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    Tuesday, May 12, 2015
    Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour Singapore

    I attended my first angmoh concert yesterday, and it was a really fun and amazing experience! Not many people know that I like Katy Perry... Actually, I liked her since I Kissed A Girl / Hot N Cold period! This is her 3rd trip to Singapore and it's my first time watching, because I have been waiting for a proper concert production rather than those F1 concert nonsense. So, I was extremely excited and happy that Singapore was one of the stops for the Asia leg of the Prismatic World Tour! :)

    I planned to go alone (bought 1 ticket LOL!), but then Benjy suddenly asked me so we went tgt! Also, I couldnt understand why the seated tickets were more expensive, so I chose standing tickets. I assumed the standing tickets would be numbered, but it turned out it wasnt... So, it was going to be my first mosh pit experience and my first time queueing for a concert. Seeing that it was a weekday, i knew that schoolkids would probably come after school, so we went at around noon. I was #43 in the queue hehe ;) One of the things about mainstream angmoh singers' fans is that their fans will dress up really elaborately! Many people dressed as Katy, cats, egyptians etc.! There was this lady who looked so much like Katy, everyone wanted a photo with her! Generally, all of fans are friendly, and we had fun talking haha.

    Doors opened at 630PM, and the opening act started at 8PM. We were along the right middle side of the extended V-shaped stage, right at the railings!

    The opening act was The Dolls, a DJ - Electric Violinist female duo! According, to the girls I queued with, they are best friends with Katy. They were really good, especially the electric violinist! It was the first time I've watched something like that, and it's so amazing how the violin can blend so well with electronic music! The violinist even came down and posed for selfies, while playing the violin! She's really good at it :O

    They played for around 30 minutes. Then the crew took down their set up and put up Katy's set up. First time seeing the workers put up a stage set up in front of the audience hahaha. Katy started slightly after 9PM. It was really cool how the entire show was divided into 7 segments, and consisted of 6 costumes which fit each theme! The songs were all very well-fitting too!

    The screen on my tablet that I held up thru the entire show. Katy didnt see it though :(

    Roar: Dancers came out dressed as tribal people, with spears and headgears that would lit up! Katy was dressed in a tight space grey dress with cats eyes; and her hair was tied up with LED light strands inside; the seams of her clothes and her hands had LED lights too! Lights turned off, she had a skipping rope that had LED lights on it too, and began skipping along to the beat.

    Part of Me:

    Wide Awake: There was this part where she was spinning and jumping in circles while singing, and I was just wondering how does she do that! Her stamina is really food and I was so impressed!

    Dark Horse: One of my favorite songs that I was really looking forward to! I was SO impressed with the horse came out and Katy was sitting on it! It's being led by 1 dancer, and there's 2 dancers underneath supporting the entire weight, even when Katy is sitting on it. I was screaming "omg it's so cool!" "omg it's coming!" HAHAHA! Her outfit was completely Egyptian, with the head gear, sparkly purple top and frilly skirt. She slid off the horse very smoothly too. During the rap part, it was just a video backdrop of the guy rapping hahaha.
    Using a whip to tame the horse!

    E.T.: Near the end, her dancers held her up while she laid flat, like a cross.

    Legendary Lovers: Another of my favourite song! She had a slight outfit change, where she took off the neck part of the egyptian clothing, and her skirt was changed to a flowy gold one. The smokey effect at the beginning was cool, she looked an egyptian goddess! Her couple dance with the dancer was nice, and they did some pretty nifty steps!

    I Kissed a Girl: The flowy skirt was removed and she was just wearing the purple body suit. Dancers also had a change of clothes, into spider web lace and also mummies with exaggerated figures lol! She blew a kiss to the audience on the other side who held a sign saying something along the lines of "Kiss Me", so I was a bit sad that she didnt notice me at all :( Song ended with the guitarists' solos.

    For this part, both Katy and her dancers wore furry cat costumes, complete with car ears and long tails! Segment started with a pretty long cat video, probably buying time for the outfit change for her and her dancers. The video was really cute with a lot of cat puns haha!

    Hot N Cold: It was a jazzy and slow version, and I guess you could call it catty, LOL. She did a trust fall off the risen platform! She was swinging her cat tail along to the beat.

    International Smile / Vogue (Madonna cover): She changed the lyrics to "Tokyo, Mexico to Singapore!" and everyone cheered really loudly hehe. There was a lot of cat-related props here too! Her dancers then slid this sparkly silver outer dress onto her. Vogue was more of a fashion catwalk (literally lmao cuz her dancers were strutting down the stage in their cat costumes)

    The stage set up was sunflower themed, where the mic stand, stools and costumes all were sunflowers! Her hair was the blonde with pastel streaks and she looked really pretty! She started with crowd banter, and pointed out people who dressed up. This is one of the reasons why I like her, and she has also said herself that she likes and appreciates it when people dress up for her concerts. She was all "YAAAAS! SLAAAY!" and pointed to these 2 girls who wore really nice Egyptian costumes. Then, she invited a guy up stage and asked him to teach her Singlish, but she was a bit disapppointed when he taught her English LOL. Until the guy taught her "thank you" is "gam xia" and everyone laughed HAHA!

    By the Grace of God: This is a song that I'm not so familiar with, but I really liked it too!

    The One That Got Away / Thinking of You: Beautiful mash up which brought tears to my eyes! Another favourite songs of mine. She played her sparkly sunflower guitar for the song too.

    Unconditionally: She told us to turn on our mobile phone lights, and the entire stadium was illuminated! The scene was so pretty and it was like there were so many stars! Towards the end, the dancers also swayed around really big butterfly kite-like things. This was also the part where she walked around the extended stage and took ALL of the fan letters! She would try her best to stretch out, or get the guard to pass it to her. She even walked around the stage twice to make sure she got everything. She's so sincere!

    Outfit for this part was super neon clothes! Hair was a bright green wig. The thing about all her wigs is that they don't even look like wigs! They fit super well and look very realistic.

    Walking on Air: It was so pretty when she was dancing with the flowy cloudy cloth!
    Ending pose where the dancers were walking on air

    This Is How We Do / Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.): There were many giant inflatable emojis and cartoon balloons floating around the stadium. Super fun song and everyone was singing along! Dancers also came down to the mosh pit, and I managed to high five the Asian guy and the friendlier-looking black guy!
    I was really lucky cuz the inflatable car door opened right in front of me and Katy stepped out hehe

    Hyper Neon 
    Teenage Dream

    Singing at the extended stage, and posing with all the guitarists!

    California Gurls

    We were all handed a pair of prismatic glasses before the show, and we were told to put them on! "Please put on your prism-vision."

    Firework: Last costume for the night! Black wig, with a very long and poufy fireworks dress and shiny blue leggings inside. The lightings and video backdrop for this part was really colourful, explosive and prismatic! Perfect ending to the concert.

    I cannot stop raving about how excellent the entire concert was! Firstly, all the costumes were so intricate and detailed. Even her mic was changed for every set, to suit the theme (shiny mic during Egyptian, green for the garden Acoustic, neon orange mic during Hyper Neon etc.)! Next, all the dancers were really energetic and even their costumes were good! Props were amazing and high quality, such as the pyramid structure, Egyptian horse, inflatable car and emojis, Hollywood cut outs etc. Since the concert theme was prismatic, the lightings were really good as well! Lastly, I want to say that Katy is a really good singer with excellent stamina. She didnt even make a single mistake, nor did she sound breathless. Even during the talking segments, she didnt use it to catch her breath; she was able to talk normally. Her dance was also on par with her dancers. She's just so amazing! She was also very considerate, and made good use of the entire stage so that fans at the sides didn't feel left out.

    It felt so surreal so see Katy up close, especially since I was at the first row! It felt kind of unreal, haha! For my photos and videos, I didnt even have to zoom because she was that close! I love the atmosphere of angmoh concerts because fans will dance, sing along and just be really high and enjoy themselves! It's a stark contrast to Kpop concerts where fans are normally quite reserved and only concerned about getting good photos :/ My $252 concert ticket was very well-spent and it's definitely one of the most memorable concerts I've ever attended!

     Lastly, here's the Epix DVD version of the concert. Slightly different from the one in Singapore (stage set up, extra Birthday perf, costumes), but it's worth watching!

    Wednesday, May 06, 2015
    Fei's birthday cake

    With reference to my previous post about her ambiguous cake emoji reply to me, I think she was trying to tell me that she received the cake! ^^ I had the cake sent to the company on 24/4, but since her birthday is on 27/2, she probably wanted to wait till the actual day before posting all the photos of the presents she received for her birthday.

    Here's her "proof shots" of the cake!
    On Instagram

    On Twitter

    I'm kinda confused as to why she wrote my Chinese name instead of English XD Normally when I write messages to her, I always use the name HuiXian慧娴. Even my weibo name is that! So honestly I thought she'll write both my English & Chinese name, no idea why she wrote the Chinese name even though her caption is in English hahaha.

    Here are some proper photos of the cake from the cake maker, Cakefactory. Isn't it beautiful? :) Korea's fondant artists are really skilled! They even pay attention to the smallest of details! The figurine even has collarbones!

    On cake plate:
    Wherever you may be; bloom and be happy
    - HuiXian慧娴 (싱가폴)
    Message card:
    笑容绽放如花,我祝你永远十八,美丽动人给力,事业身体如意。 Just like a sunflower, I wish that you'll always be bright and cheery to spread happiness and warmth to people around you. If you have other dreams that you want to fulfil, just know that no matter what 제가 언니를 믿고 항상 뒤에서 응원할게요! 生日快乐!
    - HuiXian慧娴 (싱가폴)

    Initially, I wanted to send the cake on 26/4, as it was a Sunday and I thought that there would be Inkigayo. It would have been a good opportunity for miss A to celebrate Fei's birthday together, especially amidst all the bullying rumours that they're facing currently... But then the fan manager told me that I had to pick from 23, 24 or 27. Heard from Fei's Hainan fansite that she wouldn't be around on 27, so I chose for the cake to be sent on 24 instead.

    In order to send a cake to a JYPE artiste, you have to first send a "support" application via email to the fan manager. Meanwhile, I was also discussing details of the cake design and delivery date with the cake maker. You need to decide on a date and time with JYPE, then inform the cake maker to send it on that day. There's a lot of discussion with both sides, and it was quite troublesome... My replies to JYPE were in English, but their replies were always in Korean. I decided to make the person's life easier by getting my Korean buddy JiEun to help me translate my replies so that the fan manager could understand me better.

    I decided to do the birthday support this time, because in all honesty I'm afraid that when their contract expires next year, they'll part ways and leave the company. So, it's my last chance to do something for her. Also, I always feel really sad and bad for her because she doesnt have as many fans who are willing to do such things, and during their birthdays she's the only one who doesnt receive a pretty cake :( Thirdly, I also wanted her to be able to celebrate her birthday during their song promotions because she has never done so before. So yup, I just wanted her to be happy :)


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