He missed every single one, and his score was 0. D: Waste my time playing with him man!! As usual, TY partnered her stead (: Ya, then finally one cashy shuai ge lvl 13 came to save the day and I wasnt so pekchek anymore :D And we struggled with 2 hearts man. Lolol, better than TY sia, 1 heart nia. Lol, okay dont suan her already, later she angry xD

    Saturday, November 10, 2007
    vivo wenhui's bday

    Went to Vivo today with Wenhui(WH) and Jiawen(JW) :D Met them at my house busstop cos JW lives opposite me! Had to make them wait though, sorry! :x Yup, took 30 all the way to right in front of vivio! Pretty fast eh, less than 30min! If I took MRT, probably would take me around an hour! D: Reached, and went to buy 7 tickets for The Game Plan. Then went into Muee to look at stuff, and then went out to meet Ester, Regine and Huixuan! Omg, huixuan is my twin okay! :D I keep typing her name as mine and end up keep having to backspace. zzz. Anyway, yes, then went to have our lunch! Couldnt decide where to eat though, in the end decided on BK. Gah, only had the burger cos I had a sore throat =/ &That was when Kangning made her "grand entrance"! I feel that her entrance wrong time sia... So anti-climax one. LOL

    Then went to Haagen Daz where we bought WH's cake! A superrrr tiny one for $68 I think. Omg, cheat our money orh! >< So ex can! My whole life never eat so ex de before! Yup, then I took the BK crown and crowned myself (: Im a happy king! &Then JW became my concubine, and HX was the royal pet chicken! Cute worxzxz~ Then exchanged shoe with JW (: I like her pumps! Nice! Then ate the cake-icecream cake with oreo! ^^ Super nice, but cos the icecream is frozen so very hard to scoop it. Then HX, regine and WH went to buy chips for the movie...

    Me, Es, KN and JW walked to the cinema to wait for them, then went in. The movie was superb! Really really very nice, funny yet touching! I cried like siao at the last part lorh! LOL. Then HX joined me in crying by lifting up the handrest, so we can cry together :D Then JW cried too, followed by WH! Heh, out of 7 ppl, 4 cried! The rest(KN, es, regine) all coldblooded one can. So touching then never cry! Tsktsk. "Stupid's a mean word!" Heh, damn cute lah the lil girl ;D &HX said that the ballet teacher is the lead singer of Pussycat Dolls! Omg, this reminds me that I didnt watch The Search for the next Pussycat Doll! I wanted to watch de ley! ): Then went to Daiso cos HX & Regine wanted to buy gifts for their cousins and friends etc. But is buy alot at one time, not just one cheapo gift that is worth $2 hor! =.=

    Then me, KN, WH, JW and Es decided to go play water first :D Yep, the water was dirty lah, super cloudy. I mean it should be and it's expected to be cos alot children go in,.. Zomg, what if they pee inside?! Oops, I think I'm thinking too much. Then waited for those 2 da xiao jie finish shopping, and we went in to find them. &Guess what? They wanted to play water too so we went out to the skypark again. Then they splash water at us! ): Actually they aim at WH de, but their aiming abit lousy sia. lol jk. Finished playing and took bus 30 back with WH :D

    Happy birthday wenhui shifu!♥
    much loves, babe! :D 13 le worxzxz! See, where got tudi older than shifu one? Tsktsk. Anyway yes, I miss the "studydate" we had at Mos @ PP when you forgot your keys! Heh, we didnt even study at all, even though your chi tb was on the table! Yes, much lovely memories (: Okayokay, dont crap liao, later so lengthy =x

    Friday, November 09, 2007
    audi ss

    Yay, I like it when everyone manages to do FM together :D Yeah, I know I'm the last but it didnt last for long and I shot up to 3rd :D Oh, and I havent passed my license yet, can someone help me? Lol.

    Thursday, November 08, 2007
    msn ss

    See this girl, she say I chio leh! :D I want to remove the bottom part also cannot, she force me to put in ): Or not it'll be damn nice lah ;D Anyway look at the time! So late worxzxz

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    Argh, can someone just help me with my audi license?! Tmd, spent like 1k dens because of the lvl 6-7 license!! Ya, I know I very noob luh =.= Keep missing out my perfects! Needed just 3 more perf each time, and I could go on to lvl 7 already! Spending dens on the license without passing is one of the reasons I'm broke broke broke in audi. Wlao eh, 3k dens only. Sia la D:

    This few days nothing much, therefore the lack of posts. Today went to buy medicine! :D Yeah, for my fever cos going overseas soon, and need to prepare first mah! Later overseas fall ill, very suay de so must bring medicine there! :) &Also cos my medicine is quite special derh, so need to go polyclinic just to get the precription, followed by going to TTS hospital to buy it cos that's the only place that sells it =.= Yeah, the doctor at the polyclinic was damn funny cos once he found out that I needed Celebrex, he immediately called the pharmacist to ask if it was safe for a 13 yr old girl to eat it. LOL~ I burst out laughing can xD Cos the way he phrased it is damn funny! Yup, then the woman say can then he let me eat. Daddy says that's cos the medicine is kinda unique, and it's for OLD PEOPLE, and the side effects is heart attack. Zomgwthbbq, what if I die someday cos of heart attack?? Lol.

    Sunday, November 04, 2007
    sending soravee off at airport

    Yoyo. Sent Soravee off today! :D Was sleeping when Karwai&Soravee called me Dx Paiseh uh! Duibuqi! So when I woke up, quickly called the people going and bathed and went out! Went to Tanah Merah MRT to meet Serene, Tzeyeng and Karwai before setting off to T1 via skytrain(reminds me of the amazing race) to look for Soravee :) Somehow Soravee's flight wasnt listed, but there really was such a flight. Had to ask information counter about her flight such as the timing, boarding gates and stuff cos it wasnt listed! Damn weird lah, I thought normally all flights were listed de O_o

    Walked around, deciding on what we should have for lunch. Ate at Fish&Co. in the end! Soravee treated us ^^ Nice food~ Lol, it was my first time eating there sia. Noob (: I ate New York Fish&Chips, then the stuff Serene wanted, alot all dont have. Sold out lerh! Like the portugese chilli crab which seemed so nice and delicious o^^o Yeah, then ate for quite a long time, before we finally wanted to pay. &Guess what? Soravee wanted to pay using nets, and they didnt accept nets! Omg, like now what era liao, nets also dont accept! Then our face completely changed colour cos we not enough cash, so Soravee went to atm to get money. Wlao, so scary sia. Imagine not enough money to pay!!! Total was $90.05, Soravee paid $70, and the rest of us paid $5 each. Oops, feeling guilty cos mine was $15 and I only paid $5! x)

    Then went back to T1 cos Fish&Co. was at T2. Then saw that the skytrain already reached so we chionged towards it. Soravee boarded but when the rest of us wanted to board, the door closed right in our F. F. F. Yeah, so we had to wave goodbye sadly to Soravee, before taking the next train :) Then we found out that Soravee already entered the transit place liao... Whatever it's called luh. So waved goodbye to her like crazy before roaming off in the airport xD Took skytrain back to T2 and went to Mini Toons to look at some random stuff and then headed home :D

    Path home was dark dark dark. Yeah, and cos Karwai, Tzeyeng and I alighted at Paya Lebar, we walked towards the traffic light before heading separate ways cos KW wanted drinks so TY accompanied her to Singpost to buy some but I wanted to go home. Yeah, then they saw the route I was taking home and found out it was real dark D: Yeah, and they told me to takecare of myself in case something happens x) Haha, girls, I'm fine :D Nothing happened~

    Saturday, November 03, 2007
    open house

    CCHMS Open House today :D My duty was logistics so I had to stay for the whole thing instead of only the shift I'm supposed to attend ): Damn long seh. From 8+ to 2+. Mmhmm, so went to LT1 to move the chairs etc. Logistic people are me, Ester, Amanda, Zhiqi, Chingpeng and Wanting! Actually quite slack lah, just move the chairs for the various CCA groups can liao :) Somemore got aircon sia ^^ So quite nice sia, so cooling and just sit by the side watch the performances, and when they finish performing then remove the chairs etc. :D Nice seh. Then cos I never eat breakfast so went for a break with Ester to the canteen while the principal was giving a speech. Eat halfway Wanting call us go back cos he finishing liao. &Guess what? He finished the speech at like 30min later =.= Wanting bluff me lorh ): Taoyan~

    Yeah, then after various performances and the moving of ALOT of chairs, we had break again!! Woots ^^v This time is the whole logistic group lah :) Didnt eat though. Saw Jiawei when going down and he was superrrr lame -.- Went to find the rest of the Guides then slack there :D Then they told me that everyone know Cherlyn's crush liao cos someone told Xianwei, then Xianwei told everyone. Lol, nice one! :D Ya then Cher went to tell everyone that I like *. =.= Then it's like alot of the Guides know that person sia, lol. Then had to go back to LT1 again cos breaktime over ): Yep, then Waikhee tagged along :) Went to the side again to slack+play hp games. That brainjuice thingy, so cute sia! &That happytreefriends spin spin thingy also very cute sia :D But abit sadist... Hahahs! Then Waikhee left. Wanting was super horny and kept molesting me. Lol, keep anyhow touch here touch there, then try to lift up my skirt and touch my legs. Bian tai! LOL, okay, dont think too sick hor xD Then she tried to entertain me by singing alot of songs, but then I kept disliking the songs and told her to "fast foward" to another song :)

    Then the principal finished talking and then had this Q&A session. This part was quite draggy, and the principal didnt know the order of our classes :x He didnt know what came after JT so we told him it was LY, then dont know why he thought LY was modesty :x Rah, after this draggy part the guzheng performed. Saw qingru :) After this we went home le :D Bought donuts for my sis. I'm nice okay :D

    Friday, November 02, 2007
    amazing race


    Had this dream while taking my nap after coming home. It was so...nice. Sigh, if only it was true. &I'm not gonna tell you what happened :P Oh, and emo-ed on the bus while coming home cos finally some alone time. Thought over some stuff carefully, and I'm wondering if I should let go...

    Just came back from PP. Before this was amazing race! ;D Quite fun seh! Met Shuying on the bus, then we thought we were late and ran into school. Then we saw Meizhen, Samantha, Swanser, Yijie JT outside school, so we thought we were really late and they had already started :x But actually they were station master so they left first! :D Heng sia, never late, still quite early somemore! Then grouped ourselves into groups of 5s, sec one and two must mix. So me&Zhiqi went to join Jacquelyn, Kelly and Chingpeng(sp? I shall just call her CP. lol) :D

    Then started, station was at Pasir Ris. So my group went to side gate, while the rest went to main gate. Actually side gate is faster de (: But then Madel's group from main gate walk to side gate, so we took same bus. Ya, then chionged to Pasir Ris, which was Samantha&Huiyan's station. Supposed to find out prices of some stuff, overall quite okay except for the damn eyebrow shaping price!!! Wth, we spent most of the time on that cos the rest we split into 2 groups then go around finding. Then hou lai we returned to them with the price of some eyebrow treatment too, but they said its wrong, and the items are on 1st level nia =.= So Kelly finally found it and off we went to Tampines!

    Tampines was Yijie JT&Swanser's station. Supposed to go to TM then memorise the shops and stuff. So we smart smart use hp take pictures of the directory :D We went back and when Swanser asked us questions, we took out the hp and see the pictures, then Swanser said we cong ming. Hahaha (: Too pro liao. Ya, then Yijie JT's one was harder, show pics then must guess where is the thing. But also managed to answer in quite a short time! :)

    Went to Changi Airport :D Station masters were Meizhen&Aloysia. This one damn cool luh ;D Supposed to find out how long it takes for the skytrain to travel from one terminal to the other. But when Meizhen give us instructions, we didnt hear the part about we have to take the skytrain. So we estimated the time, then went to ask people. Then a woman told us it was 1min so we chionged back to tell them. Then they abit huai yi cos our answer abit not accurate... Then did bonus question which was super easy :)

    Next clue was xiao po, then I didnt know if it was Lavender or Bugis cos xiao po is in between this 2 MRT stations =.= So we went to Lavender to see if got seniors, if dont have then we just head back to school cos quite late already... Then see already, dont have so took MRT back. Then waited for the bus for a super long time and finally went to the school busstop. Kinda strolled back cos I "fell" at the MRT station while running up the stairs D: Haha, only my group people will know what happened ;D &Cos we were quite late liao so we thought we were the last group D: Then reach liao, found out that we werent the last group sia~ What's more, 2nd to reach can ._. Too pro liao. Then supposed to go find Ms Gan with Wanting and a few others cos open house we need to do some funny thing dontknowwhat. Then WT keep calling her, but she never pick up. So Xianwei&Cherie wanted us to help Mrs Toh carry some stuff. Heng Ms Gan finally answer the phone so we dont need to carry stuff lerh :)

    Went to PP. Supposed to meet Jacq there but I think her CIP gonna start, then very late le. So the rest of the group members-me, ZQ, CP&Kelly went there to eat lunch. Decided on Mos Burger :) Met Nicole&Amelia there! :D Yuan lai Nic never come cos she sick ._. Ya, then while eating, talked alot. As in really alot, digressed until very far! Firstly talked about Drama Night I think... Ya, then Kelly shared her experience which was so damn funny! Then I pointed out that ZQ's class got this boy act as girl, very chio&gentle looking. Then we somehow started talking about gays&lesbians. Then talk until damn loud, even Amelia&Nic at the next table also can hear. Then once we start about this topic, CP became super excited and talked most of the time. LOL! Damn nice talk sia (: Wanted to gatecrash Ruisi's house, but we decided to call her first. But she said we cant go cos she's singing karaoke with Genevieve =.= Damn diao luh! But funny also xP Once we heard they karaoke-ing then we started laughing like siao lah!

    Thursday, November 01, 2007
    drama night!

    HEYHEY PEOPLE :D Just came back from Dramam Night! Woosh, the feeling was just incredible. The atmosphere was great! Omg, so kua zhang, so exaggerating, so not me. LOL. Goodness, why am I crapping? Cos I'm a crapper lah, duh! =.= OMG, IM TALKING TO MYSELF. AHHHHH! Omg, so rubbish. Okay, back to point. Yes, drama night! :D

    Went to school, had this briefing, then got full dress rehearsal liao! Omg, so stressful. Lol. Actually my order of events all mixed up :x Anyway, ya, after the rehearsal, Mr Jow "scolded" us until very jialat D: Say that we are the worst among the 3days, speak too fast, etc. Then at the end he said "just joking :)" LOL. Then everyone burst out laughing :) Then Ms Huang came to tell me that WMX laoshi said that I very bu ya guan, shouldnt wear skirt. LOL! So funny can. Yeah, then dont know do what lah. All I know is that we went to multi purpose hall I think. Ya, to practise on our own. But we played catching until the IC of our class damn pekchek and shouted. Lol. Then Miss Huang came up to check on us, and offered us biscuits! Wooo, she damn nice okay :D Ya, so we, the girls who take up any offer of FOOD, went down to collect the biscuits from her car. Then she was telling me, kangning and karwai about the car's accident :x Mmhmm, took the biscuits and went up to have picnic cos we already had potato chips. &Then Ms Huang offered to tabao food for us! Then I was like damn happy until she said "I wont buy for actors". So guo fen!!! But anyway cos she say the chicken rice very oily so the throat later got problems then cannot act out or project the voice. ):
    Okay, skip to the real thing!!! Quite scary at first :x Then found out that audience not really alot. LOL. Really lah, cos very dark mah, so only can see first few row people, the behind one just dont care :) Yeah, and I forgot my lines! Argh D: But I just used the next scence line to dai ti the line that I forgot :x &Then karwai said it was very ming xian!! Omg, panic sia. Proud to say that overall quite okay lah (: Except this boy in the audience destroyed the whole mood by imitating Eugene. Not funny lah =.= &Very sad sia, we didnt get to manage to see MD chinese group's performance! Cos during rehearsal, we got chased out of the LT. Then after our performance, we cannot enter the LT. ):

    Screenshots from Maple now! :D From the most recent BreadBox's guild outing at FM! BUT, all wear clothes de! Cos that time we havent play ice&water yet so can wear clothes :)

    Sitting in a straight line! ;D See a pattern in the chairs? Green, blue, green! Ooh, anyway it's me, jiawei, mervyn, brenda, joanna and junxiang :)

    Attempting to do the wave, but I guess it kinda failed huh :x

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