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    Tuesday, August 13, 2013
    2nd quarter of 2013: the many people and meet-ups

    Back with another ~3 months update in one shot hehe. Once again, it's going to be a very lengthy post because it's just for me to record down what I've done and whom I've met. June, July and the beginning of August were great because most of my friends left their jobs already, thus everyone was more free to meet up and hang out without having to take leave nor work out the weird timings that could accomodate everyone. Going to arrange it in terms of people I managed to meet up with, and then try to keep to the dates as well hehe. Ok, it's confusing, but it's for my own reference in future :D

    I met Rachel almost every week in June because we would go venture places with good food, and then I'd thick-skinnedly invite myself to her house to use the gym HAHAHA!

    30/5/13: Wimbly Lu
    We went to try out the famous Wimbly Lu located at Jalan Riang, which is well-known for their desserts. We walked from Lorong Chuan MRT and realised we were walking in the wrong direction twice hahaha so we took twice the time needed to actually reach the place. Shop space is very small, but luckily we reached quite early during lunch time (yes, early even though we took a detour hahaha), so we had seats without having to queue or wait! We ordered the 3 most popular dessert items in the menu:

    Root Beer Cake. Tasted rather unique with subtle root beer flavouring in the cake, and it's quite sweet.

    Molten Lava Cake. Quite average, nothing worth raving about.

    Waffles with salted caramel ice cream and maple syrup. THIS WAS SO DELICIOUS! It's not an exaggeration to say that this is one of the best waffles that I've ever eaten in my life. Waffle was crispy on the outside, and had a warm and fluffy interior. Paired with the salted caramel ice cream that we chose, it hit all the right spots.

    4/6/13: 7 Kickstart Brewiches
    I wanted to visit Jasmine who was working here, so I asked Rachel if she wanted to try the food here, because online reviews were all good and supportive of this cafe! It's located opposite Substation, but the windows of this shop is all dark and tinted and there isn't exactly any large signboard so it could be quite easy to miss.

    My cajun chicken sandwich. It's filled (or rather, overflowing) with vegetables, which is great for me because I really like my greens ^^ Presentation of the food was very unique with the knife stabbed right in the middle of the sandwich.

    17/6/13: Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
    I asked Rachel to bring me here, because I've seen so many photos and reviews of this restaurant and also because she's been here before. The shop space is rather small so we went early in the afternoon for lunch to avoid the potential lunch crowds! There was only 2(?) waitresses serving the entire place so it was a bit difficult to get their attention.

    Shiok Maki, the signature must-order maki roll. It was a frenzy of sweet and savoury flavours engulfing my taste buds. Very delicious, but I think it's rather pricey. It's something that you'll only need to try once, for the sake of trying and telling people that you've eaten it before haha.

    I also ordered the katsudon as a main, but it wasn't very nice because the meat was quite tough :(

    Family time!

    6-10/6/13: Bangkok trip
    It was quite a last minute trip to Bangkok with my parents and my aunt. Expectedly, we spent all our time eating, shopping and going for massages! I mean, what else are you supposed to do in Bkk? :D

    I asked Shuying for a lot of info regarding Bkk, so she introduced to me a lot of places to go and good food to eat! And when I had to increase my luggage allowance but was unable to do so due to some inconveniences, she helped me settle that problem :) I'm so thankful for her help for this entire trip (and so are my parents hehe)

    We stayed at Baiyoke Suite Hotel, which had a very convenient location, right beside Pratunam Market and walkable distance to Platinum Fashion Mall as well. Makeshift stalls selling clothes were set up on the roads outside the hotel very early in the morning, and by 10am they were all cleared to allow cars to pass. Every morning, the stalls will be set up, start selling, and then when it's almost 10am they'd start keeping their stocks and the makeshift tents would be taken down. These stalls were catered to wholesellers, so there was only be extensive discounts if you buy more than 2/3 pieces.

    View from my hotel room, which I think I was lucky to get one of the higher floors!

    Complimentary fish spa which was part of our hotel package. It's my first time soaking my feet into this tank of dead-skin-eating fishes hahaha! It was ticklish at first and I was abit scared, but slowly it felt quite comfortable and shiok :D

    View from the hotel's restaurant at the top floor, where we had a complimentary buffet dinner that was also part of the hotel package. The variety of food was not bad and I was stuffed :P There was also a fire happening at Pratunam Market, which is right beside the hotel, so we were looking at all the blinking and flashing lights of the fire engines and motorcycles, and rising smoke, while having dinner.

    Went to Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam Market, Indra Square, Chatuchak, Or Tor Kor market, MBK, Siam square and the surrounding malls. What I love about Bkk is the cheap & delicious food! The roadside stalls selling coffee and tea, beef noodles from this pushcart auntie that's only available before 9am, sweet and juicy lychees, not-so-impressive durians, chicken rice from the pink shirt stall, yummy and cheap tzechar from this eatery called Singapore...... We ate so much food everyday! &Everyday we would go for a massage which was really shiok and helped loosen my muscles and bones :D

    &I coincidentally met Rachel there too hahaha!

    28/7/13: Creamier

    My sis treated my parents and I to ice cream at Creamier, at Toa Payoh! I've always wanted to try the ice cream and kept bugging my sister to bring me there, and she did! :D One serving of waffles comes with 2 pieces as seen, so it's suitable for sharing! We ordered 2 sets of 2 scoops of icecream+waffles, so that in total was 4 waffle slices and 4 scoops of icecream! :D I think their ice cream flavors are nice and not too sweet, and the waffles itself are delicious too!

    3/8/13: NDP Preview
    My mom won 4 tickets to the National Day Parade Preview 2013 thru online balloting, and we were all very excited because it has been years since we went to watch the NDP live, and my family enjoys watching the NDP! My sis was unable to make it, so I asked Amd along, since she has never been to NDP in her life and she's leaving Sg this Sep for 5 years :(

    Contingent and the state flag flying pass! Amd & I cheered loudly when the Guides contingent was being introduced, and drew some stares from the people seated around us, but whatever, Guides pride! :P

    It was a beautiful sight when the audience all wielded the lightsticks and waved it around.

    Fireworks finale, the ultimate crowd favourite every year!

    Introducing the new group of friends from my uni course Bioengineering...

    29-2/7/13: BIE FOC 2013
    Went for the NUS Bioengineering 4D3N course camp which was very fun and well-executed! I was in an OG called Edgeworth, which had a total of 8 freshies (4 girls and 4 boys) and 2 OGLs. I like the people from my OG because we can click quite well together I loved that in this camp, we did not have to rush a lot as activities were all planned with ample time allowances for travelling and stuff. We also stayed in Raffles Hall instead of having to sleep in sleeping bags, which made everything better because we have a lot of space in the room and can get to sleep soundly, and the toilets are also quite clean and there's a few toilets so there's many cubicles! HTHT were mandatory every night, I was surprised at how everyone is willing to share things about themselves. We also had SP activities, which is quite a staple for most uni camps, but thankfully mine was quite mild (comparably to what I've heard from friends who went to other camps), instead of being forceful.

    The games were all quite fun and were fresh ideas, so it was all enjoyable! For example, at Sentosa, we played real life Dota on the beach, which was tiring because we had to keep running across the sand, but it was quite fun! I also realised that the uni way of dunking people is different from what I've used to see, which was holding the person's limbs and then swinging the person sideways into the sea; but now it's the victim lying face-up and everyone supports the limbs and body from underneath, and the people near the shoulders have to exert the most force to push the victim face-front into the sea. There was a free supply of Red Bull, and it was my first time trying and I think the sugar rush made me very high HAHAHA my OG started singing chinese songs that was from the 2000-2010 era hahaha!

    8/8/13: Iceskating
    First time going to JCube to ice skate! The rink is quite small and it was abit crowded since it was a weekend, but thankfully there wasnt any collisions between me and anyone. I fell once on my butt and it was quite painful, but I remained cool, stood up, and brushed it off HAHAHA!

    I also managed to meet Youmin twice, and I love how we can talk about anything and everything under the sun!

    5/7/13: Kith Cafe & Despicable Me 2

    Youmin is my Despicable Me buddy, in the sense that we promise to watch the DM movies together :D So of course I watched DM2 with her when it was released! The movie was below my expectations, as all the funny parts were what you saw the in the trailers so there was no surprise element in the actual movie.

    We also ate at Kith Cafe at Park Mall.

    Lunch special of the day: Salmon with basil infused sauce, balsamic reduction; penne pomodoro and mixed greens. I ordered this because I felt like eating both pasta and a slab of meat, so this was perfect!

    Kith Macchiato. This is actually a tiny cup of caffeine hahaha.

    Ym ordered the crabmeat linguine which I thought was really delicious, and there was generous chunks of crabmeat in the pasta with the unique cream sauce, but it was slightly gelat.

    14/7/14: Salted Caramel Artisan Ice Cream
    I really wanted to try the ice cream at this place, and Ym told me that the waffles they serve are not bad, so I asked Ym to bring me here :D It's at Thomson so it's surrounded by many other eateries which all look very tempting, but I did not forget that our agenda of the day was Salted Caramel! :D

    Chocolate sorbet with waffles. This scoop of chocolate sorbet is her favourite flavor from the ice cream parlor, and I have to agree because it's one of the best chocolate ice cream I've eaten! The chocolate sorbet was thick, chocolatey and not too sweet. I don't think that the waffles itself are outstanding, but it complemented the ice cream well.

    I also met my Guideys ^^ My group of friends whom I can not meet for a long while, but everytime we meet we will have tons of things to talk and laugh about

    6/7/13: Night Safari
    It was our first time to the Night Safari! We've always went to the zoo, so this time we decided to go to the Night Safari, a place that I haven't been before in my life.

    We met at AMK Interchange where we bought some food take-aways to eat for dinner. There's only 1 bus going to the Night Safari/zoo area, and it was a weekend, so the queue for the bus was very long!

    Nicole was late as usual, so she isn't in the photo, but she's forgiven because she came from camp and she looked very tired! :( Sueann was the sacrifice-to-mosquitoes of the day because she wore dark colours and wasn't as covered up as compared to us HAHAHA!

    We walked the whole route, because it wasn't very big. We managed to see giraffes mating, hahaha! There was this part where giant flying squirrels were jumping and flying between trees and branches! Their big size caused this gush of wind to blow when one flew above our heads :O

    We also managed to take a tram ride from the middle of the safari, because the queue at the entrance was insanely long. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the commentator of the tram ride was actually a staff speaking live! I always thought it was a recording because the voice is always so smooth and the words are so fluent.

    Zebra crossings in the safari that look like real zebra stripes!

    Cool stamp on our forearms.

    Unique zebra furniture at one of the restaurants in the safari.

    It was difficult to take photos because the place was too dark and what shows up on your camera or phone screens is just pitch black. But somehow, you can see everything with your eyes hahaha, why is it like that?

    11/7/13: Vietnamese food & Monsters University
    It was supposed to be a date with Shuying, but she suggested inviting Sueann and Sandy along because they wanted to watch MU too! Ate Vietnamese food at my favourite Vietnamese eatery at Joo Chiat, called Long Phung. I really love their food, which I suppose must be authentic since it's always filled with Vietnamese people, and the prices is quite reasonable as well. My favourite dishes is the fried spring rolls, and Bún Thịt Nướng, which is grilled pork chop with rice noodles.

    Then, we watched MU which I liked more than DM2! The plot was great and interesting throughout :)

    27/7/13: Waikhee's 21st birthday party
    My close Guides senior, Waikhee, invited me to her 21st party held at Aloha Loyang chalet! It's only the 2nd 21st birthday party that I've been to, and I was also really touched and honoured that she invited me although we have not talked for quite some time already. Kangning was supposed to go as well but she couldnt make it, so I asked Shuying to be my companion so I wouldn't have to go alone and be awkward there hahaha.

    With my date of the day, Shuying!

    The theme was Underwater, and the dress code was blue and white, so it was very amusing to see most people who boarded the shuttle bus to the chalet dressed in blue&white, since it meant that all these people were going to Waikhee's party hahaha!

    With the birthday girl! The stuffed sea creatures we're holding are all handmade by her!

    Gorgeous fondant cake and pretty cupcakes underneath

    We also met 2 Guides seniors, Natalie and Zhengxiang, who were Sec 4s while we were Sec 1s, hence we dont really know them well, but we still talked and it was quite funny reminiscing about CCHMS, hahaha.

    29/7/13: Peking Duck
    Being the cheapos that we all are, Sueann highlighted the offer that Peach Garden had for its $12 Peking Duck :D I haven't eaten peking duck for years so I was very excited to eat together with my Guideys! We went to the branch at Miramar Hotel which was rather empty on a weekday lunch. We ordered a duck, yifu noodles and 腐皮卷, and we were all bloated and almost couldnt finish our food haha. I love the duck skin wrapped in the thin crepe, with the cucumber/weird vege and bbq sauce! The duck meat was nice too, we simply had it chopped and we dipped it into the plum sauce!

    17/7/13: Extraction my wisdom teeth
    My 4 wisdom teeth all grew at the same time a few years ago, and now they're quite fully grown already. However there probably isn't enough space in my jaw so all of them are impacted and unaligned with the other teeth. My left lower wisdom tooth has been causing me a lot of discomfort and pain due to swelling caused by infection of my gums when food gets trapped. So, I went to NUH and extracted the 2 wisdom teeth on the left side of my jaw. I was very excited about the extractions because I love visiting the dentist, and I wanted to get the troublesome teeth out of the way! The upper left tooth was a simple extraction by a dentistry student, while the lower left tooth was done via a LA surgery demo by a specialist doctor and watched by 4 students.

    During the surgery, the doctor first wrapped my head with a sterile cloth, which also covered my eyes so I wasn't able to see what was happening, which is something I am very thankful that they did because just the sounds alone was quite terrifying. The doctor kept talking to me, reassuring me and asking if I'm alright which was very comforting. He injected the anaesthesia a few times into the inner part of my mouth, and then started cutting my gums. Basically, I could feel what was happening, but there wasn't any pain so it was quite a weird and scary sensation. I was clutching onto my pants tightly throughout because I was so scared LOL, whatever happened to my initial excitement. He commented about the infection of the gum area which led to pus oozing out, and said that my tooth was rather deeply rooted and the nerves were very high so he had to divide my tooth into 2 before he could extract it. Then, he stitched up the wound.

    On the 1st 2 days, blood kept pooling in my mouth but I wasn't supposed to spit it out so I had to resist the urge and swallow it down with water. Thankfully my mom was at home so she cooked porridge for me everyday for all my meals.

    My face swell for 3 days, and on the 4th day the swelling subsided and I was able to eat normally again, just that I ate a lot slower since I could only chew using 1 side of my mouth and had to be careful to not let the food enter the wound. 1 week later, I returned to the doctor to remove the stitches! :)

    20/7/13: D&B Picnic + Debi's birthday celebration
    My D&B clique have not met for very long, so we went on a potluck picnic to Marina Barrage!

    In the morning, Clarissa, Jeanelli, Jiawei and I went to Singyan's house to bake a cake for Debi's belated surprise! My clique comes up with the funniest themes when it comes to cakes and presents, so for Debi, we baked an eggless yogurt lemon cake, because "she's the only egg we need in our lives" HAHAHA! The cake turned out quite... short and flat but I told them that it's alright because the current trend of cakes it that they're all very short! (&also because I was the one who found the recipe so it's my fault HAHA)

    Then, we met the rest (Wingyin, Yvonne, Debi) at Marina Barrage and picked a shady spot near the lift. There's never a fear of not enough food when D&B has potluck sessions because everyone will bring delicious food! We had chips, soft drinks, apple cider, pasta salad, hard boiled eggs, sausages etc.!

    We took a lot of jumpshots in different poses, and in different combinations of people as well because we're all so interconnected, it's very mind-boggling hahaha.

    Looking as happy as we can!

    Power of the egg!

    And this is the epic photo of Section 1. We only agreed beforehand to stand in the same positions as we did in 2010 (based on memory, without referring to the upper photo) and jump with our legs widened.


    UNBELIEVABLE. How can we jump exactly the same as we did 3 years ago?! It's so amazing yet creepy at the same time! The height of our jump, the position of our legs, the position of our hands, our facial expressions, and especially the very moment the photo was taken while we were jumping. IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME!!!

    Look at allllllll the kites in the sky!

    Beautiful skyline from Marina Barrage.

    Oh, that day was one of the NDP rehearsals, so kite-flying was banned from 5-7pm as it could possibly affect the low-flying aircrafts. We managed to see the helicopters bearing the state flag flying past, as well as fireworks! :)

    One of the group of friends that I met the most was my Tiongxim girls (excluding Sheryl since she's not back in Sg yet). I love how close we all stay so it's so easy to go out on spontaneous and last minute decisions :) It's something that I'm very thankful and happy for!

    12/7/13: USS
    It was Karwai, Gekting and my first time to Universal Studios Singapore, while Laura had already been there before. We brought food from home for lunch because the food sold inside USS is quite expensive and we're too lazy to go out of USS to eat hahaha!

    Getting our student unlimited passes made! It was $88 and it's valid till the end of Nov this year, so after calculations we realised that going twice will be enough to "get our money" back hehe :D

    With the penguins from Madagascar! So cute hehe!

    King Julian is a pervert LOLOL he wanted Kw & Gek to sit on his laps at first, but they refused so he put his leg on Gek instead haha!

    It's so weird how Gloria took our hands and placed it on her............... chest ._.

    Hehe I like this photo a lot! Alex's paws are so huge!

    My buff friends!

    One of the highlights for me: Waterworld show! It was exhilarating and exciting to watch! There were pyrotechnics like explosions and fireworks; the cast were all well-trained and rode jetskis, sailed boats, jumped into the water from 3-4 storeys high, set on fire etc.; and the stage effects were great! My mouth was gaping at every moment and I really enjoyed the show a lot!

    Kw tried to lift up this Egyptian man's "skirt", and the minder said "no no~" HAHAHA!

    Huge rollercoasters that we took once for each color! Human, the red one is more fun than the blue one, Cylon. Cylon was more jerky and although it was scarier in terms of the amount of loops and 360degree turns, Human was more enjoyable and fun!

    My favourite theme park food:

    CHURROS! :D It was abit too hard, but it's still churros :P

    "Hello MTV and welcome to our crib."

    Hiphop girls watching the break dance crew

    One of my favourite rides ;) IT'S ELMO!!! It's a veryyy mild and slow ride, but it's very pleasing to the eyes especially the space part :)

    Mandatory shot with the globe :P

    15/7/13: Japanese buffet + karaoke
    We wanted to eat Japanese buffet, so Kw suggested Momiji at City Square Mall, which was a really good choice! We went on a weekday lunch so the price was reasonable. There was a huge spread of sashimi, cooked food, fried tempura, cooked-when-ordered food, desserts and icecream!

    It has a system where a table will receive ~6 clips for you to clip onto the cooked food you want at the buffet area, and the chef will cook it and it will be served to your table. The mentaiko scallops were the bomb but the waiting time is very very long! The sashimi was great: thick, fresh salmon slices that melted in your mouth! The sushi assortment was alright, the partially-cooked salmon ones were good! Their icecream was Haagen Dasz ice cream, but I think the freezer is too cold because the icecream was quite hard.

    We had a window seat, so we were looking at people swimming in the condo opposite, and there was this woman swimming in a beige bikini so it looked like she was skinny dipping HAHAHAHA! Its so difficult to laugh when you're stuffed with food!

    We planned to walk to Lavender MRT, then walk to Katong Shopping Centre to aid in our digestion thru walking, but we were too lazy + short of time we so walked to Lavender and took a bus to Katong SC for Teoheng karaoke instead :D I love karaoke with them because we sing songs from the same era of Chinese songs and like the same kind of CPop songs :D And when we sing English songs, it's always the same few HAHAHA and there's alot of funny stuff like how Laura is the rapper ;)

    30/7/13: USS again
    We took the rides that we didn't take the previous time, and played our favourite Revenge of the Mummy ride so many times till we could memorise what the pharaoh in the ride says LOL. And we did many funny poses, like our new signature double-gun pose, at the steep drop part where there's a camera that takes photos of you while you're screaming!

    We didnt ride the merry-go-round the previous time, but we did so this time!

    There was a granny character on this Madagascar merry-go-round, and a grandma was riding on it, HAHAHA! It's like an ahma riding an ahma, hahaha!

    All of us wore caps! Because previously Laura was the only one without a cap, so this time I brought both my caps and lent her 1 :D

    1/8/13: Zoo
    They were commenting on how long they havent been to the zoo, so we decided to go to the zoo together! Once again, we brought our own food because food sold at the zoo is very expensive hahaha :D

    Mandatory tourist-y shot with the entrance of the zoo!

    My cute friends ^^

    Finished walking around the zoo in 5 hours, so we were at a lost of where to go! Ate dinner at Bishan, and then went to Marina Sq where we simply ended up at Starbucks hahaha. Thanks to Gek (or was it Kw), we shared a Venti split into 2 Talls :P

    Gek told me that she bought a phone cover that's the same as mine, so I used it as well HAHAHA c'mon guys, I owned the phone cover a long time ago and she bought it recently to couple with me, so why am I the disgusting one when I merely used the phone cover to match with her?

    6/8/13: Jogging
    Went jogging at ECP together with my girls because we all stay nearby so the location is always somewhere near! We only ran 2km+ though HAHAHA! Laura was unwell so she was lagging behind, and she thought we ditched her and hid somewhere because she couldnt find us, and started to tweet and whatsapp us stuff like "where art thou ma friends" hahahaha! It's so funny how we can lose a friend while jogging hahaha!

    Managed to meet my Beta clique (Benjamin, Vanessa, Jasmine & Waihan) 3 times! :D Woohoo!

    23/7/13: Handburger
    I havent seen Wh in a long time so she was very tan because of her uni camp haha. Benjy took leave so we could meet for lunch! I like having weekday lunches with people because there's always lunch deals which are really cheap~ I ordered the Battered Dory, which I liked ever since I tried the miniature slider version of it. Together with the salad and iced lemon tea that it came with, it was a filling meal. &Then we talked about life (as usual).

    25/7/13: USS
    Went to USS with Jas & Benjy! Before I met them, I was sitting on the blue benches in the middle of Vivocity, and there was an orchid exhibition in the center of the mall and there were classes of primary school children at the exhibit. 2 young boys were trying to test their camera, so thinking that I was asleep (my eyes were semi-closed, because I was tired), they tried to take a photo of me. I gave a ^^V pose and the boys suddenly realised I wasn't sleeping at all and ran away HAHAHA omg it was hilarious!

    Anyway, it was unfortunate that the Battlestar Galactica wasn't open, so we were contemplating on whether we should even go to USS since it's the main attraction! We went in the end anyway hahaha.

    Cute entrance tickets!

    Really looks like Benjy is giving us a lift, right? :D This was the super boring "car" ride which has a small circuit and the queue for it is really long because the car itself moves very slowly -_-

    One of the best rides at the Jurassic Park area! We got SUPER wet when the giant float cascaded down the steep slope and all the water rushed into the float and engulfed us! That part was the highlight and is the redeeming factor for the otherwise quite boring ride lol. Oh, and a Caucasian man said that Jas looks like Princess Peach from Mario, probably because of the red poncho hahaha!

    Managed to catch a "live" show of the Sesame Street characters (without Elmo, who is my favourite character! I was so obsessed with him!). This is Cookie Monster photobombing my attempt to take a photo of Bert & Oscar by doing a cartwheel in front of my face. Yup.

    Another mandatory USS globe shot.

    At the end of the day, we were all super tired and our feet ached a lot. We were too tired to even walk on the travellators on the boardwalk back to Vivo, so we just sat down on it HAHAHA.

    7/8/13: Poulet
    We wanted to try Jamie Oliver's new restaurant at Vivocity, but the queue was extremely long :( So we ate at Poulet instead, which is right opposite Jamie's and with a much shorter queue.

    This is the signature dish, and I chose half a chicken. It came in a cream sauce that was very milky and subtly sweet, which I liked! The chicken was also extremely tender, and the meat was not dry at all!

    Wh's lamb shank was also very tender and the meat wasn't too dry nor tough too, and it didnt reek of the weird pungent lamb smell that people dislike.

    We went up to the rooftop and sat around a lamp-post, and talked for 3 hours hahahaha! I don't know how we have so much topics to talk about, but conversation never stops when we meet :)

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