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    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    YAY TYVM YOUMIN!!!!! :)


    Wlao I'm damn damn damn sad zomg you know Brown Eyed Girls having autograph session on 13th BUT I'M FLYING OFF ON 13TH!!!!!! T_T And if suay suay ccl farewell on 11th then I wont have chance to go airport to see them!!! :( THEN I WONT EVER SEE THEM IN MY LIFE :'(

    Sunday, November 22, 2009
    Korea Humanities trip

    안녕하세요! ^^ Uploaded some pics here on blogger, everything else is on facebook! Well, I took 600+ pics but I only uploaded 300+ though, took me till 2.30am to upload and tag everyone! :(
    1st fb album (200pics)
    2nd fb album (184 pics)

    Here's only SOME more interesting/nicer pictures, normal pictures on top, fandom pictures below! ;D Oh, and I'll talk about the trip tgt with the photos.

    The plane ride there was awesome~ Sat with Kele, hers was window seat while mine was aisle. Even though our flight was at 10.30PM, they still served dinner! :O I had bibimbap which was yucky -.- Plane food.......... oh well. The view outside the window was super nice omg no words can describe it!! There were a million stars in the sky (not joking), and it was more than the Sec 2 camp that kind! The stars were also big and felt very close to us! :O Awesomeeeee! The plane itself was good, at first Kele and I were joking that the screen was touchscreen so we pretended to touch it, and it really was touchscreen! :P

    Touched down the there were LCD screens almost everywhere x__x The one near the immigration officers had the Samsung Amoled CF with After School and SonDamBi! :D That made me pretty excited for the entire Korea trip hahah :D

    Hahah Zann so cute :3

    Cute kindergarten kids! I had a hard time trying to stop myself from taking a picture with them

    M Hotel in Seoul! Super comfy ;D First night room, and then the internet was quite fast! Hmm, but Zann and I overslept for the 1st night though, we woke up at the time we were supposed to be eating breakfast .__. and I cant remember if it was this night where cuz we overslept so the morning was all gruggy and rushed, Zann applied body lotion on her toothbrush HAHA!

    Diligently doing our homework on the first night ;D We did them diligently everynight anyway :) The nights were filled with homework, card games, TV and taupoking Kele! ;D

    I forgot where was this, but it's cool! :O

    Lol tsk Zann like monkey LOL jk. At Hwaseong fortress.

    Seee, again!

    Failed jumpshot LOL I look kinda gay :X

    Successful but cannot see my face ;__; And Mrs Loo complained about that too, cuz she took one with the dslr but cannot see my face HAHA. :D

    Actually, the door forever locked one LOL.

    At the Kongzi place! Wlao damn stupid lah, I knocked my head against the bronze Kongzi statue wtf! I thought I was supposed to be smarter somehow! :O Shuying says it's because Kongzi wanna enlighten me :(

    At the traditional lodge, right beside my lodge! Juliet and I were super excited cuz of the banner and clapping sounds from the room, and wanted to camp outside to wait! But in the end, we only saw the crew, and not the cast! :(

    That night, Zann Kele Sally and I were playing truth or dare in the open windy place, and then it started snowing!! We were damn excited and woke everyone up HAHA! :D My first time seeing snow! It's true that snow has the snowflakes thingy! It's like maybe 1 "drop" of snow consists of around 3-4 snowflakes! Pretty!

    Then we went toilet, which is the common toilet. Suddenly the lights turned off and the door opened, so we screamt! It was actually one of the 2D1N crew! Then she went "OMO! :O" and closed the door, and like a few seconds later, another crew woman opened the door... When we went out, this male crew guy apologised to us :D

    Inside the lodge rooms. 4 people to a room, Kele Sally Zann and I. Sili and Jayne came over to play! It started to get hotter, so turnde the thermostat to 20-30degrees. We forgot to turn it back up to 40 when we slept. In the morning, Sili and Jayne were knocking on our door, and turns out that we were late! :O When we opened the door, Mrs Loo and Miss Han were outside, so paiseh! So we changed in the room and it was freezing and rushed, luckily we didnt leave anything behind!


    HAHA! :) If you cant see, they're actually imitating the animals behind -0-


    Nice background LOL -.-

    Meet Shuying the stingray ;) Jiaen and I were fascinated by how Sy was exhibited in Korea! :O

    At Jeju's Yongduam rock! The picture is super ugly cuz the flash couldnt reach the nice parts... The view is breathtaking, and the waves were strong too! The weather was chilly but it was nice!

    Found this effect in my camera so I tested it out on Zann ;D

    Sunrise peak! Look at all the tiny people climbing up... I REACHED THE PEAK HAHA WITH KELE omg we thought we were going to die! D:

    Otw up! This was a little more than halfway but we were dead beat and we wanted to give up already! This was near where we rested, and we only rested once! So proud of both of us :D

    We were coming down already, so I saw the nice lush green grass and suggested we took a photo! But the wind was super strong, therefore our hair abit....... you know .__.

    Hehe eating icecream in Winter is nice! ;D And check out Jayne's cute beanie on my head haha the beanie so cute :3

    Traditional village made of clay and rocks! :O

    Waterfalllllllll~ Inside the water got fishes+ducks!

    Meet Sparkles, Juliet's beanie made of Rabbit fur! D: how cruel, tsk! When she wore it, the fur were semi-covering her eyesight and she didnt know, so she asked me, "Eh, how come here got smoke??" HAHA.!

    Temple! Couldnt use flash photography so my photos taken inside were all darky and shakey ;(

    This orange is very speciallll! Yongyu, Yingjie and I went to the toilet near the temple which was actually situated in this shop selling tangerines. And the shopkeeper gave each of us one! :) Really sweet gesture, we were all super touched! If it happened in Singapore, the shopkeeper would probably throw us dirty looks because we didnt patronize the stall and yet still use their toilet!

    Dokebi road aka Ghost road~ It looks uphill, but when our bus had its engine turned off, it rolled uphill! :O

    LOL Juliet was complaining about the gas smell cuz the fire went off :/

    Hehe cute bear at Jeju Grand Hotel! Whenever we walked past it, we would never fail to stop by and do the same action/expression as the bears! :D This was last day at Jeju so we took a photo with it.

    MY KIMCHI!!!!!! :)

    With the CEO of Pungmi Kimchi Factory! She made kimchi for us and hand-fed us too! :O And everyone had to wear the apron+headscarf so we all looked like Korean housewives for the day!

    Hehe Kele sitting in the "bullseye" LOL.

    Blue house behind us, the Korean equilavent of Istana/White House!

    Pretty hanboks in a exhibition :)

    Describes me perfectly :O

    Jiaen :D


    Rice cakes ^^

    Aww, you see Mrs Loo's face so pekchek right! We took this photo 3 times, but all 3 times her face also like that! So we started to say that Mrs Loo doesnt like to stand beside me in photos LOL. Btw we were at Yongsei University!


    Jiaen and her "road" which she learnt from Shuying. Bored people do bored things:O

    See omg the female Korean guide from Yonsei so cute right!!!!! Everyone were like taking photos of/with her and I was like spazzing HAHA how can anyone look this cute omg omg!

    My dream university bwahaha b: The uni has superb surroundings and everything! :) 2nd best uni hehe


    At Lotte Mart, which is something like a supermart, they sell pets!! :O There's hamsters, bunnies, lizards, fishes, porcupines!! Btw, the hamsters are only SGD$6! The breeds are all mixed so there were a few Roborovskis inside and they're same price as the rest!

    The cute bunnies were only SGD$30!! I wanted to bring one back to Sg badly T__T Juliet and I were patting them b:

    View of Lotte World from Lotte shopping centre ahah. The entire ground floor is an iceskating rink!

    The porcupine!!!!! So cute :)

    Digital pavillion, a super high-tech place!! :O

    With Uncle Kim, our tour guide for the trip!

    Jayne the hare, Juliet the rabbit! I realised that they do look like rabbits, except that Jayne is more violent so she's the hare which is wild and ugly!

    Hehe I think this picture quite nice leh! Mrs Loo looks happy to stand beside me LOL. And we're doing the ttak-ttak sign!

    Watching a 4D movie with air and water spraying into your face. I screamt at the first effect LOL.

    High-tech tree, when you clap, it lights up :D

    Yeah, hell sure we do! We tried to take a group photo, but after only 1 camera, the screen got resetted! :(

    Bap god sign! :D

    Leaving Incheon airport ;(


    Can you spot the tiny sun? :)
    Plane back home was good! Kpop throughout the flight, they had entire albums and the latest songs!! Awesomeeeeee :D (I caught Mrs Loo watching "Up" LOL.)

    These are only some photos I took, the last few days I was quite tired so I didnt take any more fandom photos :(

    Dara with Minho for Cass beer! Main point is Dara :D So cute, but why they put on the floor?! Step on Dara lei T_T

    Awwwww :)

    Watching Invincible Youth! Yuri, Sunny and Hara!

    Sunny and Hyuna! HyunA looks cute here b:

    Golden Fishery featuring WG and JYP!

    Jiyoon on Star News! It was about the high school graduation examination.

    And then Sohyun was at her side, flipping through the sketchbook which she drew for Jiyoon unni! So cute :3

    Shuying and JafIe, this is for you! Miracle~

    Hehe Taecyeon and Wooyoung MC-ing for Inkigayo! Watched this in Jeju where we had 2hours free time in the hotel, and Inki was on TV! :D It felt so gooooood to actually watch it from TV and not youtube! :) Everyone watched it too, and when we gathered, everyone was talking about it haha :D Mrs Loo was asking me what did "ring ding dong" mean in the Shinee song, whether if it was there just to rhyme or something LOL.

    f(x)'s Chu~

    Park Bom's You and I! The poor girl looked so tired on stage, her eyebags and dark eye circles were so prominent! My heart was aching :(

    2PM's heartbeat! The intro was cool with the ice-breaking performance!
    -insert's BEG's Sign- Aww shucks, I accidentally backspaced it! ;__; and I'm too lazy to find it from the picasa webalbum... Well, alot of people liked Sign! :)


    SNSD's New Chocolate Love CF! I screamt when it came on .__. Somehow, there wasnt f(x)'s one though... Oh and there was the Samyang Ramyun CF too, but I didnt get my camera out in time :P

    Dara on Family Outing! The episode was super funny!! :D Hyori kept knocking into the obstacles! xD

    BigBang for Hite beer without Seungri cuz he was underage when they did this ad.


    Big Bang! :D

    At the Jeju airport (I think)!!! It was super huge omg Taiquan and I were super happy!!


    Close-up! Can spot my OTP, SunYeon the dandyu! :)

    At Lotte, Shuying this is for you~

    At Lotte too :)

    At Lotte too, the shopkeeper gave me this evil stare when I snapped the photos :(

    Sohyun and Hyuna for TBJ! There was this life-sized cardboard Hyuna and I wanted to take a photo with it but I was shy .__.

    The 2nd WG ad I saw in Korea :( And it was tucked in the corner of the shop!! How annoying.

    A shop called YuBin AHAHAH!
    The Korea trip was really great, cuz I really learnt all the stuff they taught and the places we visited! :)
    • I had a little accident every single day without fail. Knocking my head against Kongzi, knocking my head against the edge of the door frame (super pain), punching Zann's chin, hitting my leg against the lift, slipping down the ramp, and lots more .__. I was so accident-prone in the trip, I have no idea why!
    • The nights spent playing before we slept. The birth of Bap God, WonderWoman and ttak-ttak! :D Kele Zann Sili Sally Jayne you girls are really the best and treated me really well even though I'm not from your class :)
    • Juliet, who was the only person I could spazz with when we saw Kpop stuff! :D
    • Watching Korean TV and their ads was so awesome! It's super different from watching from yt. &Most of their ads were so funny! I'm so glad I caught so many shows, including last episode of Hello Baby, Invincible Youth, WGM etc.! :)
    • Mrs Loo bullying me about my height (Here's a secret for you ppl! She's only 158cm HAHA) and clumsiness during the trip ;__; And the jokes about not standing beside me when taking photos :D
    • Oversleeping for 2 nights! ;(
    • The last night at M hotel, we used this pamphlet and stuffed it into the card hole so the room's electricity would continue to flow as we wanted to charge our cams as we went to Sili&Jayne's room. We came back, slept and when we woke up, the entire room was dark and the toilet lights were flashing! Omg I was freaked out T__T But yeah it was because the pamphlet wasnt heavy enough :P
    • My first time seeing snow!!! :) In korea somemore hehe. It snowed a total of 3 times while we were there ;D
    • Snatching with Zann over the high-tech toilet bowls, which were maybe only 1 in every public toilet. There was once we were at this rest-stop, we chionged in, spotted the occupied high-tech one, "fought" outside, only to see Mrs Loo coming out from that cubicle -0- Quite embarrassing..........
    • The cool toilet cubicles which have this light that says "Occupied", so when the doors are closed and locked, it'll light up. This way, people dont have to knock on the doors to check if its empty or occupied :D

    I LOVE KOREA!!!!!!!!!

    {omg watching the MAMA awards makes me miss Korea even more! I wish I was still there so I can watch it from the TV and not livestream ;( And Jaebum didnt return... Well, I'm glad that JYP and YG family totally dominated the awards, because stupid SM boycotted it -.- And yeah BEG won too!! :) So happyyyyyyyy ;D

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