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    Saturday, January 30, 2010
    shinee airport arrival, fml G-style

    Today......... started off well. I really love 3LY. Although we're not bonded (rather cliquey), but I'm kind of glad that there's nice and awesome people :D R&W was spent doing the career thing (I didnt do, cuz I didnt have a com), and reading borntobeyourtaoeh! Hahah then later in class we kept saying stuff from there! :D

    Guides started off well too. Glad that the juniors liked the games (ahem JasmineL and Kaiteng rofl!) I left early, so I really didnt know what happened later... Until I got home...

    Went to meet Huiyi, Sinee and Wingyin at Lucky, proceeded to airport to meet Derek. We reached at almost 7, but we got a rather good spot! Hahah. Right in front of the glass again. Okay, I've got to make this clear. I dont like (not dislike hor) Shinee, but I kind of went to 抽热闹 haha. Yes yes, Shinee Singapore arrival! Boy groups arent really my thing........ So yup. Then omg I ate a sundae!! D: I feel fat now.

    So uh.... we stood up for almost 1h! Estimated time of arrival was 2039, then around early 9+, we saw Minho and he was getting ready to come out to luggage carousel alr! But then he walked back in and was out of sight. Made everyone so jumpy and impatient! Then finally they came out at 10!


    ROFL got hear me shout anot "OMG JONGHYUN!!!!!" HAHAHAHA. He looks quite cute hahah. Key's the one with orange boots, behind him is Taemin who's covering his face, and then Jong who wanted to help pick up the stuff, and finally Minho in white shirt with the red stripe.
    No Onew cuz he came abit later and I alr went home D:

    And then came home... Found out alot stuff.
    I didnt receive the SOW.
    Activities will not be highly anticipated anymore.
    Top 4 will be regarded as figureheads..................?

    The others have the chance to do what they said themselves. Cuz I know they will. But us? We're just gonna be stuck there. We dont have a choice. We've got to clean up everything when shit happens.

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    Today will be the 2nd time I'm missing out on breakfast with the girls T__T I'm so sorry! Especially to Gekting cuz I sort of promised her I'd be there later @ 7AM D: Sorry yeobo.!!

    Saturday, January 23, 2010
    Sunmi, why did you go?

    Sunmi unni...
    I wont ask for the reason, since it's already stated so in the official statement...
    But, why so sudden?
    We're all having a hard time believing in the fact...
    Maybe because you've alr gone on to the world stage, you've decided that studies is more important now?
    I know your homesickness is getting bad...
    All I can say is,
    I wish you all the best.

    This week was filled with tests and quizzes and what not O_o At least I'm not in the holiday mood anymore rofl. Week 3 has passed alr!! Super fast homg oh no, how many months left till I graduate?!

    Oh and I cut my hair on Sunday! :) Like 4inches off x__x Alot, I know. Now my hair is kind of short and I'm not used to it yet :/ The ponytail now is short and fat :( But ooh I like my fringe!

    I am kind of in a good mood hehe :D I dont know why too.Gekting was also happy today!! She was so giggly and jumpy, as quoted from Zhiqi haha! The 5min before Amath test was so funny! Yz and Gek were playing with the curve rulers! Yz made it into a heartshape and put it in front of her face and made this very blissful expression! Then Gek made it into a ribbon and put it her against her hair, which sort of made her look like Minnie Mouse ROFL. Yay I love my seat!! Yanzhan + Gekting + Zhiqi=ultimate.! :D We should a photo sometime soon and set it as Laura's hp wallpaper! :)

    Ok I am very tired nao I must sleep nao.

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Dreams come in a size too big so we can grow into them. :)
    -T.Winnie @ throughgreenglass/bs

    Monday, January 18, 2010

    Watch from 9:38 onwards! Omg LOL B.E.G totally pwned the other girl groups (Kara, T-ara, SNSD) there! Heartbeat was so funny! I watched that part 3 times, each time focusing on different girls (GaIn/Jea/Miryo) because they were super funny haha :D Only Miryo was serious about it! Jea is so dorky and cuteeeeee. If Narsha was there, I think it would have been even funnier xD

    Sat with Gekting today to relish the memories of last year LOL.

    Gekting: Eh, how to describe the lake's water very sparkling ah...?
    Me: ....... uh... 반짝 반짝?

    LOL. It was english lesson hahaha :D Went to the lake and it was super hot+sunny, could totally feel the heat burning on your skin! And then suddenly it rained super heavily and my paper got so wet, the words cant be read :)

    (Everybody join! :) It's the korean version of tweeter ^^")

    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Gahee~ :D Super sexy, I swear!! :) Her dimples are winnnnnn. Okay, I am also amazed by the magic tricks lah. But main point is Gahee LMAO.

    Am I the only one who's not impressed by CN Blue, F.Cuz, and ZE:A? Hmm.

    I promise I will stop Bo Peep-ing in class/school/wherever LOL I must not get infected by the Bo Peep virus when I dont even like T-ara! :( Gekting, you also cannot Bo Peep okay!!

    Arm-wrestled with my 2 P6 cousins and 1 Sec1 cousin today at my grandmother's house. I WON THE P6 COUSINS, WOOO I AM A STRONG GIRL! :) Doing pumping trains your arm muscles, I swear! :D And I was sweating like mad after that, so who said that arm-wrestling isnt a full body workout? :)

    School in 7hours :( I think I miss Miss Wong HAHAH :( Sian, I will be missing my KFC breakfast with the girls T__T

    I hope this week will be a better week :)

    Friday, January 15, 2010

    FINALLY IT'S THE END OF THIS WEEK! Week 2 just flew by like that .__. Sec 4 feels even faster than Sec 3!! In 11 months time, I will be leaving cchms omg that's very fast. Okay I know this is lag but I reallyyyyy can't believe I'm in Sec 4!! Like seriously. Sec 4 sounds old. 16 sounds even older. Being in jc/poly next year sounds evennnn older!

    Kind of glad this week is the last UG experience....... Tired and sick of supervising the juniors cook and talking to Sec 1s for consecutive 2 Fridays. I'm not saying I hate/dislike, but doing the same thing for a period of time is kind of boring. Well, at least the Sec 1s were kind of truthful and fun to talk with :) Talking to 3 1GR girls from China made me realize how bad my (&Stephanie HAHA!)'s chinese was. Whoops. Taught the Sec 2s yang tinggi, they learnt it fast, and did well, so I'm proud of them :D

    Pumped ourselves after activity, it felt greattt! Hmm, but I kind of gave up near 30 :( I'm so disappointed in myself, I ought to pump more to train my muscles :D I mean, not like bodybuilder kind of muscles. Lean-and-not-flabby-arms kind of muscles :) Oh and when Yijie poked my arm, she said I have muscles!! :D

    P+VP~ HAHA :)

    I hate it when I get scolded for being nice. Doesnt pay to be kind. All we wanted was to help. Sometimes you really think too much into things.

    I'm so excited for my life(LOL) plan wooooooo~ Gekting we're gonna make it! <3

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Today, something so horrible happened to me, I hope it doesnt ever happen again. To you people, it might be so minor that you all will just overcome the momentary sadness quickly, but to me it meant alot............................... I finally realised how I cant live without it :( But I got it back in the end, much thanks to Mr Chua!

    And of course not forgetting my beloved councillors :D Yangjun, Shuling, Singyan, Seraph, Yanzhan, Shirlyn, Jiawei, Wingyin, Debi etc. for cheering me up and reassuring me! Gekting and Karwai for the same reason as above. Wingyee for comforting me and standing on the same spot for around 5-10min stoning LOL >< And the juniors (council/Guides) who showed me concern! :)


    Saturday, January 09, 2010
    UG experience, cca dy 2010

    Guides yesterday was nice :D UG experience for the new Sec 1s, and I attempted to talk them into Guides haha :D Spent like 5-10min talking to each group, talk until my throat super dry hehe! &I like those who arent shy! :) Nice to talk to them haha! There was this girl who thought I'm Sec 2/3 WOOO I'm young!! She was sooo shocked when I told her I'm Sec 4 LOL. Okay lah, actually is cause she says I'm short, not because I look young -.- But nvm, I guess that's 1 good reason for being short eh O_O And got people remember me from orientation woohoo, that's good cuz I didnt take any class except visiting BN/CR frequently :D Then there was this girl who asked for my number o.o But I gave her my fb instead lol. &Now I have 4 friend requests from girls who I do not remember at all O_O

    Then today was CCA orientation! So tiringgg. Hahah :D Did PTC duty, and then talked more people into Guides!! Aww, they were so cute they asked if there was any namelist to write their names down LOL. But some Sec 1s sort of made me feel abit angry :( I saw this girl at the foyer who took 4 balloons, so I happily thought she wanted to join Guides. End up, she was going to join sports cca and took the balloons for fun. Wth.

    I love SC!! :D Yuki&Youmin are twins!!! :) Huilian doesnt want to be twins with me, I am so sad :( Claudia is the comedian of the year LOL. Went to PP kfc with the bunch of Sec 2-4 councillors (bonding time :P) and we were all laughing at Claudia LOL. "OH MY GOD!!!" *huge eyes with hand actions* Omg I think got ppl think I'm les with Youmin omg how HAHAHA.

    Oh, and the Sec 2 ccls told me that they thought I'm a reallyyyyy fierce girl! :( Especially Serjean cuz I sort of scolded her for her fringe a loooong time ago LOL .__. It was only this year when they changed that mindset of me (after they heard me laughing LOL!). Aigoo~ Why!! But I'm so nice and friendly and smiley to everyone... But nvm, now everyone knows I'm nice wooooo~

    Thursday, January 07, 2010

    Today, when recess ended, I found a largeeee group of boys outside my class. Hehe, turns out they were all waiting for my EL relief teacher, Miss Wong SuAnn (omg the name LOL she's total opposite of Ng Sue Ann Joanna!)! LOL. Super funny, got like 20+ boys outside my class waiting for her to come to my class, just so they can see her!! LOL.

    Descriptions of her when she first stepped into our class:
    Karwai&Laura: Omg china one??
    Me: Omg her heels like SNSD one! (red heels)
    Rachel Chan: She looks korean!

    LOL HAHAHA! Actually to think of it, she's more of cute than pretty .__.

    And everyone is paying attention during EL lessons now! Woooooooo~

    Monday, January 04, 2010

    I am very very very tempted to switch to LJ!! Should I? :)
    Love the pretty templates, LJ cut function, friends/private posts!
    But I'll miss the cbox and music :(

    Saturday, January 02, 2010
    The New Year Post

    Since everyone has the New Year post, I should have one too! Okay, technically, I'm late by a day to do this. Bad start................? :/ Actually I'm doing it because yesterday Shuying scolded me for not having any! :(

    Anyway! I read my archives and I realised I didnt do resolutions for 2009! :O And I ended my post with "Time passes so fast that I think that we should so totally celebrate 2010 in advance." Am I psychic or what?! Cuz it's so damn true, omg I feel quite pleased with myself hmm.

    New Year (Decade) Resolutions...........!
    001. Work hard for O's!
    002. Proper time management
    003. Spend less time on Kpop D:
    004. Maintain Gold for NAPFA
    005. Exercise more! Jog at least once a week :D
    006. Skip more to grow tall
    007. Make the best out of the remaining months I have left for Guides and Council
    008. Make my last year the best year I've had in Chung Cheng
    009. Ignorance is bliss.

    (Omg I can't help saying this, but if you follow the kr way of dates, 1st Jan 2009 would be 090101, and I'm quite used to that format, and changing it to 100101 is so weird omg I cant stand it)

    2010 Let's go!

    Friday, January 01, 2010
    Orientation 2010, Guides EOY camp 2009

    Camp. Flag raising, the nylon rope snapped and the flag fell, thankfully colour party acted fast and saved the flag just before it touched the grass. Gross factor. Entertainment badge, Sec 2s did well :) Singing, dancing, magic tricks, skit. Shuying&I totally got scammed by them lah, tskkkk! Scavenger hunt.

    Orientation. Since I was logistics IC, I didnt have any class so I went to BN and CR since Section 1 was taking them :D They were really unenthu at first, but slowly it got better :) I like Sarah's "oh yeahhhh~" Joined Guides after they came back from the high rope obstacle course which sounded really fun from them :( Seniors came back, havent seen them for so long! Nightwalk was disappointing. Many backed out. It's natural to be scared, but I'm disappointed that they didnt even try at all. Was at tech blk 1st flr male toilet with Sandy, Rhine and Bryan. They're all nice woooo. 1st group failed LOL we werent ready, we were still chatting HAHAH. Then next few groups were great, cuz Sandy and I had to do last minute thinking!

    Orientation. Seniors came back! Something scary happened in the PC room. Zihow was at the end of the table sleeping, Seraph was sitting down in her seat. I entered the room, and sat diagonally opposite her. Right after I sat down, the chair beside her pushed in on its own. Wtf, totally scared both of us!! She asked if I used my leg to hook it in, but I didnt and it's not possible cuz in between us was the tables. It wasnt her either. So we were quite scared and she quickly came to sit with me. Telematch was fun? Joined Guides for awhile during firedrill. Returned to orientation, did some stuff, slept for 30min, practiced our exco dance, and it was campfire!! Clarissa came back woooooo. Campfire was total zihighness. For some unknown reasons, the new Sec 1s werent high :( Kelly says that the moon is the sun LOL.

    Orientation for batch 2010 and Guides EOY camp 2010 is over. A tiring 3D2N for me, where everything clashed perfectly. But I made it out alive and kicking :D It's a whole new experience when you're the one organizing the event and not attending/carrying out the plans. Fatigue kicked in, backaches, shoulder aches, body aches, loss of voice, eyebags, dark eye circles, bad hair etc. But afterall, it's all worth it, isnt it. SC Exco '0910, Guides Sec 3s.

    Guides. Although some didnt come, but it's alright. As long as we have the support and guidance of the ones left, we will make it, and we did. Our first, last and only camp. No doubt, it was a great experience- organizing, trials, fighting for what we want, consulting our seniors, the different issues we have to consider whenever we make a decision, last minute changes and adapting to them. I'm sorry I couldn't be there throughout the entire camp, only the 1st day, 2nd night, and part of the 3rd day.

    I'm quite disappointed by the attitude that we have to face from the juniors, it made me feel as though our effort was for nothing. Nightwalk, I can understand that they're scared. Afterall, we've all been in their shoes, and I dont know of anyone who hasnt been the least scared for nightwalk. But giving up before everything starts isnt. All they have to do is to walk thru the route once for less than an hour and get out and over with it; while we have to stay at a single place and pray hard that nothing weird happens in our hours there. It was because of us, that the NCC didnt get to carry out the nightwalk properly as planned. Guilt kicked in, but there wasnt really anything we could do after that to save the situation. I am sorry.

    Council. We met up so many times during the holidays just for this school event. The process was fun but tiring, getting all the stuff ready. Thanks to the exco who made all this possible. Exco dance wouldnt have been this fun if it werent for all of you :) Section 1, it's been reallyyyy awesome to be with you all!! Omg I love you all so much ahhhhh. You people are really the awesomest, highest, and I know that no matter what you all would be there :D So let's strive together and make ourselves the best section in the board woooooo. I dont know what to say, the words are just stuck in my brain and not coming out.

    Omg our legs are sexy!!

    Serene, Save the Bananas VS Federation says:
    heppy new year!!!
    may you grow a bit taller

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