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    Friday, May 28, 2010
    Kpop rant (WG)

    Last time, whenever I see that my position, be it class or level, has improved, part of me feels happy, but the other part is sad. It's like, it dawned on me that if I improve my position, there has to be some people out there who deproved and got a worse position. And it makes me feel kind of bad..................... I think I'm the only one who feels this way .__. Oh well, just saying.

    Another thing. It really really really annoys me how before Wonder Girls came back with 2 Different Tears, people used to think that WG was "lame cuz all they do is sing Nobody which is a stupid song" kind of crap. And now that WG is promoting 2DT in Korea, these people go all "Omg WG rocks! Omg 2DT is so nice!" Seriously?!?! Whatever happened to your thoughts back then? I really look down on this kind of people because it just shows how shallow-minded they are, for only liking WG just because they're promoting hence they're like the most "in" group right now to fangirl/fanboy about. And you know, maybe a few months down the road, they'd probably start to say that the two-two dance is stupid too, and the whole cycle starts again. It would be good if you people actually had a mind of your own, and not just like whatever idols that are promoting right now.

    Which brings me to U-Kiss. I'm not a fan of them. But if they didnt have a comeback with 만만하니(ManManHaNi) and subsequently 빙글빙글(Bingeul Bingeul), do you think people would actually know that they exist? Well, I dont think people would know about them, or be interested in them. If the group/idol didnt promote during the time period which starts from last year end, which was when Kpop started to catch on in Singapore, I doubt they would be famous here.

    No, I'm not saying that if you only started liking Kpop from last year end onwards, you're a poser. I'm just trying to say that some people should stop trying to like all the "in" idols because they're famous now, and then throw them completely away when a more "in", hotter, nicer group debuts/has a comeback.

    Which brings me back to WG. I'm fine with it when people tell me that you think 2DT is nice, or Yubin looks pretty, or stuff like that. But I dislike it when people start to tell me "Omg I love Yubin she's so hot!" kind of stuff. I dislike it when people choose their favourites by looks. Yes, I agree that it's looks that attracts us to a person, but surely, if you really decided to get to know more about the group and start to love them, there's a high chance that your bias will change because you'll get to know that there's actually another person in the group who has some character trait that you admire/like. And then when you spazz about that person, it isnt going to be all about the looks of the person anymore, it's going to include a whole lot of other stuff.

    Last year end, wasnt there something about Yubin getting abit plump and then people started raining hate on her? And then now she has lost so much weight so all the haters are coming back as fans? Seriously?!?! I think she can do without fans like you people.

    Some may say that I'm in no position to say such things. Yes, I did start to love SNSD, but ultimately, my heart still remains with WG. Till now, WG is the only group which I've cried while watching their comeback stage, receiving awards etc. And, I started liking WG before Nobody was famous in Sg; started liking Kpop back in 2008 ;)

    Ending with some WG photos to neutralize the strong feelings :)

    민선예! 박예은! 선미짱! 안소희! 김유빈! 우혜림! 원더걸스!
    기다렸어 원더걸스. 사랑해요 원더걸스. 매력만점 원더걸스 2DT!

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010
    Resonance XII, Yeeun's birthday

    Backtracking~ This is from Resonance XII, aka the VJ harmoc concert ahaha :) Shuying, Nicole, Sandy, Sueann and I went to support Yijie~ And we bought sunflowers which seemed to be like the hottest flower of the day cuz almost all the people we saw heading to VJ from PP seemed to buy sunflowers too~

    Aish I look like O_O zonked out hahah!

    Hmm..... okay actually I havent got much to say :( Except that I did really really badly for MYEs ugh T__T My level position dropped like 50+ ley!!! *head desk* Sad ttm :( So I can't bring my report book home, if you get what I mean....... :/

    But! I'm still v happy for the people around me! :) Congrats to Laura for topping the class woohoo, remember ah, top the class is double the treat hor! ;) And Gekting too, omg hahah yeobo, you did very well for MYE I am so proud of you!!

    Ok so I guess all we can do now is work hard for prelims and doubly hard for O's :/

    Last but not least,


    Woooo WG love gogo! Omg hehe I just realised that you'll get to spend it in Korea! :) I hope KWonderfuls celebrated for you! :D

    Hehe I am so glad WG is back in Korea~ It feels so much better to hear them speak Korean so comfortably with the rest of the other artistes etc. 감사합니다 just sounds different and so much better from "thank you". They got to meet Sunmi too, which is really awesome! &They filmed many shows too, which means it will probably feed my lack-of-WG-korean-shows heh. Can't wait for them to be subbed so I can actually understand what they mean. Oh, and I still dont get how Yubin is close to Taeyeon lol. I mean like, how are they good friends? O_o They didnt have much overlapping schedules back then, but their friendship is really prominent~

    Saturday, May 15, 2010
    Sunny day!


    Today is Sunny Day!
    Sunny turns 22!
    My darling sunshine, who lights up my life with her 주부애(aegyo that calls for a punch)!
    I dont know if I should be ashamed to say that my bias for her is so huge that I think I love her more than I love SNSD as a whole T_T

    And yes, Sunny is very happy because it's her birthday! She's clapping and giving that very charming smile of hers!
    And I love that pair of Minnie ears which she wore in the Gubne CF and in the concert, she looks very cute in them!

    Sunny, I hope that you'll remain as bright and cheerful as you already are~
    Since you're leaving Invincible Youth together with Yuri and Hyuna, everyone's kind of sad, especially me cuz you're the main reason why I even watch that show :(
    I will miss Hyomin sticking with you and you being together with her,
    how you taught her to "steal" the money meant for buying the 9 hens,
    how you are so good at catching chickens (2 at a time!),
    how you & Hyuna harassed Narsha while sleeping over in Yoochiri,
    how you cried when Pureum had his nose ring pierced,
    how you made sure the camera was okay because you accidentally kicked it while running,
    and many many more special moments that I'll only get to see on I.Y.
    I.Y. will never be the same without you.

    Your eye-smile is captivating, almost breath-taking.
    Your slightly curved lips, that won the Best Lips, are one-of-a-kind.
    Your aegyo that makes hearts melt.
    There's many more that I can list, but I'll just stop here.

    I wish that you'll still be SNSD's aegyo queen, regardless of how old you are, because age is just a number and we all know that your aegyo is staying for sure!

    Thursday, May 13, 2010
    Post-MYE happiness - Ikea

    Now's the time to break free and fly~~~ Okay not really cuz Mr Lim sms-ed us and told us not to slack, cannot lose the momentum HAHAHA!

    Anyway, I must admit that though mugging for the MYEs was quite torturous and it caused me to sleep at 230AM for 3 nights straight, I think I kind of got closer to people like Laura and Rachel hehe. Cuz we study halfway confirm tweet to complain one ROFL. So I guess it bonds us hur :P Oh, and that made me quite addicted to Twitter too D: And so! Our bet, initiated by the genius me, was that for each subject, the person who scores the highest has to treat the other 2! Heehee, I will totally lose this bet cuz Rachel will top Chinese for sure, and then Laura will top the rest, so I will get to eat 8 free meals without treating the rest!!!! :D Please give me a pat on my back!

    And then went around studying with Gekting & Rachel too. Went to Millennia Walk that time heh.

    See, look like we quarrel with Rachel right, she sit so far away LOL.

    Yesterday already started to go out xP Went to ECP to ddr with Srenee and Karwai! :) Havent played for more than a year, my standard definitely dropped but it didnt go as bad as I thought it would :P Then went to library where we borrowed books, and also sat at a corner reading about the Bermuda Triangle and Cosmic Joker. Idk why, but I'm interested in this kinda stuff :)

    And today the exams ended ^^V Went to Ikea with Gek Kw and Rachel. So fun omg hehe we tried almost all the beds :D

    Kw seducing Gek? Kekeke.

    Caught in bed HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Neither Kw, Rach or me wanted to pose with her LOL.

    Flower pot hat!

    Rachel putting a weird hat on a weird person ;)

    Giving Rachel the bag full of rats. See Rachel's face HAHAHAHAHHAA !!
    Then we went to T1, and TM~

    LOL SEE RACH SO VIOLENT HAIYO! Btw guess who kena attack HAHAAHAHA.

    Random: Golden streak in my brown hair o.o I have no idea why it's like that. And it's only the ends, the roots is like normal colour... O_O

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010
    Not gonna raichu a love song

    Hehe. I feel like a free bird now~ :)

    Sunday, May 02, 2010
    Sunmi Day

    Today......... is Sun Mi's birthday.
    3 months and 9 days have passed since you left Wonder Girls...
    But, Wonderfuls are still waiting for your return;
    We know you want to concentrate in your studies, you've always been really good in it.
    And so, my birthday wish for you will be, to score well for the high school leaving examinations and get into a good university!

    Yeeun tweeted this too. And I cried while I read it.. WG fans who dont know WG well will probably think that Yeeun did a typo, by spelling "dear" as "deer". But us Wonderfuls know its not. It's cuz Sunmi's nickname is "flower deer", or "꽃사슴", and she's really proud of it :) And Yeeun remembered it too.

    Doe eyes :)

    (Cr: Wonderholic & World)
    Taken when she took the high school leaving examinations. She's the only one that'll take out a pen from her own pencil case to sign autographs :)

    선미 언니, 생일축하합니다!
    원더풀 영원히 기다리고.

    Purple cuz it's her favourite colour.


    Omg I can't wait for MYEs to end!!! Okay I know it just started, but really, I can't help feeling this way. In fact, I cant wait for O's to end hehe. After MYEs, I need to........................

    SNSD Hello Baby Ep 11-13
    WGM Ep 25 (100424) Kwon&GaIn and Seobb&Yonghwa
    SNSD SBS Chocolate Interview
    Whatever subbed stuff that comes out

    Library to borrow Blues' Clues DVDs! (Omg ikr, how awesome is that?! I never knew libraries had such DVDs! There's other titles too! Like Elmo and Arthur etc.! Awesome.)
    Tamp1's Urban Write for scrapbooky stuff and stickers(!)

    Guides Coy '02 scrapbook thing
    New blogskin!
    New Twitter bg (I changed it but the resolutions are different for every computer out there, so I gotta make one that's uniform for all)

    Run Devil Run for the Kpop dance competition whooooooo~

    Twitter is addictive cuz it's like Rachel, Laura and my msn LOL! :D
    Gah, I'm so sad, my idol/wife/yt set her wall to private so I cant stalk her anymore :(

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