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13th Feb is my day.
I luv peanut butter cups, Dairy Queen, people watching, purple Skittles, B&J's, warmhugs, smiles, laughter, sweet letters/cards, photographs, fun.
I'm not short, I'm FUN sized! :D

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    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Okay I need a better video quality to screencap from!! 480dp is still blur -0-

    &So cool! Qianru's fanboard is in the video too~ And so is Crystal's face (xD) and her very cool foldable banner which says "I'm Crystal" haha :D

    LOL @ GEK! On our way out to eat snowflake ice :D

    Wednesday, February 24, 2010
    I iz on Shinee's Hello Baby Ep 6!!

    Pause at 6:28!!!!!!!!!

    DO YOU SEE ME!!!!!!!!! ON SHINEE'S HELLO BABY!! HAHAH OMG LOL. There's the Onew (SinEe), Taemin(Huiyi) and Jonghyun(Wingyin)'s fanboard!! With half of my face because I am short! OMG ROX2BSHORT. And my Guides skirt+white chord too! I BROUGHT GLORY TO GUIDES :D YAY ME!

    Okay actually when the cameraman was zooming in, do you see us waving? :D Is cuz we were like saying "Omg later we appear on kr tv leh! Come we wave!!!" THEN REALLY HAVE US ROFL!!

    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    쏘리... 아이 왔 피엠엤-잉... ㅠ_ㅠ

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    omg huixian was damn cute. she was like HAAAPPPPY BIRRTHDDAY CLAUDIAAAA!!! And she gave me a hug and said wa u so tall very difficult to hug leh. LOLS.

    Heh. Thanks. I know I am cute :D

    Birthday eve rocked. Birthday sucked.

    I AM SO TIREDDD! Someone gave my sis angpao but never give me! :( Blackjack this year very little people play :(

    Omg I think if I suddenly found out that my friends are my distant relatives then will be quite cool :)

    Saturday, February 13, 2010

    Omg hahahah Mr Chua sent us CNY cards! Rofl so cool! Huiyi and Regine also have! 4LY GO CHECK YOUR MAILBOXES NAO :D

    So this must be the surprise he said after the cny celebrations when we were sitting at the chairs in foyer! Hahaha.

    Eh come lei everyone bring theirs on Wed !!!!! :D

    The Awesome 16th

    Oh my gosh today was so epic!!! I cried 2 times LOL I feel quite uh.... emotional?? Hehe. 感动 x93246302764238! :D Although today wasnt the exact day. And I was truly not expecting any gifts. Since it's like school celebrating CNY who would bother to bring presents for me right. I mean like, people would just go to school with small bags and just bring essential stuff. So I was super touched when I received presents and wishes !!!

    Okay I backtrack first okay :)

    Cha yi ke that day hehe. I love cha yi lessons!! This year quite sad ley, the guy let us drink 3-4 times only then tell us to wash up! :(

    Wooo bring food to party !! Cny tidbits - Yanzhan's, ear biscuit - Zhiqi's, Skittles - Karwai's, Pepero - mine!

    My smile here looks quite awkward but I look like I have dimples! (Y)

    Tiongxim brotherhood ROFL.

    Yeobo! (L)

    Hehe doing up CNY deco~ :D

    End product (Y)

    So today! Was so epicccccc.

    1st surprise
    Went to PC room straight after reaching, Wingyin's face was damn black! Then ya everyone came, but Jiawei was late. So we were like "Eh where's jw" kind of thing, then Wy looke so angry and didnt reply us. Then later she called Jw and put speaker so we could hear their convo. She sounded super pissed lah omg so scary. Then when Jw came in, she immediately said "Wlao we always tell juniors not to be late then you still late", and slammed the table and I was like, omfg what is happening to Section 1 then I was so damn scared tears were gonna flow out anytime!! THEN SUDDENLY JW LAUGHED LOL!! Then Wy laughed and then Singyan too! THEN I STARTED CRYING HAHAHA. Then Jw brought the cake out!! :D And everyone sang bday song :D Thanks Section 1 and exco!! *draws big heartshape* Okay lah actually according to them, the ending wasnt supposed to be like this. It was supposed to be, after Wy slammed the table, then Jw would slam the table too and storm out of the room. Then he would bring the cake in, and the 2 of them would do Hara's dance in IY before her immature jokes! Omg quite cool hor their initial plan. BUT IT WAS GREAT ANYWAY ;D I couldnt stop crying rofl! Thanks Amd for your mini cake, Candy for the vday chocs, Shirlyn&Shuling for the vday cookies, Seraph for the orangepink bear, exco for the bday song, top 6 for the gift, and Section 1 for the amazing surprise+gift!

    2nd surprise
    Walked back to class after the meeting. Settle down and then Weijiet stole my bag! Then Laura and Yz took my bag to the female staff toilet and Yz began doing stuff to it ;( But I didnt know cuz L and Wj were like trying to not let me see what they were doing. Then finally Yz stepped out of the toilet and ................................... yuan lai they bought me a new bag and emptied my stuff into the new bag and made me carry it! AND I CRIED AGAIN!!!!!! Hehe super gan dong lah!!! Then they laugh at me cuz I cry lar, how could they?! But luckily the class was quite empty cuz the performing ppl werent in class. Haha :b Omg thanks so much Jiaying, Yz, Gekting, Laura, Sheryl, Kw, SamOr, RachelChan, Marcus, Wj, Sandy and Zq for the bag and card and the quote hehe :)

    Yup then did Cny celeb duty :( Quite chaotic homg 4 levels entering GA at same time, not enough ushers etc.! Why do they expect us to be everywhere at the same time, and blame us for stuff which we're not even supposed to do?! There are people doing CIP for a reason! Wushu performance was cool haha Wy said she could see me from her angle on the stage! (shy). Oh ya thanks Steph for your present! But not the butt whack D:

    Went to L's house to crash her reunion lunch after everything with Yz, Jy, Kw and Gek! Her dog super handsome !!!! Played mahjong and poker. I finally learnt poker! But still abit unsure of what wins what :( But I won 2 rounds omg I won everyone's chips !!!! And we filmed some parody of this gambling show which I've never heard of :b

    Went to Icecream chef with Gek and Kw :D Nutty peanut butter with brownies hehe. They wanted to jump across the drain but we realised the drain was too wide.

    Omg why my icecream looks more than theirs HAHA. This pic so nice! My wallpaper!

    Went home and slept from 6-11 HAHAHA I am win !!!!!! Super energetic now omg how. NVM REUNION DINNER LATER WOOHOOOOOO.

    Thanks everyone for your presents! The people listed above, and Sueann, Siewting, Nicole, Shuying for their presents, everyone who wished me (sorry I can't rmb all :/) !!

    ROFL I seriously laughed when I saw this lar! ELITES FTW \M/

    Happy Birthday SamYee my twin! 8D
    Steph have a safe trip and enjoy yourself !!!!! :D

    Lastly, HAPPY CNY!!! :)
    설날 복 많이 받으세요!

    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    Wooo omg feels so awesome to not have any tests tomorrow!!!!! :D Which is why I'm still using the com at 12am. I am kind of glad I gave up studying bio to sleep! :) Food&Sleep>studies. ROFL. Tsk okay I am a bad example.

    Okay so................. THANKS 4LY FOR THE SURPRISE TODAY <3 LURB U ALL MANY MANY KEKEX tiongxim sister&brotherhood 4 life, yong bu fen li. And the 16 of you all for the cake!! :) And Laura for the cactus! I will name the cactus Laura, so if one day it dies (which I hope not hehe), I can say that "OMG LAURA DIED!!" ROFL hahahahah. And Shuying for the rose.!

    Phototaking today. Watched Cheeliang cut JiaweiG.'s hair hahah Cl cut until like quite fun like that. Ashley, Siyu and Serjean kept staring at me, make me so shy awwww. Okay lah actually is cuz my skirt (the old one) the cchms tag thing is behind, but for theirs is in front, so they thought I wore my skirt the wrong side. Hello am I so blonde to you all?!?! HAHAHA kidding. Oh yes and the photographer was mean to Wingyin!! Say that her smile so stiff, she's better off not smiling LOL.

    Candy omg you scared the hell out of me when you cried today !!!!!! I will not look at you in the eyes anymore okay :( and I hope that you get to see MT daily and that she waves to you !! :)

    Omg everyone watch Oh!'s practice video and see Sunny lose her balance hahah. OH YA MARCH TEENAGE GOT SNSD ON COVER. :D

    Monday, February 08, 2010

    {Postsecret, 2/07/2010's Sunday Secrets}

    When spring comes, we'll be shedding our responsibilities................ So we'll be alright, since we don't have to clean up the mess when sh*t happens, right?

    Part of me can't bear to leave. The other part can't wait to leave. I don't know which side is dominant. They're just taking turns.

    Sunday, February 07, 2010
    Wa Niao!

    Went over to Gek's on uh....... Tue/Wed (cant rmb!) with Yanzhan :D To uhm, supposedly study and do hw ^^" We were contemplating between Singpost (cuz I wanted to buy ci yu shou ce), my house and Gek's. But I didnt want them to come over (LOL lazy mah still need to host them tsk) so we decided on Gek's, which was near school too. Not bad ley, at least I studied ting xie!! :)

    "Yanzhan ah......... 你的面没有汤 .__."


    Studying? (Look at the tv, we were watching SGB LOL!)

    Zilian using my hp :(

    My current hp wallpaper! :) So cute!

    My darlings *draws heart* :D

    LOL HAHAHAH "WA NIAO!" Rofl. Educational video on longitudinal and transverse waves by Yz&me, commented by Gek! :D

    Sat, at my house doing the HCL lesson ppt.

    Monday, February 01, 2010
    I climb, I slip, I fall.

    Today was a happy day. The dream I had in the morning was one of the best I had!! :) It was about the BEG concert in Zouk ROFL I know right, I'm not even going yet I can dream of it ==" But the dream was beyond awesome, I got to spend time with each of the girl and talk to them and stuff! :D Happiness. So I decided that a good start will make a happy day!

    I saw someone scanning my attire lol. Whatever, my skirt will always be longer than yours. I mean it's kind of inevitable for yours to be short. Hehe.

    And on a completely different issue... After listening to her talk to us a few weeks ago, I decided to open my mind, open my heart. I decided that in 2010, I would try to accept people that I didnt like, people that I have stereotyped against, and try to like them for their good points. Especially you, all our problems and difficulties in managing things seem to come from you, but since she told us that you don't really have a choice and somehow "it's all for our own good", I wanted to give both you and myself a chance. For me to look at people with a different perspective so I can appreciate their real intention, so I can stop disliking so many people... I tried so freaking hard to find the best in you, but everytime it seems like I’m finally accepting you again, you break everything.

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