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    Sunday, January 25, 2015
    Birthday surprises for Shuying & Wingyin

    Since most people around me are turning 21 this year, it's a year full of birtday celebrations and surprises! This month, I've helped to organizes 2 surprises for my close friends, together with the help of the cliques we are part of.

    First was Shuying's, on 6 Jan.

    Sueann asked SY what she wanted for her birthday since we weren't too sure what to get her... :/ SY said she wanted a clarisonic, watch or bag, so we decided to get the Clarisonic since it's a present that she'll definitely use, and there'll be no uncertainty on whether she'll like the colour/design etc.

    Initially, my plan was that I should meet her alone and then the rest would appear and surprise her! But we couldn't seem to brainstorm any plans that could really work - where can we bring her and what should we do? Luckily in the end, Sueann suggested steamboat at her place, so we worked from there.

    When I was in Taiwan, I felt that it was a good excuse to say that I wanted to distribute the souvenirs asap after I came back since they would expire in 2 weeks, so I asked them in the Guideys chat if they wanted to meet after I came back. Sueann was in Bangkok (a great big lie that she made very convincing with her tweets and whatsapp messages), Sandy had something on, Nicole was MIA as usual. The previous sentence was a lie so that SY would think that she's only meeting me. I asked her what she wanted to eat, and when she asked me to suggest, I quickly asked Sueann for any good food in Chinatown so I can lure SY there. She suggested the famous french food at Chinatown Point, which apparently sucks hahaha.

    First, I went to Sueann house to leave the cake in the fridge, and help a bit with the steamboat ingredients. I wanted to wait for Sandy & Nicole to reach first before meeting SY to ensure that they would all be present when surprising SY, but SY had already arrived at Chinatown so I hurriedly went to meet her. I told her that since we're in Chinatown, let's go Sueann house first and pass the souvenirs to her housemate Xiaohong or else it'll spoil soon. I called Sandy and spoke in Chinese, and even addressed her as Xiaohong lol! But she said Nicole was just entering the door and they needed 3 minutes! I flustered but gained back my composure and told SY that XH said she needs 3 minutes more, and came up with a lot of weird accusations of why she needed that 3 minutes (I'm sorry XH). She bought tau sar pia (it was delicious, thanks!), and I called Sandy again. She gave me the green light so we took the lift up.

    Outside Sueann's house, I spoke loudly so they knew we were outside. I even spoke in Mandarin as I knocked on the door! "小红 你在吗? 我是淑恩的朋友!" Sueann opened the door first, and SY was like "aren't you in Bangkok?". Sandy and Nicole appeared from behind the door with the cake! SY was very surprised, so it was very successful! Which also made me very happy hehe. She said that if she didnt have the tau sar piah in her mouth, she probably would have cried! Successful surprises make me happy ^-^

    We had steamboat with what I think are her favourite ingredients, cuz Sueann asked in the group for suggestions so I said the expensive crabstick, cheese tofu, fuzhou fishballs. It was a good night spent with them as usual, sitting in the comforts of Sueann's home just like every CNY :)

    Next was Wingyin's, on 17 Jan.

    We started planning since Nov '14. I was inspired by Weijiet's birthday surprise where they gathered his friends and family in the chalet they booked for him. So after one of our D&B meet ups, after Wingyin left early, I suggested doing a 21st birthday cum farewell part for Wingyin since she will be leaving in Feb for her studies in Australia. I was in charge of contacting her Wushu friends, Nelli contacted all the JC friends, Singyan contacted the SC people, and Yvonne contacted her family (who in the end weren't able to turn up). We decided to contact them early so they'll at least block the day out, and also so that there won't be any clashes of celebrations for her. One of our biggest problems was funding, since we weren't sure how much people would be willing to pay. We calculated all our predicted expenses (food, deco, cake, Polaroid photo) and spread the message to her friends about the cost. Thankfully Debi's godparent stayed in a condo so we booked the function room and the BBQ area outside so we could fit the 30 guests comfortably.

    On the day itself, we went at 4PM to put up the deco. The room was large, and the area outside was also big and beautiful with greenery and a small fountain. I'm thankful for tall friends who were able to reach high places without having to step on tables, LOL.

    The colour theme was green, as it is Wing's favourite colour

    I made the buntings!

    The fake plan to lure Wing, was that we were going to eat at Coastal Settlement which is kinda ulu at Changi, so Debi would give a lift to those in Pasir Ris. The rest of us had direct buses so we would meet them there directly. We told the friends to come at 530, cuz we told Wing that we would meet at 6pm at CS. Debi would then say that she needed to go to her godparents house to pick up something, then encourage Wing to change into the dress & necklace we bought for her at the toilets in the condo, blindfold her and lead her to the function room.

    Friends (very) slowly started streaming in, which made us worried. (It made me kinda annoyed tbh, cuz we already told them it's a surprise,what time they should come and what time Wing would be arriving. Seriously, how can people even be late for someone's birthday surprise?! The one day that people make an effort to gather the special girl's close ones and all we require on that day is your attendance, but nope, just be late anyway.) Wing suddenly said at 5+ that she was at Eastpoint which made everyone flustered! She shouldn't be early! She can't be! So I said in the group chat to meet at 7 instead cuz "CS is having a private event and only opens to public at 7". I know, I'm a great liar, LOL. We couldnt stall her anymore, so Debi & Nelli went to pick her up. We passed out small notes for people to write their wishes on, and party poppers to pull when Wing enters. Her friends weren't coming fast enough and almost everyone was very late... Debi & Nelli couldn't stall her anymore so they wanted to take the lift up to the function room from the carpark. Fate had it that the lift went down instead of up, and the doors opened to her JC friends all outside waiting for the lift to come up to the room! Wing said hi to them, and Debi & Nelli closed the lift doors. We were all in the function room so we were quite shocked when we saw Wing outside the room with her friends. She saw us thru the glass walls, but we didn't know how to react LOL. When she entered, we pulled the party poppers. She was super surprised and cried a bit hehe!

    The party commenced and everyone ate.

     Buffet we ordered from Stamford Catering, it was pretty good!

    Dessert table lovingly homemade by D&B. Even the tart bases were homemade. Everything was really delicious! The peanut butter chocolate chip cookies got wiped out clean! 

    Throughout, photos of her were put into a slide show with a play list. There was also phototaking where everyone got to take 3 photos with Wing -  digital and 2 polaroids. Yangjun, CheeLiang and Shuling went to collect the cake from Eastpoint. We dimmed the lights and played a video of photo collages of Wing from when she was in primary school till now. The lower sec videos and photos were the funniest HAHAHA I died laughing when I was looking thru all the old blogs for photos. Lower sec photos should be a protected territory never seeked again! Then we brought the cake to her and made her say a short speech hehe. She cried again! :')

    Cocoa Exotic cake - crowd favourite that never goes wrong!

    "Team D&B that made magic happen"

    Friday, January 16, 2015
    Jayesslee concert

    I had guessed that Jayesslee would be coming back to Singapore for a show when I saw Launch Ent sharing the twin's latest video on their FB page. Launch is obvious like that, lol. So yes, the twins were coming and I discussed with my Jayesslee buddy, Shuying whether to attend or not. Our main concern was that ever since they became mummies, they have not been uploading new covers as often as they used to, so we were worried that the setlist would be similar to their previous shows which we have attended before. We decided to buy the cheapest tickets ($38+3), so that if there were many repeated songs, we wouldn't feel cheated. Plus, we are really there to enjoy their music, so it doesn't really matter whether we get good seats or not.

    We met at Kallang Wave and walked around. The new facilities and sports available are pretty impressive! We ate bak kut teh that somehow seemed neverending, hahaha! Entered Kallang Theatre, and our seats were the circle seats, at the 3rd floor. SY managed to get the first row for the category when she bought the tickets! So our view was rather unblocked, yay! :)

    She Looks So Perfect
    All Of Me
    Make You Feel My Love
    Cool Kids
    I Get To Be The One
    When I Was Your Man
    Say Something
    Blank Space
    Eyes Nose Lips
    Who Am I
    Let Her Go

    Shuying and I recorded the audio of all the songs. She taught me this actually, hahaha. But I think it's logical especially for Jayesslee since they're appreciated for their music and singing. As usual, after each song there would be a short banter. I know these are all planned, but it flowed very smoothly and wasn't forced or anything. It was really funny when Sonia explained her concerns about bullies when their children grows up, and asked the audience if we rather our child be the bully or be bullied. Many people, including me, rather their children be the bully. Sonia said that the children of the future are gonna be scary.

    Shane and Jordan were brought out by their daddies, Andy and Sung respectively. Jordan was all dressed up and even had this little cap on! He also made a sound into the mic! These two little cuties! So daddies and sons sat at the side, and Janice and Sonia then sang a mash up version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars + ABC song, and then they sang another song. The young boys were waving their short arms.

    Sonia said that Janice upgraded from the tambourine to the keyboards, but I'm quite sure Janice has played on the keyboards during their concerts... But, this time Janice played many songs on the keyboards! Problems was really cool, I loved it! When Sonia rapped, Janice would beatbox; and then they swapped midway! Sonia talked about how she was looking thru Andy's instagram feed, and it was filled with NBA and other boring stuff, until she saw Taylor Swift's photos. When they sang Blank Space, and during the part that went "I get drunk on jealousy"; Janice pointed to Sonia and Sonia pouted. For Titanium, they stopped halfway because Janice said that Sonia started playing the guitar with a different key so they restarted the whole song.

    They sang Oceans by Hillsong. Also, they had the testimonial section again where they spoke about God and how they managed to touch the life of a sex worker and got her to go to church. Then, they sang another Christian song and prayed for the people in the audience who got touched by God during their song. Well, I expected this segment because they've done it previously as well, but this time it was longer and it was also the 1st time they've actually prayed for the audience.

    They also had a Q&A session, but obviously only people on the 1st floor could ask questions since only they could be heard. I couldn't believe how little people asked questions! The girls prompted quite a few times before anyone asked a question. If I were seated there, I'd shout several questions for sure! I know the crowd on the 1st night is always quieter, but I didn't expect it to be this quiet lol. Sung also appeared on stage again to be introduced to everyone. His voice is so low and bass-y! Afterwards, they said they'd do a trade us with us. For people who prepared cards for them, they traded it for "Timtams directly from Australia", haha! Which was the only stuff they brought for the trade.

    During song request, many people shouted Officially Missing You, but Sonia said that "it's so yesterday", so they really didn't perform it :( I felt that they should have, because it's the song that brought them fame, so they should at least sing it at every concert. I heard from my friend who went the concert on the next day that they did perform the song. I guess they didnt expect so many people to want to hear the song, so they added it in.

    Encore was Happy. Being at such concerts is for you to let loose, enjoy yourself and have a good time! Of course, we stood up, clapped along and sang!

    Posing for a photo after the concert.
    (The guy at the right corner in the red flannel shirt is Sung.)

    Overall, this was yet another great concert by the Jayesslee twins! This is my 3rd time seeing them, out of their 4 trips to Singapore. They are still as friendly, cheerful and down-to-earth. Although this time the sound system wasn't good as I couldn't hear their stage banter well, their live singing blew me away! I love it when they harmonize, because their voices blend so well together. I could feel their sincerity when they interacted with the audience, and I love that they always speak to us and engage us rather than it just being them telling us about themselves. One of the best things was that their setlist was entirely new - something I never expected. Although this time we did not get to meet them up close unlike the first 2 times, as fans of their music, I was already very happy to be able to watch them live again and bask in their melodious voices.

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