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    Thursday, January 31, 2008
    ser not walking faster, jiawen's hair

    Ytd discussed the PW stuff with Jiawen and Huang Lao Shi. While discussing, J walked past and tsktsked me ): Maybe she thought that I got scolded or something lol. Then went to busstop with Serene, and told Ser to walk faster cos I wanted to see someone. But she walked slowly, so I didnt manage to see someone ): &I saw someone else instead, who I didnt want to see =.= Ser ah, you see lah! Tell you to walked faster, you dont want ): Hai wo kan bu dao yao kan de ren LOL.

    Today's PW was fun fun fun! I think my group is the noisiest plus funniest one lah! :D Wahaha, Claire and I were playing with Jiawen's hair, and persuading her to cut her fringe shorter so her eyes can be seen and can also fang dian! Lol, super funny xD Then the problem statement, we dont know how to do, but we didnt know that a draft that we did earlier on can be used as problem statement. Muahah, so the worksheet thingy is done woots~ The week after next going to Chinatown for PW LOL. Whee~

    Ong Se Lang aka Ong Jia Wei changed specs, no longer white but black, and the frame is seriously too big for his small head (peabrain included). LOL. Seriously lah, the spectacle lens is like protruding out of his head O_o Which means it's very big, and one word to describe-Eww. Hahaha (: Then uhm, today's english also quite fun, aye. Went to com lab, and Shir, Ser and I were drawing and writing rubbish on Jiawei's notebook thingy, wahaha :D Super fun lah, although he also contributed by writing quite alot of "I ♥ HY". But in the end he ripped off the page and threw it away ): Aww~ Oh ya, during recess, cos he went to snatch Shir's burger outside our classroom, so they were chasing each other. Then I think Clarissa suddenly stretch her leg out, and that tripped Jiawei and he fell with the burger, hahah!

    Lunched with MD girls (: Went to see the stuff the cai fan stall was selling (poor Brenda has a phobia of that stall after the day before ytd), then when I walked to the back of the queue, suddenly got one hand stick out. Then cos I was talking to Shir, I almost bit the hand LOL. Yeah, so the hand belonged to Yijie xD Anyway, cut Danling's queue ;D Wooh, not bad ah, got stead liao worxzxz. Went to Lucky Station with Shir, finished my D&T there. Guai right! Not like her, only write 3 lines for the maths wb (: Oh yeah, met Cherie, Xianwei and Wanting inside too!

    Happy Birthday to:
    Yueying 28/1
    Bingxin 31/1
    Karwai 1/2
    Jiawen 3/2
    Ester 4/2


    Monday, January 28, 2008
    free tangyuans :D

    Today was long and boring... ): Kangning left halfway, so I had to collect the gan xiang thingy, which meant that I couldnt chiong down to PSG during lunch! Luckily, Serene, Shir, Tzeyeng etc already there, and I got inform them to help me queue up, so yeah (: &Today got a woman see who cutting queue, then will pull the person out O_o Quite scary LOL. After that wanted to buy tang yuan, but the auntie said 5 more min, so me&TY waited, together with Wanting :D Haha, Wanting super cute lah, then we were like resting on each other xD And she kept chanting that she wanna eat tangyuan and tangyuan's her fave etc. Lol, funny lah. Anyway, we waited for aroudn 15 min, then the auntie kept saying not done yet. Then suddenly, she found out that she didnt turn the knob to max! It was at off, I think. O_o So in the end, we waited the 15min for nothing; zzz. We all went "HUHHHHHH" super loud and chang qi lah can xD So the auntie said she's gonne give us discount, then I asked her if can FOC. Then she agreed, and we went "Woooo~" Wahaha, so patience is really impt luh ;D Free tangyuans woot~

    Assembly was quite funny lah, especially Sueanne LOL. Okay lah I wont go into details cos later she do something to me T_T First thing that happened was cos the guy wanted us to clap the rhythm then shout 'hurray', then she thought that alot of people will shout so she shouted super loudly, hahah! Super funny lah, Serene&I kept laughing. Next, was cos we were cheering for those peeps on the stage. Then Serene screamt super duper loudly, until Miss Ang turned around. Then just nice, Sueanne started screaming and Serene stopped, so Miss Ang thought it was Sueanne that screamt loudly. LOL. Super funny luh~ Yeah, so after these 2 incidents, Sueanne was super diulian and paiseh (:

    Friday, January 25, 2008
    first guides activity with sec ones, station games, friendship dance

    Self study period was freaky today cos I saw 3 guys dance in class, and their moves aint very... flattering. Lol, nvm, shant say much. Thanks to Soravee for her iPod, cos the songs inside are like superb :D Zann said my hair looked LES today. Wth man, hair also got look like les de -,- Whee~ Lunch was funny cos... something obscene happened wahaha! Amanda was feeding Joanna yoghurt, then the yoghurt spilled onto Joanna's chest LOL. Then is not on the shirt, it's on the skin LOL! Super funny lah, I laugh until I slam the table :B Then uh, Amd was funny too! Cos her plastic bag was on the bench, then the sun was shining on it. Then, Amd said "Can someone help me take?" Hahah, cos she's kinda afraid of the sun (she runs super fast when she's under the sun). Omg we laugh like siao, then we took alot of belongings and put it on the bench with alot of sunlight xD

    Guides did drilling. Then always those same people timing so need to change timer to those that didnt time today. So in the end one time, then I time for super long till I was panting lah can. Like gonna asthma like that LOL. This year only got 10 sec ones, maybe 12, not sure :/ Then played station games? Yeah, I think so. My group didnt have any Sec 1s, so we managed to complete quite fast, except for the water tank one cos need wait for very long ): The poncho thingy quite fast, even Cherie&Samantha shock tio, cos we really super fast lah. Like arnd 1-2mins done alrdy :D Ownage wooh~

    Then patrol bonding time or sth. Got one Sec 1 called Xin Hui or something... Xianwei and Cherie joined my patrol too! Hahah, the whole thing quite funny cos Cherlyn kept laughing non-stop etc. Then Xianwei's new christian name is Genelle xD Hahah my patrol rocks cos got Cherlyn LOL. &Xin Hui also super friendly, not the quiet quiet dao dao kind :D Um, then dont know what happened, and the next thing I knew was that I got hit by a packet drink. It hit my eye, and it was thrown by Xianwei cos she actually wanna throw at Cherlyn de but aim wrongly until hit me T_T Pain leh you know, my eye~ Oh yak, Xianwei said that my name sounded GAY. T_T Cos Huixian, then she said that the hui sounds gay so she just calls me xianxian. Rehhh, my name is not gay lah!

    Next was friendship dance. Was super fun lah, but too bad didnt do with TripleL. Wanted to do with her de, but cos both of us are the stationary ones so no chance at all ): Haha, miss TripleL lah, although she always keep adding more Ls to me (I'm like Four/Five L), but she still very cute aha :D Ya, then heng I stationary so also never do with Joanna! Omg LOL. Heng sia (: When dancing with Meizhen I was feeling rather short cos she's taller than me by around 1 head T_T Last one did with Huiyan, zz xD Somemore it's the worst one lah, must CARRY zomg. But heng nvr, we only did the heel and toe thing lol. Cos we talk then didnt know the thing start already, so when we started others already at heel toe part :D But Ester kept laughing at us lah ): So mean can!

    Oh ya, Serene, I'm still alive and kicking! I DIDNT DIE AT 6.01PM! Although I was near ****** at that time lah, but I didnt die :D Okay, you know actually at 6.01 I was quite freaked out cos what if your DeathNote is like, real or something? It looks real in the first place... Okay nvm, I'm just glad that I'm still alive :D

    Thursday, January 24, 2008
    cramp, o lvl results 2007

    Hmm, okay today at school didnt feel well, especially after recess. Stomach cramp like crazy, and so I was like pa1 on the table, heng the teachers never really say anything. Soravee, Zann and Kangning kept on persuading me to go sick bay or sth, but I didnt want to go cos if go then need the parent to bring you home :/ Then my parents not free de, so I didnt want... Ya, so beared with the pain for around 2hrs, and during the maths it got alot better, yay! :D

    Went Lucky Station for lunch with Serene, Karwai and Shirlyn. Oh ya, today release of O level results, so school got quite alot of seniors :) But didnt see anyone I know, except for Zann's senior, yep. Ya, during lunch, met Wanting, Xianwei and Cherie at the busstop, so asked them their Chinese results. Then they were like super happy and told me that they got A1s. But later, they said that they never take the exam de, lol. Zzz, anyway someone got A1 for Chinese. 1 word-UNBELIEVABLE LOL.

    Monday, January 21, 2008
    changing seats, earliest bday present

    Hello, not in a good mood today. Mrs Tan told us that she was going to come up with a sitting arrangement and make us sit according to that plan, due to some complains from teachers. She feels that 2MD's too fragmented ): I guess that she's gonna break up all the cliques and make us sit with some random people. Sian, school's gonna be so boring from now on T_T Let's hope that she suddenly realises that breaking cliques up is NOT a good idea, and let us continue sitting like that ^^ Okay, I can dream, can't I?

    On a lighter note, Soravee gave me my birthday present today! :D Totally shocked cos my birthday is 13Feb, which is still quite a long way to go. She passed it to me when we met her at the staircase landing at concourse while we were going for flag-raising. &She told me to open and see what it is, as the present would explain why she gave it to me so early. When I opened it, I found a diary for 2008, and 3 coloured pens! Really super happy, cos I once kinda expressed interest in the pens while I was fumbling with her pencil case, and she actually remembered and bought them for my birthday! :) Super touched~ Lol, and because I was so touched, I successfully managed to cry in class ^^v Life Science was fun cos we made the agar thing ourselves! :D &The teachers were nice cos they released us early, before the bell rang, so we chionged to PSG to buy food. Best part was no queue! So bought Spaghetti and bought some other stuff for Waikhee&Weigin too.

    Went to sidegate busstop with Soravee, Zann, Serene, Shirlyn, Karwai and Sueann. Talked about how the changing of seats was gonna affect us ): Omg we talk until so sad lah can! But also got anti-climax parts where we laugh like crazy o^^o We were talking about who's gonna be separated from who, and of course, we looked on the brighter side too by saying that since Soravee&Zihow are so tall, the possibility of them sitting *ahem* together *ahem* is so high! Omg I feel happy for them LOL. Then took bus home with Huiyan and Sueann and somebody wore black/grey shoes today cos apparently she's gonna wash the blue shoes but that it so fake cos she has the dirty shoe trait in her (:

    Friday, January 18, 2008
    stinky toilet spoilt flush, guides, silver shoes, animal balloons

    Yay, just came back from Guides and my finished dinner. Today morning had PE for the very 1st time, while other classes already had theirs for 2-3 sessions already. Took height&weight, which me made really sad till I almost cried. T_T Only grew 1cm, and I'm alot shorter than alot of people. I think I'm in the Top 5 shortest in class or something. I should get an award for being short. After this played netball which was quite fun, Iylia was superb! Geog was funny, cos it was the last period of the week, so we were getting very restless until Miss Sia got abit pekchek and ahd to keep stopping, heh. xD Anyway new block toilets were all stinky today cos all 4 floors toilet flush spoil =.= Damn gross lah, super smelly!

    Guides was alright, uniform checking went well except for nails. I cut already lorh, who call my nails grow so fast?! &Huiyan suddenly came to me, then I was abit shock tio, thought what happen. Yuan lai is cos of my silver shoes lah. Also not very striking mah, not like someone's one, blue stripes or black one hor? ;D Anyway, Miss Anisa is the new Guides teacher which is wayyyyyyy cool! Omg, she totally rocks can! :D The Sec 4s were twisting those long long balloons into the animal shapes, and there were huge flowers, bears and this weird looking fish lol! Then when Cherie was giving away the fish, I anyhow said that Nicole wanted it XD So Nicole really took it, super funny! Tried on marching boots too, took size 4.5 cos 4 is just right and 5 is too big, so I took the center size :) Ohoh, and Xianwei was announcing loudly to the Sec 2s+4s, saying "Everybody, xianxian got boyfriend!! Xianxian got boyfriend!!" &Obviously, xianxian refers to me cos Xianwei and Wanting like to call me xianxian. Waikhee was like super jidong and kept asking who it was, then Xianwei was like, bluff you one lah! Hahah, she smart never anyhow talk, cos she admitted herself that she anyhow crap ytd :D

    Had the test which was super funny! Cos we were cheating very openly, until Meizhen and Swanser abit buaytahan, haha! Cherlyn kept talking super loudly so Meizhen went to write "Cherlyn keep quiet" in super big words on the whiteboard, lol. Anyway I think should be can pass? Cos I was sitting with Nicole, Joanna and Amanda were behind us. Then I kept turning around to ask Amd for the answers, then once I got the answers I would tell Nicole, so it's like our answers all almost similar. But got one, the 4 of us wrote same one, coincidentally! So cool luh, yuan fen! &The fish balloon burst one of its tails, and when we told Cherie, she asked us why we didnt take good care of it, and to bury it when we get home O_o Oh, before this was a talk with Miss Anisa which was alright. Received this donation card which we have to get at least $50 of donations T_T Sian. Next did drilling, where we were perfecting our solid bangs and swift turns. My fringe kept flying around my face, and so did Nicole's xD

    Next, got our badges. Cherie asked if anyone wanted to go for rockclimbing, then Nicole sabo me T_T I dont like rockclimbing de lorh -,- Cherie heard Nic persuading me, so she asked me to go. And so, I persuaded Ester, and she heard me persuading Es so she asked Es to go too! xD Sabo-ing is so exciting wahaha. Then dismissed and went to get bags, met TripleL halfway. She so mean lah, now call me QuadraL. Too bad she's TripleL+P. P is for pig :) Cos she loves eating! Oh ya, went to get our valuables, and Huiyan gave me this green animal balloon O_o Then I was abit suspicious cos I know that she wont be so nice to me one. &I was right, she give to me and said "Happy Birthday!" and walked off. So I caught up with her and told her I dont want this present, so cheapo one xD Then Aloysia overheard us and asked if it was my bday, then HY said that it was Feb 13. Then Aloy said that still so long to go, HY so mei chen yi. Wahaha, see, Aloy supports me too, although she always gimme that buaysong face :D Yep, so in the end HY changed to Valentine's present, which is even further, but nvm I still expect a bday present from her!

    Thursday, January 17, 2008
    collect money, xw&wt bully, felicia chin

    Morning had spotcheck, again. Why is it that the Sec 2s always have spotchecks?! Sec 4s too, always this 2 level de. Anyway, it was Miss Anisa, heng not Ms Chan x) But anyway, yeah, raised hands, checked skirt and also fingernails. Luckily I smart, last Fri cut my nails already and they dont grow fast, so considered quite short ^^ Skirt almost got caught, but Miss Anisa just told me to lengthen it heh! Then Mrs Jo Tan came to tell me to lengthen skirt too. After that, I sabo-ed someone to tio for fingernails and I'm feeling kinda guilty now :x

    Nothing much during lessons. Went to collect my money at GO after school with Jiawei. Met Wanting&Xianwei at foyer cos Xianwei had detention, and Wanting was accompanying her. At first I didnt know who got detention, so when I asked them, they kept pointing to one another, haha. So I guessed that it was Xianwei and I was correct ^^v Anyway went into GO, collected the money (finally), and the woman told us to tell our classmate, who was Zhihan, to take the money too! Didnt know that Zhihan also had the Good Progress Award, lols. Then left the office and went to visit Wanting&Xianwei again, and they were being mean and bullying and teasing me T_T Say what my boyfriend and what couple spec thingy, rawr! Tsktsk, they should stop telling lies! (: Must be truthful orh~

    Anyway gonna talk about Felicia Chin now, heh! I feel that her acting skills has improved alot compared from the time she won that talent show which landed her a contract with Mediacorp :) Wahaha, zhong shi supporter here kay, have been supporting her from 2003 right till now! She's also grown prettier too,

    from this when she first started,
    to this, covergirl of several magazines already! :D
    See the difference, yeah? I wanna see her someday on the streets or something, and take a picture with her! :D Wahah, will be super cool luh! :) Already have her autograph though, heh.

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008
    md cast of shou zu, extra life science lesson, falling in front of munchy donut

    {edit 16/1/07} Went to take the money again, but the woman was at meeting, so got told to come again tomorrow =.= Wl, I scared if too long never take the money forfeited leh!!

    School today were alright. Went down to GO with Clarissa and Jiawei cos they got duty, while I went to take our money. Then once we reached concourse, both of them immediately started pulling up their socks so I was abit blurblur, cos they suddenly do that. Then JW said that GO is a very dangerous place, and Yijie will scold de : But anyway, when JW&I wanted to take the money, the woman told us to come later ==" Lazy arh? I wanted to take my money one lorh T_T

    Lunch was cool, cos a group of us were discussing about the 2MD cast of Shou Zu 2! Wahah, the characters kinda fit one seh! &Also some quite funny luh ;D Like Daisy!! So during LifeScience, I kept thinking of the girl playing Daisy and kept giggling to myself lol. Next week, the 2MD cast for Huang Jin Lu will be out! :D Serene&I were snatching to be Kaiqi, and so we compromised that Kaiqi had split personality so both of us could be her :) But Shirlyn didnt allow, so someone said I was Rou Gu Mei. Then Serene said "No, she is not Rou Gu Mei, she is rou gu!!" LOL! In the end, everyone started laughing like crazy and Serene couldnt continue eating her desert or sth ^^ Fyi, I'm not rou gu okay! D: Rehhhh!

    Life Science was fun, cos of the DNA thingy. Rene&I could make jokes out of alot of things, so for human cel,l Miss Imelda went to choose both of us. Sabo! ): But anyway still quite fun lah, when we were gargling, we were laughing and I almost swallowed the water lol. Then, we added 20 drops of salt solution(lol), SDS, and 15ml of ethanol I think. Next was to roll the testtube on the table, then leave it to rest. Then put into the spinning machine and you're done! :D Then Serene&I met Shirlyn and Karwai at sidegate and went to busstop together, talking about the Huang Jin Lu cast. I think Shirlyn said I was the you gui zai aka oily man, RAWR! Wlao eh, that' such an insult to me okay! But I suggested someone else suitable for that role :) Then went into 7-11, and cos raining so we ran into Munchy Donut. &Guess what? I slipped and fell in front of Munchy Donut. T_T Damn pain luh, my hips! Ke lian right ):

    Monday, January 14, 2008
    violet baudelaire, tripleL pig

    Here to announce that Kangning, Brenda and I are officially obsessed with Emily Browning, aka Violet Baudelaire from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events! :D Woots, super pretty! (: As in in the movie only lah, cos googled for her pictures and found out that the rest of pictures not taken in the movie not very nice xD We worked out a plan, to see who gets her ;D Brenda gets her on Mondays and Tuesdays, I get her on Wednesdays and Thursdays, Kangning gets her on Fridays and Saturdays, while Sunday is for Yueying. YY not as obsessed as us cos she says that she only mo mo de xi huan. Okay, pictures of her! :DD


    Klaus also not bad, quite cute :)

    See, she's got that quite stuck-up, rich look right! Regret not watching the movie T_T Hope Mr Ahmad lets us watch the whole movie k! :D Anyway today during assembly super cute lah, got this taiwan trip presentation, then the pictures of Jacquelyn inside right, all includes her eating! It's like confirm she put something in her mouth one lorh... Obscene pictures eh, TripleL! :D Lol, TripleL super cute!

    Huang Jin Lu is getting more and more interesting! &I've influced KN to watch it too, yay! :D

    Friday, January 11, 2008

    During Guides today, did poster! I'm supposed to do poster, except that the last few days went to do banner :x Anyway painted the poster with Jacqueline, Amelia & one of the twins (forgot which one). It was quite fun cos when I was squeezing the orange paint, it was diluted already, so the watery stuff rushed out of the container and dripped all over my hand. So Jacq&the twin started painting on my hand lol :D I went to draw smileys on each of my fingers, super nice heh! Then Jacq used green paint and drew tiny footsteps which led to a "hole". &That hole is a huge blob of green paint on my wrist! Then both of us proceeded to draw on her hand this time, and we drew white afro hairstyle with a orange hairclip, and a green face! Super cute lah, our drawings! Proud of it woots! Okay main point is the poster... While painting, Jacq and I were bickering non-stop, until Amelia buay tahan and kept on sighing xD

    Then went to toilet to wash the paint off our palms, and Jacq was freaking me out with the 04-13 toilet next door D: Wlao, I was super scared and I SCREAMED! Omg, so diulian lol. Jacq kept on harping about me screaming and told alot of people. zzz. Sigh, TripleL is always so mean to me right!! Still say herself lovable blah blah, so fake lorh xD Finished the poster and was super duper uber proud of it!! It's super nice okay! But then I'm afraid that it might go to company 01 cos the better stuff, like the banner that 02 did, will go to 01.. ): After this went down to concourse to do drilling led by Waikhee and also some Sec 3s. I finally timed and Joanna was proud of me (quoted).

    Oh ya, today when I took my books from locker and was waiting for the rest, I was like daydreaming and giving this super straight face, which means no expression at all. Then Soravee & Joanna were like "Are you alright? You look possessed!" Lol, damn funny lah! :D I shall try that face more often. Handy when I'm not supposed to laugh ;D

    I want dimples please! :)

    Wednesday, January 09, 2008

    Been doing Guides banner diligently these few days :) Omg makes me sound so guai lol! Um, but anyway these few day after school always go do, guai right? But anyway it's somewhat fun cos can paint and make your fingers dirty! &Also can interact with Sec 2s cos they're super funny lar! Especially Xuejing and Genevieve, super duper funny! Today, Xuejing was asking Genevieve if the shade of green she mixed acceptable anot, then she used this weird accent which made me laugh like crazy. Then she said that if she dont use that accent, Gen will ignore her xD &&I found out that alot of them are super talented in drawing, like Lemin, Leqin, Kelly, Gen, Chingpeng etc. Their drawing is really superb okay! Pro wor! -claps- Anyway, going for this also means going to Lucky Bread every single day with Joanna, Amanda and Sandy :)

    Laopo please dont quit Guides! D:

    Monday, January 07, 2008
    spotcheck, corny kong zi song

    Hello! :D Yay I'm high woots lol. Kay, interesting stuff this few days :) Firstly, Huiyan was nice to me, which is super unexpected, and agreed to buy me Snorkle Snout yay! Wah, super happy cos I dont need to fork out any neopoints heh ^^ &I really never persuade her like siao lah. I persuade her but seriously never keep on nagging or something lol. Only will hint hint aha. But then I think alot of people reject her offer for the trade for the snout (expected cos she ren yuan bu hao xD), so she gave me 100k call me ownself buy! Hahah so cool lah :) But anyway she's rich in Neopets so 100k is nothing to her LOL.

    Spotcheck today morning for Sec 2s&4s. Yeah, so of course panic between all the classes, trying to pull up socks, tuck in shirts, unfold skirts and all ;D Heng my class was the 2nd last class for Sec 2s to get checked, so got plenty of time to look guai (: But in the end still got people get caught, but the reason is the cannot-be-helped kind... Yup, so MD is guai okay! But then again, is cos we raise hand de, not the teacher use hand to feel how much you tuck out. Raise hand is kinda confirm can see waistband de :D

    Chinese today was... LOL! We were listening to this super dumb song that teaches Kong Zi thingy... &The song is SUPER CORNY!! I listen until my goosebumps all appearing and my hair all standing up xD Oh ya, and some of us were singing along when the lyrics went "Come on everybody yi qi lai!" :D Hahah love my class man! English was funny too! We were discussing about the different genres of books, then Mr Ahmad asked who liked Romance. Zann immediately raised her hands, and when he asked her what books she liked, alot of my girlfs said Huixian Chronicles. Hahah, then some people who dont know about my series of books started asking around :) Seems like I'm getting more famous woots!

    After school went to Guides Room to do banner. Cherlyn was super funny and she kept making me&Binglin laugh lah! Cos we were saying about maybe draw people in horseshoe formation, then Cherlyn suddenly said draw four-leave clover. Then we were like "huh? why 4leaf clover?" Then she said "Cos people say horseshoe&4leaf clover is good luck mah!" HAHHA she super cute right! :D

    Saturday, January 05, 2008
    CIP at bugis/pp

    Had CIP today from 8-5. Woots 9 CIP hours lol, I'm so nice and helpful right :D Firstly, took MRT to Bugis, met everyone and took our bag that is used to put the donations in. I thought they giving tins so I brought a big bag so can put in when we go for lunch xD Um, then went to Bugis Street that side to ask for donations with Jacquelyn, Ruisi, Sueann, Nicole, Ester and Amanda. Then we went to PP without Sueann cos she didnt want to go to PP and so she went to Lavender instead.

    At PP was great, cos no other people snatch "business" from us ;D Nicole, Ester&I were stationed at the pedestrian crossing between the Starbucks side and the hawker centre; so it's kinda like an ambush cos people confirm will walk past us one :P Heh we're smart right LOL. Anyway poor Jac had someone asking her "You're Sec 1, right?" Lol, so it's actually more of a statement than a question (: Then there was this super nice auntie in her mid 50s. She donated to Ester, than asked if we ate lunch already(in mandarin). Then Ester said that after we finish then we will go eat. Then the auntie donated and went off, and came back around 10-15 min later with this plastic bag. She gave the plastic bag to us(Nic, me, Es) and told us that there were 9 paus inside and told us to eat it cos last time her daughter also do flag day then very ke lian cos never eat. Ya, then she even asked if we wanted drinks anot, she treat us. Then after taking the plastic bag, we went over to Amd, Jac&RS, and when the auntie saw got more of us, she asked us if enough anot, want her to buy more anot. SUPER NICE RIGHT! Omg, we were all so super touched and I almost cried can LOL. Then Jac was saying that her mom never even treat her this nice aha.

    Then went over to PP, PastaMania for lunch :D Hungry leh. RS&Jac shared leftovers from Nic and also clam chowder. I took Ham&Sausage baked rice, while Amd, Es and Nic took Chicken Bolognese. Then Nic and Es were being crazy over cheese, as usual, and the shaker that was FULL of cheese at the beginning became 1/4 at the end of our meal. Hahah, then Nic went to open the cover and directly poured the cheese in. Then I was kinda cursing her that scully someone walk past us then knock into her then the whole bottle of cheese fall in. &Guess what, dont know what happened and alot of the cheese really fell in! ;D

    Nic, Jac&RS left cos they only doing morning shift, so the rest of us went to meet Wenhui shifu! Went to Macs cos Amd wanted to buy icecream, while Wenhui, Es&I continued asking for donations. Then went to Wenhui shifu's house cos we do for a very long time liao so decided to rest abit. Reached, and I immediately plopped down onto her bed and fell asleep :D Omg, damn shuang lah her bed, super shufu! Or maybe is cos I very tired so fell asleep quite quickly. They were saying that Amd was shouting loudly and I didnt woke up xD Then they were playing Payday or something, and at that time I woke up. Then we left her house and tooka bus to Bugis to return the bag of money. The coins reached around 1/4 of the bag... &The notes were all stuck on top cos they kinda stuck to the bag... Then went for dinner at Mos with Amd and that was the end of my day.

    Tired feet and backache ): I must be getting old.
    I miss talking to you online ): &to be truthful, you are unusually nice to me nowadays :B

    Friday, January 04, 2008
    guides 2008 cca recruitment, chicken wings

    Hello people I luv Neopets yay! :D Omg lol I think I'm insane already. But I still love Neopets okay; who dares to say its childish or lame huh?! It's funnnnnn.

    Nth much today. Lit teacher is super boring and speaks in monotone; I bet that half the class will not be paying attention and will be sleeping or doing some other activity. ACC teacher is cool cos she's 19, not those very very experienced ones. But only for 1st term I think... Geog teacher is 19 too! All ex-pupils of cchms, lol so cool :D Kangning was complaining to Zann saying that I always sing in class, hahah! Then Zann was like agreeing all the way, saying sometimes I can sing Hi-5 songs out of the blue XD

    Guides was okay... Did drilling&cheering&games. First was drilling which was quite alright. Cherlyn was cute and anti-climax cos she got cough then sometimes when we get scolded or soemthing, she will suddenly "ahem" then everyone will umchio ;D Did different commands for a few times each cos Sec 1 CCA recruitment mah, so must showcase our talent lol. Did the 5-steps thingy too. Then did 30 squats for punishment. Quite okay, except for left leg cos I pulled a muscle behind the knee so cant really do 90degrees :/ Then also did abit of cheering, which was fun cos we were giving ideas on what cheer we should do, then Joanna kept wanting the super solid cheer, lol. Then did cheering+drilling at same time which was fun ;D

    Also played Simon Says, I got out like super quickly cos I cannot tahan then I keep laughing when cannot laugh. What to do, Wanting in front of me mah, so I confirm laugh one. She so cute LOL. Anyway Zhiqi was super shuai and cool cos she lasted till the very end without smiling! Yay pro pro! Then learnt that banana cheer, which is super cute aha. Xianwei kept showing off her spongebob boxers LOL. Um, then also got that badge thingy lah, then I think I got Hostess? While sitting there got alot of things happen :) First, Aloysia decided to stop tempting me with her lollipop and let me have a mouth :D Then, Huiyan accused me of tou miao-ing her D: Omg my taste not so bad one kay! &She kept on sighing and shaking her head at me, rawr. Say what I'm not helpful and stuff LOL.

    Then dismissed, went to kope leftovers from the Sec 1 orientation :D Took the chicken wings which is super niceee! The sauce is super tasty and sweet ^^ Zomg, I just found out that I'm the only Sec 2 to take the wings cos the rest were the Sec 4s like Grace, Cherie, Xianwei, Meizhen, Huiyan(she snatch from me leh!) etc. Anyway Xianwei kept on taking cos the uncle going to clear the food so bu na bai bu na mah ;D So in the end they took all the wings and put on the plate with some beehoon LOL. Ya then Huiyan was abit siao cos once she knew my papa fetching me then she immediately ask other Sec 4s if they want a ride to busstop anot cos I will be fetching them. Lol, super funny lah, I didnt even ask her if she want a ride anot can? Then Nicole&I took the tent up to Guides Room, and Cherie promised a present each ^^v

    Okay nvm I dont say so much cos I know someone will see de.. Erm.. snorkle snout, nerkmid ;D

    Thursday, January 03, 2008

    First week of Sec 2 gonna end soon :) New guy in class called Yiliang (I think, lol). Told Kangning that he's just another *. But she says that must wait for awhile more to confirm if he really is. Anyway I really think that's he just another * cos he sits so near me and I hear him talking and stuff. Argh, one * is already enough, and here comes another?!

    Anyway I'm gna be Vice-Chair for 2nd semester with Soravee, yay! :D Sueann almost became vice-chair too, except that Zhihan was quicker and so only one spot left so she let me be... Thank you! :D

    New PE tshirt design isnt really that nice. The red one is like LOL, super patriotic uh? Anyway can quite confirm that they improvise from Soravee&Zann's design cos I remember last year when they drew the design, got the red stripes by the side and the crest on the sleeve. &Yet their design didnt even get the chance to be voted or something, then they still use their design. Never credit them somemore :B

    Anyway luv my current seat! Haha, KN's my tablemate, Soravee&Zann right in front, Julia&Juliet beside me. All the guai people ^^v Hope can be influenced to mug real hard or sth LOL. Oh, and thanks to Serene for the bubblegum&cup, KN for the pillow, Soravee for the small cute thingy (dno how to say XD), Tzeyeng for the chocs! Yay, love you people! :D Eh no wrong, cannot be materialistic so love everyone yay! Hahah, later Joyce&KN say I huaxin T_T

    Ps. Nicole&I are still quite obsessed with TIGER BALM.

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