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    Wednesday, July 30, 2008
    2.4 timing, injured thumb&middle finger

    Yes okay I'm updating... Firstly, sth that made me happy was my 2.4km timing! I miraculously got 13min 07sec leh! ZOMGGGG. I feel as if I flew!! :D Nan de I run so fast can. Hmm, not bad not bad! *pats shoulder* Great improvement from last year, 14min 24sec I think. Last year missed A by 3-4 secs wor. But heng this year got A liao whee~ :) Just thinking, if I was 7 sec faster then can hit 12+min liao!! WOAH :O Ooh yeah, Sueanne lost me by 3 secs HAHA ;D

    Monday had PE, and while playing basketball I injured my left hand's thumb and middle finger! Lol, super dao mei lar! Cos I was going to dribble but then dont know why the ball sorta rammed into my fingers O_o Yeah, and the tip of my thumb began to turn blood red as the colour could be seen thru the nail! Very scary lor D: Internal bleeding sia... For my middle finger, I suspect I sprained it when the ball rammed into my fingers the second time! Rehhhhh! The middle joint hurts alot and I cant bend it properly :( But the 不幸中的大幸 is that I'm right-handed!

    Ooh yeah, these few days keep seeing Mrs Low wor AHAHA! Ytd saw her at bus-stop, and we smiled to her cos she was on the bus. She smiled back but once she looked at Srenee&Shirlyn she began shaking her head lol :D Cos Srenee&Shir were wearing fbts+sch u mah. Then today, while on the MRT, met her too omg! So qiao lar, same carriage! Then Soravee, Srenee and I asked her where she's going, and she said she came back from gym. W.o.a.h.!

    Oh yar, today Alicia 良心发现 and allowed me to study for History test leh!! SO NICE! x) But sadly I didnt bring along my notes cos I scared she confiscate lol. So wasted :( Wah, she see this sure scold me oneeeeeeeee.

    You said if I fall you'd be there to catch me,
    I believed you till I hit the ground.

    Sunday, July 27, 2008
    Why so serious?

    400th post yoz. Ytd went to watch The Dark Knight with Kangning, Srenee and Wenhui. Tickets courtesy of me hahah ;D Went to arcade before that, played Daytona and House of the Dead 4(with Srenee)! Anyway yeah, the movie was fast-paced and I cant believe I went to the toilet!! :( But I was bursting for a pee and couldnt hold any longer :O Hmm, well, I dont understand some parts of the movie, but overall I think it's great! Joker's super scary and Kn was frightened out of her seat! Okay, then Srenee&I went to queue up for sculpture balloons but the lady only made 1 for the both of us! Wth we not children meh?! I'm still young lar pls.! I dont have a cao lao face T_T Hmm, ate at Waraku after that, super niceee!

    Happy Birthday Waikhee! :D (27/7)
    16 years old already wor! Hahah, I remember that you're the very first senior that know! :D Cos when we were new, you're that super duper friendly and gao xiao senior! We've come a long way now, and I wont forget the funny, fun, high moments I spent with you! :) I remember how you used to visit me every single morning last year when our classes were both at old blk. &That time I watched your netball interclass and we took bus home together. &&Contingent too, rehearshals and the real deal, helping you tie your plaits and whatnots. Mm yep, now you've stepped down already and I miss you alot! D: Haha, continue to keep that smile on okay! :) Luv you alot x38947297 infinity mwahs! :*

    Happy Birthday Huijun! :D (28/7)
    16 years old too! :D Hmm, I dont really know you very well :( But one of the most memorable times was that time we went to Kn's house, and you told her mom that I'm your sister hahaha! Super funny lol :D Have a smashing day ahead!

    Friday, July 25, 2008
    gg reverse psychology, greg's bday

    Reverse psychology started today. And I personally dont think it's working. Yeah, they may feel guilty (or may not at all for some cases), but it's only for a darn short while. We all jolly well know that the guilt wont eat into them, which means that it's not working. Instead, they might feel super 幸福 cos we are doing all the punishment for them, and they dont have to do a single thing although they didnt even open their mouths. Yes, I know, one for all, all for one. But what we are currently doing aint all, it's only those that shouted consistently but yet have to accept the punishment for those that did not shout. Those that didnt shout didnt even feel a single bit of remorse or embarrassment, but yet caused one of us to lose her passion. Is this worth it? No, I dont think so.

    Anyway today had movie screening. Title of da movie was Life is Beautiful and it sounded rather boring to me. Halfway wanted to pon but decided to stay on cos some of them said it was nice, haha. Yeah, but anyway halfway zao to canteen with Nicole to buy drinks lol. At least we went back to the LT lar can :) Hmm, then watched abit and slept abit too. The fat me occupied 3 seats so that I could lie down properly! Yes, it's possible to lie down on the chairs in LT, and its quite shuang lol :D

    Ooh yeah, celebrated Gregory's belated bday too! Jiawei bought the cake, but we didnt bring lighter so Greg's candles no fire one xD! Attack Greg with cream, he didnt complain or say anything! Yay~ After Guides went to PP with some of the class clique, namely Gregory, Derek, Chester, Mervyn, Joshua, Jiawei, Karwai, Shirlyn and Brenda! Then slowly one by one left until left Karwai&I cos we wanna walk around more mah. When we were in the nice nice toilet beside Topshop, I told KW that the girl beside me surely leave her Prada phone behind and never take de. And it was true!! Cos she left, then I saw her Prada phone right beside my bag leh! Being the nice people we were, wanted to bring it to customer service, but then she used another phone to call, KW answered, and we met her outside the same toilet. Yes I know we're nice 8D Ooh yeah, saw Mr Samson Lam and his girlf at PP too woots!

    Thursday, July 24, 2008
    last life science lesson, 2.4km

    Wheets today was nice :) Duty at old blk, Alicia sorta confiscated my Geog tb and dont let me study!! D: Cos I thought there was a quiz that's going to be counted in participation marks, so chiong Geog since I didnt bring it home mah. Ahaha, and today got alot of people having Geog test wor :) Cherie was having hers too, and she said that she saw some TKGS people flipping their Geog tbs on the bus too! Patroled around since I dont have duty mah ): Wanted to study de lor.! Shee kept hinting about big, pink, helium-filled, Strawberry Shortcake balloons! LOL! :D

    In the end Geog was only group quiz -.- Although we didnt win, we had fun! Cos our group super lag and fan ying chi dun! And our whiteboard kept flying off ours hands ahaha! Then uh, PE halfway got firedrill, we were melting cos it was really hot!! D: Sorry lar, my fault! Played heart attack with MD&RP people whoots~

    Had the last life science lesson today! :'( I'm so going to miss Mr Remus&Miss Imelda! They rock! :B I miss disturbing them alot with Srenee lor ahaha! We made ice cream today! :) But my ice cream very nan chi LOL. Sour sour one, eww! Yup, got their numbers too! Yay going to find a day free to ask Mr R. out cos he owes Srenee&I an Aston's meal! :D Ooh, Srenee made Ms Imelda laugh alot too! Super duper funny lar Srenee, kept on squeezing and rubbing Ms Imelda's arm fats LOL :P Okay I know her heart is going to break :( Learnt the new term TNTC (too numerous to count), and Srenee went "You got TNTC arm hair!"

    2.4 NAPFA today too! My aim was to chase Iylia LOL. Seriously lar, I think that chasing someone faster than you is a very very good way to run faster! I think I'm around the 6th girl in class or something O_o Ooh yeah, halfway thru 2nd round, Sueann suddenly overtook me so I was thinking like "She wna overtake let her over lor." Then at the last 100m, Ester was cheering on me and told me to overtake Sueann, and I was quite motivated by this so I sprinted pass Sueann LOL \m/ Sueann was pretty peeved. Anyway I have no idea what's my timing because the teachers refused to say -.- Hopefully I get A/B bah ^^v And best thing was I DIDNT WALK WOOTS!! Okay actually even during practise I also never walk one lol -.-

    Went to PP after this with Srenee, Shirlyn and Kangning! Ate Sakae Sushi to gain back all the calories I lost while running 2.4 lol :D Hmm, secrets-sharing session wor! ^^ Okok I shouldnt say too much lalala~

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008
    twilight icons

    WOOH~ Twilight!! Clarissa&Anna&Aloysia, do you see this! :D Lol heehee Twilight rocks lar can :) Anyway yeah, changed skin to a twilight skin! I think it's nice can ^^v And yes, spam you with alot of Twilight-related icons! Only chose the nicer ones hahah! Okok tmr is NAPFA 2.4km! Sigh D: Hopefully I dont miss my A by just a few seconds like last year, which was really dumb -.-

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008
    cao lao face, sungei buloh

    Okay okay proper update now k :) Joey kept complaining lor, say what I never update blah blah. Rawr! I hope Huixuan harrasses you more! Ytd was Racial Harmony celebration, as predicted only Zhihan wore ethnic costume hah. Wanted to wear but I think its very weird lar, do duty with costume -.- Hmm, some people one quite nice wor :D Xianwei's one was nice&cheap lar, $13 nia leh. It was councillor stepdown too. Kevin's speech was inspiring... Last fullboard together with the Sec 4s :( It was a colourful one too, with some of us wearing ethnic costumes! Section 1 power lar, got 7 people wearing wor :)

    Oh yeah, Wingyee&Aloysia says that I have a chao lao face OMG!! D: How can how can!! They said that compare me from my Sec 1 orientation, I look ALOT older now! Last time I still cute cute one, now old alrdy! D: Omg omg how!! Wingyee says that my actions and stuff are still the same, but my looks changed. OMG! Nvm, no matter what, Wingyee&Aloy is still older than me hah :D Aloy maybe not lar, XIAOWANZI~

    Today was funny lar! Greg's group for EL presentation of the doggy float damn funny! Their slogan : A float a day keeps your dog alive. No float, your dog die. LOL :D Miss Huang laughed like mad too! Went to Sungei Buloh after school with JT peeps! Whoo~ The small laptop was pretty cool hah. WiFi muahah. As you can see, I blogged there! The post is below this one whee~ Huixuan&Joey were super funny! HX kept harrassing J and kept saying I Love You etc. to J until J buaytahan! Hiakhiak! :D JT people are awesome \m/

    Okay okay pictures! From that Sunday where we did the ccl bazaar banner!

    Hard at work! 8D

    The kiddy thing we did. Lol damn ugly right!

    This is my pet cow :) It's name is MOO. (No lar I dint buy it)

    Today at Sungei Buloh.

    Number EIGHT ROCKS! :D


    {Joey says: hello JoEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYY here. I rulezxzxz lor, huixian's lame hahahaha small laptop:D }

    joey would you mind not telling lies? YOU ARE A PIG.



    Friday, July 18, 2008
    ccl bazaar, class com training, vball MD vs CR, EDD

    Peekchurezx of taupoking Sueann! MUST SEE! :D

    "You can run but you cant hide!"

    "Run somemore! Grab you!"

    The pro hei sui hui attacks!

    Down on the floor! :D

    2nd layer down!

    3rd layer!

    End product :D Sueann looks damn haggard and tired. AHAHAH!


    Whee this week so busy sigh :( Dont have a single day where I can happily go home right after lessons end lor.....

    Monday was councillor bazaar! Yay Section 1 rocks! :DD Ok I know beehoon very boring but we got nothing to sell liao mah ._. I was in charge of giving out the forks after Shiwee&Yijie wrapped them up nicely with serviettes! I was supposed to serve the beehoon, but I too clumsy liao lol :D Anyway council managed to raise $1500+! Yay! :D

    Wednesday was that class committee leadership training thing with Soravee, Xinying and Zhihan... Haha, my group was quite enthu lar, I like :) MD rocks hee. Basically played some games and went thru lectures which Soravee fell asleep! Then at the ending, 4 of us had to plan for classroom cleaniness and noticeboard, class spirit. Then at the ending had to write what we wanna improve on, and they will give this paper to our teachers and our teachers will sorta evaluate us leh D: Zomg, so serious lar! I thought play play only ._. Oh yar, Srenee came back on this day too! :D Thanks for the music thingy and chocs from Austria! OH YAR THE MEGA HUGE POCKY I BOUGHT FOR SRENEE WENT MISSING COS I FORGOT TO CLEAR IT FROM UNDER MY TABLE!! Darn the greedy/tan chi person who took it!!

    Thursday was interclass vball, MD vs CR, and we won! Whoots, MD rocks!! First set, my serves were the ones that scored the first 3 points for us, yay! :) Hmm, won both sets and we were quite happy hahah :D Quite alot of people came to support us, and Srenee was singing this weird song which made me distracted lol! Ball almost fell into the lake, but heng Yanlun went to the rescue! After this went for dance practice which was quite okay yeah. Tried Madel's way of baby freeze while she tried my way. I think both ways quite easy lar lol. But my legs damn ugly xD

    Friday did gate duty at vball gate, and got Valerie to pei me cos I dont know what to do mah. But suddenly, while this girl, Baofang, was walking in, she fell into the drain! Cos the dumb drain cover was not closed, and she also didnt notice, and thus she fell inside! D: Then just nice her friend walked past and said that she also fell at the same post yesterday, same leg somemore! So dao mei lor :( So brought her to sickbay in the middle of National Anthem, could feel everybody's eyes staring at me, so scary lar :( Yijie&Ms Teo helped her with her wound and yada yada~ Srsly, GO's first-aid kit sucks. Guides one so much better lar, at least got cotton wool and sticky tape thingy! Baofang was funny lar, keep apologising when we helped her with the wound cos she said that "the wound very disgusting" ahahah! Guides was okay, EDD preparation took up all the time lor ._.

    Saturday, which is today, was EDD! Reached Damai Sec, went to the hall, and danced! We were the 2nd group to present our dance. We didnt make any mistakes (I think), which I think is good lor heh. After dancing, watched every school's dance competition and then I got gang banged by Amelia&Madel! D: Cos I helped Nicole hide her phone mah, and they wanted to see her msgs and wanted to know her surname and I refused to say, so I got gang banged!

    After that I allied with Amelia&Madel and taupoked Nicole! Nicole&Ester went to call for backup-Sandy&Sueann, who were rather useless cos they ran off after awhile hah. So yup, chased her to a dead end and taupoking sessions starts! Ahah, Nic is rather difficult to taupok cos she's not afraid of tickles and we couldnt lie on her back -.- Allied together, 5 of us, went to taupok Sueann! Firstly got Nicole to trick her up to 2nd floor, and then together we dragged her to the ulu dead end and taupok her! She so evil lar, fake asthma and we believed -.- But she suddenly burst out laughing and attempted to run but we caught her! She was also very very vigorous and rough!! She pulled my shirt down leh wth! ������������! Ahaha. Ok not everything lar, but partially.. Luckily only Madel, Amelia, Ester, Nicole and Sueann were there, so it's like all ������ derh so nvm bah. But we managed to get her down on the floor! (: Taupoked her like mad ahah :D So fun so fun! She's such a difficult victim, I swear. Learnt my lesson-choose easier victims! Sorry Sandy for bursting your ������������ :(

    I'm sorry for asking you that question. I didnt know that they didnt even bother to ask you what you wanted when you're technically the boss. I know that my insensitiveness must have caused you to feel sad for awhile. I'm really sorry. But I'll be behind you no matter what, they can dislike you for all they want.

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