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    Friday, October 30, 2009

    WHOOO BEG's Sign MV IS OUT!!! ;D

    Hmm okay actually it isnt as creepy as the teaser! But sigh, why did they all have to die D: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Them being in the water-filled tanks really impressed me, since they didnt get doubles and stuff.

    Oh yes that day I was chatting with AliciaC. on msn and she wants to go airport to welcome BEG too woohoo! &That night I dreamt of GaIn! :D This is a sign! GaIn is my favourite now!

    Okay hehe got back report book. Satisfied cuz well I didnt do that well but yet I managed to improve in percentage (by 0.1), class position (by 2), &level position (by 7). So I guess I'm happy? :) Hmm so now all that's left is all the extra Chinese lessons, followed by O Level Chinese and then I can go enjoy myself at councillor retreat, Korea humanities trip and Shanghai trip whoooo~ :D

    Holiday homework? Bummer.

    Wednesday, October 28, 2009
    it's just you and i, let me hear your voice cuz I'm drunk on sleep

    Yay hehe reached home happy because there's 3 new MVs and 1 song released today! :D

    What a Girl Wants - 4Minute

    I like the rock-vibe set of clothes :D HyunA is getting prettier! ^^

    Let Me Hear Your Voice - Big Bang

    During the scenes where they are standing up and wearing black, TOP seems to be just swaying a little, and it looks funny! :D

    You and I - Park Bom (2NE1)

    I like this MV! I think it's the only one with a story. Although the story is sad, they used bright and vibrant colours, so it makes you feel happy and warm and kiddy :D
    Bom's boyfriend has a disease that can't be cured, but they got married despite knowing that he'll die eventually. They are happy and enjoy each other's company for as long as they can and not worry about what will happen, treasuring what they have.
    He tried to roll down the stair because he doesn't want to be such a burden to his Bom, but he didnt do it in the end. Bom's ultimate dream is to have a kid with her husband, although she knew that that won't be possible. At the end, Bom was in the field and standing by the moped(the bike) alone with his journal that he has never let her see, because he's dead.

    Oh and I forgot to say sth! Today's Marcus' birthday and his present was in-house LOL. Celebrated his birthday during lunch and he got taupoked and cake-smashed 8D Unforgettable right.

    (It's 7PM and it still hasnt rained yet. 5 more hours till the day ends. Hehe, seems like a sundae is coming my way!)

    Tuesday, October 27, 2009
    Supa section 1, Ear blingz

    HAHAHA Omg we look so serious. Especially XiNing LOL. DaJiawei looks kinda gay.

    Hockjin's messy hair explains how much he ran around to borrow the shirt LOL.

    Spent lunch doing this, LOL we were bored you see.

    Identities protected except for the 1st one ;)

    From this,

    It evolved into this.


    Aww she's too sweet-looking to fit the blingz :D


    Monday, October 26, 2009

    Omg have you seen BEG's Sign MV teaser?! It's so cooooooool :O It seems abit psychopathic, creepy, haunting etc., you get the drift.

    Sound quality's abit shitty cuz the person who recorded's speakers were being weird.
    &I hope the girls in the boxes filled with water arent them zomg so scary. Omg it's really them :O Another reason to catch this MV once it's released :D

    Omg my arms hurt from carrying the cookie boxes. I've muscle aches from Sat's jogging too (because I was bored at home and there wasnt anything to do).

    Walk out today was nice, Gek&I talked about our dreams :) It's good to have in mind what you want in life, I think.

    But for myself, dreams aren't called reality for a reason.

    Friday, October 23, 2009

    Hi people I'm fine already I have decided to 看开! :) Thanks for all your concern k, xoxo.


    Omg heehee I cannot wait for zoo trip!!! :) Must make nice food must make nice food!

    YAY 4MINUTE COMING OUT WITH "WHAT A GIRL WANTS" MV! Whoooooo my favourite song from the album, 很好很好! :D JiHyun~ <3

    Omg this post so random and crappy sheesh.

    Dinner today with Shuying&Sueann was so funny heehee :D infrasound *covers ears*

    I'm getting my flu jab on Sun :(

    Oh ya, "LY rocks on the days that end with 'Y' "!

    K I'm so tired Idk why my eyelids are like shutting :( K I go help Amanda do the CIP thing then I watch finish all of today's performance videos then I go sleep le woohoo Amanda you owe me one kthxbai.

    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Worst EOYs ever.
    Especially Physics paper wtf I just passed.
    I was weeping crying BAWLING.
    I'm so glad that I brought 3 packets of tissue paper and used up 1 packet myself.
    To think that Yanzhan and I were chanting "Don't cry don't cry don't cry" for like a million times.
    Oh wait, but that was for English so I guess the effect didnt last.
    Embarassed myself while crying but seriously I dont care -.-
    Seriously I've never ever ever ever ever cried so much in my life for an exam.
    And somemore cry until so loud like someone die.
    Okay maybe not. I dont know.
    Cry until my whole face felt numb and I lost my voice.
    (Voice come back soon okay Imy.)
    But then again, it felt really good to just let go and cry out loud. To just cry.

    And I realised something quite important.
    When you cry, your eyes gets red. Including the eyebags wtf.
    Okay nvm I should stop digressing. Back to Physics.
    Thank you Ms Chia for looking through my entire paper without me asking you to, just to see if you can squeeze out any more marks.
    Thank you Gekting Yanzhan Karwai Sandy Zhiqi for your concern. I love you girls!
    Thank you Keith Laura Kahbing Fangyu etc. for trying to make me cheer up.

    The only paper I did well was Emath?!
    I mean like, well for my standard.
    The only A up-to-date.

    Oh well. Let's hope tomorrow is a better day.
    (Korea trip most probably postponed to 12Nov. &I need to get the flu jab too -.-)

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    ROFLLLLLLLLLLL Huiyi is so funny she's like Gekting no. 2!!!!!
    Love3, Huixian says:
    at fortcanning
    got T-max, BEG, FTisland, mario
    and another guy performing
    ring ding dong~ hell's over says:
    isit de kpop
    nite like las yr wg cm de?
    Love3, Huixian says:
    i not gg the event but i
    think i go airport for BEG lol
    ring ding dong~ hell's over says:
    huh cn
    climb tree n see?
    Love3, Huixian says:
    yeah i think similar but this one
    is something like fair cuz got sell korean food
    ring ding
    dong~ hell's over says:
    see de event?
    Love3, Huixian says:
    omg u are hilarious

    Saturday, October 17, 2009
    ning's 15th

    {edit: New group pics stolen from Leian's fb ^^"

    Shirlyn looks like she's trying all her might to stretchhhhhh

    Okay this is better


    Life's good after exams hehe. Spent like 7.5h on the com yesterday, shuang! ;) But I was doing important stuff okay!! Like........................... translating WG videos? LOL. And watching shows hehe. Just watched GaIn+JoKwon's WGM episode lol. Good that they're gna be a couple on that show, instead of just the Chuseok special hehe. Oh ya today's Kara's Mister was so cool zomg I love the neon pants~

    Oh yeah, 12Dec gonna have this Seoul'd Out event at Fort Canning and there's gonna be Brown Eyed Girls!!!! I want to see Narsha and GaIn! Shuying let's go stalk them at airport+hotel+Fort Canning okay! Let's have another date cuz we havent had one for so long ;) Oh yes going to Ion on 24th to see LMH with Shuying and Jafie.. I refuse to type out his name because I don't even like him lol. I dont even think we can get a glimpse of him :( Posers are gonna drown us out. Oh wait, they're prolly gonna drown us out when we go see BEG.

    Went to KLP to iceskate with Gekting, Huiyi, Karwai and Regine~ I have blisters now ;( And the front sharp part of the blades cut my toe lol. It was fun and Gek kept falling LOL. I just realised I didnt fall at all :D Kw&Hy were dancing some couple dance lol! Then we tried dancing random dances on the ice lol but we failed ;( But it was fun anyway :D Hy's atm card is fail, tsk.

    Went to celebrate KangNing's birthday at her country club! We had jap food and there was so much to eat :O Everyone dressed so well, WINGYIN WAS WEARING A MINI-SKIRT WITH BOOTS, OMG RIGHT I KNOW!!! I am not insulting her lah, I am just so proud of my fellow Section1-er!! :) Feminine liao worxz, kekex. Played with the helium balloons! Dont have Pearl Burgundy, WG's balloon colour :( So I took my fave orange colour balloon, but everyone else said it was red :( Zann and I were happily talking about the Korea humanities trip :D I want to go shopping hehe.

    Then everyone went to Kn's house! Germaine entire big toe nail flipped out, all because of Huiqi~ Long story hahah. But the thing was that she was worried that her nail wont grow out -.- If I were her, I'd be scared of the pain and not whether my nail will grow or not LOL. Zihow had his piano showcase~ :b Then Guitar Hero-ed and Idiot-ed!! Omg hehe so fun+so long never play! Wingyin ah, seriously noob ttm.! 1st round she lost then need to do forfeit, but she say want find companion so we played 2nd round. Ends up she lost again LOL, where is your striptease?!

    LOL the balloons. Long story!

    Wth I look like a mother+son. But nvm cuz my hair looks really brown here lol. Somemore got the brown streak LOL.

    Omg look like got dimples hor?!

    His expression (Y)

    My orange-but-look-like-red balloon. FLY TO THE HIGH CEILING :( So suay lah, initially Zann and I were joking about it flying away. Then I used Derek's wallet to weigh the string down, but he didnt notice and took away his wallet. &Alex witnessed it flying up without saying anything :( Wo de balloon ah~

    SECTION 1! See, even when we're having fun, You all are still in our hearts~ :)

    Friday, October 16, 2009

    4minute What A Girl Wants + Muzik

    (Not HQ, and camera man sucks lol)
    First time they performed What A Girl Wants, which is my favourite song from the album! :) Muzik's my 2nd fave hehe.

    EOY's over. It's time to prepare tissue paper for Thur&Fri. And most importantly, GET MY LIFE BACK.

    Friday, October 09, 2009
    sec4 grad 09

    Wheeee hi everyone :) I know right, I shouldnt be here, I should be mugging Egeog+Emath but yeah I need a break (ya, right. As if.). Airport study date that day, and omg I think I can recognize the cleaners at the foodcourt LOL! Some very friendly one sia, come talk to us! :-) Yeah then there was the usual stupid jokes, like the lorry-reversing sound hehe :D I want to try the hotpot, it looks super niceee! &Eh, we still havent ventured past the entrance of Crowne Hotel -.-

    Karwai hard at work!

    No Im not zilianing -.- I dont do that.

    Gekting thinks that you're smelly. Like eww.

    Came to school at like 9am today -.- Cuz of AHEM someone lah *points above* say what come early to study, END UP LATE FOR 1H+ HURRRRR. Okay lah, got buy blondie cookie for me can liao :) Then we ate 5-yolk mooncake, yolk is so gross :b I dont know how Gekting can just pop the entire yolk into her mouth. Somemore eat until so messy, end up attract the crow, so scary! D:

    Yeah then uh Sec 4 Graduation today! Ex-students came back too~ :D Today's duty was quite fun, especially the end where we were shoving packets of beehoon into parents and students hands hehe. Wingyin+Jiawei+Debi+Me had more charm than Seraph+Shirlyn cuz we gave away ours in a shorter time! :) Oh ya the harkow stuck to Seraph's retainers LOL. Yeah then went Singpost Macs with them too, why are we so cool HAHAHA! Thanks Onggie for the green tea! I love to hear Wingyin speak Canto with her parents cuz it's super smooth! Then we heard "Singpost Lady Gaga" when she was speaking with her parents HAHAHA so funny why suddenly got Lady Gaga ah LOL. Then also got some parts sound like Korean LOL then me&Onggie anyhow speak all the korean words and try to converse with Wy LOL. Section 1 is cool.

    I dont believe height difference got so much lor.! LILING GOT SO TALL MEH?!


    Eh I wanted to post Section 1 photos BUT Alicia Wee never send me/upload. She says 11Nov. But she's not even studying now!! :( OH YA Welcome XiNing Kristal YingJie HockJin and ZiCen to Section 1~~ :) Omg I think I miss Alicia and Lowell :(

    Life's good with the company around me, like today :) I mean, at least for now. Wait till results come back LOL.

    Thursday, October 08, 2009

    Yay, I'm going for the humanities trip to Korea! ^^ Most prolly bunking with Zann, HX Chronicles revival? :D (Wlao eh I not les lah you then les lor tsk.) Excited ttm cuz it's with friends woohoooo. Please let me see some famous people HAHA oh man who am I kidding -.- I should stop dreaming tsk.

    Tuesday, October 06, 2009

    We complicate things, because most of the time if our mind has a point, our heart seeks for a reason.

    Friday, October 02, 2009

    Point form because I'm lazy. In random order, whatever comes into my mind first!

    • I just watched the encore of our POP dance on Ms Chan's fb, and I realised how short I am when I stand next to Shuying&Nicole -.-
    • I also noticed how much I forgot the dance steps .__.
    • I watched the Teachers' Day Gee dance again and almost spat my water out cuz for the first time, I read the lyrics that Huiyi editted. HAHAHA.
    • Life sucks I can't watch WonderGirls' 2nd live webchat too -.-
    • Miss Chia asked me if I was from choir LOL.
    • Weijiet keeps singing Heartbreaker in class..............
    • Gekting keeps doing Abracadabra's hip sway! :)
    • Gekting keeps trying to hold my hands these few days! :O I think she's secretly in love with me!!
    • Maybe it's not much of a secret since she grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the canteen.................
    • HAHAHA omg this sounds so...........................
    K, pics! :)


    Study date @ T3 with Karwai and Gekting after EL paper (which was one of my worst compo I've ever written in my entire life). Quite productive!! :) I was sweating cuz I ate soup noodles while Gekting was feeling super cold cuz she ate ice kachang -.- Quarrelled with her (what's new) over how people eat chilli lol. Oh yeah, and on the bus to Paya Lebar MRT, we were 1 stop away from the busstop that we're supposed to alight, but she shouted "Eh 要下车了!!!" super loudly and panicked cuz the bus was about to leave the stop already, and then the bus became very quiet... Then I said, "Wrong busstop lar" and then we laughed super loudly ahah omg so malu.

    My wifeeeeeeeeee.

    Kw so unglam tsk LOL.

    How to prevent your hp from falling while using self timer.

    "The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain." says:
    i need go eat le
    my mum's face as black as my skin colour

    From Sweet Girl Chuseok Special~ Prerecorded but it doesnt matter :)
    Thanks Kenny for this gif :)
    I really really really really can't wait for all these to be over.

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