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13th Feb is my day.
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    Friday, February 29, 2008

    Happy Leap Day everyone! :D The date of this post only comes in every 4 years, y'know!

    Okay CTs coming soon, next week. There's alot of things to study fro Bio&Geog! Argh D: Worst thing is that I dont understand anything out of Geog T_T Maths is drving me INSANE. I still dont understand anything, cos I dont understand Mr Khoo =.= Kinda like he cant teach?? After Guides, Joanna&I went to ask Yijie CL how to do the maths thing, lol. So yeah, she & Samantha was explaining and I think I get a little bit of what they're saying :) Oh, and how to study for History?? Just PEE right... But need contextual knowledge is it? Ya I think so. Omg I'm answering my own questions and this is so freaky. Kthxbye, gotta mug hard! (fake, act guai only :D)

    Thursday, February 28, 2008
    psp craze, phone call, jw's house

    Hey peeps... Common test like real soon, only brought Science back home cos we've got Geog tmr... I want to finish learning my Geog stuff like asap cos there's so much to remember!! Humidity, Pressure, Temperate, Climate, yada yada~

    PSP craze in class currently, everyone's been bringing their PSPs to school, yo! Zz, why is Chester's PSP purple? I think that's kind of gay... &DJ Max Portable is fun!! :D Omg, something like 02jam I think... But too bad I dont play 02 lol. Anyway one of the songs I played on Chester's PSP was so fast, I was spamming the buttons lol. That's fun okayyyyyyyy! Lol, people who has a PSP please bring it to school and get Chester/Tzeyeng to send you the game, then you let me play on your PSP kay! (:

    Maths was insane today... Cos I think Mr Khoo's been slacking the past few days, so he crammed like the whole chapter of quadra-something-something in the 1hr period today! I swear I almost went bonkers, facing all the algebra and crossing out stuff ): But I want an A1, so yeah I hafta do it.

    Oh yeah, something that's quite freaky to me lol. Cos I was talking to Nicole on msn after I came home, then I was asking if she has handed in her walkathon card already or not.. Then just nice I typed that I havent handed in mine yet, Huiyan called me and asked me to bring tomorrow. Lol, like so damn qiao lah. &It's scary can, the timing so zhun lol.

    After school went Jiawei's house to *ahem*, "study" with Karwai, Shir, Srene, Greg, Joshua, Derek, Mervyn, Zihow. Ordered KFC delivery then got the 4hrs free Party World KTV thing! Omg so cool lah! :D Then we ordered 2 sets, so it's 8 hourse free! Muahah, one day gna go there with the clique to sing till glass break man ^^v! Oh yeah, it seriously sucks to suffer from an overdose of KFC. Cos the guys never eat de, then only the girls+me+JW were eating can. Oh, and we tried to study but couldnt cos got too many distractions! Firstly was Chester's PSP which KW brought home, then was the guys playing Dota =.= Hmm, then at the end Joel&Zhengyu came, so it's like alot of white shoes outside his house lol.

    Tuesday, February 26, 2008
    ccl interview

    Today was slack day yeah (: Every geog lesson, our class manages to qi si Miss Sia! Omg we rock man :D But yeah, Friday's last lesson of the day will be her very last lesson with us ): Memorable worxzxz. &I seriously didnt know the cos of the tilting of the Earth causes the 4 seasons, then she was like shaking her head LOL. But I really dont know mah! :/

    Went to concourse to study after school, while waiting for the councilor interview. &Today was the day Tszhin officially became Kangning, Brenda & my jiemie! HAHAH. Cos he's gay mah (he admitted himself), so we call him jiemei woo~ Lol, like so niang like that ;D Ccl interview was so scary!! It was like the most terrifying and tense situation in my whole life yet! Argh D: I dont think I can get in sia.. It's like their question is all about what you think of yourself, your qualities and also got questions with scenarios... Waseh, so hard wor ): KN&TH said that they dont think they could get in too ;( Oh man, scully all 3 of us never get in then will be so embarrassing for 2MD =P Went to Lucky with KN, TH and Yanlun. Hahahs, fun nia.

    Oh, and here are 2 of the movies that I wanna watch :)

    Sky of Love, Japanese language with Chi&Eng subtitles :D
    "Sky of Love is adapted from the hugely successful cell-phone novel that moved 11 million to tears. After losing and then retrieving her cell phone, attractive high school student Mika begins to receive calls from an anonymous admirer. A summer-long phone romance leads to an eventual meeting with cool guy Hiro but their happy days soon pass as troubleis on the horizon. "

    The Leap Years, Singapore production! In Chi&Eng I think..
    "Adapted from the story Leap of Love by internationally acclaimed author Dr. Catherine Lim. The radiant power of young love can overcome all twists and turns of Fate. "
    Oh, and the trailer for this looks very nice!! :D Looks interesting seh! ^^

    Monday, February 25, 2008
    eventful day

    Today has been rather eventful ): Firstly, received Physics test results. I failed sia, 12/25. Actually cos I'm not very sure about the bimetallic strip thingy, or else wont fail already... Half more mark to passing leh!! Haixzxz.

    Then, was ACC test. Can you believe I got 38/60?? It's like so damn high when I didnt even study for it, and now I'm feeling super guilty. I mean like some of those who really studied got lesser than me, while I only flipped thru the pages and tada~ I'm done with studying, could actually get higher... It's not fair actually.. Then was supposed to hand in our pg 1-71 summary of the book. GG sia, chenls angry with us then give such a punishment.. Anyway Joanna did mine for me, which I'm really thankful for yeah :) Thank you~! Then chenls also caught Greg for photocopying Junxiang's work and passing it off as his own, and therefore Greg got sent to the Chi HOD room. Heng it was only a warning yeah..

    Then dont know during which lesson, Wingyee came to find Kangning, Tszhin & I. Apparently we got selected for councilor interview. Thanks to Brenda&Jiawei for nominating me :D But then again, I dont know if I really want to be a councilor or not... It's like there's alot of stuff you cant do, and there's duty during recess and lunch and so you'd have lesser time to eat ): &Maybe I'm supposed to book people, when I hate ccls booking people.. :/ &The interview is like tomorrow, so I dont have enough time to really think thru whether should I anot... Sigh, nvm, shall see how it turns out..

    Lunch was really fun, haha. Played catching, only 3-4 floors cos this time got more people playing, so must have more space! :D Karwai, Serene & I ran to 3rd flr and hid at the corridor there, and Serene was holding a broom and she looked retarded LOL. Then just nice Yijie walked past us, and asked me why Serene was holding the broom xD See la, Srene you so diu lian can! (: Then later camped at 3rd flr with KW, cos like got no one come catch us one wor.. Then later wandered to 2nd flr, camped there too haha. Disturbed Jiawei which was super funny cos he was telling me that * kept asking him to pull up his pants LOL. Tsktsk, what kind of ccl wears hipsters?! While waiting to go into audi, Srene&I were like super high, kinda infected by Greg&JW cos they were singing the Celestial ad song on tv.. Haha, nice song can :B So yeah, Srene&I sang that song and the "wainbow" song too! :D Whee~ Yay we luv wainbows \m/

    Saturday, February 23, 2008
    thinking day 08 at indoor stadium, marina/leisure park

    Today first met Joanna, Sandy, Siewting&Nicole at Singpost Subway. Hahah, so long never eat already, so nice lah! Then we were helping Sandy tie her scarf, until we found out that it was already 12.10, and we were still at Singpost! Then we were like so afraid that we would be late, so we ran to the busstop and took bus to the canal busstop. &We found out we were early, reached at 12.15. Can you believe it?! We freaking ran for nothing !#$%

    Then took 16 to indoor stadium, blahblahblah~ Hmm, Sandy, Nicole, Siewting & I sat right in front of the damn speaker, which was blasting super loudly. Wlao, almost go deaf lah can. Next time must choose better seat liao, dont sit so front and near the dumb speakers! Then everyone shared their tidbits, like passing around the chips and marshmallows and all :D Um, then Xianwei wanted to take Sandy's drink, but Sandy said that xw must kiss me mouth to mouth first then can take. Zz, why get me involved nia T_T But heng dont have lah, my first kiss cannot anyhow give de lol. Jkjk, my first kiss already given to our parents when we young. Cos when we young, we dumb dumb dont know anything, then they kiss us, so first kiss gone le. Aww~ Then sing sing cheer cheer dance dance. Cannibal dance was fun lah, the 4 of us did the foursome cannibal dance! Yeah man, so cool and fun lah! :D While this school performed, Rihanna's Shut Up And Drive was playing, so the 4 of us were literally rocking to the music by rocking the chair! Lol, the chair so cool lah, can rock one wor! But rock too much will get motion sickness lol. Rocking of the chair made people look at us O_O

    Bused to Kallang MRT with Aloysia, Yijie, Amelia, Amanda and more. But this few of us apparently jaywalked and ran across the end of the highway, which meant that cars wont stop for us. So thrilling!! Haha, wait until very little cars then chionged across the road :) Then went to Marina Sq to meet Karwai, Joel, Ivan, Joshua, Derek, Mervyn, Gregory, Jiawei. Yeah, apparently Lena just left when I reached!! Heard that Lena wear until very chio wor, skinnies and little miss tee! :) Went to Leisure Park, cos Marina's bowling place alot people, not enough lanes.. So I had to stupidly go back to where I came from, waste my EZlink money lah, reh!

    Reached, wanted to find Xianwei, Cherie, Grace etc., those who were at Leisure Park, but then called xw and found out that they left already.. Checked out the bowling place. Guess what, here got even more people, 9 people on the long waiting list! Wth, so we decided not to bowl, and went to have dinner instead. Subway-ed again! I think I should be the ambassador for Subway or something, since I'm always patronising the shop :D After dinner, walked around, and went to arcade. The ddr machine was either not plugged in or spoilt, so KW&I couldnt play.. Then Jiawei, Greg and I went to play the basketball machine, so fun yeah! Watched this pro guy beside me play, 540 points. That's so high!! Omg, we could only reach like 100+ or something lol. Oh yeah, KW&I went to Donuts&Donuts, the donut shop there. They had free samples so obviously we went to take right.. The guys like dont care de. But anyway, THE DONUTS WERE SO NICE! We tried this choco one which tasted of honeydew to me.. SO NICEEE! Zomg next time go there I want to buy liao haha :D Next, bused home and reached at 9.30.

    Pointless picture taken by me. Supposed to have Greg with some weird expression but wasnt fast enough. &Oops, sorry Jiawei for cutting you off LOL.

    Friday, February 22, 2008
    maths test, guides, munchy donuts for dinner

    Today morning reached school at 6.40, then while walking to new block, I heard someone shout "XIANXIAN!" super loudly. I was looking around to see who called me cos I abit shock tio, then found out it was Xianwei&Cherie.. Hmm, expected I guess, cos they are the only few who calls me that yeah. Morning stuff was okay lah, nothing much de

    Maths test was actually easy, but I forgot to change my sign from minus to plus, so yeah, 3 marks gone T_T Sian, how could I make such a dumb mistake?! -slaps self- ): I want an A1 for this test please!! Which means that I can only afford to minus 2 more marks yeah D: Common tests are like coming really quickly, the week after next. &I'm not understanding any single thing from Bio, seriously. The notes arent helping much, and I dont even understand what on earth is the teacher talking about. Triple science seems rather impossible for me now...

    Guides was oh-kay, today's activity had to go to places near the school haha :D Um, we went to katong that part, ceylon road, munchy donut and that egg tart shop near school. Finished 2nd, ^^v. Yay, Sparrow patrol rocks haha. &Xin hui, the sec one, was enthu can! Woots, not bad wor, got qian tu :D Um yeah, then ended at 5.30 cos they dont want tire us out cos tmr still need go Indoor Stadium rawr! Went to buy 12 Munchy Donuts with Sandy, Weiling, Nicole and Joanna! Omg, we eat until we cannot finish :x Then bought bubbletea, then cos now got give number card liao, then the uncle see wrong number, thought 3 is 31 cos the auntie go add one extra stroke beside the 3... And it was mine =.=

    Tomorrow I'm gna meet the girls at Subway first yay! I LOVEEEEEEE SUBWAY! So long never eat alrdy, since the last time I went ddr-ing with Cherie, Xianwei and Wanting I think ): Then after this Thinking Day thingy, I'll be going to Marina to meet up with Jiawei, Karwai & Co.! But I cant make it for the movie cos L chang the world starts at 3.30, so yeah ;( Only dinnering with them and shop talk eat shop talk eat. :D &Surprisingly, the guys in my class are quite okay with shopping hahah :D (Best thing is that Greg&Srene are going, free entertainment yay)
    我们之间怎么了? 5点的约定呢?

    Thursday, February 21, 2008
    chem test

    Today wasnt so nice ): Morning got caught by Miss Chan for colour hairband =.= Stupid reason lah! Somemore is my first time in this whole year wearing the light green one lorh, suay lah... But heng only verbal warning, no yellow line no pink slip no nothing :D

    Art was alright, my shirt tio brown colour paint ): Wlao hope can wash off lah, cos I dont like the new uniform lorh, so translucent. Although the big and obiang school badge can be removed but I'll look so different from everyone ): &Heng dont need to hand in our art drawing, cos I look like a "malnutrioned kid from Africa", says Shirlyn. &Serene said that I should never ever think of handing that in, LOL. Damn funny lah :D Just redrew it, so yeah, gna hand in tmr.

    Lunch was okay, wanted to buy Jap but I forgot, lol. Blur lah me :/ Cos I was nice to help Jacie buy cos she so tall lah, cut queue sure get found out de lol. So being short is a good thing yay! &Within minutes I bought the food alrdy, ^^v. Pro lah me. &Huiyan, I'm not auntie hor, wth! You older then me by 2 years still call me auntie, tsktsk.

    After school was chem test, breezed thru it woots! I think that this is the easiest test since this year, given 30 min, but most people completed it within 10 min, yeah. Hmm, I think I confirm 2 marks gone already, cos I thought that glass cleaner was more alkaline compared to limewater but it isnt ): &They asked for an inorganic acid and it's uses, so I went to write Hydrocholric acid, helps in digestion HAHA. Cos in the MCQ got one question asking which acid is used in digestion, LOL. So just copy and paste xD I forgot to study that part, so I was like panicking and so I decided to just copy from in front (: Hope they mark correct, heh! ^^v

    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Quote of the day: Run like the WIND! :D

    PE was okay today, javelin! I'm pro one okay, got stick in the ground one wor. Serene had her so-called Harry Potter wand which was really just a stick she found somewhere~ I like sitting on the walls of street soccer court! ^^ So nice! &When throwing the javelin, KARWAI SO SHUAI!! Haha, shuai worxzxz.

    After music, I chionged back to class and grabbed my Geog WB and then ran to Library to meet Kangning and Jiawei! Omg, so tiring running lah can, somemore must wait for Zhihan to open the door x.x While I was running back, JW&KN were like going "You must run like the wind!" JW so noob lah, dont know library can photocopy things one, lol. One year in this school liao leh! Then yeah, photocopied the stuff and ran like the wind to class cos we saw Miss Sia on her way to class, so must be faster then her!

    Went to Lucky after school to eat with Serene. After eating, found out that I didnt bring home my Maths&Chem stuff so walked back to school to take ): I want a better memory.

    Tuesday, February 19, 2008
    locked out of class, practice for thinking day

    Today was a great day :D Except for morning which was totally damn frustrating. Guess what, more than 20 people, including me, WERE LOCKED OUT OF THE CLASSROOM!! Great. Perfect way to start a day. Wth lah, morning I reached school, found something amiss cos everyone were sitting outside. &I found out that the only 2 people in our class who knows the combination for the lock, Sweemin&Zhihan, WERE NOT HERE YET. So everyone were camping outside waiting for the 2 of them. Sian right, sit outside class cannot do anything, no tables to copy hw, can only sit down on the floor and stone. Zann&Kangning then went to GO to find some people to ask for master key to open, and they received the combi instead, I think. So yeah, finally we got rescued, thanks to Joanna too cos she's the one that opened the lock for us :)

    After school had a short guides meeting for the formation thingy. Quite fun yeah. Xianwei keep wanting to stand at my right hand side to show that she's taller than me ): &I'm taller than Jacquelyn woots! Hahah, and Jacq complained to Meizhen that I kept pulling her skirt, which I didnt, then MZ come pull my skirt T_T Then after this Jacq keep pulling my skirt so I pulled hers back too :P

    While running to around yellow line that part from the front of concourse, I think I tripped on Nicole's leg and we both fell :/ Sorry Nicole, cos I think I kinda pushed you down accidentally! Lol, I piaked on the floor and got up with the help of someone who I dont know cos it happened too quickly XD Haha, thanks everyone for their concern asking whether if I'm alright anot :) I'm really okay, except that my palm had this stinging pain, and my knees were bruised, haha. 2nd fall since start of the year, I think. Then at yellow line there, my position is beside Grace&Nicole, Xuejing in front of me. I'm the last person of that row I think.. Then Grace keep disiao-ing me, and said that her soles would melt if she stood on the hot ground for too long O_O XW complained to me that she havent been ddr-ing since the start of this year cos she ends school late everyday and got no time to go out or watch movies ):

    Dismissed, walked to sidegate busstop with Nicole, Sandy and Weiling. Bought bubbletea and slacked awhile. Then the 3 of them were crossing the road de, so I was lonely~ Then took same bus as Aloy&Yijie! The two of them so lame lah, peppermint and mint is different, one got pepper one dont have. xD

    Monday, February 18, 2008
    discussion of class tee

    Monday sucks ): Hate Monday cos it's sucha long day, with assembly and interaction period. Haixzxz. Today was okay, lunch was fun!! After Life Science, which Miss Imelda let us out very early (she always lets us out early :D). Then chiong-ed down to canteen, and to find out that PSG was selling too! Omg super happy, bcos earlier they didnt mention whether is there PSG or not. So yep :) Bought the usuals and sat down to eat with the clique. Hmm, cos we were sitting near the staircase, so once people come down, they will definitely see me de, which is not a good thing cos my food got koped by alot of people T_T First was Huiyan, although she didnt eat. She only took my spag and ran away.. Then was Wanting, she was coming halfway down the stairs, saw me, and immediately ran down super fast and grabbed my fork and started eating. Then came alot of other people too. Brenda helped me&Tzeyeng buy tangyuan, then the cashier person cheat her money of $2 LOL. Never return the correct amount of change to her xD

    Then met Shirlyn, Serene and Karwai then went up to class. Lol, Ser&KW tried smuggling peach up, Shir tried smuggling tangyuan. The tangyuan was very obvious, so confirm tio caught de, haha. The peach at least still can put into pocket :) So we got caught by Cherie, Yijie, Xiankai and Shiwee. Then we kinda pangseh-ed Shir cos the ccls told her to eat downstairs, while the rest of us went up to class. Sorry! D: Then discussed the class tee design with Tzeyeng, Jiawei and Kangning. As in we sorta improved on Derek's idea, cos JW&I seriously find the fire SUPER OBIANG!! LOL. Sorry Derek, but I seriously cant stand the fire! &All the yuan yuan quan quan, quoted by JW. So in the end, the final product is omg so nice! Cos I got pitch in to help one okay! Hahah, I think the spades card by the side is cute :D Haha, then the 4 of us were like quarelling over our own ideas, then TY was using freedom of speech as her excuse :)

    Friday, February 15, 2008
    monkey after guides, hy with my rubber band

    Heyhey peeps! Got back Maths Class Test 1 today, got 18 marks. Not very satisfied cos I could have done better, if not for that stupid careless mistake and forgetting to write units ): PE did javelin, which was cool haha :D Pro wor me, 1/2 can get stuck into the ground woots~ Betted on Jiawei with Joanna, if he misses I'll get 2000nps from her ^^v I know very little but she dont have alot of money so cannot bully her ;D Geog was okay cos we were pretty restless so Miss Sia abit buaysong haha! Cant help it cos it's the very last lesson of the week, so no one really cared to listen :x Ohoh, and Lena looks like Miss Sia lah! Hahah, long lost sisters eh!

    Guides was okay, today's activity was planned by Adeline, Crystal and Madeline. Hahah played alot of games yeah :D &I think I sprained my ankle during the bunny hop thing?? Omg so dumb and lame lah, this kinda children thing also can sprain de lol. Then also got netball+captainball, super fun cos my team against Sandy's group, my group got me, Nicole, Crystal, Aslyn, Amelia, Cherie, Xianwei and Grace etc. Alot people lah :) Then Sandy molested alot of people until she banned from coming near anyone of us, and also cannot cross the centre line which is nearer to our goal XD Hahah damn funny lah! Hmm, then next we sang songs for Thinking Day or something? Yeah, Joanna was pretty enthu in it, haha :D Shh, cannot say much or not later she find me for trouble ;( Heheh, I think Nicole knows what I mean yeah.

    Then after dismissed, Nicole&I were desperately jio-ing people for dinner. Sorry Joanna pangseh you ;( Then Nic, Sandy&I went to join the on-going game of monkey which was quite fun aha! Halfway Shirlyn come suan me, say I confirm lose de. Oh ya, please go to her blog and see her wishlist, inside got include "a pair of scandals" LOL SHE WANTS SCANDALS WORXX! ;DD Scandalous arh you! Tsktsk :B Okay back to topic. Hmm, Dena, Waikhee, Samantha, Huiyan, Swanser, Meizhen and the 3 of us were playing. Huiyan so *ahem* pro *ahem* lah, the ball can throw until hit the car 3 times hor. Oh, and there was this van that kept on passing, so we had to make way for it, so ma fan! Hmm, then we semi-ended the game, then say the last 2 monkeys left had to do pole-dance, Sandy&I tio =.= How lucky. Ya, then Nic&I left the game for awhile then we were sitting at the side emo-ing LOL. Jkjk, only our posture is emo, what we're talking about is not hor ^^ Then hy go take Nic's phone then take picture of us, then say I act cute?! Wth lah!

    Walked out to sidegate with them too, including a few more other Sec 4s. Wlao, hy go pull my rubber band off and only returned me when we reached munchy donut there =.= Not fun lah you, si qian bian de! Then I was like begging her for super duper long to return, but she dont want :( Hahah, then Aloysia say I very ke lian, in hy's patrol then kena tortured LOL. Hmm, then went to buy bubbletea :D Bought the usual, green apple green tea. Hy so diu lian lah, no money still want buy XD She left $1.30 then she go ask the guy whether without pearl how much. It was gang gang hao $1.30, then she go pay the guy $1.25, lol. Took same bus as her, and when the door open, my hand kena kiap LOL. Ya, I know it sounds dumb, door open can kiap people one meh? Cos my hand we like, near the door there, beside the tap-card-thing, so when the door open it kiap my hand D: Dumb door lah.

    One and a half months left, 5 times only :/

    Thursday, February 14, 2008
    valentines day, pw trip to chinatown

    Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there! :D Thanks to everyone for their wonderful presents for Valentine's, and also belated presents. Serene arh, your message on the balloon very cheeky nia; what 二楼的 happily ever after =.=! Special thanks to Nicole for the cute Pooh balloon and that typed-out note! Man, it was really thoughtful of you! Hahah, yep, I sure do remember "TWINS", cos that was during last year end's camp right! Lol, black fbts+PE shirt+same style of sandals! :)

    Morning was alright. Jiawei was... qianbian cos the first thing he said to me was "It's not your birthday today cos your birthday is already over so I can hit you!" So childish and wu liao. Omg reminds me of the wuliao partner, which is him! Hahah :D Recess was quite fun, tried to talk Wanting into giving me a cookie FOC. But then she was quite difficult to persuade and I couldnt use the excuse that I lent her my calculator cos she didnt know how to use and didnt know how to convert decimal into fraction with it, hahah. Yeah, so didnt succeed and had to pay ;( Then sat at booth there shake leg. Then there was 2 girls who came, and one was called Hui Xian, and the other was called Nicole!!! SO COOL RIGHT! Then just nice Nicole was beside me too! :) But that Hui Xian has a english name which is Clarice or something, so she doesnt really use Hui Xian unless during Chinese lessons ._. But nvm, it's still really cool to find 2 Sec Ones with Nicole&my name! :D

    PW was fun, went to Chinatown! Was supposed to interview people for the PW, however my group was slacking! :P Huanglaoshi said that must finish our work first then can go eat lunch, but my group just dont care and chiong-ed to KFC xD Cant go Macs cos the teachers were there, heh! But we didnt totally slack lah, got interview people but got dao-ed by majority of the people O_O Julia's group super cool sia, is target on angmoh derh! Then they went to buy pau and asked the angmoh to eat, then give comments! When I reminded them that we needed to take pictures, they chased after the caucasian and asked to take photo together! They asked him to "hold the pau", then he heard as "hold her butt?!" LOL :) Super funny lah!

    Hmm, walked to the middle of Chinatown, and guess what? My balloon that Serene gave me flew away! Then I was like oh crap, and I was chasing the balloon, but I was too short to grab the string ;( But heng Tiffany was there and she's tall (although claire taller, but claire lagging behind and dno my balloon fly away) so she helped me grab the balloon! Woots~ Hahah, thank you Tiffany! Bus trip back to school was great cos we (Claire, Jiawen, Brenda, Tzeyeng, Kangning&I) finally found out the zhen mian mu of the twins! Tsktsk, didnt know that they so pervertic and horny one lah! Walked to busstop with Brenda, and Brenda was quite honoured to walk to busstop with me LOL. The first thing we did was to laugh, seriously! We walked away from the bus then went "HAHAHA" Lol so funny! &I also dont know what we're laughing about, so yeah ;D

    Wednesday, February 13, 2008
    14th birthday!

    HEY HEY PEOPLE! TODAY WAS A REALLY GREAT DAY :D Firstly, I'm here to announce that I'm officially 14! Old already yeah :'( But it's okay, cos I was born at 9.20PM, so I'm still counted as 13, heh! I wanna be young! Forever 13 LOL.

    Morning was alright, kinda late cos I left my house at 7 LOL. But heng wasnt really very late, at least reach already can chat for a while :) Then after flag-raising, apparently some of the girls went to ask Huiyan and Waikhee some stuff aye? Aiyah I also dont know lah... Then in the middle of lessons, I suddenly found out that... PEPPER WAS MISSING!!! Fyi, Pepper is my soft toy tortoise which is very adorable :D Yeah, Zann was telling me that she gave it to HY or something T_T Received presents, yada yada~ Unfortunately Huiyan, leaked out something like "so sincere stiu ask ppl invite me worxzxz", so I had this thought of the girls were going to give me surprise or something :D

    Skip the lesson part~ Lunch was really really great, cos the girlfs had a surprise for me!! First Waikhee came to pass me my present and whispered to KN. Then Wanting came and borrowed calculator from me(lol) and ask me whether 6PM can go Suntec collect the Subway cookies anot, lol. First Kangning was supposed to lead me to the canteen, then Tzeyeng was there with the cake :) Gan dong sia! Almost cry but never :x The cake is super nice, and I think it's quite expensive cos its quite big and nice! &Thanks to Tzeyeng's mother who collected the cake and brought it to school! :D Then sang song for me&Lena! Yeah, Lena's bday was on 10th, but she only came to school today cos she was at Korea during CNY, how lucky! Yep, so cut cake and eat! So nice sia, the choc and mint cake! Woots~ Hahah, happy girl :) &I received 3 balloons from Julia&Juliet too! ^^ Thanks!

    Here's a list of people I want to thank for wishing me happy birthday or giving me present or something similar:
    Qishan, Peiqi, Fukai on MSN during around midnight.
    &Huilin, Clarissa, Jengteng, Waikhee, Huiyan, Cherie for their SMS-es.
    Jiawen, Sili, Clara, Huixuan, Danling, Laura, Kangning, Tzeyeng, Serene, Shirlyn, Karwai, Zann, Soravee, Joanna, Julia, Juliet, Brenda, Yueying, Lena, Iylia, Puyin, Amanda, Jiawei, Zhihan, Wingyee, Weigin, Cherie, Waikhee and more for wishing me in real life.
    &Tzeyeng, Kangning, Soravee, Zann, Shirlyn/Serene, Jiawei for the lovely cake.
    Sorry if I left your name out cos seriously too many people :x And also some names are repeated cos they did both :D

    Lastly, I want to thank every single one of you people for making my 14th birthday such a great one, and I'm seriously happy! :) It doesnt matter whether you didnt give me a present or fork out money for the cake or whatsoever, cos it's the thoughts that counts and wishing me happy birthday is already enough. I'm really touched & very happy cos I'm not those who knows how to sent birthday messages as I send simple & short &uninteresting ones. I'm not those who'll give comments to those in Friendster which I dont even know/not close alr. But today, I'm really thankful :) Especially when I'm kinda bombarded with messages, presents & wishings. It feels so good to be loved :')

    Friday, February 08, 2008
    cny 2008

    Happy Chinese New Year :D!

    Day 1
    Went to my maternal grandmother's house as usual :D Ate lunch, waited for people to come, and received angbaos woots ^^ Played blackjack, and played with kids! &We didnt let the adults play cos the kids money very little, so cannot bet big, all the bets lesser than $1 de, haha! Then slowly adults joined and bets got higher too! Played for quite a long time, won money too! Mom&Dad sponsored me&sis, so winnings we take! :D Say hello to $14, which goes into my pocket :) Then my younger cousins went to bet big, like around $10, and lost LOL. Okay lah, shall be nice and dont laugh alrdy :D Then learnt new game called xi ki buay cos BJ no one wanted to be banker as all those who was banker had luck that was so good; players had better luck.. Aiyah dont know how to say lah, but this game is more diff cos it has strategies. &You also earn money slower, yep. But if you're banker, the good thing is that you dont lose money as fast as BJ, and when you have the same cards as your opponent, you win cos you're the banker! Hoho, nice right! Oh, and I havent touched mahjong since last year at KW's house =="

    Day 2
    Went to my 3rd aunt's house today... Ate and watched my younger cousins play some dumb games with lousy graphics on the com, haha. Then played BJ! This time lost around $1, aww... Then went up to 16th floor, which is my uncle's house! Cool right, 2 relatives in the same block :) My luck was seriously ALOT better there, ban ban-ed 2-3 times, and ban luck-ed 5times. :D Happiness haha! Won $9.60 today, which is quite a feat cos my bet was maintained at 30cents :B Cant and dont want to bet big cos I dont wanna lose alot, and my cousins are still young, later they lose how ): Anyway today 2 of my cousins went bankrupt from playing too much BJ, lol! Then I got another cousin, even funnier, he ban luck alrdy, then he didnt know and never show out the card XD And another round, he got only 12 and he forgot to "bu", and so had to pay =.= ! But later he was like super lucky lah, banker and he got banban, aka 2 aces! Omg, rich like siao lah, this round total won $13. Zzz. Anyway had buffet there, and the total cost of the buffet is like $850. O_O Zomg richness!

    Day 3
    My grandma and aunt came in the morning, then I went to my babysitter's house. Ate steamboat which was my lunch there. My mom accidentally scalded my sis, so my sis was weeping and damn pissed with my mom. Then after this went to my cousin's house, and played PS2 lol. Played that game which consists of those ancient china warriors aha :D So fun can! But my cousin&my sis kinda gang up on me, then create the character for me very ugly de =.= Afro hair somemore o.x

    Day 4
    Went to Kangning's house first. 8 of us squeezed into her mom's car, lol. Zann sat on the floor :D Then ate steamboat, so fun! Cos I was sitting beside Serene so we were eating like crazy! Serene is a fan tong~ Zann, Soravee, Serene and I kept eating salmon ^^ So sweet and nice! After eating, went up to KN's room and played BJ. Lost around 50cents :x Then went home already.. Next went to Rachel's house! Ate&played the com :D

    Last night I was thinking of him, a tear rolled down my face, I asked the tear "Where are you going" the tear replied "There's someone so important in your eyes, there is no room for me anymore."

    Wednesday, February 06, 2008
    cny eve, 27 dresses

    Yoyo :D I'm super full after my sukiyaki tuan yuan fan ^^ Lets start off with the day, haha.

    First period was ACC, which was alright. Teacher holded grudges and completely dao-ed us, only writing on the board what to highlight. Those that didnt highlight tio detention. Heng the guaikia that I am and have always been highlighted, so never tio! Muahaha ;D Shirlyn's whole row everybody tio, rocks man! So, Monday after the celebration thingy they need go detention O_o Nvm, shouldnt xing zai le huo, or not sure tio scolded by Shirlyn de ._. Reminds me of her blog, fury! Hahah, you all can go read although it's super diu lian for me :/

    Next was PE, played Netball! I wanted to be WA with Jiawei, cos we were hoping for the WD to be Zhihan, and he really was! Wahah, damn happy lah, so he can block me and I will be super cracked up due to his actions xD But changed to GA with Joanna cos she dont wanna shoot. Um, yeah, anyway none of my balls got in lol.. Kangning pro sia, leg injured like baika still can play worxzxz! Somemore want snatch my ball sia, LOL. Then at concourse there dilly dally cos wanted to know where to wait for Hui Shan cos we (me, Shir, Soravee, Tzeyeng) were going to KHS first, then go meet Serene and watch our movie. Then at concourse someone qian bian person go call me idiot, zzz.

    After going to KHS, went to Cathay! Met Grace there with her boyf. Went to Hotdog Factory to eat their baked rice, SUPERB! And the best thing is that they got connection with the cinema, so you can openly bring their food in, or you can even order and let them bring the food to your seat in the cinema! Cool right! :D After eating, planned on how to give Serene the ticket cos she was late as when she was coming to Cathay already, an auntie asked her for directions on how to go to PS, so she had to walk back. Thus, she was late. So we had some crazy ideas like stuffing it in the seat then tell Serene which chair then ask her go find the ticket, but Shir said that maybe the cleaner will go remove it, lol. So we decided on a very logical and practical way, and that is to give the person who tears away the ticket and gives you back the stub :) Smart right, lol. Anyway, Grace and her boyf were sitting right in front of me, which is not very good cos you wont want people to spy on you when you're tmm-ing, right? :D 27 DRESSES IS A SERIOUSLY GOOD SHOW, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! :D Yep, it sure was! Shir&I were quite happy with it :) Haha, JAMES MARSDEN IS SUPER HANDSOME! Dimples+Charming eyes!! Muahaha :D

    &If you figured out, didnt go back to MBS this year cos it's becoming kinda boring already, when the teachers you want to see have all transfered out or retired. But going back can be a good thing too, which is to sell off the bazaar tickets! &I'm not as wuliao as some people, Sec 4 already still go back hor :D

    Tuesday, February 05, 2008
    spray water between shir&jw, jw wet!

    Yoyo! Haha :D Today super eventful day, especially after school! o^^o Tests were o-kay, not too diff, yeah? Eng component was insane cos I was practiacally rushing thru it cos I had not enough time O_O

    After school, the normal things happened, you know, like Jiawei&Shirlyn chasing each other. Scandalous woots~ Started off with trying to pull down JW's hipsters O_O Wlao, I got accused of molesting JW, like wth?! My taste not so bad de kay! Lol xD Yeah, anyway everything can be taken as hostage from your enemy, so I took JW's phone ^^ Help Shir mah! Yeah, then Shir went to take Brenda's Nike waterbottle and shot water at JW until he was super wet. Serene took her own bottle, poked holes thru the cap, and made JW wet too! Then the 3 of them were chasing each other around the whole 4th floor, while Karwai and I were in charge of blocking JW so he cant run away :D Muahah, super fun lah! Although got CCTV, and other classes were still having lessons so abit dangerous cos will get scolded ._. But didnt get scolded, heh! Yup, in the end JW was super wet, his shirt totally wet, pants 80% wet LOL. Then, a classic happened! JW distracted Shir by talking to her, trying to spray her, and from behind, Chester emptied his waterbottle on her! Omg, super classic man, best trick ever used!

    Went to 2nd floor as usual, then went to Lucky Station for lunch. And,, JW&Co. were there too! Omg, suayness lol. Anyway we all ate together, which meant Shir, Ser, JW, Chester, Joshua, Gregory, Ivan, Joel&I. Yeah, around these few people, not sure if Derek was with us anot ._. Ate till like 3+, then came home. :D Gonna go out in a few minutes time to buy clothes for CNY, LOL. Ya, I know I'm slow, but Shir also havent buy yet mah! :B Ohoh, and gonna go out tmr to watch movie with the girlfs! Cos we're gonna end at 9.45 (upper sec at 10.45, hoho!), and our lessons are slack lessons-ACC&PE! Omg, tmr's gna rock man!

    Friday, February 01, 2008
    geog egg experiment, kw's bday

    Yay, 300th post :D Today was quite fun, yeah? KARWAI'S BIRTHDAY! :D

    First fun thing was the eggs! Wahah, cos we had a Geography experiment, and as the Geog Rep, Serene had to boil hardboiled eggs for the whole class :) Yeah, so she boiled 20 which is alot! &Me, Shirlyn, Zann, Serene and Karwai started drawing on the eggs! My egg is the most shuai and handsome one lah!! Really, I'm not zi kua-ing or what, it's the truth! Omg, I'm in love with the egg kay! His name is Kopi-O Shuaige ^^ Ya I know the Kopi-O sounds very dumb but cos Serene's one is Stylo, Zann's one is Mylo, and so mine is Kopi-O! Cos they're a PI trio mah, so tgt they're Stylo Mylo Kopi-O! Hahah, the experiment was fun anyway :D

    Oh yeah, had PE today too. Played netball, was GS and WA. Hahah, WA rocks lah, so fun! :D Zhihan was super funny lah, heng he not in my team LOL. My team rocks woo~ Netball rocks socks 8D Lol, I wanna join the interclass xD After this received yearbook, and zomgwthbbq, I suck in the picture lah. My hair is super duper X1000 messy and I look kuku LOL. &There's another pic of me somewhere in the book and that is even worse omg. I look nerd in that one LOL.

    After school, Shirlyn, Serene, Chester and Jiawei ran out of school to buy Karwai's cake :D Yep, then it suddenly rained so when they came back, they were drenched and so was the box. But heng the cake was still intact! KW should feel happy and honoured cos they ran in the rain for her cake! Wooo~ Anyway, celebrated at concourse cos Guides gna start soon then I scared late, but at the bench there the wind very strong, so in the end we celebrated at staircase LOL. Yeah, quite fun, but KW dont want us to be loud T_T So spoil mood lol xD Jk!

    Karwai's cake! Quite nice heh! :D

    Guides was alright, did PT and drilling. This time PT tio stitch, but then it got better and was quite shuang lol. Best thing was I didnt feel tired and the situps werent tiring too! :D Omg nan de cos I super long never exercise, maybe cos of the netball during PE? Anyway after PT did drilling which was disappointing, yeah? &My shoe like gonna drop out cos I didnt tie the shoelace lol. Ended early at 5.45, haha. Then walked out to sidegate with Cherie&Xianwei and ate together too! Lol, being with them is super funny lah, they 2 joker lah!

    Ate opposite the nasi lemak there cos they say the nasi lemak standard drop. &They treated me to drinks cos I only left $2. LOL, pathetic, I couldnt even pay for my noodles lah.. Then um, we were watching the TV and when we saw the show finished, so Cherie&I were super excited and went "Omg, shou zu start already!!" But actually it was the news cos it was 6.30 LOL. Super funny lah, anti-climax too! Yeah, and the 2 of them were like sharing their food but I think Xianwei ate more so Cherie fury xD Then went to Munchy Donut and it was super funny too! Xianwei bought the latte one but she wanted Cherie's strawberry one, hahah (: Went to busstop tgt, then saw an ex-ma'am. She's on holiday in Singapore cos she's studying in Perth. So cool lah! Yeah, then the 3 of them started talking and it was very funny again xD Cos Cherie&XW liked her shoes alot, then we keep looking at her shoes then dont dare ask where she buy from etc. Then XW was playing with her donut that was in the box, like flipping it around until it was super gross. Then abit diulian so Cherie&I walked away from her LOL. K nvm shall stop here cos it's gonna be long :)

    I wanna watch Step Up 2:The Streets cos it look super duper nice lah! I wanna catch it with Soravee&Co. Hmm, and maybe CJ 7 and L Change The World? Not sure :/ But I really really want to watch Step Up 2! Hahah, I wanna learn Hiphop, but after streaming, at O'school!

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