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13th Feb is my day.
I luv peanut butter cups, Dairy Queen, people watching, purple Skittles, B&J's, warmhugs, smiles, laughter, sweet letters/cards, photographs, fun.
I'm not short, I'm FUN sized! :D

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    Saturday, August 30, 2008
    teachers day 08, VS campfire


    Yesyes it was so nice lar! K shall touch on it later 8) Keep yall in suspense HAHAHA.

    Teachers' Day was okay bah O_o Did Aces Workout at the back with ShirlynS., Valerie and Weining(?). Watching teachers do is funny lar can, especially Yangls, sit on chair also can do one. Lazy lar she -.- Mrs JoTan also very cute! :D When doing can make funny sounds like "whee!" or "whoo~" Concert part was okay too. Guess teacher's baby or their baby photo part chao funny lar. We didnt know that one of it was Megan, so when it was this baby which looked rather dark, Srenee went to shout Mrs Indra, and end up it was Megan LOL! 4JT&Councillor's dance were nice!

    Didnt bounce back to my primary school. Slacked abit outside audi cos we were bullying Chanxi wahaha! Hai, but when we untied her bra thingy, never drop ley D: GraceChew is someone nice to laugh at and to bully cos when she opens her mouth it's super dramatic and hilarious! Heard from her that Xianwei says that I always goes to her rescue *grins* Xianxian must help xianxian what ^^ Waikhee is a nice les partner! :* Hahah!

    Went to ECP instead with Karwai and Shirlyn. Ate at Macs, cos still have breakfast leh (!!) Then went to ddr. Yay, KW&I managed to pass Afronova, and Witch Doctor Standard! Jiayou for Paranoia Evolution, Bagua we can do it!! We had telepathy with Srenee, cos when we went down Macs to meet Srenee, just nice she walked out of underpass! :) Went to Bugis to walk walk without Shir cos Shir wanted to gao zi bi -.-

    Today, went to Cathay during noon to watch Meet Dave. Thanks for the movie treat yep ^^ Cinema was freezing, super cold! :( Movie was quite funny! "Welcome to Old Navy! *beeeeg wide grin*" HAHAH :D People go watch lah! It's quite niceeeee. Paiseh never talk much wor, because I sick then abit unhigh :B

    Went home, changed into Guides full u and went to PP. Met Shuying, Joanna and Sandy, walked around for abit and ate at Mos. Ichigo Bliss wahaha! :D I hate Shuying because she has the Happy Card and I dont :'( Nvm next time go Mos I shall eat alot of meals wahaha :D Bus-ed down to VS after that.

    Campfire at VS was quite nice yep! IF IM A GUY I WOULD TOTALLY GO TO VS! The school is so new and awesome and nice! Haha, back to the campfire, their structure bu cuo wor, still got lights one. Somemore they super high tech sia, all those campfire songs is from speakers play out de can! Their fire also super cool, lighted without a flame! :D I think is use chemicals cos the flame's corners were abit blueish! The rest was okay and usual, except for this dance then the Scouts needa ask a Guide to dance -.- Sandy, Nicole and I got asked by VS Boy Brigades and they're really nice and friendly! Partially cos our seating arrangement is beside them so yup. Luckily Nicole&I were wearing the mask so can protect our identity, then Sandy was "exposed" LOL. At the ending when singing some emo farewell songs, WE SAW THE SHOOTING STAR!!! Luckily Nicole&Joanna shouted, or else I would have missed it lah :B Yay, 2nd shooting star I've seen in my life, and this year :) Oh, and this campfire brought PeiShan and Sebastian Ow tgt wor! :D Okay, maybe not yet but it's 迟早 de! He's from VS Boys' Brigade and I think his surname is cool ;B

    Wednesday, August 27, 2008
    hermit crab, 1 litre of tears

    On Monday, Shirlyn's hermit crab was the source of our entertainment hiakhiak :D There was a few incidents of almost dropping it, then I think the crab too stressed liao, kiap onto Shir's palm for 20min, dont want to let go, hahahah! &The crab got alot of names lar -.- Valentino, Kermit, Hermmy, and some other crappy crabby names. Shir so funny lar, she kept calling her hermit crab a hamster lol!

    Today Wang ls showed us a short clip of 1 Litre of Tears. Made Karwai, Serene and some others cry like siao can :'( It's sad de lor..... Joanna still so evil lar, over there laughing at me while I was crying! The girl in the show is quite chio too harhar. Yep, so I've decided that after EOYs, Imma spend my Dec holidays watching MingZhongZhuDingWoAiNi, LanQiuHuo, and 1 Litre of Tears! :D

    &This is the music used in the clip.. Super niceee! :) Remember to pause the playlist at the left hand side first k.!

    Only Human - K

    Japanese Lyrics:

    Kanashimi no mukou kishi ni
    Hohoemi ga aru to iu yo…

    Kanashimi no mukou kishi ni
    Hohoemi ga aru to iu yo…
    Tadoritsuku sono saki ni wa
    Nani ga bokura wo matteru

    Nigeru tame ja naku
    Yume ou tame ni
    Tabi ni deta hazusa
    Tooi natsu no ano hi…

    Ashita sae mieta nara
    Tame iki mo nai kedo
    Nagare ni sakarau fune no you ni
    Ima wa mae e susume

    Kurushimi no tsukita basho ni
    Shiawase ga matsu to iu yo
    Boku wa mada sagashite iru
    Kisetsu hazure no himawari

    Kobushi nigirishime
    Asahi wo mateba
    Akai tsume ato ni
    Namida kirari ochiru…

    Kodoku ni mo nareta nara
    Tsukiakari tayori ni
    Hane naki tsubasa de tobidatou
    Motto mae e susume

    Amagumo ga kireta nara
    Nureta michi kagayaku
    Yami dake ga oshiete kureru
    Tsuyoi, tsuyoi hikari
    Tsuyoku mae e susume

    English translated lyrics:

    On the opposite coast of sadness
    is something called a smile

    On the opposite coast of sadness
    is something called a smile
    But before we can go there,
    is there something we’re waiting for?

    In order to chase our dreams, we can’t have a reason to run away
    We’ve got to go, to that far away summer’s day

    If we find it tomorrow, we can’t sigh
    Because like a boat that opposes the stream
    we have to walk straight on

    In a place worn down by sadness
    something called a miracle, is waiting
    Yet we are still searching
    for the sunflower that grows at the end of spring

    The warrior who awaits the morning light
    before he can clasp it with red nails, his tears glitter and fall

    Even if we’ve grown used to loneliness
    only relying on the light of the moon
    We have to fly away with featherless wing
    just go foward, just a little further

    As the rainclouds break
    the wet streets sparkling
    Although it brings only darkness
    A powerful, powerful light
    helps push us to walk on


    Friday, August 22, 2008
    olympics in canteen, heartfelts during guides

    Finally, long tiring week is over!! :) Can get my beauty sleep back already, hohoho! Serene should really get some sleep man -.- Yesterday, to prepare for Geog test, she drank 6 cups of coffee to keep her awake the whole night without any sleep...! Siao lar she!

    During Lit lecture, we played the Olympic version of snakes&ladders! Super fun+funny+alot of karma wor ahahah! Got this jinxed spot which is boxes 2-6. Super dumb!! Box 4 says "Congrats! Proceed to 6", while box 6 says "You fell! Go to box 2" WHICH IS SO DUMB...! I got stuck in that area for like 3 turns -.-

    Today doing duty at Tennis gate was quite funny too. Cos William Tell gonna finish already, and people started running liao. Then suddenly I saw this boy running towards me and couldnt see who it was cos I wasnt wearing my specs, so I was thinking "Wth who is this baichi who is running towards me man?!?!" And............. it turned out to be Jiawei! LOL I LAUGHED LIKE MAD ONCE I SAW IT WAS HIM! He ran like some gay/retard and his head kept shaking hahaha! So yup, he didnt have GO duty so he did Tennis gate with me. Which is good cos I'm quite scared to be at such ulu places alone :/ Although old blk 1st flr got Kahbing but yup xD

    Recess today also quite interesting! Mr Tan switched the channel of the canteen TV to Channel 5 Olympics, and the whole canteen erupted in applause! &There were lots of Sec 4s too cos they were having their 1hr recess, so it was super uber loud! So cool! :D Match was between LiJiaWei and that... ZhangYiNing or something O_o Whenever SG scored, the whole canteen will cheer and clap super loudly, and whenever China scored a point, everyone would jeer! Super united and hilarious lar! Wanted to pon next lesson tgt with Shir and the guys which was calligraphy, but in the end decided not to and left when the set score was 1-1.

    Guides today was fun too :) PT was alrightttttt. Madel's inspiring speech during debrief was w.o.a.h! Heartfelts and feelings from Idol wor :) Gan dong sia..! Okay okay fine fineeeee, it's not emo, it's inspiring and encouraging and yup! Sorry for not saying anything when you asked me what I thought of Guides ;( Cos I forgot what I wanted to say LOL.

    Sunday, August 17, 2008
    pop bbq videos of taupoking

    Suddenly, I feel super shuang bcos people said that Nicole SMASHED MY NOSE!! Gosh, doesnt the word "SMASHED" sounds cool?! Okay, abit masochistic, but still it sounds like super serious lar can LOL. Sounds as if my whole nose flattened and super bloody(it was bloody anyway hah) and my nosebridge and the bones all break w.o.a.hhhhhh! Okayokay, my nose still hurts now anyway, teehee.


    Videos from POP BBQ! I just felt like posting them up idk why! :B It's super easy to spot Nicole&I cos I'm wearing old PE shirt, while Nic's wearing the new red PE shirt!

    Failed attempt of taupoking Huiyan! Can see very clearly that Nicole poured sth on her!

    Taupoking Aloy! :D

    Taupoking Huiyan! Success!

    Seniors VS Juniors! :D Action only starts after 55secs liddat.

    Friday, August 15, 2008
    nose bleed caused by poles, tkgs campfire

    Clique is super addicted to the dumb song Barbie Girl can. Somemore Karwai still edit until damn sick, got what "You can poke my ass, and touch my 2 nehneh" LOL. Damn funny. Shir&Srenee&KW kept singing until during recess, this song was stuck in my mind. Gosh, the horror :O

    Guides ytd was okay, surprise test for that travelling thingy.....? &Then we began gossiping hiakhiak! Omg, we had alot of things to comment about her can :D Nicole almost used a permanent marker to draw that emo "cut here" line on my wrist, but luckily I found out just in time, thanks to Abigail! :) After that we went to field and played some relay game. And this is when the bloody incident happened. Okok, Nic&I were playing with the poles meant for the finishing line. We used it to like sorta fight lah, like you watch TV that kind, hit, block, hit, block, jump etc. Then we were doing our routine, and I blocked but Idk why I bent down, so the pole just whacked onto my nose, super hard LOL.

    I was like damn shocked, and my first reaction was to squat down and ask if got blood anot. 10 sec after I asked, blood came flowing out! Wliewz, sibei scary lar I tell you. I was pinching my nosebridge, and Nicole's hands were cupped over my mouth that area to let the blood from my nose flow onto her hands. The rest of the Guides said that got alot of blood and the blood was overflowing thru the gaps between her fingers can D: I see her hands like she murder people like that ahaha! Aslyn&Amelia came to my rescue, and went to the taps to washup. This NPCC guy said that the middle fingers must interlock to stop the blood -.- So yar, I did that anyway although I didnt really believe him much. After that pumped 30+ for POP bbq, still owe them 150. Jiayou!

    Went to TKGS campfire today! :) Quite okay lar, not high enough hah! Like any other campfire, we screamt, danced, sang, ran about, and got high~ :D Madel was so sexy when we dressed her up for the Hawaiian thingy, lol! *wolf whistles* The hot pink paper undies was super striking and hawt! Got one part we were super high and started jumping around and dancing on the stage, LOL. But then a short while later, we 被赶走!

    Nicole, Joanna and I saw a small light flashing a few times at 4th floor, so we were thinking what could it be. Joanna said she saw a figure turning/walking away, after the light flashed. Then after the whole thing, got 2 Guides came to lead us to canteen for refreshments(!), so we told her what we saw. 2 of them were like super stunned and scared, and they told us that the classroom where we saw the light from, got alot of ghost stories de, and last time got someone commit suicide before ._.

    The refreshments were great ahaha! Got brownies, chocolate eclairs(!), beehoon, currypuffs, sandwiches and drinks! Mwaha, we eat until damn shuang can. When Madel said want to take group picture, Nicole and I still taking food LOL! It's nice, and free lar can, hehs. ^^v Then took group pictures and I walked home :)

    Oh no, Nicole&I didnt manage to get into the picture in time :(

    Helping Madel with her Hawaiian costume!
    End product!

    Competing with other Hula girls/guys!

    Idol+Fan! (Sueann, wth are you doing?!)

    We look super innocent and angelic here LOL.

    Thanks everybody for the care and concern they gave me when my nose was bleeding profusely! Yupyup, me&my nose is much much better now! But cannot suffer hard knocks yet, later bleed again :( &Sorry to Madel, Amelia, Aslyn, Nicole, who were itching for a taupok session yesterday but didnt get it due to my nose, cos I cannot 上场 mah.. :( Sorry yeah! I promise I will be there healthy next Guides activity kay!

    Thursday, August 14, 2008
    health check, study date at PP

    Zz, this few days keep falling asleep in class lar can :( Sighhhh, damn bloody tired!! But now should be better already cos the construction works in my house has ended, which means that MY BELOVED TOILET BOWL AND SHOWER AREA IS BACK!! :DD You have no idea how happy I am okay, hehheh.

    This week quite okay bah. Ytd or sth went to ECP to ddr, play until right foot got 2 blisters, super pain cant walk D: Somemore got one blister filled with blood lor, super gross. And cos I was poking it before health check today, Mr Khoo saw it and said I was gross?! Then I said "Sorry, but I'm not you haha. Cos you're more disgusting than me :D" &He said "Okay, straight away 10 marks gone from your Maths test". Lol, crap much -.- Health check was alright, saw caolaobin de Aloy, and Amelia came to speak to me haha. Too bad luh, but Nicole has decided to silent break with you and CONTINUE TO BE WITH ME :)))

    Went to PP just now too.... Makan-ed and studied Macs with Shir, Srenee and Karwai! We're super hardworking can 8) First time sia, see us zhe me yong gong! But as usual, there's always sick stuff involved mwahaha. Played the dumb cheng yu game where someone said the 1st 2 words, then we guess the next 2. Got sick and dumb ones LOL. Anyhow said some, but they seemed to fit eh. Laughed until we almost diedddd. Shir scared this cute lil boy too :( Window shopped and KW&Srenee kept making "shiop" sounds, which means when someone's tube slides off, cos got nothing to hold the tube, ahaha!

    Oh yeah, Beijing Huan Ying Ni song is currently hawt in my class, we're playing it and singing it every single day hah. I think the Chongqing people see us so enthu about Olympic song also shocked lor 8D

    Monday, August 11, 2008
    tm-red cliff, xianwei bday

    Yay okay I'm back from TM! Lol I think we're pro lar, easily can gather 10 ppl to watch movie hah. Clique rocks~! Wanted to watch Prom Night, but after queueing for arnd 1 hour for the stupid tickets, we could only make it for Red Cliff -.- So watched Red Cliff in the end. Seating arrangement was awesome, couples sit together wor~ Some people ������������ sia :) Shir, sad our wonderful plan didnt really work out, thanks to Zihow -.- So it was Serene, Derek, Zihow(lightbulb sia) for 1st row; Karwai, Jiawei, Shirlyn, Joshua, Me, Gregory, Chester for 2nd row. (Red is an auspicious colour! :D) My left leg vry ke lian lor, super dirty after the movie thanks to Jiawei's nacho's cheese and Joshua's coke. *glares at them* Rawrrrrrrrr! Anw the movie was niceeeee, looking forward to Part 2 heh. Sitting in between guys are good too, because they like to buy food/drinks and you can just kope from them ^^v

    After and before this arcaded! :D Yes yes whoo~ Watched 2 boys like around P5-6 liddat, playing para para. Uhm, maybe it would be better for them to clear all the sensors first before acting pro and showing off your dance moves when you cannot even clear the sensors properly lar -.- Tsk, step pro yi ge~ Silent Hill was alright, but the pace is quite slow compared to HOTD4. So HOTD4 is better if you want fast-paced action :) Slowly one by one pangseh until left Srenee&I -.- Dinner with Srenee was seriously FUNNY. Laughed till we both almost died, I zwear.

    Happy Birthday Xianwei! :D
    Xianxian ah, happy birthday wor! :) Hahah, yep I remembered! Sorry for the lag message though, wanted to send you at 12am, but lost track of the time so in the end sent it a few min after :( I remember last time you say my name inside got "hui", so it's very gay, cos "hui" to you is very gay -.- Yep, so in the end you called me xianxian and so did everyone! Hehs, but still, stay cute and adorable okay! I know you want to be cute hor! :B

    Thanks. You made me happy today whee~ Thanks for taking the initiative! :D {this person aint mentioned anywhere in here, so dont xiang tai duo orh!}

    Friday, August 08, 2008
    guys' pants, xcountry

    Okay so some stuff before I start ranting about x-country! Firstly, I got Gold for my NAPFA mwahaha! Yesyes, thanks to the restest, I managed to go 10 more cm for my Sit&Reach, which proudly means a gold for me whoots~ Yes damn damn happy! Also, the pants that guys wear is super comfortable cos you can sit in any unglam position :) Ownageeee.

    Crosscountry was super high and fun! :D Reached ECP late, but who cares lar right. Then yeah, sprayed our hair red, decided on who would take the banner and stuf yada yada! While waiting for our turn to walk, I was at the path there looking out for Xianwei's prince charming, Boon Huat. Super funny lar, the whole incident LOL. Okok, shant elaborate. Btw, might be making peace with Jacie, bcos she's tired of arguing with me everytime we see each other, ahaha.

    So yup, Sec 2 girls started and off our clique went! To the toilet, that is! Yep, we wanted to be the very last group of people cos we wanted to wait for the boys and walk together mah! So Soravee, Serene, Karwai, Kangning, Zann, Jiawei, Joshua, Chester, Gregory, Derek and I walked together! Yay, super duper fun wor! I was carrying "I", Soravee carrying "♥", Serene carrying "M" and Karwai carring "D", guys carrying the banner! Super uber fun yep! And when I said walk, I mean slow paced strolling. To give yall a better picture of how slow we were, alot of Sec 4 girls overtook us ahaha! :D Maybe if we were a little slower, then we'd see the Sec 4 guys alrdy!

    Met the principal halfway, and he clapped hands for us O_o And said that our decoration and stuff was nice, heehee! All these hard work put in werent wasted yup! ^^ In all, Serene went to the toilet twice during the walk, we waited for the guys for abit cos they had to take the longer route, and drank loads of water! Cos after the CCHMS water reception thingy, we passed by the NS water reception thingy, and they offered us water cos their people all run finish already, wont pass that checkpoint. So obviously we took the cups of water, and drank like mad lol.

    Continued walking together until Huangls kpkb us and we pretended to run to the ending point -.- Spoil mood lar she. Reached, Aslyn&Madel began chasing me :'( Say want to taupok me leh! D: But heng, I know my idol wont do such things to me one ahaha! MD sang super duper uber loudly in a line, and after every single song we would dance Srenee's famous dance hah ;D Attracted alot of stares, but who cares! ^^v Carried Jiawei and then dropped him from above, I bet his butt must have hurt alot!

    We won 7 awards total! Thanks alot for those who ran and gave us hope for the awards :) Won 3 awards for Top 10 Girls, 2 for Top 10 boys, 1st for Girls' Team, 3rd for Boys' Team! Jiawei was right, it's really sad to see us so united, only at the end of the year, when we're going to get separated. But then again, it's better to ever get united as a class, then never at all.

    Last few girls in the level ;)

    Playing with bubbles! :D

    Singing together, as a class :)

    Happy Belated Birthday Sandy&Zhiqi! (8/8)
    You girls are really one of the best girlfriends I've made in Guides. Every single one of us have been through so much together, and all of us shown so much love, care and concern for one another. Thanks for helping out so much for the BBQ, when I was slacking away there ._. Hope that Guides wont drift apart, but we'll stay as close or maybe even closer together as a level okay! :D Sandy, I know now you're like uber emo and you keep thinking about how little time you have with your so-and-so etc., but I just want to let you know that sometimes thinking too much isnt very good. I'd rather see you go thru each day by itself, rather than plan for it first. You get what I mean...? I'm not very good at words :/ And Zhiqi, STAY MANLY FOREVER!! Seriously I luv your hair lar, damn shuai can! Be Huiyan's successor k! :D Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyy! Luv ya!

    We didn't realize we were making memories,
    we just thought we were having fun."

    Wednesday, August 06, 2008
    redsport mbs bballers, shiwee's bday

    Happy Birthday Shiwee! :D
    Happy birthday my dearest senior! Lolllllll. So old liao still want to live in self denial and lie to yourself that you're young. Sigh.. Laoren jiu shi laoren mah, deny also no use de :) And please stop stalking me lar, Chiam Shi Wee! Remember, I love you this (spreads stickman's arms till super far) much! Yay! :) Oh yeah, dont cry lar, later your flesh around your face sag and go wrinkly leh :(
    Wluv, nian qing ren! :D

    Lol, I sorta chanced upon this, and I'm super shocked at the number of MBS ex-students which are in the list lar! Means MBS people are pro basketballers de okay hahah! There's Auston, Ben, Bing Chuan, Dion, Khan Liang, Gregory, Jeremy, Justinn, Sherwin, Jun Wei, Dun Jie and Jin Zhi! Oh man so cool so cool! :B Okay maybe I'm just bored so I need entertainmentttttttt. Chem test tmr, and free period for Life Science? Looooong day tmr. I miss Mr Remus (Where's my Aston's treat?) and Miss Imelda! And our history teacher, Mr Lam too :( I think he teaches well larrrr!

    Tuesday, August 05, 2008
    notice board, ikea

    Hellooooooooooo. Tmr got Physics quiz and I havent started studying for it yet wor :( Sian 1/2... Monday was quite okay, CMP quiz super funny! Cos my group always use sick stuff to describe the Malay words, so during the test we tried to remember all the sick stuff in order or remember the answers LOL :D Lunch duty was funny :) 4RP got alot of food on the table, then it's like nobody want to claim it lor. Then keep giving funny excuses and stuff like that, I kept laughing lar. Had section lunch too. After school stayed back to do notice board, proud of it worxzxz. And I received alot of fan mail from all my fancis leh HAHAHHA :D My fancis luv me too much (: Okayokay, I shall be a good and awesome idol and write back to them HAH ;D

    Today Homec did pasta. Yueying's meatball so salty hahah. It tastes average only, but if strictly speaking, I think very nan chi lor. I cant cook for nuts! :D Oh yeah, Mrs Susan Low today so weird lar, kept calling our class people weird names. Since when did Yueying's name become Grace?! After school chased Juliet around the whole 4th flr until she cried leh :( Make me feel damn guilty lor.. Sorry!! :( Went to Srenee's house and Ikea. Ikea was utmost fun, especially at the children's section! Srenee attempted to rape me leh, stupid biantaiiiii! Also got videos of her in the bathroom section, super funny! Who want see come find me whee~

    This few days receive alot of...... lectures and advices bah. Cos soon it's going to be our turn. Want to put in my best for both, but ultimately only one can remain the best in my heart right...? Hope that my decision doesnt disappoint me. :)

    Happy Birthday Huiyan! :D
    Purple is gay, so it's for you!! 16 years old liao, please stop being so bhb and childish lar you! Always call me names, pull my rubber band off, hit me etc. &Stop daoing me ley, I very sad one you know ._. But since today your birthday, let you happy abit bah. You... chio lar chio lar :) Paiseh for that ugly picture of you, because I seriously cant find anymore pics of you in my phone leh hahah. I remember when that day I took that picture, was at the kindergarten campfire! Then I pulled off your socks and Grace hid them around the room :D Then you find find find until you drop the DVD player or something on the rack, ahahah! Okay I'm like digressing... Anyway! Happy Birthday, and please stop bullying me thanks :)

    Srenee's cool hairstyle :) Courtesy of me, Shirlyn and Jiawei. Hairspray courtesy of Derek.

    The Granny look!

    Ke ai right! Like tomato liddat! ;D

    My mailbox on the notice board! Inside got alot of fanmail leh LOL. Anw see the arrow pointing to the right, saying "my fanci"? It's pointing to Jiawei's mailbox! :D My fanci worxz.

    For sure :)

    Wont be updating until weekends bah. Hopefully the taupok session on next (I think) Friday will be fun. Madel + Huixian = OWNAGE YAY :) Idol&Fan ftw! :D Amelia&Nicole, watch out!

    Sunday, August 03, 2008


    Baking *coughcough* pros! :D

    Heart-shaped cookie made by me me me! See who's the lucky one eh! 8D

    Mixing the batter with BARE HANDS. The feeling is awesome!!

    Yay, making the round round shape! :) {I look like I have dimples right!}

    Rawrrrrr! Batter-hands attack! :)

    Chao tar cookies mwahaha. I suggested cutting away the chaotar part, but it seems like the whole thing is chaotar uh -.-

    With my beloved Xiaowanzi Aloy! (: Aiseh she's like 1 head taller than me cos I was tiptoeing when taking this picture leh! :(

    Ahaha, ytd night was zihighing with Amelia! :) Sorry lar, but I dont want to remove that sentence leh! Dont taupok me pls pls! &WanTing ah, you might not be so lucky to get the heart-shaped one leh! I swear it tastes good lar! 8)

    Oh man I'm dead beatttttttttttt, but I'm still updating. Time check: 12.17AM, just finished my bath after POP bbq. K, let's start from the beginning aye!

    Woke up at 7, rushed to Nicole's house to bake..... COOKIES!! Ahaha totally awesome and fun, together with Sandy! We suck at baking cookies AHAHAH!! More people came too! :) Got one batch of cookies totally CHAO TAR! We were like "Eh whats that chao tar smell? OMG ITS THE COOKIES!" Made 1 heart-shaped cookie too, to see who's that lucky one! Enjoy the cookies k, COS IT'S FILLED WITH LOVEEEEEE!!Then yar, after much time, went down to the pit, then quite messy also lar....

    At 5pm, Sec 4s arrived so we went to fetch them via what we claimed was special transport-Rollerskates&Bikes! Yes I know we're damn pro lor ahahaha! I fetched Waikhee the baikah, Yijie JT, and finally walked back to the pit with Madel&Aloysia. We were like talking about PSLE and pri sch life lor, super random! Yup, then started playing vball with Sec 4s yep! Beach ball babes HAHAH XD After this, while some of them were eating, we began playing waterbombs!

    Woah, damn crazy I tell you! Throw here throw there throw everywhere lar! I kena alot wor, then got 2 smack across my face damn pain and wet LOL :D Then we began allying, Amelia, Nicole, Huiyan and I team tgt! But then, Huiyan the baichi go throw waterbomb at Amelia, and then.............................. TAUPOKING SESSION STARTED!!! Mwahahah, total ownage man! The ultimate taupokers-Amelia, Aslyn, Madel, Nicole and me! Ahaha, we taupoked Hy at the super sandy area, so I think she's really dirty now! Heehee :D

    Then next few targets were Aloy, WanTing and Xianwei! Super funnnnnnnnnnnnn, cos we're really good at taupoking ppl(zi-kua LOL). And somemore so many people, I think the targets confirm cannot breathe one lor! They got smarter, and so it was kinda like seniors VS juniors! Like we will taupok people, but if one of us kena taupok then we will immediately come save the person! :D Ahahah, obviously we win right! :) Sec 4s said that we were very 强! Practice makes perfect ^^v Oh and Waikhee, who was baikah so she didnt really participate, helped her team by pouring bottles of ketchup all over us! Yeah, so you can imagine how dirty and smelly we are :/

    Went to wash up, and yar I got bullied by Hy leh you know you know!! :( Idiotic pig lar she, take my rubber band dont want return. Somemore keep molesting and splashing water at me lar, so childish ahem ahem. My shirt the ketchup so hard to wash off! :( And somemore my hair like kena aduken (Tzeyeng do you see this :P) lar, but I was too lazy to change clothes so yup! I think I grazed/scrapped my knees during the taupoking session cos when the water ran along my knees, there's this stinging pain! D:

    After this ate a little, then played dare or double dare! Hmm, most of us lost our first kiss in this game! D: Because like 80% of the dares are got to do with kissing with tongue action and stuff like that! :) Heng my first kiss still intact lar :P Amelia had to let Nicole lick her lips, and she enjoyed it alot! Nic said Amelia's lips were TASTY.LOL :D I only kena twice, once was Madel had to lick whipped cream off my neck leading to my cheeks, and the other one was to ask a guy for his number! There was one which was really cheesy which Amelia&Aslyn had to do, "Do you have a plaster? Because I hurt my knees when I fell for you.." AHAHA :D Another one which was pretty extreme, Huiyan had to ask a girl/guy "How much for a night?" Hee. There were lots more dares, and everybody did at least 2 I think? Madel was a kissing machine, because she got the most kissing dares, and she stole alot of first kisses! Naughty idol!

    Mmyep, then after this, we ate abit, cleared up the rubbish at the pavillion, and then played a little of vball yep. Somebody cried and was emo-ing wor, but I cannot say who because she will beat me and also partially cos the reason is very dumb :D Yeah, then in the end, lombang Waikhee's car to PP busstop! Thanks yeah, I bet I smelt real bad in your car uh :/ Bused home, and I bet alot of people were staring at me due to my ketchup-stained PE shirt!

    I hope everyone had a great time today during the bbq! :) Because we did put in alot of hard work, effort, time, and also money(-.-) to plan for this bbq and for it to work out. I'm quite guilty thought, never really help out... So sorry people! :( I would say that this bbq was a successful and fun and memorable one, because I'm sure everyone had the time of their life, whether if it was you being the very first layer during the taupok, getting waterbombed till you're soaked to the skin, or bbq-ing the food. Thanks alot, to every single one of you! :D (Yeah, those people whose pit were beside ours too, because we kept on going up to them to perform our dare on them :P)

    Time check: 1am, due to disruptions from MSN hah.

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