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    Saturday, May 31, 2008
    camp pictures

    Thanks Daniel for these pictures :)

    MELVIN&DANIEL! Funniest and best instructors ever!

    Ahaha, we very sweet aye ^^ Use Daniel's phone to take pic of ourselves without letting him know.! :D

    The laughters we shared :)

    Yingjie, me&Regine!

    Me, Yuting, Philene, Regine&Yueying!

    We see the light~

    Zzz, sleeping!

    Group 4+Melvin+Daniel! :))

    ������ - ���������

    Ending off with Melvin's favourite song!

    Friday, May 30, 2008

    Getting sick of Madonna's 4 Minutes soon :'( Today dance practice was zomg not very productive aye. Did till everybody wanted to cry liao.... Cos of repeating of steps a million times and too much 4 Minutes. Nvm next one will be better k ppl! :) I'll do my best as i/c, hopefully.? Yesyes, with the assistance of Nicole ahahah! :D Big bruise on my leg due to too much freeze during practice(boliao mah, so Sandy did dibandongzuo and I did freeze), even bigger than the iceskating one. Yueying can you please help me rub it off again?!

    Next post's gna include camp pictures yeah. GROUP4+MELVIN+DANIEL=BEST GROUP!

    class bbq

    Class BBQ today was a blast man! Super fun! :D First met up with Karwai and Shirlyn at ECP, cycled and ddr-ed. Then went to Marine Parade there de Fairprice buy stuff, coincidentally met Yanlun, Tszhin, Bingxin, Kevin etc. Then pranked Yiliang by telling him that we're at Giant at PP and some random place before finally meeting him at busstop, hahah! Damn mean but funny! :X

    Bus-ed to Laguna Park. Lol, on the bus got this woman and her mom I think, say that we super noisy so they went up to the upper deck, lol! Yesyes, we're noise pollution man ^^v Then um, put down our heavy heavy stuff and went to play! ((:

    Got quite alot of funny things happen yeah! 2 people fell into the baby pool-Jiawei and Soravee! Wahah, super funny aye! First was Jiawei, cos the rest of us were like waddling in the pool getting only our feet wet, and he wanted to join us. So he jumped into the pool, lost his balance, and his whole body got wet! :DD For Soravee, it was cos Yiliang was playing Justin Timberlake's song, and she got pretty high. Then as she started dancing/swaying with the music, she slowly stepped back and fell into the pool! HAHAH! :D

    Oh, when we were playing in the baby pool with Megan, Mrs Tan's daughter, the security guard was like staring and taking pictures of us with his hp camera?! I think he wanted to complain or something bah. Wlao biantai lah. I know MD ppl are chio&handsome, want our pics can just ask from us, no need like that tou pai one. We will shy :) &When we were at playground making damn lot of noise cos we were damn damn high, another security guard came and threatened to throw us out?! Lol, this one can li2 jie3 cos we were seriously noisy. Reminds me of Chester's party incident yeah. MD seems to have much trouble with security guards in condos, ahaha!

    Observations: Girls were HIGHHHHH to the max, guys were super emo. Why why why?! Srenee, Soravee&I were high until we lied on the floor beside the bbq pit and started singing damn loud. Omg man, I'm becoming insane D:

    Pictures! :D

    At ECP!

    Jing bao worxzxz!

    At Laguna Park!

    "BANG!" "Zomg IM DEAD!??! WOW!"

    Hard at work, while we were slacking :X

    Cute right!! Next time, I want my daughter to look like this too! :)

    No names mentioned, seriously. (Means that if those guilty ppl dont scold me, no one will know who they are :D)

    Wednesday, May 28, 2008
    seoul garden with Srenee, Soravee, Zann, Wenhui, Jiawen and Ester

    Zomg today is glutton day! :D Hahah, went to Seoul Garden with Srenee, Soravee, Zann, Wenhui, Jiawen and Ester! Huixuan chicken couldnt come cos she was sick yeah ): My dear twin, please take care okay! (: Chickens must not fall sick easily! Anyway we got lost while trying to walk to Taka HAHAHA xD (We refers to Soravee, Srenee, Zann and me). Thanks to Srenee's good direction sense lol. Say what must go uphill, in the end ask people liao found out it's wrong direction! Lol, okay fine I'm not any better cos I'm a 路痴. D: I always get lost at Orchard that area cos all buildings look the same to me ._.

    Anyway with us around, Seoul Garden seriously will lose money. Srenee, Soravee, Zann and I were at a table, the rest at another. &My table seriously eat ALOT ALOT ALOT!! We took like 2 plates full of fish, 2 plates full of coffee chicken! But we can finish leh! *claps* We got big stomachs! :) JT people eat very little leh, very lang fei seh. Ohoh, and I didnt know that Seoul Garden got brownies one leh :DD!

    After eating, JT&MD peeps, separated. We went to Cathay to watch Indiana Jones! This time didnt see any 认识的 couple, sigh damn sad xD Anyway the movie super duper action-packed man. But the storyline abit confusing, why the skull is like at 2 places one O_o Oh yeah, went to toilet during the movie with Soravee cos I was damn urgent. &Suay suay the cinema that floor toilet got electric trip, so we ran to 5th flr de. Then my shorts kept dropping cos today I forgot to wear belt mah, so ended up pulling my shorts up and run. Heheh! While walking out of the cinema, we found out that we're the youngest people in the cinema cos all is 30+ years old de..

    Went to PS to shop shop! Cos I wanted to look for clothes and shoes and earrings yeah. Cotton On had offer on almost every item, wanted their tanks but it's super long ._. Hmm, went to 77th Street to buy clique earrings yoooooooooo! Yesyes, triangle ones, super unique ^^v Persuaded Soravee to pierce 3rd hole cos I wanted to watch, but in the end didnt cos there was no reason for piercing lol -.- And today like got some kind of curse sia, go every single shop will confirm hear Big Girls Dont Cry and Piece Of Me.!

    Oh, Zihow's on today's Straits Times, Mind Your Body section. Not something to be proud of, it's about his haemophilia condition... And the worst thing is that only 300 people in Singapore have it, and he's one of the unlucky few ._.

    The grass is always greener at OUR side.

    I want to learn your language, decipher your heart.

    Monday, May 26, 2008
    sec 2 camp post

    YO PEEPS IM BACK WOOHOO! Bet ya missed me right....! Muahaha damn fun lah! Group 4 rocks, with our instructors Daniel&Melvin! Very cool guys who luv to sing songs wahaha! AND WE WON BEST GROUP AWARD MUAHAHAH! Must be because of my presence, cos P5 camp my grp also won wahahah!
    "Eh the weather damn hot leh"
    "Sorry my fault!"
    Anw, slept for 16hrs, not bad not bad! But didnt break my record(20hrs).. Hehs, I'm a pig lah can! :D
    "but, im still going out!
    with nicole♥.
    we're asking guides, but no news yet.
    and its 2.23pm now, wonder if huixian's awake yet :D
    so we dont dare to give her a ring 8D
    later she scold us! D:"
    -quote from Ester's blog LOL XD

    Team dynamics, weird food, confidence jungle nightwalk.
    Super united starting from 1st day, super duper proud of us man! Girls&guys mixed well! So team dynamics wasnt much of a problem, we were comfortable with being near one another :) Played Jacob's Ladder and Whale Watch or sth...

    Food was weird cos we couldnt taste if it was chicken/fish. Somemore damn hard like rock liddat. Nightwalk was scary at first. Super dark, plus the plants looked like human figures so dno is instructors or plants or what... But completed it :) Bunked with Yingjie, Yuting, Joanna&Yueying.

    Discovery of wild animals in tent(!), extreme sports tower, water activities, firefly cruise!
    Found a huge salamander and a frog in our tent, I was super scared ok... But I was the one who got the froggy out so yay to me :) Did flying fox for extreme sports tower, damn fun sia! Fly across the pond hehe! But I was scared that my shoe would drop halfway O_o Anw while waiting, played nehneh/nana game with clique!

    Water activities damn fun! Rafting was okay, jetty jump was zomgbbq fun woohoo! Jumped 3 times, first was normal, second one was 几只青蛙跳进水, third was superhero style! Did powerpuff girls with YY&Joanna, damn moqi lah, jump at same time whoots! :D River cascading was fun too! Except too many rocks kept hitting my butt, damn pokey! Indiana Jones wasnt that fun for us cos got no competition ._.

    ICECREAM TREAT HERE! :D Damn nice yooooooooo!

    Firefly cruise was nice! Like christmas tree liddat! :D The boat uncle was nice, drove the boat to further in so that we could see more! Caught a few fireflies and passed them around! Super cute hahah! The butt like got one light ball (:

    Climbed Gunung Panti, campfire, emo debrief
    Climbed till 2nd station, went back to 1st station to do outdoor cooking. A few people got bitten by leech yeah. ICE CREAM TREAT TOO! :D Cos the weather damn hot sia. Found 2 caterpillars in tent, 1 alive, 1 dead. Tmd damn erxin lah. In school we were taught that caterpillars are small and green and cute, BUT IT'S NOT OKAY!! Wlao cheat my feelings leh ): The caterpillar damn big and black and spikey! D:

    Oh, mass bathed too! Cos the door cannot lock one, then Jiawen barged in leh D: But she never see anything cos we quickly closed the door! Step out nia, Zann&Karwai began to scold me and say that I'm pervertic and others shouldnt bathe with me -.- Ahem, who's the sick one? Shld be Shirlyn Srenee that mass bathing group lor, say each other butt round HAHAHA ;D

    Campfire went well. During the speech by Mr Loh in the beginning, GOT SHOOTING STARS SEH!! Zomg damn nice and fast! So everybody pointed to the sky and went "wahhhh!" and nobody heard him talk LOL :D So he also talk until very pekchek. Performance went well, everybody laughed! :)

    Had debrief over at the resort side... Emo talk by Daniel&Melvin, and sang emo songs too :'( Everyone cried except for 3 girls -.- Shows that guys can be emotional too okay... Our dear Melvin instructor cried too. Sigh damn sad lah D: They told us their zhen xin hua and stuff like that, saying that they were very surprised to see us so bonded as we were all from different classes... While going back, we were stopped halfway on the bridge by other instructors cos it was alrdy 12.30, lightsout time le. So they told us to sing a song, Melvin said sing tonghua, so sing halfway everyone started crying again ._.

    Nothing much, did area cleaning (heng is tents, not toilet or else sure die)...

    Overall, it was super fun okay. Luv Grp 4+instructors! Melvin&Daniel are the BESTEST camp instructors that I've ever met yet! :) Bought icecream twice for us, made everyone else jealous hehe! :) And sweets too! Damn nice lah, out of their own pockets leh. Somemore our campsite damn ulu that kind, icecream sure sell until very expensive, RM3 for one can!

    I miss the hundred or so stars we saw every single night, especially the shooting star.
    I miss mass shower.
    I miss gossiping and whacking each other's nehnehs after our meals at the canteen.
    I miss doing cheers loudly, especially the makan one (not the Very Hungry one).
    I miss Srenee, Kangning and Shirlyn coming over to my tent to visit me.
    I miss Shirlyn randomly jumping into my tent to hide from MrChua cos he was catching those who were roaming arnd after lights out (ppl were caught and had to do squats).
    Most of all, I miss Alpha 1, Group 4, and instructors MELVIN&DANIEL!!
    I would gladly sacrifice my hp and com to do this camp all over again. Seriously.

    Learnt alot from their emo speech. Thanks alot to everyone in the group and also the instructors, for teaching us many impt life lessons. How M&D treated us like their siblings, even though we were strangers and would only spend 4 days with them; after that it would be byebye and we prolly wont see them even though Singapore isnt that big but not small either. Learnt that since meeting others would be a once in a lifetime chance, why not make it better? Like when they bought icecream for us, it wasnt to bribe us or anything. It was to partially teach us that although after that camp we wouldnt be seeing them anymore, why not get the best of it it? You have only one chance to make everything right, so why not put in all your effort? Learnt abt setting realistic goals, the short term ones and the long term ones. Focusing more on the goal then other not impt stuff and the view of others. Found out that many of us became less selfish during the camp. Watching out for one another, supporting one another. Giving advice, showing care.

    Dont cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

    Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    Why am I putting in so much effort when the rest doesnt give a frickin damn about it?! And in the end it all comes down to me. If it doesnt pull off like it's supposed to, I'm the one getting the blame, isnt it? 2 weeks seriously isnt enough, with camp taking away so much of our time. Cos right now, the groups arent even formed yet. {Yay! Zomg, thank you Nicole for helping me sort out the groups! This shows that nerds are pros man :D} Great. Dang, but time's not a reason cos the big is coming within a few weeks too. &We have to get everything up and running to make sure nothing goes wrong during the big. Yeah, right. Impossible much.....................?

    Okay nvm. Most prolly wont be updating tmr unless I get left behind by the bus like how it happened to Nicole(wasnt it fun?) or something interesting happens.. Yes, MIA from 22-25 May due to camp whoots! Group mates seem like fun :)

    I typed out an entire emo post in Chinese cos I was bored. Omg lah, unbelievable. All Yanzhan's fault, 90% of her posts is emo+chinese one, influence me sigh D:

    &I thought that having that role would be a good experience, and give me some preparation for the upcoming stuff. But no, it's not of much use when nobody listen to you. Keep this in mind, girl. You're too naive and have been living in your world too much. WAKE UP!

    Wishful thinking on my part. I wish you happiness.

    Monday, May 19, 2008
    soravee's "vesak day party"

    Soravee's house was fun~! First go into her house then slack slack abit and got scolded by her LOL :D Cos Zann&I raided her wardrobe then she zomg fury AHAHAH ;D She scared we see obscene stuff mah, so caring worxzxz. *protects eyes*

    Yup, then the pizza&stuff came whoots~ Niceeeeeeee. Chester earned a license in drink-pouring *claps hands* Not bad not bad! Next time got function ask you go help pour drinks be waiter! :)

    Played catching, damn fun wahaha. Played along the whole stretch of the road, super ci ji man. Zann&I were always the last! :) Cos we're pro what hahah. Wild imagination+crazy ideas=good hiding spots! :D The most pro one was in front of someone's shed! Wapiang got alot mosquito there leh x.x But still fun heheh.

    Best&Worst hiding place was the same-alley. Jiawei, Zann&I went into the alley, hid there for damn fricking long time. Then keep checking why nobody come, and still got time to take pictures and change shoes and dance and sing etc. And also got alot of dogs barking scare us like siao. Then suddenly got this 2 hugeeeeee German Shepards appear out of nowhere in the alley! Wahah, then we screamed like siao and started running and screaming at the same time LOL :D &That's how the catchers caught us, but heng the dogs never chase us or else I sure die. Cos I was lagging behind the 2 of them cos my slipper not good to run with :( Heng never kena bitten or what HAHAHA ;D
    Pictures! :D
    Height difference HAHAH ;D
    Dangerous tsktsk!
    Heheh. Fun seh. Give you clue. None of us are wearing our original shoes ;D
    Camouflaging with the wall!
    At the alley where we kena chased by dogs :P
    Jiawei's sitting on Chester! FAT.

    Jiawei doing chicken dance ;D

    Sunday, May 18, 2008
    que de tszhin, quiz

    -I was last to go..and was thinking of ways to flunk it..
    -Haha..for my whole life I've been trying to be the best,and now I have to do my best for the worst!!
    -Seriously I was damn nervous cos' it's Mr. Chua after all..
    -I thought of crapping about my poor results(which weren't the case),some family and friend problems(Well..Not really) and some CCA difficulties(Well..Sort of..)
    -And that was what I did..
    -I acted like some poor puppy racked up over many things and boy I was sure I looked really flustered and stressed..
    -Mr Chua first asked me what were my strengths and I started to say I'm feeling pretty down and I have no strenghts..
    -He suddenly got very concerned through his serious look and asked me what I would wish Him to do..
    -I was like er... and said I hoped to not be a least for the time being..
    -He was like so worried and anxious I felt a little guilty of lying to him(But not exactly)
    -He advised me to go counselling at the end of the interview!!

    Tsktsk, TszHin damn que de lah, lie to Mr Chua until like that AHAHAH :D! But he really was thinking of flunking it lah.. He asked those ppl that came out for what MrC asked.. Others thought they he wanted to get a headstart and prepare for those questions, but actually he was thinking of rubbish answers.... And so I helped him think of some too. Am I like helping him or doing him harm man? .. Oh no :(

    Tagged by Anna, so here goes..

    [Editted by Delvis to make it fun!]
    Rules of the game: remove one question from below, add in one of your own (personal) , to make a total of 20. Tag 5 people in your list in the end of this post and notify them.

    1. Who is your most trusted secret keeper?
    #. Cannot say or else later yall go find # to dig out info -.-

    2. Which teacher u hate most?
    Obviously.. SGE luh. Say what Zann got AP then influence us, and throw my report book on the table rahhh!

    3. How many crush/es are u having now?
    One. Cannot be huaxin! *gulps*

    4. How close are you to your crush?
    Okay...? Hi-bye friends though we do talk more sometimes hahah.

    5. How many relationship did u have before?
    None :)

    6. Which parts of your body are you most proud of?
    Eyes! Brownish mah haha. Maybe my brown hair too? Ok I like brown lah.

    7. Do you believe that you can live a happy life after marriage?
    Nope, cos that's not possible and if you've got a Happily Ever After life then there must be a problem somewhere.. Life's not that perfect uh.

    8. Name an opposite gender an actor and someone else of your age which u think is most attractive *not neccesary love, only chio or handsome*?
    Gaspard Ulliel! Dont know any for the other one...

    9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
    Anna-Fun to be with, friendly, good dancer!

    10. Name 3 qualities of you want of your partner?
    Nice, friendly and fun!

    11. Name one of your best friend and 3 bad and good points?
    Srenee(cos she prolly wont see this:D)
    Good: Funny, out-going, can zi-high with me :D
    Bad: Always late for meetings, never put in enough effort in the things she does or else she'll prolly top the class or sth, makes me laugh till I cant breathe (is this good or bad?)

    12. What would u do if u can go back in time and bring back something?
    Uh I dont know O_o Um, dodo birds! HAHAH ;D Okay I've no idea actually.

    13. Are u happy of who u are?
    Yesyes! :) I'm contented with who I am and what I have :D It's easy to make me happy.

    14. If yes to Ques 13.) who change u to become such a person...If no to Ques 13.) Why and wad can u do to become a better person?
    Those people around me I guess? Influenced me with my words and actions I spose.

    15. What caused you to have the greatest change in life?
    Moving on from pri sch to sec sch? Yep.. Cos there was few familiar faces thus hafta be friendly and all :) New people around me thus new perspective too.

    16. Who do you wan to hug now?
    Srenee! Cos she dont like hugs mah =P Ok lah, people who are nice to hug :) And those that want my hugs...?

    17. Are u attached *be truthful*?
    No lah. With myself :D

    18. What's your weakest point?
    Lazyyyyyy, crack under pressure(?)

    19. What are you afraid of?
    The dark :x eh dont laugh lah.! And losing the ppl I love D:

    20. (Personal) What ability do you want if you had superhero powers?
    Ehheh paiseh my question very childish but I like :D Anw I want invisibilty! So I can spy on people and see what scandalous stuff they are doing! Tsktsk! Stalkerazzi much :D

    Friday, May 16, 2008
    PW presentation, results for MYE, last ccl interview, iceskating with Guides

    Okay, 4 impt/fun things these 2 days,... PW presentation, results for MYE(including CA1), last ccl interview, iceskating with Guides :D

    Ytd PW presentation got alot of 笑场! But overall should be quite ok... Huangls said that the ganxiang write until very good, I write one leh! :D Thanks to those people that helped in my ganxiang-chionging-night, Shiyin(big help!), Alphonso, Jiayi! Ahaha, thanks alot people! :) After my presentation, they came to my house to chiong our written report cos needa hand in the next day... Jiawen&Claire damn funny, especially Jiawen the retard lah. Tell her 8th flr, she go Blk 8! HAHAH :D Then played audi with them after finishing it (:

    Today received the results that's gna appear on report book, seriously deproved, I think. All my A1s became A2s! ): V. shi wang!
    Very shitty hor, my results ): Stupid History la, MYE I got 80/100 can! But then cos CT I only got 60/100 so in the end became A2 :'(

    &Today was also the last ccl interview.. By Mr Chua himself, 1-to-1! D: Wlao, damn scary lor! Seriously I dont think I cant get in(not low self esteem, but the fact), cos I was like crapping thru every question..? Very hard to answer leh, his questions :/ Heng nvr ask me about the school values or else I surely dont know one heheh =P Anw Xianwei should be quite happy to hear tht I most prolly wont get in hahah! Oh, grats Xianwei for getting in semi-finals for vocal solo Talentime! :D Xianxian is proud of Xianxian!

    After this, went to Leisure Park with Ester cos the rest of the Guides already there liao, but cos we 2 got things on, so we went there later... Met Miss Anisa, Yijie and Meizhen at the entrance, I think they came later too. Then went to iceskating rink go find the rest hahah! Sorry Huiyan, but I'm not interested in your that piece of paper or the names on it, thank you. :) And please stop whacking me, and then later gimme that act pitiful face/act cute voice LOL :D Changed and got our shoes! Waited for awhile for the machine to resurface the rink, and went to play!

    Wahah, skating in groups is fun man! Held hands and skated in a line, most number of ppl skating together with me was 7! :D But block the whole way oops! :x Mostly skated with Ester&Nicole, Amelia and Waikhee, damn fun wahah! Amelia is super pro! :D *claps* Fell down leh, around 5 times or sth LOL =P Oh and I made this lil girl fall down too! Hahah! Um, kinda like I was gna crash into her, so I was like screaming somehow, but I swear I never push her, she fell on her own! Ester&Nic were like dancing hahah! &Doing 360degrees turn! :) Dumdum, overall quite fun yeah! Let's go again hahah!

    Ohoh, btw class bbq on 29th May, Laguna Park, 5pm.. Pls bring food ok, dont leave everything to Mrs Tan ahahah! Yay going rollerblading before that :)

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008
    battlefield trip, full house with srenee soravee

    Today was a good day yay :) Received Geog, Science and History. Got As for all, A1 for Hist, A2s for Geog&Science.. So qianbian lah, Geog 1/2 more mark than A1 ley -.- Science 2 more marks than A1 gah D: Srenee still laugh at me wor, when she isnt any better. For her, it's 1 and 1/2 mark to A1 HAHAHA :D Debriefs today never really listen lah, was crapping hehe! About dumb names.. Like Lena Legs, Amanda Ankle, Barbie Brain, Nancy Nose, Mary Mouth, Britney Butt etc. Damn lame and funny wahaha :D All is real name+body parts!

    After school went for Battlefield trip. First went to Battlebox, the wax figures abit scary D: Was holding on to Srenee's hand all the way cos I was scared hahah :D Then next was Changi Chapel Museum, saw lots of notes which were really sad :( Last was Kranji Cemetry, nice place cos it's well looked after and the plants and flowers are really pretty :) Oh, on the bus Srenee&I were zihigh-ing like siao, keep singing songs damn loud hahaha :D 4minutes, Piece of Me, Teenagers, Fall For You, you name it! So fun hehe! Then she punched my nose like a million times and we ������-ed! But in the end confirm okay one cos we damn high, cannot stand ignoring each other! Mm, yeah then took group pics on the bus whoo~

    Reached school at 7+.. Super late and behind schedule. Went to Full House with Srenee&Soravee to celebrate our good results! LOL rubbish -.- Wapiang damn full lah! Each of us ate main course+dumplings+fried sweet potato+green tea sherbet. 3 of us nia leh, hahah. &Once again, Srenee diu lian-ed! Very normal actually... The waiter laughed at us ahaha! Cos we couldnt decide on which sherbet to take, so she closed my eyes while her fingers were pointing to the pictures and we would get the one which her fingers were pointing to when I said "stop". Then the waiter umchio-ed and had to look away to laugh first before taking our order! =P Oh, and they have a polaroid camera!! *screams* Hahah! Damn expensive lah, the film :/ They asked us if we wanna take picture, but I declined lol xD

    Pictures! :D
    Poor Srenee always gets cut off haha :D!

    Green Tea Sherbet!

    Tmr last 2 papers for debrief.. Lit & Maths! Hopefully A1 for Maths cos I want to maintain that... For Lit, a B3 would do, which means 45.5/70! :) Okay jiayou!

    Look after my heart-I've left it with you.

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008
    1st day of debriefs, kn hse!

    Rahhhhh! Tmd, Eng was super lousy can :'( But nvm, expected anyway... :D Not much passed for EL, yeah? Only 2 girls from my class, not sure about the guys... Chi was just a teeny weeny bit better, at least I got a B4 which is still... can go bang wall ahaha :D

    Anyway! Today went to Anna's class to borrow Eclipse whoo~ And I was rather deaf man -.- She asked me if I got lost on the way to old blk, and I heard it as she told me to GET LOST. Omg lah, the difference is quite big leh... So I just walked outta her class D: Sorry Anna! &Cheer up man ^^ Seriously, they are not worth your notice and stuff like that... They ignore you, you ignore them back wahah :D!

    After debriefs, went to Kangning's house with Waikhee, Weigin and Huijun! :D Her mom fetched us there hehe! So fun so fun! Reached, first impression was "WOW. Aircon-ed living rm" And the next reaction was "Zomg, grand piano! With 2 violins on the top! :O" Although not my first time there, but still the reaction is the same one can! Hmm, then they played the piano, had a tour round the house! Omg, walk-in wardrobe!! Hugeeee man! :O Stunned. Hahah!

    We ate lunch, and then horror movie! FearDotCom. More gory scenes than scary ghostly scenes.. Screamt around 2-3times throughout the whole movie, so scary lah D: First one was about the white girl suddenly appearing in front of the car, then was the Jeannie's corpse head suddenly turning... We were all huddled on the couch haha :D With many soft toys surrounding us, and the purpose of them is to use to cover our eyes heh =P

    After the movie which was terrifying, went to Kangning's room I think. Everyone was tired so we were lying on the bed :) So comfy! Then after awhile, went to play Wii while Huijun continued sleeping =P Omg the game was so tiring man, my arms are like aching now lol xD


    Monday, May 12, 2008
    ecp fun w soravee, srenee, karwai, shir

    Today went to ECP to play until siao cos today's the very last day that we can enjoy ourselves aww ): Cos tmr's the start of debriefs! We'd prolly be all emo and sad and stuff already, no time to celebrate and be high! ): Yeah, so went to Aston's first to eat with Soravee, Srenee, Karwai and Shirlyn! Then went to ECP to rollerblade! Proud to say that I improved okay! ^^v Not bad for me being the second time to blade in my whole life O_o But yeah, should be mastering it soon whoots~ Then went to beach to play heheh!

    You jump, I jump.

    Jumped! xD

    Bonfire much..?

    Short!! Bury me till like that -.-

    Karwai, ���������������!

    Obsession with seaweeds! Ahahah! :D

    Basically just running wild! Heheh! :D
    Girls! (without me cos Im the photographer -.-)
    Jiayou to those going to Talentime auditions man!
    Xianwei&Wanting, jiayou ok! Hahah :D

    Sunday, May 11, 2008

    I think I'm dumb cos I had nightmares after watching the 2nd episode of Heroes season 1 LOL :D It was scary can.. That Niki Sanders or something... Her alter ego/ twin/whatever that is in the mirror is super scary!! Damn gory lah, so bloody and stuff! Keep the body in the car zomg. Still say want step the heel into the guy's skull! D: But nvm, since it's so addictive and nice and interesting I shall go on watching it yeah :)

    Tag replies! :)

    YUNNING: Oh oh okay... See you sometime soon ok! :)
    kangning: Spam until very shuang hor :DD &I did not engage in those activities lah! It was Karwai ok... Just happened that I was sitting beside the window and I accidentally looked up! Karwai watch until very long alrdy then tell us lor -.- Anyway that person was a chio angmoh!
    ponyboy: You are not innocent man. Watching sunsets is just a disguise, you're one of the paparazzi right!
    LAURA [: More people to bao zai yi qi si! Hahah. Nvm lah, dont care ^^
    WENHUI: Ehheh, gossip sessions whoo~ But Clara&Jiawen like so busy can. Especially band lah, make ppl so busy lor -.-
    qingru: Ahaha, welcome :D Anw yeah! Exams over~
    Joycelyn: Idk, maybe cos diff com then diff measurements or whatever... Idk lol :/
    KARWAI: No lah, not christmas skirt. I strongly believe that Srenee's taste is much better than that LOL :D Her skirt is tailor-made one okay, dont play play! :D
    SRENEE: Hmm, actually I was more of refering to the old woman, but both also can heh 8D
    kangning: Once again, spam until very shuang is it! Anyway I was NOT umchio-ing ok. I was so normal lah. Stay innocent :) The group of guys beside me damn noisy lah. Zz. &Unmangling hearts LOL :D
    Sueanne: But Zann is a nun/father/pope so she cannot have any relationships aww D: Jiayou in winning her heart hahahah!
    Joey:D: Mm, yeah, twobit! Eheh, I'm beginning to like Hiro too! He's very cute! Super Hiro!
    SRENEE&kangning&shirlyn: OEI, YOU 3 ENOUGH LIAO OK!! Stop ganging up on me lah -,- Go find other people to bully ok. Ahem, what I not normal. I'm the normal out of us 4 can. Srenee&Zann see the Cameron Diaz tube dress gonna drop as she walks, then keep laughing till very happy...! &Soravee was dreaming that she's Cameron and Zihow's Ashton! TSKTSK LAH, all of you.

    Short To-Do List!
    Pack for level camp(?)
    Pray for nice and fun camp mates (lol)
    Heroes Spree during hols!
    Complete one Tdrama, prolly Ying Ye 3+1
    Shopping trip with Zann&Srenee! (Needa get shoes+tank)
    Sentosa trip! (tan+beach volleyball+sand!)
    ECP! (ddr+cycling)
    Learn how to rollerblade! (omg I dont wna fall anymore!)
    Fake mugging session@ MOS with Wenhui, Jiawen and Clara(?)
    Watch Ironman&Accuracy of Death

    Friday, May 09, 2008
    sis choir concert

    Went out today with Soravee, Zann and Srenee! :) Went to Cathay for movie first, What Happens In Vegas. Super funny hahah! While waiting for them to come, I was sitting at the pink seat which holds loads of memories for us, and I saw Grace&Nevin! Super qiao lah, everytime come Cathay confirm see them one can :D! Anyway um, went in with Soravee and Zann, left Srenee's ticket with the person that tears of your ticket stub.

    Overall the movie was pretty funny yeah! :) Srenee came like halfway thru the show, so she didnt catch the first few parts.. The group of guys beside us were damn noisy and irritating, give some kns comments, advertisments also want give comments. Made my show experience so zz. Roll home la(LOL :D)! Um, wont recommend it to small kids cos the woman stripped can! But not totally lah -.-

    Walked to Taka, the walk there was pretty fun man. Cos the road was rather empty, so we walked in a line, and Zann was saying that it resembled a scene from Sex and the City trailer. So we were saying that Zann is Sex, Srenee is And, Soravee is The, and I'm City! :) Sex sounds damn wrong lah, tsktsk! But anyway, walking in a line is fun cos people give way to us, we dont give way to people =P Ate omelette rice which is zomgbbq niceee! Then went to ArtFriend cos they wanted to buy some art stuff for their D&T artefact thingy. Too bad I dont care about mine :) Oh yea, had to keep protecting Srenee cos her skirt was super short although she wore pants inside, but on escalators it's confirm can see everything de wahah!

    Oh yeah, saw this teacher from mbs! She's the one that taught 6H I think, Chinese or sth. Dont know her name, but she's small sized derh. Omg lah, I got stunned can. I didnt know that she got tattoo can! LOL :D She looked super duper different from in school can.

    Then trained to Newton, at the bus-stop saw some of my sis friends cos I heard them talking about cauliflower, so confirm is my sis friend de ahaha :D Anyway, took bus to ACS(Barker) for my sister's choir concert :) She isnt from that school though, just using one of the halls there for their performance. It was super cute lah, Grease+Saturday Night Fever! 70s-80s music, hahah! Very cute leh! And Srenee fell in luv with the pink afro wig :D! &They were saying that I dont look like my sis :( But it's a fact lah, so it's alright cos everyone says so =/

    Pictures! :) (trying to act like tourists LOL)

    Oh gosh, Zann sucks I swear -.- That "L" means something, if some of you know =P

    Omg, I look retarded I dont know why my hand was like that!! Anyway Srenee's trying to be XuChunMei :DD

    Sorry Srenee, but I just had to post this cos it reminds me of YOU! LOL :D

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