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13th Feb is my day.
I luv peanut butter cups, Dairy Queen, people watching, purple Skittles, B&J's, warmhugs, smiles, laughter, sweet letters/cards, photographs, fun.
I'm not short, I'm FUN sized! :D

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    Saturday, June 27, 2009


    (Pink since it's her fave colour ha ha ha) Mandoo Sohee, Wonder Girls' maknae! I watched I Like It Hot yesterday to celebrate your birthday LOL. May today's US debut for Jonas Brothers' concert be a success, and that will probably be the best birthday present ever :) English version of Nobody and Tell Me DAEBAK!! :D

    (updates about date with shuying version 2.0, carnival soon)

    Tuesday, June 23, 2009
    dance subaru.

    I havent gone out officially for a movie/shopping date this holidays. The movie with Daniel and Jezreel doesnt count because we went out after extension week. Yup, you can see how busy I am/how much time I spend at home being zibi LOL.

    But the main point is that......................................... I went on a date with Shuying today! :D Had our fix of Java Chip Frappucino over at Starbucks at East Point, and we did our Egeog homework hehheh! We managed to complete it without any distractions at all! :O I'm so proud of us teehee. We actually planned to do english journals at her house, but we quickly ditched the idea and decided to watch Dance Subaru at Cine instead :D Did I mention that I forked out 50cents for directions to Cine? LOL.

    Well the plot was confusing at some parts, but after discussing it with my sister when I got home, I think I understand it :) The part where she reminisced leaving the auntie was so touching and I was crying ;( AND THEN THERE WAS THE DBSK CAMEO!!! Goodness, Shuying and I totally screamed in the cinema, and Sueann looked really embarassed to be watching the movie with us :B Well, I knew that their song was gonna be in the show, but I didnt expect a cameo you see. BoA's Eat You Up was also played during the dance battle between Subaru and that hiphop guy! Afterall, I think there's this music collaboration with SM Entertainment so that explains the choice of songs...

    Sunday, June 21, 2009
    The HXSY Times-Nicole&Sueann love scandal Issue #2!

    -Low Hui Xian, Low Shu Ying

    HEY GUYS AND GIRLS! HXSY TIMES IS BACK AND BETTER THAN BEFORE! We recruited more paparazzi! Now we're always on our toes for fresh lookouts! So N, SA, S, E better watch out now!

    We were in the canteen having our oh-so-awesome lunch when suddenly the crowds in the canteen went quiet and a couple walked through the center of the canteen, hand in hand, as if strutting on a red carpet. The couple sure captured lots of attention, as all heads to turned to look at them, including the canteen vendors!

    Due to their alarming entrance, everyone caught attention of them - including paparazzi from HXSY times! However, our reporters felt something was amiss as the usual jolly Sueann was frowning.

    Not your usual funny bunny Sueann.

    However, as you can see from the 3rd picture, Sandy was doing some sneaky business behind Nicole-attempting to stab her with a fruit knife! But Sueann held on firmly onto Nicole's hands, refusing to let go. That was the only reason that prevented Sandy from murdering her love rival. She couldnt bear murdering something that her lover was in contact with.

    Nicole was touched by sueann's act of love. See how their love is still sweet and strong after so long? Eternal love? Perhaps not. Stay tune for the next issue where we discover other loves of Ng Sue Ann Joanna!

    Bonus poem from our great poet, Huixian:
    Nicole and Sueann went up the hill
    To have some fun
    Stupid Nicole forgot her pills
    and now they have a son!

    The HXSY Times, where the truth gets dug out~

    Next issue: Miss Unfaithful?

    Friday, June 19, 2009
    day camp by exma'ams

    Okay quick update! :D

    Wed (17th) was the day camp organized by ex-ma'ams! Thank you so much! :)))) The camp was real tiring and it kinda tested our limits! But actually I dont think that was our limits, cuz I really think we can do much more! Raised flagpole in 2hr 15min, although we were late but that our record already LOL. The crunch thingo was tiring though, and the human tunnel thing got me carried away literally by Amanda and Sandy! Suicide was........... suicidal LOL. The trust sit thing was a great experience, succeeded on the 3rd try. It was great to see the the seniors cuz I havent really seen them in a long time. Tsk, Huiyan is an ahlian now HAHAHAHA.

    Saw Kevin in school today! Chatted with him and Liling at the concourse. Liling please stop laughing at short people :(

    Yeah okay that's all. More stuff happened during the week too, but I dont wanna talk about it :) But no worries, it's all good stuff yup.

    Oh ya I suddenly remembered, "flip in lyk indian porcupines in north oranges." HAHAHA STEPHANIE SO FUNNY! Or maybe I was blonde enough to google it to find out what she actually refering to O_o

    Monday, June 15, 2009

    Burnt out. Dead beat. Homework left undone. 어떡해?!

    Ah well, at least I got know someone better this week :) If that actually helps..............

    Thursday, June 11, 2009
    student leader camp, 10s dancing vid, wg cctv performance

    I'm back from the student leader's camp/workshop! Once again, it was by The Absorbent Mind and their workshops are really good!! Man, it was a great experience and I'm proud to say I learnt alot of stuff! Thank you team Warriors and Auntie Keow for making this camp extra meaningful, I had a very valuable experience and I hope that all our goals which we shared at the very end of the camp will be reality! :D I really do hope that Auntie Keow can witness our investiture and see us proud on stage, receiving whatever positions we mayWILL get. Thank you Warriors for the wonderful time we have spent together during all the activities, planning for investiture, helping one another up when they fall etc. It was nice to know all of you :) Warriors - Shuling, Daphne, Shirlyn, Seraph, Zoe, Yinghui, Brenda (JT), Angelica, Marcus, Jooyuan, Learning, Kennard, Singyan.

    Tug-of-war on 1st day was really fun, tiring, and sweaty! Warriors won 2nd! :D To win the game you have to gain 3 points first! &I'm proud to say that I helped gain 1/2 points! Well, it was really difficult and I felt like giving up at some points, but I managed to give in my all and pulled for my life, with the thought of WG in my mind LOL. The other teams were really strong, and everyone did really well! :) Although we all got rope burns/blisters, it was a really good experience as I think this is my 1st time playing a 5-sided tug-of-war LOL.

    Ring toss on 2nd day was meaningful I guess. I have to admit that I was surprised that we won as I remember we kept missing during the first part of the game, and I'm surprised that the score could snowball into a whopping 200+! :O I'm sure we did more than 1000 squats and I guess this is the reason why I can't walk properly without looking like a penguin :/

    Dinner on 2nd day, we all went to Old Airport hawker centre~ Walk back to school was funny with my beach Gekting! LOL Thinking of it makes me laugh already ^^

    All of a sudden when we were walking,
    *points* "EH GOT PINK MOTORCYCLE!!!!!!"

    While we were talking halfway,
    *suddenly squats down* EH 有狗!!!!!

    Crossing the big step between guard house and bball court,
    "Eh careful hor later you trip and fall" *trips over the step herself*

    HAHAHA Super funny, especially the last 2! The dog took me by surprise too, cuz I was talking to her and I wasnt looking in front and she suddenly squats down and gives a terrified face and tells me there's a dog in front of us LOL. &The tripping over the step one, well I think it's karma cuz she keep saying that I'll trip over the step but in the end when she was sarcastically warning me about it, she tripped over herself! GEKTING I MISS SITTING WITH YOU :(

    Ended the camp on a right note. I dont know why but I couldnt control my tears and they kept falling...... Thanks people for the concern and the 14 gems I got as acknowledgement. I know it isnt alot but much thanks cuz I felt good when I received them :)

    FUN STUFF!! Bimbo poses ownz. Wth I know I look stupid but whatever. Couple dancing is fun yo. We should stop fooling around and do our holiday homework.

    Oh yeah, caught the 3pm WG CCTV performance yesterday :D The laptop was making me hella frustrated, cuz the add-on crap didnt install properly or something. Changed computer and thankfully it worked fine, but I didnt get to catch the Nobody rehearsal in their black dresses and the JYP&Sunye rehearsal for Afternoon Separation :( All I saw was loads of people blocking the camera and this guy sweeping the stage for 10min lol. The whole performance was good :D It felt so "live" but the vide quality was bad/ Yoobin's :O expression when she dropped the mic while spinning before the 2nd omona during Tell Me was so cute! &Sunye's "yi qi chang!" a few seconds after that had such a heavy accent and it sounded super cute too! :D

    Okay I'm having a camp hangover of some sorts. I'm having a headache and I'm definitely not in the mood to do holiday homework.

    What I gained from camp: movement like a penguin (1000+ squats is no joke), sounding like a man. Most importantly, VERY VALUABLE EXPERIENCE. Thank you team Warriors and our facil, Auntie Keow. Update more soon. I'm going to wallow in self pity now for missing the WG Sina interview. Goodness me. To think I dreamt of So Hot on the 1st night. Must have been a sign for me to go home asap to catch it. But it's alright, no regrets at all :) WARRIORS <3

    Thursday, June 04, 2009
    dissection, joanna bday, origami 2, bert farewell, hi-5 rant

    These few days have been really busy............... But I think I can concentrate on lessons better during the extension week! :) Ironic, I know. There's so much holiday homework, I'm going to drown in them.

    Dissection of sheep's heart on Tue(?) was interesting. Sheryl and I were happily poking the heart and swinging it around and trying to shove it to Gekting (okay, maybe only me) and chopping it into pieces to "sell". You want 100g? 200g? Fatty meat or lean meat? Sheryl wants the san zam ba 三成肉 LOL.

    Yesterday was Joanna's birthday yo! ;) Went to PP to get the cake with Amanda, Jezreel, Nicole, Sandy before proceeding to her house for a surprise! :) But that girl ah, so jialat lo. We were outside singing happy birthday song for her and braving the strong winds that were blowing the candles on her behalf without permission, and yet she still can ask us to wait awhile at her door just because she's playing Altador Cup wth!! Explored her house, and I realised that she used to look cute :B And we almost bought her something that she had, thankfully Nic&Jez changed their minds! Joshua looks damn weird during P5, I could not believe that was him.!!

    Then I went to Apple's house to finish up on the origami folding. Let's fold some turtlez yo. There was Apple, Bert, Carmen, Christine, Darren, Denise, Joyce, Kenny, Yixian! Lol we were all so hungry but we continued cuz we had to help Bert chiong since he's going to NS tmr! *sniff* Our fingers were all hurting and I'm having an origami phobia. Ate at Sakae at 8+. My table (Bert, Carmen, Darren, Denise) was so hungry and we kept ordering as if the food was free! :D Every thing came in like at least 2 portions x) Carmen doesnt know how to use a computer mouse LOL. I thought Sakae scammed us but in the very end we scammed them accidentally~ Cut cake, group picture and then homed!
    "You cannot blame me, you must blame the bakery. They give sticky cake."
    "You know why? Because they are not Wonder Bakery"

    "So witty!"

    Today went to TM with Jezreel and Daniel :D Watched Night at the Museum 2, nice and funny!
    Okay so yeah I saw Yuki's blog and she was talking about Hi-5 and that made me reminisce about my childhood! Fyi, I was a hardcore fan of Hi-5, always stuck to the TV at 5.30pm every weekday, Kids Central, and also went for 3 of their concerts, 1 in Kallang Theatre, 1 in Esplanade, 1 in Expo. I remember very clearly that for the Expo&Esplanade ones, I sat really near to the stage (3/5 rows from the front) and they were making eye contact with me and I was so happy! :) Yup and then there was confetti released from the top of the stage and kids were scrambling to get them! Since I sat near, so there was this blue shimmering ribbon then flew to me and I kept it :D But when I found out my mom threw it away I was so sad and heartbroken :(

    Anyway the main point is that I went to google about Hi-5 cast and stuff, and I found out something terrifying and horrifying: THERE IS NO MORE ORIGINAL CAST MEMBERS!! D: And by that, I mean Charli, Kathleen, Kellie, Nathan and Tim are all gone!!! I only knew that Kathleen and Tim left but now all of them are gone! D: Getting lookalikes to replace them does not work! This makes me feel as if I lost my best childhood friend and my childhood seems worthless and ruined already. They are the reason I believe that Hi-5 is worth supporting. Kathleen de Leon Jones with mischievous Jupjup. Kellie Hoggart and talkative Chatterbox. Tim Harding and his musical talent. Nathan Foley with his active and body-working activities. Charli Delaney (used to be Charli Robinson) with her recap after every segment. See, I still can remember their names and what their segments were about. Now, there wont be any Hi-5 episodes or videos where there is the original cast anymore. I feel as though my childhood is gone. Lastly, I think I threw away my Hi-5 VCDs a couple of years back. What am I to do? I feel as though a part of me is gone :(

    I know it's kinda late, but still... Goodbye, my childhood companions T_T Ah their new website is so cool! So interactive and retro TV-ish~ :D &Jonas Brother's 2009 Concert Tour will be featuring Wonder Girls!!! :D (The main point is WG, not JoBros.)

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