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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    Happy New Year, 2009! In advance hehheh.

    Sigh, 2008 is ending soon and I havent had enough of it :( So I'm here to rant about all those that is in my mind, just typing whatever that comes into my mind, so it may seem a little unorganized. Not going to do resolutions cos I think that they are so cliched. I mean like, you might follow them for maybe first few months, and after that you forget about them. In conclusion, they're pretty useless to me.

    Goodbye 2MD and hello 3LY. (I still cant get over the fact that my class is at 4th floor, climb until I die.) I hope that my class is going to be a really fun class, but of course we must work hard too :) So I want my class to be a work hard and play hard class so no one gets left out yay!

    Timetable's pretty alright I guess............ PE on Mondays, I hope that they wont change the timetable again(quite impossible cos they keep changing during first few days of term). I dont want to suffocate in my tie every Monday :( So please let 3LY keep the PE on Mondays! :D Also there's double timing on timetable so which do we follow?! I'm confused ;_; And ugh, upper sec recess, so we're the youngest during recess, darn. Phototaking on Feb 10th for Sec 3s, so please do not anyhow go and cut some kuku hairstyle or else you'll regret for lifeeeeeeee.

    I have also heard that those new Sec 1s next year who passed their HCL test got transferred into HCL classes. Therefore my darling 1CR is separated :( Which means that they have to make new friends all over again, so hope that they can get used to their new classes! :D

    Jiawei wants me to talk about Renzoe, so here it is: Erm Renzoe is the shuai/cute person in his class lol. And he is sticky to Lowell and Jw. And Jw stop showing off the fact that your class is on 3rd floor! :( 4th floor only got 2 Sec3 classes, unluckily 3LY is one of them, nooooooooooo! D:

    Haha watching countdown on Ch8 now, and got Yu Zhou Xiao Jie wor hahaha. Reminds me of orientation cos Jiawei and I both like that song yay :D Which reminds me of us singing Shakalaka Baby during BN&CR's mass lecture of cheers. Which reminds me of my embarassing acts during the "go banana, go go banana" part. Which reminds me of ALL my diu lian happenings. Ah I miss 1CR and Section 1 esp. Clar&Val sigh.

    Having stomaches is a trait in Section 1, haha :) Cos Lowell&I had stomaches on the morning of 2nd day of orientation, while Clarissa and Valerie had them at night! Wingyin had hers during farewell party, while Jiawei shat(his version of shit's past tense) on 2nd day, so I guess that counts too :B

    Time passes so fast that I think that we should so totally celebrate 2010 in advance.

    Tuesday, December 30, 2008
    sec 1 orientation

    Warning: Mega long post, read at your own risk. For pictures, scroll to bottom of the post!

    Zomg orientation was fun, but very very tiring! ;( But we all had fun rightttttttt! Hehheh :D Once again, Section 1 rocks mwahaha :D We took 1BN&CR, and they really rockkkkkkk :) Love CR to bits and pieces haha.

    Day 1
    Reached school at 6.45. I had bloodshot eyes in the morning, but luckily it wasnt red after awhile :) Then er, briefing and stuff. Lowell, Clarissa and I took 1CR heh. Alicia, Wingyin, Valerie, Javier and Lihan took 1BN. Did the usual like self intro and bonding games, but halfway some students got transferred in and out, so we kinda had to restart self intro ._.

    Games were fun and high, especially The Lowell Game (which is actually the fire earthquake hunter squirrels tree game, if you get what I mean :P)! Amoeba was super high and fun too, CR kept wanting to play again and again even though we (Lowell, Clarissa, Yijie&I) were super tired and exhausted! D: Hmm the main reason why we were so tired was because Clar&I were running around madly, screaming very loudly to rush them and waving our hands in the air! Lol, damn fun to make them think that the catcher come already when they were at the other side of the concourse, and those innocent people who got tricked by us also screamed along and ran off HAHAHAHA!

    Yeah then after games they had to prepare for campfire, which was er......... some groups quite dead, while some are enthu. No offence :X But yeah they were quite cooperative lar, just hope that they wont dislike those who take the initiative to lead and divide the stuff they need to do..

    Day 2
    Reached again at 6.45. Jiawei came today, but Javier didnt come. So Jiawei joined my class. Then the Sec 1s had a talk in Grand Audi about the school stuff, and then we did rock you cheer! :) Lowell&I had stomaches (which Section1 term as PMS), so we werent like really enthu :/ After this was telematch which was fun, although it was under the hot sun! D: Sweat like some pig lar hahaha. First was put the rope on shoulder then go collect waterbombs, then fill it with water with a holey cup. Next was Amoeba, which was fun and veryyy tiring! :D Then last was mass dance led by Jamie's batch which was helluva fun, at least for us the faciliatators! I can tell that Jiawei liked the twisting part hur ;)

    Lunched, then we gave them time till 4 to finish up their campfire skit. Meanwhile, went down to find Wingyee to exchange Xmas presents yay :) Then Clarissa&I began chatting with Isadora and Hui Xin, then combined together with Jill Jean(AnnGie's sis) and Priscilla :D Hehheh, talked about alot of stuff and we were kept laughing like nuts :D &They so young then their minds are FULL of bgr stuff, keep asking Clar&I about what we got boyf anot; got people ask us for stead anot kinda stuff. Tsktsk man! :P So we had a Q&A session where they cannot ask about our private lives lol :) BUT, JILL JEAN THOUGHT THAT CLAR&I WERE SAME AGE AS ANNGIE CAN!! D: Man, do we really look that old?! Nah cant be, must be Jiawei looking too kiddy, so make them think that we're older than Jw :( Oh ya, and we the facilitators felt like superstars cos they kept on sneaking shots of us can! Hahah we cant help being popular you know ^^V Collected the $ for dinner, and it was a real mess T_T But then the mistake was cos of me, paiseh hur :X Taught them the cheers and I guess we made them laugh alot, especially for Auld Lang Syne, inside joke! Combined with BN for mass lecture of cheers, and yup we were all laughing once again! Section 1 owns, cos we make them laughhhhh :)

    Hmm then dinnered and we had campfire yay :) Clar&I gave them a pep talk, and we were talking till the both of us were tearing aww ;( Cheered until our (Clar, Lowell&I) throats were hoarse! Then I had to usher Mr Lo, but I couldnt find him lol. But ya found him in the end, but I forgot to usher him down the 'stage', oops :X But yeah all went pretty well, then we ended and we had lollipops yay :) Councillors cheered rock you cheer and Clar started crying, aww :(

    Peekchurexz! :)

    Alicia made Brownies for us, yayyy :) &Dont worry, it's edible! :D

    "Mmmmm, the brownie is soooooooo good! ;)"

    Hahah got them to take this picture for us, and they took out their own phones and took pictures of us too LOL.

    Top row: Clarissa, me.
    Bottom row: Isadora, Jill Jean, Priscilla, An Qi.

    Renzoe and Jiawei.

    1CR and us, the orange people \m/ (Too bad Kangkiat's hands were shaky, or else it would have been a perfect picture :/)


    To CR: Hey, it was really fun for both Clarissa&I&Jiawei&Lowell to be in charge of your class during orientation. I hope that all of you had fun during these 2 days, and hopefully all of you will bond together as a class, and not individuals. I know that you all have barely known each other since it's only 2 days, but you all must speak up more and dont be shy ok :) Must be enthu arh~ And yeah we had alot of fun with you all, especially during cheering practice in class! Remember our inside jokes like the Auld Lang Syne and the "go banana, go go banana" part alright :) I'm sure that you all made this orientation, which is Clarissa's last duty in CCHMS, a very memorable oneeeeee :) Thanks for being such great sports most of the time, and I really enjoyed our time together :D

    Rants: Thanks Wingyee for your postcard and pen! I will use it during exams, so I can leech your smartness hahaha :D Weijie&Roi, you two were great emcees, and everyone makes mistakes so yup dont worry too much about it! Thanks to 1CR for offering us the tidbits that you all won from campfire! :D

    Lastly, Why isnt my class on 3rd floor?! I want to be same floor as 1CR!

    Friday, December 26, 2008
    pp&ecp, twilight, sakae buffet

    {edit} OMG HAHAHAHA I DREAMT OF SUSHI YTD NIGHT!! AND I WAS EATING SAKAE'S RAINBOW! :) It's this sushi roll which is colourful, thus the name. &We didnt eat it, so maybe that's why I dreamt of it! Okay I think this is a sign for me to stay away from sushi for the time being :( But nvm, after the sushi buffet, I think I'm getting real sick of sushi, so it's better to not eat anymore hahah :) {/edit}

    Went to ECP&PP with Srenee&Karwai. We went to the arcade above BK first and got hooked on Crazy Taxi. Srenee was lucky cos there was a free token in the machine! :O Then, we went to the other arcade and ddr-ed abit, tried out the new photohunt machine and it was awesome. Headed to PP, I went to find Xianwei at Mark's & Spencer's and zomg she looks so different cos she changed specs and it was also my first time seeing her with makeup! She tagged me with the price tag of $10 :( I'm priceless ok! Met Adeline at Isetan and also at my house's busstop, so qiao ahaha. &Then the 3 of us realised something-eating icecream can make you full!

    Went to TM with Sandy! Shopped for presents cos she needed some gifts for her friends for X'mas! Then watched my long-awaited Twilight!! Well, everyone says that they prefer the book, and so do I. That's cos reading the book allows us to imagine how perfect/goodlooking our very own Cullens would look like! I still want Gaspard Ulliel for my Edward! &Taylor Lautner actually looks hot, but the long hair in the movie makes him look kinda gay :/ Dinner-ed at Mos, and gosh, I couldnt stop eavesdropping on the next table, cos the guy was super humorous! Okay here's a quote from that guy: "You know I was sms-ing my mom, and I spelled 'then' as 'den'. Then my mom replied and told me to dont use 'den' because 'den' is where the lions stay." Teehee, okay I know it doesnt sound funny here, but it was funny when he was saying it!

    Woke up at 9 in the morning to go to Raffles area to rebond my hair. The guy who did my hair was super shuai, hehhheh!! :D After that, headed to PP to eat Sakae with Shirlyn, Srenee and Karwai! Shir didnt want buffet cos she doesnt eat raw food, so Srenee accompanied her in eating udon and stuff. It's a pity that they didnt allow buffet and non-buffet people to sit together :( So I sat with Kw, and we ate 30 plates HAHAHA :D I feel like a glutton, cos we ate till we really really couldnt take it anymore! ;D We first 'attacked' the sashimi and those we liked, then we felt full so we ordered the peas to "help in digestion", and completed the meal with a soup and dessert! :) So it's like we ate many many rounds! Yay for frozen strawberries with white chocolate on top!

    Towards the ending.........


    Softshell crab handroll!


    Spastic face of Kw's heh.

    I feel xing fu to receive 3 Xmas card because I didnt send any at all, guilty guilty :X &Waikhee, thanks for telling me the truth after so darn long, I think it wasnt this year's sports' day lar! Hmmph! OH YA, AND I'M GOING TO WATCH BREAKOUT ON MY BIRTHDAY! (13/2) But I bought the tix on Xmas, but I'm watching it on my bday. So is it my xmas present or bday present? O_o

    Maybe I need to make that decision now, because I cant have the best of both worlds. It's also going to be easier for me next year, when more stuff like responsibilities pile up. Maybe I'll just wait till something important for both crops up and clashes, then I'll decide. For now, I need a clearer mind; a balanced heart; and maybe, a final decision.

    Thursday, December 25, 2008
    xmas 2008


    Although I don't celebrate Xmas, but yeah, YULETIDE CAROLS, CHRISTMAS SONGS! :D



    Sigh, not much celebrations for Xmas for me :/ Later paternal side cousins gonna come over and we're gonna play com together (probably Maple) hahaha! Fri would be buffet with my girls (seriously I dont mind if just 4 people come, cos quality is better than quantity heh no offence :P). Karwai let's eat the buffet as our breakfast, lunch and dinner yay! :D Sat would be outing with maternal side cousins hee I hope we're gonna have fun ;) Might swim/jog, I dont know see how first, cos I hate swimming aww :(

    I'm blessed and happy to have such wonderful people around me, like:
    CCHMS friends
    MBS friends

    Ps. Jagabee is very yummy! :)

    You promised me that you would be there to hear me out. So where are you, when I need you the most now? ;(

    Sunday, December 21, 2008
    dec ccl camp

    If you people read the last post, you all would have known that I had weird dreams. AND I HAD THEM AGAIN DURING CCL CAMP!! Ughhhh, but at least I'm not the only one eh ;) Cos Clarissa&Valerie got weird dreams too! :O My dream on first night was me going to this family friend's house, and Lowell got invited too! I woke up cos I dreamt that the owner's dog bit my leg :( Ytd night's dream was that Anngie&Raina knew each other o.o Clar's dream on 2nd night was that we went thru nightwalk all over again, except that it was mroe tribal style with feathers and such o.o Val's dream was that we went to Cheeliang's huge mansion, and we all got lost inside! &There was his dead sister in the basement! D: Hee, anyway yeah I'm here to post abt ccl camp whee~

    First day
    Started off with the usual icebreaking games, which led to Wingyin's new name, Sunny! :D So cute eh! We've got a fan club for her too, SFC!! :) And then there's 2 Jeanettes and 2 Jiaweis, so one is XiaoJiaWei and the other is DaJiaWei. Then we got separated into groups, and I'm in group 7 with Yangjun, XiaoJiaWei, Dominic, SiNing and Winnie! Next was gross factor, which included mealworms which were so cute and fun (minus their smelly shit). Thanks to Yj and Xjw for volunteering during the hairstyling station! Overall was fun lah hor ^^

    Then played games at night, which was special tic tac toe and stuff. Then had preparation for next day's Farewell Party. But instead of preparing, Section 1 was gossiping! :D We're awesome at gossiping, I'm telling ya! And somemore all the gossips/bitching all very funny sia, made everyone laugh until cannot stop for 1 min! x) &We started to analyse each other's laughter too! Clar's laughter is "hahahaha!", mine is "aha! aha! aha!", DaJiaWei's one is "*slaps table/floor/anything near him* hiakhiakhiak!", while Lowell, Alicia&Sunny's laughters are all silent! First time see Lowell laugh until so happy, lol!

    Second day
    Morning woke up damn early because of Sec 1 Registeration. Heng I didnt get any difficult parents, unlike Sunny, so ke lian lah :( Anngie's sister, Jill Jean, was in my class, and her name also very cool, just like Anngie's! They look super different too, Anngie you must really go ask your mama about your parentage ah! x) Haha and her sis was pretty too~ Then prepared for Farewell party, gave Xiankai, Shiwee, Cherie and Yijie our green section tees! But only Shiwee&Xiankai came, so got them to pass the tees to the rest. Yay, the grass is always greener on our side! Played capture the flag, super rough, but fun nonetheless! Xiankai was super duper funny when we were strategising, all his ideas are like LOL. We managed to get 2 flags out of the 6, not bad liao seriously! Section meeting was super funny, cos of Xk! The way he speaks and stuff are like LOL.

    Night walk was super diulian for Section 1 girls hor :X Cos got 3 girls that cried before nightwalk started, and all from our section de leh :x hahahah so diu lian, especially me LOL. I really cant believe that I cried -.- I cry cos Clar&Val started crying, then make me panic and so I cry also lor. Cos the stories I hear all before liao so not so scared mah. &I shiver is cos it was super cold cos it was very windy and we were sitting in Innosphere's porch mah. Then Liling was comforting the 3 of us and telling me that 我抖的很厉害, so she borrowed a jacket for me. Thanks Liling! :) Got grouped with Yj, Winnie and Seekim for nightwalk. THANKS YJ DURING THE NIGHTWALK!! Seriously I feel so indebted to him :x Cos the boys' gym toilet that station, the person who is holding onto Po must go solo into the toilet, then we were passing it between the 4 of us. However after passing 1 round, he just held on to it and waited for the music to stop! So nice of him right! Ended at LT1 and I just slept on 3 chairs, too tired liao, dont care lar :B But apparently alot of ppl know, so diu lian zz.

    Third day
    Played telematch, lol Shuling and I got tricked into walking near the bushes when we were playing the blindfolded game! Then also had waterbombs, and the Sec 2s attacked Liling! :D Next was water games, we all got wet and it was fun! Except for Clar&I cos we wanted to change into our green section tee, as we were wearing white at first. First game was scissors paper stone, then the winner gets to wet the loser. Sadly, Clar&I were waiting at bunk for the key to come to open the lock! :( Then next was using rubbish bags to swing the water bombs across the volleyball nets to the opposing team!

    Then we had section meeting, and once again we were gossiping again! Lowell's pun on Mutant was super funny! :D Talked, and Anngie helped us to take Section photo! :D Then had debrief and then we ended. SFC and some others slacked around, waiting for Shawn to bring us the mealworms to feed the fishes in the lake! Wlao, the mealworms are so different from gross factor that day, because the amount of shit increased by like 10fold and the smell was strong, even the fishes were afraid at first. But yeah, we fed everything and Cheeliang was feeling guilty because he killed alot of mealworms' lives! :O Wanted to go to Lucky, but dropped the idea and Wingyin's dad sent us to the busstop! :) Thanks!

    In the morning, while preparing for Sec 1 Registeration. See, we woke up so early that even the sky was still dark :(

    During telematch, Liling carrying Yiting, so muscular arh~ :B

    During section meeting gossiping, and the orange person is Anngie lol.

    Section 1 rules cos we have the most number of people who went for camp! :D

    SFC and a few others~

    Jiawei doing his 彩带舞 with toilet paper! HAHAH :D

    In Wingyin's car, the back seat.

    Bryan and me, we sat in the middle seat. (I thought the 2 fingers were Zihow's, HAHAH.)

    This camp really make me know alot of people more, like Seraph! I thought she's those quiet quiet type, BUT ACTUALLY SHE CAN TALK ALOT ONE! :D And er, Shiwee&Xiankai really thinks too much hur!

    ♥ SFC, ♥ Section1, ♥CCHMSSC!

    Thursday, December 18, 2008
    Pickup lines special, weird dream

    The title says it all. I'm so bored that I've decided to do a pickup lines special post! Woohoo! :D Contributed by me, a few from Nicole&Srenee, and I've got really cheesy ones to share teehee ;) To start off, let's begin with a seasonal special, as Christmas is coming!

    Hello, can I take a photo of you?
    Because I want Santa to know exactly what I want for Christmas.

    Do you have a plaster?
    Because I hurt my knees when I fell for you.

    Can I have directions?
    (To where?)
    Your heart.

    Are your legs tired?
    Because you've been running through my mind all day long.

    Hello, I'm a thief, and I'm here to steal your heart.

    If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.

    "Did it hurt".
    (Did what hurt?)
    "When you fell from heaven."

    Do you have a map?
    Because I just keep getting lost in your eyes!

    Are you a magnet?
    Cuz I'm attracted to you

    Life without you would be like a broken pencil...pointless.

    Are you a fairytale?
    Because you can't be for real.

    Yeah, this is all cos I couldn't find/remember anymore cute ones :( Hmm, sometimes I wonder if anyone actually uses pickup lines o.o Cos they seem............................... impossible to be successful in getting your girl/boy, HA HA HA!

    I had a really weird dream last night, or rather, today morning. It's super duper weird and it involved alot of people! There was me sitting on my primary school bus with my primary school mates, and then another scene was like some sleepover or something, with Guides friends. And in both of these dreams, I was holding onto a baby o.o Oh, and I had a DSLR too and I was taking photos of people with it! &Then one super absurd one was with Shirlyn, her bro, AND SHE HAD A COW!! :O This is getting really absurd but it was in my dream anyway -.- And then in the dream, Shir's cow's nose got cut off cos it was eating grass at the railway tracks, and then the train came and kind of cut off the cow's nose! Sigh, can someone explain to me why am I having such weird dreams?! I mean I wasnt thinking of cows or my primary school friends or my Guides friends or Shirlyn when I was going to fall asleep.............!

    Anyway, councillor camp later on, till Sat! :) I hope that it's gonna be fun! ^^ Going to watch 我要变成硬柿子, I Want To Become A Hard Persimmon now. Okay hopefully I'll get addicted to it and not stop halfway, like the other series that I was watching (HotShot, Pi Li MIT etc.)

    Thursday, December 11, 2008
    shopaholic, T3 study+play date

    DUCKY BACKGROUND!! Rubber ducky bath, me like me like! Rub a dub dub! :D

    Ok went to Bugis ytd with Kangning, Waikhee, Weigin, Huijun and Michelle (new found friend LOL). KANGNING'S NEW HAIRSTYLE IS SO CUTE!! :D I finally realised the true power of a shopaholic, what a great experience! xD I've never seen someone who buys so much within 3 hours. Huijun go into to each shop sure come out with something that she bought de wor. Therefore she spent $80+ on around 6 items I think, chao li hai lor! Gin bought a cap and Khee bought a card. KN, Michelle and I didnt buy anything so yup I didnt get anything from this shopping trip aww. And Michelle took unglams pics of me eating grrrrr.

    Went to T3 today to do holiday hw with Shuying, Sandy, Amanda and Sueann! Nicole came late cos she was having tea(dimsum) with her cousins -.- This kind of shi2 dai4 also have teatime wor! Nic taitai sia! 8D Okok, so yeah we ate Popeye's without her. Sandy siao one lah, eat lunch liao still come eat with us! O_o After eating, we headed to Macs(with Nic's lousy sense of direction) to do homework! THEY HAVE AN AWESOME PLAYLIST! We were all singing along while doing hw! Sueann began singing Womanizer and the rest of us had an urge to rush to Watson's to buy earplugs. Amd&Sueann are seriously nuts, they brought S3 SS&Bio&Lit to study lar can! SIAO ONE PLZ. Oh yes, and did I mention that this was a playdate too? Bcos I got everyone to bring a softtoy each :)

    Ok yeah so after finishing most of our work, we went back. Sandy, Sy, Sueann and I took the mrt. And here's Sueann's most embarassing time of her life!! :D We were so honoured to witness it and it kept us laughing for 5 min, so laugh-worthy. Ok here's what happened :

    I was trying to reach the outer doors of the MRT, cos Changi Airport MRT got another layer of door other than the MRT's door. So I got Sueann to attempt to touch the doors too. Then she herself said the MRT was coming, call us to hurry through the fare gates. And cos I knew that the MRT doors would open, so I told her to wait for my timing before she touches the top. Therefore when I said "1,2,3!", and 3 would be just nice when the MRT doors open. &So, Sueann was trying to touch the top in front of the many people in the MRT trying to exit! :D


    Wlao Amd how can you betray me :(

    We got to colour on those woodblocks with patterns :)


    Yay pretty girls!

    If you havent noticed, Amd cut her hair! DAMN CHIO CAN! :D

    Sandy looks like Peishan here o.o


    Shuying shy shy worxz.

    The toys we brought! :D Domokun's mine, big bear's Amd's, Eeyore's Sandy's, Spongebob's Nicole's, Doraemon's no doubtly Sueann's, small bear Amd's too cos Sy forgot to bring.

    Sy posing with the bear that she "brought".

    Nic with her Spongebob.

    Amd with her bear which is quoted "as big as my foot." Yes Amd, I highly believe that you're the big foot!

    Omg this picture is damn traumatizing D: Sueann with her Doraemon.

    Sandy with Eeyore! So cute hahah :D

    Domo's big rawr!

    I want to watch Bolt and Four Christmases and Cape No. 7 and Nick&Norah's Infinite Playlist (NC16 grr.)! :D

    Monday, December 08, 2008
    sale of guides cookies, guides camp briefing, taiwan

    huiyan says:
    and i saw snowing :D
    huiyan says:
    but on the last day
    huiyan says:
    then the snow hit my face dam pain-.-
    You just walked out of one of my dreams .// says:
    You just walked out of one of my dreams .// says:
    You just walked out of one of my dreams .// says:
    tht one hail is it
    huiyan says:
    but very short time only cos is in airport le
    You just walked out of one of my dreams .// says:
    huiyan says:
    i dunno-.-
    You just walked out of one of my dreams .// says:
    You just walked out of one of my dreams .// says:
    you hopeless man
    You just walked out of one of my dreams .// says:
    wht hit your face you also dno
    You just walked out of one of my dreams .// says:
    scully birdshit

    Her blurness and bhbness is damn classic. And so is her lovesickness :D

    {edit} Omg mass convo on msn with Shuying, Nicole and Sueann is damn funny HA HA HA! I've been laughing non-stop ever since we started talking :D Hai, but Shuying ended the whole conversation abruptly so sad lah :( Sueann machiam nerd lar, use 1100 words to describe Sy HAHAHAH!{/edit}

    Yeah baby I'm backkkkkkkkkk! :) K shall backtrack before the days I went to Taiwan.

    Sale of Guides cookies Day 2 was much better than Day 1, probably due to Joanna's absence ;D We sold to Jade Seah too!! :) Yeah man Hi-5 Nicole, must be due to our mei4 li4 so she attracted to us and buy from us :D Too bad Adeline YA didnt get to see her cos she was doing stock check, my fault actually :X.

    Guides camp briefing was okay. My group's pretty good, except the fact that I'll only be attending 31 as a full day. 29 and 30, prolly only spending the nights with them -.- But still, looking forward nonetheless :) Played pool after briefing with Madel, Nicole and Sandy. Ms Yong fetched 7 of us out in her small car LOL. &We saw Sueann, Shuying and Amd sweating in the heat at the busstop cos we drove past them :D Learnt how to put the balls in the triangle thingamajig, and how to aim and stuff. Broke the ice by gossiping ;) Seems like there's just so much to say about her. Tanyi came and Nic, Sandy and I left for Katong Laksa :)

    That night and also the day after that was......................... sad. That night we went thru 4 rounds of rituals. Played night catching in the playground, super fun to play with my cousins :) Supper was heavy cos everyone was hungry! 3 huge plates of everything, but also delicious yup. "Mommy, I'm scared that when they burn papa, he will feel pain", quote on the day after made me cry... Everyone cried too. The whole thing was just so drama though.

    Taiwan was fun! Welcome 2 Taiwan!! The weather was cold, around 15-20degrees. Wore 3 layers for the last 2 days cos it got colder mah. My tour group people are damn funny and fun lor :D 18 people, 6 kids. Did alot of sightseeing and 2 themeparks and eating and shopping. Food was super nice omgomg the xiao chi damn nice lah can!! I miss the food :( There was one night where my family ate 10 dishes of xiaochi at the nightmarket lol. Sinful but nice, so it's worth it lor :D I wna eat moreeeeeee.!! Their nightmarkets are awesome, cheap and nice food+clothes! But sadly, mostly are winter clothing so I bought less of clothes and more of other stuff. Bought DOMOKUN!!, socks, ring, earrings, tanktop, tees, belt, shoes, hp chains. All were cheap and nice lar! :D I'm so happy with my Domokun now :) Bought presents for the clique and some others too. Oh yeah, and saw Derrick Ho Wei Jian and this XingGuangBan guy at XiMenDing! :) Lol, I heard this girl commenting about Derrick "他很怪,不好看!"

    Ok now hafta go check my Facebook and Neopets and bloghop! :) I miss my girls, can we have some outing soon?! I suddenly feel like singing K idk why o.o Thur going out with Khee, Jun, Gin and Ning wor, haha. Fun fun.

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