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    Saturday, May 30, 2009
    WG event 1 winner, Spam NOT!


    When I first saw this email in my inbox, I thought it was spam and wanted to delete it. But then I remembered that today was the day that Wonder Girls was going to announce the winners of WG Exclusive Event 1 - Fan Appreciation Week! So thankfully, I decided to open the email, followed the instructions, went to Myspace and I burst out in tears.

    (click to enlarge)

    Afraid it was a scam, (I know, how can I possibly be so annoyingly suspicious about wonderful things like this)


    And I cried even more. I was totally screaming and fangirling to my family!! My sis was annoyed and said that it's only WG. But whatever, she wont understand how I feel. I'm so happy right now!! :) Making a Myspace account just for WG was so worth it! :D This is my first time winning such big things. Yup so I responded to the email and checked the address that I typed very carefully :) I'm so happyyyyyy :D :D :D This feels like a dream to me! I hope that the prize will not come during camp!! D: Or else I will get my dad to fetch it to school, I swear!

    Okay I bet you all will be asking me, why didnt I enter the contest for Yoobin. This is a very selfish answer but I'll say it anyway. It's because I saw alot alot alot of people entering for Yoobin, so I knew I wouldnt have a chance. Not that Sunye doesnt have fans okay?!?! Also, I had more things to write for Sunye cuz I really look up to her!

    For those who are lost and have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, this is the contest I'm refering to:

    Sandy&Gekting, see, I told you entering the contest was a good idea!! :) And thank you Shuying my "luckiest and brightest" star for helping me with the dilemma. You were right :) Thank you so much, I dont know what I would have done without you!


    I dreamt of YeEun yesterday morning! :D It started with me and Amanda at a beach, and I saw Sandar bbq-ing and I got really angry! Must be because that night I smsed Sandar about PTC duty, but she said she couldnt come for some reasons. No offence hard feelings! :X So ya, Sandar spotted us and she ran towards Amd&I, but I was really angry and I didnt want to talk to her so I ran away and she chased us. Then she was cycling and she fell! But I didnt care cuz I was angry, but Amd being ever so helpful, went forward to put a plaster on her arm! And then the supposedly-Sandar-person looked up, IT WAS YEEUN!! She was so pretty close-up, her eyes were so enchanting! :O And then just because she was YeEun so I started to feel guilty lol.

    Today went to Apple's house to do origami for WG's 1000th day anniversary. Lots of people were there :D Finished 20 hearts, 20 cranes, 20 stars, 6 butterflies; left with 14 more butterflies and 20 more turtles to go.

    Tuesday, May 26, 2009
    yeeun bday, more WG dreams, debate fest, vivo

    예은, 생일축하합니다!

    Hmm yeah so I dreamed of WG again for the past few days! :)
    10th May- SoHee was my best friend and we went shopping together, with our arms interlocked :D I know, what a bimbo scene!

    25th May- Okay, this involves Mango, SunMi's cat! Mango was outside a train station, and she was pregnant! Somehow I knew that there were 5 kittens inside, but only 2 came out, so I knew she was having some difficulties. I tried to find the vet's number everywhere, including newspapers but I couldnt! Then the scene suddenly changed to outside my house, and the 2 kittens were wandering off while Mango was in labour. Apparently, one of the kittens was called Miso! Miso wandered down to the 5th floor (I stay on the 8th), so I only noticed after a while. When I went down to the 5th floor, I noticed that a man was trying to drown Miso in a bucket of water!! I shouted at him to stop, and he quickly ran off and disappeared~ Thankfully Miso was safe ^^ [Whoo MiSo~ :D]

    26th May-I dreamt that JungAh&GaHee (both from After School) joined WG! WG was supposed to have a performance near my house, but I was the only person watching them! o.o &When they were supposed to appear, JungAh and GaHee entered the stage with 3 other girls o.o

    Debate fest at Anglican today. The teacher wasnt of much help, told us what we did wrongly at the very last minute and she kept checking out her nails and stuff. Lol the debate itself was so heated and scary o.o I spoke like an idiot, and worse thing is that I'm first speaker LOL. Ended with "er okay byebye!" so dumb right zz. Ha ha ha, and all the debators kept getting distracted from the motion!

    Then wanted to visit my mom but visiting hours was over -.- Man, it ended at 2 and I reached at 2.15 because of the freaking huge rain?!?! Darn. So I went to Vivo instead to pass time! Ate ddeokboggi (spicy rice cakes)!

    Lol found this in the internet -.- The one I ate had more diluted sauce.

    &I went to Forever 21 in search of this tank:

    Yup, it has YeEun and SoHee on it! But I couldnt find it! :( Maybe it's not stocked in stores in SG? :( But it would probably cost $28, after comparing the price with the rest of the tanks there. Sighhhhh, so expensive!

    It's annoying
    -how laggy people start watching BOF/BFF right now and go crazy over it. It's been almost 2 months since the last episode aired -.-
    -how people claim to "love Wonder Girls" when they only song they've heard is Nobody. Phrase it properly, say you love the song Nobody and not WG -.- Although it's good that they are getting more and more fans, but it's really annoying especially when there's the Nobody crazy in SG.

    I love my header hehheh. Vline dance, baby! Saw it on Nepurr's sig but I dont know who made it so yeah :/ I think gifs are interesting and entertaining, especially when you stare at them for a period of time O_O

    I think the question is coming, but I'm not ready.

    Sunday, May 24, 2009
    The HXSY Times- Nicole&Sueann love scandal

    -Low Hui Xian, Low Shu Ying

    Ng Sue Ann Joanna has found her new love, Nicole Ng Si Boon! Our very own paparazzi accidentally met them at WAPOS, the 2 of them were sitting opposite each other at a table at a small cozy corner which is blocked from people's view. They were caught looking deeply in each other's eyes, mezmerized, enchanted, oblivious to their surroundings. They shared food and kept feeding each other, never taking their eyes of each other. From Sueann's eyes you could see happiness and bliss all over, Nicole seems to be the only thing in her eyes at this moment. They were sharing Choco Lava, one of the specialty dessert sold at WAPOS. They were given two spoons, instead of using one spoon each, the couple decided to feed each other with the spoon they are holding. From afar, you could see others (obviously not the paparazzi) eyeing with envy , wishing that they could have someone feeding them that way too.

    After our paparazzi got caught spying on them, the couple left in a hurry and ran out of WAPOS, not forgetting to hold hands. However, they did not expect more of our paparazzi to ambush them outside WAPOS! Look, look at how happy they are, Nicole grabbing Sueann's hands, and taking the lead! At that moment where Nicole took the lead to hold Sueann's hands, it was as though she was telling the whole world that Sueann will be the one she will always love, and will give all her trust to her and love her wholeheartedly! A ray of what seemed like the guan yin ma glow was almost visible to our eyes, not an everyday encounter.

    Its a complicated relationship, it has been reported that Sueann has been seen with multiple partners that includes, Nicole,Ester and Sandy,on certain days, good friend of Sueann told us that, Sueann has been out with Amanda too. This can be termed as a quadrilateral relationship, oh wait or maybe a polygon? Yes, the evolved versions of the love triangle relationship. So far HXSY times only have concrete evidence(photos) of the NSA and ESA pairings but stay tuned for more insights!

    The HXSY Times, where the truth gets dug out~

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009
    hamsters, novena cip, vita500

    Okay since I'm pretty bored now I shall update! Quite alot of pictures, but yeah kinda random stuff.

    Firstly I shall show you people my hamsters, Alex and Xandra! Because together they are Alexandra yay~~ :D But now my family dont call them that anymore, we call them Papa and Mama/Daddy and Mommy! :) Because they had baby hammies~

    They're snuggling up to each other while sleeping ^^

    LOL So similar~

    Baby hammies! 4 by the side sleeping, 1 wandering off~ Ears just opened, but eyes still closed.

    And then on 25th April, I went to Sentosa with my family for a Family day, but for me it was just the awesome buffet dinner at one of the bars :D The dessert was great! ^^ And then I got bored so I started to play with lightsticks :) Please dont mind my nooby lightpainting skills. It's my 2nd time, and taken with my hp camera. :B

    Companions for the night LOL.

    My favourite one! ^^

    &On Sat&Sun(16 and 17 May), I did CIP together with some Guides and non Guides people at Novena Sq! From 9am-8pm for both days, we were dead beat when we reached home! D: It was quite fun, I shuttled between counter girl and runner! 2nd day was more fun because there was more people and Shuying and my runner, Guofeng and Daniel respectively from River Valley, were nice and friendly people :D Dota&maple=no life ha ha ha! ;D At the end of 2nd day, suddenly lots of people came so we ended late. Went to Square2 to buy Vita500, since Wonder Girls advertises it hohoho ^^

    Meet my runner/partner, Daniel! The 2 signifies that Daniel is worth $2 LOL!

    Vita500 hahaha :)

    What is this I see? Ester cant take her eyes off Joanna ._.

    And then! Today went to PRCS with Singyan for their investiture! We were almost late, because we couldnt find their main gate! It was serious stuff :O At least they had refreshments LOL.
    Lastly, Yonghong rocks~ Ha ha ha! :D

    Friday, May 15, 2009
    gekting's house!

    Woohoo I'm updating :D Cuz I went to Gekting's house today! Impromptu decision much, cuz we were chatting on msn and suddenly bamboomfizzle we decided at 1AM+! So yup had lunch together and then went up to her house and we had lots of fun!! :D :D LOL we were singing at first, and then we started dancing but I realised the door was open HAHAHA. So I panicked and hoped that nobody saw us dancing! :X Closed the door and continued singing and dancing! Kpop ftw, hohoho! We did So Hot, Tell Me, Nobody, Diva, Saturday Night, Ah, Bad Boy and more! VLINE DANCE OF SO HOT FTW! Gekting the noob doesnt know how to do the chorus of Tell Me hahaha! Diva dance is so fun! :) Went through loads of videos on youtube, super funny! "I love you more more~" LOL. And the shoe that YeEun dropped which caused YooBin and SunMi to umchio!

    And then we started spamming her webcam! We tried to take videos at first, but idk why cant, so our plan to film us dancing was failed LOL. Then we wanted to webcam Sandy and dance Nobody for her, but she didnt reply us at all -.- Plus, there wasnt much fun people online at that time :( So, another plan failed! Aish, to think we got so excited for planning and everything :( So we took pictures with the webcam instead!

    Nobody but you~

    Gekting's favourite food-tissue paper.

    Lol Gekting couldnt control her laughter and she just exploded.


    Vline dance!

    Wth I look damn retarded LOL.

    Nobody but you~

    Tell me, tell me, te te te te tell me!

    I was trying to pat Gekting LOL.

    Diva dance!

    This is candid! My facial expression is like the one SunMi always does o.o

    Sohee's pacman move in Nobody!

    Gekting doing Vline while I'm doing the Pacman move.

    Ok, that's all. BYE BYE!

    brocolli or potato?

    I dont know why I keep meeting funny people in msn... LOL. This is super funny I swear.

    If you read carefully, it's about Nicole&Gekting being in the same team for last year's Homec project, and they came in tops. And Nicole was scolding Gekting for putting in the broccoli at the last 5 sec and Gekting said she thought it was potato HAHAHAHA!

    Thursday, May 14, 2009
    CIP@geylang serai CC, wondersubbers!

    Okay proper update, although I did a quick one hours ago. Be sure to check that out! :)

    CIP on Sat was fun :D Yup, at that time MYE was still going on! Cip hours+free big packet of chicken rice for lunch+free donuts+free Loreal samples=best CIP ever HAHAHA! Mm, the people were friendly, like the "18"year-old Jessica and the guy with Mr Yee's voice LMAO. Laura kept laughing till she's famous and everyone knows her! When she entered the room, got this group of people said “笑声来了" LOL, so yeah you can guess her popularity hur ;) The safety pin part was hard work, our fingers all turned red and painful T_T But overall time passed quickly and we left at 3!

    &Right now, EXAMS ARE OVER WHOOPEEDOO :) Man, I've been waiting for this day for long! After Bio paper, everyone stood up so quick Ms Mong couldnt say no xP &Then everyone started cheering and I started laughing out loud cuz I was too happy hohoho ^^

    &I joined WonderSubbers yesterday as a translator, so currently I'm busy subbing videos of WG ^^ Well, there's chinese subs available so basically I sub them into English. I never knew subbing was this tedious! T_T Seriously, it took me hours for a 30min video! &This is only the translation part! Aish, I feel so grateful to all subbers around the world! :O Anyway, while translating I had some problems so I even refered to chinese dictionaries for help cuz I didnt know how to read some words LOL. And the WG member's chinese names are pretty funny but then again it's direct translation so I guess it sounds okay... I didnt know in the beginning so I was like "What is 先艺?!" and................... it turned out to be SunYe's chinese name!

    Nic loves Sueann SS!

    I have a biggggggggg announcement for everyone. Check it out!

    The truth is out at last.

    Wednesday, May 06, 2009
    Baby I Love You- H Eugene ft. Ye Eun

    Baby I Love You- H Eugene ft. Ye Eun

    Ahhhh this song is super nice and cuteeeeee! YeEun looks super cute in this video with her 2 ponytails and her aegyo actions :) H Eugene's rapping is quite cool too. I think their chemistry on stage is quite good, especially when they stand together and do the "na na na na na na na~" actions, H Eugene loses his cool image and they look so cute!! Watch watch! :D

    Friday, May 01, 2009
    fanfic seating, WGBB pairings!

    Bye to pandas, hello to YooBin :D (oh man sure get scolded by Sandy/Nicole/Shuying one :/ )

    Mwahahaha YES!! IM SITTING BESIDE YOOBIN&YEEUN!!! YeBin couple? But I wanted SunBin :/ , but ah it's still really great whoopeedoo~ Omg thank you Helen unni so much for this ^^ Okay I know this sounds really confusing to everyone, but it is a fanfic. This chapter is about a fanmeeting with WG and as you can see, I'm there! :D We're at a restaurant and then we were asked about our fave WG couple and I said YeBin? Yup something along the lines. But then again, it's only a fanfic ._. Lol, some people at Spec calls me "huix" HAHAHA I think cuz they think that the "ian" part is a guy's name o.o But thankfully Helen got it right ^^

    Discussed some Kpop with WanTing yesterday, and the only common band is Big Bang lol. My favourite (almost everyone's) WGBB couples :
    TOP + YooBin = Toobin! (Rapper couple :D &They look awesome tgt!)
    G-Dragon + SoHee = GHee/HeeDragon (Cute couple :D)
    DaeSung + YeEun = DaeEun (Probably best voice couple, their Haru Haru is super soulful!)
    SeungRi + SunMi = RiMi (Ehheh maknaes of the group! Okay SunMi is 2nd youngest but nvm!)
    TaeYang + SunYe = TaeYe (Shortest of both groups :P)
    This was the pairing during their 1st collaboration and I think it's the best :D! Latest collab was TOP with SunMi and Seungri with YooBin which was just........ awkward?

    &2NE1 and Big Bang's collaboration, Lollipop, is so stuck in my head I cant get it out D: Lolli lolli lollipop, oh you're not my lollipop~ I still cant differentiate the 4 members of 2NE1 though :/ Guess I gotta stare at them more LOL. Now that Big Bang has got 2NE1; Wonder Girls got 2PM, there's going to be few collabs between them already :/ Nooooooo D:

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