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13th Feb is my day.
I luv peanut butter cups, Dairy Queen, people watching, purple Skittles, B&J's, warmhugs, smiles, laughter, sweet letters/cards, photographs, fun.
I'm not short, I'm FUN sized! :D

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    Wednesday, April 30, 2008
    geog paper, citylink with srenee, shir, soravee, zann

    Whee, these 2 days were fun :) Ytd met up with the usuals at my house nearby coffee shop to have lunch! The roti prata rocks okay!:D Guys ate duck rice, Jiawei the weirdo ate the rice but not the duck -.- Waste money lar... Played in class before exam, so fun! Played 猫抓老鼠抓几只! Science exam was horrid ): Confirm cmi one sia... Everything looked super foreign to me can! Ohoh, and Shirlyn almost got knocked down by cars TWICE! First time was cos Srenee pushed Shir out when the car approaching, tsktsk! Second time, Srenee was nice, so she pulled Shir in when the car approached us :) Cos she need to pei zui hahaha!

    Today met up at the same place with the same bunch of people, except Srenee didnt come cos she wasnt notified :( Sorry Srenee! I promise that I'll inform you de ok! :D Normal stuff, played same game again woots. This time had forfeit, Greg wrote "hippopotamus" with his butt! :D And he didnt mind at all can, hahah! Chionged thru the volcanoes chapter cos I couldnt absorp it ytd night :( It's like study 2hours, only absorp 30min of the stuff lah! Surprisingly, Geog was manageable! :) Yayyyy! Cos the stuff that I memorised came out can!

    After school went to citylink with Srenee, Shir, Soravee and Zann, cos Zann wanted to buy a book, and Soravee agreed to treat us on food if Shir, Srenee and I went! Hehheh, go there for free food LOL :D! Went to MPH, Zann bought the book for her sis, and then we went to Body Shop! Omg, so fun lah, all the scents and stuff :) Soravee bought the new flavour set, the blue colour thingy~ Then walked around in search for food, settled at New York New York! WOOHOO~ Cos it wasnt supposed to be filling, the 5 of us shared 2 soups, seafood platter for 2, buffalo wings, smoked salmon sandwich! Very niceeeee ^^ Cos the seafood platter was damn huge, so all five of us ate it yay! :D Consisted of crab, calamari rings, prawn fritters, deep fried fish, raw salmon! Omg, the raw salmon damn nice can!! The sauce for the salmon was like OMG SHUANG! Then went to get our free cotton candy heh! So fun making it lah! Shir so clumsy lah, drop her cotton candy on the floor and had to start twisting it again hahah :D

    Then went to Guardian to buy stuff... Srenee damn diu lian lah, she fall down or something, then the tall stack of the thing-that-girls-use almost drop can! We were laughing like siao at her lah. Saying that if they force her to buy those that dropped, she use for 10 years also cant use finish hahah! Then we walked like 5m away from that place, and Soravee knocked down the huge stack of body foam can! Omg, so diu lian lah HAHAHA! Then cos Srenee and Shir didnt come with us, so when they heard lots of stuff dropping, they said that it must be one of us hahaha! Ya, so we picked up the bottles and quickly zao out of the store LOL :D If the store forces Soravee to buy the things that she dropped right, she 20 years later still havent use finish lorh!

    Monday, April 28, 2008
    macs big breakfast, chi paper 2

    Today was a high day! :) Reached SP Macs first, then waited for the rest. Srenee's hair is NICE okay, dont laugh at her! D:< We thought that Greg and Jiawei wasnt coming, cos they gave excuses such as tuition and wna study at home. But they came in the end (surprise I think), but they were super late lah. Cos.... They took 155 which went to Bishan ahaha.! This shows that guys have no sense of direction lol :D

    We were very very guai, practising our chinese words :) Srenee gave JW&I ting xie. Srenee kept on adding her own words such as pi gu, hotcakes etc., super funny lah can! :) She makes my day! It's like exams within a few hours she still can so qing song and be so spastic and siao can! Lao niang rocks whooo~ JW wanted to borrow foolscap from the Sec 1 girls at the other table, but didnt dare. So we wanted Greg to go, but Greg said that later he go, then the girls kena stun by his goodlooks, then refuse to lend him fooscap hahah! Shirlyn got sweetheart leh hahah! Her sweetheart SUPER CUTEEE!

    Chi paper was o-kay. The passages and stuff were understandable, but too little time aww! :( Managed to chiong thru everything in 1 hour, and spent 25min on chang wen suo duan. Sucky thing. Spent remaining 5 min checking and stuff, fiddling around with stuff etc. Omg sure die one! D: Somemore today the aircon super cold lah, got jacket also no use that kind. Brain cells all frozen man.

    Friday, April 25, 2008
    srenee's backflowing green tea on bus, chi compo, oral

    Today also very fun hurhur ^^ And since it's gna be the weekends so it should be okay for me to blog :) Firstly, today morning met Srenee, Shirlyn, Karwai, Jiawei, Gregory and Derek at Macs at 8.30. Damn early can, I had problems waking up. AND AND SERENE WAS THE FIRST TO REACH OMG! WE'RE GOING TO DIEEEEEE! D: Cos Srenee is always late, so when she's early, there must be something amiss haha :D Tabao-ed our Macs and douhua and went to school with the LY guys. On the bus, Srenee was so damn clumsy lah, lol. Jiawei, Srenee and I sat at the back, so Srenee placed her drink on this plastic thing beside the seats. Then suddenly the bus braked, and Srenee's green tea drop on the floor leh! Then we 3 were like "oh shyt!", but we couldnt see anything cos the cup roll in front liao. Then the bus moved and braked again, and the green tea came backflowing HAHA :D Super funny lah, and when we alighted the bus, we saw that the green tea flow until the front of the bus can :D

    Had this chinese remedial thingy, but all of us volunteered to attend :) We're good kids okay. So we were eating and listening at the same time haha! Srenee ate 2 egg mcmuffins :O! Then slack slack abit, went to oral! Karen Lim was pissed with us cos we were damn noisy or sth lah. Whatever man. Then Tzeyeng got called out to stand at the side ==" Hmm, then Karwai, Srenee, Shir and I were like ping ming de calm ourselves down by singing songs lol!

    Mar de, dno why people always want to snatch from me can! I walked towards Ms Yee, then Vivian(HM) go chiong in front of me, so me being the nice girl that I am and always will be let her go first. Then after Vivian finished, I go there again, another girl from HM snatch again leh!! Omg fury man. Cos we both reached the chair at the same time, so nvm I decided to be nice again and let her go. Andand after she finished, I ran towards Ms Yee can, ahaha! Ms Yee is cuteness okay, that's why I went to her lol. But I think I li2 ti2 GAH! D: Anw, 2years of oral teacher is Ms Yee! :) Yay happy~ Reading aloud gonna be her too! :DD

    Chi compo was totally rubbish man. Confirm fail liao woots~ Shant talk too much abit this, later gekxim.


    Thursday, April 24, 2008
    eng compre, old airport rd dinner

    Pictures from yesterday!

    Flowa boy! :D This picture is cute..!

    Gregory acting cute! Ahaha, really very cute sia.


    Jiawei extra LOL =x

    Richass kids showing off their moolah! Okay lah, the one I'm holding to aint mine )):

    Today's too fun to not post! Wahaha! Met Karwai, Shirlyn, Jiawei, Joshua, Derek and Gregory at subway! We were seeing who's gonna be the idiot that never bring umbrella, and it turned out to be Derek! My shoes and skirt were wet though ): My umbrella wasnt much of use sigh D: Should have learnt from JW, wear slippers then change!

    So yup, ate and joked around. Shir tabao-ed McGriddles to subway. Gregory lost his $5, which was actually taken by Karwai! Greg was damn funny lah, searching everywhere-under the table, inside the cookie paperbag, inside the used subway wraps etc.! Cuteness lah! Derek ate ALOT. He ate 6inch sub, and a McDonalds MEAL. It was a MEAL!! And he was still hungry! Best thing is that he's THINNNNN. Jealous! :( Went to Macs after this to study oral! We were laughing at Greg's intepretation of the pics, fortune teller become tuition teacher HAHAH! Luckily we aint gonna get that for oral tmr, or else he GG. Was in heaven(?) at Macs haha! Hidden meaning, JW created it so ask him! :D

    Went to school, and went to find Mrs Tan to give camp money. Cant wait cant wait! Took our Bio test back too, damn freaking happy that I scored A1 whoots~ Went to class to slack, and then went to Innosphere for EL Compre. What's up with BEEF as the main topic of the passage? Made me so hungry! And the questions were so difficult! ): It's like almost all the questions have the same meaning, so must choose properly the answer.. I was super nervous so I was singing to myself LOL. Seriously singing calms me down ok.

    Then went to play piano, and went for oral preparation with Srenee, Shir, KW, Soravee, Zann and JW! 7 GIRLS. Yep, JW is a girl! Then went for dinner after this :) Only 5 girls went though, Soravee&Zann didnt join us. Fun fun fun! Walked in the drizzling rain to Full House, but found out that we didnt have enough money )): So took bus to old airport hawker centre. All of us ate chicken rice and shared chocolate fondue! Quite nice heh! :) Everyone had choc on their mouths can =x And we were happily discussing about CARTOONS! We all luv powerpuff girls :D

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008
    spotcheck, maths lesson photo taking!

    Spotcheck was fun eheheh. Saw Nicole HAPPILY skipping to yellow line, haha! :D She's insaneeee, underground mugger! Whole of 2MD girls passed the spotcheck whoots! We are a guai class man 8D Heng today I smart never wear adidas with silver stripes to school ^^v So never get caught muahaha. Pinned up my fringe too, look damn kuku! :P And heng we didnt get checked by MrChua cos those classes that he checked, alot people tio yellow line. But this woman came to check us so it was alright! :) &Karwai got asked to unpick her skirt alterations, but I never kena wahaha :D

    Last period most shuang, Mr Khoo never come, MD in chaos man :D! Took pictures with Shir's phone cos got charisma proj then need pics mah! :) Cos of a reason which must not be mentioned, I had to stand on the right side when taking pics lol! Omg, got this picture damn cute lah! Karwai&I was giving the cheesy smile, then Jiawei go put this hands under his chin like flower girl like that :DD Nicenice! Jiawei's aiming is super lousy rawr! He said that he wanted to shoot the rubber band at TszHin, then hit me ley! D< And today nan de my hair was behaving itself y'know!! Good time to take pics wahaha. Photos soon when Shir sends them to me :) Heard Gregory's recording of him singing Low, damn funny hahaha! He dont know the lyrics then anyhow sing.!

    Tmr start of MYEs, sigh D: I'm very scared that I'll oversleep or something :( Nicole, please wake up early and dont be late okay!! LOL. I'm so nice to remind Nic like this. :) Anw, it's gna be in a aircon room and that seriously freaks me out okay. I cant work in aircon-ed conditions! Omg dieeeeeeeeee. And for SPA, I'm gna be sitting with the LY guy called Zhengyu ): I want a MD partner leyyyyyy!

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008
    eff. learning hypnotised

    During chem got back test whoots~ Did fairly well :D Hmm, I lost marks at the last page, if not I'll prolly get full marks or sth. Jiawei was telling me that Mrs Low will like those that goes to the lab early, so me, him and Kangning chionged down hahaha. But obviously we didnt believe him lah. Anyway, we were sad we werent first, but 2nd aww ): Mrs Low doesnt like us HAHAHA.

    We got hypnotised today during effective learning!! :D Super cool alright.! Hmm, it wasnt the whole class though, cos some people left halfway. And I'm glad I stayed throughout the whole thing cos it was sucha great and cool experience!

    Went to lie on the floor of Geog room with Kangning, Srenee and Yueying cos we were told to get into a position where we could relax. First, we were told to relax, from the head to the toe. Then Mr Smith began talking about us being at the beach, and seeing a 4year-old us running towards ourselves.. And all of us fell alseep, but we could still hear him through our subconscious minds. &Then some of us began to dream of us when we were 4! :D Gosh, that was so cool! However, people like Yueying slept bcos they were tired ahaha. Srenee's one was really cool, dreamt of herself eating icecream from the fridge in her old house where she lived when she was 4! It really worked for her! :) And, to get us to wake up, he would countdown from 10 to 1. However, for heavy sleepers like us, he had to snap his fingers and say "1" to get us up ehehe.

    Overall, it was super duper cool okay! I mean like, how often do you get hypnotised? :D Walked out with Srenee, Yueying and Xinying. Seriousl, YY and XY walk till damn fast okay. Srenee and I were walking our normal pace, which is super slow compared to them -.- Walk so fast for what :P Must enjoy life to the fullest, must take note of the small details arnd us!

    Monday, April 21, 2008

    Those who are interested in Polo Tees, do check out missy-lovesx3! There's a huge variety of colours :D &Also, there are other items which cannot be found in those typical blogshops! So please do check it out! :DD

    Tzeyeng! Nah, your advertisment lah! :) I know I'm nice woohoo~ MYEs coming I still help you advertise worxzxz!

    Today so fun ehehe. Flunked my Maths Test like siao luh :'( Want to cry die liao! (convert to chi). Then Brenda and I was like saying that whose one had lower marks, then in the end we scored the same, so qiao lah! Then we hi-5 and laugh laugh laugh then Mr Khoo stare at us O_O

    Lunch so fun :D Sat on the floor at the shelter there cos no benches liao! ): Karwai&Shirlyn were talking about sick stuff lah, tsktsk! &Iylia cut her hair until so cute lah, like Dora the explorer! :D So we kept singing songs from the show during lessons 8D Then went back to class, the clique was playing Gregory's recording of him singing via the mic! Gregory's singing is damn funny LOL! He was singing 今天你要嫁给我, then he kept repeating the lyrics cos he didnt knew what came next xD

    Assembly was bout MYEs and camp! Damn excited bout camp can! :D Srenee and me were talking until damn excited wahaha. But I'm afraid of heights boo! ): Nvm, sure can do flying fox one muahaha. Omg, later stuck up there so diu lian. Walked to busstop with Srenee! :) We were looking damn carefully on the floor to check that we wont step on dogshit aha :D But we missed seeing this dead lizard, so when people told us about it, we walked back just to look at it 8D I think we're insane.

    Friday, April 18, 2008
    4tests in a day, S4 5items, edited pictures

    4tests today, rah! Geog, Bio, Chem, timed compre if it counts as a test "/ Almost died, but the tests werent really such killer tests except for Bio! ): Stupid dumb test! Mrs Tan found out that she forgot to teach us something, so before the test she quickly taught us some stuff about the liver/intestine thingy...

    (Chinese period was damn fun okay)
    Someone: How to read ���������
    Me: Aiyah, it's ������!
    Srenee: No, it's ������!
    Kangning: It's tan3 te4 lah!
    Me: Tan3 Ke4? Tank?
    I think Im dumb hehe :D Anyhow read the word LOL. Shang xia! :D Btw Nic, I'm seriously not an underground mugger, boo! ): I havent even started studying, I SWEAR.

    Chem&Timed compre were both after school, so we were really confused about what to do etc. After chem chiong-ed down to eat heh! Bought burger and ate at concourse. Watching the Sec 4s do their 5items is fun lah! Especially at shuttle run, there's this common trait of jumping at the very end of their sprint! I rmb doing that last year too! Maybe it's just natural reaction or sth? :B &The SBJ looks super difficult, so far! ): I'm short, I cant jump and I cant help it!!

    Got caught by Yijie, oopsy! :X &Then she asked me this question, I didnt answer her :/ Really got me thinking... Do I really want to get into the board? Am I sure? Am I willing to sacrifice? I dont know, I cant answer these questions that I asked myself ): Anyway, saw Joycelyn doing her SBJ, and Huiyan the pervert(!!) and Xianwei doing their shuttle run. :D Huiyan is a pervert, I swear. Ckp alert!! Fyi, not first time liao hor!

    Profile picture! :D

    Half-clique picture :)

    Sorry, I didnt mean to disappoint you. I know that I wouldnt be here without your help. Without you, I'm sure that I wouldnt have came so far. I know that you were disappointed when you saw me. You're always there, constantly reminding me so that I'll have a better chance. I'll try to remember your words, I wont disappoint you again.

    Thursday, April 17, 2008

    You have no idea how much that means to me, really.
    Dont worry or think so much k, I'll always be there for you! Luv you dear!

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Today damn funny hehe. Srenee stepped on dog shit lalala~ And cannot say I xiu shou pang guan, cos I got help her you know! Cos Srenee has the metal chain thingy, so both of us were holding on to the ends. Then I saw that her leg going to step on the dogshit liao, so I quickly pull her away from it. Who would have known that her natural reaction was to siam away from me, and go towards the shit instead?! Ya, so in the end she kena lorh HAHHAHA! Damn funny luh :D Squishy squishy one~

    Yay, I luv this picture alot alot alot man! I think it looks super classic luh, cos it's candid, meaning neither Nicole/I posed for it yay! :D Of course the photographer is also pro enough to capture this, but no I wont say that cos the photographer sucks haha! The picture can portray happiness from children which is very innocent cos there's no evil in them yet :)! At least I think there's no evil in them yet lah, haha! And we're like smiling so happily, which is actually cos we were laughing cos of the ball incident+our short legs hehe.! &Nic likes this pic too yay~ Guides is love.

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008
    huge cookie monster, aston's with srenee

    Morning lugged this HUGEEEEE cookie monster to school! Kangning, Zann, Tzeyeng and my birthday present to Srenee! :DD Hope you like it yeah! Paiseh belated orh! :X But we still luv you as much ;D

    Today lessons were oh-kay... Life Science was fun, as usual heh! Miss Imelda rocks socks, yo! Gosh, perhaps is cos she sick, so she will play with us haha! Srenee was attempting to step on Miss Imelda's $10 pedicure haha! Miss Imelda was telling us that we should hope she's sick, so she will play with us! Or else she'll fury with us de, hahs! Then she was like asking someone to lock Srenee up cos Srenee kept on asking difficult-to-answer questions and stuff, damn funny!

    Went to Aston's for lunch after school with Srenee! :D At busstop so lame luh, got disiao-ed by Yongkee and Sirui! >:( Rawrrrr!
    Sirui was like saying "Eh, girl, he want your number" *points to YK*
    Srenee&me: *daos*
    SR: Okay lah, joking only, please dont take it to heart!
    YK: Eh, dont bully them lah...
    SR: Okay he is serious about wanting your number!
    Omg so lame lah! Zzz.

    Aston's was rather empty, haha! Both of us ate lemon&lime chicken, whee~ But the sides, those fried stuff dont have ): Meaning no fries!! Rah, their fries is like the BEST side dish out of everything! ): And for drinks, root beer, orange juice, apple juice and green tea were SOLD OUT too!! Zz, nth to drink alrdy boohoo )': So tried their Ice Lemon Tea, and it's really nice too! :) Heh, nice food makes me happy...So y'know, it's really easy to make me happy yay~ The v. shuai waiter was umchio-ing at us, so mean! Cos Srenee and I were fooling around, as usual, then I think I was demo-ing on how to blow the serviette into the air, and then he saw! Omg so paiseh :/

    Ohoh, heard that Soravee got to dunk VP&DM yeah! Whoohoo, coolmeng! &She was the ONLY one to dunk VP, cos the rest all missed haha! Gosh, Soravee, MD's so proud of you! :] &I bet that Soravee's happy with herself too, hurhur.

    Hehs, quite happy today cos I saw H, Jo and NG! (:

    Saturday, April 12, 2008
    bazaar, srenee's bday

    Bazaar was greattttttt! :D So fun heheh! Morning was bad though... Cos our shift havent start yet so we were walking arnd. Then we went to our own stall, then we got shouted by someone, when actually Srenee wanted to buy :/ Then Srenee buaysong so shout back ): But now everything okay lerh :)

    First went to spray hair! :D Orange for me whee~ But looked like brown, I know. Shir said I shouldnt have sprayed, cos my hair is brown too! :) Yay I luv my hair hahaha. Srenee and Karwai had theirs purple and green. Shir only did her fringe, orange too! Then we walked around and blah~ Went to the 4IT racing tracks thingy. Watched the guys play. Joshua damn "pro" lah, play till the red car GOT SMOKE COME OUT!! LOL. Proness lah! Got smoke seh! Then Casandra came yay!

    Then walk here walk there eat this eat that play this play that (: Went to Haunted House, the Sec 1 class do de. DAMN BORINGGGG X10000000000!! Not even scary can. But I must praise their lightings, it's not bad :) But I used my lightstick to whack this guy HAHAH! :DD Who call him cant scare me, then go use his hat and put on me ==" Wanted to go to the Sec 4 one, but they closing for break ): Anyway I went with Soravee, Greg, and Derek!

    Joyce and Nina came whee~ (: Cool :DD Only went around with them for abit, sorry ):! And Sorry to Qingru and Yijie too, didnt expect them to sell your chocolate banana! D: Then played games with my sister hahah! The prizes I won so lame lorh ): I wanted the CJ7 one leh T_T Give me what lousy sweets LOL. Then Tzeyeng, Kangning and I walked around with Qingru haha. Cos ending liao then KN&QR need spend their coupons mah. TY&I koped $10 from KN and we went to sit the massage leg thingy :D SO SHUANG!!! OMG ROCKS MAN. Hahah. At first very ticklish hahah! Then slowly get more shuang. But the thing suddenly stop ): Then I dont care, on the machine again heh ^^v

    In class, doodled lots cos of Srenee's bday (: Birthday girl hahah! Luv you loads (: KN&her was drawing all the aquatic animals cos Srenee is a jellyfish aka shuimu! Hahaha! Ate cake too! :) Ppl kena smear cake, but heng I never ^^v Proness lalala~ Went home at 6 like that.

    Happy Birthday Serene and Madel! :D
    May your wishes come true k! :) Luv you people haha.

    Friday, April 11, 2008

    Today was fun, yo. Group of them went to PS with Mrs Jo Tan to get stuff for the fondue.. Rest of us stayed in school. Decorated the posters and stuff. I didnt do luh. Wasnt feeling well, so nvm. Shir say I emo ): Then went around pasting the posters yeah. Went with Soravee, Kangning, Shir, Karwai, and the grp of guys like Chester, Derek, Joshua, Mervyn and Greg, I think. Then go concourse paste paste. Chester so smart lah, his idea damn cool luh, stick at the ceiling of concourse LOL. Proness~ Saw Madel having concert haha! :D

    After doing the poster thingy was awesomeeeeeeee fun :D The guys were playing with the chairs and tables! :) They go take the broom then put between 2 chairs, then try to limbo over hahah! Greg almost did it, but once we clapped, he fell ==" Tszhin was smart lah, go take the roller chair then do superman pose and roller under the broom! xD Eugene tried to jump over but he fell flat on his face lol. Everyone laughed like siao can xD Then Derek was like "Eh Eugene, jump again lah. You one person jump can make alot of people laugh, it's worth it!" LOL Super funny can :D Oh, and the PA system had alot of nice songs playing whee~ Low haha :D Ccl camp memories (:

    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    Zzz. Today at school totally no voice ): Cant talk! Soravee was like "Eh why you so quiet?" Hai ): I want talk lah!! Whole day could only mouth out the words or write on paper ==" Dumb right..

    Felt sick throughout the whole day. After recess had a damn hard time climbing up the stairs with Srene cos both of us were sick and we were panting like siao aha :D Then keep hold on the railings and leaning against the wall etc xD

    Preparation for bazaar was FUN!! Huge group of us went down to check out the recycling bin thingy, then we met Mr Sim. Then he very funny lah!

    Him: Eh, you all using the cage to sell chihuahua is it?
    Us: No luh, we selling German Shepards..
    Him: Huh, this cage like not big enough leh... Eh my house got rabbit, can let you sell! Aiyoh but cannot lah, my daughter will kill me. The rabbit is hers.

    LOL! He so cute :DD Then drew and stuff. I was damn sick so I just slacked lorh, heh. Then at 1+ finally buaytahan already, so went home first. Thanks to Kangning and Juliet for escoriting me to the bus-stop cos I scared I faint lol xD And thanks to that zhu at the bus-stop for the entertainment although she was very scared that I was going to faint aha. :D Ni shi zhu!

    Looking for:
    My voice.

    Wednesday, April 09, 2008

    Back to school tmr, cos MC ends today, arghhh! Been sleeping these few days, damn shiok lah can! :D However I keep having super weird dreams, and I mean it. It's like I dreamt of this person in school but I dont even know him and stuff.? Super weird lah... And how come I dont dream of people that I want to dream of?! Hmm... Omg, die, havent touched timed compre, zuowen and maths wb!! Omg die die die. Anyone nice enough to render help, like help me finish that irritating maths thingy? (megawatt smile) K shall do tag replies cos it's getting so long and I keep putting it off, so ya shall do it now k....!

    Paiseh the order is newest one on top, cos I copy and paste from cbox then reply de (:

    KARWAI: Omg 4 tests shit die zz! Nvm dont worry, tmr huixian will be back! Muahaha. But cannot so hyper and siao cos havent recover fully! ):
    kangning: Still dare say! I think you pass to me the germs! Roar!
    KARWAI: Yeah, I didnt know too! I just digged them up in my phone haha.
    yanzhan: Omg yanzhan you sound very meng orh! x)
    shirlyn: Hahah ok lah, thank you lah -.-! Derek&Srene should be tgt at the theatre lorh, then they both scared tgt LOL!
    anna: Hahah, when got time I'll help you ask kay! (: Plus need phrase properly hehe.
    KARWAI: Is not we all, is only Srene and Shir! Really! :D
    sili: Sili is weirdo hehe (:
    Nicole: NICOLEEEEE! :DD But I dont want get chaota leh! The stadium so burning HOTTTTT.
    Gladys: Haha, you too! (: Did you get pranked?
    jt: Hello jengtengggggg! :DD
    KARWAI: But then it's still nice lah! Hahah :D
    puyin: Ya I missed you alot alot!
    Sueanne: Ya abit look like. Very zonked out B) Anw the picture abit blur :x
    kangning: They are cuteness man, think is wenhui! XD
    J;DEY: Haah okay I shant watch the video, cos you're scaring me bout it :x
    ester: Cute lorh, Joey, got this kind of xiangfa! Btw I told ya who right.
    jiayi: Ya I know please stop pointing that out ):
    CLARA .: No prob, except I dont know what you see in him LOL!
    WENHUI: HAHAHA. Omg shifu chill man! Obviously not you luh. My shifu not so clumsy de whee~
    jiayi :D: You did great, kiatdear! Luv you to bits x)
    J;DEY: Hahah, luv Secondhand Serenade hehe!
    kangning: Of course cant imagine luh, it's not true anyway what! ;D
    brenda: Ya I know they married. That's why I dont wanna be hp mah, haha.
    Sueanne: Eh.. Okay I'm not Harry Potter (:
    kangning: Dont care bout him luh, not worth my notice lalala~
    WENHUI: Aiyoh shifu you very cute can! Lol!
    爱Ashlyn: Hahah, luv Mas Selamat just say so lah! :)

    Thursday, April 03, 2008
    esplanade, pics from last yr

    Today Kangning didnt come to school ): So Srene sat with me yay! She is so entertaining hahah :D &She took my penknife to cut herself :'( But it's accidental one luh, although she was sawing away at her wrist... Then second last period, Shirlyn, Karwai, Srene, Joshua, Derek, Jiawei, Greg and I played that shuffling seat thingy! Meaning that we picked lots to see who we sat with! I got to sit with Greg! (grins) Free entertainment!! Mrs Tan brought her daughter, Megan along! SHE'S SO SO SO ADORABLE! &She likes Derek eh ;D She went to hug Derek and wouldnt let go! :x Hmm, Derek, must jiayou and be a good boy so can win Megan's heart, and Mrs Tan would be your mother-in-law! LOL.

    Played staring game on the bus ;D I'm on par with Shir and Greg okay! Pro :D! The performance was nice... Percussion stuff :) Then had a tour 'round Esplanade too! Went to the theatre where I watched Hi-5 a few years ago. Dont laugh lah, Hi-5 rocks okay!! :D I luv Hi-5 LOL. Went up to circle 3, where the highest seats are. Srene was wobbly cos she's afraid of heights, and it's really super high okay... 40m from the stage :X


    Some men cleaning the "spikes" of the Esplanade! :D

    The circle 3 seats where Srene got wobbly :X High one okay!

    Our facilitator, Crystal from Thailand! :D

    Okay, now on to the topic of reminiscing the great times we've had together as 1/2MD :)

    1Modesty'07, the bestest class I've ever had in my life :)

    Do you girls still remember the frequent mahjong trips to Karwai's house after school?

    Mahjong addicts :)

    Do you people still remember the water baby craze, proudly sponsored by Zann? Growing them huge enough to throw at people? :D

    Bouncing them off our tables, to see who it would land on.?

    Celebrating Tzeyeng's birthday with sashimi, still fresh duirng recess cos Srene had the canteen aunties to help us keep the food in the fridge?

    &The egg experiment for Geog with Miss Sia? :)

    2emdee's really the best class I've ever had.. :DD

    Wednesday, April 02, 2008
    srene the conductor, lucky with cas&shir&srene&jawee

    Today was a great day, super fun seh hahah. Hmm, shall talk about ytd first, April's Fools! :D However not much pranks though :/ Srene at first said that she planned to pull a prank on me, but after hearing the DM say that no pranks allowed and stuff, she didnt dare to prank me lerh. Zz.

    Today super cute cannn. History test postponed to next Wed, whoots~ Cos I didnt study for it ((: Thanks Mr Lam! LOL. Lit test was alright, I got prepare one okay! (grins) Alot of people cheated yeah.. Somehow.. Mr Lee was so cute lah, he was rolling about while sitting on the roller chair, and also kept looking out of the windows for scenery, hahaha! So ke ai can.

    Walked outta school with Srene, I was laughing non-stop all the way from the side gate to bus-stop! She kept disiao-ing me luh, take the stick and poke me! Then she later pretended that the stick was the conductor thingy, and she was the conductor. So she called me to sing, and I was like "lalala~" Then shewent "This is HORRIBLE! It's so HORRID! Sing again!!" LOL. Damn funny lah, I kept laughing and laughing while she kept poking me xD Then she went to pluck the fruits from those trees along the road again, and kept throwing them at me, rahhhhh! Reminds me of last year, all the trees were BARE thanks to Srene yeah.! Everyday pluck the fruits and throw at me! =="

    Then ate at Lucky, Shirlyn, Casandra and Jiawei joined us. Casandra is Shir's ex-schoolmate, currently in dhs. :) Anyway, we were like totally polluting her clean mind?! XD We were talking about skinny dipping, swimming, and Jawee's propellers and him farting! LOL, damn funny can! Tsktsk, sick minds hor! :B Yeah, and Cas said that dhs is sick, but not as sick as us LOL! Whoo, MD sick people rocks hahahah! :D Then Jawee left with Joel to pool, while I got raped by Srene and Shir. Zz. Sick people alertttttt!! After that, Cas went back to cchms, while we went home.

    A weak smile, is all I can manage for you.

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