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13th Feb is my day.
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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008
    eoy, library

    Eoys are here already and yet I dont feel anything O.O Somehow, I'm just not worried about eoys. Should I be worried that I'm not worried..............?

    This few days I was super hardworking, going to Tampines library almost everyday to study with Amd+twins! *beams proudly* Much better than staying at home because TV+com=major distraction, and fastfood restaurants are such tempting places.! Ha ha ha, the library has got this guy who goes there almost everyday like me, and he's very cute and handsome (!!!).

    Oh yeah, bought 2 new bags during the weekend, 1 black shoulder bag and a checkered backpack. Sharing the shoulder bag with my sis because we're nice girls that care and share. Right............. Checkered and polka dots are in okay...! Plus the backpacks is to ensure the nerd in me, coupled with my specs, so hardworking+nerd look ftw man! 8)

    HCL Paper 1 was easy? (gasps!) Of course it was, with majority of us not being able to finish or just rushing through Paper 1, plus there wasnt any 报章报道 for me to write, wtf? That was the only format I remembered, so I simply used the format for the discussion question. Dang dang dang. Die................... There goes my triple :((((((((


    You're like an Indian summer, in the middle of winter.
    Like a hard candy, with a surprise center.

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008
    zann's bday, pickup lines, library mugging session

    Monday was super funny :D After assembly, walked out with the girls+boys clique... And then the girls kidnapped Derek mwahaha! Cos he's our financial support so we couldnt buy Zann's bday present without him :X So it was tussle between the girls and guys cos we were fighting for him to help us pay first, while the guys were rescuing him. And this whole tussle started from class to the busstop -.- At canteen, Joshua suddenly exclaimed super loudly "Wahlao, who pinch my nipple?! Wtf!" LOL SUPER FUNNY EVERYONE BURST OUT LAUGHING LIKE MAD! :DD

    Tue, was Zann's bday! Celebrated during recess, Mango cake sponsored by the guys yo! &Then girls clique presented to her our present, 3 pairs knickers/boxers from Dorothy Perkins!! Eh, expensive one okay, somemore is we hand pick one, super cute one lor ;)

    See my piece of cake special one, got heart-shape wor!

    "Aiyah faster lah, I want to cut my cake!"

    全家幅 of girls clique! :D

    Today, while walking out to busstop, we were all discussing about pickup lines! Srenee's ones were the best! "You are ugly, but you intrigue me." "Do you have big nostrils? Because you just took my breath away" WAHAHA! At Eatz Culture, the person gave us a free cup of soya bean milk each, yay! Srenee, Karwai and I came to a conclusion that it may be from China so they give us, so we waited until PuYin, Lena and Amanda drink finish liao then tell them LOL :D
    Bus-ed to Tampines Library to mug, met Anngie on the bus hah. Srenee, Kw and I were coming up with that surname formation thing that Shir&Srenee started. Funniest ones were "Fiona Xie Du Zi", "Eugene Xu Duo Mao" (Koh is Xu in chi), "Juliet Seow Shi Le"! There's alot more but yeah, keep to ourselves better ;D Hate mine though, "Liu Kou Shui/Bi Ti" wth!

    At library, sat with Amd! :D Srenee&Kw went to some ulu corner and sat on the floor, while PuYin was sitting alone D: Baofang&Waikhee was there too! :) Wk kept bullying me lor, keep showing me the Loser sign and hitting me T_T Ke lian right! I did abit of Lit Unseen Poems WS, which is long overdue heh. Copied until I wanna die liao, bcos I couldnt photocopy bcos I didnt have my cashcard with me :( Then also read thru the format for tmr's EL Paper 1.

    EOYs starts tomorrow, but I havent really started studying yet -.- Somemore no motivation! Confirm chop die lar arghhhhh! But anyway everyone


    Thursday, September 18, 2008
    "push me gently", chi oral=fail D:

    Oh man this week is....... super hectic but very fun too! :D Today morning had a painful start because this girl called Sia Wai Khee kicked my butt! D: But actually is cos I kicked hers first :P Hai, who call my legs to be short, so cant aim until her butt.. But for her, it's easy to aim my butt because she dont need to aim high -.- Fun part was today, omg so diulian during lunch! Sitting with Srenee is never a good idea D: She so fat lar, stand up nia the whole chair topple siol LOL! heng I sitting opposite her and not same bench with her :D Then the whole canteen turned to look at us, and Anna went "Aiyoh huixian!!!" Argh it wasnt meeeeeee! Oh please, only my laogong is capable of doing such stuff when she's thin can :D

    Chinese oral=fail GAHHHHH D: Hai, Yangls didnt even let me finish my passage can?! How well can it go man argh D: Conversation was crap too, more of like 80% she talk about the points, yes really she told me because I was stunned with the topic of rice prices rising. She began telling me what I can talk about (like change of position, she's the student and I'm the teacher), and then I spoke for only 20% of the time, elaborating on HER points :/ Dieeeeeeee.

    Oh yes, ever seen the sign that goes "Push Me Gently" on LT1 (I think) doors? :D Uhhuh, it fell to the ground and Srenee picked it up and went to place it on Karwai's butt. So we had a great(?!) time whacking Kw's butt LOL. Oh man I think we're biantai *gasp!*

    Oei dont push anymore lar later flat how?!

    Friday, September 12, 2008
    prata, mid autumn 2008

    Woahhh hello hello hello I'm really high now cos of school's Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations heh :D This week I had 2 consecutive days of eating PRATA with my girlfs! 2nd day, 3 of us ordered 2 plain prata and 1 tissue prata which was really huge. In the end all of us couldnt finish :P Shir's tissue prata flew off her plate cos too thin and light liao hahah! She screamt and then the other tables with CCHMS people turned and look at us, so diulian lol -.- No more prata plzhorkthx.

    Oh yes, Monday's recess was zz. Jacie thought that I was Sec 3 wth?! She still call me caolao can whathellllllll! Somemore I still so nice let her cut my queue and help her buy things can -.- Hai, first it was Wingyee&Aloy, and now Jacie's in it too oh no D:

    Today was fun yooooo! :D History lessons totally own because Miss Mok is sooo cute! :D She looks like a table with thick eyebrows (inside joke)! And socialites rocks more than socialists :B Guidez was okay, learnt how to tie some knots and Madel wanted us to make shoerack LOL. Adeline YA totally made my day by saying that Madel is blacker tanner than me YAY! :D Hah, see Xiaobai I told you already that I'm fairer and you're tanner already what! Hmm, now I must change name to Xiaobai and you must change to Xiaohei mwahaha!

    Met Kangning, Shirlyn, Soravee, Serene, Zann, Karwai and we played frisbee then proceeded to eat dinner. After this only left KN, KW, Srenee, Shir. Eh, see the name got pattern one XD, hai except mine so odd one out aww :( When we came back to school, the first people we saw was Mr Khoo, his wife and his baby! HIS BABY DAMN CUTE CAN AWW ;)

    Chionged to get the lanterns (dont umchio) because we wanted to walk around the school and look happy&gay with lanterns yay! :D Hmm a group of guys were asking us if our school ot anywhere scary, then we gave them a few ideas but they said they went already but didnt see anything -.- Then we met Liling&Co., and then I also asked them got anywhere scary anot. Her answer super lame luh: "You go to 4th floor toilet, best is old blk one. Then you blow off the fire in your lantern, only leave 1 lighted. You hold the lantern and put below your face and look into the mirror." Haha super lame right, trying to say that we're the ghosts. But Shir&I smart lar, we said that when we look into the mirror we see a chiobu looking back at us XD! Then Shir, Srenee&KW went for nightwalk with some others while KN&I were at vball court chatting with Jiaying. Zz, Jiaying why you so emo huh huh huh! Must cheers! :D Be happy like me!!

    Played with sparklers, Srenee&I were super duper high yeah! :D We took the sparklers and ran from one end of the vball court to the end of the bball court twice! Then we threw the sparklers in the air and it looked as if got shooting star gonna drop on us hee ;D Made patterns with candle wax and also burnt a lantern :X Xianwei and Ferlin came to borrow fire from us. After a while, the security guard rode his bike towards the vball court, blew his whistle, and shouted "Why got fire?!" Heng at that time our fire already died, but Xianwei&Co. one still burning :/ So yup, we quickly ran into the concourse and Nicole&I began complaining to each other, heh.


    Sparkler fun yayyyyy.


    Whoo we luv lanterns hahah :D Lol our lanterns coincidentally got pattern one sia. Red, green, green, red!

    Do I really matter so little already? It's been only a few days but we're drifting apart further than ever. Am I really invisible in your eyes? Its hard to let go, hard to give up, hard to make sure that I dont think 'bout it anymore.

    Thursday, September 04, 2008
    flag day, soravee's bday, iMove ccl workshop

    Did Flag Day with Zhiqi, Nicole, Ester, Jacquelyn and Ruisi. Collection point was at SMU, and we bused down to PP. Hai, people see us machiam see ghost can, all stay out of our way wth?! -.- C'mon, giving the shillings in your pocket isnt going to make your pocket weigh lighter, and it's also going to charity so why not...?

    Went to school for iMove ccl workshop. My teams rock lar! Team :D ftw!! Heh, :D consist of Anna, Brenda, Cheeliang, Gaoxiang, Jiawei, Yangjun and me! Common trait: We all coincidentally drew smileys on our nametags yay! Learnt alot of stuff to control large groups of people and command tone etc. Wrote acknowledgements for people too, was really fun! After it ended, it rained like superrr heavy and then some of us began playing ball at concourse whee~ Hah, Shirlyn, Jiawei and I were acting super bimbotic with those voices and "talk to my hand" kinda crap! :D Shir's Pro Bimbo, Jw's Noob Bimbo, and I'm Chio Bimbo. Omg I think my bimbo name rocks :D

    iMove workshop again, my group did our task bcos other groups finished theirs but we havent :O So yup, Singyan joined our team cos he didnt come ytd so we happily adopted him yeah~ :) Did our task, wrote more acknowledgements which some were super dumb and lame(LOL), and did another task too!

    Ended at 6, Jw&I rushed to PP to meet Karwai, collected the cake, changed, chionged to Citylink's NewYorkNewYork to celebrate Soravee's birthday! 10 people were there, and we were the latest oops! ;x But cant help it cos we collected the cake mah, so kind and helpful can! Quickly ate and then cut cake, and rushed off to Orchard Cineleisure to watch Make It Happen! It's a dance show, somewhat similar to Step Up & it's sequels bcos Soravee said that it's by the same director/producer. I sat with Serene cos we got the "outcast" seats -.- Yup, and we kept talking and commenting bcos the show was super draggy and we didnt really like it :/ Plus got no hot bods for us to see ley, so disappointed lor LOL!

    Workshop again, however today was different bcos last 2 days were Sec 1s&2s tgt, Sec 3s different workshop. But today all of us combined and formed new groups. So here comes Team Banana, with Anna, Brenda, Gaoxiang, Jiaxin, Kaline, Keith, Marc, Valerie, Yangjun, Yanzhan and me! Uhhuh we rock alrighttt! Peel banana, dance banana, head banana, join banana!

    Totally luv Team Banana cos I think we have alot of moqi and team spirit and stuff, especially during the skipping rope game. Brenda's old injury acted up and she just collapsed on the floor. Helped her up to a chair, and then we continued working towards the aim of jumping 15 times together as a team with a long rope, with Bda in our minds :)

    Actually, I felt like giving up already, but all those small small encouragements kept me going and then we finally finished what seemed to be impossible. Team Bimbo became really sad and started crying. We, Bananas, then went to them and each one of us started comforting them :) I comforted Anngie, and I realised that she's a really really sweet girl! Cos she asked for my number while we were slacking at the bball court after the workshop; and then at night she sent me a sms which was around 7 msgs long to thank me for comforting her and stuff! It's wonderful how a small matter like comforting someone can lead to a heartwarming sms which I'll probably never forget. Bda was one of the 3 who felt that they didnt give their 100%, and when she started saying about how mentally she wants to jump the rope with us, but physically she cant, Yanzhan&I started crying :'( Had a long debrief due to this, but it was a great learning experience. Ended with all of us holding this rope, leaning backwards. As more people joins the rope, it gets harder to hold on to it as we have more weight to support. However, at the end what you get is a round circle which will never ever fall, and people will never see it as a mess again.

    Oh yes, and all of us were playing that scissors paper stone game, then loser have to move one leg in front until split liddat! Childhood memories man 8D &We did baby freeze too whee~ Taught people and then everybody do tgt so cool lar can :D

    Thanks for the acknowledgements, although I know it's not alot but I'm very touched to receive them {apart from the bimbo one ahem}. Yes Singyan, I'll try to speak up more okay! :D


    Why do I keep running from the truth?
    All I ever think about is you
    You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
    And I've just got to know,
    Do you ever think, when you're all alone
    All that we can be, where this thing can go
    Am I crazy or falling in love?
    Is it real or just another crush?
    Do you catch a breath when I look at you?
    Are you holding back like the way I do?
    Cause I try and try to walk away
    But I know this crush ain't going away .....

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