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    Saturday, June 26, 2010
    The end of our Guiding life.

    Had a 15hour sleep to make up for the loss of sleep incurred during camp :) I feel pretty good, 7PM-11AM~ Had a nice long bath (Shuying, not 1hour though) But my skin and hair is in dry and bad conditions........ Oh, and I survived on junk food for the entire camp O_O

    Camp felt like such a chalet to us :D We did whatever we wanted, at any time we wanted hehe. 2nd day went to Innosphere to use Wifi :X Am glad I did that cuz that was when I found out about Sunye's father's departure... I felt really sad and emotional cuz her father means alot to her. Having lost her mom at a young age, she's brought up by her grandparents due to her father's poor health. And now, both her parents are gone...... Before he passed away, she expressed her regrets for not being able to take care of him etc due to her busy schedules.. And now this has to happen..... #bestrongsunye You know how I always say I wish WG to return to Korea, how they would stay in Korea longer............ I dont want that now, especially when it's this kind of tragic situation and they have to return for his funeral. It seemed like just yesterday when they were in Sg, when they had the showcase and the meetngreets, when I had eyecontact with them, when they looked happy.

    Then, went out with Shuying to catch Toy Story 3 and lead a taitai life by having tea for 1 hour :) I liked my classic cheesecake from Secret Recipe :D Toy Story 3 was so nice!!!!!! (Y) The ending was so touching :) Sy's favourite character is the dinosaur LOL hahaha that dino was funny and entertaining! But PlazaSing's cinema guy was so sucky that day. Movie starts at 12:35, and he only allowed people to in at 12:35 wth totally slacking lor.

    Came back, watched people chiong their letters, wore our full uniform for the last time, asked for help for tying of braids, clutched onto our heavy plastic bags filled with presents and letters and cards for the juniors and headed to the LT2~

    I was really impressed by the POP :) The setting and atmosphere was good, the performances were really good (where is my Sec 3s' encore?!) and although the video's photos brought back lots of memories for us (the halloween party and contingent photo omg Nic&I unglam ttm!!) but I believe they could have found even OLDER photos of us when we were Sec 1! Cuz the photos were all Sec 2 onwards :( So yeah............ But I cried leh AHAHA noob si le :x I think I was the only one to cry during the video?! Then was the uniform check. The best and most fun part of POP :) I love my Sandara Park hair creations!!

    The formal ceremony was so nerve-wracking D: Although I'm glad all we needed to do was stand on stage and wait for the juniors to come up and we dont even have to do much except salute and shake hands and give them the ribbons :D As Shuying said, it really felt like there was this large, heavy stone lifted off our chests. As soon as we stepped off the stage, we all started to cry! AND IT WAS MY FIRST TIME SEEING NICOLE CRY WOOHOO~ Our wish came true hahah!! I cried cuz it kind of like happened so fast? Like the next second, the ribbons are already in your juniors' hands and then BAM! Youre now an ex-ACL and no longer the ACL. And another year down the road you'll be ex-ex-ACL and then the number of "ex" gets so long till you dont even remember anymore. :(

    My Guides journey has been long, tough, filled with rocky obstacles and more. I agree that I'm glad I joined Guides when thing were SO much tougher and stricter, doing all that pumpings and receiving all those scoldings has definitely made me grow up more. I am glad I got to know my fellow Guides, be it seniors, juniors or those the same batch as me. I am glad I gained so many sister Guides in my guiding life, especially the 6 of us, Sandy, Amanda, Nicole, Shuying and Sueann. I am glad that with everyone's support and cooperation, things worked out well, most of the time. I still remember many moments from Guides: all the camps, events, CIPs, activities, outings, banner-paintings, the stories the seniors who are like 20+ years old would tell when they came back for camps, and more.....

    Last day wasnt very good cuz we were all so disappointed. I really hope the Sec 3s can lead Guides well and bring them to greater heights. I dont know la, but the disappoinment in us was so great that quite a few of us cried :( Our hopes for them were so high, but just a few hours after they stepped up, I felt that our hopes were smashed... Many simple things and actions may seem like nothing to you, but they reflect your thoughts and how you're gonna be. If small things like these cannot be done, then I have nothing left to say. I hope that the 5 of us can convey what we told you when you scolded you all to the other 6. Although the POP you all organized was good, but this isnt what we want. The best POP gift you can give to us is to lead Guides well, even if you take your entire year being a senior to prove it.

    Had our dinner at WAPOS, the place we always frequent when we were Sec 3........ And the WAPOS auntie was there too :) Certainly brought back memories, thankfully the very kp waitress isnt there anymore. The last time we went there as Guides, with our Guides uniform. And with our new message tone to boot! (Totally Spies ftw)

    I have alot more to say, but this doesnt feel right.

    It wasnt a happy ending.

    Friday, June 18, 2010
    Witnessing the Wonder 2

    No fancams/photos of the girls except for the airport day, cuz I wanted to simply enjoy myself without having the burden of taking good pictures :$ So yup hehe. This will be like superrrr wordy.

    15th June
    Went to airport to welcome Wonder Girls~ :D As expected, there wasnt alot of people! Like, 20 only?? Hahaha they shouldnt have put up the barriers :P I think cuz no one knew they were coming today, that's why... There was this JYP rep and she went around taking videos of the fans' message to WG! But Alicia and I didnt get recorded cuz our plan was to look like passerby so we dont scare the girls (we thought there was no one else coming)! Aww ;__; Somemore we havent made our fanboard yet cuz we were planning to do after they arrived.... ):

    But anyway, yeah they came~ But they stayed inside for a really long time, cuz I think they had lots of luggages~ Then they came out. Like last time, it's Sunye with Hyelim, followed by Yeeun, Sohee and Yubin.

    Omg hehe I hope your ears dont hurt~ Yes, the louder voices are mine LOL. Uh, I didnt see much of Sunye :( Hyelim looks really tall~ And she was covering her lower face with this black cardigan thingy, I dont know why :( Yeeun is as friendly as usual, smiling and waving (to me!) Sohee is seriously chic and cool :D Yubin looked gorgeous! She wore the most casual one, with a cap and a backpack :) And at the beginning, Yubin waved to me~ Ending you can see Yubin waving to Alicia :D

    17th June
    Went to Paragon to see WG at m1. Wah I got lost la, so paiseh. I'm really bad with the directions at orchard. I got lost in Wisma and I had to ask the security "Am I in Wisma? Where's the exit?" HAHAHAH! Omg so paiseh but nvm for WG woohoo! Reached, and I was the 4th person LOL. Alicia was there already so we sat and waited. Then, a group of guys arrived so we went to stood at the barriers :D We were just 2m away!! So more people came, Yanmin joined us, and the media arrived too. The razortv cameraman was taking videos, then I held up my Sunye board to cover my face. But he purposely dont swing the camera away zz. Then later the razortv woman interviewed me and asked me about my board, what does it say etc., and interviewed Alicia too :D

    Awhile later, the girls arrived!!!! :D OMG STUNNING.!!!!!!!! They look so good up close!!!! Sunye saw my board and she kept looking at me and smiling and me!! Wah I could totally fly I tell you! :) Then they spoke abit about what they did in Singapore, and then took photos with the winners. Since they still had time left, they each asked a question and the winner gets to take photo with them! Sunye's question was to dance 2DT, I wanted to raise my hand but since I'm nervous, I forgot the dance!!! OMG I WAS SO SAD :( Then there were questions like what's Yubin's blood type, Hyelim's blood type (I wanted to answer O, which is the answer btw, but I was afraid I would get it wrong), what's on 27th June (Sohee's birthday! And then everyone started singing Birthday song for her :D), dance nobody, and then their debut date! Omg the debut date I was first to raise my hand! But Yeeun didnt come towards me T_T Then cuz I didnt know she already chose someone to answer, I shouted her name, she looked at me, smiled and waved to me LOL. I think Sunye wanted to choose me one leh. As in seriously, not being boastful or what. Cuz she kept looking at me and smiling throughout! Yes, the entire 20minutes they were there~ Then they left and we chionged to Iluma, skipping Plaza Sing.

    At Iluma, we entered this cordoned off area haha we didnt know we were allowed to enter, but we were LOL. So yeah then woah we waited so long for them! Cuz they went to the SE store at 2nd level first, before coming down. Then they finally came and yeah we cheered and stuff :D Once again, same questions asked about what they did in Sg. So I helped them answer and shouted "chilli crabs!!" LOL. Then they sat down and the thing started. I shouted Sunye's name and she saw me!! :) I think she remembers me :D And she waved at me! Omg so happy :D :D :D Cuz her eyes were looking around, then she saw my board, gave me her eyesmile and a nod!! I started to spazz so much and started to cry HAHAHA sorry but this is how much I love Sunye. Yeeun was so nice too!! She was posing for photos and looked at everyone's cameras! And when it wasnt her turn to sign, she would dance and sing 2DT! :) :) Then if you wanted her to look into your camera, all you have to do is shout her name and she'll try to find you among the crowd and look into the cam! :) Such a nice girl!!! (L) Hehe Sohee looked so chic! Yubin was really nice~ and Hyelim was nice too, she was smiling all the way and looked at the fans too! But ah, Yeeun is really fan service queen!! After they signed, they talked abit more and taught the 2DT dance aka the two-two dance! :)

    Being in Guides has its advantage cuz my voice was really loud! :) Alicia said I shout until v loud and then my surroundings became quiet LOL I didnt notice!! Ah, and 2DT korean version was on repeat at all the venues! I think I can dream with 2DT playing in the background already x__x Omg hehe I'm so happy Sunye ah, thanks for maintaining so much eye contact with me, waving to me, smiling to me!! :) Especially at paragon ^^ Oh no I think my bias for Sunye is growing hahah. I cant choose between Sunye&Yubin!

    18th June
    Went to MBS at 11+! Hahah I thought I was pretty early, but there were people who camped the night before, some 6 AM etc O_O Haha then I went to join the group. We practised our fanchants and listened to WG songs and basically did stuff to while time away~ Sitting there for like 5 hours is not a joke! Then the doors opened, and people were allowed to enter, but Dawn wasnt here yet to pass me my tickets D: Waited around 1.5h for her and then she came yay :D Cuz she took such a long time and didnt answer my calls, I was so worried about her being kidnapped or sth!! Seriously LOL :/ Entered, and inside still need to wait somemore! D: Until 6+ then can enter the hall... When we entered, we had to wait until 8 before the MC came on stage.

    MC was Jamie Yeo. She was quite good lah haha. She gave away the autographed concert passes and there was one which flew near me but the person directly behind me caught it!!! Wth I was so jealous please!!!!! Then WG appeared on stage (from L to R: Sohee, Hyelim, Sunye, Yubin, Yeeun) and they talked about being in Singapore. They went to Night Safari, eat chilli crab, Sg Flyer and Wavehouse leh! I can imagine Yubin surfing la omg hotness!! Sunye's mic had problems and there wasnt any sound coming from it, so she borrowed Hyelim's. Then when Sohee wanted to speak, everyone cheered super loudly then cuz her voice is soft, she gestured everyone to keep quiet by putting her index finger to her lip! So cute!!!! :D Just like in the 2009 Busan Concert, Sohee did the same thing too! Then everyone quietened down and Christine shouted "kimchi mandoo" and the girls giggled on stage hehe so cute! Then they presented the X10 minis to the winning bidders. I didnt know it's the entire set of handphones all autographed leh! I thought is 1 only LOL. Then WG went backstage, and there was this mini 2DT dance competition. Then they played the tutorial video which was released a few weeks ago but everyone still spazzed as if it was our first time watching LOL. Yubin, Yeeun and Sunye were so cute in the video!! :)

    2DT MV played and everyone did fancheer with that LOL. Then they came out and did 2DT with their 2DT clothes :D Omg it was stunning and breathtaking and everything nice. I cant find words to describe it cuz it was too good!

    Next was Dont Cha.!!! OMG I SPAZZED SO HARD :D Cuz apparently, at Plaza Sing, they hinted that they're gonna do something special from the US tour. So Rina&I were guessing either Dont Cha or Survivor. And turns out it's Dont Cha. DONT CHA WAS SOOOOOOOOO HOT OMG :D Yeeun was so sexy!!!! Omg and she kept coming over to my side *faints* Sohee was so sexy too!! :) Omg hahah I didnt know mandoos can be hot and sexy :D Her hair is long and flowy, so when she dances her hair can just like flick to the side omg hot hot! The beginning was special, they sang questions out and we would answer "Yes we do!" haha and then "Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me" "YES WE DO!!!!" &There's this move which I really like, it's kind of like Yubin's special part in Goodbye but abit more toned down. It was really hottttt :D

    Then was So Hot remix! :) So hot was so hot!!!! :) Omg Idk what to say for this too cuz it was like so niceeee :D :D Sunye was so charismatic on stage!! :) Yubin's rap was so sexy ahaha (omg all my descriptive words are either hot/sexy :/ ) And she kept coming over to my area so I was vvvvv happy :)

    Then was....... This Time! OMG MY FAVE BALLAD FROM WG!!! :D Normally when I listen to it, I'll feel like crying one. So when I heard the beginning, which they always sing without music for the beginning, I started to tear alr lol :P This Time was so nice!!!!! Omg the girls sang so well tonight!! :) Make me cry leh ahaha! Power of WG's voices, especially Sunye and Yeeun. Sunye and Yeeun sang v well with feelings ^^

    Then they talked more I think hehe. Sohee was in front of me, and she was like asking for water to drink ^^ V cute!! :) They talked about what SE phone they're using etc. Yubin said "I'm using the X10 Mini which is really small and cute" then I shouted "JUST LIKE YOU!!" I hope she heard me :D Then was this video break. They played the video, same as the 2DT album launch I think. I cried quite badly during this. Cuz there was lots of clips with Sunmi, such as their US performances, Sunmi's birthday, MiSo sharing an icecream etc. Whenever Sunmi is on the screen, everyone would shout her name. I shouted too, and was feeling v sad :/ Then I was like bawling alr, tears flowing nonstop.... But apparently I'm not the only one who cried. Sunmi.... :( It's like, today during the video, it just hit me hard that Sunmi wasnt on stage with WG today..

    Then, they came out in the silver Nobody costumes and did Nobody! Sohee's hair was braided into 1, Yubin's hair was no longer the long wig, but it was tied up instead. The beginning was the slow one, rainstone remix, but ended up it was the normal one hehe :) Yeeun kept coming over :D The girls did well for this, as expected, cuz I think they do too many times alr hehe. But still, it was really niceee!! :) Everyone danced and sang along, especially Yubin's rap haha :)

    After Nobody, Sunye (or was it Yeeun) talked and asked us what song we wanted. So of course, the only song missing from their hits is Tell Me! :D So she made everyone sing together hahah. So Yubin took my side and we sang "Tell me tell me t-t-t-t-tell me", then Yeeun took the right side, and Sunye took middle haha Sunye said middle was best LOL. So they did Tell Me omg awesomeeee :D :D The dance break, which is normally only Yubin dancing, was the 5 of them dancing hehe :)

    Then they talked abit more, and the showcase ended......... :( 1h passed just like that, so fast!! T_T They ended so punctually at 9PM, right on the dot! &There wasnt any encore too :( I managed to get one concert pass thingy from Dawn's relative (hehe thank you) but it isnt signed. But keep as memory's sake hehe so nice :) It says "Spread the Wonder"!!

    Overall, the showcase was DAEBAK! :D Our fanchants and all went really well ^^ And hehe I got eye contact with Sunye, Yubin, Yeeun, Hyelim. Dont have with Sohee :( I think today, Yeeun performed the best. She was totally oozing charisma out on the stage!! And she looked very beautiful and hot today :) Her vocals were also very strong! Yubin was great too, I understand why she caught my attention when I first got to know them hehe my taste is good! Yubin's raps and everything, and just hearing her speak can make me spazz like mad! I love her low voice cuz it's so unique!! Sunye did really well too! I cant really say anything cuz normally she already performs very very well hehe :) Leader Min (L) Her vocals were excellent and she had this like, zhuai3 feeling on stage! I dont rly know how to describe it, but she was also oozing with charisma and she had this... aura around her :) Her stage presence is really WOAH. Sohee was really cute ^^ Softspoken as usual, but not too much cuz this is sponsored so she needs to say good stuff about SE LOL. I cant rmb which song, but it was her part and her mic didnt work very well, so there was no sound. She stuck her tongue out and gave this "ah nvm quickly move to the side heng not my line alr" kind of expression LOL. Hyelim really impressed me. I was noticing her alot during Nobody cuz she was in front of me during the Sohee part. Her expressions were good and her English is quite fluent and she tries to engage with the audience. So, yeah, I'm starting to like her :)

    Throughout these WG events, I made lots of friends hahah :) Like those whom I queued with who are the WGSpec people, and Josephine who I met at the airport and is a Yubin fan ^^ And it made me realize how much I love Wonder Girls. I thought I couldnt love them more, but after the showcase I realized I could :) Sunye was so nice to me at Paragon and I really appreciate it. Sunye is a good performer on stage, a nice girl offstage. Yubin&Sunye are my biases now hehe :) Can't really make a choice. Thanks to WG for making these few days so complete. They're really nice girls. They may not be the prettiest compared to other girl groups, but their hearts are so sincere and they dont put up any airs at all. What they're relying on is through their talents and hardwork, not just pretty faces. Fans are important to them as well, so they dont ignore fans at all. They respond to the fans, because they know we're always supporting them no matter what. This is why I love Wonder Girls. This is why they're my number 1 bias and no other groups/person can ever take over them in my heart :) It's no longer just fan-idol kind of love. It's more of, I really look up to them as role models, especially Sunye.

    Friday, June 04, 2010
    Lim's 1st Twitter reply

    Woohoo! Wonder Girls' Lim replied my tweets! :D Yay!!!

    I know I tweeted her that I'm not gonna be seeing WG when they're in Singapore, but guess what, thanks to my junior, I've a pair of tickets!!! Yay!!! :D


    Tuesday, June 01, 2010
    Taeyeon in Singapore

    Alright, I really have no idea to start with -.- I typed out my entire post and then it just went POOF! and disappeared :( I dont even know why they didnt auto save it as a draft, hmm O_o

    K, anyway, I found out about Taeyeon being in Singapore right when it was leaked out.. And that was around yesterday midnight already. So quickly sms-ed Rachel and spazzed with her LOL and then yeah we decided to try our luck after school and see if we could meet Taeng..

    After school, chionged to Suntec with Gekting Rach Samantha cuz found out that she was on duck/hippo tours. There were quite alot of people there waiting for Taeng too .__. and then after quite some time, Rachel/Sam went to ask the counter guy and he said that Taeng was there 2 hours ago -.- So checked for updates (I'm so thankful for Rach's iPhone! It's so useful LOL) and found out she was at Sg Flyer~ Cabbed there and the cab fare was like $3.40 LOL.

    Reached and found out Taeng was already in the capsule. There was around 200 people there. Some at 2nd flr, some at souvenier shop. Went to souvenier shop cuz it's the exit of the capsules. Waited awhile and saw lotsssss of people holding onto albums/posters etc. There was this guy who held like 10 Oh! albums on his hands. Seriously, did he expect Taeng to sign them all?!?! He think is autograph session meh?!? -.-

    Then, Taeng exited from the capsule and could be seen through the glass bridge, everyone started to get really excited and started to push themselves forward -.-Then as soon as she could be spotted without glass blocking, people started shouting and stuff.... Especially the fanboys who sounded really scary cuz they were quite loud D: Taeng's sis clutched onto her dad, followed by Taeng and mom, and then bro. Taeng looked okay and even waved (which was totally facing Rach's cam LOL). Her hair was tied up and she was wearing shades, and the black sandal wedges which she bought at Ion yesterday (LOL so cute right!!!) (Btw I realised I got same shirt as her HAHA fate! Its the one she wore on Hello Baby when they took the Hangang cruise or sth! I rmb got Titanic scene with Sunny so that's why I remember LOL)They exited through the other side(the place is like a circle) and then went down the lift. Everyone started to chiong down to the exit of the building but not much people managed to see her.

    Yeah and then seeing taeng for 5-10 sec was enough for us :) So we left. And on the way I saw a shirt that made me quite angry cuz I was really possessive LOL Sunny is mineeeeee. Went to eat Gelare woohoo halfprice Tuesday~

    If you want fancam, ask from me~ Not gonna post here ^^"

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