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13th Feb is my day.
I luv peanut butter cups, Dairy Queen, people watching, purple Skittles, B&J's, warmhugs, smiles, laughter, sweet letters/cards, photographs, fun.
I'm not short, I'm FUN sized! :D

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    Friday, March 26, 2010
    After School Playgirlz know how to get fresh

    Omg. Watch it.!!!!! After School~ 6 months of training. 8 girls. Awesome drumming! I'm v. v. v. impressed!! 我的 Gahee ah~ *proud* Eh, but as much as the outfit is cool, I don't like ley... Cannot see their face then very difficult to differentiate them! :( And Lizzie looks abit like Nana makes me so confused while I was watching the MV .___. Thankfully Jooyeon cut her hair or else I'll be v. confused out of the 3 LOL.

    Sports Day today D: I felt vvvv unwell omg I was dying!!!!! On the bus there I alr half-life alr, wanna vomit like that :( Then reached and settled the Sec1s&2s, and hanged up the banners (wooo knots&lashings!!). Fangyu kept extorting food from Rujun! *protective* Tried Xining's specs, looked nerdy, and ended up poking my eyes zz.

    After like 3 events then it started to rain super heavily then it was so messy cuz we covered our stuff with the garbage bags then we couldnt really find our stuff LOL -.- Ya the ccls got wet. Then it stopped, so we were out in the sun. And then it rained again so we got wet. And then the sun came out again -.- I'm not surprised if we all fall sick lor! Woo, then liddat Mon's Phy test dont need to take alr HAHAHA kidding.

    I was like dying at the back of 1LY with Youmin D: We over there headache+stomache+want to vomit anytime kind of feeling D: Super uncomfortable :( But I made her talk to mt anyway haha so cuteee. I mean mt very cute.

    Zzzz my phone spoil ley :( When I'm on the phone, I can't hear the person, but the person can hear me :( Aww. 6 more months to new phone, why did it have to spoil now?!

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010
    3rd last.

    I am quite pissed now. Cuz of various reasons but yeah since they lumped together and snowballed -0-

    3rd last activity today................ 2 more left only. Only 2 more left. There's a difference in the tone of the previous 2 sentences. Part of me is disappointed and worried, but at least I had fun during PT which kind of made up for it lol! Watching the Sec 2s play captain's ball is so enjoyable and funny haha. And randomly joining in the game to see who would pass me the ball but none of them did, I'm so hurt ;A; Ok actually I think have, just that I never catch the ball only cuz they are like all taller than me..................................

    It suddenly dawned on me that I've never read any self-improvement books before! Lol. Ok it sounds kind of weird but I wanna try and read one! :) Maybe when I have the time. After O's? O__O

    Monday, March 22, 2010

    Omg Yanzhan, Fangyu and Debi! Good choice of exco pen during your trip to Fudan last year! ROFL.

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    Guides Leadership camp tomorrow~ *winks* Sec 3s I'd better see you there...!
    Council retreat at Changi chalet and class outing at Sentosa, but I'm gonna miss these 2 for Guides haha.

    Dont miss me too much! Ok lah, dont say I not nice.
    I leave my photo Sunny here for you all to feast your eyes :)

    See I'm so generous, leave such a HQ photo here :D Can zoom in alot one you know.


    (Omg I feel kind of stalked. Suddenly my blog views are like 50+)

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    Okay I realised I havent blogged for so long~ I can't remember what I have to say actually lol. I miss WG cuz I only saw them once awwwww. But nvm it's okay, *draws heart shape*

    Milo triathlon on Sat! (Koped frm Joanne)

    Flower power~ :D

    The other pics are w Ms Ho. Hmm. The triathlon's organizing was quite fail, heard that the organizers themselves don't even know anything lol win. So ya we were like "uh where are we supposed to go??" cuz the swimmers and bikers already reported then we the runner stand on the beach doing nothing -0- Then actually we're supposed to join the bikers at the bike stand.

    And wth so damn scary lah got this girl trying to stretch dancer-style, means like put the leg on the stand which is around 90degrees, then the bike stand wasnt steady so it almost fell on us who were sitting on the floor omg I almost died!!!!! D: Oh yes and I saw Lowell, so long never see him!! Pc and Samuel came back and we had fun talking cuz Pc didnt realised that his goggles got degrees one, no wonder so blur LOL. And they said they paddle paddle so long still in same spot, must be because of the goggles LOL.

    Ran with Joanne, Kaline, Meiping and SamanthaY. :D We just ran off when Pc and Samuel came back LOL, even though the others werent back yet. Hehheh. And then came back and then on the beach got games which prizes were sponsored by Milo so of course must play right got free food ley ROFL.

    Ok Idk what to say alr -.- Like really dont know hahahah. Uh..................... Sunny's black soshi concept photo is nice~! Yoona's hair is really disastrous :/ See, Onggy, I told you Yoona doesnt suit bangs alr!!! Ok tmr is the black concept mv teaser release :D And 17th is the song release we shall wait patiently okeh.

    I have alot of holiday homework to complete which I havent even started. And I dont even feel guilty for not doing them -0- Win alr.

    Saturday, March 13, 2010

    Section 1 pride. *photoshops away the unknown girl*

    Saturday, March 06, 2010
    Witnessing the Wonder

    I witnessed the Wonder O: It's so amazingggggg. Remember how I always say that I can't die cuz I havent seen WG yet? Now I can die peacefully I tell you omg WG JJANG!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, i have no fancams whatsoever cuz I was seriously awestruck. Yeeun is really pretty and her smile is captivating and Yubin is gorgeous beyond words.!!!!!!

    Went to airport with AliciaC. to welcome Wonder Girls haha :D Waited there since 7 :) And then I had this idea to write a letter to them cuz..... I also dont know hahah. So I wrote to Sunye to thank her for the gift, and Alicia wrote to Yeeun! Using foolscap paper :X We are quite fail D:

    There wasnt any metal barriers even when time was near to 9.30 which was unusual since normally when idols come to Sg, there'd be metal barriers... But don't have=closer contact? Haha. Crystal warned everyone about the 3 rules haha :D So fierce :X But yeah, I agree with her rules. Especially the no touching one.!

    At around 10PM, people at the glass panels started shouting and Yanmin sms-ed Alicia to say that she could see WG! Lots of people rushed to the glass, including us, but I was too short to even see anything so we quickly ran back to our spot near the exit. The screamings died down, so we were like "uh... what's happening" kind of thing LOL.

    10-15 Minutes later, the screamings started and were even louder! WG came out together and walked towards the exit! Yeeun came out first, followed by Sohee, Hyelim, Sunye and finally Yubin! Hyelim looks slimmer than in pictures... Only Sunye and Yeeun were not wearing shades at that time. Yeeun was smiling and waving to everyone! The rest smiled and did small waves. Sunye looked tired, or perhaps she didnt have makeup on. And SunYe is quite small built!

    So the security guards near me escorted them to the minibus which was outside. I was walking alongside Sunye/Yubin, and I kept shouting for Sunye cuz I wanted to pass her my letter. The security guard shot me looks and turned his back towards me to "block" me. But there was this gap between him and the next guard, and Sunye was in the middle, so I quickly shouted "Sunye unni!!!!" and she looked at me! I quickly reached out my letter to her, she tooked it (AND TOUCHED MY 3 FINGERS OMG OMG OMG), smiled and nodded!! And Alicia passed her letter (meant for Yeeun) to Yubin LOL imagine Yubin's expressions when she finds out the letter isnt for her :P

    Then I ran towards the minibus. Otw, I shouted "Yubin unni neomu yeppeo" really really loudly (like, even louder when I shout during Guides) so I really hope she heard me LOL. Then, I stood at the window which was facing Sohee's seat. And more people came so I was plastered to the bus -.- I hope I didnt look unglam from the inside of the bus :/ Sohee looked really cute and shy, and wore her wayfarers as usual. Then she put her hand at her cheek, with her palm facing out, maybe to block the cameras taking photos of her? But she only managed to cover her cheeks hehe. Then everyone started shouting their names, and they waved to us fans outside the bus!

    Through this fancam you can see my letter on Sunye's hands! 1:22 onwards.

    Screencap hehe Sunye with my letter (!!) and Yubin with her LV scarf I likeeeee.

    Monday, March 01, 2010
    我忍不住想要吻你的冲动, hightops


    *shy* ...................Quote of the day ;) Hahah wlao damn les I cannot stand it! Somemore never write to me waniaoz!


    Am using my new bag currently :D Alot of people have said that I look younger and smaller and shorter and slimmer (BEST!) ROFL!! I think cuz the bag quite big then somemore I so short, make me look even shorter >_> But nvm, look innocent and young can already hehe :D (AHEM STEPH/RUJUN/WHOEVER DO YOU SEE THIS, I AM YOUNG ;D)

    Shuying and Zann have officially shown their true colours! I am so glad :D

    Oh ya!!! Did you know you can go see the photo that is taken thru the iFins thingy from the school website? I didnt know until Shuying told me :D And what I predicted all along is correct. IM TOO SHORT TO BE SEEN IN THE PHOTOS FML. Like 99% can only see forehead/eyes!!! Ugh. The other 1% is taken in concourse where the thing is placed lower -.- Oh yes! And some photos I move away from the camera so cannot see me at all, but can see the person behind me. &I saw 2 photos which had the same girl behind me! So cool! So I have decided from now on I will siam to one side and let it take the photo of the person behind me! And see how many days have the same person behind me :D (Ok abit stalkerish but whatever heh.)

    Tried this that day at PP. It's quite chio and not very extreme and it makes my feet look small o.o Weird right. I thought hightops were supposed to make your feet look big lol. But......... I think it's very weird to wear it in Sg lor .__. People sure think you siao one. Okay actually if I were really to buy a pair of hightops right... I would buy
    Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals.
    Omg so chio!! I like the wings wooo Adidas shoes gives me wings!!

    Zz Youmin caught me looking at Yt today :( She is a headturner lor!! But why she so dao ;__; I am hurt by her actions lol. OH YA! Youmin Dee Yichelle Lum! What a long name I cannot stand it why is it so cute? Must be because of the Dee and Yichelle not the Youmin part! :D

    Die alr CTs+O level SPA next week homg how :( :( :( I dont want to regret but I dont feel like studying either :(
    After reading the sasaeng fan accounts about 2PM... I dont know what to believe anymore. Whatever happened to Love&Respect? (Ok, maybe that only applies to 2ODforums?) Nvm, I'm wasnt really interested them in anyway. Just keep Sunmi out of this entire thing.

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