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    Monday, February 18, 2013
    miss A in Singapore 2013: Armani & Showcase

    Warning: Post is super long-winded and detailed cuz I wanna remember every single bit of what happened!

    Armani Meet & Greet
    Met with Arashi, Qiying, Jessica, Crystal, Peggy, and 2 of Lele's friends. Entered Armani. They were coming in by the side door but people were alr queueing up at the photo area. I came out of the queue and went to near the entrance that they were entering by instead since it was rather empty. Girls appeared! Fei walked past me and I called her name, she waved, then I stuck my hand out and shook her hand! I WAS SO EXCITED HEHEHE. It was a firm handshake and I like firm handshakes! :) Her hand wasnt particularly smooth (not that it's rough, but just not exceptionally smooth or sth), but hey, it's FEI!!! :D Jia looked and waved at me!

    Went back to queue at the phototaking queue, then realised I should pass David oppa my present for Fei because I'm sure he'll pass it to her, and I was afraid that afterwards I wouldn't have the chance to. So yup, Jessica brought me over to David, I passed the present to him and told him it's for Fei. Hope she received it :) Present was a handphone cover, Hello Kitty pasta and a pretty card (if I may say so LOL) which I used a lot of effort to do!

    Phototaking 1 (Video timing: 2.40): Walked quickly. Order: Jia, Suzy, Fei, Min. I didnt get a good view of Min cuz I was walking quickly as the guard was totally shooing me forward. While taking photo, I told Fei “你是我最喜欢的。” She said “谢谢。” My hands were placed super awkwardly, like I totally had no place to put them cuz Fei & Suzy were standing too close together so it's hard for me to even put my hands at my sides.

     After I exited from the crowd, I realised the queue for the phototaking was still open and there weren't even people making sure no one queued again. So I went to queue again, LOL, together with the 2 Lele friends.

    Phototaking 2 (Video timing: 6.14): Took a good look at Min when I was walking towards them and said hi to her. You can see her surprised expression in her video LOL dang I got caught by her for queueing twice! :P When miss A saw me, they were all "Eh...?" and giving some sort of cheeky smile, probably because they recognized me from earlier on. I said hi to Min, then stood at the same spot,faced Fei and talked to her! Trying my best to remember my conversation...
    Me: 霏霏 我把你的礼物交给了David Oppa。我是慧娴。 (I made sure I told her my name so she knows who I am.)
    Fei *pointing to me*: 啊,我认识你/我记得你! (something along the lines of she knows my name)
    Me: *some sort of whiny/aegyo voice* 我每天都有发微博给你噢 你都不回复。。。每天噢!
    Throughout, I was just talking and facing Fei and ignoring the photographer lol, so he got my attention and we took the photo. I tried to look at Suzy properly, then I managed to get a good look at Jia too :) Hmm, it's quite illogical how my 2nd photo turned out nicer than the 1st, even though I was just talking and talking... BUT I WAS MAJORLY SHOCKED FEI KNOWS MY NAME EVEN THOUGH IT'S THE 1ST TIME I'M MEETING HER O_O As in, she knows the name "HuiXian"!! :O Shock of my life lol my heart was beating superrr quickly.

    Afterwards, girls went over to the seats/chilling area. I was walking beside them with my bag placed closer to my back, and the security guard must have thought I was a staff/miss A member (LOL?), and let me into the barricaded area O_O but I'm an honest girl so I swerved out to the public area haha. Stood at Suzy & Fei's left side, just in front of the barricade. Girls were just chilling and sitting around. Suzy was playing with the balloons, and when we made eye contact, I laughed at her and she laughed her silly laugh back at me ^^ Fans starting chanting "miss A! miss A!" and Fei started dancing LOL -_- Jessica called out to Min, then Min spotted her camcorder and started dancing hehe! Then the guards kept pushing the barricade further out and told people around there to move to the back so the girls can walk around the shop. So I stupidly walked out when everyone remained on the spots. WTH STUPID ME. Could have been a damn good opportunity to talk to Fei since I was like right beside Suzy and Suzy was seated right next to Fei -_- Took a photo with Rozz since she was just loitering at the side lol. Then I squeezed back to the 2nd row, but this time I was facing their front. Fei held out a tart at the crowd in front of me and asked "who wants?" and everyone was trying to get it, I tried too but I couldnt reach cuz my hands are short & I'm not even in the 1st row :( So the girl in front of me got it... No, she GRABBED it. There was this AQE staff unnie who was recording with a camcorder, and I remembered that I've seen her in Dunkin Donuts opposite JYPE before during my trip to Korea last year!

    Anyway, I'm still thankful for this meet&greet. Was unsure how it would turn out, but the phototaking opportunity was unexpected and a pleasant surprise! I wouldn't have been able to talk to Fei and know that she actually knows me, which is also something that I'm very happy and thankful about. I think it's from all those project messages that I keep writing for, and that she really reads and remembers the names of the fans who writes messages to them. I was totally shocked when she said she knows me, because this is really my first time meeting her... I was so touched and happy!

    Hotel before showcase
    Wanted to try my luck seeing the girls before they went to the showcase venue. Waited at hotel together with QY, for more than an hour till around 5+PM. Wandered around the hotel to recce myself... Anyway, we found out that when they're leaving the hotel, barricades will be put up. Stood at the barricades and waited.

    Min came out first her with bangs curled up using those ahjumma curlers LOL! Next was Jia, her makeup looked quite thick at that time. Fei was almost the last, and she was eating a pear and using the hand holding the pear to wave to the fans haha. All of them said hi to the fans there. I called out for Fei, and reached my arm out to show that I had a gift for her. She looked at me, and raised her brows and then walked towards me to take the gift! I told her 等一下见! I was so happy because she was already at the van's door, but she U-turned and walked to me which was totally out of the way :') That moment felt forever when we were just looking at each other and she was all that I saw......

    (click to enlarge)
    Luckily, QY took photos of when they came out! So yup, you can see the sequence here :P Fei's face going from "Ah~ it's a wonderful day", going into chic slight smile, then spotting me and breaking into her toothy happy smile and waving at me with the pear, and then coming forward to take my gift! Oh, and that unnie holding the camcorder is the one I saw at Korea! Gift was a letter I wrote in the morning, together with throat candy and some chocolates. I pasted a small note on the candy&chocolates to explain why I gave her those :P (Actually, I brought the candy, chocolate and HK pasta with me on my Korea trip, but I didnt get to see her, so I brought them back to Sg and finally got the chance to give to her.) When the van moved abit forward and was waiting to leave, I stood near the window next to Min and mouthed "goodbye" and "see you later" to her :)

    Showcase venue before showcase
    QY&I then immediately jumped into a cab and told the driver to follow miss A's van, since we were all headed for the showcase venue, The Star Performing Arts Theatre anyway haha. There was another stalker van that was following... But our cab uncle was good, we managed to stop beside miss A's van for a short while lol. Alighted near the drop-off point then we ran to the artiste entrance. Managed to see all 4 girls. I said "霏霏谢谢! 霏霏再见!" and she turned back slightly (they were all walking in already, backs facing us) and waved!

    Met up with the rest of the girls and entered. Good to see that the Jia birthday slogans were all nicely placed on the seats and the emcee also explained to the audience about it. Oh, I was glad that the emcee isn't Ken because I honestly think he sucks at emcee-ing. This emcee, also from 1003, was very fluent in both English and Chinese so that was great. Jessica had 4 LED boards, 1 for each girl, which was just nice as all 5 of us had different biases. Jessica & Crystal shared Min's, I took Fei's, Arashi took Jia's and QY took Suzy's. This was also our sitting arrangement btw.

    Showcase started with I Don't Need A Man and we were all rapping along yo! Hahaha! Next was Breathe! Then was a short introduction by the girls themselves.

    Min said that they would need our help for the next song, Over U. Jia then taught us that we were supposed to echo their "U" during the choruses! My clique was super high and we even did the actions while singing along! Loved Over U's rap, I have always wanted to see that part live!

    (Video timing: 1:54) See the hand near the pink fan at the right waving? That was me! Fei spotted me then she waved back hehe :D

    Clearer view of her smile & wave at 2.13 here!

    Time's Up was next AND THIS WAS THE BOMBBB! We have all been anticipating the live performance of this because it's a megaaaa high and fun and club-ish song! So we all stood up and started jumping around, dancing along etc.! Watch 0:58, see the group of girls jumping like crazy? I think Min spotted us and asked everyone to stand up, but no one else did. Then Jia came over and partied w us OH YEAH~ It was hilarious but fun cuz the only theatre only had the 5 of us dancing and jumping about, together with miss A on stage. No regrets though, IT WAS SO FUN!!! I bet miss A saw us too, since they couldnt have missed seeing 5 high girls on the 8th row dancing along! We wanted to ask Min to do the Harlem Shake and tried to shout it across to her, but nah it didnt happen. Hehe, Jia was also patting Suzy's butt during one of the parts, just like at the Taiwan showcase!

    Games time. Didnt get picked so aww :( But Crystal got picked, whoop! During one of the group photo with Crystal, all of them posed with the A handsign except Jia who did the twist handsign. Then some of the audience laughed, and Jia said "你们笑我" then I shouted "因为你可爱!" and the emcee even repeated what I said to Jia, heh. Next was self-intro and asking about their ideal types. During Suzy's turn, I took out the photo of Ian Somerhalder that I specially printed out for her, but she didnt spot me. I think Min & Fei saw though, and gave me a funny look XD

    Suzy's solo stage was a sexy dance performance that started on the tables. Reallyyyy hot and sexy, I guess it's because our maknae is offically legal this year!

    Fei's solo stage really shocked me! First, she sang Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble! I was totally surprised by her choice of an English song because her English isn't very good. But I remembered she tweeted not long ago saying that she liked this song, so maybe it's a hint. Secondly, she came in through one of the side doors in the audience near my side! I was so excited I ran out to the aisle where she was walking towards the stage and shook her hand!!! (I'm the 1st girl whose hand she shook yayyy people who shook her hand afterwards can just eat my dust LOLOL kidding) And she looked me in the eyes. At that moment, it also felt like forever hehe! Then she ripped her skirt out to reveal a pair of shorts and then her jacket was also flying open since there were fans on stage to give her that goddess-with-hair-flying look. &then I noticed how short her cropped top was. AND HER ABSSSS omg Fei abs are so underrated cuz sometimes they hide, but omg she's so fit and her legs are so slim and lean I really couldnt help looking at them *-* Her thighs~ Wah~ One of the things I admire her for! &There was that whole goddess look with her hair flying she's so beautiful! There was a dance break too which was also fantastic!

    Min's solo stage was her popping dance. Sadly, she was the only person who didnt change her solo stage from the Taiwan showcase. It was still awesome, as she appeared in a blacksuit with loadsssss of glitter on her jacket, in her hands etc. Every move she made, glitter would spread around and it looked really amazing with that gold aura around her.

    Jia's solo stage was Justin Bieber's As Long As You Love Me. I tried to sing along with her at first, but she made a mistake of singing "As long as you love me, we could be platinum" for the beginning and I thought I was the one who sang wrongly lol. But it was hardly noticeable anyway. Her rap was totally fast, dope, accurate and just simply awesome. I felt really proud of her because she's said before how she has difficulty rapping in English, but her rap was so strong and her English was accurate! I was truly wow-ed by her solo stage and I could really tell how much effort she had put in to prepare for it.

    We celebrated Jia's birthday! Everyone held up the birthday slogan, and we sang the birthday song for her! She was really touched and I could see that tears were brimming in her eyes :') She probably didnt expect it since her birthday was almost 2 weeks ago. Fei requested for a birthday rap even though it wasnt her own birthday, haha! Notice Jia's expression right after she read the letter, can see her slight forced smile and her biting of lips to hold back her tears :')

    (Video timing: 0:53) Suzy was telling Jia to make a wish, but she said it as "hope" instead. I corrected her as "wish" and then she gave that cheeky/guilty smile and pointed at me hehe ^^
    (Video timing: 2:04) Fei asking if she could make a birthday wish as well even though it isnt her birthday, which was for Jia to do a birthday rap. I shouted "佳霏猫!" and then Fei said "没啦 不要这样!" HEHEHE she even did that swiping hand action!! This is like Fei's way of aegyo/whining/撒娇 HEHE and it was directed to me~ and Jia looked quite shy too! Btw 佳霏猫 is a term Jia coined here because in that photoshoot, Jia&Fei had cat ears.

    Then, before If I Were A Boy started, Suzy finally spotted my Ian Somerhalder photo!

    It was dark cuz they were preparing to start the next song, so you cant see anything when she spotted me but just listen to the conversation right at the front of the video!
    Suzy *points at me*: "WOW!!! DAMON!!! Damon, right?"
    Me: "Yeah!"
    Suzy: "Thank you!"
    Me: "Welcome!"
    Suzy: "So much!
    Me: "Love you!"

    This is Singapore's Teens magazine April 2013 issue.

    The moment where Suzy saw and gasped at the Damon photo I held up is being mentioned, haha!

    If I Were A Boy had them seated on those high chairs. Girls did very well for it, harmonizing and singing all those little adlibs right till the very end even though the music was already getting softer.

    Then was Touch! Our fanchant failed cuz we forgot the order for the 1st names part. Jia was smirking then I shouted "不要偷笑!" then her smile disappeared HAHAH oh gosh hope I didnt hurt her feelings.

    Jia said they were going to end the showcase with Goodbye Baby.

    Right at the start of GBB, Suzy said "一起唱!" I replied "Okay!" and then Suzy said "Thank you!" and I said "Welcome!" Omg hahaha she's so cute like a little girl~ My fave part of GBB has always been Fei's 정말 놀라워. &The moment were they go on the ground, gotta look at Fei cuz she does it differently lol! Then they left the stage and I shouted "Miss A!" until I couldnt breathe -_-

    miss A came back on with Bad Girl Good Girl, another classic! Then afterwards, they said it was the end but then we got cued to shout encore, and so the final song was Ma Style! Totally didn't expect that song as a finale! Girls walked around in the audience and it was rather chaotic haha. Min and Jia were walking together, and I only managed to accidentally touch Jia's shoulder LOL -_-

    Supposed meet&greet was just a phototaking session. Felt super scammed though, it was supposed to be 1 fan only, ended up being 5 fans together! But since we all had different biases, it was quite okay. So when we walked up the stage to them, I greeted them 1 by 1.
    Me *to Min*: Hi Min! *Min smiles*
    Me *to Jia*: Jia Fei Mao! *Jia smiles*
    Me *to Fei*: (her face kinda lit up when she saw me, I think she REALLY remembers me! We were holding each other at the arms near the elbow and looked into each other's eyes (honestly IT FELT LIKE FOREVER AGAIN. I got lost in her eyes sighhhh))

    (Random photo I found that shows exactly the way Fei & I were holding each other)
    Me: 昨天的礼物有收到吗?
    Fei: 有
    Me: 喜欢吗?
    (I already walked to beside Suzy during this part, but Fei stretched her neck out to face me and talked to me since Suzy was in between us! It's her small thoughtful gestures like these that makes me feel all fuzzy inside~ &I just recalled that this time, I didn't even have to tell Fei my name!) Fei: 嗯 喜欢。谢谢。
    Me *to Suzy*: Damon! I bring Damon!
    Suzy: Thank you!
    Me: Can hug? *hugs* My mom likes you!
    The hug with Suzy was so tighttt haha and quite long too! But cuz of our height difference, I had to turn my head when I hugged her or else it'd be really awkward LOL -_-

    I felt so stupid and angry for myself, because the agreed on formation was Jessica Min Arashi Jia Fei Me Suzy Qiying. But Idk why I stupidly walked to Suzy's left instead of standing in between Suzy&Fei!! So QY stood beside me and didnt get to stand beside Suzy. Felt so angry and regretful for cockblocking both myself and QY. AND I FORGOT TO HUG FEI T_T

    Showcase venue after showcase
    Waited for the girls to come out, there were quite a few other fans waiting. Suzy came out first, all happy and cheery and saying hi! Then was Min, Jia, Fei. I said hi to Jia. Fei was looking at the fans to my right but I wanted to talk to her too so I kept calling her name. Then I reached my hand out and she shook it and I kinda held onto it for quite a long time LOL. Her hand was quite cold though, maybe the backstage area was cold. Talked to her even though it was quite chaotic.

    (Please dont judge me for my behaviour in this video. There was another casual fan with a Fei fanboard so I had to be possessive LOLOLOL.)

    Fei:好好好,辛苦了!(It's quite drowned out by someone's "thank you" but I'm v sure I heard it!!
    I felt so touched that she said 辛苦了 to me instead of the usual thank you/谢谢 T_T I know it probably means nothing but to me it really means alot!!!

    Went to the hotel after showcase, cuz we knew girls were probably going out to celebrate the end of the showcase. I noticed their vans going down into the carpark, so I sneaked into the hotel and ventured around the carpark lift/carpark area/restricted access area. True enough, the girls really boarded the vans via the basement carpark, but I was kinda stuck at the 1st floor cuz there was already 2 guards approaching me and I had to pretend to be "lost" and went up to the lobby. &I freaking watched the lift that miss A were in, go past me. (okay, the lift doors are opaque but I'm 100% sure it was them.) So when I managed to rush down, girls were already in the vans but the vans were stationary for quite awhile because they were waiting for David. Heard from the rest that the girls were dressed quite well, so yeah quite confirm they were gonna club. Tried to catch Fei's attention using some illuminated words on my phone, but she was preoccupied using her own phone :( &Jia was sitting beside her, also using her phone on Instagram haha. Didnt see the other 2 girls in the darkness.

    I feel that the audience could have been more high and enthusiastic. First, turn out rate was quite low, there were many empty seats at the back and I felt sad that my 4 girls had to see those empty chairs. Secondly, fanchant was almost pathetic and it really felt like there was just 10 people chanting at any point of time. Thirdly, I don't understand why the audience cant be more enthusiastic. Is waving your hands during ballads so difficult?! Is pointing "U! U! U!" so difficult?

    I feel really lucky, happy, touched and blessed for all the interactions I got from miss A. I really couldn't have asked for anything more. Fanservice was of an abundance, and I am very thankful for it. It's one of my best concert experiences, also thanks to my fun Say A clique whom all really, sincerely love miss A and know how to have a great time together for a concert!

    Fei, thank you so so so much for remembering my name without even knowing who I am. But now, you know my face too. I can't explain how touched and elated I was when you said you know me. I shouted a lot during the showcase for you to make up for the lack of your own fans, and I want to thank you for all the small waves and smiles throughout the showcase whenever I called out your name, because being recognized for what I do is very meaningful and it keeps me going. Also, at the hotel where you purposely detoured and walk towards me. Your solo stage was awesome and I was impressed by your English skills. How apt it was that I wrote in my 1st letter, asking about whether you've been practising your English.

    Jia, although there's also less of your personal fans, I hope you know we recognize all your effort and hard work. To be honest, I noticed that you always put in the most energy and power during dancing, even the informal and casual one like the fan competition. I wish I could have shown more love for you, but I guess I was too occupied with Fei.

    Min, you've always been the friendly and nice one, so thank you for all the smiles and waves as well. I love your dorky and fun personality which I'm glad I got to witness while you were on stage!

    Suzy, I finally understand why so many people like you. Your character is really attractive, because you're quite outgoing and fun as well, trying your best to speak in Chinese/English and not afraid to make mistakes. You're also very good at posing, being very versatile and know how to keep changing from cute to sexy poses within seconds.

    Saw photos released by the press of miss A in Incheon airport when they went back to Korea from Singapore! &FEI WAS USING THE PHONE COVER I GAVE HER!!! :D Yayyy omg she's finally using something I gave her!!! :D So I guess she wasnt lying during the showcase phototaking when I asked her whether she received my present or not! &I guess she likes it too! :D

    What I gave her at Armani Exchange!

    See the phone in her hand? :D
    Ah, but I regret not going to the airport on Sunday to send them off :( Cuz that's when she started using it (or maybe earlier but I wont have the chance to see) and then I could have seen her using it with my own eyes :( She's really so nice like what other fans say. I gave it to her on Friday, and on Sunday she's already using it...

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