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    Sunday, November 30, 2008

    Hey peopleeeee. :) I'm at the airport now whee~ Yupyup, I'll be back on 7th, but I dont think I'll buy presents wor :( Bcos I dont know what to buyyyyy! D: Haha okay okay byeeeeeee! :D

    Tuesday, November 25, 2008
    audi fever, madagascar 2

    {editedit} Omg I'm back from my CIP and my feets hurts like shit after standing from 2.30-7 non-stop ok.!!! And I cant believe that I offered to go again tomorrow, from 10.30-7 zomg I'm nutssssssssssssssss.! D:{/editedit}

    {edit} Britney's new album, Circus, will be coming out on 2/12, but imeem is having a exclusive pre-release of her album! Go check it out! :) {/edit}

    These few days were awesome :) Chionged Audition on Sunday night, thanks to Shuying and Yuting! :D Hacks ftw man! I'm buried in my dens LOL :D Yay, managed to earn 475k with them in a few games, and I spent 650k on my clothes mwahaha :D Chio dao~ Trendy liao worxz. In nu wang! :D Oh yeah, came up with an equation for my msn pm, cos since Shuying's one was "rain>mosquito>bites>angry", mine was "audi>upb>hack>chain>win>dens>clothes>chio>HAPPY!" LOL IM NUTS 8) But yeah I'm still happy over my virtual clothing hahaha :D See, dens can buy nice clothes too okay! Ahaha okay that's enough of my audi rant.

    Today went to Cathay for Madagascar with Srenee and Shirlyn, super funny ha ha ha! When we went into the cinema, it was empty so we started playing catching! LOL DAMN FUN I TELL YOU, SOMEMORE GOT SO MANY ROWS OF CHAIRS LEH :D &Who would have known that Motomoto is voiced by! So shocking plz ha ha ha!! And what Melman said to Gloria was so sweet lah!

    That’s not it. Listen mototo you better treat this lady like a queen. Because you... you my friend, you’ve found yourself the perfect woman. If I was ever so lucky to find the perfect woman, I would give her flowers every day. And not just any flowers ok? Her favorites are orchids. White. And I’d bring her breakfast every day. 6 loaves of wheat toast with butter on the side. No crusts. The way she likes it. I’d be her shoulder to cry on and her best friend. And I’d spend every day trying to think of how to make her laugh. She has the most… most amazing laugh. That’s what I would do, if I were you. But I’m not, so you do it.

    Which led Shir to the topic of what kind of guys we like -.- I like sweet guys! :D Shir................ aiyah I also dk wht she likes O.O Cos she said that if the guy is sweet and offers to help her carry stuff, she'll tell the guy "No thanks wo yao zi ji na." LOL. Tsk, so those interested in Shir must take note ok, dont offer to help her carry stuff hor, later she give you one tight slap xD Bought my shoes too, like finally ;D Too bad Karwai was sick, or else she could have gotten her flats!

    Hmm, tmr I'll be having CIP at Orchard area, selling Guides cookies! Fri would be Guides camp briefing followed by pool with Madel afterwards I think. And I'll be flying off on Sunday already yipee! :D But Jacie says that the tops there are all long-sleeved because they are preparing for winter, so if I wna buy clothes, just buy the bottoms would do. Yep, last post before I get back from Taiwan(7/12), miss me okay :) Oh and yes, Amanda(26/11), Huiyan(28/11) have a safe trip too. &Hy, I still dislike your dad for extending your holiday tmd! :( I wna meet youuuuuuuuuuuu.

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008
    class chalet

    {edit 22/11: SiaWaiKheeeeeee have a safe trip to Taiwan okay! Too bad you're coming back the day before I'm leaving for Taiwan LOL. This is called no fate. Haha okay okay, take care and enjoy! Come back already must date me out ah ok set.}

    Belated birthday message for Joey:

    Happy belated Birthday Froggy Joey! :D

    Frogs are green, thus your birthday greeting colour! Hehheh :) Thanks for inviting me to your bbq, although we couldnt do night cycling. You're f.i.n.a.l.l.y 14, when I'm going to turn 15 soon!! Okay, maybe not that soon but yar, still around 3 more months heh :D Anyway, you're a really great friend for these 2 years! Your lame jokes are really veryyyy lame, although sometimes they're funny! Like the "Wake Me Up When September Ends"; and your heroes craze! Hiro Nakamura! I will always remember the frog incident on the bus! :) Last long with Eugene! HA HA HA!

    Class chalet.

    Met up with Karwai, Shirlyn and Srenee first, played for awhile then went to the chalet. We were chasing after every single shuttle bus to see if it's going to NSRCC -.- K, then reached and we (Kw, Shir, Srenee, Kn and me) chionged to play pool. My first time give you all leh HAHAHA! ;D We wanted to save money so we blocked the holes with our hands; heng only 1 other table was playing at that time. Then played 2 games and went back to the chalet :)

    I'm so proud that I helped lah can!! I helped in the charcoal, and shun bian do my marshmallows hehheh :D Bcos I cant start fire because I never start before -.- Guides do is use wood one mah, somemore wood more difficult than charcoal leh you know! (Die also want face LOL) Oh ya, Srenee hurt her foot leh T_T Cos the hot charcoal drop on the floor then she stepped on it D: So being the nice girl that I am, Kn&I brought her to the lobby that part to get first aid. Okay, actually it's more of her running, then I was lagging behind cos I was holding my cup of green tea. But when I reached the lobby, my green tea only left half cup LOL. &The first aid is damn lousy please, the guy dont even know how to open the box lah! Wlao eh if someone is in life-threatening situation, sure die already lor.

    The food was quite nice. Quite successful leh this bbq! :) Must be because of the microwave oven and stove! Although I never do anything at all except eat -.- Played Idiot after eating, Srenee reached level 7 first. She's super unlucky lar, at first she was level 0 all the way, until she responded to Chester, who was at level 6 already. Then she was the slowest for the next round, and thus she lost. Mwahaha :D

    I was trying to act like some model LOL.
    &I was quite afraid that when I touched the car, the alarm will go off xD

    They were hard at work................................... (Greg qiang jing tou!)

    Cooking food for us :)

    Heh, with the stove, they made fried noodles! :D

    Srenee stepping on the ice pack to sooth her burnt foot D:
    &She's trying to act like she's wiping her butt -.-

    Karwai 1 person eat 3 plates of noodles D:

    See, they so little people eat so much! :O
    Okay just keeeeeding, this is all the cooked food, and they were just eating abit.

    Pokemon monopoly LOL.

    Monday, November 17, 2008
    library with sandy and nicole pics, joey's bday bbq, sending soravee off

    Peekchurexz of library!

    My favourite girls :)

    Caramel pudding ftw!

    House bunny HA HA HA!

    Sandy looks grumpy :@
    That unit is mine!
    Wah, huixian so lucky got house there. I wish I had one too....................
    LOL Okay actually it's a hotel -.-



    Joey's birthday bbq!

    Birthday girl was late arhhhhhhh.! Was quite fun, especially when we were setting up the tent ha ha ha! Wanted to do nightcycling, but ugh most of the shops were closed already :( &I think that Kuoxian and I can win x-country already, with our fast speed when we ran to the toilet which was quite far lol :D Srenee, Chewern and I kept eating non-stop (:

    MD girls with the birthday girl!

    Group picture!

    Chicken wants to kill the birthday girl :D

    Cookie monster cakeeeeeeee.


    Sent Soravee off yesterday with Kangning, Karwai and Srenee. Ate at Popeyes, my favourite yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :) Omg I keep eating alot this few days hahaha. Yup, then makan already then went to send her to Terminal 1 cos quite late already. &She's going to buy me pork floss whee~!

    Anyway! I learnt a new phrase! Upskirt is called 裙低风光 in Chinese! I bet alot of you didnt know right! :D Also, supadupaflygirl is super hot!! Especially in her disturbia video, you can see that her eyes are very charming and pretty! Omg I feel as if I'm obsessed with her................

    Lastly, Jacie&Wingyee, have a safe trip to Taiwan and HK respectively!! :)

    Friday, November 14, 2008

    Say hello to.......................3LY'09!

    Triple+Egeog, my desired combination ha ha ha! :D Well, the namelist looks pretty fun to me, because there'll be quite a few people I know! My kindergarten friend (Shiyin) also ley, cool anot?! 10years friends and counting! Oh yar, there isn't a 2MD single person in 3DL, 3GR! :O That's like... so weird.

    Chester in Benevolence.
    Serene in Courage.
    Gregory in Forgiveness. (Only person there out of 2MD)
    Mervyn in Harmony. (Only person there out of 2MD)
    Kangning, Shirlyn, Derek, Zihow in Integrity.
    Me, Karwai, Joshua in Loyalty.
    Soravee and Zann in Modesty.
    Jiawei in Respect.

    I know 18 of 3LY'09 people, but there's still 21 unknown though :( Hope everyone's fun and high~ I'll miss my girls though ;( I almost cried when reading Srenee's blog because it's like, can see that she's quite sad within, but she's trying to make herself seem happy by finding melons in the school -.-

    Yup, so went to school today with Nicole and Sandy. I was the latest, can you believe it?! Because I was so nice to make sure Nicole was awake and I also hurried her to school lor! :) K, then went to school, saw the lists, then talked to a few people. Ate at With a Pinch of Salt, quite nice eh! :D Then went to National Library, and borrowed books! Sandy&Nic still laugh at me say I bookworm, but in the end they also borrowed books lor! 8) Then went to courtyard, where we took lotsa pictures and all of them are super funny!

    {CAOLAO I'm going to be REALLY NICE here so there will only be two of that word is this whole post, unlike last time when I wished you happy birthday but still welcome even though I made you thank me many many times already! HAHA.} LOL I copied this outta your blog, but I editted it okay! ;) Ha ha ha, nah this isnt going to be your dedication! Okay, I remember when I met you, you were telling me alot about council stuff, because me&my friend were asking you :D But I dont know if I talked alot or kept quiet. But at least now I talk alot to you, means I'm very friendly okay! And isnt arguing more fun and interactive than keeping quiet? I can hear you agreeing! Right, and I'm going to be in LY next year, same as you and Aloy ah! Maybe I'll end up loving Bio alot like you O_o Omg no way man, you're obsessed with Bio! Now that you've graduated, cannot see you&Aloy's caolao faces already ._. But I'll miss you too :) Must always strive for the best, and I'm sure you can do well for your future exams and tests and whatnots!

    Ps. Who wants dedications can just ask! But must be like, you're leaving the school or sth :B Oh yes, and lastly, SIAWAIKHEE HAVE FUN IN GENTING! You're going Taiwan too, so we can share our experiences when we go out sometime okay! :D Love you alot, my best les partner!

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    New skin up, I totally love the watermelon background because it's so cute :) Wanna thank Clarissa for helping me find the stupid underlined link coding part, but we couldnt find the problem anyway :( I think the underlined links look ugly, but I cant help it. I removed the plurk thingamajig too, because it clashes with the skin and I'm going to quit plurk soon anyway. I guess I'm gonna use this skin for quite some time, but I'll be changing the quote up there from time to time. Unless I suddenly get high and change to a Xmas skin which is quite possible. Maybe :)

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008
    clique chalet, wenhui's bday

    I'm back from clique chalet already, super tired! x_x 3D2N Costa Sands Downtown East ha ha ha, I feel like I'm doing some ad or sth x) Alright, I shall talk about the fun things! (To lazy to read everything? Scroll to the bottom cos I will nicely summarize everything for you. Say I'm nice :D)

    First day
    Immediately played Mahjong, yayyyy! :D I've not been touching Mj tiles for rather long already, a few months!! K, then we played Idiot too, and it was so funny, especially Derek&Greg. We set a rule that the first person to reach Idiot 7 had to sleep in the sleeping bag, but in the end Greg didnt abide by the rule lar! Hm, then they watched The Grudge, but since Kangning&I dont dig horror movies, we went outside to walk walk :D Karwai&Soravee then joined us too, and we went to Macs to slack and also to see fight, but too bad the fight over already x(

    Second day
    We made our own breakfast which was cup noodles, and also campbell soup cooked by the travel cooker! :D It was raining quite heavily, so we stayed indoors and played Twister instead! The girls' game ended much faster compared to the guys' game though, must be because guys can stretch more or sth!

    Luckily the rain stopped so we went to Wild Wild Wet! We= Me, Soravee, Shirlyn, Zann, Srenee, Derek, Joshua, Greg, Zihow, Chester!

    K, so we the girls wore tees cos we didnt bring swimming stuff, while guys went topless ha ha ha! K, nothing much to see lol! (oops). Played everything :D Both operators for the U-shaped slide thingamajig knows Srenee&I already, thanks to me ha ha ha! The guy operator on top was so evil lar, dont want to tell me how to put our legs! xD Then he still stuck out his tongue at me and pushed us when I wasnt prepared! Which led me screaming like nuts because I was quite shocked. Then the girl operator at the bottom was like "Woah, you shouted as if you jumped off a building!" Then 2nd time I screamt again because I was unprepared (thanks to evil guy operator who likes to act cute!), and so the girl said "You jump off building once not enough ah, must jump twice somemore" Lol so evil right! The most important part was..............................

    Serene almost drowned!!!!

    So it all happened like this: We were in the wave pool, and Srenee was on the float and she floated to the 1.8m that part. When the waves stopped, Srenee kinda dropped off her float. Then when she came back up to breathe, the float hit her on the head so she was underwater again. Then she too tired to tread water so she started struggling and luckily I saw okay! I went "Omg Srenee is drowning!!!!" Then the lifeguard heard and dived in to save her :D But Srenee was laughing when she came out, must be due to shock!

    At night, rented The Messenger and watched it! Quite nice thriller, cos it's like quite surprising but I can predict every move lor :D Cos some are quite expected already... Then the guys went to rent 21, some gambling show, but I fell asleep during the beginning :P

    Third day
    Woke up, packed our stuff. Greg began playing with the sleeping bag and acted as Batman, super funny! Ate at Macs, but everyone was super groggy due to lack to sleep, thus there was hardly any conversation D:

    Went home, slept for 1 and half hour before heading to Bugis to celebrate Wenhui's birthday! Joey so sick lar, buy Wh G-string ha ha ha! Ate at Swensen's and Wh received a complimentary Firehouse! Played at the kiddy arcade, got 330 tickets and changed candy for 6 of us. Went to Bugis St to buy Huixuan's bread. Then decided for quite long on where to go next, before deciding on City Hall. Slacked at Starbuck's and Hx was angry cos we went City Hall just to drink Starbucks LOL.


    Cant agree more :P

    Clique chalet: Mahjong, Idiot, 7 Barcardi, 8 Jolly, The Grudge, sparklers, fitness corner, twirls around bars, 1EP chalet, koping marshmallows, arcade, laggy ddr, hilarious parapara by Xinhao, twister, sending Kn to her mom's car, wildwildwet, evil ride operators, shit in lazy river, Srenee almost drowning, The Messenger, 21, packing up, finding lots of unclaimed items.

    Wenhui's birthday: sexy red hot gstring, swenswen's, firehouse, cherry with double stems, proving to Joey there was neoprint shop, kiddy arcade, cheating on short small machines, 330 tickets, 6 fizzy lollipops, Hx buying bread, city hall, starbucks, Hx nagging and whining.

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