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13th Feb is my day.
I luv peanut butter cups, Dairy Queen, people watching, purple Skittles, B&J's, warmhugs, smiles, laughter, sweet letters/cards, photographs, fun.
I'm not short, I'm FUN sized! :D

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    Saturday, June 28, 2008

    Ahahah today was so fun, I cheered up alot alot! :D Whee, thanks everybody, especially Nicole, Sandy and Binglin for their concern and letting me tell them everything! Lol, I cried 4 times ytd leh haha. At busstop I cry until I take wrong bus cos quite blurry mah, then I saw 10 as 40 =P Then the last time I cried cos I felt so xing fu that so many people cared for me! :)

    Okayokay today! Guides was alright, learnt dance first then contigent! Running in marching boots hurt alot, cos the shoes are so stiff! Finally I learnt to appreciate my school shoes more :) Huiyan was telling me the story of how she got caught, and she scolded me bitchy! >:( Hahah, ended with auctioning of items bought but not claimed during walkathon. Poor Sueanne got KS-ed! D:

    Met with Srenee for dinner, which was tabaoing food from Lucky Station. Met Joey, Kuoxian and Qien, chionged into LT1 immediately once the door opened! Managed to smuggle in all our food cos they said no food allowed :( Srenee got strangled by the lightsticks hanging down from the doorway HAHAH! Sat at 4th row from the front with Srenee and the JT peeps, Nic and Sandy in front of me! Anyway performances were nice yeah! Oh yeah, Nic&I contributed to the money pooled to buy gifts for Xianwei&Wanting! I think xianxian under-performed lor, she could have done better. And I dint know Wanting sings so well! :D Anw went to support Weigin, Joycelyn, Wanting, Xianwei, Yuting, Deon, Chewern, Anngie(guest dancer!).

    Srenee&I were damn damn high during the whole thing hah. We were laughing at this girl cos of some reason we shall not say here, then she knew that we were laughing at her and told GraceC to come scold us leh hahah! Found out that her name is Grace too! Then she said want to take picture of us cos we laughed at her xD

    Met Jacie at busstop, then I got bullied by Srenee&Jacie lar! They click so well until they gang up and bully me leh T_T Super evil lar, dont let me board the bus, keep pulling me lol. So in the end I grabbed hold of JC too, and then took same bus as her to quarrel with her lol. We were damn high on the bus then we kept laughing like siao teehee! But she didnt want to let me alight the bus lol -.- Like me too much then say lar, dont need to use this as excuse to hold my hand!

    Peekchurexzxz Sorry for bad quality cos my hands were pretty shakey cos I was high!

    Xianxian's solo!

    WanTing&Xianwei's duet! :)

    Mr Chua singing hahaha!

    Xianxian(squared) and Wanting!

    {To those that didnt get first for Talentime, it's really okay cos you guys did great to come into the finals! I'm sure yall out in much hardwork right! :D Dont be disappointed kay!}

    Thursday, June 26, 2008


    Silently wiped those tears away, disappointed with myself.

    (Ps. Jiayou to those people going for Talentime finals tmr.)

    Wednesday, June 25, 2008
    nic house discussion of bbq

    "Hello, how much does it cost to rent build the chalet?"

    Went to Nicole's house today with Sueann&Sandy, after persuading Nic not to go for D lol. Discussed about the bbq, wrote out invitations asking about dates and food haha. Nice ley, I like lor :) Hot babe, sweetie, cutie, pretty, chiobu, sexy, seductive, honey, darling, etc.! Damn funny hahah, cant imagine their faces after they see it man! Went to ECP to check out rental of chalets and bbq pits. Tmd, the chalet damn bloody expensive lor, $208 for one night leh mar de! Decided not to get a chalet since it's so darn expensive! Booking of bbq pits also quite difficult lor, so many bbq pits at area C kena booked liao, left those super far away and ulu ones D:

    Tuesday, June 24, 2008
    contigent 1st rehearsal


    &Today I managed to do finish the maths graph worksheet leh omg!! Accomplishment teehee, cos I dont understand anything about graphs hahah. Or was it cos this time's ws was easy x_x Managed to zao from lessons at 1.15 together with Zhiqi and Nicole heheh! Oh man I feel so dishonest LOL :D

    Contigent today so fun lol! Anyway this year it's at cchy, and its so darn far D: But heng got 2 way transport! CCHY is so nice, new, neat, looks modern, and everything! They have lifts in the school, new tables and chairs, cool clean neat D&T workshops etc! Anyway did the drills twice, and got breaks in between hahah. Huiyan you damn mean and evil lah, next time dont tell you things already! :(

    Hehheh, managed to sleep on the bus for both ways! :) Return trip's sleep was more shuang cos I occupied 2seats and just lied down there and hugged Meizhen's comfy and spongy bag for bolster haha :D Thanks Meizhen, your bag is super nice to hug! Oh, and I got awaken by somebody kicking my feet, thanks alot lol.

    *points to a pile of noobshyt*

    Copy n paste to ur own journal, erase my ans, n add ur own..Use the 1st letter of ur name to ans each qn of the foloin qns..They hav to be real places, names n/or objects, but nth made up!Try to use diff ans if the person u gt dis from has the same 1st initial..U CAN'T use ur name for the boy/girl name qn..N hav fun wif it..N tag 5 ppl to do dis.. :P.
    1) 4 letter word: Hurt
    2) Boy name: Henry
    3) Girl name: Helen LOL!!
    4) Occupation: Hiphop dancer?? (actually it's bboy lol)
    5) A colour: Hot pink!
    6) Smth u wear: Hat? Ok i dont wear that but whatever :)
    7) Beverage: Honey-drink-thingy
    8) Food: Happy meal!
    9)smth found in the bathroom: hair?? LOL. Old ppl drop hair in toilet :)
    10)A place: Heaven/hell
    11)Reason for being late: Heaven fell on me!
    12)Smth u shout: HATE YOU LAH :(

    Awaiting the next recess date/contigent dinner! :D
    (I really really promise to be nice and to ��� what they do. Afterall, I dont want to be seen as mean/evil/not nice lol :) I want to be a nice senior!)

    Sunday, June 22, 2008

    Holiday HW
    #1 Physics elearning on Sounds.
    #2 Geog research on Dubai reclaimation projects
    #3 Geog Mindmap on chapter 7
    #4 WS on Summary of Effect of Gamma Rays
    #5 Shinglee Maths WB
    #6 Ace-Learning quiz 1, 2, 3
    #7 Pythagaros Theorem Ws
    #8 Pao Dao 05/08 Pg5, 16, 20, 24, 25
    #9 Chinese Online Test (test150510)
    #10 Zuo Wen (350 words) (must type out)
    #11 Memorise gong han
    #12 History mindmap on Learning Journey (go to school portal for more info)

    Saturday, June 21, 2008

    Walkathon on Sat was so boring, yawn. Did ushering and then had gossiping/chatting session with Nicole&Madel. Went to J8 after that with Guides, and discussed stuff yep.

    Today also not jing cai one, nothing much happened yeah. Went looking for Sec 4s seniors with Nicole to ask about bbq, end up we have to write a formal invitation lol :D Must settle that as soon as possible so we can book the pits and chalet and stuff yep. Sorry to those that we scared bcos we were just popping out randomly out of nowhere, hahah! We really didnt mean to corner yall or whatsoever teehee. Mrs Tan gave out mochi from Japan, so those that didnt come today, yall missed out alot! Ohoh, and she changed our places, tablemate's still the same, but those around me now are like zomg hardworking like siao!! Nvm, they might be able to motivate me lol :)

    Anyway, thanks to Sandy baby alot alot alot for the talks we had :) I really didnt know that there's someone else that's so devoted and shares the same thoughts as me! Oh man, I think we may be super sentimental hahah! Actually I really didnt know this side of you, so this camp really bonded us alot yeah. Work hard together for the future of G, alright.? Dont forget our recess dates with everybody!! :D

    Cut the bootlicking crap please, it seriously irks us alot.
    Oh man, like what happened to the good and honest people out there. Its like what, 100% of them are frickin bootlickers which is darn irritating. Omg lah, if you really love them and is like super close to them, I tell you I marry them liao lor pls -.- Stop your bootlicking shyt cos it wont get you anywhere.

    The flower that Cherie&Wanting gave :)

    Threesome owns.

    LRT craze! :D

    (sorry for the small pics cos my hp camera suddenly keesiao then idk what happened lol)
    More pics as soon as Nic sends me them. And yall can finally see my plaits and huge eyebags lmao.

    Friday, June 20, 2008
    guides camp, SANA

    HEY IM BACK YOOOOOOOO~~ Omg, I DINT BREAK MY RECORD LEH! :O Means I didnt sleep like a pig, I swear :) Slept from 4-7, then again from 9.30-7+. See, not alot right :) Okay I shall touch on the fun stuff kay! Long post, going to blog about 4 days! :DDDDDD (I should really go play some Yooyuball after this to make up for the days I went for camp hmm) Oh yeah, this year's Guides groupings are according to U-N-I-T-E, so everybody decided on sushi style! Udon, Nigiri, Inari(mine!), Tako, Ebi! And our cheers were all from Sec 2 camp, I like Ebi's one the most. EBI, ARE YOU SEXY? EBI SEXY, SEXY EBI! Cool!

    First day did backwoodsman, fencing and nightwalk! Fencing was so fun heh! Kangning, you didnt tell me your bro learns fencing cos I saw him at that place! Mm, for fencing we did practice first, followed by competition! Practice was fun, I was the master and Zhiqi the servant! :) For competition, my group won whoots.! We're pros lar can 8D Oh yeah, Madel said that one of the instructors looked like Nat Ho! xD Nightwalk was okay, my group exception got 4 people instead of 2, cos the sec ones were really really really scared, so Amanda&I accompanied Zoee and Cheryl. Movie at first was okay, Dead Silence wasnt as scary cos I watched it before alrdy! :) Felt sth though, dont wna say it here. Nightwalk itself wasnt very scary anyway, and Amd's nose bled at the new hall station ahaha.

    Second day did hike(which was cancelled), archery, station games, POP, and firedrill! Hike got cancelled due to the rain, so we spent half an hour sitting at Vivo hahah! No shopping though :( Station games was okay, Jess&I chionged the disgusting mixture of ketchup and baby food and some other stuff cos the Sec 1s drank only like a quarter of a cup, and there were 2 cups ._.

    Archery was at the CC right beside my house, which I totally didnt know. I feel like such a failure :O POP at LT2 at night was great, hahah! First time at night, coolio~ Joanna's sexy/racy solo dance lmao! Our dance was okay lah, I had no idea Joanna was kneeling down dancing ahah! So funny and sexy zomg. I bet the Sec 4s were partially shocked and disgusted hmm. Anyway, much thanks to the 13 of us, especially Nicole for choreographing loads of the steps and Joanna for her solo! Thanks all of you gals, it wouldnt be so successful without yall! :D

    Song was not very good, my opinion. Zhiqi&I did lightings and music for Sec 3s, and we were changing in the control room! And we managed to change super duper fast cos we werent really shy cos xi guan already, every day change in classroom together with other Guides! Oh yeah, Sec 4s had cake too, thanks to those that fed me cake! There was cream fight too zomg! Damn crazy lah, everybody was attacking everyone is sight, I got smashed by Xianwei lol! Then I went to attack Cherie by attacking from behind hahah! SUPER FUN! :D Gave Huiyan the present!Then they announced the new ranks for Sec 3s, and received presents! Thanks Cherie&Wanting for the flower, Huiyan for the goodie bag, and Waikhee for the tolberone and keychain!

    After this was the seniors messing up our uniform! Gah, damn funny!! I couldnt help laughing at Joanna&Nicole cos their belts got put at their necks like dog collar HAHAH xD Hmm, I wasnt any better, but Sandy was WORST. Sandy tio by every Sec 4 cos they said that it was time for their revenge, since Sandy always so sick and pervertic hahah! I tio alot lah, my shoe laces was joined together with Zhiqi who was behind me, my hairstyle was EVER CHANGING. First my right ponytail got messed up, then it became plaits, then messed up, then bun. The right one was from ponytail to separated to 2 ponytails! Scarf got taken out too, begged with some of them to be nicer since I tio alot liao haha. Found out that Joanna, Sandy, Nicole and I got the most one, cos I refered to alot of people's blogs then they all say we very ke lian lol. My hair style rocks lah can. Oh, and Xianwei slipped a note into Nicole's and my pocket! :)

    Firedrill was kinda okay, not very tough to me hahah. At first I was feeling giddy so took a break, then joined them again for pumpings and finger exercises.

    Third day was alright, prize presentation! Muscle aches werent that painful compared to Dec's camp which left us tumbling down the stairs. PT was monkey&captain's ball. Did very little drilling, led by Cherie&Xianwei. When the VP approached us, and cos they were wearing flipflops, they got Ester&I to take over the squad haha! Finished the remaining 40 pumpings that we owed them, and had prize presentation. Ahah, Amd&I were Best Camper for Sec 2, 2MD POWER!! :DDD Received couple keychains hahah! Distributed the tidbits among group mates and then stayed back for some briefing. Dang, just when I thought the load was over, it's back again, now larger and heavier! D: Oh yeah, kinda scolded *. It wasnt on purpose, really! It's cos I really bth her alrdy, and it wasnt meant to be fierce or what, just a passing remark, and the Sec 2s aint the only ones who's buaysong with her okay. Tmd qi si wo and spoil mood! D:

    Funny part here! Nicole, Sandy, Joanna&I called cab, in the end called wrong number HAHAH! All cos of Nicole lah, give us wrong number, and so when Joanna called, the guy said wrong number hahah! Can you imagine someone calling your house, asking for a cab!? And then when we called the correct number, the recording told Joanna 7 to 9 minutes, Joanna heard it as 729 minutes and I was like "wth? seven hundred and twenty-nine minutes?!" Oh man, xia si wo men hahah! (Hey ya 3, yall still owe me the cab moneyyyy~)

    Today! SANA course which was alright haha. As expected, Nicole was late! Tmr you'd better not be late since we're road marshalls, m'dear! Lunch at MOS, where I spilled milo on Sandy's skirt and mine, and her bag too! :X Oopsy daisy! Ever since the camp, I've been more of a KLUTZ. Some of us chose our baobeis too, LOL! Ohoh, after the course, Nic, Ester and I took the LRT for fun! OMG HISTORIC MOMENT SINCE IT WAS ALL OUR FIRST TIME! *is excited* Hahah, we were behaving like some tourists and we even took pictures, can you believe it?! Took one stop, alighted, and took the return direction, heheh.! Lame but fun yo ;D

    Ok, lai lai, reflection yi xia. Overall I think the camp was really great, kudos to the Sec 3s for the planning and stuff! You gals did a really great job, and I'm sure that many of us enjoyed it! I'm sure that you girls can be good seniors and do a good job leading the Guides! :) Camp made me see another side of people, especially the Sec 1s, and changed much of my thinking of them. Camp also made us grow up, and I think it bonded us alot with the Sec 1s!

    LRT craze ftw! Baobei with her AP ftw! :) Luv campppppp!
    Pics soon, once Nic posts them or sth and I kope them whee. Then yall will be able to see my hugeeeee eyebags on the last day at Jack's Place haha.

    Monday, June 16, 2008
    ichiban with srenee kn soravee kw

    Zomg, did yall watch Superband? I saw the mbs teacher which I saw at orchard there, she went to join Superband leh :O Um, the one called Xinyi. So cool!

    Yesterday was FOOD SPREE DAY!! :DDDD Omg eat till damn shuang and alot alot! I feel so xin fu(with food) now aww~ But confirm gain weight one hahah. But nvm, it's good food so it's worth it, yeah~! Yup, so met up with Soravee, Serene, Karwai, Kangning and went to Leisure Park's Kbox! Hmm, took a very long time to decide on the drinks, and so the waiter umchio at us =P Ya, then we zihigh like siao! Things we did: Sang, screamt, shouted, jumped on the sofas, rolled around~ Started off with high songs and ended with emo songs ahah. Sexyback was the BEST, cos we were shouting "Mother F**kers" :D

    Then sang for only 2hrs+, went to Esplanade's Ichiban Boshi! :) Whoots, my beloved salmon sashimi muahah 8D Kangning left halfway, though. Attempted to order "the 2 brown balls". \m/ Thanks Serene and her aunt for the treat! Hahah, after eating, Srenee called her aunt to come and sign the bill for us, and her aunt was at Punggol lmao. Zz, total bill was like $140+, I feel bad to have Srenee pay for us :( After this went to Haagan Daz icecream yay! Shared 3 scoops+crepe, the waiter super dao and bad attitude! >:( And then went to Suntec, shared 2 candy floss, which was like 2-3 times of my head!

    Went to Toys R Us to play, as usual under my request ahah. Srenee&I had a swordfight which left this grandmother laughing at us lol! Nvm, quite normal with Srenee around hmm. Played with those kiddy laptops, Karwai was drawing sick stuff on it harhar!

    Peekchurexzxz! 8)

    Oh man this picture is cool hahah. We were sitting on the backrests lol.

    Tongues out, baby!

    "Who stole my sushi from the sushi platter? D:"
    "Must be Serene cos her mouth is full"


    Spastic retarded face lol.

    The hugeeeeeee candy floss! See, both is $1.50, but the person see me so cute and chio so make mine bigger HAHAHA.!
    Write it on the drawing board and......
    It'll appear on the screen! (Btw I know it's different cos I drew diff shape)

    And the other day at T3...

    Hmm, Guides Camp tmr till thur including POP, followed by SANA course and then walkathon! Gah, so many stuff, no time to sleep or to break my sleeping record(21hrs)! :( Oh yeah, those band peeps going to Beijing tmr, have fun okay hahah! &I bet the ccls are having the time of their life now building sandcastles and whatnot. D:

    Friday, June 13, 2008


    Gaspard Ulliel. SHUAI DAI LE!! Omfg damn handsome and charming!! He should be Edward Cullen, instead of that Robert Pattinson. GASP(ard)!!



    Omg love Neopets&Altador Cup&Darigan hehheh! Been supporting Darigan ever since it started whee~ But this year the graphics too good until when I played the trials (matches start on 17, camp date gahh!), I totally forgot how to play lah! Best score was 7-0, last year my best was like 11-0 lah! Omg jiayou man! The graphics this year, with personalized players, are better than last year's hamburgers hahah!

    ANYWAY! Dont support DC if you just want to win without contributing ok! (aka freeloaders! They totally destroy teams, like HW) Avid Darigan fans, including me, will hunt for you personally! Muahhaha :D Heng, important match, DC vs RI, is on 20th, just nice I come back from camp! Butttt, got the SANA course I think x_x Aiyah, dont care liao, devote all my time to AC III! :D

    Altador Cup III, Darigan Citadel ftw!

    Tuesday, June 10, 2008

    The passion is no longer there. I dont want to be doing it, just for the sake of doing it. I want to be doing it because I want to, because it's my passion, so I'm putting all my effort in it. But the passion is no longer there, and I dont know how to get it back. Drifting away without realising it hurts. Changes in people every now and then, for the better or for the worst, we just cant help it. I just dont know where my heart lies anymore.

    {P/S: I just fell off my sofa, LOL! Btw, it's 12am+ now and I woke my family up due to my fall ._.}

    Monday, June 09, 2008
    band concert

    Band concert today :) Met at Vivo first with Karwai and Soravee. Ate lunch at BK, saw the angmoh girl we saw at ECP arcade, the one that sorta buaysong us lol. So qiao lar, but heng she forgot us already, I think. Anway, I luv their onion rings lar, worth the fats ok hahah! Hmm, then walked around, looked at stuff, and bought stuff at Cocoa Tree whoo~ Then met Zihow and Jiawei outside cinema. Rah, Jiawei only said 4 lines, and earned $50 just like that -.- I also want go act lor.! Watched Kungfu Panda, super duper funny! Po is so cute and fat! :) Omg, Karwai&I cried leh, got this part so sad lar :( At first I didnt dare to say I cry, but after seeing Karwai say she cry, I admitted crying too! :D

    Then bought a clutch wallet which made Soravee xin dong, bought some food cos we didnt eat dinner, and then attempted to chiong to SCH but we were late anyway hahah. Missed the 1st song, and then entered. Found Zann and sat together! At first I was sitting in between KW&JW, then Zann got this Love Sign book then we were all looking at the horoscope, moon sign and sun sign stuff. Karwai&I are aquarius peeps, and Jiawei is Libra. AND THE BOOK IS NOT TRUE LOR! -.- Say what Aquarius&Libra make perfect match, twosome whatever shyt -.- I then dont want lar, please. Hmm, maybe KW want ahaha. Ohoh, but the part about Aquarius is sultry&sexy is quite true hmm. LOL -.- But we are NOT eccentric ok D:

    Anway, yeah, our row was rather noisy during the whole concert cos we were super excited with the book hahah! Shirlyn the STAR was being such an ass lah, we shout her name, she umchio and look away LOL :D And her position so bad lah, the stand cover her whole face, we could only see her body nia hahaha! After concert, wante to go supper but in the end didnt cos already 11 liao, then my house there walk home from MRT/bus-stop very dark one :/

    Pictures! :D

    Shu nv leh! xD Cos wearing skirts mah.

    Kiddy Karwai 8D

    Okay I dont look huixian-ish in this pic right x_x

    Check out the different level of tanned legs ahah. 1st goes to Karwai's legs, 2nd to my legs, 3rd to Soravee's legs!

    The cute dog that looked liked a stuffed toy in Pet Safari! :)


    Apart from Karwai, who luvs kiddy sunglasses that are too small for her big head.

    Khee&me! <3>

    Weigin, Waikhee (WeiqiX2) and me~

    Star for the night ley~ Flute worxzxz.

    (Xianwei I'll never forget what you said after you took this pic! RAHHHH!)

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