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    Monday, December 20, 2010
    K.O.R.E.A. 2010

    Finally decided to stop putting off this post and do it up! 16 days after my return from Korea hahaha!

    I'll only be posting more interesting stuff, the rest of the photos can be found at my Facebook. And um, dont think I'll be elaborating alot because my memory is failing me ._. I should have started on this post early............ oh well. Here goes!

    It was my first time flying on SIA airplanes! :D So yup was kinda excited cuz SIA is world renowned and stuff, so I was expecting quite a lot hahah! Oh, and the fact that it's my first time being an unaccompanied minor (UM) without assisstance and that I got to travel with a friend made it extra special! :D We sat in the middle aisle, and beside me was another UM, whom I didnt really talk to until our Krisworld malfunctioned and we asked each other if it could work LOL.

    Helloooo! :D Lookin' abit cui cuz this was taken when we were going to arrive already, I think.

    Reached, went to Youmin's house, then headed to Myeongdong to eat!

    Took a bus there. We travelled around Seoul by public transport because Ym's house' location is like really convenient hahaha and the bus also quite fast! :D Memorable thing about this bus ride was that there was this mad man on the same row as us and it was kinda scary ._.

    Oh, Ym went to cut her hair first, and apparently she had problems communicating with the woman LOL. So in the end hor, she cut like never cut like that hahah.

    View from the salon which is at the 2nd floor. Oh, hi there Narsha 8) Ah, you see the people standing outside Tony Moly? At every single beauty product shop, there'll be promoters who keep pestering you to enter the shop and they'll say stuff like "window shopping! free gift" etc in English/Mandarin to entice tourists! And they're VERY persistent too. Once you enter, another swarm of promoters will follow you wherever you browse, then keep asking what you're looking for, and then try to engage in some conversation with you. They'll greet you in all the languages they know, in hope of striking one correct LOL, and list out an entire list of countries where tourists seem to stem from.
    So, a typical conversation goes something like this:
    Promoter: Annyeonghaseyo! Hello! 你好! Konnichiwa!
    Me: *ignores* *smiles* *act blur*
    P: Where are you from? 你从哪里来?Japan/Nihon? China? Hong Kong? Singapore? Thailand?

    The noodle+dumplings shop! Super long queue, but the queue moved kinda fast so we didnt really wait for a long while. Oh, and it's like same as what I ate during the 2009 Korea trip with the school as well, but different shop la. So I guess this is one of the must-try food there!

    EXR hehe my girls! ♥ So pretty and adorableeee!

    Streets of Myeongdong~

    Ym's room :D and my luggage!

    Living room's view, Hangang.

    Walking to the subway station, and there's the 3 dogs always there sitting/lying around.

    We kinda got lost and exitted the wrong way of the underpass and ended up at Hangang park HAHAHA!

    Tracks are like those in Japan :D Open concept (LOL) with the wires overhead.

    Their train timetable are fixed, and it's veryyyy accurate, so no one will ever be late for school or will need to wait a long time for the train if they just remember what time the train arrives heh.

    Interior kinda similar to Sg's, right? You're allowed to eat inside the cabins, but yet the floor's so much cleaner than Sg's, where we arent even allowed to eat! Talk about irony.

    New member of 2AM HAHAHA okay kidding ._. Ym should've worn white to blend in!

    Apgujeong! Aka the high class place hahaha I feel it's kinda like Orchard, with the high end shopping malls that once you enter, you walk out immediately hehe.

    No prizes for the person who guesses correctly what building this is!

    SM Entertainment! Ikr, it's like totally "wrapped" up you cant even look in... Went to the back door as well but there wasnt anyone. I guess evening's not an auspicious timing for idols to go in/out uh? LOL.

    Apgujeong's everysing. OMG I just noticed the gigantic SNSD Hoot banner on top! Can I bring it home to decorate my wall? *-* It'll probably fill up my entire wall!

    This. I. Want.

    The coolio neoprint machine! I took neoprints with Sunny, Tiffany&Sooyoung, Victoria! :)

    Inside everysing!

    Rodeo Street! There's like 3 Rodeo St in Kr! This was lined with um, shops that didnt really interest me, and lots of cafes.

    Vending machine selling books at the subway station! The blood type books totally reminds me of how Koreans are so interested over blood types ........

    Bus again! The LED display at the front is cute, got messages like "파이팅!". It also tells you the name of the stops so you wont forget when to alight etc. Oh, and sometimes at more popular stops, there's the voice recording of the name of the stop in Korean and English so it's quite helpful for tourists and foreigners.

    This time to Yeongdeungpo's Times Square!

    Hugeeee artbox with chairs outside!

    Baskin Robbins! This is the polar bear flavour LOL okay I forgot what it's called but it has a picture of a polar bear so therefore I name it the polar bear flavour!! Tastes cool and chilly cuz there's like mint sweet bits inside.

    Superrrrr spicy rice cakes which made our noses run hahaha!

    Walking back to her house...........

    Typical subway interchange. It's really confusing! We discussed for quite some time before being able to go to the correct platform ._.

    Surrounding shops at Ehwa's Women Uni!

    This is their lecture theater! So prettyyy *-*

    Not sure what's this, maybe the uni chapel or something? Since it has a cross at the top. We helped 2 Japanese students (I think) to take their photo, so they helped us take this :)

    Wishes (?) hanging on a maple tree branch.

    Totally emitting haunted house aura!

    Ate odeng at those roadside stalls hahaha another first time for me! Quite cool cuz you just grab what you wanna eat, and the person will pour some soup into a disposable cup for you. You pay after you eat.

    Snacks for the night hehe. Btw the goguma crackers are niceeee :D

    Rubbish area ;_; You have to sort your own rubbish into metal, plastic, paper, glass bottles, food waste etc. Food waste was the worst omg super smelly!! And you cant just throw your plastic bag filled with food scraps in it, you have to empty the contents into the food waste bin, then throw the plastic bag into the plastic bin! Torturous activity we did 3/4 times ;_; Had to come out to take deeps breaths every now and then before stepping into the hut of horrors LOL.

    Ym's house :D

    BBQ buffet! :) All the ahjummas sitting together and having a nice meal while their husbands slog at work LOL. Okay, just my imagination but I bet it's true!

    Random shot of the interior of the bus, because I think it's cool that they have the bell on the ceiling of the bus! Must be for tall people like me!


    The 2 women dressed in red are there to help tourists if they're lost and need help/directions etc. They can be found at touristy areas, because I saw a pair at Ehwa's Women's Uni as well! And they can speak other languages, not only Korean :D

    The shopping malls at Dongdaemun feels like Far East Plaza, except there's an entire row of like 4 or 5 such buildings!

    Kimchi tofu jjiggae :D

    붕어빵! Super cheap there, SGD$1.20 for 3!
    At her house door de shoe cabinet there going out LOL.

    Myeongdong, AGAIN. SPAO! Didnt go SPAO the 1st time because they were closed! ;_;

    Hoot tees hehe. Didnt get any of these cuz they're SGD$24, so I felt it wasnt really worth it :/ I know, the thought of wearing Sunny in her blue spy clothes seem really appealing but I must spend logically! :')

    SPAO is totally Yuri, Yoona, Jessica, Seohyun biased! There's huge blown up posters of them but not the rest of the members D:

    Random dude doing bicycle stunts.

    How they make the glazed donuts!

    (Another) random dude, beside the postbox. Felt like a great shot, and just nice a red bus drove by! :)

    YONGIN EVERLANDDDDDD! :D These are the ticketing counters hahaha so fairytale-ish! Went with Ym and her bro :D

    Waiting to enter Everland, cuz we were like 10 minutes before the opening time ^^

    First ride was this ski lift! Super embarassing lor, while at the queue for this, I slipped on frozen ice on the ground LOL ._. Havent even ride any rides already fall down!

    Amazon Express! It was cold at Everland (cuz it's not at Seoul, it's at the outskirts, YongIn) so the seats of the circular thingy was actually frozen and you can see the ride operators hacking away at the seats to remove the ice LOL.

    The dope safari! One of my favourite part about Everland hehe!

    We got to ride this cute animal bus (got ears somemore!) into the "safari", where animals like lions, bears, etc. roamed freely, around you!! So you actually get to see the animals right beside the window, and sometimes if the animals are strolling in front of the bus, you gotta wait for them to pass before you can drive! :)

    White tiger beside me teehee.


    Sun seems strong but it was freezing! My ears, toes and fingers all hurt :( Frostbite, maybe? Anyway that's the dope x347342309 wooden roller coaster, T-Express! I just googled it, it's the world's steepest wooden roller coaster (77 degrees); the longest in Asia, 7th in the world; the highest in Asia, 3rd in the world; the fastest in Asia, 8th in the world!!!

    Queueing for the T-Express! We were like, totally contemplating even though we were in the middle of the queue already! Since we went there early, the queue for the ride wasnt long so we kinda just chionged and queued! But Ym's really afraid of heights so it was a huge dilemma! I was afraid as well, but I kinda knew I would regret it if I didnt take it!! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity! If I came with my parents, they surely wouldnt allow me to ride it cuz it's quite dangerous :/ So aish, since they're not there with me, don't care la just ride !!!!

    It was the MOST THRILLINGGGGG RIDE EVERRRRR!! It went upppppp, then did a small U-turn before going down!!!!! Freaking scary and FAST! The impact was so huge that I couldnt even open my eyes! And I was practically out of my seat and was floating, thank god for the double protection of seat belt+safety bar, or else I would really have flown out! Screamt throughout, it was THAT scary. BUT FUNNNNN. When it went down once, I thought the high slopes were over so I opened my eyes, but fml there was like 2-3 consecutive ones LOL so I couldnt open my eyes to see where was I HAHAHA!

    Aww cute Korean boy playing bubbles.

    Cute ride for kids which we all went on LOL. There was this kid who was so afraid, that he started to cry and the dad signalled to the ride operator to stop the ride. When the operator approached the small boy, he just slapped her LOL wth?!

    Cool road-sweeping dudes on roller skates wearing cute white uniforms with even cuter hats!

    Probably snowed the night before we went to Everland. No wonder I slipped on frozen ice in the middle of nowhere!

    That night, it snowed so heavily!!!!! So exciting hahaha first and only snow I witnessed for the trip! And 2nd time seeing snow in my life and in Korea!

    Actually we wanted to go to Lotte World the next day, but Everland was so taxing and tiring (although we had a great time!), so we postponed Lotte World for the day after the next! 2 days straight of theme parks sounded alright when we discussed it initially though hahaha!

    The other Rodeo St we visited at MunJeong! Okay please dont visit this place, there's really nothing much here LOL.

    The way they move houses in Korea!! Cuz the windows are huge, so the furniture goes out of the window instead of the door!

    Then we went to Lotte World!! Which is in Seoul btw, so it's not as big as Everland.

    When we went, there were LOADSSSSSSS of kindergarten kids with their teachers, as well as high school students flooding the theme park! Must have been some offer/event or something? Cuz when I mean alot, I mean like 90% of the visitors are actually students! And if you think of it, wearing your school uniform to a theme park is weird. Like, would you wear the CCHMS uniform to USS? LOL, get what I mean?

    Fun game! Each round is around 40 people, and we sit in this theater on fake bulls and hold a gun in our hands and shoot at the screen! I scored 2nd highest overall /smug. LOL.

    360 indoor roller coaster! Although I felt my bravery grew, I still wasnt brave enough for this. Quite cool aye, it goes over the bridge and most of the time, people crossing the bridge dont realise that the roller coaster tracks are actually above so most of the time they get stunned. HAHAHA!


    Outdoor part of Lotte World, known as Magic Island! All the more thrilling rides are located here!

    Waikiki wave hahah reminds me of Waikhee LOL. Took this aloneeeee.

    Gyro drop! Sorry, my bravery not large enough to ride this D: Goes up sooooooo high!

    Bungee drop, aka Gyro drop's younger brother LOL. I took this alone though! /proud. Taking the scary theme park rides in Korea has totally made me braver, I'm not kidding!

    Indoor ice rink at Lotte World, the first floor of the shopping mall. It's separated from the theme park itself so you have to pay extra if you want to ice-skate.

    Next day, we went to Coex! :) Another famous shopping center, quite big, but smaller than Times Square.
    My first cold stone creamery ice cream! Cake batter flavour! Their icecream is super sticky and gooey, but niceeeeee ;)
    Next day, we went to Jamsil/Sinchon area (they're next to each other) and Myeongdong! Hahah yeah I went Myeongdong 3 times because it's really big and there's soooo much to walk and shop!

    Cute Hello Kitty cafe at Jamsil! Didnt go in though hehe.

    Rustic charm houses.

    Taking a photo with my Soshi girls LOLOLOL.

    This subway station was exceptionally cool because it felt like we were in a cave with the overhead rocky ceiling and walls!

    Myeongdongggggg. Oh hello there 4Minute :D (actually I took this photo just for Madel hehe)

    2nd last day, we went to Apgujeong area again because I wanted to visit JYPE! AND I DIDDDDDD ;D
    JAY. WHY. PEE. EE. JYPE :) It feels SO MUCH MORE like an entertainment company than SM! Huge posters of their artistes at the windows, it's almost I could feel that the staff inside are proud of the artistes! :)

    Guess what entertainment company this is. Only the 3rd floor. It's just a few buildings down the street from JYPE.

    That's right, it's CUBE! Compared to the larger companies, it honestly felt abit pathetic ._. Cuz it only occupied the 3rd floor, not even the entire building!
    We kinda hanged around, hoping to see 4Minute (Beast was in Sg for Mnet concert), but to no avail :( We did see this prettyyyyyy girl boarding a tinted van though! So next time if she does debut, I can say I've been a fan of hers from predebut woooo early fan yo!


    Sat at the Dunkin Donuts directly opposite JYPE, waiting for artistes to go in/come out. We didnt see anyone though, cuz 2AM, 2PM, Miss A were at Sg having the Mnet concert on that day :/ I saw Hwayoung unnie (the JYPE choreographer, choreo-ed for WG and Miss A!) carrying Mikkang (her dog) and the short-haired female manager of WG!! Remembered the manager because I remember seeing her at the airport when WG arrived! I didnt dare to ask Hwayoung for a photo :/ But this also showed that the possibility of WG being inside JYPE was like 99%! Since WG was preparing for their solo concerts at that time, so Hwayoung was probably there to help with the choreographing!! Ughhh, so close yet so far! :'(

    Walking back to the subway station was so torturing!! The cold chilly winter wind blowing against your face, and it was so strong and thus made it even more difficult for us to walk against the wind! I came up with the idea of walking backwards and it kinda worked LOL. We gave up though, and took a bus back to the subway station. See we pale until like that tsk. Sad kids in Korea (inside joke hehe)

    Last day in Koreaaaaa :'( Bulgogi Brothers for lunch cuz my flight was at 4PM.
    Heart-shaped patties aww so cuteeeee.!

    Flight back was good, because I was a UM with assisstance! Yup, I went back alone, so I was quite afraid that I might get lost at Incheon airport :/ There was an elderly Indian couple in wheelchairs, and an elderly Korean couple with their grand-daughter (SuMin! :D I read her name off this card thingy hanging on her neck) who asked for assisstance as well. My first and last time getting assisstance cuz if you're above 17, you're no longer a minor so you dont get this special service unless you're like old or something.

    There's 2 airport staff which assissted us, and at the checkpoint we went to the staff one hehe so priviledge and special!! Then we were also the 1st to board the plane! Cuz I'm an UM, I got the aisle seat of the middle aisle, and 2 seats separated me and a man. The air stewardesses were also exceptionally friendly towards me and talked to me by my first name, and kept checking if I'm fine and whether I wanted anything hahaha quite cool :) Then reached Sg, we were the last to leave, but there's already airport staff waiting for us at the aerobridge. Mine was this nice and friendly girl and she wanted to help me carry my handcarry luggage, but it was kinda heavy so I felt bad and declined, so in the end we compromised and each person held onto 1 strap, LOL so cute!

    Overall this trip was reallyyyy great cuz I enjoyed myself :D It's a really good experience to travel without your parents! And yeah I shopped alot as well, mostly for other people because I had an entire shopping list of things that people wanted me to help them buy! :)

    Thanks alotttttt to Youmin and her family for putting me up at their house! :) Idk, it just felt cool to live in a proper apartment instead of a hotel hahaha, which was really convenient cuz it's so near to everywhere! Taking the public transport (bus, subway) around to discover Seoul was cool too, I felt like a backpacker HAHAHA! And I got to try the different kinds of Korean food too.

    The streets in Korea are actually kind of like China, but not as bad. I mean, people do stick to the traffic rules and stuff, but crossing the road is so hazardous LOL I almost got knocked down quite a few times! :/ The people there arent really polite as well, not as polite as those in Japan! In Korea, I get bumped by the people walking beside me, and they don't even care about you. They'll just act as if nothing happened and walk on. And the thing is that on a average I get bumped around 10 times per day, so during my trip I got bumped a total of 140 times, and I only heard an apology ONCE...

    And I swearrr my bravery totally grew okay! I was never the type to take those scary, thrilling rides in theme parks because I was afraid. And my parents are those that will discourage me from taking, because they themselves also dont dare :( So I'm so proud of myself that I took the T-Express!!! The feeling on board is indescribable it felt so scary but so great and fun!! It's going to be something I'll be proud of even when I grow old LOL. When watching videos of people/idols taking those scary rides, I always wondered where they got their bravery from! But now, I can say that I'm not so afraid to take scary rides anymore! Bring them on! (Ok la but still must consider safety! Your life is important treasure it well! *preaches*)

    There was alot of "first"s in this trip as well! First time being an UM, first time getting assisstance on board, first time taking SIA, first time eating Baskin Robbin, first time eating Cold Stone creamery, first pair of high tops, first scary roller coaster, first theme park that drops from a height, first time slipping on ice LOL, first time visiting the entertainment companies, first time..............................

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